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Complaint Review: Ripoff Report | TrueBuild Credit - Corporate Credit Network TRUSTED BUSINESS | Verified™ Safe …businesses you can trust. A leader in business credit industry. TrueBuild credit benefits business with credit approvals using the TrueBuild program without personal guarantees. 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee. TrueBuild Credit gets credit & financing for businesses. - Internet Internet

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  • TrueBuild Credit - Corporate Credit Network TRUSTED BUSINESS | Verified™ Safe …businesses you can trust. A leader in business credit industry. TrueBuild credit benefits business with credit approvals using the TrueBuild program without personal guarantees. 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee. TrueBuild Credit gets credit & financing for businesses. Internet United States of America

Corporate Credit Network TRUSTED BUSINESS REVIEW: Corporate Credit Network / TrueBuild Credit dedicated to Complete Customer Satisfaction promising the most committed team of customer service representatives and the highest levels of customer service in the industry. TrueBuild will stop at nothing short of promised results.
*UPDATE: Corporate Credit Network pledges their commitment to always improving their operations by joining Ripoff Report’s Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. A program that benefits the consumer by increasing their confidence when doing business with a member business. Corporate Credit Network is recognized by Ripoff Report Verified™ as a safe business service.

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REVIEW UPDATE: May 26 2020: True Build Credit remains committed to increased customer satisfaction and has improved their business practices over the years to better serve their customers. True Build Credit is truly dedicated to making sure their customers are satisfied and that any complaints which do arise are addressed promptly and fairly.

To date, True Build Credit has made good faith efforts to resolve all complaints reported on Ripoff Report. Based on our experience, the member business has proven to be among the top members of the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program as a Verified Safe Business™.

Over time and since becoming a member, True Build Credit has remained actively engaged and improving the way they address customer service complaints. As an active and current member of the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program we are happy to report that now more than ever True Build Credit remains committed to improving customer satisfaction.

Remember, no company or individual can ever satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time. There are no products or services that will always be perfect for everyone and even the best companies will receive complaints from time to time. However, by participating in the Corporate Advocacy Program, the member business has made a commitment to working with its customers to resolve complaints quickly and fairly whenever possible.

Please keep in mind that as a consumer you have some responsibilities as well. Success has many definitions that based on your past experiences, current situation and your perceived expectations. Success with any product or service is always based on the proper application and understanding. The fastest car will not run if you never turn the engine on. Look at how you used the product or service that was provided in relation with the instructions that you received. The Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program will help you get your voice heard but please be prepared with documentation and fair representation of your concern, also have an idea of how the company can fix your concern. Can they offer additional services, extend warranties, offer a fair refund or just get you talking with someone that can help. ..let them know and let us know!

*Any consumer not receiving satisfaction from a member of the Corporate Advocacy Program should email us at editor@ripoffreport.com

Ripoff Report Verified™ REVIEW:

EDitor’s UPDATE: Positive rating and recognition has been given to TrueBuild Credit / Corporate Credit Network for its commitment to excellence in customer service.

As part of the Corporate Advocacy Program, Ripoff Report has conducted several investigations of TrueBuild Credit which have revealed their ongoing commitment and dedication to each of their client’s satisfaction. Their commitment to their clients shows customers that TrueBuild Credit is entirely dedicated to their success and strives to meet each and every one of their expectations. TrueBuild’s dedication is what fosters strong relationships between their company and each of their clients to help them achieve their highest goals. Client’s can expect excellent service and communication as TrueBuild Credit holds their clients to be of the utmost importance.

TrueBuild Credit’s owner, Mike Berrien, states that he believes that each customer is the face of his company and this is the very core of why TrueBuild Credit values their customers so highly. He explains that they are the primary source of valuable feedback that allows his company to improve and strengthen itself so that can be passed on to others. Mike explains that proper communication and prompt responses to client concerns are essential to the success of both his company and the client’s company.

Another top executive of the company told us that along with leadership and communication skills on the part of their support department, the customer provides the other half of the relationship that is beneficial to both TrueBuild Credit and the client. “Without the clients, what is the company? Nothing. Our company would cease to exist unless we are providing a service that others want and / or need. How that is provided is equally as important and we strive everyday to exceed our industry’s standards. We want to set the bar high and provide our clients with the best care and guidance possible. If you know Mike personally, you know that he won’t settle for anything less and he instills that drive and determination in all of us. Both him and the clients are what keep us motivated and fuel our desire to do the best job we can.”

The information provided in this report below is based on comments made by Mike Barrien, Pete Woodsworth, and Lexie Lynch during an on-site inspection held by a third party verification company with no biases toward TrueBuild Credit.
TrueBuild Credit is Ripoff Report Verified
Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business..

TrueBuild Credit works with customers to build credit through financing. The company states that they work with entrepreneurs to leverage and build business credit regardless of their personal credit with the goal of being the absolute best in the industry. In order to build clientele, the company discovers leads primarily through email marketing campaigns and search engine optimization. Additionally, many of their clients are referred by lenders of conventional funding sources like banking institutions. The company primarily conducts business over the phone or the internet. Once a client is established, the company categorizes them through a series of questions. Additionally, the company states that they educate their clients on business credit through this process.

Once the client has been profiled and categorized, the company maps out a plan according the client’s needs. They provide a written guarantee of the program outlined plan and send the client a confirmation email that contains a link in which the customer fills out and returns the complete application with their business and personal information. Upon submission of the application, a credit technician is assigned to client within 24-48 hours who conducts an intake interview, defines objectives and further maps out a game plan. Verifications of components are put in place and recognized by the company. Pete Woodsworth, True Build Credit’s Director of sales states, “This is a highly accelerated process that condenses 3-5 years of business credit to be developed in 3-4 months.”

In order to follow up with the client during the sales process, the internal systems synchronize to ensure technical collaboration is very efficient for client support. Additionally, when a technician is having difficulty on a call, they can ask for a managerial decision and assistance on the call. The company states to ensure customer satisfaction follow up procedures are not monitored.

TrueBuild talks about the report on Ripoff Report.

Some of the complaints TrueBuild Credit receives are in regards a client’s confusion of what they read online and what they hear on the phone. Lexie Lynch, Senior Credit Technician states, “Sometimes clients think the voice they are hearing is too young, creating a false perception and ask, ‘Where is my money?’ The amount of money does not meet their expectation.” To work with clients in this situation, the company mentions that they go through a compliance checklist which helps them understand the process point by point.

The company runs into issues with clients that feel nothing is done when they have not heard from TrueBuild Credit in a month. The company states there are two levels to be purchased, an elite level and an average level. The membership levels are clarified and the plan is chosen according to their needs. Lexie Lynch commented, “When I hear someone struggling with a call, I will groove the call. Grooving is internal messaging on the technicians screen that helps to communicate and interact with a difficult call.”

TrueBuild Stated Improvements

Since the company has received complaints through Ripoff Report, they state they have worked to research and share learned knowledge. The company states they are taking more time in clarifying the steps necessary to ensure the customer’s success. Pete Woodsworth states, “We explain the process of establishing and building a business profile. There is a specific order and no steps can be missed. Also, by uncovering the client’s needs and their objective as it relates to business credit and fact finding.”

Furthermore, TrueBuild Credit states they feel internal communication is key amongst their employees and they address any misperceptions immediately. Membership to the company is for those who want to start a business, wanting to build their business credit or their existing business. Mike Barrien, President of True Build Credit states, “This is not an alternative means to fix bad personal credit.”

In order to resolve and prevent many of the complaints that have been filed on Ripoff Report, the company states that solutions are discovered on a case by case basis and a support manager handles all expectations. Mike Barrien states, “If a client is still adamant, Mike or Amber speaks with them. Sometimes refunds happen. We are clarifying up front details so mistakes are less, being clearer upfront.”

Furthermore, the company states that customers applying on their own must follow program guidelines. Mr. Barrien continued, “We rewrote terms and conditions to remedy this. We are weeding out clients who need to pay off bad bills, problem clients who do not pay bills on time, and those clients who signed up under different trenches who might have buyer’s remorse.”

TrueBuild Credit feels that it is important to be a part of the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program because they feel they are fair and represents their business. They state there are competitors who write up fake testimonials and they feel they are real. Mike Barrien states. “Our program is honest, ethical, and helps people, real entrepreneurs.”


"TrueBuild Credit’s support department feels they provide their clients with the highest level of customer service available in the industry, however, they have a mission to continue to improve their service levels so their clients have confidence that they are in the best hands for the job. I have seen Mike take personal interest with so many of our clients. I know he cares about them and wants them to see results just as much as we do. I think it’s his experience and knowledge of the industry that makes our clients so confident in our abilities. They always know that they made the right choice after speaking with him personally ”. The support manager at TrueBuild.

TrueBuild Credit considers employee feedback as invaluable as their client feedback as well. TrueBuild Credit provides a collaborative environment that encourages its employees to contribute and provide their own ideas and opinions in weekly support meetings. Employees are encouraged to contribute their suggestions for improvements or new ideas as they are representatives of an efficient, knowledgeable company and know the most about each of their clients’ needs. Ripoff Report was pleased to learn that TrueBuild Credit’s past and current approach to business is focused on its pledge to total commitment towards client and employee satisfaction.


TrueBuild Credit recognizes that while some complaints are entirely false representations of their company, others can be beneficial to the growth of their company by allowing them to make the necessary improvements and adjustments to ensure it is not a reoccurring problem. TrueBuild Credit’s improved business plan makes sure a complaint is never ignored but rather responded to immediately to insure that the issue is resolved appropriately to suit the client’s needs. TrueBuild Credit believes that their clients are the face of their company and their primary source of valuable feedback that will help their company grow. To that end, TrueBuild Credit will continue striving to improve and grow.

In summary, after our review, which included discussions with Mike Berrien, Ripoff Report is convinced that TrueBuild Credit / Corporate Credit Network is committed to quality delivery of services resulting in total client satisfaction.

Read more about why consumers should feel confident when doing business with TrueBuild Credit / Corporate Credit Network, a member of Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. Yes, it’s a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

Read about Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program, a program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. this program works.

As a matter of policy, when a business becomes a member of the Corporate Advocacy Program they agree to allow Ripoff Report to contact every client who filed a complaint so they can make things right with them. In order to confirm that the complaints were resolved, Ripoff Report is copied on all responses so we can insure that the member business did right by their customer.



True Build Credit Corp Build Business Credit lines of credit trade lines corporate credit, Internet

This company advertises as the 'elite' in corporate credit building.  Their site and statements from their staff are that your personal credit and income level do not matter - they have the formula for getting you $50,000 of business credit lines within 6 months - guaranteed.

When I signed up I wrote several of the agents at the True Build Program to ensure that their guarantee was what I thought it was.  Among the people that wrote back was the Sales Director.  This person specifically stated that they guarantee that I would get $50,000 in business credit no matter what my history was.  I reconfirmed and even discussed how much of the work (the Dunn and Bradstreet profile, DUNS#, EIN# and 2 year corporate history with my state) was already completed by me.  I was still skeptical, but when this Sales Director mentioned another credit building company that I had been misled by and how they were 'scam artists' I was sure that he was legit.

Well, after 12 months I have seen nothing beneficial in my business credit and have no lines of credit.  I have followed ALL of the direction provided (very little given by the unskilled technicians who are obviously hourly workers) and applied to everything recommended.  I purchase numerous items using the net30 accounts THAT I HAD TO SET UP MYSELF and waited for the reporting to my credit as instructed.  I have been moved from technician to technician over 6 times and if I make a complaint about the lack of service they simply reassigned me to another technician that knew less than the last one.  On thier site they state they have never been turned down for business credit from certain vendors (IKEA business accounts), well, I was turned down.  When I asked for the reason they had nothing to offer but giberish about building the other side of my credit profile - that is what the trade lines were supposed to do!!  They then tell me to go back to the net30 vendor and buy more overpriced crap that I don't need, so, I do it and still...nothing changes and my applications are still rejected.

The techs have no answers for why their process is not working after a year and always play defensive when you question thier program.  I asked for a refund and was told that 'I do not qualify for a refund' - WHAT?  I specifically got the work form the Sales Director that I would get a refund if I didn't get $50K in business credit in 6 months, otherwise, I would not have bought the service.

They state that since they 'worked' on my file for a year I do not qualify for the refund - so, they feel that lifting a finger at some point in the process negates the whole guarantee!!  What a scam!

I have done all of the work including applying as directed by their site, purchasing from vendors, ensuring that my corporation is set up correctly, etc, and have NO IDEA what it is that they claim they have "worked" on for the last 12 months - they don't do anything.

Do not sign up with TrueBuild and the CorpBuild.net network.  They lie directly to you without any remorse and do not provide the services that they claim.  They will bash other services (Thomas Kish) and then turn around and take your money while providing no services.

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 08/01/2012 10:12 AM and is a permanent record located here: https://www.ripoffreport.com/report/true-build-credit/internet-corp-business-lines-920867. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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