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What do hackers, questionable attorneys and fake court orders have in common?
Ripoff Report Investigates, A Gritty New Web Series

Corki PromoRipoff Report Investigates is a new series that uncovers consumer fraud, exposes the bad guys and gives you tips on how to protect yourself from getting screwed. Stay informed. Sign up to be notified of our weekly ongoing investigations.

Corki PromoWe begin with a 6 part series on real estate fraud. Is your Home safe from these home stealers? We will tell you about a wannabe actor nicknamed Nicholas "Corky" Bravo, Watch Promo who foolishly flaunts his earning from his scams online. Bravo is eventually outed by the community that's been following his crazy exploits on youtube. While “Corky’s” on camera antics are hilarious, the harm and heartache he causes is not. Stay tuned to see how he does it and who takes him down?

Corki PromoReal Estate Fraud is running rampant in this country and all homeowners should be concerned,. We offer tips from experts on how to protect yourself.

Ripoff Report Investigates is a web series that boldly takes on consumer fraud with a fresh gonzo style. An Emmy-Award winning crew of investigative journalists sound the alarm about current scams trending on the Ripoff Report, and uncovering new unknown scams. We hone in on the worst offenders and warn viewers with our newsletters and video bulletins.

Whether it’s real estate identity fraud, our initial focus for the first six episodes, or turning a spotlight on bad movers, false billing scams, grant scams, pyramid schemes, “paper” terrorists (or lawsuit leaches), Ripoff Report Investigates has it covered.

Corki PromoAs tips and complaints pile up on the Ripoff Report website, we follow up with consumer complaints, inspiring a campaign that encourages whistleblowers to come forward to tell their stories. These stories will range from government waste to environmental pollution and beyond. Feel free to weigh in with your comments and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.



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