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Complaint Review: Governor John Kasich

  • Submitted: Wed, April 24, 2013
  • Updated: Wed, April 24, 2013
  • Reported By: MD — Cleveland Ohio
  • Governor John Kasich
    Riffe Center, 30th floor 77 South High Street
    Columbus, Ohio
    United States of America

Governor John Kasich David Board continue to publish horrible lies about a woman MD on the Medical Board's website when she did nothing wrong to any patient and only obected to wrong orthopedic care 20 years ago - to get her Medical Columbus, Ohio

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Governor Kasich's Office has been asked for 3 years to review the probably 'innocent' cases at the State Medical Board of Ohio - cases with no patient complaints, where a woman physician had to disagree with a male physician about her own medical care - to save herself.  There's no meeting scheduled with the woman and her legal counsel - and none planned - she has to comply with the ORDER OF 2003.  The problem: no matter how many orders, there is not a policy or procedure to follow to end a false case - there is a glitch in the Ohio State Medical Board.
God only knows what is in that ORDER, as orders change daily in Columbus.  And you can never comply with the ridiculous conditions - when this is about a woman MD having an untreated bone problem for 20 years.  The woman MD cannot get treated for a psychiatric condition that she has no criteria for, or for a fictional diagnosis or case.  The woman MD is only supposed to get care for what the State Medical Board wants her to have, what the Medical Board wants her to get care for, and that doesn't include any blood work or bone density testing. 

The Medical Board of Ohio has not allowed this woman MD her credentials, her license, a decent job (per Mr. Dilling she was supposed to work in labs until she would admit things and lie for the boys), or appropriate medical care - she has an untreated bone problem.  The medical insurance of physicians falsely accused by the State Medical Board of Ohio goes in the first month of suspension - maybe it will be covered under Obamacare? 

Psychiatric GOES: All the Medical Board is into is serial psychiatric 'goes' (that is the Ohio Board 'name' for it) - putting woman MD 'dates' or dating history into public records at taxpayer expense, fictionalizing stories on the website of behavior that never occurred as the woman MD wasn't even in the state. 

This should not be on Ripoff, it should not happen.  This is about legalized fraud, legitimized fraud - and yes, Dave Board & Governor Kasich are involved.  So schedule a meeting, get to the issues, and solve the problems at the State Medical Board of Ohio - it's been 3 years.  There are only 7/9 MD appointments, and Anita Steinbergh's 20-years are up on 4.28.2013.  But Anita Steinbergh is perpetually on her cellphone, or telling women MDs what books to read, and to lie to get your license back - not her problem.

Disagreeing about wrong care done to yourself is a MD licensure 'thing' in Ohio - because medical care of women is so outdated in Ohio.  And no woman wants to be a public humiliation - a public 'A' for adultery that she refused to do with Mrs. Nice's husband.  In Ohio, the 'scarlet letter' is for saying 'No' in a state of horrible permissiveness and moral lack.  The woman MD, to get her medical license back, has to refer to Dr. Nice - and we all know that is not because he does good orthopedic care.  Referrals should be to the best orthopedic, not to the state 'fool.'   

Nothing is ever discussed, everyone just hangs up and calls the woman MD psychiatric names - she didn't want to have to disagree with her own care being out-of-date.  Again: NO WOMAN MD WANTS TO HAVE TO DISAGREE WITH A MALE - from a male Governor, to a male MD to Dave Board - the woman MD should be caring for patients, doing her CME, having a family, and having a life.  But she can't, because the Governor's Office won't admit the problems.  Her life is in limbo - no one knows what the case is about - it's 'confidential' - for 20 years.  And it isn't about her patient care. 

Ripening of wrist fractures, experimental casts, and no blood work is just not even 1950s care.  The answer: open the outdated 'confidential' complaints and solve the problems, remove the piles of fabrications online at the Medical Board's website - the woman MD was not 'seductive' with two wrist fractures - wrist fractures are not eyeliner, makeup, or attractive.  The case was supposed to be 'opened for reforms' in 1998-9, and no one knows why it 'didn't happen' as the woman MD agreed to getting her license back, but no damages - the 'dream solution' was refused. 

It's not like there haven't been boxes of emails, and letters, begging for some sanity and rules of something - never answered except to comply with the ORDER OF 2003.  Before that there was the ORDER of 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2003 - all for just disagreeing about awful 'boys being boys' care - not for patients, just that the woman MD didn't want this for herself as it didn't work. 

If the 'boys' wanted to do this care on other patients, she couldn't stop that - she was trying to set an example of 'good care' with her own care - like other physicians have tried to change medicine by changing their own care (ie H. pylori where the physicians gave the infection to themselves to prove a point about better treatment).  And today in April 2013, the Medical Board, and Governor's Office, will read the Ripoff post and do nothing.  Dave Board will hang up - the posts will stop the day there is a schedule of a meeting to discuss - hasn't happened in 3 years.

In a meeting with Mr. Dilling in 2003, it was admitted that the Medical Board paid for experts to cheat and lie in testimony during two Hearings (1992 & 1995) - for experts to fabricate fictional test results and psychiatric diagnoses that didn't exist.  But the case wasn't dismissed for some reason.  

The Ohio Court of Appeals tried to throw the case out in 1993, but the Medical Board restarted the mess.  The Ohio Court of Appeals told the Ohio Medical Board to 'end this case' in 'another way' - not as a discipline - but 'fixing' the problems - that was in 1993.  That the woman MD was 'ganged up on' when she had to disagree about her own care - care that she was trained NOT to do in this way. 

Writings on Ripoff will stop when the Governor starts a discussion, some meetings to find out what the case is about and how the problems can be solved at the State Medical Board of Ohio.  And if things are not fixed, the American Association of Physicians & Surgeons has scheduled a suit of the Ohio Medical Board - so fix things so Ohio doesn't have to go through what the Texas Medical Board is going through. 

The woman MD's family had to get an expert from NYC to say that the Ohio diagnosis didn't exist in Hearing #2.  And the only message that gets through to Govenor Kasich is if you post on RIPOFF.  God Almighty he should be more sensitive, more aware, more gubernatorial. 

It costs $50,000 to have a Hearing (for a physician falsely accused), and $50,000 to pay the DSM expert to redo all the tests cheated on by Ohio experts.  The State Medical Board is allowed to cheat - it is a legislative joke.  The woman MD's family paid and paid for piles of lies to be debunked in Columbus - the Medical Board has nothing else to do but 'frame' a woman MD for obecting to Dr. Nice care - a woman MD who does better-than-average Internal Medicine care for Ohio. 

The Medical Board takes out the better MDs, and leaves the dregs who will do anything, say anything and approve any care - even without consent.  The woman MD did not consent to ripening of her fractures, experimental casts, or refuse a workup that Ohio physicians didn't know how to do.  But then all they have to do is 'call the Mayo Clinic' - and Ohio physicians can't even place a phone call.

The Governor's office can't place a phone call, they just hang up on phone calls and read Ripoff to find out why the woman MDs are mad - because they are publicly humiliated, mistreated, and trashed for testosterone high-fives - they 'showed' that woman MD, just like the boys in Steubenville.  They are all Steubenville boys.

Ohio orthopedics can't order cast materials, don't know what the correct cast padding is, haven't heard of bone density testing, don't believe in vitamin D levels, and we have a Medical Board that goes along with this. 

Governor Kasich laughs in the background while his staff says 'No, he won't do that' - when you call.  Governor Kasich can't review the problems at the State Medical Board: no statute of limitations, the Board can cheat, no rules of evidence, no due process, women MDs are ordered to unending psychiatric 'goes,' and 'confidential' complaints are leaked to Board 'friends.' 

You get hung up on, called names, and trashed for getting a MD in Ohio.  And David Board wants it to stop: but nothing has been done for the last 3 years to improve things - the Board appointees are not even up-to-date.  Anita Steinbergh DO has been re-appointed for 20 years, and she hates women MDs and couldn't get into Medical School, and is 'friends' with Dr. Nice - who gets to do care that no one has ever heard of.  Ohio medical care has eponyms like Dr. Love and Dr. Nice.   

It's a 20-year $500,000 joke; trash women MDs for the guys - just like the footballers in Steubenville.  Women MDs are to be date raped (procedures done without consent at Case Dental Faculty Practice or University Green Road).  Women MDs are miscasted, left uncasted, no blood work, no career, and no anything.  

Well the way to stop this is for the Medical Board, and the physician, to sit down and discuss and solve the care problems - 10 psychiatric evaluations of a normal woman MD won't 'fix' things and is not the answer.  The Order of 2003 is a joke - multiple orders have been complied with, and it never ends because the Board is liable - so get a non-suit agreement for the woman MD to sign.  Have a way to end cases that are false at the State Medical Board of Ohio. 

Currently, there is no way to get physicians back to work.  And no one wants this posted on Ripoff - but it will be until there is an end - then Ripoff takes things down.  And hopefully all physicians in Ohio will have a way to end false complaints about themselves, without $.5M in debt and 20 years. 

Governor Kasich knew about this case, and the 'stack' of false cases, before taking the oath of office.  And it is the worst case in the US at any Medical Board - a woman MD wasting her life calling the Governor's Office - no patient complaints - she couldn't go along with Dr. Nice care.  But she complained to get her medical records to the Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic - hardly a crime. 

The 'confidential' complaint is her medical record apparently - it alleges that she has some impairment that keeps Ohio - not orthopedics in NY - orthopedics from casting her fractures correctly or ordering blood work.  There's a problem with women's care in Ohio.  So Dave Board if you want this to stop: open the complaint and lets get to the bottom of what is the problem.  But 20 years of begging hasn't gotten anywhere, and as Mr. Whitehouse put it, 'the statute of limitations is over.'  And your office has done nothing Mr. David Board.  There's Dr. Nice care, the Medical Board, and David Board.   

Well Kimberly Anderson is not going to review the stack of false cases, and orders of 2003 don't apply.  There are only so many times that you can psychiatrically evaluate a woman MD because she wouldn't go along with bad care, work with an idiot, sign a pile of lies, or 'understand Dr. Nice because his wife didn't.  The truth: no one understands Dr. Nice in Cleveland - not his wife, his staff, his patients, or any other physician at his hospital. 

Cases where the woman MD has been told by the Medical Board that she is 'probably innocent,' but nothing is ever resolved as there (1) is no statute of limitations, and (2) no way to get women MDs back to work after a gap for fraud - no way to re-educate and stop the lies - the Board won't admit mistakes, misinformation, and just lies on the Medical Board website - and the Governor's Office has finally noticed.  Per David Board - they won't talk until it stops, and nothing can stop or end until the Governor's Office stops it.  For 20 years the woman MD has been lied about for politics and amusement - lies that are unimaginable, horrible, and wrong.  Take down the rot on the Board's website.  It's a disgrace.

The State Medical Board has been doing fraud cases for 20 years; taking medical licenses because women won't 'do it' with Dr. Nice.  So sit down and discuss, open the 'confidential' complaint and if the physician did not know the complainers or could not do what they asked - the case is over. 

Grow up David Board - this woman has lost her life to fraud for 20 years - while you sit with a job and hang up on her.  It wasn't about her patient care - she didn't want her fractures ripened, or experimentally casted, didn't want any tooth drillings for x-rays from 3 years ago by Muslim dentists at Case Western Dental School of Foreign Dentistry.  There was no blood work - as women MDs don't deserve blood work in Ohio (quote Mr. Dilling).  The woman MD has begged that people sit down for 20 years, with the complaint and find out what happened and what can be done to stop the lies. 

There is no way to end cases at the State Medical Board of Ohio except after 20 years and signing piles of lies.  There is no way to correct the misinformation on the Medical Board's website - information that the Medical Board has known to be false for 20 years.  This case was about wrong care, in part done in a Board Member's ER at Hillcrest Hospital (wrong triage), and a Board Member's 'friends' at Hillcrest & University Hospitals (Cleveland).  The end has to come from Governor Kasich, ie reforms that he promised 3 years ago.
There is no review of anything, David Board hangs up, the 'confidential' complaint has never shown up - how can anyone be positive?  The woman MD had Boards in Internal Medicine, and a wasted career, for objecting to Dr. Nice care and because she wouldn't refer to him, understand him because his wife didn't, and play along. 

Playing along with Dr. Nice is not what you go to Medical School for.  Governor Kasich, David Board, Kimberly Anderson and Anita Steinbergy DO have been asked to DISCUSS for 20 years - and it never ends.  The woman MD has undergone 5 psychiatric evaluations for Dr. Nice - that she didn't 'like' Dr. Nice - that not criteria for a psychiatric evaluation.  All the State Medical Board of Ohio is about is DR. NICE.  

The State Medical Board of Ohio is the worse Medical Board in the US: 'confidential' physician complaints, no statute of limitations, boys being boys care - Governor Kasich has to decide to fix this.  The women MD who got caught in this has tried in every possible way to end things in a civilized manner without more psychiatric evaluations, ridiculous orders, and with some 'reforms' to allow physicians to work with the Medical Board of Ohio.  These postings will stop the day that Governor Kasich sets up a meeting for discussions, for reforms, and to end the false cases at the State Medical Board - which is not today.
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