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  • Submitted: Thu, October 11, 2012
  • Updated: Sun, March 03, 2013
  • Reported By: Nancy — Texarkana Arkansas USA
  • Shelly Ruffino - a2zratterriers
    Yellowstone St.
    Conroe, Texas
    United States of America

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Shelly Landry Ruffino
Rat Terriers, Teddy Roosevelt Terriers, Miniature Pinschers (*Min-Pins)
Harlequin Pinschers, Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer Yorkies and Schnauzers

          Here is my story on the dealings that I had with Shelly Landry Ruffino and let me tell you it was a CATASTROPHE!   I came across Shelly back in 2006 when I was looking to add a brindle
Rat Terrier to my breeding program.  Little did I know back in 2006 how good Shelly is at scamming folks out of money.   She told me she had a litter on the way and due any day so I should send
a deposit right away to get pick of litter.   I immediately sent her a deposit for a puppy she said would be $150.00.  A few weeks go by and she sees other people getting more money for their puppies
and hers jump up to $450.00 instead of the $150.00 that she quoted me to begin with.  Well I don't mind paying for what I want so I bit my tongue and set my mind to getting that elusive brindle
puppy that I wanted.  Shelly contacts me several days later and needs me to finish paying for the puppy, as something has occurred in her life, and she needs money to buy dog food.  I immediately
send her the remainder of the money and await puppies to be born for my puppy pick.   Puppies are born and she sends me pictures of NON-BRINDLE puppies that she is calling brindle.   When
I explain to her that I want a BRINDLE she tells me I can have pick out of the next litter and assures me from one of my 1st requirements that the next litter carries dilute as well.  Next litter arrives -
NO BRINDLES and when I see pictures of dam - She is BLACK and not blue as was told to me.   You can imagine my 'head shaking' wonder what in the world is this woman doing breeding when
she can not distinguish blue from black.   I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt until they back me into a corner and knock me over the head with their lack of knowledge so off we go to getting
pick of the next litter and the next litter and the next litter and the next litter.    Now Shelly seemed to move around a LOT during a couple year period there and once even moved to Florida.   She claimed
she would ship me my brindle puppy but I was not holding out any hope.  6 years later in 2012 I am still sitting here minus $450.00 and WITHOUT a brindle puppy from Shelly.
     Boy - if you want to hear a hum-dinger of a story about Chaos and getting your house invaded then you should hear the story this breeder in Florida has to tell when Shelly descended upon her and
moved into her home.   I ask you - who or what kind of person moves thousands of miles without even a place to move into especially with MULTIPLE dogs!!!!!! 
     Now you would think a person having dealt with that scenario would KNOW better than to get in any deeper with this person but remember me telling you about the 'benefit of the doubt' and
the 'knock on the head'?    Shelly has moved back to Texas by this time after the lady in Florida literally has to throw her out of her house and has to deal with dogs left behind.  In 2011 I had a group of Rat
Terriers that I planned to place as I was getting more dogs than I wanted and up pops Shelly.  She wants to do a puppy-back deal of 9 Rat Terriers with 1 puppy back per dog.  1 female was bred so I
required 2 back from that litter which made the deal for 10 PICK puppies back from their 1st litters.    Several litters of puppies are born and I make my puppy picks.  When it gets to be about time for the
puppies to wean and be brought to me, Shelly conveniently falls off the face of the earth, so to speak, and when I finally make contact with her again I find she has SOLD the puppies that belonged to me. 
She whined that she was broke and needed the money and if I was truly her friend that I would not be upset and would of wanted to help her out.  Shelly loves pulling the 'poor me', 'misunderstood',
'friendship', 'something happened', 'sick', 'kids stole my stuff' routine and has gotten it down to an art-form. 
     Well what can I do put await arrival of more litters and pray I get those!  Well I waited, puppies arrived and 'poof' - they went the same way as the last.  That is the ones anyway that lived as
Shelly claimed a LOT of the puppies to of not made it to weaning.    At this point I am livid and express my total astonishment that ANYBODY would do such a thing not ONCE but TWICE!
At this stage, I just want my dogs back and be through with Shelly Ruffino.  I told Shelly to send them back and she becomes irate and refuses and starts trying to playing her 'ole poor me' cards.
I am not going there - "Remember I said that!"  Well after I spend a few days getting my blood pressure back to normal, Shelly talks me into giving her ONE more chance.   I swear "SUCKER" is
written across my WHOLE body.  
     Shelly is wanting a blue female badly and NEEDS one to my way of thinking or I will NEVER get my brindle, blue carrier puppy and as it so happens I have a blue female ready for a new home.
If your giving Shelly something you would think she will come get it but I held this female almost 5 months and she came and got her just as she was due to have puppies.  If she owes YOU something then
don't hold your breath waiting on it as you would be wasting your time.    I am having another one of those 'sucker' moments as I let Shelly come and get bred Blue female and owes me 2 puppies back
for her and as of October 2012 - 10 months after getting her I have yet to get any puppies from this female.   Okay now wait for it - 'Remember that knock me in the head person" - yeah ME,
She isn't through with me yet and I apparently am not as smart as I give myself credit for.     Of course ASSUMING it is possible to EVER get any recoup of puppies I have to continue to at
least tolerate her. 
          Dog has puppies and I stay on her that a certain puppy is mine.   I continually remind her which puppy is mine and finally after having to make the trip to Conroe, Texas myself to get the puppy
I consider myself blessed to of finally gotten ONE puppy after almost a year of waiting - that is if you aren't counting the multiple years I've been awaiting the brindle she owes me.   Well as would
so have it I had a group of Min Pin/Harlies I needed to find new homes for and Shelly is wanting to get into those breeds.  I convince myself that I have finally gotten through to Shelly and that she
understands now that she HAS to give me my pick puppies and everything will run smoothly from this point forward.  I have a friend who also had shut down her kennel and moved and her kennel
operation was being stored in my storage building.  Shelly was interested in some of the things for sale and wanted me to bring those to Conroe with me when I brought the other dogs and would
pay me CASH for them as well as for gas.  I repeatedly asked Shelly several days before I made the trip if she had the money and she continually said 'YES'.   I spoke with her prior
to leaving my house and asked her again if she had the FULL Amount in CASH for me and she again said she did.   The night before the trip I paid my friend out of my own pocket for the things
Shelly was SUPPOSEDLY BUYING from her and SUPPOSEDLY paying me for the next day.   SUCKER! - Yeah that would be me!  My so-called intelligence has totally abandoned me
apparently at this point.   Anyways to make a long story short - I show up in Conroe with 17 more dogs in tow and kennel equipment.  She is $200.00 short in funds as she claims her daughter stole
her money earlier in the day, which I have discovered since then is a regular story she tells folks when she is short on payment.    Says she has funds coming in THAT DAY and will pay me that
night for what is left owed.    She then tells me that I will need to drop off a puppy for her in the Dallas-Ft Worth area on my way home.  HUH - I'm not going to Dallas-Ft Worth or anywhere in
that general direction.  She tells me then that she will call the puppy buyer and have them meet me along my route which isn't with even the biggest stretch of the imagination going to be convenient
for the puppy buyer.  Well, needless to say, Puppy Buyer is not going for Shelly's arrangements and Shelly has to make other arrangements other than a FREE RIDE by me.   Several days later I
hear from THIS Puppy Buyer only to find she has purchased a puppy that SHOULD of came to me, by all rights, as it came out of one of my dogs that Shelly had yet to give me a puppy pick out
of.  Shelly tells this lady, I am holding up the puppy papers, so the Puppy Buyer deems to call me and discuss the situation.   Shelly has given this lady the run-around, told her the normal 1/2 truths,
if not outright lies and this lady isn't as naive as I seem to be.   After several conversations with this lady I agree to send her the puppy papers, after all it isn't her fault, Shelly and I are having issues.
In the meantime Shelly sends this puppy buyer papers from a another litter, from a dam that is not the dam to the puppy and doesn't even have the right birth date on it.  Shelly has no idea, her
puppy buyer and I are communicating nor that I have sent the lady the correct papers to her puppy.   She makes up story after story to try to cover her mistakes and does not realize her puppy
buyer is fully aware of her conniving ways.    As I write this I am still awaiting the $200.00 that has been promised me every month for the last 10 months!
   Okay - let's stage left - stage right - as I have apparently taken to thinking my life is fiction and what she has done to me in the past - just isn't registering in my brain as I continue to let her come
and get several Yorkies and a sweet little Biewer Yorkie male on 'guess what' - you got it - a 'puppy back deal'.      Now to her credit when she came and got the Yorkies she did bring me a
Rat Terrier female puppy that I had to fight tooth and nail over to get as the dam had to have a C-Section and for some reason Shelly saw that expense as giving her the right to 'not owe me a
puppy'.  DO NOT THINK SO and I did not wave from my conviction that I WAS to get the female out of that litter regardless of what her vet bill was.   WHY would she even think the cost
to keep the dogs, birth the dogs or any cost of the dogs should be bared by me?    During this little 'fight of wills' I had once again asked for my dogs back which she told me were being sent back
in a week which I'm sure you can already guess never happened. 
   Now we are into mid 2012 and Harlies are having puppies and I'm claiming my puppy picks.  Shelly is calling every day, until guess when, you got it ..... until it is time to bring me my pick puppies.
Several days go by and I can not get her to answer her phone - BIG RED FLAG is flying full flag by this time!  When she finally calls me she has one of her normal stories of being in the hospital
and can't travel.  Now she doesn't tell me on this day that she has ALREADY SOLD my puppies but waits until a few days later when I ask her how many puppies she is sending and WHEN.
Imagine my fury when she says "NONE" and that she had to sell them to pay her Electric Bill.  LET ME STRESS - if she can't pay her dang electric bill without selling something that does not
belong to her then maybe she needs to get a JOB that doesn't involve dogs and puppies that deserve a steady supply of food. 
     Chocolate Yorkie delivers puppies and she owes me 2 pick puppies.  Tell her I want the 2 chocolate females and a week later she informs me that the puppies are not PUREBRED and
she isn't sure how that happened.  Of course I do not want any cross-bred dogs so once again Shelly has achieved in not having to fork over any puppies.  
     At this point I'm wondering if Shelly is responsible enough in her separation methods to know who is bred to who and who and even who is the dam to the puppies.  She told me once a litter of
brindles had a merle sire and the mother was a merle as well.  After explaining to her that she had just screwed up if that is the way she bred them and HOW do you get a brindle out of 2 merle parents
she changed her story as to who the sire was.   She continually was asking me the names of dogs - now if I had a dog for 10 months and actually interacted with that dog and cared about that dog I am
100% certain I would know that dogs name ESPECIALLY since the dogs she got from me had tattoos in their ears that would of made it pretty easy to I.D. them and LEARN their names.   She would
call and tell me that such and such dog had puppies and give me a list of the Gender, Color and Pattern.  She would call me a week later and give me a totally different list of puppy description and sex
and often times she would even change the name of the dam and I would have to tell her to go look in the dogs ear and tell me which dog had puppies.  
     Shelly couldn't even send me pictures of puppies once as she had hocked her camera.
     Now if you think Shelly is your friend then you need to re-evaluate what a friendship is.  She has a so-called friend name Hannah that she told me she turned in for dog abuse and repeatedly told me
that Hannah was not her friend and she would never let one of her dogs go to Hannah but I know for a fact that Hannah has several dogs already gotten from Shelly.  She told me and several others,
I've discovered, really ugly things about Hannah and her mother and the way they house their dogs.  She has another so-called friend named Norma that she has said really ugly things about to me.
Carol, a lady in Florida, actually took Shelly in and gave her a place to live and Shelly does not have one nice thing to say about Carol.  
     She calls one day to tell me one of the dogs she owes me for has been bit by a spider and is dying and several days later tells me that the dog did indeed die.  She calls me another day to tell me
one of the Min Pin females had gotten ripped up by the other dogs and has a huge hole in her side (*this dog she actually returns to me Scars and all - Unbelievable).  She called me one day to tell me the
Biewer male she got from me had been torn to shreds by the other dogs.  She even LOST a dog one time and did not even realize the dog was missing until I was notified by a Dog Foster Parent
that she had a dog that she believed belonged to me that had been picked up by Animal Control in Conroe, Texas.  I call Shelly to ask her where this certain dog is that I KNOW by Tattoo and NAME
and she swears it is in her kennel and even walks out to her kennel and swears she is looking at that dog.   I called her on her untruth needless to say.  Here is another long story short - She DID not have that
dog, had not had that dog for some time and apparently had no clue she was missing it.    How can you not know when you have a dog missing?  I cringe to think what she must of said to Animal Control
and/or Foster parent but she supposedly somehow got the dog back.  I personally would of preferred it stayed with the Foster parent and found a forever loving home but that didn't happen. 
     MULTIPLE litters of Harlies are born and low and behold she can't seem to get any to survive.  I am not believing any of her lies but what can I do????????????   I see her internet ads for puppies
that she has not told me about so I KNOW she is screwing me.  One lady calls me about a HP puppy she purchased from Shelly that she is certain is only 4 weeks old at the oldest but yet I know
nothing about a 4 week old litter.   This lady is having to really work to keep this puppy alive and low and behold Shelly had decided she is through dealing with this lady and will no longer answer
her calls.  Shelly is good at not answering calls when she knows they are from people wanting to complain so if you are ever in that situation with her then use another number to call her as she will
answer thinking she has another perspective puppy buyer calling.  (*You HAVE to play the game with Shelly).  Shelly's phone number changes a LOT and she has multiple numbers but you can
usually find her current number on a new puppy ad or on her website. 
     Low and behold at this point another puppy buyer of hers contacts me about papers not gotten from Shelly and Shelly once again blaming me for not being able to produce them.  Now did
I sale HER dogs?  Did I renege over and over and over on puppies owed her?  The answer to both questions is "NO".  Shelly did that and needs to stop blaming others and take responsibility for her
own actions.   She even gave this puppy buyer the same old "My Daughter Stole" story and scammed this lady into buying her a pack of cigarettes.  She also told this lady straight out lies about
me and that I had sold dogs out from under her.  "WHICH dogs would those be Shelly?  The ones you were coming to get every week for 6 months?  Yeah I sold those as it finally became clear
you were never coming to get them, were never going to pay for them and I d**n sure was not giving you any more dogs on any kind of puppy pay back."    She also told this lady I had 500 dogs
and used my dogs to live off of which was a flat out lie and she KNOWS it as I've never owned 500 dogs or anywhere mega close to it and my husband has a good paying job which she is also well
aware of.   She is like the pot calling the kettle black as IF she has all of the dogs she got from me that she STILL owes me for then by my calculations she would have more dogs than I do and
SHE DOES LIVE OFF OF HER DOGS INCOME.  Shelly just likes to down others and is good at it! 
     Yes you can buy CHEAP or CHEAPER puppies from Shelly as she is always needing money and is out for a quick sale.  What you have to ask yourself is "Is it worth dealing with her to save
a few bucks, take the chance of not getting the puppy you picked, not getting a puppy ever, not getting papers on the puppy you bought or getting an unthrifty puppy which Shelly is not likely to
ever replace?"    Shelly will have a thousand and one excuses WHY she should not be responsible for a puppy that dies. 
     Shelly told me a Vet was coming to her home and cropping her Min Pin and Harlies ears when they were just a few days old.  I've SEEN a puppy from those so called crops and it was a
very poorly done crop that was uneven - the ears were not even the same size and the dog had what would appear to be ear lobes rather than a clean cut next to the head.   If you got one of these
puppies and are considering having the puppies ear redone then ASK SHELLY for the name of the Vet and contact them as any Vet worth their license WILL redo such sorry crop jobs at their own
expense.  Bet you do not get a name though - if you do please let me know. 
       Shelly's phone number changes a lot - here are some of the numbers she has used:  936-828-2833, 936-828-2739, 936-588-6950.  She goes by the name either Shelly Ruffino (*common law
marriage name to Thomas Ruffino) or Shelly Landry.  She has several email addresses such as and     
    She list Conroe, Texas or Montgomery, Texas as her place of residence at this time.
        Down to the final straw in October 2012.  I have nothing to show, save 2 puppies, for close to 30 dogs Shelly has taken.  I get a call from a Courier that is less than an hour from my house and
needs to make sure he is delivering 3 dogs to the right address.   HUH????????  I know nothing about 3 dogs being returned TODAY!  I haven't heard from Shelly in 2 days so WHY am I surprised
she is screwing me AGAIN!    Well I go meet the Courier and am expecting 2 Min Pin females that she has co-hearse me into taking back and her brindle RT male that she was to loan me to finally pay
off the brindle puppy she has owed me for YEARS!   What do I find though when I get to the meeting place but 3 Min Pin/Harlie females that she is returning and one of those is one that has had
puppies that she sold puppies off of and PROFITED from and now wants to just send the female back and not expect to owe me anything.     Thing here is that she said SHE was coming in the
next week to bring me back the 2 dogs I reluctantly agreed to take back and her brindle RT male for me to use and she was to pay me the $200.00 she owed me along with another $800.00 to
buy 2 males as she has no males to breed her Min Pin and Harlies to.   She kept saying she was going to send me the $75.00 to register litters from puppies she had already sold but I'm still stumped
as to WHY she would do that as she NEVER gave me puppies from those litters so I don't see me getting papers a SECOND time for her when I have not gotten my puppies.  See I finally
realize that Shelly thinks if she has ever pulled a fast one over on you one time that she can do it over and over and over again. 
     Call me Naive, call me stupid, call me Slow but as of today call me "ENLIGHTENED" as it has fully dawned on me that this lady is nothing but a 'USER', "Scam Artist", and "Liar".
    I have put Shelly on notice that I want my dogs or payment for ALL dogs and I will not tolerate her back-stabbing, slanderous ways any longer.  Oh yes, Shelly loves to act like she is your friend
but is QUICK to talk about you to others and run you down.    Enough is Enough and I've had ENOUGH!!!!!!!!
     If you deal with this woman then get ready for nothing but excuses as she is full of 'em:
                                    1.  Expected Date of Births of puppies (*always seems to be wrong on when puppies are due)
                                    2.  Colors and Patterns supposedly going to be produced (*always seems to be wrong on what she is expecting and even labels her puppies wrong when they do get here)
                                    3.  Been in Hospital (*expect this answer if she has been avoiding you or hasn't followed through with shipping/delivery).
                                    4.  Family member stole from her
                                   5.  Car broke down (*hers or somebody else she had to go pick up)
                                   6.  Had to buy her pain meds, had to pay her electric bill, etc .....
                                   7.  Papers are coming or it's somebody else's fault she doesn't have the papers
                                   8.  Puppy died (*most likely you will not get this excuse till you show up for your puppy and what she hands you isn't the one you bought).
                                  9.  Needs you to pay some more on what you owe for the puppy that your SUPPOSEDLY getting
                                 10.  Family member died (*her family seems to have 9 lives and gets reincarnated a lot)
                                 11.  Courier Issues
                                 12.  Waiting on somebody to pay for puppy or waiting on her monthly checks to hit her account
                                  13.  Waiting on Thomas' disability check or her School Check 
                                  14.  Is behind on Rent and HAS to pay her rent or she will be evicted.
                   If a puppy dies get ready for it not being her fault as she will come up with a LOT of excuses how it is all your fault or her favorite is "It wasn't at the Vets office when it died".

Look what Shelly wrote to a Ministry

Shelley R.'s Profile
Joel Osteen Ministries  
You have people like joel Osteen that make millions on a sunday and us as a family can not go to church cause we have no car. My husband has loss his job because of this he has another job waiting but still no car. Joel Osteen and his church could donate a car to us, I have y doubts. Shelley Ruffino 936-588-6950 Lord someone help us! In GOD we pray!

Location:  Montgomery, TX             Yelping Since April 2012
"The Lord Helps Those That Help Themselves Shelly"

           IF you purchase Rat Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer Yorkies, Miniature Pinschers or Harlequin Pinschers from Shelly Ruffino and they came from me you
WILL NOT get ACR or HPA papers as she did not/has not fulfilled her obligations in order to get those papers.    Shelly will probably throw some nothing hardship/foundation papers on them and
try to con you into believing they are worth the paper they are printed on.  Do not be fooled!!!!!!  If they are not ACR/HPA papers then you have no guarantee of lineage or accurate pedigree as
ACR/HPA has the only pedigree database for these dogs.    

     Until which time Shelly pays me in full - $17,500.00 that she owes - I have signed contracts - I will NOT release any more papers to any adult dogs and/or puppies born at Shelly's. 
     If you purchase from Shelly, then so be it, you deal with her and take your chances on NO papers.  
     If you have purchased puppies from Shelly and are unable to get your papers from her then I advise you to contact the registry and file a complaint on her. 
     Shelly is currently under a review process at ACR/HPA and I imagine the result will be for her to be banned from further registration with them and placed "Not in Good Standing".              
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#1 Author of original report

Shelley Landry-Ruffino is back in Cleveland, Texas and looking for dogs

AUTHOR: Nancy - ()

BEWARE - Shelley Landry-Ruffino from Ruffino Farms Kennel is back and operating in Cleveland, Texas.  She has contacted a breeder wanting to purchase a Harlequin Pinscher.  This is amazing since she quickly disposed of some very nice Harlies when her living situation went south and she was evicted from her previous residence in Conroe, Texas.   BEWARE of buying, selling or giving any animal to her.  Her situation is always on the bubble and dogs come and go on a rotating basis as she needs money or needs to get rid of them to move again.  

Her current address is 200 CR 3314 in Cleveland, Texas 77327

Her current phone number is 281-593-1353 but that changes regularly.

Her current email address is

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#2 Author of original report

Shelley Ruffino - Landry is back and now in Cleveland

AUTHOR: Nancy - ()

BEWARE - Shelley Ruffino or Shelley Landry is back and looking for dogs.  She contacted another Harlie breeder wanting to purchase a Brindle Harlequin Pinscher from her saying she wanted to breed and show.   This is just unbelievable after she had a whole group of this dogs that she NEVER paid for and it's only anybodys guess as to what happened to them as they were never given back to their rightful owner since she NEVER PAID FOR THEM.  

Shelley Landry
200 CR 3314
Cleveland, Texas 77327

he said she currently has a Boxer, Great Dane and Rat Terrier. 

Is using a Carrisa Baker as a reference at 713-292-3620

BEWARE - she goes through dogs like wildfire.

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#3 Consumer Comment

Has not paid all refunds

AUTHOR: maddog117 - ()

 The Ruffino farms has not paid all refunds as she said she has. Also she can not respond due to the fact that they were Evicted from their last home. I'm suprised that Co. Animal Control has not filed charges for animal cruelity.  If they would like to respond , call.

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#4 Consumer Comment

Shelley Ruffino (*Landry) busted/arrested

AUTHOR: XOXO - (United States of America)

Information on Arrest:
Court Date 03/13/13  AR 825   Landry, Shelley M.     12-276260-

No Mugshot Available

Shelley Marie Landry
Aliases: Items

Charges: Warrant Court Charge Disposition Disposition Date Bond Amount

12-276260 CCL1

CCL1     Pin # 253949   Balance $50.00    Court Cost $282.00 

Look at her aliases:  Landry, Crotty, Ruffino ......

BEWARE - This lady is unbelievable ......
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#5 Author of original report

Shelley Ruffino lied again and was a no show on 01/29/13

AUTHOR: Nancy - (USA)

Well this is redundent information just as I knew it was going to be but once again I worked my schedule around Shelley's supposed visit to return my dogs and pay me money she owes.  She told me she would be here on 01/29/13 and was a total no-show with no word what-so-ever that she had changed her mind and was NOT coming.  I thought as much but rearranged all of my other engagements to be here just in case she actually followed through.  Shelley Ruffino is a liar from the word go and she could care less who she inconveniences.   I plan to know sue her through the legal system as I am tired of playing her cat and mouse games that seem to only amuse herself as the rest of us are sick and tired of her games. 

Everybody needs to beware of purchasing any dogs/puppies from Shelley Ruffino from A2Z Rat Terriers.  If the Sire is "Lightenin" then she does not have documented papers on him with pedigree background as she has not paid for him and was not given the papers.  She may have CKC, UKCI or another hardship registry papers on him but you will have foundation bloodline puppies meaning you will have no access to past history of the bloodline, no pedigree to stand behind your lines and basically an unregistered dog from a breeder who is known to be a liar and cheat.   Beware of any Yorkies, Min Pins and/or Harlequin Pinschers she may be trying to pawn off as documented purebreds as well as she has NONE.   
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#6 Author of original report

You have NOT paid me!

AUTHOR: Nancy - (USA)

Shelley - You have not paid me as of this date.  You have called and said you will be here on January 29th with the Yorkies that you got from me that you have not paid for but have had litters out of and are now just bringing them back.  Guess I'll eat that loss of you making money on them and them being older now and me just taking them back.  Not exactly a win situation for anybody but YOU.  You've said all of the Min Pin-Harlies are gone that you owe me Money for since you can not give them back or puppy backs since you do not have the dogs.  You say you will bring me your brindle Rat Terrier male and use him to pay off the brindle puppy I purchased years ago which have never gotten.  You are to bring me $400.00 to pay for Lightening (*Rat Terrier Male) and do not forget you still owe me $200.00 from things in the past as well.  You say you will pay me $400.00 a month till everything is paid off from dogs and other things.  If you do then I WILL post here that you have met your obligations.   As of this date 01/25/13 however all I have are more promises from you to do what is right.    Please be advised that I intend to continue my crusade until which time I am fully paid back in full for EVERYTHING you owe me. 

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#7 REBUTTAL Owner of company

I have never sold a puppy to Canada

AUTHOR: Shelley Ruffino - (United States of America)

Everyone that I owed money to has been paid back for a long time. Why don't you email me and tell me who you are why are you hiding? If you know me you know my email address.
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#8 Author of original report

Shelley is still at it in 2012 - Still Scamming Folks

AUTHOR: Nancy - (USA)

Check out the newest Rip Off Report on Shelley Ruffino.  She scammed a Yorkie puppy buyer in November 2012.  This lady will not stop until we "ALL" start filing reports with the FBI Internet Scam Division and get a file built on her to shut her down. 

Do not be her next victim.

If you are already a victim or become one then PLEASE file a report with the FBI Internet Crime Division immediately.     

Please contact the USDA and report her as well.

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#9 Author of original report

Shelley Landry Ruffino - Took Puppy Buyer for ride from NM

AUTHOR: Nancy - (USA)

Here is the story of a lady from New Mexico who got took for a ride by Shelley.  Be sure and read Shelley's remarks to her about NOT sending her the puppy she paid for and NOT returning her money as well!!!!!!!!

My story all started on a monday May 21-12   I had lost my toy rat terrier of 16 years, and wanted a new puppy (toy rat terrier) on the internet I found a2z toy rat terriers. I called and reached a person named Shelley, I told Shelley I wanted a tri-colored female. She told me she was waiting on a litter any day. She told me she needed a new car and Id be doing her a favor, If I would pay for pick of the litter and pay in full. I agreed to this and payed $360.00 + paypal fees = $370.74  On May 26-12 Shelley called early in the morning and said she needed clippers for her Yorkies. Shelley told me if I would send her another $125.00 via paypal + fees she would get me a courier and pay remaining money due to the courier. Just stamp stupid on my forehead, I agreed and sent more money. Thurs May 31-12 Shelley called at 6:30am and asked me to call her when I got the message. Oh joy oh joy,  I call her back when I got up, all excited when she answers the phone I ask is my puppy born??? No she says, I called to ask you if I could borrow $70.00 I have no food and I need some hoses. Big Red Flag going off in my head. She tells me she is waiting on school money and her husband is waiting on a check. Up set I tell her no, Shelley tells me I swear to God I'll pay you back next week! I e-mail her and tell her not a penny more this is a busniess transaction for a puppy and I dont lend money to strangers. Shelley calls later and asks if I could  lend her $40.00...... Oh joy the big day is here. Shelley calls on Sat June 2-12 about 7pm your female tri puppy is here and Shelley tells  me she will send pictures in a couple of weeks when the puppys eyes are open so I can pick my puppy. She also gives me the name of a courier and a # to call to try and get the wheels rolling. 2 weeks go by and Shelley sends pictures and I pick my puppy. Stupid me I pick her name (Callie) and spend alot of money on food and toys. Well fuuny thing time is getting close for me to get my puppy. I had made contact with Shelleys couier and told Tammy the couier Id like Callie picked up at the end of July, no problem she asures me. 4 Weeks go by I cant get ahold of Shelley or the couier. Shelley has just about drove me crazy by this time. Nothing being handled in a professional maner or in a timely manor. I make arangements with small animal delivery to pick up my puppy on July 26-12 Another week goes by and Shelleys husband calls me and tells me I need to have my puppy picked up now, that Shelley is in the hospital and he's now in charge. I told Thomas I already had it all set up and the puppy was to young to get now. All up set I had it with these people. 3 days later Shelley calls and tells me shes home and back in charge. I tell  Shelley my puppy was going to be picked up on July 26-12 and I needed a health certificate. Well I guess Shelley went back to the hospital I really dont know what happend. I ve had it at this point, 3 days before my couier is to pick up the puppy my couier cancels me he will not pick her up with out the certificate of health.

I am livid Ive had it. I confront Shelley by e-mail. The next day she calls and leaves a message. This is what she said. ( I will never give you a puppy, I dont care if you payed for it, people like you should not have puppys and you'll never have 1 of mine and I'll never refund your money ) At this point I consider this a done deal. The next day I file a dispute with paypal.  There is more to the story, Shelley continued to threathen me and call me and made deals. I told her by e-mail to never contact me again. Thanks to the wonderful people at paypal I got my money back.

If you are thinking of getting a dog or puppy from Shelley Ruffino you better think again. She has hurt many people taken their money, lied, scamed, cheated, has so many excusses she could write a book.  And nothing is ever her fault. BEWARE; This is not a professional breeder. If you dig on the internet you will find out there are alot of people out there with the same story.
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#10 Author of original report

Shelly has an unhappy Puppy Buyer in California too

AUTHOR: Nancy - (USA)

Well they just keep coming out of the woodwork Shelley.  A lady from California has contacted me to tell me her horror story of dealing with you as well.  Goodness seems you are quite the piece of work.  Lucky for her she paid via PayPal and was able to get her money back since you apparently were never going to send her the puppy she paid for.   Tsk Tsk Tsk!
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#11 Author of original report

Puppy Buyer from Ontario Canada taken by Shelley Ruffino - A2Z Rat Terriers

AUTHOR: Nancy - (USA)

Report: #797418

Complaint Review: Shelley Ruffino
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Shelly Ruffino - a2zratterriers Shelly Landry, a2zratterriers, Harlequin Pinschers BEWARE of dealing with Shelly Ruffino, Shelly Landry, a2z Rat Terriers Conroe, Texas
Shelley Ruffino, BUYER BEWARE Internet, Internet 

Submitted: Saturday, November 12, 2011
Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2011
Reported By: ao83 Ontario California United States of America

Shelley Ruffino Internet Internet United States of America

Phone: 936-588-6950
Category: Dog Breeders
Shelley Ruffino, BUYER BEWARE Internet, Internet

My experience with this "breeder" has been terribly draining and time consuming. I inquired about a particular puppy from Moon(male) and Sadie(female) putting down a $75.00 deposit for the first pick of the litter.

Due date was 7/25/10. The week of 7/25/10 came and went with no puppies, I emailed Shelley on 4 separate occasions, asking whether or not Sadie gave birth yet. I was finally informed weeks later that Sadie had a very rare condition which would delay the birth date and if they were not born soon they would instead be due 6 weeks later--labeling this condition a "double heat" cycle. I searched online and asked other vets of this rare condition and every resource I spoke with said this sounded concerning and that she doesn't really understand dog reproduction.

The puppies were finally born over 8 weeks from the initial due date on 9/22/10. After visiting her website I learned that the litter was fathered by a new stud, puppies were labeled as Grant/Sadie's litter, and not Moon's. I contacted Shelley in regards to this issue to which she responded: "She (Sadie) was bred twice. I am not explaining that on the website, too hard for people to understand. Some of the pups the big ones are Moons and the little ones are Grants. That is why it took so long is because the little ones had to grow up. I am sorry if you don't understand the way it works but that is what happened." She also stated that she bred Grant to Sadie because she wanted to "make sure it took".

Those important developments were not brought to my attention until after the puppies were born.

I was informed by another highly qualified breeder that: "It is highly unethical to purposely breed a b***h to 2 different studs, and if a dual sired litter does result, it is not possible to tell which puppies belong to which sire by size alone. DNA testing of both studs and all the puppies is the only way to know for sure."

I gave Shelley a $75.00 deposit almost a year ago, and she has yet to refund it back to me. She is relentless with excuse after excuse. The following is samples of those excuses:

1st excuse: '"no problem , I will give your deposit back. You are gonna have to wait a few days we are traveling. We are moving to Florida."

2nd excuse: I really do not have it now. My husband is finally returning to work this week and on his first check you will get your money back. I promise!! I hope you are doing alright and you have a Merry Christmas!! I will send your money via money Gram through Walmart ok.. What name is on your license? I will email you with the refrence # for you to pick it up.. sorry it has taken so long. But, relocating twice has been very exspensive...Thank you for your patience!!

3rd excuse: HI, no excuses but lost your email. I will send u 100$ on the 26th. That way u will have some interest also.

Of course Oct. 26th 2011 came and went with no payment. The last response from her was: "I will put the money on my walmart card in the am and we will finally be squared away." Payment was never received and now she is no longer responding to my emails.

Shelley was given more then enough of my time, sympathy, and patience. I have finally reached the end of my rope, which why it has unfortunately come to writing this report. I hope that this will prevent other potential buyers to not make the same mistakes I made. Please save yourself the headaches and heartaches, and do plenty of research before purchasing.
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#12 Author of original report

Shelley Ruffino - Caught again

AUTHOR: Nancy - (USA)

As is my norm, I do not stand on hearsay but go to the supposed source therefore I contacted Hannah and I hate to tell you this Shelley but she is not backing your lies.  Below is what she responded to my inquiry.   The story is EXACTLY as I told it and you have been caught in another lie.   Hannah was even going to deliver them for free 'as a favor to you' so it is VERY CLEAR that you NEVER intended to give them back.  Hannah is right that you are using her as you have never had a nice thing to say about her or her dogs to me and others since you met her.  

Let's also get the story straight on the brindle you supposedly have at this time that you sent me an email on - I NEVER responded to your email so you can stop lying saying I said I did not want the puppy - I didn't respond as it would be a waste of my time as I have picked a number of puppies over the YEARS and yet I still do not have one as you keep saying they died or you sold them to somebody else when you ran out of money.  Since I plan to file suit against you for my money back - I see no reason to waste my time trying to get a puppy we both know will never be mine.    I will say again - if you have such an email where I responded back to you on the delivery of Marley's puppies then PLEASE post it - we would all love to see it. 

Did the lady in Ontario who put down a deposit who has also filed a complaint against you here on ripoffreport ever get her money back?  I believe you gave her your usual Song and Dance and then quit responding to her as well. 

Hi Nancy,

I told Shelley that you stated you did not want the dogs that have had puppies which you also put in your email that Shelley forwarded to myself. Shelley said that it wasn't worth us (My Mother & I) making the trip for roughly 6 dogs. She wanted to send all of them back including the ones that have had pups which you stated you didn't want. It was her choice not to deliver the dogs you wanted and without the payment. She said she'll "see you in court" and that is why I didn't deliver the dogs because she said she didn't want to send them.

I do not want to be in the middle of it, I have nothing to do with this, I was only wanting to do a favor to deliver the dogs. I realize Shelley is wanting to use myself as a witness but again -- I do not want to be involved in this situation.  
            ? Hannah ?
Tell me Shelley, how do you plan to give your puppy buyers the papers you promised them when you NEVER paid for the Mother dogs to be able to get the papers?  How many buyers will continue to be taken by you?  

I will be filing papers in court against you but I highly doubt you will show up for the proceedings even though you said "See You in Court".     Your other puppy buyers, who have been taken by you are going to love it to when they get to have their day in court with me and tell the Judge how you have ripped them off as well. 
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#13 Author of original report

Have 2 signed Contracts from Shelley Ruffino

AUTHOR: Nancy - (USA)

TSK TSK now Shelley - I have 2 signed contracts and they specifically say and I quote "Buyer is aware that it is their sole responsibility to get pick puppy to Seller, in a timely manner" end quote.  Of course since you SOLD those pick puppies and NEVER intended to get them to me I guess what you signed is a moot point.   

Now Shelley - those dogs were not anti-social when you got them and you mean to say that you have had many of them for over 18 months and they STILL do not like you.  Maybe YOU have too many dogs if you do not have time to get adult dogs adjusted to new surroundings.   Why is it Shelley that the dogs lived here without any issues other than the 1 food aggressive one that you were told about and had the option of not taking.   You NEVER ONCE saw any of the so-called dog fights or who killed who by what you told me - You told me you would return home after being gone and found dead dogs.  MAYBE - JUST MAYBE you should remember the past and quit leaving too many dogs running together or at the very least dogs that are not accustomed to each that will assuredly result in disagreements and we all know (*well most of us know) when you have too many dogs running together and there becomes a disagreement that it becomes a gang attack.

Who are these people who have told you bad things about me?  Come on Shelley name 'em if you are going to bring them into this - You won't because you can't because it isn't true - just another one of your many lies.    If they have issues with me then they should not have an objection of coming here and posting such an objection to back up what your saying and posting how great of a gal you are now will they?

You keep saying you would not have a mean dog that killed other dogs but I believe you still own "Buckles" your Rat Terrier that has done his fair shair of killing over the years and I imagine is to blame for the dogs that you so-called got killed at your house.   Who killed the Shih-Tzu's in Florida - wasn't any of the ones you got from me .....  Who killed all of the Rat Terriers you lost in Texas before going to Florida and then again in Florida - wasn't any of the ones you got from me .... I think I have heard everything from somebody was posioning your dogs, to spider bites killed them.  Why is it that you keep having dogs killed - sounds like irresponsible ownership to me. 

Exactly how many dogs have you lost?  Why is it that you keep telling me that your puppies don't survive or the Mom killed them?  What is going on at your house that you can't seem to raise puppies? 
You also know your lying about me saying I didn't want my dogs back.  If Hannah is also saying that then she is also lying but I do not believe she is saying that.  She called and asked if I wanted her to bring them back and I told her that the decision was between YOU and HER as I would not be paying to get them brought back as that was YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  Of course we both know you were never going to send them.  If you like I can post ALL of your emails to me where you stated over and over and over that you were sending the dogs back then would recant doing so or change the date.  It's your usual "MO".     What I did say to BOTH of you was I wanted the dogs back that had not had puppies while in your possession and the ones that had puppies for which I DID NOT get my pick puppies from because YOU SOLD THEM then you owed me the agreed upon VIA SIGNED CONTRACT $1000.00 for those as I was not in the habit of sending dogs to somebody for them to PROFIT off of then simply return the dog and expect me to call it square.  It's pretty simple math Shelley.  

NOW NOW Shelley ... you mean to tell me that you got 2 black/tans from me and one had the initals TTT in it's ear and the other SNA and you could not distinguish between those 2 but the Rescue Group that picked up the one with SNA in it could and even was able to locate me due to that Tattoo?  How hard could of it been in 8 months to be able to tell those 2 apart?  You only had 1 Tuxedo female and I repeatedly told you what her name was.   You got ONE - I repeat ONE Red female with a brown nose yet you must of asked me 50 times over the months what her name was.  NEITHER of those should of required you having to deciper a Tattoo to know their names. 

Shelley you have lied to your puppy buyers about papers and even sent one the wrong set of papers to get her off of your back not knowing she was in communication with me and KNEW you did not even have the papers to give her. 

Shelley you sold one puppy and let it go before it even had teeth to eat.

Shelley you sold one puppy and did not even tell the buyer prior to coming to get it that their pick puppy had died until they showed up to get it then just expected them to take another puppy.

Shelley you have made appointments for buyers to pick up puppies then not even been home for one excuse or another when they would show up for their puppies.

Shelley you were sent pictures of the PUPPY PEN.  You could of said you did not want it - was no skin off of my back as it wasn't mine but YOU said you wanted it and I even brought it to you.  Why did you not refuse it when it was delivered?   It is a Puppy Pen - manufactured, sold and advertised as one so why don't you stop lying about what it is? 
Shelley why don't you tell us why you keep saying your daughter keeps stealing from you then beg money and cigarettes from anybody who will give it to you?  How many times have you pulled that Con?  How many times have you not been home when puppy buyers or agents came and said your sons car broke down and you had to go get pick him up? 

Shelley, how many people do you currently owe money or puppies to?  When, if ever, do you plan to pay them? 
Shelley, how many times have you begged ME and others for money?  How many times have you called me whining that you were out of money, cigarettes and dog food?  WAY TO MANY!!!!  If you are unable to budget your funds so the dogs get fed a steady diet then you need to find homes for the dogs and quit dragging them through your instability.

Shelley, how many times were you suppose to bring me dogs and send me money to go off the Radar for days on in then say you were in the Hospital?  Shelley, how many times have you told me your Sister was always begging for YOUR pain pills?  
Shelley, how many times has Thomas called to tell me that he wanted to send the dogs back for you to call me right back and tell me that Thomas didn't have a say in your dog dealing but yet we BOTH know that it is Thomas that works his rear-end off in keeping the dogs kennels clean and the house as well.

Shelley how many times have you moved and WHY is it that you keep getting evicted as you say?   You just sent me an email saying you had to be out of your current house -  Why Shelley are you having to move AGAIN?   I think I have heard everything from you were making payments through a 3rd party that did not pay the mortgage payment to the Landlord was crazy and shot at the house to the Landlord took the fences down so your dogs all got loose to force you to move.

Shelley, where is your vehicle - didn't one get taken back?  As I recall, you refused to pay for the repairs so the car lot had to take the car back.  

Now of course Shelley, this is all based on whether or not you told the truth to me along the way but those ARE the stories you've told me. 
Shelley - since your wanting to talk about Florida - Why don't you tell us the WHOLE STORY.  How many dogs went and how many made it back to Texas?  How many times did the dogs not eat a steady diet?  Where did you get the money to move to Florida as you begged me to wire you money while you were on your trip there? 

Shelley - have you gotten your massive Student Funding yet that you kept telling me was arriving every day for which you were going to pay me back what you owe me?  

I do so love it when you respond as it just gives me a chance to tell our internet audience more and more about you.    You see - I have no ghost.  I do not have horror dog death stories to tell, unhappy puppy buyers with no papers,  I am not suspended or under review at any registries as I meet my obligations unlike you.    I have not had to mysteriously get up and move over and over and I do not sell puppies that I do not have nor do I sell puppies that are supposed to belong to somebody else.    I do not have anything in hock at a pawn shop - did you ever get your camera out so that you could take pictures of your puppies?    
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#14 REBUTTAL Owner of company

My side of Nancy Anderson's story

AUTHOR: shelley L Ruffino - (United States of America)

I have read all the lies from Nancy Anderson. First of all, the brindle that I owe her she only paid 300.00 for that puppy. I was fine with that cause I thought and boy was I wrong, a friend. My dilute blue female had puppies with my brindle, Bandit. Marley laid on all her pups at night time while I was sleeping. I then had told Nancy what had happened and I waited for the next litter which I have right now of brindles, and blue brindles. I emailed Nancy and she does not want her. Not my fault. It says on my website NO money back cause you change your mind. I might even though I do not have to give her 300.00 back not 450.00 she never gave me 450.00. The lady in Florida was a friend and she invited me to her house. I only lived there like 4 weeks and I moved out and found my own place. I came back to Texas shortly after that, there is no place like Texas and the grass is not greener on the other side. I had three litters of min pins or Harlequins. She would not come and pick her pups up and yes I was suppose to come deliver them but my engine blew and yes I have a car now. I offered to send her dogs back but she told myself and Hannah that she does not want any of the dogs anymore. Her dogs are not worth 1,000.00. I do not care who they are registered with no dog is worth that. All of her tattoos in her dogs ears most of them you can not read and even Hannah with Hannah min pins have looked in their ears but the tattoos are hard to read.

 I have never called animal control on Hannah. Nancy in fact refused at one time to talk to Hannah or Hannah's mother. She asked me a long time ago to bring her two male min pin and Harlie back and I do not have nothing to breed with. How can I give her puppies with no male? My number has only changed twice. So what. She wants me to bring every puppy that has and ever will be born from Houston to Texarkana at my expense. I might as well not breed at all cause I will be loosing all of my profits by gas money and a all day trip.

That was not aggreed upon by me. O" and the puppy kennels she brought me were NOT puppy kennels they were rabbit cages. I would NEVER put my puppies in them maybe should would but, I would not. I sold the rabbit cages for 30.00 and I gave Nancy 400.00 for them. I was ripped off. She can have all her dogs back if she comes and gets them and I will give her til November the 5th 2012

. Her dogs are NOT socialized at all. They do not listen and if they get out you can forget catching them their gone! Her dogs are mostly all anti social. It is obvious that she does not spend enough time with them, they are just a pay check. I have hundreds of happy customers and 1/3 of them are good friends of mine. I have several breeder friends that will not have any thing to do with Nancy. They warned me about her but I gave Nancy the benefit of the doubt. Boy was I wrong. I did not meet Nancy til 2009 not 2006 in 2006 I was not even living in Texas. O and by the way my spouse has nothing to do with this, at least my spouse does not cheat on me. If you want to believe a hateful person like Nancy than believe her. O and she had 3 dogs that were Harlies that killed 5 of my dogs, and 8 of Nancy's. She has mean and aggresive dogs, and she never once told me that they were aggressive except one being aggressive at the food bowl. I have been through enough of her.
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