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American Van Lines East

  • Submitted: Mon, October 01, 2012
  • Updated: Sat, October 06, 2012

  • Reported By: Sandy — Aberneen North Carolina United States of America
American Van Lines East
9525 North Trask Street Tampa Fl 33624 Tampa, Florida United States of America

American Van Lines East National Van Lines East company lied about there name; they were brokers, they lied about the whole move, doubled my price, would not let me cancel when I tried, broke/damaged all furniture moved, had to call the police in A Tampa, Florida


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On September 7th I called emailed what I thought and was led to believe North American Van Lines. In actuality it was
American Van line East.  I spoke to a man named Bobby Nolan.  He asked me what I would be moving and this is the list he quoted:

List 21 Items, 145 Pieces

Item 1
BBQ  Grill large
1King size bed large w/head and foot board
100 boxes/bins
4 patio Chairs
patio table
2 wicker rockers
1 China Cabinet 2 pieces
1 large/sm computer desk
1 curio cabinet
1 entertainment center
1 freezer
1 futon
2 night stand
20 medium size pictures
1large picture
1 washer/dryer
1 large rug
1 wicker sofa
2 wicker small

Representative Bobby Nolan
Residential move 541 miles
Estimated Volume:

850 cf. (5950 lbs) $4.05 per cf
Move Date: Monday, 09/10/2012
Move Date:
Monday, 09/10/2012 
Reference By:
Created on:
Relocation Estimate
Basic Estimate Price

- $1057.00
Basic Valuation Protection:
$0.60 per lbs. per article
Total Moving Estimate
Customer Down Payment:

I was also told they would only take cash or a US Postal Money order$$ order (at this time a bell should of went off, but do to my
health and disabilities I did not catch it).

On Sept 10 a truck with American Van lines East pulled in my drive way nothing about Northern/National; just American Van Line East.  They started moving immediately loading.  The driver had me sign all types of yellow sheets with very small print.  About  through the loading he stated I was going to need more space.  Then came the price change from 2.81 cents a cf (due to the coupon I was told I had) CF to 4.05 a CF.  I immediately called the company.  The receptionist had a very heavy Spanish accent and was very hard to understand.  She stated, no, no, you have a coupon the coupon will come on at the end with the total. 

Okay, then I asked what the total was and she stated 2400 both ways!!  I told her I wanted to cancel,but they collect 2400 from me already and I was told I could not cancel or they would  leave with my stuff or they would unload and I still had to pay (should of called the police right then; again I am not well and I did not want to loose my belongings and she(receptionist kept saying the coupon, the coupon will take it off in the end); again the stress and my disability got in the way of common
sense.  Then she became very belligerent with me (my roommate could hear her yelling at me on the phone, I asked to speak to Bobby Nolan (the original person I spoke to and he could not be reached) she then became more belligerent and hung up on me.  I tried reaching them and they would not talk to me so I wrote them an email (2Xs) neither gave a reply; at this time I knew I was scammed and did not know what to do; they had my life belongings.  I was then told by one of the workers that my
truck would be unloaded and reloaded at a warehouse (I was told it would not; this was a broker and they did all there own work and made trips to NC 3-4 X a week). They did not take my bed, patio furniture and other items on the original list. They stated that I went over my space limit. The bed, patio furniture, etc. was on the original list, but now there was no space for these
items without charging me yet more $$.  I had to hire someone else to move these items; another 2000 dollars plus gas.

I was told my items would arrive in 2-4days; that they had trucks (the name on the truck was not American Van Lines East: they are brokers; they told me) coming to NC 2-4 times a week they did not arrive until the evening of the 22nd; 12 days later; they choose the evening for a reason; it was almost dark when they arrived so I could not see the condition of my items.  I had an electrician with me to take care of my electric and he could not finish, he needed to go back to Florida; so now I was left with unfinished electric that I would have to pay for at a regular rate. I have NO HEAT OR AIR AT THIS time and no way to pay for it if I did have.


At approximately 5pm I received a phone call from the driver of the truck, all he asked was, are you home and he hung up.  The next thing I see is him walking down my driveway and my dog alerted (I was a canine trainer and he is a trainedprotection dog). Zack (the dog) held him at bay until I released him because I did not know who he was; there was no truck in sight, just a man walking down my drive way. The delivery truck said GREEN MOVERS I was only able to get the trailer plate # as the driver drove off immediately after arriving. I believe his name to be Amit Blooh FL B42000078106. The order # 407518 US DOT 1234455/MC521897.  I am not a police officer, but his eyes were all red; I truly believe he was high.

He stated he could not get his truck down my driveway first and if it was more than 200 feet the price was be an extra 600 dollars.  It was only around 150 feet. (However we had already had deliveries at the home and knew that the truck, could indeed, fit down the drive way (and even cut a tree down just in case and if it could not, they would have to haul it the distance
from the road to the house.)  This would be another 600 dollars.  Then, since that did not work in his favor he decided to say he could not drive down the ROAD; it is a normal road; the garbage truck drives down this road two times a week; and he was currently having his helpers unload my personal belongs beside the road 2 blocks away; in the dark!

At this time I called the Aberdeen Police department.  The sheriff told him he had to work with me in getting all my items to the house. He said I could rent a Uhaul truck and move the stuff myself to and from the house.  Officer Chereves? (spelling was getting quite angry with him at this time and threatened to place him in jail.

Since they require the monies BEFORE they unload (cash only or US postal order) I had no choice to do it their way; they had already collected 150 dollar deposit, 2400+ in Florida and another 2317 here from me.  Lucky for me my roommate from Fl was still here and he had a small trailer attached to his van. They told us to use that and they would charge me 275 dollars to WAIT for us to load and unload the truck that was two blocks away.  We had to make several trips to and from the trailer to the house in the dark (I forgot to mention if I wanted help it was an extra 600, however with the sheriff standing there telling them they had to work this out NOW; they dropped the price to 275 and made the 2 helpers help load and unload the small trailer behind my FL roommates van.  I am positive they use this type of truck as a part of their scam because it is low to the ground and they can tell you that they cannot drive on certain roads; another part of the scam. The officers offered to hold the traffic do anything to get them to come down the road and they refused to do it.  The officers believed this was a scam as well and just wanted to make sure I got my belongings off the truck.

My items were jammed into place like trying to put a pencil inside the lead. The cf that was stated upon pickup was the cf upon delivery; another part of the scam. I could not see what was on the truck very well because it was dark.  They had started unloading my belongings beside the road; the sheriff said NO.  After the sheriff left the driver left with the truck and left the trailer in the street with two Spanish men who spoke very poor English.  My roommate from Fl and 2 of the loaders stayed (after paying them in cash only) to help load and unload the trailer.  After several trips my items were at the house and the driver was nowhere to be found. He left his helpers sitting side the road while he made up some excuse to leave (said he had a gas leak, there is no place to get a gas tank fixed in this town after 8pm; the workers stated he does this all the time (leave them) and that they use this low bottom truck to use the excuse they cannot get to your house without charging more $$; they said he always does that. He always leaves them side the road while he goes off to do whatever (In my opinion; the mans eyes were all red, but I did not smell alcohol?? He did not return for over a half hour after we were done unloading.

Upon inspection of the items I could see my washer and dryer were both busted; the nobs broken off and the dryer had a broken rod; un-repairable; someone had stood on the nobs.  The wooden item; china cabinet, bedroom end table, DVD cabinet, wicker furniture, desks were all scratches and marred. One bedside table was completely trashed (these are very expensive and came from a very reputable furniture store here in NC). One table was completely trashed beyond repair; literally in pieces of wood; I have photos of all the damage. The boxes and bins are squashed almost unrecognizable; I have not gone through all of these items yet for fear of what I am going to find crushed, smashed and broken; somewhere in there is a desk top computer and 2 printers, a 35mm camera and all attachments; just to name a few.  One wardrobe box was completely open and empty; it had leather jackets and chaps in it; I have a feeling they are no longer there; they are original Harley Davidson gear as I was a rider up until May; over 1000 in just that leather. An old fashion antique lamp is bent; all the wicker is from Pier one and parts of it are just shredded like paper.

I have just been placed on disability, have no income and now have all this to contend with. My home needs electric repair; heat and air are not working; several things here need to be addressed and now I have no money or ANY income as I have not been given any disability money yet and they have until November to decide if I get it or if I need a lawyer and then it is only going to be 900 a month.  I am beside myself.  I moved here to be closer to my son who lives in Raleigh in college and now I have all broken furniture, a washer and dryer that does not work and out so much $$ that I needed to help get this little house repaired.

This company is a sham, playing on innocent people that are ill and trustworthy.  They have committed fraud by using someone
elses name, doubled their prices after they get your personal belongings.  I am beside myself with depression and sadness that someone could do that to another.

They should be shut down NOW before they take another innocent person to the cleaners.

I was advised by the sheriff to take this to civil court and sue for all the issues stated. I completely agree since the sheriff and his
deputy were present and witness to the sham.  However a lawyer costs more money that I just do not have.

I was going to have a little business here; just boarding 5-6 dogs, doing a little training and when I could afford it, get a rehab machine to make some extra money because no one can live on 900 dollars a month.  I still own a home in FL that is for sale, plus this house mortgage.  I have my 3 dogs to care for; they need a fence to keep them safe.  I already had to put a roof on this house because it was leaking so bad.  I am beside myself, I do not know what to do or where to turn to, I hope you can please help me.

Here is what I believe to be fair; first and foremost I need my items repaired or replaced before I can do anything; I need a washer to wash towels to bath dogs when they board after I get a fence up.

Need immediately or I can not do any work at all; my disability is severe and I can only do so much.

With out having the money to put in my fence I can not work with dogs or do any dog work at all and they took all my money. I am loosing around 300 dollars a day because of this.  Broken or scratched items beyond repair:

Handmade china cabinet - this was custom made for me and a gift; it really is not replaceable unless I get the man in FL rebuild me a new one and send it to me.

All my wicker furniture was gifts from my son on mothers day.  Each year he got me a piece; most of it is broken or shredded on the bottom.

There are two rockers, a trunk, 3 tables, a tall curio cabinet.  I had a bathroom set from Bed, Bath and Beyond that is all scratched and marred; 2 tall stands and a chest.  This is not the type of wood that can be repaired it would have to be replaced.
I had a handmade DVD/CD cabinet made for me; this is not replaceable unless the man that made them in FL makes them and sends them to me.

I had a large grill with a heavy duty cover.  I just replaced all the parts; they are all brand new, not even used.  The cover is torn and the grill no longer works.

The two bedside tables that go with my bed are both broken; one beyond repair; they were very expensive and came from a furniture store (I believe Babcock in Fayetteville; I use to live in NC and now have moved back due to my illnesses and to be closer to my son).

These are the damages I have found so far.  I have not begun to look inside boxes and bins. They are so crushed and smashed I just don't know if I can handle anymore.

There are good china, a set of Christmas dishes and a beautiful set of National wildlife dishes; dont know if they are replaceable; service for 8

Christmas china, cannot be replaced. My mothers china is smashed beyond repair; I tried gluing some of it and it is just in too many pieces to be fixed.

I am sure there are more items; at this time I am still going through boxes and do not even know what, if anything is missing.

They used the cf to pick up the furniture as they did delivering it?? What does that say??

On top of this I was going to do some breeding; because I was a search and rescue trainer and give dogs to the local police department and start a club. Now my poor puppies are stuck in crates while I am not home because I no longer have the money to make their outdoor runs.

I understand this started in FL, however I have been told by the Florida Consumer Affairs that because it ended up here; it needs to be filed here.

Please, Please help me.  I don't know what to do.  In all total I am out about 10,000 dollars (needed to fix my house) and all this smashed and broken furniture. I would be forever grateful if anyone could please help me.

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#1 Consumer Comment



VICTIM, the only one who can help you...help any of us who have been through a similar nightmare with these scammers...is the U.S. Govt.  However, the govt. is very well aware of these moving scammers and is doing NOTHING to bring them to justice!

Some of us VICTIMS are disabled too...some became financially in debt...some have young children, babies to take care of...some are alone...some are elderly...some have lost new jobs or deals, or offers...and some have lost their good health because of these scammers...some had critical needs to be taken care of upon their relocation, and ended up not having their needs met...and some are dealing with a combination of the above or other terrible situations as a result, ALONG with our commonalities below:  

The 5 issues we ALL have in common is:  we ALL lost or had damaged sentimental and/or important belongings...we ALL lost a LOT of money...we ALL are angry/frustrated/disillusioned...we ALL went through a nightmare.  And 5, we would ALL like to have something done about these scammers!  But until our govt. acts, NOTHING will be done about the scammers!  Our complaints fall on deaf ears!
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