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  • Submitted: Mon, February 27, 2012
  • Updated: Wed, June 27, 2012
  • Reported By: Mom — New Jersey USA
  • Justin White, esq.
    424 Landis Avenue
    United States of America

Justin White, esq. attorney with TESTA, HECK, SCROCCA AND TESTA law firm Extortion, Fraud, Manipulation, Illegal law actions, represented me for my lawsuit against other entities and manipulated case to turn my civil lawsuit against a business into a criminal lawsuit again vineland, Internet

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two years back, i hired a law firm, and was assigned to justin white, a junior lawyer there.  i filed a civil case.  he proceeded to do not a lot.  somewhere along the line, my pedophile uncle bought my lawyer.  a circus ensued.  .....and from that day on, my very tight criminal and civil case went to pieces.  i have paid about 12,000 thus far, and am still being billed for another almost 6,000.  the lawyer for the other side felt i had a good case.  but my lawyer justin white was hoping to make twice the money, by my own civil case and through the under the table purchasing by my uncle, james wilson cook jr.  of grand  haven michigan, also has a house in kalamazoo michigan, also keeps an address in nyc, also keeps property under his son's name, michael cook.  and probably a lot of others.   

i have documentation, film, everything that supported the criminal events and the civil lawsuit i filed.  but my uncle bought and paid for a new house for my lawyer, and bought the illegal manipulating of my case -- all of the above was through the for-hire services of a local "political thug" who is well known in this area and makes his entire living off of the actions of ferreting out secrets of the opponents and of manipulating no matter how illegally the end result of anything in this locale that you can imagine.  just pay david guidarini of 1060 new pear street enough money and you can have anything done ot your opponent, or your ex, or your neighbor, anything.  he is well known, well protected, and expensive.  my uncle has several million he inherited and retired from his government job in 2000.  buying the "services" of david guidarini or justin white or the woman leah togno who was part of the effort and was also well paid (she was overheard telling someone that she was paid 800 a month plus expenses and was given a house on 6 d'shibe street here in vineland as payment for her "work" and for keeping quiet.).  in addition, i hav esince acquired proof as word and proof in recordings and proof in email of my lawyer justin white breaching all manner of attorney client privilege and sharing many many things with the very persons i was suing.  as well as later allowing the other side to manage my evidence, depose me, and then he himself helped them to craft a pending potential or threatened ( i dont know what it is called) charge of pimping my then young teen daughters by allowing them to wear those workout/jogging.gym clothes style tops that are called "sports bras" inside the house in the kitchen on a 98 degree day with the curtains open to the back yard thereby enticing a strange man who was found videotaping my daughters..  the proof?  because i had video of HIM while i waited for the police.  justin white later fired me as a client claiming i was not cooperating with him.  no, i was not, and only a fool would have.  he also claimed i was not paying my bill.  but i have paid over 12.000 and still owe another 6000 and tha tis hardly NOT paying a bill.  he - justin white - was heard by another lawyer, vincent pancari, at a party telling every lawyer within earshot that i was a bad client, a liar, that i was trying to tap the system for free money, that any lawyer who would take me on after what "he had been through" would be just crazy, that i was crazy, that he gave me all the best legal advice in the world, that he had reached the settlement agreement o ftens of thousands of dollars and tha ti wa so greedy i refused to take it and demanded he "get me more"......that i never paid him a penny (testa's accounting department will tell you otherwise)....oh god, it was awful.  i could not get a lwyer now in this town even if my life depended on it and i paid them triple.  yes, because of justin whites unfounded mouth.  he had ot cover up and protect what he was doing.  he was a new lawyer and he fell so fast and deep into corruption that i suppose he hoped that i was "nobody" - i am - and that it was ok, as long as he used his authority to refute any future attempts i might make to complain.   it is very convoluted, and much wrong was done in every way as well as emotionally, physically and reputation-wise in this little town to me and my daughters.  we never deserved it.  

through all of this, i have quietly continued to raise my now late-teen daughters and the severely autistic 6 year old daughter of my last marriage.  this is not a situation that developed suddenly, my uncle married my aunt and proceeded to, according to my mother, sexually assault me as a tot.  i do not remember.  but he was always hateful then to her.  i grew up with a safe distance from him, but my aunt was always blaming my mother for being "mean" to my aunt's "hunny".  and the same things that hav ebeen done to me, my husband, then my next one, my dad, my brothers, my daughters, and my son is the same as what was done at my mother and all involved when i was a child.  it is my wealthy socio and pedophile uncle.  he later accessed my daughters one day.  many many years later, after my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother, and my uncles father and then shortly later his father all met untimely unnatural "accident" deaths, where my uncle was always the last one to have any contact with the dead person, i wa sleft with virtually no family, and the same problems started happening to ME that had once been the bane of my mothers life.  the neighbors suddenly acting wierd, snooping in my windows, the flat tires, the shorted out new car batteries, husbands who suddenly claim a person close to the family who has known me since childhood assured them i was sleeping around and doing drugs and drinking (i do not) and causing those men to leave, leaving me alone with little girls....and out of hte blue comes my aunts husband waving the flag of money to help me.  all i had to do to stop all my troubles he said, over and over, was let him spend time with my little girls, so he could and i quote "teach them how to be loved by a good man and so that they wont grow up afraid of big men who are kind to them."  

then my grandmother begged me to come back up to michigan to be with her after she had been in the rest home for a good many years already (she was healthy and still drove and did her own shopping and cooking), as my uncle and aunt had secured some kind of legal claim and hold over my grandmother and they then used that legal thing to put her into a rest home  and allowed only 25 dollars a month and was in a rest home (NOT a nursing home)  for the next thirteen years.  while the aunt and uncle happily  spent her own millions left to her by my grandfather.  meanwhile, i did not then know all of this.  what i did know was that my own friends and husband in nc were taking a strange turn.  no matter what i did, they said i was doing all manner of impossible things otherwise.  i was left with no job, a landlord who accused me of "being immoral" and said she had a person "close to the situation who knew"  that told her so she wanted me and my children out of there.  and my car was badly tampered with one night soon after that.  i had no where to go.  my aunt offered me "help' if i came back up to michigan since my grandmother wanted me there anyway.  had i known then what i later realized, was that the pattern was not "me a bad person" but that of my uncle manipulating things to acquire opportunity to molest my little girls as he once did nto me, and i later heard from my aunt that he has been accused and in and out of many dismissed court cases of other poor, and single moms who claimed he molested their little girls.  my aunt called them golddiggers and was pleased thatteach time, her "hunny" was able to beat the charges and the (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))) didnt get a single dime for their lies.    but too late for me, i was back up there, with nothing in my favor, and every time i even made a friend, within a couple of weeks, that person would suddenly act strange or accuse me of being eveyrthing from a mobster to a s**t to a druggie to a child abuser.  it was crazy, and i thought i was going crazy.  then one day, in the dead of winter, i had no hot water at my rental home again.  so my uncle wa ssuppsed to be out of town, and my aunt said i could bring the girls over to the house there and they could shower, and then i was going to take my grandmother  out to pizza hut for lunch.  my uncle came in from somewhere, whether outside or hiding in the house i dont know, and he locked himself in the bathroom where my daughters were - one was in the tub, one was on the toilet.  i was getting fresh towels from the dryer.  i heard them screaming and ran back, and the door was locked.  i heard nothing from him, but their screams and the locked door, i kicked the door in, and there he was in his goddam boxers and a tshirt, and laughing as he grabbed the one who was on the toilet and was reaching at the one in the tub who was dodging him.  i punched him and pushed him out, and he laughed and said that was the stupidest thing i had ever don eyet, and said at least i was "more fun" than my mothe r who always used to just cry and act like a victim.  dear god. i knew then, i knew so much tha ti had not relaized right then and htere.  and from that day on, james cook never even tried to hide the things he was doing to destroy me, not even a little bit.  no matter how insane his actions, he had and has the money and the sociopaths way of making it somehow believable to people around him and it is a living hell for me.  meanwhile, this lawyer justin white probably did more damage all by himself with his abuse o fhis license than even david guidarini and james cook together.  what can i do?  nothing.  i am no one.  i ma the poor, old, poverty stricken dumb woman who all these years refused to die by accident as every other member of my family has when they questions james wilson cook jr's behaviors or motives.  i am no one.  jus tthe dumb single mothe rwho refused to belive that i was "crazy", who refused to care anymore i fmy husbands were scared off, who refused to believe that i had to succumb to this sick man and hand over access to my daughters (and now of course, it iwll never end since i have a noverbal autistic 6 year old girl, god almighty, the irony of it), but not for any relief do i ever give in.  no matter WHAT he puts us through.  my dad knows. my son has witnessed enough.  we know it sounds paranoid, and james cook and yes, justin white, all get away with this, because they can hide behind the "she is a paranoid woman alone who is frustrated by poverty and getting old and not having a man" and on and on.  meet me, you will see that is not the case.  talk to my father in nc - he is terrified of james cook jr.  -  talk to my son - he is 30 years old in michigan with four kids o fhis own.  i wish you could ask the other women in my family, but they all died of unnatural causes.  accidents.  you do not suss out this uncle without some sort of reprisal.   find out how the actual home purchase occurred and how it was recommended to my lawyer justin white.  he will lie, and of course he iwll get away with it.  another lawyer whom i hired to assist me with another extremely illegitimate eviction (for about two years, the landlord here was assisting htis uncle, along with anthony cinotti of milmay nj....and i was subject to regular illegal and frivolous evictons that served no purpose except to harass and to cause me ot spend money), that other lawyer was bennett bardfeld.  a respected lawyer here.  and out of hte blue, he started doing things that were not right.  and out of the blue, as soon as he somehow mangled my court date for some other charge concerning rats and public health threats from the landlords property, i dont know, but i was not aware of a change of court date, and the lawyer bennet bardfeld i guess was aware, and he went in to court and told them he did not know where his client was so he was asking to be removed.  and a warrant for arrest for me wa sissued, for failure to appear for a date that had not even be set, near as anyone at the clerk knew, for a charge of "feeding, harboring and entertaining wild rodents" on the landlords proerty because she had a rat and squirrel problem here and somehow the city inspector, decided that the sewage leak in the basement pipe on the other tenants side was caused by me and that caused rats to want to come into the basement because the inspector ordered me to leave my side of the basement ope to the the outside for a period of weeks to "dry out" and then he ordered me to clean, disinfect, repair any mold damage and to ensure the health and safety of the other tenants and to repair and replace all faulty sewage piping in the building and to stop feeding, harboring and entertaining wild rodents in city limits and he ticketed me for this.  a ticket for a civil violation of the city code enforcement in this town is a thing tha tis to include a fee, and if you pay the fee, there is no court.  and no tenant can be charged by the city, only the landlord.  the landlord can then choose to sue the tenant.  whci is the oNLY thing the landlord never tried to evict me for.   i had already paid him three hundred .  again.  david guidarini literally bragged to my face when i confronted him tha ti could not do anything about any of this, "sister - you better learn to play the game - even bennett is in my back pocket, haha, and my guy said do this dave, so i did this, and you better get used to it, this is the real world, sistahhh....hahahaha - see baby in this town and in this state, i am your biggest nightmare, so dont (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))) with me."  

i have had cops come to the door,  and accuse me of writing email messages in hebrew and ordering me to stop because i am under a serious investigation concerning such behavior and they are just giving me a heads up.  that was officer cris scarpa. i have had pest control come to the door and order me to get the (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))) out of htis town because they dont like what they "heard" about me and my (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))

- jt pest control. ....i had a cop pull me over while i was stoppe dand my engine was off and i was on the cell phone outside the car at a tire airpump putting air in my tire at a gas station.  his excuse?  he wanted to know what i was doing.  he threatened me if i did not "be careful" while driving in his town.  the gas station owner was aghast.  the owner never ever called any police on me.  he tried to tell them, they told him leave it alone or....they said i was under investigation for "things", and they had a right to do whatever they wanted.  the name of that cop was warington.  two corrections officers from the south jersey state prison.  one was tomas togno.  the other was his buddy.  in full uniform.  with a stun or taze weapon or what appeared and was held LIKE a weapon, as they came ot my back basement door where my then 15 yr old daughter was down in the basement doing laundry.   they scared her half to death.  this is at the back of my house.  why?  driveways express.  came to my door, pounded on it, went over and examined the entire interior of my old car, then came back and cussed me out, ordered me ot move my car, said my landlord had sent him, but he didnt remember the landlords name.  i refused to unlock the door or come out.  he cussed me out and told my 15 yr old and 16 yr old daughters that their mother was a (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))

  i said what is the name of your company?  he said i did nto need ot know.  i yelled at him, he said it was driveways express and he was from kalamazoo michigan.  i later called that company and HE answered and he hung up on me every time.  as did the jt exterminator guy when i called that number when they were out here cussing me and my daughter.   there is the officer, sgt chris davis.  david guidarini is very verbal aroudn town about how chris davis is "in his pocket" and sgt davis came out one night and ordered me to make a statement, that i had to make a statement, oh -- anything at all that i thought i needed to tell him before they found something or another and came back to arrest me and leave my kids with the state to care for them.  he asked me for the name of my nearest "responsible" relative who could afford to take care of my pretty little girls.  there are more.  i have had each one of htese persons in court, and somewhere somehow it got dismissed.  by justin white,  justin said i had no right to bring those charges in , but the attornies justin white was the one, along with mike testa sr, who told me to do it in the first place.  they changed their minds later.  maybe after they were paid better, i dont know.  the situation goes on.  

does it sound crazy?  yes.  i know it is.  we have been livign it.  it has not stopped.  the uncle still has money is retired from his supervisor position at the muskegon social security office,  - he retired just after the estate was cleared after his mothers accidental death that year.  and all he has done since is harass me , because NO woman NONE shall keep their little girls from him, if he wants them, or they WILL pay a price.  he has not i dont think encountered one who simply will not give in or give up.  you can take everything from me and leave me in shreds, but my girls will never be handled again.  he more and more desperately wants the youngest as she is nonverbal and autistic, and he will no doubt be able to do anything with her and NO ONE would ever know.  how would they?  so if i cannot stop him, and apparently i cannot, then i will continue to advertise every scrap of information and events and names to every where that i can until there are nno more persons willing to do these ungodly things for james wilson cook jr's money.  if that is the only thing i can do, i will do it.  and justin white and bennett bardfeld and david guidarini and anthony cinotti and marie fisher and leah togno and tomas togno and mike testa sr and joan charlotte cook (who enabled and permitted her hunny all these years) -- these people all have the money, the "community standing", and the respect and the gift of glib lying, none of which i have, and i doubt i ever will.  this did not mean that htey were "right" by virtue of getting away with it.  this is a nightmare of a big huge james cook fantasy-sized 1-2-3 punch that was suppose dto be the ultimate.  or as david guidarini likes to say -- "the kabash, and ripping a new a*****e", and such.   justin white loved to reiterate those vivid expressions with abandon too.  as if this were my preferred form of communication.  these are words i had heard too often from my uncle long before these men ever met him.  all i know is as a retired federal employee and a man with tons of money and community "respect" there is nothing i can do to him.  the lies and the damage to reputation and even my will to do more than get up each day and breathe has been too great.  but the other persons, and justin white, they can be made ot deal with their corruptions, their lies, their greed, their thievery, their utmost disregard for the lives and health and safety of these children of mine.  dear god.  that is why they needed me to move on out of here.  james cook KNEW if i stayed too long in one place, i would put it all together.  but this time, the very expensive "kabash" he tried to create around me here only made me hurt and confused and poor and alone.  i loved my husband.  but i will protect my children first.  i loved my friends.  but my children are first.  i had a sterling reputation.  but i will not sacrifice my children to preserve it.  i have no future, no real life.  but they DO.  and the littlest one iwll never get touched by that uncle, as her sisters were, whether or not anyone is ever able to do anything or whether or not anyone ever exposes the filth of justin whites behaviors or those others who helped james cook int his venture.  what a huge huge mess, all jsut to show ME that he WILL (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))) if he wants and NO ONE will get away with anything otherwise.  if it is true to form, it would not surprise me if i ma next on the list of women in the family to die of an accident.  not one in his family OR mine has died of natural causes or direct illness.  always an accident that occurs, sometimes in the course of an "illness" sort of....but as i have come ot expect, i will nto be hear din these matters either.  my word against his word, and my word against anyone he pays and PROTECTS will always be nothing.  but exercise great care with lawyers such as justin white.  they are easily bought, by YOUR enemy.  and hti sin spite of me having literally piles of real hard documentation, audio and visual, reports, transcripts.  dear god, justin white LET THE PERSON I WAS SUING DO THE TRANSCRIBING OF MY OWN VIDEO!!!  that was when i realized it was true, i was being played with in a manner so disgraceful i went home and cried for days.  dear god.  all these years, why me?  why mine?  because a pedophile who is rich and has "connections" and who lies with ease got away with everything he ever did????  so what ar ethese people going to do to me or mine that they have not done already?  really?  they could tell the truth.  do the right thing instead.  that would be amazing.  that would be the only thing not done yet.  my uncle could see abou tmy own death.  i am next.  my mother.  my grandfather.  his mother.  his father.  my grandmother.  not one was natural.  every one was accidents.  every time he was the last seen in the area.  and you think the justin white story of legal corruption i just wrote is too crazy to believe?  live the nightmare, that we have lived.  this will be the easiest part to understand.  the rest of our lives because of the man who paid justin white and all those others -- that is what is hard to believe.  
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