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Complaint Review: National Motor Club Of America

  • Submitted: Sat, March 22, 2014
  • Updated: Thu, April 17, 2014
  • Reported By: Derrick Williams — Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • National Motor Club Of America
    130 East John Carpenter Freeway
    Irving, Texas

National Motor Club Of America National Motor Club Of America Field Services scam, illegal pyramid, misleading, manipulative, wrongful termination, deformation of character, monopoly compensation, pyramid Irving Texas

*General Comment: Motor Club Of America Scam

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Complainant: Derrick Williams Phone 267-228-6454, Email:


Company: National Motor Club of America Field Services

Wrongful Termination of my business over the phone:

I have help build and train a team of more than 500 IBC’s around the country within the past 4 years. Then with one phone call I’m terminated with no legal reasons.

On Feb 18, 2014

I received an email from NMC field services about compliance policy with their company.  The email instructed me to take down my advertising flyers and personal videos of me explaining the NMC benefits plan and business opportunity.

I acknowledged the email by responding. I will go ahead and delete the videos when I get done work today.  After work I deleted the videos from my youtube account.

On Feb 20, 2014,

I received a text message from this number 972.989.0067 the text stated this is Scott Florence can you take a call?  I responded I am at the Dr. office with my kids. He stated can you talk tomorrow morning after the company weekly conference call. I replied I can call you this evening. Scott replied it won’t work for me I’m in meetings when will you free up tomorrow. 

On Feb 21, 2014

Scott, text me and stated. Hello does 11:30 am or 4pm work better for you today?

On Feb 24, 2014

Scott texted me and said Derrick I need to speak with you ASAP. I have a very serious situation here.  When are you available today?  I responded Scott I will call you back today 3pm central time.  Is this convenient for you sir.  He said 3pm my time and 4 pm your time that is great thanks.  At 3:59 pm Scott text me please call into 972-999-4496.   At 4pm I dialed in, Scott answered the phone and he told me this is a conference call including Becky Brown, VP of sales, David Robertson, and Lesie Lindsey. At this point I have no idea if anyone else was truly on this call because nobody answered up or spoke during the entire call. The only person who spoke on the call was Scott Florence. When Scott finished speaking he asked me do I have anything else to say. 

Scott Florence proceeded to tell me that this call isn’t a normal call where he and I would shoot the breeze. He stated this call is pertaining to issues that’s been brought to his attention that the videos that I posted on youtube pertaining to NMCFS was not in compliance. I told him I received an email from Field Services on Feb 18 to take the videos down and I did so that day.

Scott then started to say that I am a backstabber and that I am two faced and that I talk behind my upline back, that I have 2 personalities.  You smile in people face and talk behind their back.  Then Scott starts to talk about a flyer that I posted on my personal facebook page.  The flyer stated. We are hiring now.  We hire college students, Parents and second chance offenders.  On this flyer my name was not it and NMCFS or no other company name was implicated on the flyer. Then Scott proceeded to say that when I called Field services that I am rude to them and that I cursed them out and that he knows this because when someone calls the corporate office that all calls are recorded.  Then Scott says I don’t know if you were having problems within your cop duties the day of the call that led you to talk to field services this way.  Then Scott said in 2012 we had an issue where you went on our competitor facebook page of AAA and bashed there company and that there legal team told them they have to clear up this issue. He said that I brought this on myself and then he asked me what do I have to say on my behalf.  He said we cannot have anyone represent our company with someone who acts this way.  That this puts a hole in my heart that I acted this way, and that he has to terminate me from the company for these actions. Scott then went on to say that I was vested with the company and I am entitled to my renewal income from the company. However in order for me to receive my money it would depend on how I act and respond to this termination. He then asked me is there anything I wanted to say.

 I then told him I took the videos down when I got home from work and the facebook flyer did not have any information about NMCFS and it did not have my name on it. 

Then Scott, stated well the videos and the flyers are not the only reason for this termination. You have been insubordinate and this is the home office decision to terminate you. However if you think I misinterpreted something which I don’t think I did you are welcome to call me one on one to reevaluate this. Scott then asked me that if you have anything else to say. Then I said to him you’ll decision needs to be revisited because the flyer had no implications of anything about NMCFS and the videos were taken down immediately. I also stated to Scott, that I’ve have always had a good working rapport with the home office staff which at NMC field services and licensing department.  He said that he would talk to Becky Brown and let me know what the final decision was.

Scott called me back the next day which and stated the decision was final.

Monday March 3, 2014, 

There was a text message sent to all IBC ‘s within the company. The text was titled Important call tonight tell your entire team held by President Scott Florence. The company refused to invite and send this text to my direct sponsor who brought me into the business. Also my wife who is an IBC with NMCFS never received this text about the call. Hmm..

During this call as my wife and I listened, my name was mentioned several times by Scott Florence and David Robertson about why the company terminated me. It was stated due to being insubordinate and supposedly been warned numerous times verbal and written about being in violation. NMCFS never invited me to join in on this call to defend myself.  This is a form “Deformation of character by NMCFS.

After the call, people started calling me around the country asking me after 4 years of representing this company why is NMCFS treating me this way. 

This NMCFS company allows other consultants around the country to have videos, flyers, pre-recorded calls, their own powerpoint presentations. Here is a website of a presentation by other IBC about the company that was not authorized by NMCFS here is a pre-recorded call about NMCFS services and opportunity, phone number is 518-556-1307. There are many other videos on youtube about people sharing and marketing the NMCFS business.

This is clearly a form of harassment because I am the only person being asked to take down my videos, and flyers pertaining to NMCFS.

In this company NMCFS we are all IBC’s.  Independent Benefits Consultants. The company has a policy that a IBC must make 1 sale every 90 days.  However as a leader you must recruit 1 person every month.  The company is not in compliance with their own policy when it come to David Robertson and Lesie Lindsey.  These two individuals are IBC’s like the rest of us, however preferential treatment is given to them for some reason many of us IBC’s around the country have no clue. The company has personal bias showing favoritism when it comes to David Robertson and Lesie Lindsey and they make next to sales or recruits at all.  Meanwhile the company has let go many other IBC’s for not following this policy.  All IBC’s receive a premier performer weekly news bulletin in their back office of their website with all the IBC’s sales and recruits. David Robertson and Lesie Lindsey are never listed showing their sales or their recruits.  They are allowed to remain active in this company and make thousands of dollars weekly off the efforts of other IBC’s which is very similar to a pyramid ponzi scheme.

NMCFS also showed personal bias with an IBC rep by the name of Shannon Collum who is good friends with President Scott Florence they allowed him to return back into the NMCFS business at a regional position in which he did not earn.  Other IBC’s has to make sales recruit and train new IBC’s to make sales in order to achieve this position.

Another  fraudulent practice, one of my recruits Dominique Reid and 18 year old college student made 30 sales and the company only paid him on 1 sale and I was never compensated on them as well being his leader where the company pay overrides on your team sales. Dominique then was terminated him because he used his email and phone number as the point of contact for the sales that he made for his classmates on campus. 

This was due to lack of training and communication from the company. I was never notified of this incident until my recruit Dominique contacted me and explained what happened to him. 

After my termination, all of a sudden the company promotes my direct sponsor Deborah Washington to District leader, 267-879-5264. She was surprised because she is not even working the business anymore. However it appears this promotion came from guilt on NMCFS behalf of wrongfully terminating me. Here again NMCFS President is allowing non compliance to take place within the company. Leadership positions are supposed to be earned not granted. Now that I am terminated who get all my personal and team sales financial compensations?

A monopoly compensation plan.

NMCFS appears to not want anybody else to reach the executive level.

This company has been in business since 1956. However the recruiting has been in place since for about 7 years. Only David Robertson has been at the top of this illegal pyramid type of compensation plan.

This compensation plan for certain is designed for David Robertson and Lesie Lindsey to generate income off of the efforts of other IBC’s and to hold back other IBC’s from reaching leadership positions as theirs.  If anyone reaches David Robertson who is the only executive leader in the entire company for the past six years he will not receive any financial compensation on the sales of the team. With NMCFS compensation plan if any one reaches David level and they are at least two levels recruited away from him he will receive no financial compensation on the sales of my personal memberships or from my team sales. I was just a few weeks away from reaching this executive position. I have been working this NMCFS business the past 4 years with hard consistent work and now I have been wrongfully terminated which I strongly believe and many other IBC’s feel this termination is all over MONEY.  Which now were not in the favor of David Robertson. This company has to be disciplined and corrected immediately for it harsh treatment on people who want to build an honest business of helping other people.

The compensation plan was changed in January 2014.  The compensation actually hurts IBC’s because it no longer allows your personal sales to be included with your team sales to receive a promotion to leadership position which will pay you more money. This is a huge lost and can for certain hold you back because the compensation plan only gives you a 4 week rolling period and only includes your team sales. Before the compensation plan change we had a 8 week rolling period to get sales in from your personal efforts and your team. This was allowing people to earn and achieve leadership positions which allowed them to make bonus monies. When the new compensation plan took effect, it took away your personal sales with becoming a leader. The new compensation plan hinders the IBC’s growth within the company because you only have 4 rolling weeks to get your team to make sales. This however favors big time to allow David to make lots of money off other people sales because folks don’t have to much time to build a team and get promoted.

You can see this compensation plan change benefits and guarantees monies to David Robertson and Lesie Lindsey for doing no sales or recruiting no new IBC’s into the business.  David and Lesie will always receive money because other IBC’s are making sales. These are called override commissions. Most of the IBC’s in the company have no clue that this is happening to them because the company does not explain the compensation plan in depth to their consultants. 

NMCFS has for certain a manipulative misleading compensation plan.  NMCFS with their promotion states the company says they have no charge backs within their marketing campaign.  However when a customer cancels their membership the company will alter your commissions they call these factors quality index, quality ratio, and quality multiplier the company terminology if very manipulative for people who don’t understand these definitions.  NMCFS pays advanced commissions which is another way to say a loan. If clients cancel their benefits membership, NMCFS gets there money from the consultant buy paying you less advance commission on future sales until your balance has caught up to the advance commission the company has paid you. This is false misleading advertising from the company saying it has no chargebacks. This is deceiving people to join the company to go make sales and recruit others into NMCFS. The company knows most IBC’ have no clue and they follow right along with it by saying NMCFS has “NO CHARGEBACKS”.

I did speak with a former IBC’s couple Latoya and Tony Chamblee, phone # (302-256-3444) they had just reached the same leadership as David Robertson however no long after they were terminated as well.  However they declined to take legal actions for the allegations against them by NMCFS.

Many other IBC’s are afraid to speak up to the home office about what they are experiencing and many IBC’s are walking on eggshells because of fear of being terminated by the company.

NMCFS proclaim I have not been in compliance however on October 13-15, 2013 The company ask me to attend a company leadership summit conference. NMCFS paid for roundtrip flight, hotel and meals for me. Hmm.  This is something you would not offer to a individual who is not a key partner in your organization.

This company NMCFS needs help with training new IBC’s on what actually is available for client to have with their benefits plan and give an HONEST understanding of the compensation plan so people are not confused or mislead with NMCFS terminology.

NMCFS President Scott Florence has to separate himself from being manipulated by David Robertson. NMC has to develop a strong corporate team to revise that pyramid compensation plan where only one person gets to make all the money.

NMCFS also needs to make a decision on what David Robertson and Lesie Lindsey position is. Are they corporate employees with the company. If not then they must be in compliance like other IBC’s with making at least 1 sale3 months and must recruit at 1 least person every month in order to maintain their leadership position.

NMCFS says that you must complete a background check first prior to becoming a IBC. However they will process new IBC sales if they submit them online regardless if the IBC passed the background check or not. The company needs guidance and leadership with how to allow new IBC to apply to become a representative of their company. NMCFS will then keep the money if the IBC does not passed the background check. So with this being said NMCFS does not first wait to see if a new IBC meets the company standards to represent them.

Witness to termination call on Feb 24, 2014 was my wife Elisha Williams 267-549-1633.

This call was hosted by President Scott Florence and supposedly David Robertson, Lesie Lindsey and Becky Brown VP of sales were listening as well.

After this call one of my direct recruits receive a phone call from President Scott Florence to see if she was ok and tried to explain why they terminated me.

Ericka Harris 708-846-7023

I had just recently spent over $800 on NMCFS marketing materials in December 2013.  These marketing materials I purchased was to give away to clients to show appreciation for them purchasing their NMC benefits plan and to reward my team on a job well done with recruiting and making sales. At the company annual reunion this past January in Jacksonville, FL they acknowledge this purchase of mine while staff was on stage to show my dedication and vision with this company. Also at the annual reunion I received an award for my team and I making selling over $250,000 in sales of the NMC benefits plan membership. Now all of a sudden a termination….  The guy David Robertson has mind control over this new President of just one year with NMCFS.


NMCFS had no legal grounds for terminating me from this company.

I have help build and train a team of more than 500 IBC’s around the country. Then with one phone call I’m terminated with no reasons.

NMCFS is a company that has unfair work practices due to favoritism with IBC’s, David Robertson, Lesie Lindsey, Shannon Collum.

NMCFS compensation plan is very deceiving and manipulative with its wording. It does not properly explaining to new consultants that this company has forms of chargebacks. These are three factors: Quality Multiplier, Quality ratio, Quality index.

NMCFS has made me a victim of harassment and embarrassment.

I have received deformation of my character by Scott Florence and David Robertson.

NMCFS has brought on unnecessary and unwanted stress to myself, my family and other consultants around the country with this wrongful termination and slandering of my name and reputation around the company.

NMCFS has not followed its on compliance because they never sent me a written termination letter which is a company policy of their IBC contract, step 19.  

NMCFS has some obvious racial biases they refuse to provide us with Spanish written marketing material for the Security Shield benefits plan brochure and presentation pages. I have made numerous requests and they state they are working on it.

NMCFS has kept my commissions paycheck from February 20, 2014.

NMCFS has kept my company stock payout.


NMC refuse to pay the IBC Dominique Reid his commissions or my wife and myself the overrides commissions after they accepted his sales for 30 memberships. Then NMCFS terminated this 18yr old college student for making inadvertent errors with submitting clients online membership applications.

NMC refuse to send Dominique Reid a termination letter as well.

Other consultatnts are scared to speak up to the home office staff about the wrong doing and misleading practices going on here at NMC. THe compensation plan has people totally confused and now has CHARGEBACKS however the company refuses to honestly explain that to new consultants and existing consultants.  

Before many other women and men get taken advantage of. This company NMC needs to be fully investigated immediately. NMC are running a illegal pyramid to keep certain individuals at the top.

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#1 General Comment

Motor Club Of America Scam

AUTHOR: Mr Exposing Truth - ()

Motor Club Of America Scam

   There has been alot of speculation about this Motor Club Of America Scam, I've Read Several Blogs and visited several sites, because of people and their constant curiosity about this Motor Club of America Scam. Facebook users both permote and oppose MCA all of the time, some people flah tons of cash through photos and videos, while others helpfully redflag the company calling it scams and pyramids.

Investigation and Digging

Recently because of all of the speculation, and uncertainty about the company, I took it upon myself to start researching and digging around trying to find out more about this Motor Club of America Scam. I came across a little but of Everything! Until... I reached out to someone who has actually purchased the product and has been an Active Member of The Motor Club Of America. For safety purposes this user's name will remain uncovered.

The Truth Revealed!

However, Surprisingly this user wasnt trying to sell me anything at all, he simply wanted to give me some insight on the company. Haviing absolutely nothing but good things to say about the Motor Club Of America he strongly exprsssed how bad he feels about those having such Horrible things to say about the company because they're simply MISSING OUT!

I even went as far as to pay the forty dollar members fee and join myself to see how the customers and members are treated... I had the Worste! Prediction Of Result In Mind. I was in for a RUDE AWAKENING! I quess people arent always right as they weren't about the Motor Club Of America.

This Is What Was Discovered... Check It Out For YOURSELF!!!



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