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  • Reported By: wooterbugmomma — lehigh acres Florida USA

    United States of America

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"There are over 4,000 reports of child abuse or neglect in Central Florida each year."

Your Constitutional Rights#1  Freedom of Speech, Freedom OF RELIGION#4  Against unreasonable Search and Seizure of persons (children) or property WITHOUT A WARRANT #5  Not to be compelled to be a witness against yourself (psych evals?) , be deprived of liberty or property taken for public use#6   To Know the Evidence against you and Confront Your Accuser... speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury .... and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defenseMarch 8, 2004- US Supreme court rules 9-O to uphold the 6th amendment against hearsay CRAWFORD V. WASHINGTON#7  In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved#8  Against cruel and unusual punishment#14 

Against any state abridging your privileges or immunities, or depriving you of liberty or property, without due process of lawREAD THEM ALL HERE- The Amendments to the ConstitutionAmerican Due Process is-Oxford Guide to the US Government:The 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution guarantee individuals the right of due process of law, which is often referred to simply as due process. The 5th Amendment states, No person shall bedeprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. The 14th Amendment states, No state shalldeprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.These two due process clauses provide that the government must act fairly, according to established legal procedures, with regard to a person's rights to life, liberty, and property. Due process means,

for example, that an individual accused of a crime* is guaranteed certain legal procedural rights, such as the right to know the charges against him, to confront his accusers in court, to have legal counsel, and to have a jury trial. These and other rights of the accused are specified in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments to the Constitution.  Read more:* Key Term-  Child abuse allegations are NOT a crime.  They are a TORT, a CIVIL (sort of) case.  See "Presumption of Innocence" below.Receiving your MIRANDA RIGHTS before any questions are asked or before YOU SAY ANYTHING and having YOUR LAWYER present-US Supreme Court Reaffirmed Miranda June 26, 2000 and then the US Supreme Court gutted out Miranda on July 1, 2010So that means, we have come full-circle back to the fact that has ALWAYS BEEN TRUE-"If you don't KNOW your Rights, you DON'T HAVE ANY"

Is it the U.S. Government's responsibility to protect and uphold its citizen's constitutional Rights?Presumption of INNOCENCE UNTIL PROVEN GUILTYpresumption of innocenceAccording to the U.S. Supreme Court, the presumption of the innocence of a criminal defendant is best described as an assumption of innocence that is indulged in the absence of contrary evidence (Taylor v. Kentucky, 436 U.S. 478, 98 S. Ct. 1930, 56 L. Ed. 2d 468 [1978]). It is not considered evidence of the defendant's innocence, and it does not require that a mandatory inference favorable to the defendant be drawn from any facts in evidence.In practice the presumption of innocence is animated by the requirement that the government prove the charges against the defendant Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

This due process requirement, a fundamental tenet of criminal law, is contained in statutes and judicial opinions. The requirement that a person suspected of a crime be presumed innocent also is mandated in statutes and court opinions. The two principles go together, but they can be separated. "Child abuse" when first alleged, is considered a "Civil Case" not a "Criminal Case". That's why there is no such thing as "DUE PROCESS" in child abuse accusations--and the "evidence standard" in a child abuse case is "Preponderance of the Evidence" The BIG PROBLEM is- CPS cases aren't really CIVIL cases either-See What Happens in the FOG CPS does the so-called "investigation" (not really- they are VALIDATORS- just trying to make some allegation stick), compellingyou to make statements, seizing "evidence" from your home, seizing the child(ren) and coercing statements from them, and INVENTING "evidence" (with rubber stamps from THEIR psychiatrists, doctors, and other "experts").

While you are being "investigated", YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PROTECTIONS given to a MURDERER!  After the "investigation" is completed and if the allegation becomes "founded", it CAN become a CRIME, with "evidence" gathered without Search Warrants, Miranda Rights, or any observation of the accused's Constitutional Rights.Tough tooties about the way the "evidence" was obtained or if it is a pack of lies FABRICATED from thin air.  It doesn't matter, since you "WILLINGLY" waived ALL YOUR RIGHTS, talked with them, and let them in your house.  You VOLUNTEERED! Not knowing any better doesn't count- remember the OLD SAYING: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse"See  The Service Plan IT'S A TRAP!Your Constitutional Rights- Use them or LOSE them!

Your FIRST AMENDMENT Constitutional Right respecting your religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech- You are dealing with Secular Humanists, and they have nothing but UTTER CONTEMPT for your religious beliefs.In fact, if you are CHRISTIAN, your religious beliefs may be EXACTLY WHY you are in trouble with the CPS. Social workers appear to be much less concerned about a druggie, l*****n, prostitute "single mother" than they are about a Christian family.Your FOURTH AMENDMENT Constitutional Right against Unreasonable Search and Seizure of persons (children) or property WITHOUT A WARRANTDO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT!  They will do their best to get you to "waive"  your rights,ESPECIALLY, they will THREATEN you.

Your FIFTH AMENDMENT Constitutional Right not to be compelled to be a witness against yourself, be deprived of liberty or property (children), or have your property (children) TAKEN FOR PUBLIC USE- Your SIXTH AMENDMENT Constitutional Right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury ... and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.March 8, 2004- US Supreme court rules 9-O to uphold the 6th amendment against hearsay CRAWFORD V. WASHINGTONYour SEVENTH AMENDMENT Constitutional Right-

In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preservedYour EIGHTH AMENDMENT Constitutional Right against cruel and unusual punishment-- (Kidnapping your kids and malicious investigation is not cruel and unusual?)Your FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT Constitutional Right against any state abridging your privileges or immunities, or depriving you of liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws- In fact, if you DEMAND YOUR RIGHTS,  they will severely punish you"The claim and exercise of a Constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime." -- Miller v. U.S. Source: 230 F 2d 486, 489Miranda Rights? (Print it for them!)

Never, or AFTER THEY HAVE CONDUCTED the "investigation", and you are being arrested. US Supreme Court Reaffirmed Miranda June 26, 2000 and then the US Supreme Court gutted out Miranda on July 1, 2010If you have already VOLUNTARILY given them your "naive" statements and they have already SEIZED the "evidence" they will DISTORT to incriminate and CRUCIFY  you! * You have the right to remain silent.* You have the right to have a lawyer present during questioning. * You have the right to demand a Search Warrant  Use them! If they are going to CRUCIFY YOU ANYWAY, why VOLUNTARILY HELP THEM build their bogus case against you?Kids are denied their Rights TOO!!What is a Constitutional Right?

It is a RIGHT AGAINST GOVERNMENTAmerican Constitutional Rights were the basis for the Basic Human Rights adopted by the United Nations (except the UN Rights are NOT UNALIENABLE endowments from THE CREATOR)One of the first things a wicked government does when it takes over is violate or suspend the rights of the people against government.The that's not being taught anymoreWe believe it is VITALLY IMPORTANT for the Rights guaranteed by the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States to apply to people accused and investigated for child abuse.Real Child Abuse IS A CRIME and MUST be re-criminalized. Thus, the "Accused" would have rights and protections, especially the FALSELY ACCUSED. Abuse DEFINITIONS must be narrowed to REAL PHYSICAL (not welts or "red marks" from SPANKING) or REAL SEXUAL ABUSE (not the COMMON divorce-related accusation). Allegations of "Mental Abuse" or "Mental Injury", "Neglect", and "Threat of Harm" should be discarded as the "Snake Oil" frauds they are.

Mandated Reporting laws should be STRICKEN from the books, or at least modified to allow the professional's "personal judgment" not to report every skinned knee under threat of losing his professional credentials. Child Abuse allegations must be PROFESSIONALLY investigated by POLICE as to whether a CRIME has been committed.  When child abuse investigations are conducted by people whose main goal is to dig up dirt on a family and preach their own opinions about child discipline, and desire for every family to be in "therapy," you end up with a mess. SOCIAL AGENCIES must be STRIPPED of their "police-and-punish" TERRORIST POWER.

Social workers, psychologists, and physicians who have committedtreasonable acts against American citizens by denying their Civil Rights and providing PERJURIOUS testimony, should be SUED BACK TO THE STONE AGE, and stripped of any credentials to operate in any related field other than cleaning toilets. CONTRACT Psychologists, psychiatrists, and so-called "mental health clinicians" MUST be taken out of the formula ENTIRELY. They certainly should NOT provide input to an investigation, and ANYTHING they say should be regarded as a complete fabrication and Character Assassination. They have earned no credibility whatsoever for their SUBJECTIVE OPINIONS based on the politics of experiments in Social Engineering.

The Falsely Accused should have the right to LEGAL REMEDIES, including the right to sue and recover SUBSTANTIAL monetary loss and punitive damages from the STATE and it's actors, and including locally- published PUBLIC APOLOGY and re-instatement of the falsely accused's honor by the STATE. Malicious FALSE REPORTERS must face SEVERE fines and imprisonment. Some laws get ultra-strict enforcement, some don't- Public Law 108-477 SEC. 111 (a) The head of each Federal agency or department shall (1) provide each new employee of the agency or department with educational and training materials concerning the United States Constitution as part of the orientation materials provided to the new employee; and(2) provide educational and training materials concerning the United States Constitution to each employee of the agency or department on September 17 of each year.

(b) Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by the educational institution."When the people no longer read or understand their Constitution, then they will live in a POLICE STATE" --Robert Wangrud."Let it [the Constitution] be taught in schools, seminaries and in colleges; let it be written in primers, in spelling books and in almanacs; let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislative halls, enforced in courts of justice. In short, let it become the political religion of the nation." -- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) 16th US PresidentConstitution Day in the United States The United States Constitution was enacted on September, 17, 1787. In order to remember this important event in U.S. history, Americans celebrate "Constitution Day" every year on September 17. But what exactly is the U.S. Constitution all about? Who wrote it, why did they write it, and what does it mean to Americans centuries later?

Adoption Today: 1 White Newborn = $60,000-$80,000 USOnly 16% of adopted children are placed in 2-parent homes, compared to 25% of non-adopted children in the general population."

-2001 Release of 1996 US Census Study report by Jason Fields titled "Living Arrangements of Children."An Open Letter to President Obama - PROOF that adoption is a form of American terrorism?
Click on these Links:o  Read about President George W. Bush's connection to international trafficking of children via Gladney Center -- Bush's "Other battle with the United Nations"; read Opposing Viewpoints on latest Corporate Funding of Gladney.o  Read the "Pfund Memo", the U.S. State Dept. legal opinion condoning legalizing illegal kidnapping of foreign children "in child's best interests" for adoption under state sealed records laws in the U.S.o 

CLICK HERE for Epidemic of Adopters Who Abuse & Killo  Adoption Subsidies Exposedo  View Comments, add yours, and e-mail the U.N. your adoption abuse complaint.THE UNITED NATIONS IS LISTENING !!"The sad thing is that some human rights concerns do take so long to change, and as a UN body, we can try to push Governments and keep trying to push, but if they are not prepared to change from within, the process doesn't happen overnight. With certain other Governments we have started to see results on the adoption front and I do believe things will improve for you too, I just wish I knew how long it will take."-Jennifer Philpot,, United Nations "Rights of the Child" projectComment by Attorney Frank Ledbetter, Esq., St. Louis, MO

#503 on AbolishAdoption Petition, March 3, 2003:"As an attorney I view the current laws in this country regarding adoption as reprehensible for the most part. Everyone should have the right to know who his or her biological parents are. No one should be subjected to being taken away from one's biological parent due to the biological parent being in a stressful situation when a child is born and pressured by social workers to give up all parental rights to the child. Nor should any child be subjected to being given to an infertile couple who most likely see prospective adoptees as little more than commodities available to meet the adoptive parents' desires. Adoption law reform is long overdue."

In a California case, the Budapest Sun reported that women were offered "between $1,000 and $8,000" in exchange for their infants (1 Aug. 2002). In 1996, RNC Agency reported that, since 1994, more than 100 babies were sold to American couples for a reported US $80,000 per child with birth mothers receiving US $18,000 for "white babies" and US $1,000 for "mothers of Roma babies" (10 July 1996). Other reports noted that mothers received US $1,000 for dark-skinned children or US $12,000 for white-skinned ones and agents charged American couples US $20,000 per child (RFE/RL 18 July 1996; Reuters 16 July 1996; CNN 23 June 1996). CNN cited a US Internal Revenue Service agent as providing the latter information (ibid.).For more example and sources see "Adoption and Race" at
A Comparison from

o ADOPTION: Parent's rights are voluntarily relinquished or involuntarily terminated.

o GUARDIANSHIP: Parent/s' rights may or may not be voluntarily relinquished or involuntarily terminated [may depend on whether the court declares parent/s "unfit" etc.]o ADOPTION: Adopters given all rights and responsibilities that once belonged to Parents.

o GUARDIANSHIP: Guardian is given legal responsibility for the child and assumes rights of care, custody and supervision of the child.o ADOPTION: When Adopters are married, BOTH spouses must adopt unless separated for more than a year.

o GUARDIANSHIP: When married EITHER ONE or BOTH spouses may be named Guardian.o ADOPTION: Adoption is a permanent, lifelong, legal relationship which creates a "legal fiction" of the Adoptee with falsified birth certificate [restricts the Adoptee for life].

o GUARDIANSHIP: The child retains all rights for life. The Parent/s retain "residual rights" when parental rights have not yet been relinquished or terminated. These rights presently include: visitation, consent to adoption, choice of religion and the right to claim the body of a deceased child. The Court makes all decisions regarding the transfer of Guardianship, but the Parent/s can request that Guardianship be taken away from the Caregiver if parental rights have not been terminated. If the parent/s' parental rights are terminated, the Guardian may legally adopt the child with DCYF's help [not favored because Guardianship better serves the Child than Adoption with individualized conditions of custody over time, including accountability, open records--all the things that Adoption activists claim they want Adoption to be].o ADOPTION: All decisions are made by the Adopters. In most states, "Open Adoption" agreements between Parents and Adopters are separate from Adoption consents and agreement and are not enforceable by law [statute being tested in CA].

o GUARDIANSHIP: Major decisions regarding school, medical treatment and consent for other major life decisions are made by the Guardian. Parent/s retain rights such as choice of religion, visitation, consent to adoption, when personal rights have not been relinquished or terminated.

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Updates & Rebuttals


#1 Consumer Comment

The convicted thief!

AUTHOR: Robert - (USA)

I'm so sorry folks.  I made a mistake in my last rebuttal in that I posted two identical links for the DOMESTIC BATTERY charges and did not post the link for the CONVICTED THIEF!

Here's the court link showing the details of this CONVICTED PETIT THIEF:

I can only hope that if this criminal, violent fruit cake actually files a lawsuit against the DCF and others that the judge has the good sense to toss the suit out.

In the mean time, I can only hope that she doesn't become pregnant again.  If there was ever a case to be made for compulsary sterilization, this is it.
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#2 Consumer Comment

Yes, Way To Go Robert

AUTHOR: betty.b - (United States of America)

To Robert, thanks for doing all the work I was going to do myself.

To OP, you are only digging your hole deeper with every thing you post here and who knows where else.  You need help, but not to get your child back.  I say this not to be cruel, but you do come across as people who are mentally disturbed.  The responses you are getting not only here, but other venues  only reinforces my statement.
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#3 Consumer Comment

Way to go Robert

AUTHOR: Stacey - (U.S.A.)

Great reporting!!! Thanks!
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#4 Consumer Comment

All the facts? Here you go Stacia

AUTHOR: Robert - (USA)

Yes indeed, let's discuss all the facts, including your criminal activity.

1.  Last year you had case with DCF and had to have a lawyer make up a parenting plan for you!

2.  Early spring you're arrested for two counts of domestic BATTERY.  One count specifies by strangulation.

3.  After that, you're arrested for shoplifting and subsequently CONVICTED OF PETIT THEFT!

Here's some links to confirm your criminal activities:

In case anyone is interested in what the loser thief looks like, her mug shot is found here:

Is it any wonder  that DCF is taking some time before returning the child to you?  You actually have the NERVE to sue them because they are trying to protect the child from your violent and criminal behavior?

Perhaps you should spend less time wasting the court's time and taxpayer's money and start cleaning up your act!  I would also suggest that you have your tubes tied.  IMHO, you've made too many kids already.

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#5 Consumer Comment

This is not a court of law

AUTHOR: Robert - (U.S.A.)

People are not going to wade through what amounts to pages and pages of court documents or pleadings.

You say that we are like DCF, well if you are giving them the same "facts" it is no wonder they are not listening to you.   If you want to to explain what is happening to you and why you think it is wrong that it appears your kids were taken away then post that.  If you don't do that your posts will come off as Drivel and you will be thought of as a Nut Case.
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#6 Author of original report


AUTHOR: wooterbugmomma - (USA)

Hello, I think you are like DCF!    READ AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND! Think about it!!!!!

I just want people to have ALL the facts!
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#7 Consumer Comment

Enough of the law. In short, why were your kids taken?

AUTHOR: voiceofreason - (United States of America)

Think of this as Twitter. Nobody has the patience to read all your legalese. In short, chronologically, what did you do, or were accused of doing that led at a given point to your children being removed.

Short of providing this, you just come off as being a nut case.
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#8 Consumer Comment

More drivel.

AUTHOR: Robert - (USA)

More pages of drivel from these two!
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#9 Author of original report


AUTHOR: wooterbugmomma - (USA)

Let the Record show:
Judges, Attorneys, Caseworkers and POLICE officers, THE CEO OF CBC along with Supervisors, The Attorney General, the Supreme Court, and the Governor, all in the state of Florida are KNOWING of our abuse AND THE ABUSE ON (OUR SON WHILE IN STATE CARE) THE EMOTIONAL TORMENT CAEDEN IS PUTTING HIM SELF THREW DAILY BECAUSE WE HAVE TO
LEAVE HIM. We can not comfort Caeden because we left. His comfort now comes from his great grandparents which also have suffered the pain of the abuse by these people. The government along with many state or county employes have refused to act to protect us. More harm has been done to Caeden in state care than ever was done at home.

So we now must be SUI JURIS

WE will now be"Pro Se" means "represent yourself" (I AM, MYSELF, SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY and am not ASKING for the RIGHT to
REPRESENT ANYBODY. The Court cannot refute the essential TRUTH of Protected Inherent Rights) I AM in the courtroom, and that God is Present and in control of the proceedings, and only the TRUTH will go into the Record.

I am Sovereign Child of God, with in-a-lien-able Inherent Rights that were laid out in the Bill of Rights, and the government is
constitutionally restricted to interfere with my sovereign rights.

Judge Galluzzo Let the Record show that the STATE had no Lawful documents to come into our home or to be holding or to have taken my CHILD in January 2011 and then again in March 2011"Also Judge Galluzzo  you have been upholding
violations of due process in the very first hearings against my family, you have made corrupt orders and this must be confronted by my family. WE DISPUTE ALL THE LIES TOLD ON US IN THE STATES TESTIMONY! We were never given that chance until now! THIS HAS BEEN SLANNDER!

Judge Galluzzo you routinely have allowed hearsay reports of police and caseworkers, attorneys and foster parents, to be admitted in written form to manufacture a slanderous paper trail, call this "evidence" and then use this to justify taking our child. WE ARE MAKING A OFFER OF PROOF for OUR appeal" THERE HAS BEEN NO DUE PROCESS AND WE DEMAND IT NOW.

WE Demand for Discovery from our cases. DEPENDANCY COURT, WE are not in a real court, there are no defendants
and there are no charges against US. WE have not been "charged" with a crime but we have been treated like we have. WE NEVER HAVE GOTTEN DUE PROCESS IN THESE DEPENDANCY COURT HRARINGS. We have been accused, and this is not lawful prosecution.

All that has happened in the state of Florida with our understanding the State is grants to keep my son in the system and this is corrupt. The state of Florida will also get a bonuses if they adopt him out plus a little extra because he has special needs. The state needs to refund that money to the tax payers.

((((( In reality, for the agency to be compliant to receive federal money, the law says they must show by written affidavit that all effort has been made to prevent the removal of the child. We have never, ever one time seen such an affidavit or proof of any effort)))))))

WE WILL TRY TO TAKE a Crowd into the Courtroom Every Time WE GO NOW!

Even a president ends up in front of a judge. The courtroom and opportunity for redress of grievances is a "safety valve" for society, and that by blocking access to the Public Record for citizens, a powder keg has been intensifying under increasing pressure for a long time, and is about to blow. This is our Constitutional Judicial Due Process of Law.

"Judiciary Act of September 24, 1789, Section 342,FIRST CONGRESS, Sess. 1, ch. 20, 1789

All reasonable efforts was not made to prevent the removal of my child from my family".We have NEVER seen corroborating affidavits, nor any evidence of what those "reasonable efforts" were!

Judges, attorneys, caseworkers and officers, THE CEO OF CBC along with supervisors, the Attorney General, the Supreme Court, and the Governor, all in the state of Florida are KNOWING of our abuse and have refused to act to protect us.
also any officials who have knowledge of OUR case directly and are knowingly allowing the courts and agencies to violate OUR rights or protect criminal public servants be accountable for their silence and being corrupt. OUR CHILD IS BEING DESTROYED OVER THIS WHOLE CASE. WE WANT EVERYONE TO ACOUNTABLE FOR THIS.

Raul speakingMy Attorney K. Fletcher did not defend me, and did not object to testimony that incriminated me that is not credible evidence that the state has made on a lot of o cations, he allowed hearsay to go into the record, I also felt he led me into some self incrimination. I felt because I did not know my rights that this self incrimination has happened and
now let the record show this that I want a new hearing I HAVE A DISABILTY AND THIS NEEDS CONSIDERATION.

MY WIFE HAS A POA NOW (so she can speak or write for me).


Stacia Ann Adams II Irizarry (SUI JURIS)
Raul Irizarry (SUI JURIS)


We know why you are OK with the abuse of children in foster homes our son is because they government funds this state with grants 60,000-90,000 per child a year in foster care. We pay taxes were does this money go? I KNOW EVERYBODY MAY WANT
ME TO STOP THE LETTERS But, That's not going to happen! I know my god given right and constitutional rights now pretty good I have done a lot of reading lately after all the pain and suffering I ind-err daily after Judge Galluzzo got done with me in court two weeks ago. I SHALL PRACTICE EVERY RIGHT I HAVE! My tax dollars fund these grants from the government to hold my son captive and I want this stopped. This state is corrupt and MY WHOLE FAMILY WILL EXPOSE THIS TO THE PUBLIC!



Each person that reads this has the opportunity to fight this unjust system but most all of you will say Mr and Ms Irizarry we understand your concerns well if you understand help me out instead OF DOING NOTHING!!!!!!! I WILL NAME YOU IN A LAW
SUIT IF I haven't already......YOU CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING!!!

GIVE ME MY SON BACK NOW! ITS BEEN TO LONG! You pay for nothing for him.......... What has he gotten? Taken
from the only home he ever knew and abused in foster home's THANKS FLORIDA FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!!!!!!

I know you don't care. You call immunity (well you have no immunity under GOD)

The Irizarrys
September 20,2011

To Whom it may concern,

Hello I am Stacia Ann Adams II Irizarry and I am Raul Irizarry. We are the parents of Caeden Kenneth Raul Irizarry. We are going to let you know right away that WE send the same emails to every one. Sometimes we get a email and other times we
don't. The reason of this email is because our attorney said Ms and Mr Irizarry leave and make a paper trail so far WE have. In some of the emails that we have gotten back have said Confidentiality Notice:  This message and any attachments are for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information that is exempt from public disclosure.  Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited.
 If you have received this message in error, please contact the sender (by phone or reply electronic mail) and then destroy all
copies of the original message.
government REALL WORKS

So let the record show WE let you know ahead of time!

lets move on We want to know why the corrupt activities are still
happening and you wont do anything?

STOP SENDING US EMAILS THAT STATE OH' its somebody else's job.


President- is the head of state and head of government of the United States. The president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.

Article II of the U.S. Constitution vests the executive power of the United States in the president and charges him with the execution of federal law, alongside the responsibility of appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial
officers, and concluding treaties with foreign powers, with the advice and consent of the Senate.
The president is further empowered to grant federal pardons and reprieves, and to convene and adjourn either or both houses of Congress under extraordinary circumstances.[5] Since the founding of the United States, the power of the president and the
federal government have grown substantially[6] and each modern president, despite possessing no formal legislative
powers beyond signing or vetoing congressionally passed bills, is largely responsible for dictating the legislative agenda of his party and the foreign and domestic policy of the United States.[7] The president is frequently described as the most powerful person in the world.[8][9][10][11][12][13]

The president is indirectly elected by the people through the Electoral College to a four-year term, and is one of only two nationally elected federal officers, the other being the Vice President of the United States.[14] The Twenty-second
Amendment, adopted in 1951, prohibits anyone from ever being elected to the presidency for a third full term. It also prohibits a person from being elected to the presidency more than once if that person previously had served as president, or acting
president, for more than two years of another person's term as president. In all, 43 individuals have served 55 four-year terms.[15] On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama became the forty-fourth and current president.
Congress- is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States, consisting of the Senate and
the House of Representatives. The Congress meets in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Both senators and representatives are chosen through direct election. Each of the 435 members of the House of Representatives represents a districtand serves a two-year term. House seats are apportioned among the states by population.
Each state, regardless of population, has two senators; since there are fifty states, there are one hundred senators who serve six-year terms. The terms are staggered, so every two years, approximately one-third of the Senate is up for election. While it's theoretically possible to have total turnover in the House every two years and in the Senate every six years, actual turnover is much less, since most incumbents seek re-election, and their historical likelihood of winning subsequent elections exceeds 90%.[1] LEGISTATE is a kind of deliberative assembly with the power to pass, amend, and repeal laws.[1] The law created by a legislature is called legislation or statutory law.
In addition to enacting laws, legislatures usually have exclusive authority to raise or lower taxes and adopt the budget and
other money bills. Legislatures are known by many names, the most common being parliament and congress, although these terms also have more specific meanings.

In parliamentary systems of government, the legislature is formally supreme and appoints a member from its house as the prime minister which acts as the executive.[2] In a presidential system, according to the separation of powers doctrine,
the legislature is considered an independent and coequal branch of government along with both the judiciary and
the executive.[3] The primary components of a legislature are one or more chambers or houses: assemblies that debate and vote upon bills.
A legislature with only one house is called unicameral.
A bicamerallegislature possesses two separate chambers, usually described as an upper house and a lower house, which often differ in duties, powers, and the methods used for the selection of members. Much rarer have been tricameral legislatures;
the Massachusetts Governor's Council still exists, but the most recent national example existed in the waning years of caucasian-minority rule in South Africa.
In most parliamentary systems, the lower house is the more powerful house while the upper house is merely a chamber of advice or review. However, in presidential systems, the powers of the two houses are often similar or equal. In federations,
it is typical for the upper house to represent the component states; the same applies to the supranational legislature of the European Union.
For this purpose, the upper house may either contain the delegates of state governments, as is the case in the European Union and in Germany and was the case in the United States before 1913, or be elected according to a formula that grants equal
representation to states with smaller populations, as is the case in Australia and the modern United States.
Because members of legislatures usually sit together in a specific room to deliberate, seats in that room may be assigned exclusively to members of the legislature. In parliamentary language, the termseat is sometimes used to mean that someone is a member of a legislature. For example, saying that a legislature has 100 "seats" means that there are 100 members of the legislature, and saying that someone is "contesting a seat" means they are trying to get elected as a member of the legislature. By extension, the term seat is often used in less formal contexts to refer to an electoral district itself, as for example in the phrases "safe seat" and "marginal seat".
Attorney General-In most common law jurisdictions, the attorney general, or attorney-general, is the main legal advisor to the government, and in some jurisdictions he or she may also have executive responsibility for law enforcement or
responsibility for public prosecutions.

The term is used to refer to any person who holds a general power of attorney to represent a principal in all matters. In the common law tradition, anyone who represents the state, especially in criminal prosecutions, is such an attorney. Although a government may designate some official as the permanent attorney general, anyone who comes to represent the state in the same way is referred to as such, even if only for a particular case.
Inspector General-is an investigative official in a civil or military organization.
The plural of the term is Inspectors General Governor- is a governing official, usually the executive (at least nominally, to different degrees also politically and administratively) of a non-sovereign level of government, ranking under the head
of state. In federations, a governor may be the title of each appointed or elected politician who governs a constituent
In countries the heads of the constitutive states, provinces, communities and regions may be titled Governor, although this is less common in parliamentary systems such as in some European nations and many of their former colonies, which use titles
such as President of the Regional Council in France and Ministerprsident in Germany, where in some states there are governorates (German:Regierungsbezirke) as sub-state administrative regions. Other countries using different
titles for sub-national units include Spain and Switzerland.
The title also lies, historically, to executive officials acting as representatives of a chartered company which has been granted exercise of sovereignty in a colonial area, such as the British HEIC or the Dutch VOC.
These companies operate as a major state within a state with its own armed forces.
There can also be non-political governors: high ranking officials in private or similar governance such as commercial and non-profit management, styled governor(s), who simply govern an institution, such as a corporation or a bank.
For example, in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries there are prison governors ("warden" in the United
States), school governors and bank governors.

The adjective pertaining to a governor is gubernatorial, from the Latin root gubernare.[1] The correct female form is governess,
though especially in the US, female officials are often referred to by the male form of the noun to avoid confusion with other
meanings of the word.
Judge- is a person who presides over court proceedings, either alone or as part of a panel of judges. The powers, functions,
method of appointment, discipline, and training of judges vary widely across different jurisdictions.
The judge is supposed to conduct the trial impartially and in an open court.
The judge hears all the witnesses and any other evidence presented by the parties of the case, assesses the credibility and arguments of the parties, and then issues a ruling on the matter at hand based on his or her interpretation of the law and his or her own personal judgment. In some jurisdictions, the judge's powers may be shared with a jury.
In inquisitorial systems of criminal investigation, a judge might also be an examining magistrate.

Jury- is a sworn body  of people convened to render an impartial verdict (a finding of fact on a question) officially submitted to them by a court, or to set a penalty or judgement. Modern juries tend to be found in courts to ascertain the guilt, or lack thereof, in a crime. In Anglophone jurisdictions, the verdict may be guilty, not guilty, or (in Scotland) not proven.
Juries are composed of jurors (also sometimes known as jurymen), who are by definition laymanfinders of fact, not professionals.
The old institution of grand juries still exist in some places, particularly the United States, to investigate whether enough evidence of a crime exists to bring someone to trial.

The jury arrangement has evolved out of the earliest juries, which were found in early medieval England. Members were supposed to inform themselves of crimes and then of the details of the crimes. Their function was therefore closer to that of a grand jury than that of a jury in a trial.
CEO OF CBC/ chief executive officer- (CEO, American English), managing director (MD, British English)[1] or chief executive,
is the highest-ranking corporate officer (executive) or administrator in charge of total management of an organization.
An individual appointed as a CEO of a corporation, company, organization, or agency typically reports to the board
of directors.

NOW WE ALL CAN SEE WHO DOES WHAT AND WHO CAN DO IT......... So lets see how fast you can move and do what we have asked for. We have no more time to wait around and see you pass this around and say isn't or wasn't your JOB. So you will make change and you are going to do it soon and do you know why?

You know what is terrible? Us having to write you this email telling you what your job is.

You see we don't get to drive around in those nice car's that WE the tax payers pay for to keep you in your job.

We want to ask you something and WE expect you to plead the fifth (Yea we will offer you your constitutional right which WE have never once got offered) or answer this what would you do sitting in your office today IN this unjust corrupt government and state did this to you?

You are where you are today because you fault for your job, Family CHILD OR CHILDREN Thats all we are doing to. You would expect the same from others as WE expect from you.

(FYI) this letter is going to be posted on the internet as well as every other letter, Intent etc.
The people of the USA and The state of Florida and residents of SEMINOLE COUNTY needs to know what you should be doing! Every day you don't write back and ignore us with out regard makes a VERY BAD NAME FOR YOU.
Hey you aired our dirty laundry NOW WE WILL AIR YOURS! The public has rights and WE STAND FOR ALL THE PUBLIC.



Thank you,
The Irizarry's

For all cases in the USA
September 2011

Raul and Stacia Ann Adams II Irizarry  avers the following as being the immutable law of this land respecting THEIR own rights, liberty and property;
Be it known to all governments, government sub divisions, courts, and CBC/DCF other parties, that WE, Raul and Stacia Ann Adams II Irizarry  are a natural, freeborn Sovereign FLORIDA in possession of the birthright as described in 4 Wheat 402 as quoted by Bouvier's 14th edition law dictionary as it describes individual American sovereignty and Hale vs. Henkel as it describes the nature of Citizens of the several States. We are neither subject to any entity anywhere, nor is any entity subject
to us. WE neither dominate anyone, nor are we dominated.
We are expressly not a United States citizen residing in FLORIDA as comprehended by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America or the equivalent as represented in the contemporary FLORIDA Constitutions. No federal
or state declaration regarding the status of OUR nature can alter that fact without diminishing OUR individually held rights without OUR consent and without injuring US.
WE do not consent. WE state here that WE are of age of majority and competent and knowledgeable of the following facts and law sufficient to assert this affidavit.
The nature of OUR status in America is described at 4 Wheat 402 as cited by Bouvier's 14edition in definition of 'Sovereignty", to wit; Bouvier's 14th edition Law Dictionary (quoting from 4 Wheat, 402): "It has been justly thought a matter of importance to determine from what source the United States derives its authority... the question here proposed is whether our bond of union is a compact entered into by the states, or whether the Constitution is an organic law established by the People.
To this we answer:
 We The People ... ordain and establish this Constitution" ... the government of the state had only delegated power (from the People) and even if they had an inclination, they had no authority to transfer the authority of the Sovereign People. The people in their capacity as Sovereigns made and adopted the Constitution; and Lit bjnds the state governments without the state's
consent. The United States, as a whole, therefore, emanates from the People and not from the states, and the Constitution and laws of the states whether made before or since the adoption of that Constitution of the United States, are subordinate to the United States Constitution and the laws made in pursuance of it. The people are the Fountain of sovereignty. The
whole was originally with them as their own.
The state governments are but trustees acting under a .'
derived authority, and had no power to delegate what is not delegated to them. But the Affidavit of
Truth of Citizenship Status     
1 of 1
 Mem aot#2
 people, as the original Fountain, might take away what they have lent and entrust to whom they please. They have the whole title and as absolute proprietors have the right of using or abusing. - jus utendi et abutendi. It is a maxim consecrated in public law as well as common sense and the necessity of the case that a Sovereign is answerable for his acts only to his God and his own conscience ,.. There is no authority above a Sovereign to which an appeal can be made. "4 Wheat, 402 (Bouvier's 14th edition Law Dictionary: "Sovereignty") "The words "People of the United States" and "Citizens" are synonymous terms, and mean
the same thing. They both describe the political body that, according to our Republican institutions form the sovereignty... they are what we familiarly call the "Sovereign people", and every citizen is one of these people and a constituent member of the
sovereignty..." Wong Kim Ark. P. 914, quoting Dred Scott vs. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393, 19 How 577. See also: Hancock vs. Carry Alcorn Mining Co., Inc., Ky., 503 S. W. 2 d 710 Kentucky Constitution section 4; Commonwealth Ex Rel. Hancock vs. Paxton Kentucky, 516 S. W. 2 d page 867(2) clause 


Rights retained by the people include but are not limited to those eluded to in the following U.S. Supreme Court case insofar as it
supports OUR sovereign birthright (accent added on point): "The individuals may stand upon their constitutional rights as a citizen. They are entitled to carry on their private business in their own way. Their power to contract is unlimited. We
owe no such duty [to submit their books and papers for an examination] to the State, since they receives nothing there from, beyond the protection of their life and property. Their rights are such as existed by the law of the land [Common Law] long antecedent to the organization of the State, and can only be taken
Affidavit of Truth of Citizenship                                         
Status Page 2 of 2
Mem aot#2
 from them by due process of law, and in accordance with the Constitution. Among their rights are a refusal to incriminate them selves, and the immunity of their selves and their property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of the law. They owe nothing to the public so long as they do not trespass upon their rights." Hale v. Henkel. 201 U.S. 43 at 47 (1905).
Rights possessed by us individually include but are not limited to; The right to carry on our private business in our
own way so long as that use does not harm or trespass on anyone. Thus, be it known to all that even though we recognize and respect those collectively held powers granted to governments, We reserve our individually held prerogative rights of action not to be compelled to perform under any contract or disability that we did not enter into knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally. A compelled state license to use OUR property upon the public right of way is one such disability.
As such, the hidden or unrevealed contracts that supposedly create obligations to perform, for persons of subject status, are inapplicable to US, and are null and void acts when applied to US. If we have participated in any of the supposed "benefits" associated with these hidden contracts, We have done so under duress from coercion, miss-information, and ignorance of our true nature and rightful power. We correct that ignorance here. From our age of consent to the date affixed below WE have never signed a contract knowingly, willingly, intelligently, and voluntarily whereby We have waived any of our individually held natural Rights, and, as such, 
Take Notice that WE revoke, cancel, and make void, ab initio. OUR power of appointment on any and all contracts, agreements, forms, or any instrument which may be construed in any way to give any agency or department of any federal or state government authority, venue, or jurisdiction over US upon subject matter that is solely within our individual province; one being our Right to be free from all government restraint of our choice of action unless WE have first harmed or trespassed upon the rights of another.
This position is in accordance with the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Brady v. U.S.. 379 U.S. 742 at 748 (1970): "Waivers of
Constitutional Rights not only must be voluntary, they must be knowingly intelligent acts, done with sufficient awareness of the
relevant circumstances and consequences." Declaration of Citizenship. Any document signed by us, in which WE answered
"yes" to the question, "Are you a U.S. citizen?" - cannot be used to compromise my status as a Sovereign,
Affidavit of Truth of Citizenship Status                                              
Page 3 of 3
Mem aot#2
nor obligate us to perform in any manner. This is because it was not disclosed to us that being a U.S. citizen altered my birthright and diminished my individually retained private rights through the "Doctrine of Selective Incorporation". WE are not a "United States" citizen residing in FLORIDA. We are an FLORIDA as comprehended by the birthright of "We the People" defined at 4 wheat 402. The United States is an entity created by the U.S. Constitution with jurisdiction as described on the following pages of this Affidavit. We are not a "resident of," an "inhabitant of," a "franchise of," a "subject of," a "ward of," the "property of," the "chattel of," or "subject to the jurisdiction of any corporate federal government, corporate state government, corporate county government, corporate city government, or corporate municipal body politic created under the authority of the U.S. Constitution nor the FLORIDA Constitution as that jurisdiction comprehends any subject matter that would dimmish
our individually held prerogative rights. We are not subject to any legislation, department, or agency created by such authorities, nor to the jurisdiction of any employees, officers, or agents deriving their authority there from as that jurisdiction comprehends any subject matter that would diminish our individually held prerogative rights. Further, We are not a subject of the Administrative and Legislative Article III Courts of the several states, or Article I Courts of the United States, or bound by precedents of such courts, deriving their jurisdiction from said authorities as that jurisdiction comprehends any subject matter that would diminish our individually held prerogative rights. 
Take Notice that we hereby revoke, cancel, and make void ab initio any such instrument or any presumed election made by any of the several states or the United States government or any agency or department thereof, that we are or ever have voluntary elected to be treated as a United States citizen, subject to its jurisdiction, or a resident of any territory, possession, instrumentality or enclave under the sovereignty or exclusive jurisdiction of any of the several states or of the United
States as defined in the FLORIDA or U.S. Constitutions.
Therefore, in addition to the fact that no unrevealed federal or state contract can obligate us to perform in any manner without my fully informed and un-coerced consent, likewise, no federal or state statutes or regulations apply to us or have any jurisdiction over our actions taken within us individually held prerogative rights where same harms no one. We hereby affirm that we do not reside or work in any federal territory of the "District" United States, and that therefore no U.S. federal government statutes or regulations have any authority over us.
Affidavit of  Truth of Citizenship Status                                
page 4 of 4
 Mem aot#2
Affidavit of Truth of Citizenship Status                                              
Page 5 of 5
Mem aot#2
 The use of notary does NOT grant any jurisdiction to anyone and as such none is necessary as we personally will be glad, in special appearance, to verify that all statements within are true to the best of my knowledge and that WE assert each and every one through this document as truth. OUR signature below is evidence of that fact.

Raul and Stacia Ann Adams II Irizarry 
hereby certify that the above was copied and sent; mailed/faxed or delivered this day of              
All Rights Reserved
by: Raul and Stacia Ann Adams II Irizarry
and real-party-in-interest

Affidavit of Truth of Citizenship Status                                
 Page 6 of 6
Mem aot#2
Sworn and subscribed  before me _____________of this day________ year______
Notary Public
, Custodian of records         By;
Affidavit of Truth of Citizenship Status                                        
Page 7 of 7
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#10 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Jeanski - (USA)

OK, you've posted this twice without telling us how you were ripped off.  I'm going to assume that DCF took your child(ren) away from you and adopted them out, am I right?

Rather than a civics lesson, why not provide details about how you were ripped off?
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