Ripoff Report Investigates
Wannabe Actor Steals People’s Homes.
Is your home safe from Real Estate Identity Fraud?

Real Estate Identity Fraud, "The Rise & Fall of Nicholas "Corky” Bravo, Part 1 of a 3 part series.

Nicholas "Corky" Bravo is a YouTube oddity who documented his life's journey on video, becoming an internet meme along the way. He went from homeless Hollywood wannabe to big bucks player seemingly overnight.
The YouTube community was a amused and appalled. One follower started to investigate Bravo using the pseudonym Tom Davis helping turn over information to the authorities.

With this incrementing evidence from Davis, Bravo is behind bars on 12 counts of fraud. As we learn in "Ripoff Report Investigates," Bravo is accused of forging signatures on deeds, listing himself as a joint tenant, and ripping people off.
See how this quirky story unfolds in our 3 part series on “The Rise and Fall of Nicholas “Corky” Bravo.”

Real Estate Fraud is a huge problem in this country. In our 6 part series, Ripoff Report Investigates, will show you how you can protect yourself from these scammers.
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Ripoff Report Investigates is a web series that boldly takes on consumer fraud with a fresh gonzo style. Watch the Promo.
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