Ripoff Report Needs Your Help!

Is there a complaint on another website site about you or your business, and it's the same complaint that's on Ripoff Report?

STOP! ...Don't pay anyone!

We can get that removed!

Also... Once you show interest in getting the complaint removed, these nefarious sites will make things much worse for you!

More than likely its stolen content from Ripoff Report by one of the websites from Russia or India that steal Ripoff Report's content. Some sites make it look like there are from the USA, but they are not. They even back date the complaint. We can get that removed.

These websites that steal our content will take down the stolen content for money. No need to do that!

Email with the matching links, the one from Ripoff Report and the other sites link that has the same content that was stolen. We will do what we call "an emergency DMCA notice". The cost will be anywhere from $300 to $750 per link.

** Make sure you put in the email subject – Stolen Content


You can email us other links you found on search engines about you or your business, maybe we can help with those too. Send us the LINK to the specific negative Review and put in the email subject – Help me get rid of negative Reviews on other sites! Let us know the search term you are using in the search engine and what page its on.

Ripoff Report has been around for 22 years, we know the right people to get the job done for you where you will not get ripped off. Ripoff Report does not get a dime when helping you with these other websites.

Any questions? Just ask.

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