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  • Submitted: Thu, August 29, 2013
  • Updated: Fri, August 30, 2013

  • Reported By: Agripina — New York New York
77 Street New York, New York USA


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On September 2006, I was forced to call the ambulance because of chest pain, High Blood pressure, coughing, and dizziness.  All happen only inside the apartment.

On November 14, 2006, again I arrived at Emergency Room (ER) and the doctors diagnosed me with Chronic Intoxication with Carbon Monoxide. (CO).  I did not stay in that day 1 hour in my rent apartment because I left  in morning at 7 AM, to go to work in a school. I was Vomiting in the street in my way to work at school.

 When I arrived home around 5 PM, it was a very strong smell of gases. I called my landlord, GLENCORD BUILDING CORPORATION, GISTIZIA AGRESSIVO, and CONSTANCE CINCOTTA,  “ The Glencords”  who refused to take any  responsibility.

 At my insistence the landlord sent a young man “ the super” on November 14, 2006, who did not have any education,  who found leak from the pipes.

 The building’s manager Andrei, refused to fix the grave problem,  which could be fatale for entire building, and directed the “super” to clean to pipes, and that is all.

Also, directed me to call the CONSOLIDATED EDISON COMPANY named also “Con Ed”.    I called immediately Con Ed,  and they told me it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix the problem, and asked me to tell the super to disconnect the stove from the gas source.

My constantly very bad symptoms in apartment, and totally inexplicable, grave, obtuse non cooperative  attitude from the landlord's  part in this dangerous situation for me,  and entire building, make me suspicious. 

 Immediately, I went at Emergency Room (ER) 7 PM. Here, I asked to be tested for Carbon Monoxide (CO). The doctors did not took blood for CO until 11 PM, because they never did that test before , and did not believe me. At 11was time  enough  for CO to run out from Circulatory System.

After, 11PM the doctors came in my room and told me ”you are right you have chronic intoxication with CO”.

Additionally, the doctors called the authorities, and in that night was done a general inspection in entire building.  I did not know about it until I arrived home. In my knowledge,  from the tenant who was found mort in his apartment on June 2011, the Fire Department found violations in other two apartments.

  The problems with toxic gases still continue in my 16 years rent apartment.The landlord who bought the building in 2004,  intentionally, refused to fix the problems .

On  August 8, 2007, because my bad symptoms continue  even in fresh air, I arrived again at ER , where I was diagnosed with Dyspnea, Chest pain,  and Carbon Monoxide toxic effects. Dr. Karen R. Stephenson wrote:


” PT is advised not   to return to her house until the Carbon Monoxide levels are known to  be less. If any worsening of symptoms   return ..”



 I called stove’s factory Company General Electric :  Case No: 025705223-2007,  and I informed the  “ Glencords to take all steps necessary for inspection, and to assist at inspection because the stove was in warranty. The GE inspector came, but the Glencords  refused to come, or to take any steps .

 On August 10, 2007 I wrote to the  Glencords :

 …Please fix the   problem with Carbon Monoxide urgently…” 


 The Glencords did not care, because they could and  can corrupt almost everybody.

 On August 29, 2007, I arrived again at LenoxHillHospital with chronic intoxication with CO. The new doctors   in charge refused to take blood test immediately for an accurate result.

 I asked why they postponed and I was informed they are waiting for Dr. Aivazi confirmation to do the test. I did not understand at that time.

 After a few hours, a fellow psychiatrist came to talk with me. Finally, voluntary, I accepted to stay in hospital.The next day, I understood I did a huge mistake, because the doctors at psychiatry unit did not believe me intentionally ( even they have robust evidences from my previous years when I was diagnosed with   chronic intoxication with Carbon Monoxide”).

 Dr. Nathalson, the psychiatrist was very unprofessional regarding my health problems. He refused to give me my daily medicine for my chronic migraine, for slleping depravation,  and kept me in pain inexplicable for hours. 

I requested top talk with the hospital’s patient advocacy and I told her I want to live the hospital.  Dr. Nathalson refused to sign my voluntary request to leave, finally  was forced to accept . 

 I quit the hospital in 72 hours, and I was charged with $ 27, 000.00. The bill is missing from my file due my ” good lawyers ” who did not protected my interests,  and filed three (3 ) lawsuits with forgery in my name , and a life insurances and asset for  $ 1/2 milion , knowing I must to die with Glencord’s secret weapon  CO and toxic .

  I knew something was wrong, and I requested a copy of my medical report from psychiatry unit. I WAS REFUSED. The alone answer which I received was Dr. Nathalson did not want. Later, on September 2010, after the statute of limitation was run,  I have to understand why.

 On October 2, 2007, Dr. Tapia sent me for Anemia Consultation to the CancerCenter at Beth Israel. I continue to see dives doctors, inclusive pulmonary doctors. My story was hard to be believed. They could not understand why nobody can stop this criminal acts with many poisonings with CO and toxic gases.  

The air in my rent apartment continue to be very poisoned. The tenant below my rent apartment arrived at hospital with respiratory and heart problems. She left the building in the next week after hospital.  

 Additionally, the tenant from Apartment # 7  in the same building  complained a lot of heat in walls, a lot of smell and respiratory  problems. That 69 y. o. tenant was found dead in his apartment on June 2011, unknown the cause in his dead certificate. That  man, Edie, was staying all the time with the windows and the door at his apartment entrance opened.

 Because, I continue to feel bad even the apartment was disconnected from any source of gas, I went at Lenox Hill  hospital Emergency Room.  

 Here, I experienced again a not  normal delay to test my blood for CO. Asking why, I was told because they are waiting for Dr. Aivazi approval to take blood for CO.

I knew I was not in good hands!

Everything was against me. Finally, after many hours, time enough for CO to run out from my blood, I was tested but the doctors refused to give me the result.

After  a few days, a nurse told me I had  2.2% Carbon Monoxide , that means High Level, even was tested very late.

 My blood test showed very law level of Iron. I had 14 mcg/dl and the limits was between 40-160 mcg/dl. CO has a huge affinity for blood. My doctors suspected me for leukemia, and sent me again to the CancerCenter for investigations. My convulsive coughing, my chronic migraine, chest pain and fatigue was a permanent condition.

 On June 17, 2009, I had a CT Chest W/O Contrast, and was found  many nodules measuring up 8mm. I repeated the test on August 31, 2009 conform doctor’s prescription. I continue to feel very bad. Almost dying.  Dr. Tapia directed me to Dr. Aivazi . They share the same office.

I became the permanent patient of this two doctors, affiliate to Lenox Hill Hospital!

On March 5, , 2010, Dr. Tapia told me that my blood test showed  high level of cardiovascular risk and sent m also to do an chest X Ray due my convulsive and non controllable coughing. Additionally, in my room , I cannot control my blood pressure over 180.

The X Ray was negative same with the one done on December 2, 2006. I did also PPT skin test which for 95% European people are always positive, because we did the vaccine as a government’s rules for the heath.

On March 4, 2010, Dr. Aivazi my cardiologist gave me referral for blood test for possible hearth  attack. The test CAEDIO CRP was 7.5mg/L that means at High Level of heart attack.

 Both these doctors Tapia and Aivazi knew I had health problems , but intentionally  and corrupted refused to  accept  that could be due the CO and toxic gases  exposure, because all blood test sent to Quest Diagnostics ( see my complaint filed in Ripoff  Report dated 8/12/2012), for CO were falsified for years and I did not know.

The Con Ed gas comapny found for 4 times High Level of CO.

On May 24, 2010, I had Chest X Ray which was negative , same with the one done on 2006. Instead, my convulsive coughing, my heart problems, my migraine, my muscular spasm were worst and worst. I moved back in hotel.

 I complained to Dr. Tapia, who send me for pulmonary investigation to the Mount SinaiMedicalCenter, 17 East 102nd Street, NY 10029. His assistant did all arrangements to have an appointment. On July 2010, I received from the hospital a letter with my scheduled appointment for August 11, 2010 at 9:45AM.

Two days before I called the hospital to inform I will come for my appointment. I was very surprised when they told me you do not have any appointments”.

 On July 6, 2010, my cardiologist at that time, Dr. Aivazi gave me a referral at my request to test the presence of CO in my blood.

  I asked the Dr. Aivazi assistant to give me a copy of my test result. The  Quest Diagnostics reported the next day a result for CARBAMAZEPINE, which is a medicine, nothing commune with CO. I complained at Quest Diagnostics.

No one could tell me what happened. From 2007, I did many times the CO test, and the result was every time “ normal”, even I did not feel well,  and I never ask a copy from the doctors because I trust them.

 I saw Dr. Aivazi again and I brought with me both blood test for CO done in another hospital , NOT QUEST, which was High Level of CO.

He had a very “ bizarre reaction”. He stopped the consolation, and told me he refuse to take in consideration the New York Presbyterian -Will Cornell Hospital  results, because he trust only the Quest Diagnostics.

  After he started to scream at me, and tried to convince me that I did not have high level of CO. I understood that he knew that Quest Diagnostic did not do any blood test for CO for many years .

 He wanted me sick to charge the insurances. His reaction was totally unprofessional,  and full of subjective interests. Dr. Aivazi in  professional abuse told me that  the CO did not affect the heart or Circulatory System. Totally untrue.

 The literature said:


Carbon monoxide (CO) binds to   haemoglobin with a higher affinity (200x greater) than oxygen, and at the   same binding site.    Consequently, carbon monoxide will bind haemoglobin preferentially   over oxygen when both are present in the lungs - even small amounts of carbon   monoxide can dramatically reduce the ability of haemoglobin to transport   oxygen.  Levels as low as 0.02% carbon monoxide can   cause headaches and nausea, while a concentration of 0.1% can lead to   unconsciousness. This   accounts for the suffocation caused by carbon monoxide fumes, such as from   the exhaust of a car engine.  People   who smoke heavily can block up to 20% of the oxygen binding sites in   haemoglobin with carbon monoxide.  When   carbon monoxide binds to haemoglobin it becomes a very bright cherry red   (carboxyhaemoglobin), giving the person the appearance of a ‘healthy glow’.

By contrast, carbon   dioxide (CO2), which is produced as a waste product after aerobic   respiration, binds to haemoglobin at a   different site, therefore does not compete with oxygen for binding to   haemoglobin.



I understand that my doctor was  corrupted, He wanted me ill, and I wrote a letter to inform him I do not need his services anymore.

Now, I had an explanation why he coordinate all my arrival at Emergency Room, and delayed the approval for CO.

 On July 22, 2010, Dr. Tapia sent me to do again blood test for CO. My blood test showed High Risk at hard attack. I decide to change the hotel. Here, in very short time the CO Monoxide detector was off. I called the reception 3 times, and finally they sent somebody who changed the batteries.  After a week, already I was forced to ask a new room. In a month I changed 4 rooms. In each one I was vomiting in very short time. I felt terrible.

  I informed about all my moving the insurance’s inspector, and I told him my  concern that the “ criminals “ follow me everywhere, and  placed very poisoned substances. The hotel received a letter from me to keep secretly my presence there. 

Dr. Tapia who is also affiliate at  Lenox Hill Hospital was my primary care physician for a few years. I abandoned him for two times:

  •  First, I became suspicious because Dr. Tapia did not allow to his assistants to take my blood pressure. For this,  secretly I brought my machine, and after he took my blood pressure, he told me it is good 125/ ….when actually was over 150, I asked to check with my machine.  We checked with both machines and I was correct.

 Second:  Dr. Tapia did sleep deprivation. I had very severe migraines, and he refused to ask his assistants to take approval for Imitrex. After many nights with no sleep, I faxed him a complaint. He  invited me at his office, and sent me at ER for psychiatric evaluation conform his scenario. I was evaluated, and in ½ hour I was out from ER and Dr. Tapia received recommendation urgently to take approval for my medicine.

 After many years, Dr. Aivazi who shares the office with Dr. Tapia, pleased me to see Fr. Tapia  again. Now, Dr. Tapia became more understanding,  and manipulated me between doctors. In this way on July 22, 2010 he gave me referral for CO  test as I feel poisoned.  

 The New York Presbyterian Hospital found High Level of CO.

 In Fall 2010, appeared in my life Dr. Zaharia ( my complaint on Ripoff Report  filed on 8/21/2013).   

I started to see Dr. Zaharia. She took blood for CO test and for Iron because I did not feel well. On September 13, 2010, I went back in Dr. Zaharia’s office,  I was very bad surprised when she told me that the laboratory Bio Reference refused to send the result for CO test, and the Iron level was law.

  Dr. Zaharia took again blood for CO and for CRP a test for possible heart attack.  The CRP test was 0.86 HI ( range < 0.5mg/dL), and CO was 2.0%. After she startred to gave me ordoze of B12, until I could not tolerate the legs pain and my heath problems agravated.

Dr, Zagharia unti  now she refuse dto give me a hytory of ner overdoze B12 and God knows what! 

 On September 2010, I requested a copy of my medical record from the  Lenox Hill Hospital. I was informed that Dr. Natalshon, stil continue to refuse to provide me his medical report from 2007. I asked to talk with him.

 In my conversation with him on September 21, 2010, Dr. Nathalson told me he refused to accept to have his medical report because is against me. I did not understand why his report was against me. He asked to talk with my Psychiatrist. I gave him my  psychiatrist’s  phone number .

 After,  Dr. Nathalson spoke with my Psychiatrist, the hospital called me to came to pick up my medical report.  When I looked Dr. Nathalson medical report from 2007, I was stoked because he wrote:’’

 “ ..her paranoia regarding the landlord is concerning in that if it   continue at this degree or worse, she may represent a danger to others”.



 I called Dr. Nathalson , who does not work anymore at  Lenox Hill Hospital,  and I asked explanation about his false report.

 Dr. Nathalson in 20 minutes call conversation in that day (I digital recorded the last conversation ), apologized for 23 times for his mistakes.

  Also, suggested me do not give permission to someone to see his medical report, and send me to another doctor to fix his mistakes and ”to balance” ( his word from digital recorded ), his false diagnosis, and  report. 

 Dr. Nathalson’ s  malpractice was 100% with intention. He was corrupted by the  Glencords  who posined me.   It was a subjective commitment between Dr. Nathalosn and GLENCORDS and his accopmlices.  

   Lenox Hill Hospital with his bad doctors , ( not all,  I have high respect for ER doctors in 2006, and Dr. Karen  Stephenson),  perpetuate circumstances for my landlord and his clique, to continue to poison my environment until I abandoned the apartment on 2009.

What determinate Dr. Nathalson ,  to be so unprofessional?

For this reason he refused for three years to see his medical report and tried to cover the real cause of my problems- THE POISONING ENVIRONMENT done by  Glencords  under Dr, Natalson false, illegally, abusive diagnosis. 

 On February 8, 2012 I gave blood for CO level, which was high (3.0%)- normal limits for nonsmoker less 2%. I started again to sleep in cold ( 51-67, 68 degree), with Oxygen and mask on my face.  

 On February 21, 2012 I was feeling terrible. My High Blood pressure in my room over 180. Dr. Glodovski gave me referral to repeat my blood test for CO as necessary. I wanted to repeat the test for CO t at Lenox Hill Hospital and I was refused and I was sent to Quest Diagnostics.

  I wrote a letter complaint to the Director patient Advocacy Department- Mr. Michael Conroy and no answer.

 Additionally, in 2003, me and another woman, we had an accident in our building due the illegal constructions. Both cases was taken by Attorney Mitchell Friedman ( see my complaint in Repoff Rreport filed on 8/14/2013.

 The woman brooked her hand , and me I broke my left ankle and left hip. At ER at Lenox Hill Hospital  the doctors  with malpractice did not see any of my  fractures.

I did not have any insurances, any medicine.

My lawyer did absolutely nothing for me for two years, and abandoned my case. My  case was taken by the law firm Teperman & Teperman who lost the statute of limitation in the landlord’s favor.

 In 2015, again I arrived at  ER at Lenox Hill Hospital for X ray at my left ankle, and again the doctors falsified the medical report. In 2011, I had am MRI, and the doctors found I had a very old fracture, and asked me to bring the 2003 X Ray.

 I did an the doctors confirmed that I had in 2003 fracture. I contacted the Lenox Hill Hospital in legal term from when I discovered their malpractice and negligence.

The Director patient Advocacy Department- Mr. Michael Conroy asked me to send all medical reports related to left ankle. I sent . After , I was contacted by the Insurances Hospital Risk Management Planning Group. Who asked me to send them my X Ray.

 I told them no problem. I had my X ray in my safe deposit box at TD Bank. When I went  to pick up the X ray, was already stolen.

 I contacted the Risk Management Planning Group’ s lawyer, and they told me without X ray they could not take any decision in my favor. Also, disappeared all my evidences with my left ankle, hip. ALL.

 Because disappeared from the same safe deposit box at TD Bank also my Appeal with Merck Company, and more legal documents, I did a complaint, and I closed the box.

 After many months, some stolen documents from my safe deposit box was put by “ good people” in my storage. I contacted immediately the Risk Management Planning Group’ s lawyer and she told me” sorry, the statute of limitation is gone”.

 NOTHING SURPRIZED ME, because in 2012 disappeared from the Supreme Court the Lenox Hill Hospital motion to dismiss my Amended Complaint in my personal injury case with CO!


 Most new, I saw in the report done on 7/12/2008, a grotesque falsification of my medical report where said:

 ” I think I have carbon monoxide poisoning. I felt funny this morning so I checked my CO meter. My Co meter was reading High and Con Ed came to check it and they said the CO was high in the apartment….”

 INCREDIBLE:  I never said “I FELT FUNNY” . It was terrible! What is funny in CO poisoning?

SOME people, and doctors at Lenox Hill Hospital are without scruples, and had a total disregard for law.  They encourage Glencord and his accomplices in criminal acts( inclusive 3 lawsuits with forgery in my name), encouraged the New York Presbyterian to declare me illegally with TUBERCULOSIS, and to hid the medicine which was  administrate me, encouraged the  Bellevue Hospital to hid the blood under bed and to give my medicine KETOROLAK for stoke.

 For these corrupted doctors as : Dr. Nathalson Dr. Zaharia, Dr. Aivazi, Dr. Tapia, n and doctors at ER  ( AFTER DR.  KAREN R. STEPHENSON ),  compelled with Glencords  and his accomplices in criminal acts to tort me, to abuse me, to ruin my health, to make my life miserable.

 Additionally, Lenox Hill Hospital with his negligence and medical malpractice  encouraged the  Glencords and his accomplices to take the life of  two people . 


 Shame for corrupted Lenox Hill Hospital to falsify the reports and to compel in criminal acts with Glencord and all accomplices!

 I take responsibility for all my affirmation, and I am ready at any investigation. 

 Because of the deliberate, unjustifiable, unethical, without integrity, and bad intentional nature (criminal), of all Lenox Hill Hospital’s conduct, I pledge for Justice.





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