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  • Submitted: Mon, April 29, 2013
  • Updated: Tue, April 30, 2013
  • Reported By: Nubia — Jacksonville Florida
  • Value Place Hotels
    8341 Dames Point Crossing, Jacksonville, FL
    Jacksonville, Florida

Value Place Hotels Uncleanliness, Poor Customer Service Jacksonville, Florida

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Dear Ripoff Report,

Based upon my personal firsthand experience staying at the Value Place, 8341 Dames Point Crossing Blvd Location in Jacksonville, FL, I would say boycott this location and find some place else to stay. Below are the events that occured for your own assessment. Further down are the pictures from my room showing the pubic hairs on the wall, the orange film on the kitchen cabinets, furniture and table that I had to clean up on my first day moving in here, and the white dog hair that stuck to my brand new oven mittens once they were placed in the kitchen drawer. As of April 29, 2013, the Director of Operations has treated me like some "low-life" trying to run a scam instead of taking full accountability for my experience. All I can do is speculate as to why my concerns were not taken seriously and I was treated like I was running a scam. But I am 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Apache, 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Scottish, this Director of Operations is from Texas, so I think he was racist  towards my Mexican hertiage, thinking I was trying to run a scam.

Considering money is more important guest relations, I thought I warn everyone considering spending their money here. Take your money elsewhere.

Below is the formal Written Complaint submitted on April 19, 2013:
ubmitted via  
April 19, 2013
Mr. Jack DeBoer, Chairman and Founder

Mr. Dan Weber, CEO

Value Place
Dear Mr. DeBoer:
The purpose of this letter is to request assistance with the terrible treatment from the staff at the Dames Point VP in Jacksonville, Florida that is owned by Quanah Hospitality Partners, LP.  I hope that after reading my complaint something will be done to make this right and stop the horrific customer service.

I am a business professional who moved into VP with plans to live here long-term until I could relocate to Las Vegas, Neveda.  I have always paid my bill on time.  I do not use the housekeeping service, the linen service or anything else that cost money for the hotel, but I pay the full amount for my Suite with a Loveseat room and for the monthly internet service.  I do not disturb other guests; I mind my own business and have never had a guest in my room during my stay.  I never complain or make unrealistic requests of the front desk staff
unless there is a good reason.  If my key would work for the entire month, then the front desk would never hear from me except to make payments.  As one hotel staff member described me, “You are an excellent, low maintenance guest who never causes us any problems who always pays on time.” Therefore, I hope that after the failure of the Hotel Manager and 1-800 VP phone number to properly resolve issues, the corporate Value Place will respond appropriately.

Below is a list of incidents that have happened during my stay since March 2012 that I hope will be addressed and a response detailing corrective action that will be taken to rectify my dissatisfaction:TERRIBLE CLEANLINESS:

Upon entering my room for the first time, the room had not been properly cleaned, sanitized or disinfected from the previous guest. 

•          The tables, furniture, appliances and countertops  had a sticky film on them.  I left one of the cabinets ‘as is’ for  proof. 

•          The bathroom had the previous guest’s pubic hairs stuck to the walls.  I have pictures as proof.

•          The carpet and loveseat reeked of a dog’s feces.  Apparently, the previous guest had a dog in the room that crapped all over the floor and loveseat, but was never properly cleaned up.  Every time the room is warm, then the smell amplifies.  When I sat down on the loveseat, the smell from the dog crap would be left on my clothing.  Despite spraying Febreeze on the carpet for a year, the smell still emanates from the carpets when the room is warm as proof.

o          I contacted the Front Desk immediately, but was met with opposition.? I was told by the Hotel Manager that she could clean the carpets, but I would have to move to a smaller room or move into a larger room that I would have to pay additional money as they did not have any other rooms similar to mine available.

?           I felt that I should not have had to pay for anything for their failure to properly maintain the cleanliness of their rooms.  

?           After expressing my complete dissatisfaction with this response, the Maintenance Supervisor offered to replace the loveseat. 

?           Not once did the staff offer to properly clean my room.  I had to purchase sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning products to properly clean my room.  I cancelled all future room cleaning service as a direct result of this lack of corrective action.

?           The most disturbing aspect of this situation was the attitude that I was bothering the front desk office staff with my serious complaints.

The level of noise is unacceptable especially for business professionals.  They have people packed in rooms that stay up all night partying like its 1999 with no regard for the guests with a 6:00 a.m. wake-up time. 

•          There were construction workers living in the hotel that were bringing prostitutes into the hotel, having loud parties until 3AM.

o          One of the construction workers shot and killed a prostitute for stealing $200 from his wallet.

o          The construction workers involved in this killing were allowed to remain in the hotel. I had to repeatedly deal with one of these construction workers hitting on me. 

o          He would constantly follow me, walk up behind me in the parking lot and make unsolicited advances at me. 

•          A family of 4 children and two adults was moved into the room beneath me.   My room began constantly shaking from the activities beneath me.  I would sit down on my loveseat, chair and/or
bed to escape from the shaking, but it did no good.   The shaking was so severe that my glasses would fall off of the counters and tables, and break. 

o          I would come to my room hoping to relax by watching some television, but I could not as my television was wobbling back and forth from the shaking. (No, this is not the hotel issued television. I
use a large Monitor for my computer that works as a TV).

o          I made several noise complaints to the Front Desk Staff, but nothing was done. 
?           When I spoke directly with the front desk, I was told “listen they are above us right now and I can’t hear a thing.  Listen.  You don’t hear anything.”  This is a completely unacceptable response as the floor directly above was the 2nd Floor not the 3rd Floor where their room was located.

?           Instead of addressing my complaints and taking them seriously, my concerns were treated as unimportant.  I was told that they were a family in need; therefore, their need outweighed my concerns.

?           It was not until they had ripped the bathroom sink from the wall crashing to the floor that something was done.  This time the Maintenance Manager was at the front desk, who overheard my noise complaint that took corrective action. They were finally asked to leave the hotel.

o          Children are constantly running up and down the hallways screaming, beating on doors without any adult supervision, and the Front Desk staff does ABSOLUTELY nothing about the disturbances.  ?   If you file a noise disturbance complaint, they treat you as a bother and annoyance.

o          Another family moved into the hotel with children that were allowed to play an electric guitar and trombone until 2AM. 

?           Several complaints were made to the Front Desk Staff, but nothing was done.

o          I no longer contact the front desk about the noise
issues, due to the lack of responsiveness about noise complaints. 
Instead I put ear plugs in my ears to drown out all the noise
disturbances, which is a huge inconvenience. 

They allow people to stay here involved in criminal activity
either by being known criminals themselves or conducting criminal
activity on the premises.  Any complaints about the criminal
activities are completely disregarded and treated as unimportant and

•          January 2013, a new guest was moved from another
floor after complaints about her behavior into the room next to me. 
She had an outstanding warrant for her arrest and was prostituting in
the room.  She would service her “Johns” until at least 3AM partying
all night, slamming her door as loud as possible, partying in the
hallway, screaming and at one point fighting with someone in the room. 
If this was not bad enough, I could hear all the sex acts taking place
with her different Johns.  The noise disturbance was so severe that I
could not hear my television.  I had to purchase wireless ear phones to
be able to hear my television. 

o          After a week of getting less than 3 hours of sleep
each night, I was furious.  After notifying Chrissy from the front desk
of the disturbance, the next day this guest confronted me in the
elevator.  She stated “You’re the lady who filed a complaint against me
aren’t you?”  I responded “Who are you?  Because I have never met you
before?”  She replied “I know it was you, because Chrissy told me you
were the one who filed the complaint against me.”  She answered a
phone call, the elevator doors opened and I went straight to the Front
Desk to report this serious security breach and violation of my

?           The employee working the front desk, was Terry, who
informed me that Chrissy was good friends with this woman, therefore I
needed to be careful about filing any complaints against this woman. 
Chrissy came to the Front Desk as Terry was speaking to me, which Terry
tried to hush me from speaking in front of Chrissy. I was very upset
over this lack response and explained to both of them that I would call
the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office if she approaches me one more time.

•          Of course, nothing was done.  This woman was allowed
to continue her criminal activity, plus Chrissy made it clear that
none of my complaints would make a difference.

o          At this point, I had been in conversation with the
Las Vegas VP about my relocation plans.  Due to my terrible experience
at this VP, I wanted to ensure that they did not operate the same way. 
The Las Vegas VP was mortified by what I had been experiencing,
especially this situation with an employee putting me in danger.  They
provided a 1-800 number to ValuePlace to file a formal complaint. 

o          I filed the formal complaint with the 1-800 number
where a case number was assigned to me with assurances that the Area
Manager would be notified and contact me within 24 to 72 hours to
discuss this situation. 

?           It was not until a week later that this woman was
removed from Value Place.  Not by VP, but by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s
Office who finally caught and arrested this woman.

?           To this date, no one from VP has called to follow up on this incident. 

•          Whenever some men stay at VP, there is this horrible
chemical smell created on the 4th Floor. It last during their entire
stay, but dissipates shortly after their departure. 

o          This chemical smell is so noxious that it will bring
tears to your eyes immediately upon entering the hallway on the 4th

o          Not only does this chemical smell burn your eyes, it
will make you cough immediately until you can get out of the hallway.

o          I have witnessed other 4th Floor guests file
complaints about the chemical smell, but no action is taken to stop
these men from staying at the hotel.

?           I had rode the elevator down with another 4th floor
guest, where we discussed these fumes and how they were negatively
impacting his asthmatic son.  So, I let him go first when we got to the
front desk.  The new front desk worker, Mary, screamed at me that she
has “lived in Jacksonville since 1977 and knows everything about
Jacksonville and doesn’t need my help” after the other guest filing a
complaint with her and solicited my input. 

The majority of the Hotel Staff is extremely unprofessional,
rude and nasty towards the guests with a menacing customer service
management style.  The only hotel staff that demonstrates professional
hotel and lodging hospitality customer service is Cole and the former
employee known as Sherry. 

•          The Front Desk staff spreads gossip about guests by
instructing new staff members to mistreat guests they do not like. 
Similar to how a child will tell on a parent who has bad mouth someone,
the same happens here with the Front Desk Staff.

•          A new employee, Mary, acts sweet in front of the
Hotel Manager, Christine, and Maintenance Manager, Cole, but when they
are not present she acts horrifically nasty.

o          I have never met this person before she began
working here.  The only reasonable explanation for her actions is that
someone has filled her head with preconceived notions about me;
therefore, she thinks she can act this way towards me without any fear
of negative ramifications.

o          Whenever I go to Front Desk for anything as simple
has having my keys reset, because they have stopped working for the
gazillion time in a week, she does not greet me with a smile and a
pleasant greeting.   Instead she states “What do you want?...What is
it?” in the most abrasive, curt and nasty tone she can display or she
stands there staring at me without greeting me.  If this was not bad
enough, then she will exasperate as if I am bothering her after I
explain what I need. She does not do this to other guests, when she
addresses other guests, she smiles at them, asks them “how can I help
you” in a sweet, pleasant tone.  Whenever guests come and go through
the reception area, she will say “hi” to them, but whenever I come and
go through the reception area she never says “hi,”  instead gives me the
look of death.

?           On several occasions there have been guests in
front of me, where she greets all them in a sweet, pleasant demeanor
until she gets to me.  Like a light switch, her entire demeanor changes
from sweet and pleasant to rude, abrasive and curt.

?           The other guests have witnessed this dynamic that
have stopped me at Walmart to discuss her behavior.  One of the other
guests told me that she has been talking negatively about me.   There
is no logical explanation for this behavior, except that some other
force is driving her behavior.

o          It’s clear that she goes out of her way to make me
feel uncomfortable by ostracizing me with this horrific customer
service.  After about three weeks of this mistreatment, on April 12,
2013, I filed a direct complaint with the Hotel Manager, Christine.  I
wanted it documented that I gave the Hotel Manager the opportunity to
resolve this issue, before I escalated the situation.  Of course,
Mary's behavior did not improve. 

o          On my next visit to the Front Desk to get my cards
rekeyed where I was the only guest in the reception area, Mary came
from the back room with Chrissy following her.  Instead of addressing
me with a pleasant, courteous greeting, she started with her nasty
demeanor.  At this point, I confronted her about the mistreatment I
have received from her.  Upon hearing me, Chrissy immediately turned
around and closed the door to the back room.

?           Mary immediately started denying her actions
implying that she was completely unaware what I meant.  She went so far
as to imply that I was making it up.  When I told her that I have
witnesses that have spoken to me about her behavior, she immediately
started crying and stating “Oh My God, I can’t believe this is
happening to me.  This is so terrible.  I can’t believe this is
happening to me.”  She wanted to get Christine on the phone to have a
three-way conversation, but I explained that Christine was aware of
this situation.

?           I told her that going forward, I expect her to
greet me in a professional, courteous manner without all the
abrasiveness, curt and nasty demeanor that she demonstrates to other
guests.  She agreed that she would, but her behavior never improved.

?           Christine has not contacted me about this situation
and Mary’s behavior has escalated to the point that she is brazenly
making nasty comments as I walk through the reception area to enter and
exit the building.

?           Now, I have to inconvenience myself by walking all
the way to a side exit, then walk across the parking lot to my car in
order to avoid Mary at the front desk.

•          It seems that guests are viewed as a dime a dozen,
as soon as one leaves, they will immediately fill their empty room, so
they do not care about guest satisfaction.  It does not matter how
good of a customer you are, they seem to think harassment is a good form
of customer service. 

I work on my computer and am required to access the internet
24/7; therefore, one of the most important amenities was the
availability of high speed internet access.   It was explained that
Comcast’s Highest Internet service was used in the building.  However,
there have been constant issues with the internet. 

•          From March 2012 to February 2013, the internet was
acceptable and I was able to setup my wireless router to work in my
room.  The only time my wireless router would not work was when the
internet was down.  I was never directed to the 1800 Internet Support
number when the internet slowed down, instead, Terry, from the front
desk would reset an onsite modem/router. 

•          After February 2013, everything went completely
downhill.  I could not use my wireless router any longer.  When I
connected to the internet via a cable, I could not access the internet
for longer than 3 to 5 minutes before being locked out for 15 to 30
minutes.  I performed several speed tests to identify the issue, which
showed the band width speed was slower than dial-up.  Plus, Comcast
verified that their service was functioning perfectly to the building,
therefore the problem was within the building.  The Front Desk directed
me to the 1800 Internet Support number where I was met with the same
terrible customer service. 

o          The IT Tech Support rep began telling me that I had “not have a wireless router” setup in my room. 

o          He told me that I was not “allowed” to visit a speed
test site to find out the actual internet speed.  When I told him that
I would not stop visiting the speed test site, he stated “you had
better stop.”

o          He told me that they were watching what I was doing
on the internet, which was a huge privacy issue for me.  I am
responsible for managing financial data valuing $10,000,000.00, that I
had to access repeatedly from my room internet service. (I no longer
access the financial data from this internet connection, due to the lack
of privacy.)

?           I filed a complaint with a Supervisor at the 1800
Internet Support number who stated he would call me back.  But he never
called me back.  Therefore, I filed a complaint with the Hotel
Manager, Christine.  They took my MAC ID to ensure that the band width
restrictions were removed.  Plus, I was assured they were not watching
what I was doing on the internet.  The Hotel Manager, Christine,
credited my $40.00 monthly internet charge. 

o          On March 31, 2013, I was unable to work on the
internet, because the band width restrictions were placed back onto my
account.  I called the 1800 Internet Number where it was discovered
that somehow the MAC ID was changed in their system.  Please reference
Ticket #6907889.  This time, the IT Tech Support rep was great.  He
was as puzzled as I was about how this could happen, since my computer
had not changed. 

?           I was not able to work through the night as I
planned to do, instead I had to wait until the Hotel Manager arrived
the next day.  She was the only person authorized to call the 1800
Internet Service to re-authorize them to remove the band width
restrictions on my account again!

My car has been vandalized repeatedly in the parking lot. 

•          My driver’s side mirror that is built into the body
of the vehicle was broken.  Now the mirror no longer works.  I have to
pay a body shop to repair the mirror.  This is expensive on a Lexus.

•          Someone has put key marks and gouges into the body of my car.  Now my car needs to be repainted. 
I think that I have been exceptionally understanding given the
circumstances, but this last incident with Mary is the final straw for
me.  I personally will not do business with companies that fail to
deliver good customer service no matter the value.  Before I moved into
Value Place, I had researched and compared other similar Hotel
Long-term Suites.  I choose Value Place over other competitors who had
the same/lower cost and better rooms, because the other competitor’s
front desk staff were rude when I visited them.  When I visited this VP
location Sherry and Cole delivered exceptional customer service that
was in line with the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. 
I explained that my plans were to stay at this VP for at least a year
before moving to Las Vegas, which they stated would not be an issue. 
Sherry provided all the details in a professional, courteous and
respectful manner.  Cole showed me a sample room with the same level of
professionalism by taking the necessary time to show me the room and
answering all my questions without acting like I was bothering him. 
So, I thought I was making a well-researched and good decision. 
Sherry always showed me respect during her employment here by taking any
request or complaint seriously.  She never acted inappropriately
towards me nor did she treat me like a problem.  She used to state, "I
take your complaints seriously, because they are always for a good
reason."  Cole demonstrates the same type of professionalism.  But now
that Sherry is gone, it is a nightmare dealing with the front desk.
The business concept that Value Place offers works well with
my plans.  I could have moved into a Condo for less money, but I did
not want to be contractually bound.  Once I am ready to move, my plan is
to stay at the Las Vegas Value Place until I move into a permanent
residence.  However, this situation at this location is really making
me think twice.   Rose from the Las Vegas VP sounds amazing and has
reassured me that this would never happen at her VP, but I am extremely
apprehensive about staying at the Las Vegas VP now. 
I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Management with a certification
in hotel hospitality training from the American Hotel and Lodging
Educational Institute, plus I have managed businesses and employees for
20+ years.  I am not some crazy person that wants this drama where I
am living.  I want a quiet place to live, where I can work on the
internet, cook my dinner, watch some television, get a descent night’s
sleep and relax in a peaceful environment without being harassed by the
hotel staff and/or other guests.  Therefore, I am submitting this
formal written complaint to make this right. 
After speaking with Zak from VP Customer Care today, he has
assured me someone will contact me within 72 hours and my issues will be
taken seriously.  I hope so, because this is my final attempt to get
these issues addressed in a professional manner. 
Sincerely yours,
Guest at Value Place, 8341Dames Point Crossing Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32277

Follow Up on April 24, 2013, with a David Jenson, the Director of Operations from Quanah Hospitality Partners, LP: On April 24, 2013, I went to the front desk to followup about this complaint today at 5 p.m., to end up in a face to face with the Director of Operations. At first the conversation was extremely 'heated' as I was upset, because I thought I was being blown off and being treated like I was lying. Eventually, we had a very productive conversation. He assured me that the personnel issues and the other issues would be addressed. I showed him all the pictures, which he "appeared" to pretty disgusted by the whole thing. I requested that I be 'comped' for my stay for all the frustration and aggravation that I have endured. I was led to believe that I would be comped.  He assured me that the poor customer service issues would stop, my carpets would be professionally cleaned and I would receive some form of compensation.  Also, it was his recommendation that I send followup emails to the Hotel Manager whenever I have any dealings with the front desk.  I never heard back from the Director of Operations, so I went to the front desk on my normal day this Saturday to be given the run around. The front desk worker would not confirm or deny that I was being comped, she kept calling me by the wrong name and would not lookup my account.  So, I recorded her in the middle of the conversation to protect myself. 

Follow Up On April 29, 2013, with David Jenson, the Director of Operations from Quanah Hospitality Partners, LP:  On April 29, 2013, today, I received a phone call from the Director of Operations claiming he never committed to comping me anything.  He tried to imply that I was maliciously recording his employees without their consent.  He stated its okay for ValuePlace to record their customers, but customers aren’t allowed to record their actions.  I asked him specifically if he thought I was lying, but he said he could not state so without proof.  I asked him if he was willing to provide some type of discount or something to compensate me for my troubles, he said no without any reason.  He made it very clear that he was not giving any of my complaints any credence and he was accusing me of lying without directly calling me a liar.  So, I called the 1800 ValuePlace Customer Care line, who read what this Director of Operations reported to them.  In the report, he called me a liar.  So, now I have no option but to warn everyone I know to stay away from this place. 

I have woken up to bite marks on the back of my legs.  I had an MRI performed on March 21, 2013, that clearly shows I have contracted Lime Disease, which the only place I have encountered any animals is here.  But no one from Value Place will take me seriously.  Instead I am treated insignificantly and as if I am trying to run some scam.  People need to stay away from here!!!!

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