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Complaint Review: Forest Hills at Belview

  • Submitted: Mon, October 15, 2012
  • Updated: Mon, October 15, 2012
  • Reported By: Carlos — Radford Virginia USA
  • Forest Hills at Belview
    3226 Peppers Ferry RD Radford, VA 24141
    United States of America

Forest Hills at Belview Forest Hills at BelviewMs. Linda F. Fisher NOT ENFORCING THE LEASE AGREEMENT, COMMUNITY HANDBOOK, and The Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, THIS PLACE IS BIG TIME TROUBLE!!! Internet


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If you are a good family and have children that you are trying to raise, be advised: not to consider moving to: Forest Hills at Belview with Horizon Management, Inc./
 Ms. Linda F. Fisher / 3226 Peppers Ferry RD., or rent any property from: Horizon Management, Inc./ Unlimited Construction, Inc., properties owned by a Mr. Mark D. Kinser
140 East Main St., Radford, VA 24141 .

If after reading my edited Certified letter to them, you still are not convinced, then you have been advised of only a short piece of this terrible place. Do not let a college degree from Virginia Tech and 13.5 million of the taxpayers dollars fool you. There is a difference between rent collecting, and property management. 

Think about this: a low income apartment from $700.00 to $900.00, I actually fell for it, because these are brand new townhouses. [continued below]....

This is an edited Certified mail, that the owner: Mark Kinser acknowledges no responsibility.

I am writing to you today in regard to the rental property located at: (315 Tilia Court - Radford, VA.24141), and some problems I am having as a tenant of said property. This is in reference to two separate Resident Complaint letters. The first dated on Monday September 24th, 2012; and the second dated on Friday, September 28th, 2012. I am also including reference to: previous conversations that Ms. Fisher, and I have had, in the months of: June, July, August, and September of 2012 concerning issues, regarding some of our neighbors children. The problems I am having with the property at: (315 Tilia Court - Radford, VA.24141), are:

1)  Our neighbors in 313 Tilia Court slam their doors, blast their stereos/TVs, and have loud late gatherings. Literally music is being blasted into our bedrooms. Whole congregations of people are outside of my childrens window gathered nightly, on both of our back patios, being very loud and either keeping my children from resting or repeatedly waking them up, after they finally have managed to go to sleep. The noise and serious distinctive odor issues are really bothersome!

2)  Our neighbors in 313 Tilia Court comings and goings are incredibly disturbing. This is intolerable. I have not had one night of more than two hours sleep since Friday September 14th, 2012, when our new neighbors in 313 Tilia Court moved here.

3)  Ever since Friday September 14th, 2012 the tenants beside of us in 313 Tilia Court have been cooking up some sort of illegal drugs, because there are distinctive odors, such as ammonia and a strong cat urine odor, and a rotten egg sulfurous stink 24-7. Sometimes our apartment reeks of it so badly, even with all doors and windows closed. This never happened, until they moved in beside of us.

I personally informed management on Tuesday September 25th, 2012 somewhere around 10:00a.m to 10:30a.m. I was informed that I was mistaken and to get use to it, that more than likely it was just Indian food.

My children are making comments about the smell too! My kids have allergies/asthma and thus get sick when exposed to our neighbors distinctive odors. Ever since Friday September 14th, 2012, my wife, my two children, and myself, have been experiencing: dry mouth, massive headaches, heart beating extremely fast, twitching, diarrhea, blurred vision, dizziness, convulsions, insomnia, anxiety, and aggression.

4)  My wife, my two children, and I, have had to deal with incessant noise, courtesy of numerous neighbors. The noise has gotten to be a real problem.

5)  On Wednesday July 4th, I had my brother (Chris) visiting me, and we were outside of my apartment beside of my 1994 Ford Mustang Convertible, when at approximately 5:12p.m. Wednesday July 4th, a child across the street from us (Jaheim), threw a rock and hit my brother (Chris), in his stomach. My brother asked Jaheim, if he knew that he had hit him, when he threw the rock. Jaheim, replied with Yeah, I know I did, my bad My brother still has the rock, to prove it.

I verbally reported this to Ms. Linda Fisher, at 140 East Main St. Radford, VA 24141, on right around Monday July 9th, 2012, just before 11:00a.m. Ms. Linda Fisher, you have to remember me telling you about this, because you looked like it concerned you, and you wrote some things down at your desk, and said: How do you spell Jaheim?

6) On Friday September 28th, 2012, on my way out of the apartment complex, to pick up my daughter from school, at approximately 3:30 p.m., there were seven to ten of the residents children, from Forest Hills at Belview, playing in the road and not letting me get in or out from the apartment complex. Ms. Linda Fisher, I and several other residents, have notified you of this on several different occasions, and nothing is being done.

This seems to happen every day, almost as soon as you leave, and lasts to late hours, in the night. These same children are also the same ones, who have damaged multiple vehicles in this apartment complex. They almost successfully pulled of my mustang horse, on the front of my car that I had to have repaired, at my expense. They broke my brothers driver side taillight, that he had to have repaired, at his expense, and they tore up Ms. Angelas rear end on her car, that she has to have fixed, at her expense. These children broke a side mirror off of our former neighbor Ashleys van, which she had to have fixed, at her expense.

These children are unsupervised, climbing on most of your residents vehicles, and tearing them up. When you call the police on a minor, let me tell you what happens: absolutely nothing. These parents need to be responsible for their childrens actions. In the Community Handbook, that accompanies our Lease Agreement, it clearly states: You will take whatever steps that are necessary, to insure that you will provide all residents, including me, and my family, with a quiet, dignified, comfortable atmosphere, and that it is each parents responsibility, to supervise and control their children.

It also very clearly states that: Children are not to play in the Streets / Parking areas / or walkways / sidewalks, and that you have a playground provided, for their recreation and enjoyment. It goes on to say that any damages caused from the children, will be at the parents expense, not just for your property, but each of your residents, as well.

7) Some of the childrens names are: (Boys): London, Landon, Nicholas, Drew, Messiah, Jaheim, Davion, J.R., Jani, and Charlie Megans little brother. (Girls): Neosha, Terrianna, Megan,and the girl with the big bushy, poufy hair: Sasha,Alexis,andAlexisslittlesister:Hermione.  The girl Sasha,Alexis,with the big bushy, poufy hair, is also the one who repeatedly cursed me, after me telling her and a couple of other children to stay off of my patio, and that they had no business being back there, or I would call the police on them.

Ms. Fisher, you are the one who advised me on telling the children that I would call the police, and then call. I even informed you that this incident occurred, and what took place. I stated to you, in your office here that I am tired of it, and that no one should be cursing me, when I have done nothing wrong, especially a child.  I believe your reply to me was similar to this: Well Michael honey I agree, but thats just how children are nowadays. I am in total disagreement with that statement, and your view on how children act nowadays.

I would have got the belt, or a switch to my hind-end, with a mouth full of Castor oil, all the way up to the adult, until I apologized, if I would have ever dis-respected an adult or cursed them. All children nowadays are not like this. I do not allow my children to act like this, neither does my brother, and we are both tenants here at your complex: Forest Hills at Belview.

8) On Saturday September 29th, 2012, this same young boy (Jaheim), was seen wearing a light green short sleeve shirt, and Khaki colored shorts, along with another young boy (Davion), who was wearing a black shirt, and black shorts, around 7:00p.m. Throwing rocks from the bottom side of the Forest Hills at Belview office, at a red 1997 Mercury Mountaineer. This vehicle belongs to my elderly / handicapped parents, who were coming to visit their (2) sons, their (2) daughter-in-laws, and all of their grandchildren.  Needless to say they were pretty upset, and stayed a grand total of maybe (4-5 minutes).

a)  Shortly after my parents leaving, my doorbell kept ringing: Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong, Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong, Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong, Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong, and Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong. When I went to see who it was, no one was there, so I went back in my residence.

b)  Guess what happened about twenty minutes later? You guessed it: My doorbell kept ringing again and again: Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong, Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong, Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong, Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong, and Ring-A-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong. This time when my wife (Crystal), went to see who it was, a young boy was outside, and said: I saw a bunch of them doing it, and they took off running.

c) Apparently there is a thing going on around here called: Ding-Dong-Ditch. This is where groups of trouble making kids get together, and repeatedly go to different residences, and disturb families, by repeatedly ringing their doorbells,
and then taking off.

d) I had to throw my doorbell breaker, to keep it from happening. I do not intend on flipping the doorbell breaker back on, until I am assured with a personal guarantee, that this matter has been dealt with in writing from you, and if it ever happens again that there will be severe consequences, on the children and the parents, of any child caught doing this. At least five other families have had to actually unplug their doorbells.

9) I am having and I have had issues with the neighbors in 313 Tilia Court, along with the next building across the street (Jaheims house). Their drunken parties start right around 10:30p.m. And 11:00p.m. And sometimes go to 5am, and I can sometimes hear every word in the conversation...two rooms & a street away. This happens at least 3x a week because of my neighbors screaming, and blaring their music, often more because they will turn it down when the Montgomery County Police show up. And then turn it back up 20 min later, after the police have left, as though that's somehow ok.

a)  Their children are running up and down past my apartment screaming, all hours of the night, while they party. I have had to call the police, every time that I turn around. I can't take it anymore. In addition, I thought you should know that a couple of residents, and a couple of children, have just been walking right into our residences, without even being invited in. (No they are not family members, and No, they have not been invited in).

b)  We have to pay almost all of my monthly income, just for rent, and living in these conditions, being locked up in our own home like some sort of prisoners, just isnt any fair to us. We are good tenants, and have to suffer, because you will not enforce your own policies, that every one of us has to sign.

c)  While I am at it, I am also an Uncle, Brother, and Brother-N-Law to some of your tenants, and I am formally making a complaint to you, on their behalf. My relatives living in #328 Tilia Court cannot enjoy their time here either because of
everything that I have stated in this Certified letter. Their neighbor, to the right of them Clarissa, who I believe resides at 326 Tilia Court, constantly thumps her bass music, as loud as it can go, for all hours of the night, into the morning, until she leaves for work. When she gets home, it all starts over. I have been witness to this at different hours, ever since I moved here in May of 2012.

d) It would be very interesting if somehow you could rent one of these apartments / townhouses, for a short while, maybe two weeks to a month. I actually wish that you could drive in a different vehicle after you get off of work, with maybe a wig on and go into your short term rented home. You would see exactly what myself, and others, have been telling you about. Maybe then you would have no doubts, and no reason, to lose good tenants, and keep the bad ones. Could you at least consider hiring security? Maybe give the tenants who have been complaining either verbally, or written, a telephone #, for us to call after hours. Management could come by the next time the incidents are happening, and witness it themselves.

I am currently reviewing / studying/ and carefully preparing my case, and if these matters, from this Certified letter, are not all handled, according to our LEASE AGREEMENT, COMMUNITY HANDBOOK, and The Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, in a timely manner, then I am ready, and well prepared to go to court: Article 4. Tenant Remedies. 55-248.21. Noncompliance by landlord. (And) Article 5. Landlord Remedies. 55-248.31. Noncompliance with rental agreement, of the: The Virginia
Residential Landlord and Tenant Act: Effective beginning July 1, 2011. I am including: pages 9-10, of our (Forest Hills at Belview) COMMUNITY HANDBOOK, and Section 12. GENERAL RESTRICTIONS, from our (Forest Hills at Belview) LEASE AGREEMENT, for your reference.

The tenants / residents / and their children that I have mentioned is currently, and have been in violation of the lease and I plan to pursue all remedies in the lease and at law.

I am respectfully asking that you take me seriously, and in a timely manner, take action on my complaints.

Per our LEASE AGREEMENT, COMMUNITY HANDBOOK, and The Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, all three Cite that: you are responsible, to address all of these matters, that I have included in this Certified letter, and action be taken, in a timely matter.

I am hereby giving you a thirty day written notice, of my intent to withhold $650.00 a month rent, each and every month, in addition to any previous rent owed, until each and every one of these matters, are handled with action. A talk to me (Verbal), letting me know that the matter has been taken care of, just will not be enough. I am requesting that each of these matters be addressed with action on your part, and a written letter informing me, as to what item(s) in this letter, you have taken action on, along with the date, of action going into effect.

All rent owed, will be placed into an Escrow account, with the Montgomery County Court System, effective: Monday, November 5th, 2012, and each and every month following. As you are well aware of: Your money will be disbursed back to you, when all of the items that I have listed in this Certified letter, have been addressed with action, and a written letter informing me, as to what item(s) in this letter, you have taken action on, along with the date, of action going into effect.

I am willing and able to pay the rent and will release the escrowed amount once all of the items in this certified letter, have been addressed with action, and a written letter informing me, as to what item(s) in this letter, you have taken action on, along with the date, of action going into effect. 
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#1 UPDATE Employee


AUTHOR: LFisher - ()

 Referring to complaint from the Altizers all items were unfounded. No proof was given to Management, no pictures, no police summons, no civil suits, nothing. They left the property in December 2012 and moved on to happier stomping grounds. I wish them well

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