If you want to file a Report or a Rebuttal/consumer Comment to an existing Report you need to register first. Good news! Registration is free. The information provided by you during the registration process, and any updates you make thereafter are for our records and will be used in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please read each of these pages before continuing with registration as it may affect your rights and explains the way we handle (preserve indefinitely/permanently) data. Note, due to GDPR, as of May 24, 2018, we are no longer able to assist any citizen of, or someone sitting in or operating out of, any country that is part of the European Union or European Economic Area (collectively "GDPR Countries"). We think it sucks to have to apply this policy, and hope to be able to review this policy again in the future, however, if this applies to you, please leave our site as you are unfortunately not permitted to use it. We are so sorry for the inconvenience... Don't blame us, blame Europe!

After registering, you will be sent an email that will have a link you need to click in order to verify your email address. Accurate emails are important, and you should take care in keeping your contact information on file up to date. You must verify your email address in order to receive our best support, which includes communications from us, when necessary, about issues that may affect your rights or otherwise be connecting you with someone else interested in your situation Our goal is to protect consumers! Don't miss your opportunity to be connected with inquiring media or to get support from other victims, lawyers, or investigators in regard to your issue. We cannot help direct important or helpful information to you if we cannot contact you. If you don't get a verification email, please contact our Customer Service and Support Department by emailing support@ripoffreport.com so they can re-send the verification and/or help troubleshoot the issue with you.

The name you enter here will be displayed on reports and rebuttals you file. Use your first name, other nickname, alias, or anonymous.
Your full first and last name is for our records only and will not be displayed on any filings.


We believe that keeping you informed and connected is important. As such, while you can always uncheck any boxe now or modify the settings from your account dashboard at a later time, we have opt you in to receive communications relating to the following:

  1. Another victim may want to compare notes offline. Periodically we receive communications from other consumers, just like you, who have been ripped off by the same person that was complained about in a Report. Sometimes these people want to reach out to authors in order to discuss their similar problem so maybe you can work together.

  2. A lawyer or consumer advocate might want to help you. We receive communications from lawyers and consumer advocates who are either representing a victim or are otherwise considering a class action case against people or businesses that are complained about on our website. They often want us to either send them your information or otherwise pass along their contact information to you so that you can decide if you are interested in contacting them. Who knows, maybe they will be able to help you too.

  3. A TV news station, magazine, newspaper or other media may want to reach out to you in order to run a story about a situation that you have complained about.

User Preferences

As a reminder, a condition of your registration for a user account with Ripoff Report is that you agree that we may email you if we think that your First Amendment rights are in jeopardy and that we may provide your contact information to a government agency if they provide us with a request for such information. To help understand why we do this we offer the following general points:

  1. There may be a matter that pertains to your first amendment rights to free speech! Ripoff Report is not immune to the legal process and sometimes your content could be flagged for some other reason. If there is ever an issue relating to your posting, and to the extent it is not prohibited by law, we may want to reach out to you about whatever situation might be going on.

  2. A government agency might be looking into the situation that you complained about. Ripoff Report constantly receives information requests from different government agencies who are looking into situations that have been complained about on Ripoff Report. Ripoff Report, since inception, has made efforts to helped about every government agency there is with investigations into bad actors or connecting them with victims of bad actors. We like to believe that Ripoff Report is responsible for hundreds if not thousands of convictions by law enforcement.

If you are okay with all of this, go ahead and create your account!

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