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  • Submitted: Sun, September 21, 2003
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  • Marshall - Searcy County Arkansas
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Death of 16-year-old girl
Arkansas: Murder & Cover-Up: "Justice for Janie" NEEDED

It is time for "Justice for Janie".
Janie was murdered, and the cover-up that followed was/is horrendous.
Janie was murdered in 1989.

(Parents of Olivia Jane Ward ("Janie"):

The Ward family wants their daughter's body exhumed, and another autopsy done.

Their daughter, 16-year-old Olivia Jane ("Janie") Ward, was murdered and noone has / is doing anything about it.

- The Searcy County Sheriff's Department / The Prosecuting District Attorney, H. G. Foster / County of Searcy / the State of Arkansas have ignored their requests for this to be done.

One has to question WHY this case was never properly investigated;

WHY evidence was hidden, altered, replaced, destroyed, & ignored; (including someone changing her clothes AFTER DEATH; and someone switching her x-rays (showing a broken neck), with x-rays of a MALE (who showed no spinal cord injuries.)

WHY the autopsy was done by a medical examiner - who NOW, is known in a tremendous amount of autopsies as: not doing his job properly, giving false statements, not reporting evidence (The "Los Angeles Times" has documented many cases that Fahmy Malak messed up on.);
and WHY the suspect in this case was never prosecuted.
(The suspect was /is the daughter of a judge...the SAME Judge who had/ still has jurisdiction over this Olivia Jane Ward murder. (case)

----- Original Message -----
From: Billie
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 1:37 AM
Subject: Specifically to Arkansas Attorney General
TO: Office of Attorney General, Arkansas
FROM: Mr. David M. Wilkirson

Concerning the 1989 murder of Olivia Jane Ward...based on the facts in this case, I would like to know WHEN this case will be properly investigated, and charges filed on the suspect. (and please do not try to tell me that..."if/when "new" evidence is known".)
The evidence has always been there.

The suspect in this case, (the daughter of a judge), and another girl - beat up Miss Ward, the night of the murder. Although the injuries were not enough to cause her death at that time...later that night, she was killed. Her injuries consisted of: broken neck, broken jaw, broken ribs, and bruises all over her body.

In fact, I have a copy of the specialist's report, in which he states: "This was a "homicide". This case should be thoroughtly investigated."
It is important to note, the suspect - only a month before this murder - had "assault" charges filed on her, for attacking another girl.

It is important to note, after the murder, she was then loaded in to the back of a pickup, taken to the Sheriff's Dept.; taken to a car wash, where she was washed down with a power hose; then paramedics were called..

It is also important to note, that the paramedics office was "supposedly" broken in to that night "and all of their records stolen". This was not true. An employee who was present at that time, has now come forward, and stated in notarized statements, that the ONLY documents which mysteriously "disappeared", were two documents (# 29 & # 30 - the documents pertaining to OLIVIA JANE WARD.) (I have a copy of the statements.)

Previously, the 9 members of the Quorum Court members (Justice of the Peace), voted, then advised Governor Mike Huckabee that they wanted the case re-opened & investigated. (I have a copy of the document.)

Still...after 14 years, NOTHING has been done in this case.
There was/is mind-boggling evidence in this case. Most of the citizens of Marshall, Arkansas knew/know about this case, and in fact...most of them even know who murdered Olivia Jane Ward.

From the documentation I have reviewed of this case...this girl absolutely, did NOT fall off a porch, "9 1/2 inches tall", and kill herself accidentally.
(Medical reports also state: "her third vertebrae was pushed almost through her larnyx". "This was not an accident. This was a homicide".)

From what we have reviewed, it is very obvious that this case has involved nothing BUT...a full blown cover-up, in order to protect a daughter of a judge. There were also threats, made to some of the witnesses - which is a crime within itself.

Some witnesses are afraid to come forward, and they have stated: "I have been threatened. I'm too afraid to talk about it." .

Some witnesses have stated that the suspect in this case, hit Janie Ward with a baseball bat, then ran over her with a car.

At the party where this murder occurred (and also a shooting that night)...this party was attended by underaged High School kids. There was alcohol served at that party (in a dry county). Where were the parents at this party - which was held at a residential house.

The alcoholic punch that was served that night (along with 2 kegs of beer)...the fruit had been soaked the day 'ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL'. (Rubbing alcohol. !!) This was noted in some of the witnesses' statements. Iospropy. is a poison, when ingested.

It was then decided by the Prosecuting Attorney, H. G. Foster/ and the county/state, that a known felon (who was on probation, or parole) - was the one who bought the alcohol for this party. (We also have reason to believe that this man was made a "deal", if he would just say it was he, who furnished the alcohol, to the underaged kids.)

Why were NO charges filed in this case? Why weren't charges filed on the suspect - who witnessed ADMITTED, harmed Janie Ward?
When is this case going to be properly handled...
Because the suspect was/is the daughter of a judge, should have NO binding on this case.

This was/is an obvious murder, and cover-up, and there IS no "statute of limitation" for MURDER.

I am formally requesting that you, and your office, investigate this case or have this case investigated by an UNBIASED party/agency.

As for the Arkansas State Medical Examiner who did the autopsy on Janie...Fahmy Malak - it has now been PROVEN, that this man falsified autopsy reports. The "Los Angeles Times" has PROVEN at least 20 cases, in which Mr. Malak stated murders, were "suicides".

For example:
-A man who was shot twice in the back of the head: "suicide"
-A man who was decapitated - who Mr. Malak said "committed suicide, then the man's dog ate his head." (At that time...the head was missing. Ironically, the head was later found in a trash bin - in another location.)

The citizens finally had enough of Mr. Malak. They protested for Mr. Malak to be taken off his duties as a medical examiner.
Mr. Malak was ALSO the medical examiner who did autopsies on Kevin Ives & Don Henry. ("Boys on the Tracks" - the railroad track murders - in which Mr. Malak stated in his report that those kids "had smoked 20 marijuana cigarettes, then laid down on the tracks, themselves.) Kevin's mother never believed that. In was later PROVEN, by another autopsy - that Don Henry had been stabbed in the back, and Kevin Ives had been beat in the face with the butt of a rifle, BEFORE those kids were laid out on the tracks, by unknown parties. These kids were murdered.

Janie Ward's parents, Ron & Mona Ward, previously gave their permission for Janie's body to be exhumed, and a "real" autopsy to be done on her body.

The Searcy County Sheriff's Department, and the Prosecuting District Attorney, H. G. Foster (who is STILL in office), has refused to investigate this case, let the body be exhumed & another autopsy to be done..

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and the Arkansas Attorney General, have also refused to do anything about this case. In fact...they continously tell the Ward family..."it is up to the Prosecuting D.A., to do something, if he chooses to."

Concerning Attorney H. G. Foster: During re-election, he took out a large newspaper ad, which stated he had represented the Sheriff, and the County of Searcy (AR), in a civil lawsuit - and had won that case - that had been filed by Ron Ward. (What Foster failed to mention in that ad, however, was ...not ONLY were Ron & Mona involved in that lawsuit - but there was another plaintiff in that lawsut: murdered Olivia Jane ("Janie") Ward.

First Fahmy Malak ruled the death was "accidental".
Then, have two pathologists reviewed the case (and stated it looked to be a "homicide")...
the Arkansas State Crime Lab then changed it to: "undetermined" cause of death, in the murder of Janie Ward.

The Arkansas State Crime Lab also sent a letter to the Searcy Co. Sheriff, and to the Prosecuting D.A., H. G. Foster - and that letter states (which we have a copy - which is shown below):
(Letter from Forensic Pathologist, Harry J. Bonnell, M. D. /
"Second Opinion Services - A program of the "National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children, Inc."):

"23 April 2002"

"I have reviewed the materials provided. There is NO objective evidence to substantiate the allegation that this young woman suffered a fatal injury by falling off a porch less than one foot high. The presence of dirt and muck on her pants is inconsistent with such a history; however, this finding, as well as the paramedic description of sand beneath her clothing and her blothing being wet, is perfectly consistent with drowning, as alleged by the parents. The findings described in the autopsy report are also consistent with drowning, which is a diagnosis of exclusion, i.e. no other cause of death determined."

"Missing evidence, her changed clothing (The clothes that Janie had on at the Arkansas State Crime Lab, were NOT the same clothes Mr. Ward saw his daughter the Coroner's office - the day of her murder.) , and multiple other discrepancies DICTATE THAT THIS DEATH INVESTIGATION MUST BE RE-OPENED. PERHAPS SOME OF THE WITNESSES WILL HAVE EXPERIENCED AN "ATTACK OF CONSCIENCE" AS THEY HAVE APPRAOCHED ADULTHOOD WITH CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN."


Harry J. Bonnell, M. D.
Forensic Pathologist
(Newspaper article, written by Jane Williams):

"Searcy County Quorum Court Demands Justice for Janie"

"In what may be an Arkansas precendent, the Searcy County Quorum Court exercised its authority by unanimously passing RESOLUTION NO. 2002-04 requesting and imploring Governor Mike Huckabee to appoint a speckal task force to re-open and investitate the unsolved (Sep. 9, 1989) death of Olivia Jane Ward.
Statements within the resolution included the following:
"On Sept. 9, 1989 Olivia Jane Ward met a very suspicious and untimely death. Due to the extreme trauma to the body, it appears to be a probable homicide. Several unusual events happened and a lengthy time elapsed before the death was reported to the coroner and law enforcement. Several documents are belived to have been tampered with, those including x-rays that had been replaced with those of a male. The Searcy County Quorum Court respectfully petitions Governor Mike Huckabee to appoint a special task force in which Investigator Richard Walter from the Vidocq Society may be permitted to assist with the investigation of the death of Olivia Jane Ward, with the hope and expectation that the truth be known and that justice might finally prevail.

We implore Governor Huckabee to make a wise and speedy appointment of the Task Force to
free this community of the fear and division that has haunted it for 13 years."
"Under separate cover this writer is asking Governor Huckabee to appoint Rod Martin of Little Rock to head up the Task Force and appoint State Police Investigator Dan Short, of Russellville, and Richard Walter of the Vidocq Society as special investigators.
Sixteen-year old Janie Ward died Sept. 9, 1989. She allegedly died from a fall from a 10" porch stoope where she was attending a party. Her body was then loaded into the back of a pickup truck, taken to the Sheriff's office, taken to the "bank parking lot", then - according to witnesses - the truck and her body were taken through a car wash, where a power hose was used.

Ron Ward, Janie's father, demanded that an autopsy be performed. He observed severe bruises about her head, extending down the left side of her body, and a broken neck. Wet, sandy clothes and grey mud on her shoes were also observed. Soil around the cabin, where the party took place, is red. AT THE STATE CRIME LAB, THE CLOTHING ON THE DECEASED WAS DIFFERENT FROM THE CLOTHING SHE HAD ON WHEN HER FATHER OBSERVED HER AT THE CORONER'S LAB IN MARSHALL, ARKANSAS.
EMS Run Reports # 29 & # 30 on Olivia Jane Ward were the only documents stolen in a break-in at the Pruitt Ambulance Service in Marshall. ON MAY 22, 2001, RON WARD WAS TOLD THAT ALL RECORDS AT THE ARKANSAS STATE CRIME LAB, ON HIS DAUGHTER, HAD BEEN DESTROYED BECAUSE OF LACK OF STORAGE SPACE.

(Note: the Arkansas State Crime Lab was NOT supposed to destroy evidence in a case. This is ILLEGAL.)


From inconsistent witness reports to missing paperwork to physical-threatening of citizens and investigative reporters, and apparent bungling by investigators, has led many to believe the massive cover-ups and subversion of justice could only have been accomplished by the "Arkansas good ol boy political machine."

(One witness has now been "accidentally" killed, by two of the other witnesses, as stated below.)

Even though it was reported that a parolee had purchased the beer for the party, composed mainly of minors, and reports of physical violence and tampering with crime reports and the crime scene were evident - no charges were ever brought against anyone and the case was closed.

On Nov. 10, 1992, Executive Director of the Arkansas State Crime Lab, James T. Clark, sent H. G. Foster, the Prosecuting District Attorney, the following in reference to Olivia Jane Ward:

"On Nov. 6, 1992, the State Crime Lab Board instructed the State Medical Examiner's Office to file the necessary papers to officially change the cause of death listed on the autopsy report and death certifcate to read undermined and the manner is to stay undertermined."

Some of the additional information coming to light, since the AFV article in May, includes the following:

-Water was found in Janie's lungs;

-A man and woman reported seeing individuals trying to weight down a body with rocks at a creek near the party site, but the body kept floating back up.
(THIS IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE, BECAUSE: The clothes that Janie had on when she died, were wet, had mud on them, and she had sand under her clothes.)

-Janie's body arrived at the jail at 6:30 p.m., where Harold Young directed Ron Rose to drive the body (in the back of the pickup truck) to "the bank parking lot".

-One report has surfaced which alleges that several girls were upset with Janie, over a young man she was seeing, and beat her up, down at the creek.
Shortly thereafter, the same young man was admitted to the Harrison Hospital with a gunshot wound to his left shoulder. (The hospital, when questioned, stated they do remember him coming in for the gunshot wound - but no report was made of the incident.)
After coming to the hospital, the man was released, that same day, and he went to his counsin's house, to await him arriving back from being out-of-state.
As soon as the cousin hit the Arkansas border, a State Trooper pulled him over, and told him: "Janie Ward is dead, and your cousin has been shot."

(Note: How did a State Trooper - many miles away/not even in the same area, know about what had happened?/ and WHY did he stop the cousin, as soon as he hit the Arkansas border?)

-About one year after Janie's death, another young man - who, it is believed, witnesses Janie's death - was "accidentally" killed.
"American Family Voice" commends the Searcy County Quorum Court members for stepping outside the web of politics to bring truth and justice to the city of Marshall. (AFV published "Justice for Janie" in the May 2002 issue and made a plea for individuals with information about Janie's death to come foward.)"
(UPDATE: Richard Walter, from the Vidocq Society, DID eventually review this case. He said that the death of Olivia Jane Ward was a "homicide".
(Letter from AR State Crime Lab):


"November 10, 1992
The Honorable H. G. Foster
Prosecuting Attorney
P. O. Box 1105
Conway, Arkansas 72032

Dear Mr. Foster:

Please find enclosed copies of Doctors Krause and Graham's findings concerning the death of Olivia Jane Ward. On November 6, 1992, the State Crime Laboratory Board instructed the State Medical Examiner's Office to file the necessary papers to officially change the cause of death listed on the autopsy report and death certificate to read undetermined and the manner is to stay undertermined.

I am forwarding the copies to you for whatever action you may deem necessary.


Jim Clark
Executive Director
(A letter from U. S. States Senator, Tim Hutchinson, dated October 2, 2002, stated):

"It is obvious you cared a great deal for Ms. Ward. Please accept my sincerest condolences. Although I have no jurisdiction over Arkansas police matters, I will be glad to forward any detailed information you can provide me to the Arkansas State Police, on your behalf."

(My note: When a cover-up of a murder has been involved - and the cover-up was done by officials, in the county of Searcy, Arkansas - a U. S. Senator can, and does, have jurisdiction over this matter. He can ask that a case be re-investigated, and in fact...can ask for an exhumation, and another autopsy to be done !!!)
(Notarized statements of EMS employee, stating that the only documents taken from the EMS building, were those belonging to the case of Olivia Jane Ward):

"Sept. 4, 1991

This letter is to contradict that all the ambulance EMS Run Reports and paper work, was stolen from Pruitt Ambulance Service Base, in Marshall, AR., October 1989., as stated by my employee at that time, J. D. Beeson.

The only reports missing are the ones # 29 & # 30 on Olivia Jane Ward, for Sept of that same Year. We know in fact these reports existed, because myself and my wife, Sheila, went over these forms with J. D. Beeson around 3 a.m., the morning after Miss Ward died, the previous evening.

We also informed Major Cossey of the forms concerning Olivia Ward, and other discrepencies, at a meeting with Major Cossey in his office at Arkansas State Police HQ., in Little Rock, in

January 1991.

Sheila Pruitt:

State of: Arkansas
County of: Van Buren

Notary Public
Gloria J. Harris

My commission expires: 8-21-92"
(Note: This scenerio was part of the cover-up:
a "break-in" that occurred ONLY for the reason of taking the documents concerning the death of Olivia Jane Ward.
(Story in "Marshall Mountain Wave" newspaper - July 16, 1992:

"Ward Case Reviewed by Two Pathologists"

"The doctors said they did not view actual x-rays, but photocopies which were hard to read. One photocopy of an x-ray furnished by the Arkansas State Crime Lab, the doctors conferred, was NOT that of the Ward girl, but in their opinion, that of a MALE." (Note: part of the cover-up. The x-rays were switched, which is exactly what we thought. - Mr. Ward, Janie's father, now has a copy of this x-ray.)

Both doctors agreed that it was their opinion that the cause of death, as stated by Dr. Malak, was not correct. Malak wrote the cause of death as "hypertension injury". Drs. Graham and Kraus said they didn't believe this was a possibility from the information they had reviewed.

They stated that -the information they reviewed did not indicated Ward died because of a neck injury."
(Letter from U. S. Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation):

"December 30, 2002

..."Your letter and enclosures to FBI Headquarters postmarked September 28th seeking to reopen the investigation into the death of Miss Olivia Jane Ward have been referred to me for response. You also allege a possible cover-up in this case."

With regard to your allegations of a cover-up, I must advise that in order for the FBI to initiate an investigation of any complaint we receive, specific facts must be present to indicate that a violation of federal law within our investigative jurisdiction has occurred."

Additionally, murder investigations, in most cases, are conducted by local and state law enforcement authorities. The FBI has no investigative jurisdiction in homicide cases unless a related federal violation is involved."...

Sincerely yours,

Nancy Bronstein
Unit Chief
Office of Public and Congressional Affairs"
(Note: When government officials - including law enforcement agencies - hide evidence; destroy evidence; threaten witnesses; and are involved in the cover-up of a DOES fall under the jurisdiction of the U. S. Justice Department, and the FBI.)
(Letter from Attorney General of Arkansas, Mark Pryor)

"October 12, 2002

I have received your letter of October 3, 2002, and its allied documents, that concern the on-going investigation into the death of Janie Ward, a 16-year-old girl who died under unusual circumstances on September 9, 1989, while attending a party."

Because my office has no original criminal or prosecutorial powers, I am not authorized to provide the assistance you request. The power to file criminal charges falls withing the purview of the prosecuting attorneys. I notice from the materials you have enclosed that the Governor has asked the Arkansas State Police and prosecutor to look at this case. I certainly hope that the answers to your questions will soon be resolved.


Mark Pryor"
(Letter from Congress of the United States - House of Representatives - Marion Berry, Member of Congress):

"October 18, 2002

I have received your letter requesting my assistance concerning the Searcy County Quorum Court and the case of Ms. Olivia Jane Ward."
As a Member of the United States House of Representatives, I have no jurisdiction in judicial matters. You may wish to contact the Arkansas Bar Association."

If I can be of assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact my office. It is with pleasure that I serve the people of the First Congressional District of Arkansas.


Marion Berry
Member of Congress"
(Copy of article):

"Sheriff Loggins Disputes Ward's Claims in Latest Internet Article"

In a just released article in the Internet e-zine, "The Sierra Times", Searcy County crusader Ron Ward takes County Sheriff Jerry Loggins to task for not reopening the investigation into his daughter Janie's "accidental death" (official ruling, before it was later changed to "undetermined"), 13 years ago in which Ward claims was actually a murder and part of a local, regional, and even state-wide3 cover-up/conspiracy."

In the Sierra Times article (which is the latest in a series of "Justice for Janie" articles), Ward says that when he and a large number of local citizens showed up at the Searcy County Sheriff's Office to present Loggins with some petitions and demands to reopen the investigation on Oct. 26, that Loggins was "not present, having chosen to go deer-hunting instead."
Loggins is mentioned in two other instances in the Sierra Times article:
one in which it QUOTES HIS NEPHEW as saying "the lack of investigation by the Sheriff is 'a crock of bull' ",
and the other in which Sierra Times readers are given the Searcy County Sheriff's Office phone number, and encouraged to call him and demand that he reopen the investigation."

Another section of the Sierra Times story that has been questioned by a local resident is where Ward alleges that he has gained the support of a 'key witness' in the investigation from 1989, and that said witness has changed his story that he witnessed the death of Janie Ward. The 'Times' story quotes him as stating:
"To be truthful - I don't know what happened that night", and goes on to insunuate that the witness was not present at the night's events.
(The witness further states): "What I told him", said the 'witness', who asked to remain anonymous, was that I saw her fall off the porch - but I wasn't present "when they loaded her in Ron's (RON ROSE) truck, and took her to town, but Ron certainly had no motive to stop and do anything to her along the way."

(Sheriff Loggins then admitted):
"I admit there are some things that don't exactly add-up on this case, but when you've got a group of teenagers involved - that's usually the case."

Very truly yours,

Mr. David M. Wilkirson"
(Letter which has been sent to Mark Fuhrman - and has now been forwarded to Mark Fuhrman's agent):

----- Original Message -----
From: Billie
To: Mr. Fuhrman
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 1:27 AM
Subject: Requesting only 5 minutes of your time, to read this case
Hello, Mr. Fuhrman.

I pray you get this email.
I have been trying to find a way to contact you, with the hope that you will be interested in the following case, and will speak with the parents of this 16 year-old murder victim. (Who was murdered in 1989.)

The suspect in the case, was/is the daughter of a judge, in Arkansas. (Searcy County, Arkansas)

The murder occurred in Marshall, Arkansas. The murdered girl's family still lives in Marshall, Arkansas and the suspect now lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The murdered victim was beat up, and killed (She sustained a broken neck, broken jaw, broken ribs, and bruises all over her body).

Afterwards...the body was loaded up in the back of a pickup (that belonged to Ron Rose), and taken to the Sheriff's office, where they were informed to take the body to the "bank parking lot". Supposedly (from witnesses), the truck & Janie's body then went through a car wash, where power hose was used on the truck, and the body..

Sheriff Jerry Loggins then called the girl's parents, and stated: "There has been an accident. Your daughter has been taken to the hospital. I am coming by to get you."
(After he got there) He then tells the father, that his daughter is not at the hospital.

Ron Ward next saw his daughter, when he viewed her body at the coroner's office /funeral home.

The cover-up that ensued...was to try to convince others...that she fell off of a 9 1/2 inch porch, onto some dry leaves, and broke her neck.

(There have now been Forensic reports done - and they state, it was a "homicide.")
There is other proof, and other documentation - that also proves it was a homicide.

However...the suspect has never had charges filed on her, or brought in to a court of law...therefore, there has been no "Justice for Janie".

There were also plenty of witnesses to the murder. (It happened at a party - in which high school kids attended.)

There is plenty of proof in this case.
In fact...9 justice of the peace (in Arkansas)...asked the Governor of Arkansas to have the case re-opened. However...that has not been done.

There are MANY cover-up aspects to this case.
I really need to Mr. Fuhrman to contact me. (He can just email me. I can then give him the contact info., for the family of the murdered girl.)

The family of the victim, Olivia Jane Ward...really need his help. They have been trying to get justice in this case since 1989. There is NO doubt...this was a homicide, and there is NO doubt...that even authorities were involved, in the biggest cover-up I have ever seen in my life.

The suspect's father, the judge, is still a practicing judge, in the state of Arkansas.
It is beCAUSE of his authority...that his daughter has not been filed on, for murder.
It is also important to note...that one month before this murder occurred...the suspect had charges filed on her for "Assault", for attacking another girl.

Mr. Fuhrman, I am also in possession of some very important documents, which I have saved on my computer. (Which I can send you, if you would care to look at them. They are very eye-opening, to the fact that this was a homicide. There is a Forensic report (stating "this was a homicide, and hopefully the witnesses will come forward - since they now have children of their own"..., replies back from the F.B.I., replies back for the Arkansas Attorney General's office, copy of document in which the 9 Justice of the Peaces (or Judges, rather), said this case should be re-opened, and the information stating they were asking the Governor of Arkansas, to re-open the case (which, the Governor never did)...and other documents as well.

After the murder, there was a report filed stating that the paramedics office got "broke in to, and all the records were stolen." (it was found out later, that only two documents "disappeared"...those concerning the murder victim.); there is also a statement from an employee (paramedic), in which he states, those WERE the only documents taken - and that those documents were there when he left at 3:00 a.m. that morning.

Mr. Fuhrman, you just have to see this case for yourself. You will not believe, the cover-up that has happened in this case.

Mr. Fuhrman...citizens of Marshall, Arkansas are aware this was a murder, and they also talk about who murdered her. (daughter of a judge).

However...(for reasons unknown)...the witnesses are too afraid to come forward.
Some of them have stated: "I have been threatened. I'm too afraid to talk about it."
Some of them have also stated: "Judge xxxxxxxxx is a very powerful man."

One witness (who first said the girl died from falling off a porch, and breaking her neck), has now told the father that: "I did not see what happened. Keep trying to find the answers...who did it. You will find out. I know you really loved your daughter."

There is also another weird incident involved in the scenerio....
At the same party that the murder occurred, one of the kids also got shot in the shoulder.
He was sent to the hospital (and they remember the incident, and that he had a gunshot wound to his left shoulder.) However - no police report was ever made incident report at the hospital was every made. The same day, they sent him home.

(He went to his cousin's house, laid on the couch in pain, and waited for his cousin to arrive from being in another state. As soon as his cousin came across the state line of Arkansas, a State Tropper pulled him over and stated: "Janie Ward is dead. Your cousin has been shot, and is waiting for you.") - this made NO sense, whatsoever. How in the world did the State Trooper know all of these details, anyway? They were not even called to the scene of the crimes. (Witnesses have now stated that a group of girls at the party were mad about who Janie was dating. - That boy, was the same boy who was shot at the party.)

Mr. Fuhrman...the family (Ron & Mona Ward, parents of Olivia Jane Ward) desperately need your help.

The system has failed them, and it continues to do so. Mr. & Mrs. Ward are very aware that their daughter was murdered, they are very aware of who did it, and they are very aware of why there has been a cover-up in this case.


Billie M. Teague

This has been just a sample of the evidence, and sample of the letters that have been written.
It is time for "Justice for Janie".

There is some type of political corruption/cover-up going on, concerning the murder of Olivia Jane Ward.

The death of this 16-year old child was never properly investigated, and she has never been given a proper autopsy.

It was /is obvious, she was murdered (she did NOT die from falling off a 9 3/4 inch tall porch, with piles of leaving surrounding the porch.)

A broken neck, broken jaw, broken ribs, and bruises & markings all over her body...this child was murdered.

With a proper autopsy, we feel SURE that this case will be proven to have been a murder.

The suspect in this case had also been bullying Janie at high school.
Witnesses stated that the suspect "beat up Janie pretty badly that night." (at the party.)
The suspect had "assault" charges filed on her, (only a month before the death of Janie), because the suspect had attacked another girl.

(There may not be a record of these assault charges now, however, because records seem to "disappear", in Searcy County, Arkansas (and other parts of Arkansas, as well.)

This could have been YOUR child.
Get involved !!!!

Call the Searcy County, Arkansas Sheriff's Department;
the Arkansas Governor's office;
and the Searcy County Prosecuting District Attorney, Harry G. Foster,


Denison, Texas
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AUTHOR: Billie - (U.S.A.)

As previously stated:

- The first autopsy was done by AR medical examiner Dr. Fahmy Malak. (In his report, he included a statement that this case called for further investigation.)

- Years later, Mr. Walter, of the "Vidocq Society" (You can read about this society at: came to Marshall, AR and reviewed the case of Janie Ward.
He told the Ward family: There is no doubt in my mind that your daughtered was murdered.

- Year (2004, if I remember correctly): Mr. & Mrs. Ward had their daughter's body exhumed and it was examined by Dr. Harry Bonnell. (Dr. Bonnell is well-known. He was also a member of "Parents of Murdered Children" organization. He did not charge the Ward family for this autopsy. He only charged for his expenses, for the trip.) He stated that he believed that this case was a homicide.

- One year ago, a judge handed this case over to a special prosecutor attorney. (Mr. Williamson, Mena, AR.) Mike Huckabee, the AR Governor at the time, also provided $10,000 as requested by this special prosecutor attorney, to help with this investigation. Mr. Williamson questioned 32 people.

He also had the body exhumed and a third autopsy was done, by a doctor in
Indiana. 3-D Cat equipment was also used. (which is newer forensic equipment that was not available in the past.)

He stated: her neck was not broken. (as reported by Dr. Fahmy Malak, and he stated that Dr. Malak himself had done this, when he cut into her spinal area.)

He stated: her nose was not broken. (He stated, Dr. Bonnell had done this injury to her nose during his examination.)

He stated, she may have died from "choking", and he thought this because he found an area of red bumps on her throat.

[The witness statements in this case, had included that: The liquor at this party had included, a punch that had fruit in it, and the fruit had been soaked in rubbing alcohol overnight, before it was added to the punch, for the party.
It was stated that Janie Ward did not drink the alcohol...
(during the first autopsy, "0.5" % of alcohol was found in her system, and it was stated: "No drugs" were found in her system)
...but that she had some of the fruit in a cup, and had been eating it.
(during the first autopsy, Dr. Fahmy Malak noted that she had in her stomach, what looked like "tomato". If that punch was "red", then the fruit in it would look red, like "tomato" (which is considered to be a fruit. Not a vegetable.]

The findings in this new autopsy, were talked about last Wednesday night on ABC "Primetime". (The show was about the Janie Ward case.)

I am no longer a member of janie ward yahoo group, but I do try to keep up with any new happenings in regard to the case itself.
ABC starting looking at this case three years ago. (I was aware of it back then, knew they would be doing a show about it sometime in the future.)

Other than the new investigation, the new autopsy, and the ABC "Primetime" show, I know of no other new news about this case. (and have no idea, if / or when there might be some.)
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#2 Author of original report

reply to Neil's "Consumer Suggestion"

AUTHOR: Billie - (U.S.A.)

(Sorry for a rather late reply, Neil, but I have not been on this site for awhile.)
I would like to reply to these statements of yours:

"Conpiracy Fuel.....All this hype is nothing more than to fuel a conspiracy.
...bringing in unrelated cases, people and adding lies to them
are just as bad as someone trying to cover up the truth.
...I think people who make up stories, add lies and try to add fuel to a conspiracy wild fire should be charged with slander and obstruction of justice."

- I am not the one who told the "story" (s). (The story was "told" to me and to others, by Mr. & Mrs. Ward.)
- I have not knowingly / intentionally lied about anything. ("If" any lies were "told": then they were "told" to me and to others - and we did not know they were lies. We believed what was "told", was told truthfully.
- As for, "add fuel" to a "conspiracy wild fire". I don't go around looking for "conspiracy theories." (i.e.: JFK, & etc., for example) I also would not knowingly / intentionally "add fuel" to anything that I knew to be untrue.

The witness statements (and "documents" of that nature) are posted on the janieward yahoo group site. As for the things that were "told", they were "told" by Mr. & Mrs. Ward. (That is who you would need to address your statements to.) Also, "if" you are aware that some lies have been told and have some proof of it, contact the media. I don't like lies and made-up stories, either.
What is interesting is that: You are claiming the "same thing"
about the story (s) that Mr. & Mrs. Ward have told,
/ that Mr. & Mrs. Ward are claiming in regard to the case of their daughter.
("lies" and "made-up stories") Their words also include: obstruction of justice, perjury, murder. / You state: obstruction of justice and slander.
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#3 Consumer Comment

What are the facts Neil?

AUTHOR: Tiffany - (U.S.A.)

Are there any other facts you would like to share Neil?
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#4 Consumer Suggestion

Conpiracy Fuel

AUTHOR: Neil - (U.S.A.)

"The man who actually stole the records, has since been killed by a gunshot wound, as he stood on his front porch steps.

One of the witnesses to the death of Janie Ward - Chad Mummy [Mummey], was "accidentally" shot in the head. It was later found out, that Chad Mummy had told his family - and some other people - that he was getting ready to come forward with information in the Ward case, and "tell all he knows".
The young man wasn't able to do that, BECAUSE he was shot and killed."

I knew both Chad Mummy and the individual who was involved in the accident. This did not happen at Chad's house. It happened at the other individual's house. That person was always careless with guns (i.e. keeping them loaded in the house, pointing them at people and poor safety practices). I knew them both very well and am positive this was an accident. I drove up soon after the event took place. They had no agenda and I assure you the individual involved in this accident is far more than remorseful over the event.

I don't believe there has been any charges brought against Mr. Mummy or indications thereof. He was a very good person and had done no-one any harm that I can ever recall.

All this hype is nothing more than to fuel a conspiracy. Yes, I do believe there are many unknown facts around Ms. Wards case. These facts need to come out no matter the outcome. However, bringing in unrelated cases, people and adding lies to them are just as bad as someone trying to cover up the truth. Please stop trying to confuse the should be acting as a prosecutor and pressing facts instead of playing the defense and trying to confuse the issue.

I think people who make up stories, add lies and try to add fuel to a conspiracy wild fire should be charged with slander and obstruction of justice. If you are serious on bringing out the truth, stop pointing your finger in all kinds of directions based on blatent lies. If you do not know what you are talking about and have first hand accounts, please leave the facts to people who know them.
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#5 Consumer Comment

Need to contact paramedics on duty at Janie Ward's death

AUTHOR: Kevan - (U.S.A.)

Kevan Mathis; Harrison Daily Times Newspaper reporter; P.O. Box 40; 111 West Rush Ave.; Harrison, AR 72601. My work phone is 870-741-2325. My FAX number is 870-741-5632. Our website is:

I've been writing a series of news stories concerning the death of Janie Ward. I'm asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of the two paramedics on duty the night that Janie Ward died. The names of the two paramedics are J.D. Beason and Velma Catherine Beason. I'd like to interview them for our newspaper. Or if anyone else knows anything about the death and they'd like to talk about it, please contact me. Janie Ward's family had recently filed a court petition changing Janie's official cause of death from 'undetermined' to 'homicide.' Attorneys for the family also plan to meet with Prosecutor H.G. Foster on Dec. 30, 2004 in hopes of opening a new investigation on her death.
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#6 Consumer Comment

Letter Previously Sent, June 6, 2004

AUTHOR: Billie - (U.S.A.)

The following was sent, June 06, 2004, & received. [and there were many more sent over the years, besides this one.] In light of the proven findings of "Homicide" in this case, October 2004
- If this case is not re-opened, investigated PROPERLY, and PROSECUTED...then notice is hereby given that I will disown my government at that time.


Billie *******


June 06, 2004

TO: Colonel Don Melton, Director of Arkansas State Police
TO: Governor's Office of Arkansas
TO: U. S. Department of Justice; and personally to John Ashcroft
RE: The murder of Ms. Olivia Jane Ward, and your failure to investigate & prosecute

Dear Sir (s) :

As you can see by the enclosed documentation,
we continue to get statements from licensed authorities who state that Ms. Ward's death was NOT due to a fall off a porch...under one foot tall.

We have spoken with your agencies; sent you many copies of different documentation; sent you PROOF, that Ms. Ward's death was due to criminal activities.
We also informed you that we had pictures of her injuries - on the front of her body, back of her body, left-side of her body, and right-side of her body.

This 16 - year - old child did NOT fall off a short porch, on to her back, then died.
We also provided you proof that the investigator of the Ward case (William Beach, employed by the Arkansas State Police) was also provided proof during his investigation, that Ms. Ward had injuries on the FRONT of her body, which also substantiated that she did not simply fall on her back, then died.

On the ASP re-enactment tape [VCR tape],which we did review, we plainly saw - and heard - Detective William Beach being plainly told by
a witness, that he noticed a bruise on Ms. Ward's face. How does one get a bruise on the face, from falling straight back, off a porch 9 3/4 " high.
Mr. Beach seemed to act like, he didn't even hear the statement being made. We heard it. We saw it.

William Beach was also aware that Ms. Ward's body was "wet from head to toe".
He was also aware that paramedics gave statements that Ms. Ward not only had sand UNDER her clothing, but she also had twigs UNDER her clothing - both under her bra - and on her back, under her clothing.

You are also aware that the ambulance records were reportedly "stolen", pertaining ONLY to Ms. Ward - in a supposedly "break-in" of the ambulance base office.
In the year of 1991, the ambulance service owners gave notarized copies of statements, to Major Clausey, of the Arkansas State a meeting they had with him, in Little Rock, Arkansas. [We have copies of that statement.]

The Arkansas State Police also has within their own investigation files...witness statements of individuals, which state that witnesses SAW Ms. xxxxx xxxxxxxxx assault Ms. Janie Ward, both with her fists, and with an object..."baseball bat, or club". [With have copies, of those witness statements.]

Your refusal to re-open this case; investigate it properly; and to prosecute those responsible...
gives further credence to the findings of the "Vicdoq Society", when they investigated the Ward case, and told the Ward family: "I have no doubt your daughter was murdered, and that this case is a political cover-up."

WHEN is the Arkansas State Police; the Governor of Arkansas; the State of Arkansas; and the U. S. Department of Justice...going to do what is right, about this case.

Your refusal to investigate, and prosecute those responsible, is abominable, horrifying...and there is no excuse for your lack of actions, in this case.

I am ashamed of my own government, when it comes to this case.
When are you going to admit that this case needs to be investigated, and the guilty party (s) brought to JUSTICE...and take steps, concerning this case?
Is there no more JUSTICE in our society?
Is that what we have become...what our own government has lowered down to?
Is there no JUSTICE in America...that you no longer protect it's citizens, that you have simply stopped investigating cases...seeking JUSTICE...and bringing those responsible in to a court of law?

It's time you investigate this case for what it really was...murder, and a cover-up to hide that fact. being ignored in this case, and seeking part of your job.

Very truly yours,

CC: Munson & Munson
CC: Phil Shaffer

CC: Ron Ward (The Ward Family)
Address H.C.79 Box 240 Marshall, AR. 72650
Phone: 870-448-5218
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#7 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Billie - (U.S.A.)

Janie Ward's body has now been exhumed, and another "real" autopsy was done on Oct. 8, 2004.
The State of AR refused to do anything about this case. After 15 years of trying, the Ward family - with the help of an attorney - showed "good cause" for an exhumation and another autopsy to be done. The judge, who was presented this, then signed the court order.
You can view the new information, at the link below.
Her death has now, finally, been determined to be: "HOMICIDE"

[also has link: "teen's body exhumed"]

The Ward family can be contacted by the media / those wanting to help, at:

Ron Ward

Address H.C.79 Box 240 Marshall, AR. 72650
Phone: 870-448-5218

(You may call at anytime.)

Here is part of the information that Dr. Harry Bonnell has been providing to media, due to their
"media requests":

Harry J. Bonnell, M. D.
4N6 Pathology, Inc.
6910 Monte Verde Dr.
San Diego, CA 92119

"The autopsy on Janie was performed Friday morning at UAMS and it was done pro bono, the only charge to the family was for my travel.

The remains were in an excellent state of preservation and the autopsy revealed an impact to the left side of the face with bruising of the left cheek, fracture and bleeding in the cartilage of the nose and bruising of the left forehead.

She had hyperextension injury [head knocked to far backwards], with fracture of the spine in the neck. This injury is sometimes referring to as a "hangmans" fracture.

There was no evidence of any impact to the back of the head, although the original autopsy report describes there being one.

[my added note: At a meeting in Dr. Malak's office, he stated to Mr. Ward that:
"They told me to be careful, because you are a smart man." (cover-up) ]

Since the injury found at autopsy does not agree with any of the stories provided by witnesses, I consider this to be a homicide."

[Also see the document shown above, where Dr. Bonnell also made previous findings in this case. - when he reviewed the case.]

Correspondence to me yesterday, from some media:

**[Correspondence to me from a media station]:
"e'll stay on this and hope the sheriff does something about it. Sometimes they won't do anything even if they have a big sign with big letters in front of them. We'll stay on it."]

**[Correspondence to me, from a reporter at "______Daily Times Newspaper":

"I've been writing news stories of late on Janie and I'm not going
to stop until authorities conduct a 'real' investigation. I'm
stubborn as a mule and I'm not going to let the killers
frighten me off like they've tried to do others. Keep me up
to par on the latest. I also plan to write a personal newspaper
column about this event. Thank you."


16-year-old Janie Ward was killed in 1989.
For 15 years, her family and the citizens of Searcy County, Arkansas, have tried to get justice in this case.
Her first autopsy was done by the notorius Dr. Fahmy Malak [do an Internet search for Fahmy Malak, and see what pops up. You will be amazed.]
Dr. Malak ruled that Janie Ward fell off a porch 9 3/4 inches high, and died.
Due to the New York Times uncovering botched autopsies of Dr. Malak, some of the cases were reviewed.
The Ward case was one of those cases, at which time Drs. Graham & Krouse - chosen by the State of AR, determined that: "Out of all the autopsies of Malak's that we reviewed, the Ward case was the most eye-opening.

Still, the State of Arkansas would not call for another autopsy - a "real" autopsy to be done.
Janie Ward never had a "real" autopsy done on her.

After 15 years of total hell, the parents - with the help of an attorney - showed "good cause" why an exhumation and another autopsy should be done. A judge FINALLY signed the court order.
On Oct. 8, 2004, another autopsy was done on Janie Ward by Dr. Harry Bonnell.

Her death was due to: "HOMICIDE",

just as the family and the citizens have stated for the past 15 years.
The Prosecuting Attorney at the time of Janie Ward's death was Harry G. Foster.
He refused to call for a Grand Jury investigation....even though a Petition had been signed by over 1200 citizens, asking him to "recluse" himself from the case, and turn it over to a Grand Jury.
Foster refused to do so.

This is puzzling, since Foster did the following actions, shortly after Janie's death:

-Mr. Foster came to the Ward family's house, and told them: "I went to that cabin, and I don't see how anyone could fall off that porch and die."

-Later, after the Petition was given to Mr. Foster, he gave the following statements to local news media:

"I don't know why she was wet from head to toe. I don't have an answer for that."
"I don't know why she had sand under her clothes and in her hair. I don't have an answer for that."

When the media asked him WHY he would not call for a Grand Jury investigation, he stated:
"Because it would cost the citizens of Searcy Co. tens of thousands of dollars."

[Does Justice have a price? Since when ! Also, Mr. Foster went "overboard" on his estimation of the "costs" for a Grand Jury investigation.]

Before the exhumation, Sherriff Jerry Loggins stated in the media that...he didn't see why this case should be re-opened. [Of course he stated that...because there was a huge cover-up in this case !]
He also stated, if the autopsy showed a reason to re-open the case, it would be re-opened, because "I think we owe that to the family."

Prosec. Atty. Foster has stated to the media - since finding out the new autopsy showed "HOMICIDE", that:
"I will have to let the State of AR Medical Examiner [crime lab] look over the findings of Dr. Bonnell.
It is unusual to go by the findings of a private autopsy, by a Pathologist, and I feel we have very capable people in the State Crime lab."

HA ! Dr. Fahmy Malak is the "REASON" why this case WAS botched, and never investigated properly.
He WAS the State of AR Medical Examiner.

So now...Foster is - yet again - trying to find a way NOT to re-open this case;
do a a full investigation [a Grand Jury investigation should be called for !]
bring charges against those responsible for the death of Janie Ward, AND
Perjury charges against those who lied during the investigation.

[By the way, the citizens of Searcy Co. wanted this man out of office many years ago, but noone has run against him in over the past 10 years ! That is WHY they cannot get him out of office. There IS noone else to "vote" for.]

The Arkansas State Police have ALWAYS had within the investigation files of this case, statements from different parties, in which they SAW a group of girls beat Janie Ward up, and some of those statements state she was hit with a baseball bat and then run over with a car.

These statements are in those files, and I have seen copies of those files with my OWN eyes !

There was also a young man shot that same night, too. Next morning, he hopped on a bus and left the state.
[He was frightened, because he had been TOLD to leave the state of Arkansas. Why? Because he was a witness as to what happened to Janie Ward !]

Why all the big cover-up? Simple: The girl named in the witness statements of the Arkansas State Police files, is the daughter of a Judge, in Searcy Co., AR.

[If anyone within the media wants copies of the documentation I have, SHOWING these ACTUAL documents...I CAN provide them.]

[We also previously found out that Janie Ward "had water in her lungs", when she died.
Janie Ward was beaten, and she was drowned ! That is exactly what happened to Janie Ward.
There has also been talk that after she was beaten, she was then "thrown from a bridge".
and an elderly couple saw "a group of people trying to weight down a body with rocks, but the body kept floating back up."
[At the time they saw this, it was before anyone knew that Janie Ward had died. The next day, after they saw this, it was in the paper that Janie Ward had died, from falling off a short porch - at a party, attended by approximately 30 people. Aproximately 10 of these individuals were considered "witnesses" as to Janie Ward "falling" off the porch. These witnesses lied. It was also some of these same witnesses, who loaded her up in the back of a pickup truck, took her to the Sheriff's office - and approximately 2 hours later !,
the ambulance service was called to look at her "at the bank parking lot", on the downtown square.
Some witnesses have also stated, that within this approximate 2 hour period, the pickup truck - with Janie Ward still lying in the back, was driven through the car wash, and a power hose was then used.

One picture I have, shows that truck, with water still dripping out of the bed of the truck - and a large puddle of water directly beneath the tailgate, which is approximately 3 feet in diameter. This picture was taken by authorities, 3 hours after the ambulance service was called to look at Janie Ward.

And of course, that same night, is when the ambulance service records - belonging ONLY to Janie Ward, were reported "stolen" from the ambulance base office. [the home of J. D. Beeason, who perjured himself, when he stated that ALL records were stolen from the base office.]

As shown above, the ambulance service owners then gave a notarized statement to Major Causey [of the AR State Police], at a meeting they had with him in Little Rock, which time they stated in the statements that the ONLY records "taken", were those of Janie Ward.
[This was part of the cover-up folks. An individual told another individual to GET those records on Janie Ward, "because he didn't want anything coming back on _______." [who was his daughter.]
The man who actually stole the records, has since been killed by a gunshot wound, as he stood on his front porch steps.

One of the witnesses to the death of Janie Ward - Chad Mummy [Mummey], was "accidentally" shot in the head. It was later found out, that Chad Mummy had told his family - and some other people - that he was getting ready to come forward with information in the Ward case, and "tell all he knows".
The young man wasn't able to do that, BECAUSE he was shot and killed.

This year, Chad Mummy's sister - Trisha - also a witness to a girl hitting Janie Ward with a baseball bat...was killed in a "one-car vehicle accident".

[Another witness was previously hurt in a "one-car vehicle accident", which put her in a coma - at which time she died 1 1/2 years later. Her name is also mentioned in the investigation files of the AR State Police.]

Janie Ward was killed by "HOMICIDE".
A cover-up then ensued...which also involved "whacking" people,my friends.
Whacking people from the face of the earth, who DID have information in this case.
The only question I have is...who will be next. You can see now, why some people are keeping their mouths shut, in Searcy Co., AR. They are afraid to come forward, and some of them have stated...they are afraid to come forward with their information.

You can see now, why I AM so involved in this case.
Everything I state here is TRUE, so help me God - and God does know, that it's true - and they will eventually pay for what they have done. - one way or another...
It's a "good ol' buddy" system in this area, and they are covering up for each other. That is WHY, nothing has ever been done in this case.

What we need in this case now, is NATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION:

* Oprah Winfrey [Please help, Oprah ! - I know YOU can make a difference.]
, CNN, 20/20, etc.

Please help.

Get organized:

-Make a list of contact information for all the major media outlets.
-Type up a letter, and make copies of that letter.
-Have envelopes & stamps handy.
-Address all envelopes, stuff all envelopes, stamp, and mail - to all Major, national media.

This could have been YOUR child - or your child tomorrow ! We can make a difference, if we will stick together.
Please get involved, if at all possible.

Thank you,

Billie M. Teague


I am a member of:
I am a member of:
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#8 Consumer Comment

Murder was committed in 1989, according to forensic pathologist

AUTHOR: Robin - (U.S.A.)

I found this in today's newspaper.

My heart goes out to the parents of this child and perhaps justice will now be served.

Background of the Clinton/Malak connection:

Gov. Bill Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, refused for several years to dismiss a state medical examiner whose controversial decrees included a ruling that helped Clinton's mother, a nurse-anesthetist, avoid scrutiny in the death of a patient, according to Arkansas officials and state records.

Malak's controversial rulings include:

* The Allbright case. On June 28, 1985, Raymond P. Allbright, 50, of Mountain Home was found in his yard dead of gunshot wounds. Allbright had been arrested the night before on charges of theft. Malak ruled his death a suicide.

But Allbright had been shot five times; all five shots were in the chest. The weapon was a high-powered pistol. "We think," says Maggie Hall, Allbright's ex-wife, "he was murdered."

Malak's attorney, Larry Carpenter, says the pistol was a semiautomatic capable of rapid fire and that the pattern of wounds "suggested the shots were fired in rapid succession."

* The Ives-Henry case. On Aug. 23, 1987, Kevin Ives, 17, and Don Henry, 16, were run over by a train near the town of Alexander. They had been lying squarely on the tracks. Malak ruled that they had been smoking marijuana and dozed off and had slept as the onrushing freight train bore down.

But a second autopsy indicated that Henry had been stabbed in the back, that Ives had been struck on the skull and that both boys probably had been placed on the tracks unconscious, maybe already dead.

A grand jury overruled Malak: The boys had been murdered.

In response, Carpenter, Malak's attorney, says: "Dr. Malak has said he doesn't believe anybody laid a finger on those boys."

* The Malcolm case. On June 14, 1989, Andrew Smith, 59, who police said had shot himself, was declared brain-dead at University Hospital in Little Rock. Life support was withdrawn. A week later, Malak told officers that the order to end life support was given by a deputy county coroner, Mark Malcolm, who had not consulted Smith's family -- and that he would have to rule that "Malcolm killed him."

Police investigating Malak's accusation discovered that the attending physician had used a medical symbol on Smith's chart to show that life support was ended "after" the family had been consulted. The director of the state Health Department said Malak apparently had mistaken the symbol to mean "without" family consultation and apparently had misread the chart to mean that permission to end life support had come from Malcolm.

Carpenter says that Malak "apologized for his mistake."

* The Stephens case. On Aug. 18, 1990, Gregory Stephens, 25, of Hot Springs, was fatally shot while he was on the front porch of his home. Prosecutor Paul R. Bosson brought Ernest D. Lemons, 21, a parolee, to trial on a murder charge.

Witnesses said that Stephens had been shot from the street, 40 feet away.

When Malak took the stand, he said that Stephens had been shot point-blank. Deputy Prosecutor Bruce MacPhee was stunned. He knew his case was doomed -- and he asked that charges be dismissed.

Prosecutor Bosson, angry at being blindsided, sought an evaluation from three outside pathologists. Each said that Stephens had not been shot point-blank, and one said it seemed that Malak had studied the wrong tissue samples.

A DNA analysis confirmed that either blood samples or the tissue samples that Malak used had come from another corpse.

Carpenter says that Malak was "shocked" by the DNA results.

In the face of mounting evidence that Malak's performance was questionable, Clinton persisted in ignoring or deflecting criticism aimed at Malak and the job he was doing.

Interviews by The Times with Malak critics and state officials, as well as a review of Clinton's public statements, show that:

* After a grand jury overruled Malak in the Ives-Henry case, Clinton hired two out-of-state pathologists to review Malak's performance. They gave him high marks and said he should get a raise.

But the visiting pathologists were paid $20,000 from Clinton's discretionary fund. And one said at the time that he and his colleague agreed during meetings with state officials, including Betsey Wright, Clinton's chief of staff at the time, not to conduct a systematic review of Malak's cases.

* After Malak falsely accused Malcolm, the deputy county coroner, of killing the man who was taken off life support, Steve Nawojczyk, the Pulaski County coroner and Malcolm's boss, complained to Clinton. Clinton suggested only that Malak apologize.

Two months later, Clinton sent a proposal to the Legislature to raise Malak's salary by 41.5% -- to $117,875.

We can now add the Ward case to "botched" cases. :: Northwest Arkansas Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Pathologist: Girl was killed in '89


Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2004


A Searcy County teenager was killed 15 years ago by a blow to the head forceful enough to break her neck, according to a private forensic pathologist who called the death a homicide.

Harry J. Bonnell of San Diego based his conclusion on an autopsy he performed Friday at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences after Olivia Jane Ward's parents obtained a court order to exhume her body. Bonnell, who had not finished writing the report Monday, shared what he found in the autopsy in an interview.

The Wards have contended for years that state and county investigators botched the investigation into their daughter's death, which occurred during a party Sept. 9, 1989, with schoolmates at a cabin in the woods. Olivia was 16. "I knew if we ever had an official autopsy, one done properly, they would come up with a cause of death, a real cause," said Ron Ward of Marshall. "I knew that the night I saw my daughter."

The original autopsy concluded she died from a broken neck caused by falling off a porch less than 10 inches high. That conclusion was later changed to "undetermined" after the autopsy came into question.

Bonnell said his autopsy revealed an impact to the left side of the face, with bruising of the left cheek, fracture and bleeding in the cartilage of the nose and bruising of the left forehead.

Olivia's body also exhibited an injury Bonnell said is sometimes referred to as a "hangman's fracture," a hyper-extension injury in which the head is knocked so far backward it causes a spinal fracture.

Further, Bonnell said, he found no evidence of an impact to the back of the head, as described in the original autopsy. "Since the injury found at autopsy does not agree with any of the stories provided by witnesses, I consider this to be a homicide," he said. Law enforcement officials reached Monday wanted to review Bonnell's autopsy report and supporting documents before deciding whether to reopen the investigation.

The 20 th Judicial District prosecuting attorney, H. G. Foster of Conway, said he also would want to have the state medical examiner's office review Bonnell's work before proceeding further.

Foster, in 26 years with the prosecuting attorney's office, said he has worked dozens and dozens of homicides but never one in which the victim's family retained a private pathologist. "It would be irresponsible in the extreme to take any action based on a report by a privately retained expert," Foster said. "Our medical examiner's office is staffed by some of the best in the country. We have to trust them. From what I know, they are worthy of our trust."

Searcy County Sheriff Jerry Loggins said if Bonnell is correct, "I think we owe it to the family to look at it and see what could be accomplished."

Ron Ward said that once he gets Bonnell's autopsy report, he will forward a copy to Foster. But Ward expressed little faith that law enforcement authorities would purse the case. "We will send one to him," Ward said. "We don't want to leave him out. But I don't know why he wants to get on board now. We've been telling him all this time."

Now a private forensic consultant, Bonnell was chief deputy medical examiner in San Diego from 1991-2001. He's performed more than 6,000 autopsies and qualified as an expert witness more than 400 times in 17 states.

He has worked with Parents of Murdered Children, whose panel of experts helped review the original autopsy and investigative file several years ago when the cause of death was changed from "accidental" to "undetermined."

At that time, Bonnell said that evidence suggested Olivia was in a "river or a lake" and that X-ray films used in the original autopsy appear to be from the skull of a black male rather than that of a white female, according to the request the Wards made for another autopsy.

Ward said he would've had the autopsy performed sooner but couldn't afford it. Bonnell performed the autopsy for free, but Bonnell said the Ward family paid for his travel expenses. The Wards also had to pay to have their daughter's body exhumed.

He declined to say how much the effort cost.
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#9 Author of original report

Exhumation done and 2nd autopsy is now being done !

AUTHOR: Billie - (U.S.A.)

I wanted to thank everyone for their kindly response, concerning this case.

As we speak [Oct. 12, 2004], a Judge finally signed a court order for exhumation and another autopsy to be done...on Janie Ward.

The body has now been exhumed, and is currently at the Arkansas State Crime Lab.

As you know, Dr. Fahmy Malak is no longer the State Medical Examiner there [thank GOD], so hopefully this process will now be done correctly.

This case became known to me two years ago, and I diligently tried to help - researching, writing letters, etc., full time.

Many other people have done the same for the last 15 years [she died in 1989] - to try to get resolvement in this case.

The Ward family has been through total hell....not only on the day/evening their daughter died, but also for the last 15 years.

Hopefully, there will now be true resolvement...and if foul play was involved
[I'm sure it was], then they will now be brought to justice.

This case has taught me many things, but above all, it has taught me "never give up".
Fight for what is right, and what you believe in.
Fight for Justice.

Although, I still believe that one should not "have" to fight for Justice; Justice should not have a "price"; Justice should be for ALL.
What is wrong with our legal system, in some parts....[They need to clean house.]
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#10 Consumer Comment

I'm sorry

AUTHOR: Nancy - (U.S.A.)

Billie, I must say that at the very beginning, as I started reading your report, I wasn't sure of it. Then I saw the names that looked familiar (and I have never lived in Arkansas), then you mentioned a case I hold close in my heart and know so much about after reading in full 'The Boys On The Track' website.

Janie's death also has a lot of problems with it that the state seems to be overlooking, doesn't it. Just like they did with Kevin and Don.

Know that Janie's family will be in my prayers from now on, just as the boys families are.
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#11 Consumer Comment

Political games have serious consequences

AUTHOR: Darren - (U.S.A.)

I did a Google search for Fahmy Malak and I was amazed to see all the links... they all had to do with Bill Clinton!

Maybe now that they no longer have Clinton to use as a means to distract people from the important things there can be some justice.

Good luck!
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#12 Consumer Comment

Treasa Nix's death ruled suicide in El Dorado

AUTHOR: Shanon - (U.S.A.)

This girl's death was ruled a suicide by Fahmy Malak and she was clearly murdered...can someone help me find any information about this case......thank you

Treasa Nix
ElDorado Arkansas
medical examiner
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#13 Consumer Suggestion

What a heartbreaking case. Contact Blanche Lincoln, U.S. State Senator from Arkansas

AUTHOR: Robin - Consumer Advocate - (U.S.A.)

Have you tried contacting Ms. Blanche Lincoln, U.S. State Senator from Arkansas in regard to this matter? I have met Ms. Lincoln and she seems a very decent and caring person. Perhaps she will finally give you some real help you with this.

Her website:

Washington, D.C. Office phone: 202-224-4843
Little Rock phone: 501-375-2993
In State (other) phone: 800-352-9364

I sincerely hope that you and the entire Ward family will finally find the justice it has sought for so many years. And a measure of peace for having found that justice. Bless all of you in your efforts.
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