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Dish Net

  • Submitted: Mon, March 10, 2014
  • Updated: Mon, March 10, 2014

  • Reported By: twjordo — south pittsburg Tennessee
Dish Net
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first of all let me say that i am in a location that does not even offer dsl via At&t so i truly am stuck in my situation for internet access. i signed with dish.net back in july of 2013 and the first month i did ok with the service but was forced to drop netflix and hulu and amazon prime instant videos due to the fairness use act or so the representative said when i was discussing service plans. i did opt for the highest data plan which is 30gb data per month for $79.99 per month and this is actually split into 2 sections of times of use that is terrible - 15gb for peak time usage which is 08:00 to 02:00 and 15gb for off peak usage which is from 02:00 to 08:00. now the first month of service i was seeing speedtests that did confirm i was getting the service i paid for in terms of speed up to 25mbps but shortly after the first month i am always running out of data and even when my data restarts which is the 10th of each month i only have 00. [continued below]....

.....48mbps for download speed... this slow service will not even play a youtube video!!!!! now i am stuck in this 2 year contract with over 14 months remaining and soon my bill will go up for the "bundle savings" will expire. it is currently 00:56 03/11/14 and i just did a speedtest and here are my results http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/((redacted)))  ...my isp is wildblue via dish.net do not waste your money with these scammers!!!! nothing in their commercials is fact - it is all lies and their customer service department is not helpful at all... in fact they do not have a live support chat for internet issues so you are forced to call colorado for internet tech issues and they do not work all day as in 24 hour availability - you must suit their convenience to make a claim and i have done this with several screenshots showing the time and date and speedtest results and they say everything is as it should be on their end and it is not their problem - LAME! here are some chat logs i have had with their service department - as i said before they will not chat online with you so you do not have a verifiable record of the bologna they try to feed you - only the tv side has tech support

here in this log you will se i was cheated out of data i paid for and they never 100% resolved the situation

Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX) (Listening)

 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Hi, my name is Jan Carlo (ID: ACY). How may I help you?
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Be sure to log on to mydish.com where you can manage your account, make changes to your programming, view your bills, order PPV events, and learn more about your equipment.
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Hi Thomas. I hope you're having a great day!
 thomas: my data was just throttled and I have a case pending with the issue of my off peak data not being taken properly
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): I'm sorry to hear about that.
 thomas: please check the status of that
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): For security purposes, would you please verify the 4 digit Security Code on the account?
 thomas: 6gb was to be restored to me
 thomas jordon: 1554
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Sure.
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Thank you.
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): One moment, please.
 thomas: ok
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Thank you.
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): We have a dedicated department for Internet-related concerns but I wouldn't want to let you go without offering all the help I can. I have noted your account about your concern for easier assistance. If you have other concerns about your satellite TV services I'd be glad to assist you on those.
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): For this, please call our dishNET department at 1-800-333-3474.
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): We currently do not have chat support for our dishNET department.
 thomas: how do I contact the department direct or speak to a manager - I have documentation proving my statements and now I am wrongfully throttled
 thomas: i have sentthem email internet dish.net
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): You can ask to be transferred once you call.
 thomas: that was a few days ago and no reply or resolve
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Don't worry, Thomas. I'm sure our dishNET Support agents will be glad to look into that for you.
 thomas: i have called several times as well
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): I see.
 thomas: i have called 5 times the past 6 days
 thomas: this is sooooo wrong!
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Alright, Thomas. I understand your frustration and we do appreciate your patience and for taking your time off to contact us.
 thomas: this is the email i sent
 thomas: please reply to  *deleted*


I have been experiencing an issue to where I am running out of anytime data when I am using off=peak data times for my downloads.


this has been going on for a while and I just noticed it the other night when I downloaded 6gb of data and I saw it reduced the next day from my anytime data when it should have not been


for proof of this situation I have attached 8 screenshots for your review


last night I did screenshot data before downloading and after to verify my statements and the data was 539,644kb = 526.996mb


the prior to download anytime data was 2.8gb   = 2867.2mb

the after download anytime data is         2.19gb = 2242.56mb


difference of                                                    624mb


the download last night was                         526.99mb


you will see the screenshots do verify all of my statements to be true and correct


please rectify this situation as soon as possible and restore ALL of the data that has been wrongfully taken from my account - I do understand you will need to review the whole months data use and please do!


this is no fault of mine that I am experiencing this issue


I am very displeased with dish customer support for this situation... I was not aware that screenshots were needed to justify investigation - the customer service for this issue is useless over the phone or live chat


please investigate my account thoroughly and note that I have been in contact with dish representatives concerning this issue since the night the 6gb of data was wrongfully taken from me


failure to provide services as described in our 2 year contract on your end is very bad business. I PAY MY BILL WITHOUT ISSUE AND I AM A GREAT CUSTOMER BUT I WILL NOT BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF
 thomas: i have done everything i was asked to do without resolve and this is terrible business
 thomas: i have stuff i have to do on theinternet and i can not when i am throttled!
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY): Let me transfer you to an account specialist for better assistance. We do prefer that you call us at 888-496-1260 but let me go ahead and transfer you so we can take care of this now.
 thomas: this costs me to lose  $$$$
 Jan Carlo (ID: ACY) has disconnected.
 Brian (ID: LR9): Hi, my name is Brian (ID: LR9). How may I help you?
 Brian (ID: LR9): Thank you for contacting the customer Loyalty Department at DISH. Please give me a few moments to review the previous chat. If you need to reference this chat my name is Brian and my operator ID is LR9. I am looking forward to helping you today.
 thomas: thanks!  i am patiently waiting
 thomas: there is almost 7gb of data in total i am disputing
 Brian (ID: LR9): Hello, Thomas. Thank you for holding. As I am reviewing the previous chat session I see you have been transferred based on an issue with the DISHnet service. I'm sorry to hear that and I'd be happy to assist you. Unfortunately you have been connected with the wrong department. I apologize for any inconvenience. What I can do is connect you technical support team, who will be able to assist you. Do you mind if I transfer you?
 thomas: i work second shift and do do most of my downloading in the early mornings after 2 a.m. local time as the terms of our agreement do specify
 thomas: please get me to someone that has authority to resolve this immediately!   thanks
 Brian (ID: LR9): Ok. Please remain on the line while I transfer you.
 thomas: ok thanks
 Brian (ID: LR9) has disconnected.
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): Hi, my name is Shannon (ID: ZW5). How may I help you?
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): I’m sorry to hear that you are having an issue. I’d be happy to resolve that for you.
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): One moemnt please.
 thomas: ok
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): One sec.
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): This is advanced tech. We do basic troubleshooting, however, for advanced concerns you would need to contact DIShnet and they do not have a chat option. I can see what I can do for you now. When you try to use the internet do you get an error now/
 thomas: i am throttled when i should not be
 thomas: i have proof of my statements i have sent the emails a few days ago and i have called several times to NO RESOLVE
 thomas: i need my account sorted
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): One moment please.
 thomas: there is no issues wit the connection - it is that i am wrongfully throttled and i am copying this chat log to place in my records of service terms dispute case
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): I do see in the notes that an agent submitted a report for you. It does not look it has been fully resolved. At this time DISH chat does not have any further information on the throttled account. However, At this time, your DISH Internet and Phone service does not have chat support. You can get assistance by calling 1-855-347-3474. I can still help you with questions about your television service. I can leave notes in the account.
 thomas: my tv is fine - i have tried the # before and they say to email
 thomas: i did that already and i feellike i am being circle-jerked around by people that do not have authority to resolve my issue
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): I do understand your frustration. However, the department above handles advanced DIShnet issues.
 thomas: can you get someone with supervisor authority to look over my statements and pull my email then contact me ? i do not intend to waste 20 minutes on the phone being passed around to different departments
 thomas: my home # is **********
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): One moment.
 thomas: the email was sent from ********* and has 8 attached pics i it verifying my statements
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): One moment please.
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): I have supervisor now or you can call 24/7 at 18003333474 ?
 thomas: ok what is your supervisors name and id # please for my records
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): ohx Nick. Do you want me to transfer you to him now?
 thomas: please do
 thomas: thanks for your time
 Shannon (ID: ZW5): One sec.
 Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX): Hi, my name is Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX). How may I help you?
 Shannon (ID: ZW5) has left the chat.
 Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX): Hello.  I need to review the chat, I will be right with you.
 thomas: thanks!
 Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX): Alright Thomas.  What happened when you called?  As advised chat does not support dishNet.
 thomas: when i called i was told 2x's to send an email - the 2nd time i was told that the case would not be investigated w/o screenshots
 thomas: so i started a collection of them
 thomas: i sent 8 attachments [screenshots] with the email
 thomas: now i have 10 total
 thomas: all showing i did download off-peak time and the data was not taken from off-peak - it was taken from peak
 thomas: one even told me the data thingy was not working properly to check back later - LAME!!!!
 thomas: i am a developer of roms and must upload and download often roms to test - this throttling kills my ability to do my side job costing me $$$
 thomas: this is an issue that must soon be resolved
 Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX): I truly am sorry, but I am not privy to the processes of dishNet.  This is why you must call.  I understand you are frustrated with it, but that is the avenue of support for dishNet right now.
 thomas: ok so they are going to tell me to send an email then they will get back with me - when i inquire to an eta so i will make myself available they do not even give me one and say only to send email - IT IS A USELESS SUPPORT PLAN YOU HAVE FOR INTERNET SUPPORT
 Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX): An additional 1 GB of capacity is $10.  I can add that and waive the $10 to buy some time for you.
 thomas: that would be excellent and i will honestly note that to the next representative i speak with - i do not seek what is not mine or what i have not paid for - i only want what was wrongfully taken from me in terms of service I DID PAY FOR
 Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX): I understand.  Hopefully soon chat will be able to assist in these matters.  I will credit the account $10 to offset the cost, ok?
 thomas: please do note our chat log in your records for my account as well
 thomas: thanks and i will keep copy of this local for my records as well
 Communication with the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Chat service has been lost.  Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
 Disconnection in 360 seconds.
 Connection resumed.
 Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX): I gave a 1 time $20 credit, just in case this takes longer.  Definitely call in though.
 thomas: i will give them one more chance to resolve this over the phone - do you have any extension or anything useful i can do to get directly to them asap and to a supervisor?
 thomas: i will call asap
 thomas: thank-you very much!
 Supervisor - Nick (ID: OHX): My OPID is OHX for future reference.  I am sorry, but I do not.  1-800-333-3474 is what you will have to call.
 thomas: ok calling in to them now
 thomas: thanks!


needless to say the phone call to tech support only resulted in an additional $10 one time credit which i had to use for more data... tech support said it was not possible for this to happen and basically called me a liar when i had all the proper documentation and i still have all the documentation including timestamped screenshots and as you can see from my earlier link i am still being throttled when i should have 25mbps connection that i pay for each month

save your money and go to mcdonalds for free wifi... it is much faster than the terrible service dish.net provides - i honestly hate calling it a service - i feel like they should send me complimentary vasaline each month around the 26th when my bill is posted to me!!!

sincerely truthfully painfully honest in Tennessee!!!!!

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