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  • Submitted: Fri, February 28, 2003
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  • Reported By:new brighton Minnesota
LACROSSE WISC Lacrosse,milwaukee And Parts Of Minnesota, Wisconsin United States of America

Teresa Rose Page Aka Teresa Rose BreuerTERESA ROSE PAGE RIPPED OFF MY STUFF AND MY FRIENDS CHECKS IN ST PAUL MN Lacrosse,milwaukee And Parts Of Minnesota Wisconsin

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this is a long story so have about a half hour to read it. i met teresa online in the local minneapolis directory one day off america online (her screen name is paperroses411)when i wasnt doing anything but looking for someone to talk with and we seem to get along well online so it carried on to daily. when i met teresa she was living at her sisters townhouse with her three kids and the sisters kids in cottage grove minnesota in the fall of 1999, there was 9 people living in this 2br townhouse along with two dogs. teresa was driving a red and black s10 chevy blazer at the time that had a few engine problems but she wanted to get a car and had somebody that she thought would want her truck because she liked his car but wasnt sure how good of a deal it was, so we went down there to winona minnesota to meet this guy half way who was in milwaukee and i drove it and its was a nice white 85 buick park avenue and so they traded and i drove this car back, i brought my insurance papers along with on this trip because he was gonna be taking the license plates off the buick because that is what wisc people do is keep thier plates. so on the way home going thru hastings minnesota we got stopped by a cop and i gave him the title my insurance and license and told him i just bought the car for my ladyfriend.he said ok its all in order and let us go but this whole time when he pulled in behind us she was panicing over nothing. you will find out why thru this whole story. and so time went by and january came around and on jan 24th/2000 she was arrested at her sisters house, she told me it was becuase she didnt pay a fine in winona when she got a ticket for speeding,so i said no big deal it can happen,we will just pay it and be done with it but she had to pay a bail to get out of jail so someone on her side paid it for her and she went home,i never checked this out becuase i had no reason to be suspicious over it. so time goes by and i talked her into getting her own place close by so the kids could have there own rooms,after all she was getting 1500 in child support a month, so she went looking and found a new 3br in newport minnesota. a few miles away and then we went down to milwaukee and got all of her stuff out of storage there and brought it back on a uhaul, she paid for it and i drove it back(she said she has never driven a big truck)so i drove it back and so on the way back it broke down and uhaul had it towed to the new place from winona and the next day we got up and emptied the uhaul. so time goes by and she tells me craig is not paying all of his child support because he got hurt at work and i said there is nothing i can do to help because i had all my money tied up into my own house and so i tried to get her to go get help and she finds some money but it wasnt enough to pay the whole monthly price and so she started bringing up this idea of her and her two sons and daughter/and boyfriend moving in with me and i said ok but i told her that until her older 17 year old daughter appoligises to me for things she said to me a few months back over her boyfriends car,this was a big deal because this kid had no insurance or license and had her truck towed whileback in wisc,teresa and i had to go get it with my truck and two it back and josh and desire slept in the back of my truck all the way back-but anyway his license was suspended in wisc for driving infractions. but teresa would never say anything to them both to remedy this situation and well desire and josh wanted to stay with the sister in cottage grove because they worked 4 blocks from her house. so now teresa is preparing to move into my house and setting up the two upstairs bedrooms while im at work and then one day she calls and tells me that she needs me to go by her place and get the boys right away becuase they are with the neighbor upstairs and i asked why,she said she forgot about the court date for her ticket again and they were there with a bench warrant to get her. so i went over to the apartment to get the boys and she called me on her way to the jail and asked if i could bail her out,bail was 250.00 and i said yes ill come and get you after i get the boys and bring them to pams for now. i got her out and at the same time i asked the jailer what she was brought in for and he told me she has no license. in fact her drivers license was revoked by wisconsin for falsefying documents,improper insurance,improper registration and that she didnt show for court again on the winona traffic stop, so now shes out and we had a few words about it all the way home and i told her you cant drive my truck anymore to move becuase what if you get into and accident? i own a house and ill be sued and i dont wanna lose my house. so she agreed and we moved all her stuff in the evenings and this hole time. but said she owed some fines in wisc and couldnt pay them so i said well lets find out how you have to pay them and we can use a little of your child support money to take care of it now. she never did she just left it alone. now she has moved into my house and the first month went really well but then all of a sudden two weeks go by and its a friday, i had a 150.00 from the weekend before that she gave to me for her food so i had it in my wallet and i was gonna put it into the bank but first i asked her if we were gonna go to her friend chucks place(chucks wife died and they were friends for years)so she said no and i said on then im putting this money in the bank tomorrow and when i got to the bank there that friday morning i found i was missing 100 dollar bill,this was tucked inside of a 50 dollar bill and folded into quarters and put in my credit card wallet. so when i got to work i thought how can i find out what she did with it,so i called her clinic and talked to the girl there,she knew me becuase i just met her a few weeks before and i told her what was up and she hesitated to tell me but then i asked -did she pay with a 100 dollar bill or some other way-she said with the 100 dollar bill. now i go home at the end of the day and say to her,i lost a 100 bucks this morning on my way to work if you see it laying around here, let me know and maybe you can ask the boys if they seen it,immediately she got huffy and said what are you accusing me of taking it. well naturally that opened the door, so i said "yes i guess you could say that because i know you didnt have but 15 bucks and were waiting for your support check. this morning was also the day she was to pick up her methadone treatments,she always told me that it was for her contacts because they were disposables but i had no reason to doubther.so she got mad and said why dont you trust me,i know said well ya know, there is a box in the basement storage room that has been taped shut by me for years and i noticed last weekend that it had been opened and dug thru and that my file cabinet was gone thru. so the weekend went by and i kept my eye on her all weekend until sunday came and she spent all weekend up stair with the boys and i discovered that she had alot more to hide i think then i wanted to know. so i called her down and told her i think its best you take what you need to get yourself by and ill let you come by in the evenings to get your stuff, we argued a little and she got all teary eyed but i wasnt falling for it,i knew now she was trouble. i told her to give me the key to my house and just leave. so she did. so she packed her car twice and took it too her storage locker and then came back and packed her car and left to her sisters place. there was also another car in my driveway that i got for her from a guy at my work because the engine was blown but the transmission was rebuilt so i was gonna take this tranny out and put it in her car, but i never did so she filled this car with some of her stuff too that she wanted to take with her when she had it towed but it never got towedso i pushed it out into the street and called the police and they called her an told her its parked on the street and she has 72 hours to move it but there was an overnite parking ban and they could tow it anytime but they didnt so it sat for 6 days and the police finally got back to it and towed it away. this was a holiday weekend and so i sat around all weekend for fear that maybe she would break into my house and on sunday when she left it was late in the afternoon so i couldnt get time to go buy locks and then monday came and i called my mom to have her stay at my house on tuesday while i was at work in case teresa showed up and so mom had my sister there to keep her company and she was getting wrestless and wanted to go home(joy has a head injury) so mom left and took joy home and on her way down the street on the way back to my house she passed teresa in the passengers seat of a taurus wagon with a red trailer, well this was teresa's neice from rollingstone minnesota, so my mom got to the house and called and told me that teresa broke in and got alot of stuff and she must have used a duplicate key because there was no lock damage and when i got home i thought the same that she had made before she gave me back her set she had. when i got home i called the mounds view police out to make out a police report and they did and i made a list of what she stole and dropped it by the police station and then i got ahold of my insurance and they asked me for a list and proof of the stuff that was missing, so i furnished them with the list and afew weeks later they called and said they were mailing my check to me, she had stolen 2800.00 dollars of my stuff from my house. and then i remembered that she had her storage locker still, so i went by there and he told me that it was going to auction and i said when and i went to the auction and bought the locker for 15.00 bucks and then i turned to this young girl who wanted the bedroom furniture and a few other things --i told this girl, here you can have everything thats in the locker and she hugged me and i laughed and left,three guys asked me what i was doing and i told them this story and they laughed too. paybacks a b***h!! but wow did it feel good. oh not all of my stuff was in the locker just a few pairs of pants and some coats but they were paid for so i let it go. now when i kicked her out of my house i didnt call her or harrass her at all,i called her one day and asked when she was gonna come and get her stuff out of my driveway and in my house and she hung up on me. but anyway about a week later i get this deputy at my door with an order for protection and we talked and i told her i went to school for law enforcement and that i was a volunteer park patrol officer for the park department where i lived and she asked what this was about and i told her, she laughed and then she left and i called sgt jerry to swing by and look at this, he already got his copy that morning and he laughed to and said dont worry about it. after he left i called a friend for her support.i dated her before teresa. now im on the phone talking and we went out and had dinner and talked and i told her what happened and she proceded to tell me her story. it goes like this, she was telling me that teresa was driving around her house on the east side of st paul in my truck and my car in the day time when i was at work, i said oh come on patricia your just being jealious so we talked more and then two weeks went by and patricia and myself were talking daily again but then i called her one day and she got cold and i said whats wrong and she said the bank called and said some girl with long blonde hair and bangs went into her bank that day and tried to cash a check for 500.00 that was wrote out in cash and that the mem said casino on it but she didnt get the money. i was shocked so i ran to her house and looked at what she had and so patricia went to the bank the next day and seen the document and i looked at it and said wow that looks like teresa's handwriting, so i got the order for protection papers and matched them to the writing and they were d**n close, now time has gone by and we are scrambling to get this reported to the st paul police but the cop comes out and never makes a report for it to be investigated and so patricia calls again two weeks later talks to the officer about it and he didnt know she wanted him to file a report and so the cop comes out and does the paperwork,we call and complain about this cops bad judgement, and now the ball is rolling, i get to talk to the investigator for st paul police and he tells me he knows the name of the girl we are talking about from the past but he wouldnt say anymore. so now patricia and taking time to get this issue at her bank handled and the bank didnt do anything because teresa never got any money-althought its a crime for attempt this branch manager for us banks in st paul wont file a report. so i call the branch manager and tell her whats going on and she wont budge to press charges. so i let it go and now checks start coming in and now i have to go to court against teresa for this order for protection that she completely lied on, we told the judge our stories and i brought my ex wife of 14 years to court and she also said that teresa contacted her attorney and lied to her over things that i was hiding during the divorce, well the facts were that my ex already had these things in her own home. so the judge said she wasnt sure what to think or do but she wasnt gonna give teresa two year order i said i dont care what you give her because i have done nothing wrong and so she got a year but i couldnt say anything about this theft or the fact that we were on to teresa for this crime or it would never catch her in it. so time goes by and the checks are rolling in and the cops catch a few people and one said she got them from the chic at some rehab clinic,well this is the drug clinic teresa goes to, i didnt know she was on methadone for a pill addiction because she was still taking ephedrine tablets over the counter. so they release the guy and girl they arrested. a few weeks later they nab a car speeding from mpls to menomenie. teresa's girlfriend lives here in a homeless shelter and im guessing teresa stayed there for awhile when i kicked her out of my house. and when they arrested these two kids(boys) there was a purse in the back seat of the car and in that purse were checks belonging to patricia. they were released also because the purse didnt belong to them and neither did the chevrolet cavalier. now this case is in full bloom and teresa decides to go to cub foods in new brighton mn near my home and write a stolen check for 100.?? in change for meat and she is on video coming into the lot and entering the building and leaving the building and the lot in a green ford ranger pickup with a black male driver. now the cubs security calls and says he has video and to come and see it,patricia and i run fast over to the cub store and look it over and guess what? its teresa but you cant see her face and most of the cam shots are far away but i could tell it was her and police wont spend this kinda time getting te proof but teresa has a skinny high calf on her leg and i know the white coat she was wearing because i bought it for her. so then a few more weeks go by and im over at patricia's house and she gets a series of phone calls from an east side or st paul address and a state of minnesota office at 4 or 5 am in the mornings a few times, i seen them on the message center. now these came thru as blocked the first time and then the second time it came thru with a name so i called to get the phone number of that name and then i called the woman and come to find out teresa had been staying up the block with a relative i found this out because i went by and shook up this little black man about her looks and her car and so on and he told me she was dating his nephew and living down the block a few days. i watched the house on fremont that i stopped at for 2 weeks and then i went to patricia's one day after work to do some work before she got home and when i pulled into the alley this green ford stepside ranger pickup pulled thru the alley so i backed up and noticed it was a black man and then i sped off down the street and followed this guy,i was in my new car and he didnt know who i was and guess what? he went to the fremont street and drove past this other house i was at and went to the top of the hill and turned around and came towards me, i passed him and i turned around and he got out of his truck and went into the house. this house is just 5 or 6 houses down from the house i had my chat with the little dude at and so i stopped and yelled out the window and said now i know where you live and so i sped off and kept my eye on this house for many weeks and one day i had a day off and went to have lunch with patricia and i drove by this house and the black dude with the ranger actually pulled up in a white ford excort with a state of minnesota parking sticker in the back window so i left and told patricia what i found and she wanted to see so i showed her where they lived and she was just shocked and now we know why they knew when i was at her house because she would get phone calls all night. as it turns out teresa had been stalking patricia's house and my house with these shifty black people she was hanging out with and they would drive by my house and one time teresa was in the back seat or a grey buick as it drove by my house and with a huge hat on and thought i wouldnt recognize her but it was the same baseball hat she would wear when she went to her clinic because she didnt wanna be recognized because she was involved with the local theft ring in the cities here,so patricia and myself both sold our houses and moved to other areas. now back to this order for protection, teresa showed up at my house with the police to get her stuff and this was before we went to court and the cop said to me that she was there to get her stuff and this was also the day my ex wife and myself were to go thru the house and split up our stuff for the court decision and teresa showed up just to make a scene but i talked with the sgt jerry and told him she wasnt getting anything until we went to court, so she left for a few hours and hung out nearby thinking she would wait a few hours but when i helped the ex move her stuff from the house to her apartment teresa called my house and asked where i was to my mom and she said he isnt here so she called my cell from a payphone and wanted her stuff and theatened me my four friends heard her on the cell phone so i had mom stay at the house while i was gone and when teresa made the threat i called sgt jerry back out to the house and we got there at the same time and he told the other cop at the end of the block where teresa is that, if she comes down this street she is going to be arrested for obstructiing justice, these cops all knew me because i worked with them for the summer. so this court thing wasnt gonna happen before we knew what was going on with this check thing at first. now im trying to prolong this issue in court so that we have time to get teresa on the charges and so we can keep her here locally because she is gonna want her stuff before she flees town but i cancelled court once and then we went and it got continued again and then we had our case heard because that was all the time ihad to hold it up. but she got her order and then she came to get her stuff and she sat the whole time calling me names and making fun of my family and all i could do was laugh becuase i could see the crap in her head that had been built up all her life because i was seing all the people around her now trying to avoid her like the plague. now all of this has passed and teresa has changed vehicles again and been stopped many times and the summer of 2002 she got a dwi in wisc. and she has even had some clown try to kick my butt but he got his own beat instead--haha teresa next time find a guy you know that can do the job!!!

in court she told the judge that she was pregnant with my kid, and that i was harrassing her and threatening her on the phone and that i beat her up-she went to the police station two days after i kicked her out and tried to file a report but they laughed at her becuase she wasnt hurt on the outside, she said she had a witness and it was her daughter and that she seen the bruises on her arms,well they still said we cant go by what you said you have we need to see these marks--its all in the proof lady he told her, i laughed because she wasnt hurt at all. the court case is in washington county court records file number f9-00-005049 but i filed an appeal because i felt this was wrong and i lost becuase i didnt know what i was doing when i hired my lawyer but now i do and this wont happen to me again. but the appeals case is in minnesota and that file number is c1-00-1856. i lost because the family violence network represented her in court and all the way thru to the other charges she tried to have me charged for. yes there is more.. i talked to her ex husband on the phone a few times and we got along well now that we both seen what she was about and things were starting to come around but i asked him to send apicture of anthony to him becuase it was of his fish he caught fishing with me and craig said ok no problem and time went by and i called a few weeks later to make sure he got it and he told me i got bad news the cops where here yesterday because of the picture,the son told teresa that he got this from me and teresa got on the phone and called winona police to get me arrested for violation of the order for protection but ya see i had permission from the father. so winona sent a teletype up to the police in my area to pick me up and they showed at my doorand so i let him in and we talked and i todl him this case was on appeal at the state ourt of appeals and that this girl has a long criminal record and he told me he checked her out before he came out so i told him to talk to my attorney i have no comment so he said ok and left, then about 15 minutes later he came back with another officer and i asked him thru the window what was up and he said that winona county wanted them to pick me up on suspicion of breaking the order for protection, so we i said suspicion and he said yes and i said well go back to the station and come out when you have an actually arrest warrant that shows proof, so he says you mean your not gonna let me in and he was shaking his head no at the time and i said your right,so they left and i never heard a thing for two weeks then i got a letter to appear in court for this so called violation. now i called craig again and asked what happened and he told me and as we were talking he told me the boys were living with him now and i said what? you have custody of them and he said yes i do and i said is that on court record and he said yes, so now ya see teresa dont have a leg to stand on at all and well now she has lied to the cops down there and they wont be happy over. so i called the prosecutor and told him about this on going theft thing she was involved in and he wanted me to send him the story so i shipped him the story on paper and he read it and then he backed off a little and said that he has dealt with this woman before and that i should call the attorney and have him call him.so i had my attorney call him and he agreed to drop the charges but he also sent us a letter for future use in case she tries again and this letter basicly says that this prosecutor dont take her word for any amount in a grain of salt!! case dismissed!! now from the time that teresa took out her order until the next few months she tried to have me charged for another incident and that went like this. one day her daughter 16 at the time and her boyfriend 18 at the time were sitting on the couch in the livingroom of the apartment while teresa and myself were packing and moving stuff to myhouse while she was moving out of this apartment she was in, well anyhow i asked josh we an able bodied young man couldnt get up and help his girlfriend's mom and her boyfriend move things down to the truck and his reply was f*** off,i dont have to help anyone if i dont want to, on this day it was 92 outside and we were all hot. but anyway i said to him ya know josh some day somebody who isnt in your family is gonna kick that mouth of yours in, why would you say that to me did i say anything bad to you. his reply was as he got up off the couch and siad why you wanna try and i said oh brother here we go so josh got in my face and i said im not gonan fight with ya josh so just sit down and take a load off and cool your jets but he didnt instead he got in my face and started talking a bunch of crap and i warned him to get out of my face this wasnt the way to solve anything and i told him josh if we end up fighting one of us is gonna get hurt and just then desire reached and punched me in the side of the jaw and i laughed and grabbed them both and tossed them over the diningroom table and while still holding on to them i thru them towards a plater and they fell and i then bailed out of the room and headed for the truck and waited 5 minutes so i would cool off and i went back upstairs and told teresa im leaving you can either stay here in this mess or come with me but if you stay then i ll leave itall on he pavement outside. so she ran as fast as she could and we left and on the way home i told her that her daughter wasnt allowed at my house ever for this. and teresa got home and called desire and said what the hell were you thinking and she said that she called the police to file a report because she was hurt and teresa said you started this mess and you know it. so the cop for the city of newport went to the apartment and talked with desire and josh about it and desire told him that she hit me first to create a diversion between josh and nyself but she never thought i would react like that and then she got a superficial scratch in the scuffle. the cop called me and i told him she hit me so he never did anything about it becuase i said just let it go,well teresa went down and tried to have me charged for assault,but ya see that was also dropped becuase the prosecutor never read the officers report, i brought a copy ith and she read it and got so mad she went and told the family violence counselor that were gonna have to go to trial because he has a report that says the daughter started the physical part and i had a atty and she wasnt taking any charges against me,so this was dropped to after several visits to the court in cottage grove minnesota. well i have wrote this story out detail for detail and on paper its 10 pages long line for line and ihave a box with all of her records in it for driving,court and her civil records too--she has been sued many times in wisc courts for many things and she has an outstanding attorney balance that she never paid, this girl told me that her moms boyfriend tried to have her charged for stealing the mothers jewelry out of her place in lacrosse and teresa and mom havent talked for years. teresa also got stopped by a cop in wisc and she lied to the cop about who she was,she told the cop that she was pam osley(her sister) the cop called pam and talked to her on the phone and pam told the officer i assure you that i am the real pam osley and that the girl in your car is my sister teresa page. so the cop arrested teresa and towed her van away. i called the store manager in cottage grove where teresa wrote out her bad check on her own account and she said she had her prosecuted for that check and i even met this woman so that i could get more details and after that i never talked to her so i dont know if they ever got their money for the check or not but im guessing they didnt becuase of the evidence of teresa's outstanding debt with the people in civil courts. well ive said enough about this girl and all i can say is, people beware because the snakes are out there. one more thing to the family and friends of teresa-you people have all known her all her life and known what she has done to you or somebody else but be careful around her and watch out for your stuff, she will steal it and hock it,i know becuase she got her computer out of hock in some small town by winona, when she got her 3br apt when i met her. she cant be trusted!!!! to all local law enforcement that have helped me in my cases against her,thank you for all the help. for patricia who lost alot of time and dignity in this,sorry this happened to you but im on your side and hopefully someday there will be justice for this.

William new brighton, Minnesota

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