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This only benefits you, the author... & Ripoff Report does not sell your information.

We believe that keeping you informed and connected is important. As such, while you can always uncheck any box now or modify the settings from your account dashboard at a later time, we have opt you in to receive communications relating to the following:

  1. Another victim may want to compare notes offline. Periodically we receive communications from other consumers, just like you, who have been ripped off by the same person that was complained about in a Report. Sometimes these people want to reach out to authors in order to discuss their similar problem so maybe you can work together. We do not give out your information, we email you their information so you can contact them if you choose to do so.

  2. A lawyer or consumer advocate might want to help you. We receive communications from lawyers and consumer advocates who are either representing a victim or are otherwise considering a class action case against people or businesses that are complained about on our website. They often want us to pass along their contact information to you so that you can decide if you are interested in contacting them. Who knows, maybe they will be able to help you too. These lawyers might be able to write a letter for you to help or to file a lawsuit or include you in a class-action.

  3. A TV news station, magazine, newspaper or other media may want to reach out to you in order to run a story about a situation that you have complained about to help further your cause. Ripoff Report constantly receives information requests from the media.

  4. A government agency might be looking into the situation that you complained about. Ripoff Report constantly receives information requests from different government agencies who are looking into situations that have been complained about on Ripoff Report. Ripoff Report, since inception, has made efforts to helped about every government agency there is with investigations into bad actors or connecting them with victims of bad actors to help them get their money back or to prosecute those committing criminal activity. We like to believe that Ripoff Report is responsible for hundreds if not thousands of convictions by law enforcement.


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