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Ed Magedson
ED Magedson - Founder, Ripoff Report
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ED Magedson, Consumer Advocate – read about the founder of Ripoff Report

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Have you been ripped off by a business, swindled by a charity, tricked by a religious organization, cheated by an online retailer, abused by the government or taken advantage of by an academic institution? You can even tell us here at Ripoff Report why you love us or HATE us!

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Ripoff Report LIVE!

A place to listen to those with industry experience and others opine about consumer issues that matter!

For nearly two decades, consumers, through RipoffReport.com, have been providing information and opinions for other consumers regarding their experiences with different individuals and businesses. Out of all the Reports that have been posted, Ripoff Report has noticed some commonalities in complaints that are industry specific and we want to talk about them!

Ripoff Report is continuing its consumer advocacy efforts by sharing concepts, ideas and opinions about some of these commonalities (via podcast and local radio stations from around the USA) through RipOffReport.com/live. Ripoff Report gathers industry specific topics based on information found on the RipoffReport.com website; finds individuals with experience in the particular industry and/or those who merely want to weigh in on the topic; and discusses them. While it may prove entertaining just to listen in, you never know when you might learn something new or get information on some tactics that are used against consumers in common scams, rip-offs, and fraud.

* Information presented on Ripoff Report Live! is for entertainment purposes – jokes and sarcasm should be taken as such. Ripoff Report does not guarantee the accuracy or usefulness of the information contained within these discussions nor does Ripoff Report or its employees necessarily hold the same opinions as those expressed by speakers on the show. As with all information provided on the Ripoff Report website, it is always encouraged that a consumer do its own additional research to confirm accuracy of information that may appear on the website, regardless of the medium it is presented.

Check out information about ED Magedson the Founder of Ripoff Report to understand why he started this website, and his fight to keep Ripoff Report alive.

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