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Complaint Review: TJ Constantine, IDA Marketing, Inc. Timothy (Tim) J. Constantine or Tim Constantine of TDC Marketing LLC and International Extreme Marketing LLC...known associates Heather Keener and Alexander Farnsworth, (aka Tim, TJ, T.J., T. J.), TJ Constantine IDA

  • Submitted: Fri, September 04, 2009
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  • Reported By: Scam Cop — Chicago Illinois USA
  • TJ Constantine, IDA Marketing, Inc. Timothy (Tim) J. Constantine or Tim Constantine of TDC Marketing LLC and International Extreme Marketing LLC...known associates Heather Keener and Alexander Farnsworth, (aka Tim, TJ, T.J., T. J.), TJ Constantine IDA
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TJ Constantine, IDA Marketing, Inc. is an MLM SCAMMER with a significant history to prove it... formerly known as Timothy (Tim) J. Constantine or Tim Constantine of TDC Marketing LLC and International Extreme Marketing LLC... known associates Heather Keener and Alexander Farnsworth, (aka Tim, TJ, T.J., T. J.), Tim and Deborah Constantine, TDC Marketing LLC, International Extreme Marketing LLC, MLM/PONZI SCAMMER with a significant history to prove it. He ROBBED former Team Members of their money and dreams. He has never been successful in business except for scamming people out of money. Internet

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This idiot is at it again!  If you do a search on you will find the true nature of the way he does business by doing a search under his former business name of TDC Marketing LLC.  There are a significant amount of testimonials from former team members in his previous business to discredit his name...thus the reason why he had to change it from Tim Constantine (middle name Joseph) to TJ Constantine, so no one could do a search and find any derogatory information about him. 
The video he uses in his websites are typical of his previous business before in the sense that he likes to shoot them of him "sitting out by the pool".  His previous videos were of him sitting by the pool at the house that he is now foreclosing on in Boca Raton, FL (you can search public record at under Timothy Constantine to verify).  The reason he is losing that home and almost everything he had was because several of his team members found out that he was misappropriating there investment funds for buying leads to work their business and instead was using the money for his own personal expenses.  Since they had prepaid for the leads that he never delivered, they charged their credit cards back and he lost everything he owned because of all of the illegitimate revenue that he tried to steal from his team members, but in the end was exposed and caught and had to return their money. 
The irony of his current video (if you look closely) is that he IS sitting by the pool when he tells you about the wonderful opportunity that he is involved in, but it is certainly not HIS pool. As you can tell it is some kind of public pool or one you might find in an apartment complex....yet another discredit to the past "SUCCESS" that he claims.  This is typical smoke and mirrors to give you the illusion that he lives a wonderful life of leisure and success as a result of his businesses (nobody successful and in their right mind sits by a PUBLIC pool and does a video to show what a relaxing lifestyle they live).   Yet another sign of someone who doesnt even have the wherewithal to believe that there are smarter people in the world who can see right thru him.   It is also the sign of someone who doesnt think in the true detailed fashion of an actual successful business person.   And the 6 figure income and successes that he refers to in his past were not from the actual opportunity that he represented (ask him for his W2s and 1099s to verify), but instead were from all of the scam sales that he made for selling leads that he never delivered to his Team. 
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....and I am sure there will be more based on his typical guerrilla marketing tactics thru email marketing , conference calls and empty promises.  Look carefully at this guy and you will see that his lines are rehearsed and a total BS story and he, in no way, presents himself in a way that any successful business person would present.  He plays on the idea of "relating" to the common man, but any well educated business person would definitely steer clear of a "Snake Oil Salesman".  Beware of "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing", because this guy is an EXPERT Scam Artist.....until he gets caught.  Ask questions to get him to verify his claims and don't just accept verbal answers.....get some cold, hard physical documented proof (I guarantee, not only will you stump him, but he has nothing to show for his claims).  This is a desperate man, who can't get a job and knows nothing better than to make his living off of lying to other people leading them to believe that he lives an exceptionally comfortable life working from home.
Don't forget....check this website, and search under TDC Marketing LLC and you will see some of the previous testimonials that discredit this man.  Additionally, Google Timothy Constantine, 11320 Lake Tree Court, Boca Raton, FL 33498 and you will find all of his previous information.  And of course you can do a search under to verify that his previous home is in foreclosure . 
Do your due diligence and avoid this man and any of his Associates like the plague.  Anybody that supports him 9 chances out of 10 were in his previous business or at least knows about it and are probably just as dishonest as he is....his closest Associates thru it all were Alexander Farnsworth and   Heather watch out!
Good Luck and I hope you find a true opportunity with some truly successful and honest LEADERS.
Here are the testimonials listed here on regarding TJ Constantine and his former businesses and aliases (THESE WERE COLLECTED BY ONE OF HIS CLOSEST ASSOCIATES WHO EVENTUALLY TURNED TIM (TJ) IN FOR HIS ILLEGAL PRACTICES).  His former partners were Alexander Farnsworth and Heather Keener and they are thick as thieves, knowing full well what Tim did to his former team members.  Don't believe the hype of his "successes".  This guy doesn't have a pot to piss in.  He has absolutely nothing to prove or show for his "so-called successes".  Ask to see the deed to his current home and take you on a tour (his home in Boca Raton is in can verify it on under Timothy is listed in public court records).  His Yukon truck was repossessed and he is on the verge of bankruptcy.  Ask to see the W2 or 1099 from Herbalife and Agel (the other MLM businesses he was in), and you will see that he never made a 6 figure income from those businesses.  He scammed his team members into buying overpriced leads from him to "build" their businesses and took the money and under delivered poor quality leads and used the rest of the revenue for his own personal gain....he got caught by his team and lost everything he owned as a result....that's the truth about what happened in his last business.  You can also do a search under TDC Marketing on this site to see all of the other reports.  Here is a copy of the other report against Tim and TDC Marketing:
Testimonial 1:  I was totally smitten to say the least by Tim Constantine and Alex Farnsworth story and was not working another job at the time. I personally took out a $20,000 loan from my mom's boss to try to get my business funded. I applied the model of sending out mass packages to these "great" leads and received little success. When the lead price went up "again" I knew something else was going on. I took myself out of the "Serious Players" program and had to stop working the business because all of the $20,000 went to part of the Agel business and then a ton of leads that I never received or never panned out. I had figured something was going on and stopped working my business because of it. I have never been able to regain the capital or anything to continue the business. I totally believe in the Agel product itself and am still a frequent user of it. It irritates me to no end that because of my upper leadership, my business was helped along in the failing process. I could have used the rest of the money I borrowed and put a personal guarantee on to work the business my way...I was completely shunned once I stopped putting money into the leads and such. I applaud you for your honesty and realize that my back up doesn't mean much as Tim Constantine would just surely put the "he didn't properly work the business" spin on it. Well, from someone who religiously was on serious player calls and sent hundreds of packages out (even when Canada packages had a terrible time) and made many, many, follow-up appointments and such(Tim Constantine can open his schedule book and show everyone my many appointments). I back you up 1000% and believe that things may have been going on behind the scenes. I just wanted to be one of the few you will probably hear from that thinks what you are doing is a positive and hopefully something will come of this Agel investigation. Testimonial 2:  The closing rate could only be approximately 5%; you now state that Tim's rate is 7%, close enough. Also, we were extremely suspicious as to why we were practically bludgeoned into purchasing Tim Constantine leads (which, by the way, were horrible completed or not) And at $120 per lead!!!!!???? We have documentation of the approximately $15,000 - 20,000 we spent in just 3-4 months which includes all the costs of signing up ..........all the while we suspected that you were having the wool pulled over your eyes and could feel your frustration. This guy ripped us off! I worked very, very hard at getting my business off the ground BUT I knew that it wasn't going to work his way....apparently I was correct as you stated Tim Constantine many failings in your letter. It wasn't about our "attitude" or our getting people to sign on as much as it was to keep buying leads to fill Tim Constantine pockets until he could bail out and blame everyone else for the debacle of his company (which he will do - I'm certain). Testimonial 3:  My hat's off to you for being honest. I joined Agel last year and I can tell you that after investing over $7,000 into leads and listening to the Monday night calls, I started getting the vibe that something just wasn't on the up and up with Tim Constantine.
Testimonial 4:  I started suspecting something at least a year ago when the prices for leads started going through the roof and especially when I saw the Team-Extreme DVD - no successful person would have the personal presentation that Tim Constantine did and be believable as a person with class and money - and not taping it from their wonderful home was a red flag too. My reaction was one of panic that a New Jersey street thug was my leader - I felt sick but kept on going. I started backing out of buying too many more leads, refused to buy self-help books and did not want to attend anything that would link my name and his. And of course, I stopped listening to those extremely repetitive phone calls with the cheerleaders and the testimonials. I was surprised that the announcements of new leaders on the team did not match his claims on the phone calls. Seems like every time I turned around Tim Constantine was trying to strong-arm and guilt-trip us all into buying a set of lessons or a self-improvement course, etc. Reminded me of a "salvation show" where the fault is entirely ours if we were not successful since we did not give him our last dime to be brainwashed. I especially never wanted to hear YEEE HAAA again - what kind of classy person does that and think it's motivational?
Testimonial 5:  And why do you think I quit Agel? I was going bankrupt buying Tim Constantine $1000 lead packages on my legal secretary job. I finally realized that I needed "quality training in how to do network marketing", not "cheerleading". Network marketing is a tough business where 97-98% fail. With the individuals I was asked to "follow", how would I have ever succeeded? Testimonial 6:  (THIS ONE IS A BIG ONE FROM ONE OF HIS CLOSEST ASSOCIATES) - As you probably know, I've known Tim Constantine since our Herbalife days. I trusted all he told me back then and followed any and all advice he gave me on purchasing expensive leads from that system and going on to lose more money than I wish to think about..however at the time I believed Tim Constantine was successful with that business and when he introduced me to Agel, I trusted his judgment and followed him over. I fell into the same trap I did with him and Herbalife. Tim Constantine knew how much money I had lost to that system and had me believing that he would never let that happen to me again. As time went on however I saw the same patterns forming. The leads got more and more expensive, team members couldn't afford to play the game for more than a few months before running out of money and I knew I had to get out and get my team members out. I had come to the realization that Tim Constantine had never been successful in anything and that he never would be and as long as I was connected to him in some way that I also would never be successful. That's when I ran as far away from him as I could. Early this year I came to learn many truths about Tim Constantine and Alex Farnsworth. At first it was hard to believe and I struggled with that. I had actually thought of Tim Constantine as a friend. We had had many talks as friends through the past years working together, and so I trusted him. I never thought he would take advantage of me in any way. Seeing for myself the emails he had sent to Lana and the way he had treated her and spoken to her after all these years of knowing her and working with her, started it all off. When someone told me truths about Tim Constantine, I had to listen. I knew that she knew Tim Constantine quite well so if she was saying these things, they had to be true!!! Then I got firsthand experience with Tim Constantine fury. There was a time early this year that I needed cash flow to pay for a medical device for my son. I had money tied up with Tim Constantine for leads owed to me. Money he had in his possession for months because he never delivered leads owed in a timely way. I asked him for the money back and he told me he couldn't give me my money back because he had no money to give me. What money he did have he needed to use to move his own business forward. He told me to sell my leads at a discount to my personal team members. What I learned was that as long as you are producing new team members for Tim Constantine or as long as he feels you can provide him with something he needs, such as money, he's your friend. You see, I set up and upgraded 2 of the auth smtp accounts that Tim used for email Marketing . They were in my name. I paid to upgrade them and Tim Constantine used them as he wished. I was to be compensated for the thousands of dollars I spent doing that, by receiving leads. I later found out from Tim Constantine himself that most of the leads I received were, in his words crap!! He had some excuse about it wasn't his fault, it was the lead company.blah, blah, blah..Tim Constantine was always full of excuses. The reason I had set up and continued to upgrade these accounts in the first place was because authsmtp used paypal to collect their payments. Tim Constantine had bad credit with paypal. In fact Paypal wouldn't even allow Tim Constantine to use their service at all. He would ask me to do him a favor and take care of it for him..and I did..stupidly!! Earlier this year when I found out about all the money Tim Constantine was making off of team members from leads etc, I cut him off of the only account left that he hadn't had shut down from spamming. He tried coercing me and then tried tricking me into letting him back into the account. He sent an email out to the team, insinuating that I wasn't being reputable with the CDN package service. When I wouldn't do what he wanted he told me I would never see the money he owed me. At the time Tim Constantine owedand still does owe me, well over $400 for information packages I had sent out for him, his brother Doug, Misty and Alex Farnsworth as well as thousands of dollars for the upgraded authsmtp I set up for him. This was just what he owed me for materials and shipping costs. It didn't include my time put into getting them put together and driving to the post office to send them off. (Just in case you are passing this email on to anyone who doesn't know me and they are reading this.I started up and ran the Canadian shipping depot for the team extreme package service). In regards to anything I may be able to add. I do know that last year during the qualification period for the Agel cruise, it was a time when Tim Constantine had encouraged many of us to invest in an abundance of leads. At the time the lead flow was very, very slow. Tim Constantine would consistently tell the team that the lead flow was slow and that he was doing everything he could to correct that so that we all could get enough leads to recruit enough people to all qualify for the cruise. At the time, I know I was sending out many Canadian packages for Tim Constantine and Alex Farnsworth. I was questioning how there could be so many Canadian leads and packs going out for those guys. We know that the percentage of Canadian leads to US leads and packs going out was quite significant. If I sent out 10 CDN packs most likely 30 US packs went outso I knew Tim Constantine and Alex Farnsworth were sending out a TON of packs when the rest of us couldn't get any leads. At the time, I didn't really know what to do with this information and just sat on it. When I first found out about Tim Constantine, I still defended him to a certain degree. I kept saying that maybe he wasn't all bad and that maybe he didn't realize what he was doing to people financially. That has long since changed.Tim Constantine knew my financial situation. He knew we had tens of thousands in medical bills to pay for. He knew I was borrowing money to buy his leads with the promise that he was going to help me make all the money I could possibly need. He knew I couldn't afford to go into any more debt. Tim has a way about himsome may call it charisma. He is able to make people believe whatever he says. Tim Constantine knew I would take any advice he gave and would do whatever he told me I needed to do to move my business forward. He knew I trusted him. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He knew he was making unfair amounts of money off of me yet he continued to do it. I know I wasn't alone with this. He did this with every team member that came along.
Testimonial 7:  I can't say that I was too surprised when I read your email. I had purchased 9 Premium Completed Leads (with 3 free) back on April 18th. It took almost 2 weeks before I was given 2 leads. I contacted them via email and both said they weren't interested. I didn't even get a chance to talk to them. Finally, on May 14, a month after I purchased the leads, I decided to cancel the rest of the order....mainly because I felt all 12 of my leads should have been delivered to me by then. And then it took another month to get my refund. I figured at the time, something fishy was going on. My direct upline had the same experience. And the one call that Tim Constantine was suppose to be on...he wasn't. We both felt that $110 per Premium Completed Lead was a bit expensive, but if the 20% to 30% sign up rate was true, it would be worth it. After not being even able to talk to my leads and the slow delivery, and with my upline having the same issues, we decided to take the money and try starting our own site for people to visit. Testimonial 8:  (ANOTHER BIG ONE FROM ANOTHER ONE OF HIS CLOSEST ASSOCIATES) - I appreciate your candid email regarding your business relationship with Tim Constantine, and am grateful that you took the time to let me know about it, as I have been aware of Tim Constantine irresponsible and downright unethical practices for years, and knew that the time would come where he would need to be stopped.
See, I met Tim Constantine in Herbalife back in 2003 through a team leadership event, and considered him friend. We went through some of the exact issues that are happening here with Agel, over at Herbalife, and at that time, Tim Constantine was on the other end, broke, on the verge of Bankruptcy due to the high cost of leads and what it took to run the Herbalife business through our team system.
From the beginning here in Agel, he has used his story from Herbalife of how he walked away from a 6 figure income to be part of Agel, which every part of his story is a complete falsehood. He never even walked away from Herbalife; Herbalife took his distributorship from him. It was not a big loss, as he had a handful of people left of his team, and a royalty that wouldn't even pay his car payment. His life was a financial nightmare when he get started with Agel. His years with Herbalife did teach him something, and that was how the person who ran and owned the system was the one making the money. He has employed everything he learned over here, and has now become the person he complained so much about over there. It is a complete and total shame to see how he has scammed so many people out of so much money, using Agel's good name to do it.
I hope that Agel takes heed and follows their own Code of Ethics and eliminates the destruction he is causing to these poor peoples lives that joined with a dream of being successful. Under his system, they will never have a chance. Many of the top system owners in Herbalife were sued and lost everything because of their poor business practices and Herbalife also paid dearly for that. They now have a book of policies on permissible conduct on internet marketing and systems. Including that the team leader or owner of the system is NOT allowed to make any money off the system, just enough to break even. Well, we both know Tim Constantines system is cashing in, and it will only take one wise person to sue him and move on to sue Agel, and every time, they lose.
It didn't take me long to figure out what he was trying to do, and I spent my time trying to make sure that he would not profit from my team members. The stress became too overwhelming and I finally realized that I would never build the Agel business because my complete focus was on not making Tim Constantine a dime.
There are so many wrong doings on Tim Constantine part, frankly I don't know where to start and endbut, I will be as pointed as possible: He is selling a system to people that has never been approved by the company, which is against Agel's policy: 15:5 which states he must have written approval from the company prior to distribution. Never has Tim Constantine websites been approved, nor his DVD or anything else for that matter. He took it upon himself to disregard their policy and just create his own materials without consent. And all the innocent team members come on believing he is in compliance to the rules and regulations of Agel.
Back when I was involved, on every conference call, he would use his success with Herbalife to give him credibility, which was all false statements, and then proceed to promote his lead system and inflate the actual results that people were getting to coerce others to buy his leads. I am certain this would fall under Agels Ethics policy 11.2
It is absolutely Fraudulent to send out emails and get on calls saying, I signed up this many people this weekend from the leads, when he knew he was lying, but just trying to increase revenue for his lead business. I had access to his back office and could see that he was just telling lies to get people to buy more leads.
It is completely unethical to charge such an inflated price for a lead such as $70.00 for a lead that cost him between free (because he stole it from his former boss) or @$20.00 This speaks loudly to his moral character. More importantly, promote that if you buy 10 of these $70.00 leads you will sponsor 3 executives, which was just a made up number he came up with and could never validate. I was what he called a heavy hitter and I never came close to those numbers, so how in the world could the average person do this. It was just a number that sounded good to Tim Constantine, so that people would buy more leads, and then he would tell them they must be doing something wrong if they are pulling those numbersShame on him.
His other business is sending the packs out, and he charges way too much for that as well. He takes them for all he can. I will stop there, but as you know the list goes on and on. He has ruined many good people with his expensive leads, and unknowingly, they leave Agel, thinking it was the company, but truly if they had been sponsored under someone else, than in Tim Constantine team, they would have had a chance. I do have a long history with Tim Constantine, and it was very hard for me to see him go down this road, but truly it is time have him stopped. He certainly is damaging the credibility of Agel and if they don't do something soon, I am sure they will be served papers eventually from someone that won't just take there financial ruin as a learning experience as I did, and move on. Testimonial 9:  I am new, only 2 months in, but, was already starting to wonder about the leads. Have purchased 6 prem. comp. leads (get 2 free) have only received 4 in the 2 months since purchase. Bought 10 comp. leads at the "great discount " price of $35 per lead have received 4 of those, but have not gotten to do 1 post call at all. Either premium leads back out or aren't available for calls, or comp. leads who never call back, I have been wondering if these are people who have shown an interest or not. One of my comp. leads who did return my call does not have internet at home and does not remember ever watching any video or reading anything. The one person who was even at home for a post call ( I guess you could say I kinda did a post call) said he was gonna be out of town for a couple of months, being that I had never even spoken to anyone or feel as if I was prepared for this (although I read all I could and had practiced all the scripts, this was not in the script) I said OK I will keep in contact and we could try to reschedule this when he was available. Alex Farnsworth was on the 3/way call with me and said nothing until after me and the prospect had hung up, he then told me I should have said something to try and get him going now, and should have tried to peak his interest in some way. I said OK sorry I am new, he said OK and we hung up. After I got off the call and thought about it I got mad because I feel like I am trying to be "coachable" and follow the plan, and he should have done his job and helped me. Alex Farnsworth did not show for my other post call. By the time I spoke with Alex Farnsworth to do my " business plan " call, I started to feel screwed then because I feel like I was led to a large mall shown a map and told to buy and sell. When I signed up I thought "coaching" meant there would be an actual experienced person to talk to.
Testimonial 10:  I just want to thank you for confirming what I have come to discover. Fortunately I have only invested 15,000 into Tim Constantine "Lead Business". After I came back from Texas in January, something was not right for me. Then I met someone who previously knew Tim Constantine from Herbalife, who worked side by side with him. She actually came to Agel with him, sort of like Lana, but after one week in Agel, she saw how & what he was doing & she pulled out, & pulled her people out. She told me many things about him, I found it hard to believe at first, but it all really makes sense. I won't ramble on anymore, as you have laid it all out there.   I am sad that you invested SO much of your time & money, & that he basically stole OUR dreams. That is what pisses me off the most. He ruined it for me. All I can say is, WOW. Thank God it stopped when I did.
Testimonial 11:  I got ripped off severely by this Tim Constantine and Alex Farnsworth - and they laughed about it. I could not afford the loss and they kept pouring it on. I hope others see them for what they really are. How did you get out from under his grip? What a racket they have going and to have all those people as their servants!!!!!!
Testimonial 12:  Thanks for the information. I really drank the kool aid when we first got started and spent around 10k in something that turns out to be, well not much. We only were able to sign up 2-3 out of 150 or so leads. Karen is my coach and I have the utmost respect for her. I worked with her for quite a while and learned an awful lot. I had my suspicions as well especially after that letter that the anonymous person wrote. Did you become suspicious at that point? Best of luck to you in the future as it sounds like you invested much more than I did. It is sad to think that we got people to buy into a system that wasn't run fairly or legitimate. I remember talking to Karen a lot about how this isn't for the lower income earner or even average middle earners with the costs involved. The theory sounded so good too, have people come to you who are truly interested. Testimonial 13:  You have confirmed our suspicions!! We always had the nagging feeling that things were not quite right with Team Extreme because the lead prices seemed so high but we wanted financial independence and kept believing. I spent over $40,000 and now am faced with trying to refinance our house or sell it if we can't refinance. I do not blame anyone for our situation. Testimonial 14:  I appreciate your truthfulness and am not surprised at what you said. At the beginning of this year, I decided to distance myself from Team Extreme for the obvious reasons.
Testimonial 15:  After a lot of hard work and $5000- I realized that Tim Constantine and Alex Farnsworth were baaaaaaaaaad! I couldn't stand listening to their BS prattle every week! The clincher was when I met you guys at the San Diego convention- that was when I knew they were con men extraordinaire! They looked like slimy, smarmy weasels!
Testimonial 16:  I am an x-member of Alex Farnsworth Team. I have been out of the loop for several months. Tim Constantine was so mean to me because I could not afford the expensive leads - he had no time for anyone who could not. When I told him it was a rip-off. He replied that Agel was not right for everybody and it was a shame that Alex Farnsworth didn't see that in me before allowing me in.
Testimonial 17:  I was sold a bill of goods because I didn't know anything about Internet Marketing. Alex Farnsworth sold me that this was par for getting into any business and took $1,200 he knew I could not afford. I did this to try to make some money since we were so broke and Alex Farnsworth knew it. Alex Farnsworth told me I got all the material I had to have to do the business. What I got was a supply of Agel products that I would love to sell l/2 price to anyone who wants them. I managed to unload a big supply of the magazines and DVD's that Alex Farnsworth said I had to have to do the business. That cost several more hundred dollars that I didn't have to spend. I was rooked because I was so stupid to the way they did business.
Testimonial 18:  I desperately needed to make some much needed money and this whole thing ended up costing me about $2,000 that I could not afford. Then Alex Farnsworth and Tim Constantine promptly wanted more money for expensive leads which were never mentioned before I joined and I was so dumb not to know. At least I didn't buy any of Tim Constantine over-priced leads. They had quite a racket going! Testimonial 19:  A lot of great info on the goings-on with Tim Constantine, Alex Farnsworth and the leads. I always had my suspicions about the price we were paying for the leads, but I decided to give them a try anyway. I bought a total of 60 completed leads and was able to secure one, that's right, only one sign-up from the leads. And that one sign-up came with stipulations.
Testimonial 20:  I received a email about working from home with a short video from Tim Constantine. His video discussed a new way to build a multi-level marketing team with leads you acquired for people that wanted to work from home from a third party. There was a cost for these leads. Tim explained that he bought the leads in bulk and passed the discount onto his team. But he did not make a profit. He stated it was basically for the greater good of everyone. Another team member exposed him to the Agel Corp. and to his team members that he was actually making a profit off of these leads. The Agel Corporation made him close down his leads company because it was unethical to sale leads to his own team. At that time he told us we would receive all the leads we had paid for. But now he is telling the whole team he is filing bankruptcy and he doesn't have our money. He owes me $700. The name of the lead company was TDC marketing when I joined. But, he changed the name to International Extreme Marketing LLC when all the drama started. Please be aware of both companies and Tim Constantine!!
First, Agel attempts to be a legitimate MLM company. The problem is they do NOT respond to legitimate complaints to STOP distributors who are doing great harm to their team members. Fact, Tim Constantine, Boca Raton, FL sold overpriced internet based leads to hundreds of distributors over a two year period of time. Tim Constantine used to funds from those sales to purchase products and overinflate his "rank" in the Agel Network. Tim Constantine also lived on the profit from the leads. Fact, it is not illegal or wrong to sell leads. However, Tim Constantine was selling leads he either did not or could not deliver. He also sold "Team Extreme Dollars" which is a securities and exchange violation because there is no such currency or product. Fact, Tim Constantine had a very elaborate "Ponzi Scheme" that he was able to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from his team members by selling them on the idea of working from home and basically buying enough leads and Team Extreme dollars that you would succeed regardless of skill. Fact, Tim Constantine, never succeeded in Network Marketing; he only succeeded in getting cash flow from selling hugely overpriced leads and Team Extreme dollars. (Leads sold for up to $125 each. Constantine pushed for a minimum of $1400 orders). Fact, Tim Constantine talked people into spending the retirement savings, putting an additional mortgage on their houses and maximizing their credit cards to support his Ponzi scheme. Fact, Agel Enterprises was notified in writing that there was illegal and suspicious activity in the Tim Constantine group and that he had created a Ponzi scheme. Fact, Agel Enterprises was notified six months before the Team Extreme/Tim Constantine lead scam imploded. Agel Enterprises chose to do nothing to stop Tim Constantine from continuing to steal from his team. They did NOT contact team members and give them the ability to plug into another team that was legitimately building the Agel business. Therefore, while Tim Constantine is the crook in this Ponzi scheme, Agel Enterprises is guilty of NOT responding or investigating and therefore hundreds of thousands of dollars were bilked from distributors from their lack of response. FYI, Randy (((REDACTED))) and Eric (((REDACTED))) were notified of the scam as well, they also did not respond. Tim Constantine was one person down from Randy (((REDACTED)))) in the Agel Marketing plan . Tim's Sponsor in Agel is a well know Herbalife Distributor who used a pseudonym to open his Agel business. That person also sells leads through his IOffice Pro and the "Crazy Like a Fox" commercials. (Michael Burton is his real name). Beware of the named persons in this list, I am a personal witness and one of the few that actually met with Tim Constantine and actually reported the issues to Agel very early in the rip off.
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