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Complaint Review: Cozy Kittens & Sue Johnson & Boutique Kittens

  • Submitted: Wed, March 07, 2007
  • Updated: Fri, May 14, 2010
  • Reported By: Hemet California
  • Cozy Kittens & Sue Johnson & Boutique Kittens
    Unionville, Missouri

Cozy Kittens - Sue Johnson - Boutique Kittens Ripped off cat breeders, and brutally kills and tortures unwanted cats, kitten mill Unionville Missouri

*Consumer Comment: To literate for Rose

*Consumer Comment: Rose never wrote this complaint agains Susan Johnson of Cozy kittens

Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors...

There is a lot more to Sue Johnson/Cozy kittens than most are aware of.

Approximately a year ago Rob Johnson of Cozy kittens posed and contacted me as a pet buyer under the assumed name of Mitch Watson from Missouri. He gave me a heart breaking story of his wife losing their white Persian pet of many years named Casper. After several days of communicating with this character, he convinced me to sell him two little white girls to surprise his wife
because she was so sad and depressed over losing Casper.

To make a long story short, a few days after I shipped the kittens to the assumed "Mitch Watson", I get a phone call from a woman named Kathleen claiming to be Sue Johnson's ex accomplice in acquiring cats from several catteries posing as pet clients and she described the entire transaction I had with this Mitch Watson, whom is actually Rob Johson married to Sue Johnson from Cozy

Unfortunately I am not the only victim in this scam and several catteries are involved where Sue Johnson has been acquiring cats from over the years by posing herself or her husband or hiring others to pose as pet clients. Once she gets our cats to her kitten mill, she then registers them as her own breeding or has one of her accomplices from another cattery do it for her.

This is a horrific situation and CFA is very aware of Sue Johnson's activities with formal complaints from those of us involved. I have documentation from Kathleen of the horrific conditions these cats are subjected to including inhumane termination of many cats by overdosing
them with Tylenol and other methods. Some of the cats she illegally acquired from several catteries have been brutally destroyed. This documentation has been
sent to CFA and the regional director for that region and it is being investigated.

This information is very graphic and sickening, therefore I will not be posting it on this list. This slander against Florida breeders is because this
is where she conducted most of her scams and where "trouble" for her is coming from.

If anyone wishes to view the allegations that has been filed against Cozy kittens/Sue Johnson with CFA, please contact me privately and "Please Beware" these people are very good con-artists and they never use the same fictitious name. They have been getting away with this scam for many years and they will not stop. These poor cats need a voice and a greedy monster must be stopped.

Barbara XXXX
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>#2 CFA Protests
Barbara gave me permission to forward.........

Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 9:41:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: Re: [CFA-SR] Defamatory remarks on Web Page about FL Breeders

Donna, thank you for the support. The situation is really bad with this Cozy kitten business and THEY NEED TO BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!

This was a 'Wakeup Call" for me and I am not shipping any more pets unless I already have an existing relationship. I don't care how heart breaking the story is. OMG, this guy was sobbing on the phone about losing his Casper. They're professional con-artists!!!! Not a day goes by that I don't get sick to my stomach thinking about my two little girls and the Hell they're going thru.

Below is some of what Kathleen has filed with CFA. May be if enough of us express our disgust with the situation and the word gets out where the potential pet buyer can be educated about what really goes on behind Cozy kittens's pretty website, we can do enough damage by exposing her "Dirty little Secrets."

Barbara XXXX

Kathleen Heineman
16397 E. Berry Ave.
Centennial, CO 80015

November 2, 2006

Cat Fanciers Association, Inc.
1805 Atlantic Avenue
P.O. Box 1005
Manasquan, NJ 08736-0805

Re: CFA Protest Form

To Whom It May Concern:

I am resubmitting your CFA Protest Form with special attention to Part V per your instruction. I will attach an outline and documents to support false registration of many breeders and kittens by Cozy Kitten Cattery.

As I was affiliated with Sue Johnson and Cozy Kitten Cattery for four years, I can offer tangible evidence in select circumstances and convey my participation in the transactions resulting in the fraudulent registration of
animals at Cozy Kittens.

I have included letters from other breeders reflecting their experience with Sue Johnson from Cozy Kittens. I have included their cattery names in the event you need to verify the validity of their emails as attached.

In addition, I have listed, in outline format as requested, purchase information of breeders obtained by Sue Johnson herself (using assumed names) and purchases made by me at the request of Sue Johnson. These purchases were made with the intent to breed these cats without the purchase of breeding rights from
the sellers.

I am well aware that not all instances can be proven with supportive documents. However, I do believe if you will invest the time to review just one or two of the many examples I have provided, you will find a consistent thread of truth behind these allegations. I hesitate to direct your investigation but feel there is ample support listed in Part V. Facts and Evidence - #3 and that provided by the breeder, Linda Lawyer of Cats Creation under a separate Protest filed earlier this year, to more than substantiate the patterns of under cover purchases made by Sue and Rob Johnson.

Ive since heard from breeders that such activities as I have described happen all the time. These activities are far reaching in the area of the accuracy of any pedigrees coming from Cozy Kitten cattery. People have purchased kittens from cats born in other catteries, or just born in someones house as a hobby, with the representation on the Cozy Kitten website that their kitten is coming from a CFA Cattery of Excellence. There seems to be no consequence for this unethical behavior which gives one a sense of wonderment about the
registration process itself.

Understanding that Doll Face breeders may not be held in the same regard by the Cat Fancy as show breeders who breed to CFA standards, I have to question if the same rules apply to both in accuracy of registration? Looking closely at just one part of this complaint, you will see you have a show breeder, Pam Allred, "hanging papers"? on Doll Face breeders for Sue Johnson - Part V. Facts and Evidence - #15. Turning a head to these facts will soon distort the pedigrees of Doll Face and show breeders alike.

In closing I have copied a statement and a picture from the Cozy Kitten website. This link will take you directly to the CFA website where Cozy Kittens is proudly displayed. Interestingly, of the 8 pictures posted on the CFA website, 5 of the kittens are from falsely papered parents. The kitten below the link is also from at least one falsely papered parent see Part V. Facts and Evidence - #10

Click here to check out COZY KITTENS on the official CFA website!

I appreciate the time in reviewing this documentation. Please let me know if further clarification is needed for any of the attached information.

Respectfully yours,
Kathleen Heineman-Mattox

Attachment: CFA Protest Form and detail.

Part IV. Forged Document

Attached document and explanation of the falsification of:

State of Missouri
Department of Agriculture
Small Animal Health Certificate

Issued 12/01/05

Sue Johnson wrote in an additional 7 week old kitten to ship to me with another kitten who had just received a hernia operation 2 days before traveling. To obtain the health certificate for the girl who had the operation, she had her husband take the sister to the vet for the exam.

I continually offered to purchase any of the cats or kittens Sue Johnson considered to be "problems" knowing that if they were left in the Johnson's care they would be fed Tylenol or left behind a store in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has issued a warning to Sue and Rob Johnson and said they will be watching future transactions from her cattery.

As discovered by the Department of Agriculture, there are 175-200 breeders at Cozy Kittens. They have been in business for 18 years. The examples above are but a small sampling of what has transpired to attain those numbers. Mathematically, it seems impossible to know how many pedigrees have been invalidated by Sue Johnson's business practices which, to date, CFA is standing behind in their registration process and by approving Cozy Kittens as a Cattery of Excellence.

Part V. Facts and Evidence

April 2006 Shannon McGraw Meow House Kittens Letter of experience with Cozy Kittens. These letters were sent to me as a reference to the character of Sue Johnson.

May 2006 Paula Andersen Midwest Munchkins Letter of experience with Cozy Kittens. These letters were sent to me as a reference to the character of Sue Johnson.

December 2003 Cats Creation: Purchase of 2 Shaded Silver Persians At Sue Johnson's request, I purchase 3 females from Linda Lawyer. Sue instructed me just to buy them as pets and she would paper them somehow later. I have attached one of the Pay Pal payments made from Sue Johnson to me on Dec 30, 2003 for partial payment of Abbi and Grace. I believe Linda Lawyer has documented this transaction in her complaint against Cozy Kittens as well.

The girls were purchased under the name of Abbi, Grace and Lilly. Their Cozy Kitten's registered names are Kindness, Shimmer and Cinderella respectively.

October 2003 Wonderfluf Cattery: Purchase of 1 Chocolate Persian girl, 1 Blue Persian boy At Sue Johnson's request I purchased the above kittens from Wonderfluf. Almost a year later, Sue requested the kitties be brought to her. Mocha had delivered a litter born on 5/16/04 and Sue requested a baby girl from that litter. My husband and I drove from Colorado to Unionville, Missouri to deliver Blue, Mocha and their baby girl to Sue Johnson. All three cats were "disposed of"by the Johnsons because they developed ring worm at their

Sue herself purchased 2 kittens under cover from Wonderfluf using an APEX mail address. These kittens registered names are Puddy Tat (black and white
male) and Garfield (red tabby male).

In the past few years Sue has befriended Joan Ahrenholtz from Wonderfluf and purchased (with breeding rights under her own name) a chocolate point girl registered as Love Bug and another black and white boy registered as Domino.

March 2004 Ecuarico's Cattery: Purchase of 4 kittens, 2 Himalayan girls, 1 Seal Point boy, 1 Copper Eyed White girl Under an assumed name, Sue Johnson purchased 1 seal point boy who is now registered as Tarzan and one copper eyed white girl now registered as Heaven As My Witness. I purchased the two Himalayan girls for Sue Johnson. One died after having her first litter and the other was taken to Kansas City and left behind a Wal Mart or Petsmart by Rob Johnson.

November 2004 Christine Bernier: Purchase of 4 kittens, 1 Chocolate and White girl, 1 Black and White girl, 1 Lilac boy and 1 Lilac girl. Under an assumed name, Sue Johnson purchased 1 chocolate and white girl now named and registered as Smores and one black and white girl now named and registered as Salt & Pepper. I bought the lilacs for her. I'm not sure what has happened to the little girl, but Sue told me she had Rob take the boy to leave behind a store in Kansas City.

June 2005 Robert R. Busch: Purchase of 4 kittens, 2 Shaded Silver Persians, 1 Blue Eyed White Persian, 1 Green Eyed White Persian Under an assumed name, Sue Johnson purchased the above kittens for $150 each without breeding rights from a little girl whose grandparents allowed to have a few litters of kittens for some extra money. The Blue Eyed White Persian is now registered as Baby Biggles or Mr. Bigglesworth and the Green Eyed White Persian is registered as Paradise. Sue had her mother and her husband pick up these kittens from
Robert Busch.

2005 California classified ad: 1 Blue Eyed White Persian boy, 1 Odd Eyed White Persian girl Sue purchased these two kittens and did not fulfill her part of the trade to obtain the breeding rights from the California breeder. I don't know the breeder's name but do know that Sue Johnson falsely papered both of these breeders. Their registered names are Bright Eyes and Winter

2005 California classified ad: 2 flat faced white kittens I don't know a lot about these two kittens. Sue always referred to them as the flat California whites.

2005 Joyevan lines: 1 Blue Golden male, 1 Chinchilla male Sue's husband Rob bought these two kittens under an assumed name with the pretense of them being a present for his wife. I believe she registered the blue golden with the name of Ahlo.

2002 Ramjoge Persians, Rhonda Fox: 1 Black and White Persian male Under an assumed name, Sue Johnson purchased this male without breeding rights and sold many litters of his kittens during 2003. His registered name was Pepe. Many of his kittens developed FIP. Sue and Rob Johnson sold the ones that did not die from the back of their van in a Wal Mart parking lot using a cardboard sign to draw buyers.

2003 Katcraz line, Golden Persian Under an assumed name, Sue Johnson purchased this male without breeding rights. She didn't tell me who the breeder was at the time, just that she had the Katcraz lines. As the kittens from this breeder were mysteriously dying, Sue had her husband gave this breeder Tylenol until he died. She called this cat "Against All Odds"? but I'm not sure if that was his registered name. He was the only golden she had for a very long time so any golden kittens (i.e. golden kittens born to Cozy Kittens Ellie) would have been fathered by this male.

2006 Cindy Stump ,4-6 kittens purchased Sue Johnson
purchased these kittens from a local breeder in her area for $65 each. She then sold one of the black kittens, from this group, through her website for $2000 as a Cozy Kitten. She clearly misrepresented that the kitten had been born at her cattery and registered it in a litter of black kittens born around the same time. Details
of the exact timing of this sale could probably be obtained from Cindy Stump.

April 2006 Correspondence with Linda Berg, CFA Animal Welfare My first correspondence to try to put a stop to, or at least bring attention to, the abuse issues at Cozy Kittens were made to Linda Berg. Though a bit confusing, the time in reading some of this correspondence will reflect once again as to the less than reputable character of Sue and Rob Johnson. And more importantly, the inhumane treatment or destruction of the animals at her cattery should they show signs of disease or sickness.

This email refers to Linda Berg's findings that Sue Johnson was not state licensed at that time as she had represented on her website. The State of Missouri just issued a license to her in May of 2006 after attention had been brought to her cattery by me and Linda Berg's department.

As Sue Johnson purchased two white kittens from Barbara Laffery of Furr-B Cats, Barbara's correspondences is included in this section as well. Sue Johnson purchased these two breeders using her daughter's boyfriend (an underage minor). Sue's husband Rob posed as the boyfriend on a cell phone during the transaction. Rob Johnson then took this underage minor to the airport to pick up both the kittens. This boy's parents were not aware of this transaction.

April 2006 Echo Lake Cattery, Pam Allred I have included the correspondence starting on page 18 through page 24 which contains an original email from Pam Allred to me and my reply. Sue Johnson told me that Pam Allred had offered to "hang papers" on some of the silver breeders Sue had purchased without breeding rights. One in particular that was posted for a short time on the
website is named "Eclipse". This cat was purchased from Cats Creation by Sue using an alias name.

This correspondence is lengthy however I would like to point out the statement made by Pam Allred on page 21 regarding papering a cat that Sue bought under cover from Arkie Paws cattery. Pam Allred purchased breeders from Arkie Paws, a year later, that were the parents of the chocolate and white breeder at Cozy Kittens. So, I'm assuming Pam papered a kitten named "Chuckie" in a
made up litter to accommodate Sue's request as stated by Pam on page 21.

April 2006 Correspondence with Connie Selitto, Karen This correspondence was my first attempt to bring to the attention of CFA the character of Sue Johnson.

April 2006 Correspondence with Shannon McGraw, Meow House Cattery Although much of this correspondence is venting between Shannon and myself, it is part of my information to compile events as they happened over the past four years.

But one has to wonder about Kathleen Heineman-Mattox of Boutique Kittens in Colorado, who admits to being part of this whole scandal, or Pam Allred of Echo Lake, who also helped in this scam.

Rose marie
Hemet, California
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#1 Consumer Comment

To literate for Rose

AUTHOR: Tamara - (U.S.A.)

Rose could not have written this, it is far to literate and well written for someone that is as stupid as that wack job is...but you can bet she probably posted it and when threatened by Sue Johnson's attorney she backed down and blamed the person she always blames for everthing. Sue Johnsosn and Rose Marie Zizzo deserve each other, they are two of a kind.
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#2 Consumer Comment

Rose never wrote this complaint agains Susan Johnson of Cozy kittens

AUTHOR: Cat Breeders Complaints Info - (U.S.A.)

Rose never wrote this complaint against Susan Johnson or Boutique Kittens. This complaint was fraudulently placed online by Melanie Lowry of Lollimops & Catinality Catteries & her followings of very bad association an bad cat breeders..

For this very reason Melanie Lowry is being sued for defaming and attempting to ruin & destroy an innocent cat breeders reputation.

Melanie Lowry is consumed with many evil demons on a daily basis and our command from Our Lord Jesus Christ is to pray for our enemies. We are praying for you Melanie Lowry of the Catinality Cattery so Jesus has mercy on your very soul.

It was a horrible thing for you to write such a horrible complaint and sign my name to it. I honest feel in time you will get excately what you deserve in this life. What ever you do to others in this life will come back to you.

Thank you Rose
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