Ripoff Report Investigates
The Community catches up with Corky.
Jailed for Real Estate Identity Fraud.

Ripoff Report Investigates: Real Estate Identity Fraud, "The Rise & Fall of Nicholas "Corky" Bravo, Part 2 of a 3 part series

We continue to follow the saga of criminal and YouTube oddity, Nicholas "Corky" Bravo, as police close in on him. He alternately taunts authorities and films a shocking confessional. In the end, the scammer ends up behind bars, awaiting sentencing. His case illustrates how easily these scams occur and we offer tips on how to avoid getting ripped off.

Real Estate Fraud is a huge problem in this country. In our 6 part series, Ripoff Report Investigates, will show you how you can protect yourself from these scammers.
Our friends at Property Fraud Alert let you monitor any possible unscrupulous activity for free. Limited for now to the Midwest.


ESCROW WIRE FRAUD SCAM ALERT: by Heidi Siegmund Cuda, producer of "Ripoff Report Investigates"

Thanks to a tip from a real estate agent who checked out our new series, "Ripoff Report Investigates," we are alerting our viewers to an escrow wire fraud scam, where cybercriminals hack into email accounts during escrow and change wiring instructions. That means, your money could end up in Nigeria or Russia, popular destinations for this scam. The agent says to safeguard yourself by communicating directly with your escrow officer, informing the person handling your sale that any wiring instructions will only come from you--in person--and that if they receive an email that looks legit that changes wiring instructions not to be duped. The trip you make to your escrow company to fill out wiring instructions in person could save you thousands of dollars and prevent an escrow nightmare for both the buyer and the seller. Don't get ripped off.

Ripoff Report Investigates is a web series that boldly takes on consumer fraud with a fresh gonzo style. Watch the Promo.
An Emmy-Award winning crew of Investigative journalist sound the alarm about current scams trending on Ripoff Report as well as uncovering new ripoffs. Don't become a victim!



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