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Complaint Review: Network54 Corp

  • Submitted: Sun, June 22, 2008
  • Updated: Sun, June 22, 2008
  • Reported By: Isle of Wight Virginia
  • Network54 Corp
    10940 WILSHIRE BLVD, SUITE 600
    LOS ANGELES, California
    U.S.A. / Network54 Corp Boycott for allowing THEFT of material from other Boards and Websites! LOS ANGELES California

Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors...

Boycott and their Sponsors!


Boycott for allowing THEFT of material from other Boards and Websites!

Why would Network54 Corp.knowingly host stolen photos and posts lifted directly from other boards?
To increase their own web traffic of course. Traffic = Money and allows thieves to repost material stolen from other boards onto Network54 forums on a regular basis because doing so MAKES THEM MONEY. For over two years Network54 has continuously allowed one user (Amisa Yellowbird) to display posts and photos stolen directly from other boards without permission of the original authors or board owners. These stolen works are used to increase traffic to "Yellowbird's" Faux Indian scam forum on

To put it simply for some of our less than cyber savvy readers, Network54 is stealing customers (traffic) from other (usually smaller) Hosts like,, etc. when they allow their clients to cut and paste articles taken without permission from competing Boards, onto Network54 Forums.

Unlike Network54; reputable Forum Hosts and Webmasters follow a set of guidelines commonly called "The Fair Use Doctrine" (which has many different elements) to avoid copyright violations. Primarily, quotes used without permission from the Author should be BRIEF ...only a small portion of the overall work, properly credited, and for non-profit use.

Network54 allows their clients to "lift" (steal) ENTIRE posts and websites for the sole purpose of increasing the number of customers visiting the for-profit, Network54 forums the stolen material is reposted to.
By stealing the entire post instead of giving a brief quote and link to the original article, Network54 and their clients insure that a reader (customer) is not required to visit the competing Host where the original author CHOSE to display their work for public viewing. Remember ... to a professional forum host like Network 54, "Traffic" DIRECTLY EQUALS "Money" and lots of it! lists as having an approx net worth of "$1.41 MILLION", with "644405" page views and "$1935.66" in ad revenue PER DAY!
Wonder how many of these VERY lucrative page views are of material DIRECTLY STOLEN from other boards, thus depriving the rightful authors and hosts of traffic to their forums? There are hundreds of unjustified and illicit page views on Yellowbird's forum alone.

"Yellowbird" financially benefits from her thief of material as much as Network54 does. With her purloined posts she increases traffic to her Network54 so called "non-commercial" forum where she actively promotes and advertises the Faux Indian Pow Wow Costumes she makes and SELLS. "Yellowbird" is barred from posting to most of the boards she steals copy from, so she is constantly trying to attract readers to her Network54 list by ripping off and reposting material written by authors who wouldn't touch her forum with a ten foot keyboard!

"Yellowbird" even brags about the fact that allows her to display stolen material when other Hosts like Yourwebapps, Discapps, Yahoo and MSN all refused to allow her plagiarism and copyright infringement on their servers. When it comes to the rights of authors and competing board owners, Network54 doesn't even have the moral values of Microsoft....and you really can't get much lower on the standard's stick then that! owners Chris Moser and Steven Roussey have been notified of "Amisa Yellowbird's" theft of material REPEATEDLY via email, phone, fax, and registered mail since February 2007 and they STILL allow this thief to steal any post or picture she wants and repost it verbatim on their Network54 Forum. Why not..doing so earns them massive income and few of the authors being ripped off can afford to travel to California to file a small claims action against Network54 and the con artists they host.

I have never posted to Yellowbird's phlegm hocking forum, yet here are MY original wittings as well as A PHOTO TAKEN BY MY SECURITY CAMERA on Yellowstain's Network54 Board.
I do not have a Network54 account, I do not use their services, and I have NEVER given Network54 or "Yellowbird" permission to use ONE WORD I have written to attract readers to their Forum !

All of these posts were STOLEN directly off the "Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee" forum.
This statement is posted at the top of the Forum which the stolen posts and images were lifted from:

"All posts and wording therein belong to the Original Author. Get permission from the Original Author before "lifting" their post for use elsewhere."

You can't get much simpler than that!,+it+was+only+%22%3Bsatire%22%3B...LOL!++WeshoK+attacking+Eagle+Awards

If Amuttlet Yellowstain wants to keep my flames off her board, WHY DOES SHE KEEP STEALING MY POSTS AND REPOSTING THEM TO HER PERSONAL METHANE FACTORY?
Because it's the only way she can get anyone to read her pathetic attempt to play "Indian"

I'm not the only author being routinely ripped off by Yellowbird on Network54. Here are numerous examples of posts made by other authors who refuse to participate on Yellowbird's forum, which were STOLEN from other boards and posted to Yellowbird's forum directly against the author's clearly expressed objections. This has been going on for YEARS now!

It's difficult to find any material on this Faux Indian Network54 Forum which wasn't directly lifted from another board or website. We are not talking a few brief quotes w/links here. Each post and photo is lifted in its entirely from another board then pasted verbatim directly to Yellowbird's Network54's scam server. Without the STOLEN material, this Network 54 Forum wouldn't have any content OR traffic to speak of. So just how much of the HUGE earnings posted by Network54 is garnered at the expense of Authors who had their articles STOLEN by a Network54 client ...for PROFIT?

"Yellowbird" also steals posts (and the resulting site traffic) from,, MSN, and anywhere else she wants, 'cause Network54 lets her.
In addition to stealing readers from other sites, Yellowbird strips the paying advertisements (which earn the original authors and hosts income) and copyright marks from the websites she steals and posts to her Network54 forum.

Two paid advertisements and "Copyright 2008 Yahoo All rights reserved." were striped from this plagiarized website:

Two paid advertisements and " 2007 The Generations Network" were striped from this plagiarized website:

Three paid advertisements and "Copyright Indianz.Com" were striped from this plagiarized website:

Twelve paid advertisements and "Copyright 2008 CNET Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved." were striped from this plagiarized website:

Four paid advertisements and "Copyright Indianz.Com " were striped from this plagiarized website:

Four paid advertisements and "Copyright Indianz.Com " were striped from this plagiarized website:

Five paid advertisements and "Copyright Indianz.Com " were striped from this plagiarized website:

Four paid advertisements and 2008" were striped from this plagiarized website:

Three paid advertisements were striped from this plagiarized website:

Two paid advertisements were striped from this plagiarized website:

Two paid advertisements were striped from this plagiarized website:

One paid advertisement and "Copyright 2001 - Harrison Lapahie Jr. - All Rights Reserved." were striped from this plagiarized website:

Halfway down the same post Yellowbird plagiarizes a SECOND website, after removing four paid advertisements and "Copyright 2008 The New Mexican, Inc"
TWO COMPLETE websites plagiarized in one post! That has got to be some kind of record?

These posts only represent a SMALL sampling of the copyright material and INCOME Amisa Yellowbird is STEALING from authors and forum hosts all over the web, with the permission and approval of Network54.

Here "Yellowbird" even brags about stealing her forum's content from Donna Smith's board:

Emboldened by Network54's flat out refusal to remove copyright material from the forum they host, Yellowstain continues to steal even more content for her board than she writes herself. Practically every other post I make to the forum of MY choice is STILL being STOLEN and reposted word for word to Network54 in order to generate traffic to a cesspool of crotch snorting cretins who steal fodder from other forums because they are completely incapable of forming an original thought in their feeble, festering, Faux Indian minds!

Network54's choice to allow their client to continue STEALING the published pictures and written copy belonging to others (and use those posts and pictures to financially benefit both Network54 and the plagiarizing user) IS NOT a "Free Speech" issue!

Free Speech protects a person's right to speak their OWN words, it does not permit people to STEAL the written and visual works of others in order to benefit themselves!

As the rather vocal, opinionated Director of the Pagan Resource Center for 20+ years, I've earned my fair share of nasty detractors and assorted trolls on the Internet. In fact, it's hard to think of something I haven't been called on-line ...and I could care less, 'cause that IS "Free Speech" I've never tried to TOS someone for talking trash about me. I am perfectly capable of flaming right back at 'em. Opinions are like bowel movements. Everyone has to have them on a regular basis, and the only person who usually doesn't notice when they stink is the person they belong to.

The feathered, steaming butt nuggets who call Network54 home certainly have the perfect right to spew all the 501(c)3 scams and assorted Faux Indian rip offs they wish onto Network54 servers. They are free to WRITE whatever ORIGINAL self serving, fabricated, exploitive drivel they wish, 'cause this is still a free country...sorta.

However, Network54 and the users they are protecting need to STOP STEALING and PROFITING from what I and others write and post to other Boards !!

If we wanted our INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY on a Network54 forum, we would put it there ourselves!!

As of June 21, 2008 Network54 owes me $48,800.00 for the unauthorized use of my original material to increase visitation to a commercially used Forum they host and profit from.

Oh you have got to read this!
On his blog Steven Roussey, CEO of Network 54, explains how he decides whether or not to remove abusive content based upon how "nicely" the victim asks for relief.
"We very much try to accommodate people that have been hurt by what others say, within reason. The nicer the request, the more accommodating we are."

Monkeydingles! We asked nice, then we asked nice AND funny. Then we filed their official "Copyright Infringement Form" via email AND fax (just in case they don't read their email) After Network54 completely wasted our time and ignored "nice" we demanded compensation for the stolen material STILL being used to generate income for Network54.... with a dash of humor.... via Registered Mail.

NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. It certainly appears the only thing Network54 uses their "Copyright Infringement Form" for is to harvest personally identifying information from their victims. They require their victims to send a "photocopy of a legal identification card, such as A driver's license or passport"

Needless to say, I refused to send a pack of plagiarists and traffic thieves a copy of my ID. Instead, I sent them one side of my Concealed Carry Permit, which is a felony for anyone but me to possess.

We emailed, called long distance repeatedly and left messages, faxed forms and sent registered mail.
Not one whimper out of the no neck, nanny nuzzling netards at Network54!

They know exactly what their clients are doing, and they don't care 'cause it earns them CASH!

Well Mr. Steven Roussey & Mr. Chris Moser, you can both kindly kiss my well muscled and quite firm for pushing fifty a*s !

I think you're a twin set of two bit, turd sucking, traffic thieving, web weasels with delusions of grandeur & Network 54 is nothing more then a hump hosting, pirate promoting, criminal coddling, scam serving, twit toilet !

How's that for "Free Speech" ..... and a run-on sentence?
It appears from these pages that "Amisa Yellowbird" is not the only person stealing material on
"The Scouting News Stalks Parents"

"Be very suspicious of any forum you're reading at, especially if it contains threads like who's the best, top forwards, etc. Snake oil, anyone?"

"They proved it by starting a thread and then copying and pasting content from their web site into the Network 54 92AAA Talk Forum."

Scouting News

"In a new low, The Scouting News used its anonymous intel arm, Network 54 to stir the pot regarding a recent row at a youth hockey game. If it weren't enough to trade on the pride and hopes of parents and children re-selling them their very own recycled words"

Network 54

Boycotts Work!
They just take effort.

Of course the ambulance chasers and "order a wife from Russia" scum sacks who advertise on Network54 aren't going to care. Anyone with a shred of dignity wouldn't do business with them anyway, so they fit right in with the thieves at Network54. However, there are a few Network54 Sponsors (especially in those Google bars) who may not want their business' name on a website devoted to plagiarism and other predatory behavior. We'll see?

Network54 gets away with allowing their clients to steal from individual authors because your average poster can't afford to travel to California in order to take them to small claims court....and Network54 knows it as shown by their assertion of this defense in the Texas case. Network54 directly benefits from the posts their clients STEAL from other boards and websites all over the Nation, then they try to weasel out of responsibility by whining "we're in California so you can't catch us."

Well that still leaves the Court of Public Opinion. While we are not a huge Network that makes THOUSANDS of dollars a DAY( using material STOLEN from other site) ...we can still afford email :-)

We are sending this page to every advertiser we see on a Network 54 forum, and we ask our readers to do the same. If they choose to continue sponsoring a host which allows blatant plagiarism and copyright infringement, we will post the advertiser's contact info here. That way, everyone whose posts, websites, and/or photos have been STOLEN and used on a Network54 Forum have a way to tell Network54 advertisers why they WILL NOT be buying their products.

For our part, we will remove ALL links to Network54 Forums contained in the 200+ Yahoo and MSN groups we operate July 1, 2008. This should give list owners time to change their forum host if they wish to continue to advertise on our pages, or at least remove the links themselves. If you are promoting a link to your Network54 forum in one of our groups, you MUST remove it, or it will point to this page after July1. No promotion of ANY Forum hosted by Network54 is allowed on ANY group or website we control! We urge all other Board owners to do the same, as your forum's contents could be the next material stolen and posted to a Network54 forum.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes community members, but this is the only way a Boycott works. We simply WILL NOT allow the forum traffic thieves at to STEAL, and financially benefit from, our posts and photos unchallenged any longer!

{{{{{This space is reserved for the public flaming and shaming of Network 54 Corp. advertisers and sponsors who continue to financially support Network54 after having been notified of Network54 and their client's blatant use of plagiarized material to increase their web traffic and profits.}}}


Network54 is currently trying to avoid a subpoena which compels them to reveal the IP addresses of two nameless trolls who like to insult others on the Internet, but who are too cowardly to reveal their own identities when they are on Network54 defaming people.

Network 54 Corp. refused to "accept jurisdiction" essentially saying "We don't have an office in Texas so you can't sue us there, NaaNaNaNaNaaaaNa"

Network54 allows their clients to STEAL from Authors and Forums all over the country, then claims they are only doing business in California?

Another possible "defense" raised by Network54 is they might be protecting the identities of employees who work for the company being gleefully bashed on

This is SERIOUSLY TWISTED thinking! Who reading this page would not want to fire an employee who was actively trying to damage your business on the Internet? Oh, sure, no one likes the Big Bad Railroad, .... booooo hisssss ...but just stop and think for yourself a minute.

What if this was your business being defamed by your employees on Network54? How would it feel then?
ANY employer, even an unpopular corporate giant, has the right to require a certain amount of loyalty from their paid employees!

If you don't like what the company you work for is doing, QUIT .... then openly criticize them to your heart's content. Don't keep cashing their paycheck while you hide behind a pair of ostentatious puke peddlers and throw cyber turds at the people who pay you to work FOR them.

Someone at Network54 should really look up the word "Honor" so they will at least have some vague idea of what they completely lack.

It comes as no surprise the ACLU came out defending Network54 's so called "right" to hide the identities of clients who use anonymity to abuse others. What else would you expect from an org that defends the "privacy rights" of child sexual predators?

Since when did Freedom of Speech get redefined as the ability to avoid taking responsibility for your own words? Network54 conceals the identities of craven, lily-livered mansquitos who hide behind fictitious names while they bash their boss..and the ACLU declares them all Heroes? Oh please! The ACLU should definitely change their name to the "American Coward's Legal Unit"

Network54 is also being supported by various other "Waa Waaa shouldn't be held accountable for your own actions please push this button to donate" 501(c)3 vultures.

Whatever happened to a VICTIM'S right to know the identity of, and confront, the person who is accusing, defaming, stealing from, or otherwise HARMING them?

Yup, sure looks like has worked very hard at becoming the Cyber Predator's Provider of Choice ...and they're proud of it!

Well, some of the authors, hosts, and webmasters being ripped off on Network 54 don't see Chris Moser and Steven Roussey as the "bastions of liberty" they publicly present themselves to be.

To us, they are just a couple of mangy money mongers who earn MASSIVE income by offering a safe haven to COMMON THIEVES and cowards!

We intend to make sure the courts in Texas and California get a COMPLETE picture of how Network54 willingly lets anonymous users violate and victimize people located ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ...and then hides behind their wimpy "We're only in California so you can't touch us" defense.

A copy of this page is being snail mailed to the Railroad's legal eagles, the Judge ruling on the Motion to Dismiss, and we will be posting our "NETWORK 54 HOSTS STOLEN CONTENT" Banner on EVERY site allowable where Network 54 is mentioned!

As we find others who have been ripped off by Network54 and their thieving clients, we will add the info here, so please check back often and hit "refresh" when you do.

What do you wanna bet we will soon be adding complaints and/or threats sent to Janet at webworqs regarding this page? Let's just see if Moser and Roussey are hypocrites too.

Betsy Ashby
Isle of Wight, Virginia
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