I would have a Lawyer with me at all times in dealing with CHFA. My story is long but briefly - I was buying a house, a short sale with my common law husband. But I got in an accident and ended up in the hospital for over a month. I was on workman's comp. but CHFA did not consider that income, and said I had to be removed from the housing application. I did not want my husband to buy the house without me on the application but he did anyhow.

Unfortunately worrying about my recovery in the hospital was more important to me at the time, and I did sign whatever papers were put in front of me in regards to the house buying. I was out of the hospital for 2 weeks and in a wheelchair when the day of the closing came. We got a phone call from the realtor, saying to bring me along I CAN be on the title. I came in a wheelchair and sat through the 2 hours of signing papers.

 I was on the Title and even have a copy of the title filed with Adams county Co. to prove it. But 3 months later we get a call from CHFA saying our account has been audited, we're not "married" and I have to be removed from the title or Else "the loan could come due". At the time, still using a walker and a wheelchair, and having my husband yell at me "The loan could come due", I very foolishly signed whatever paper to take my name off the title. I SO wish I could go back to that day and say "No".

I feel bamboozled. I would never deal with CHFA or even a realtor without a lawyer by my side every step of the way. It's a sad state of affairs when CHFA has to take away a first home buy from a disabled person. This has emotionally devestated me. Also my husband called them after the fact insisting I was his wife, but they refused to budge.

My main issue is that I sat through the whole closing. I was on the title. Then months later I was told I had to be removed from the title. Something is not right there. I would have more respect for the company and process if they were honest and told me I could not be on the title in the first place. Someone did something wrong there and I do not appreciate being put through this.