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Complaint Review: CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES - MIAMI Florida

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Carnival Cruise Lines how tricky.I have worked for 6 years in CCL as Assistant Housekeeping manager . Many so many times I have been accused by the higher management , that I am not flexible

Below I will explain some facts showing the flexibility and the big scam what carnival it is.I have been Terminated , on December 2008. My first instinct was to contact lawyers however I have decided to show to the world what CCL is doing and choose not to go in courts .
It is everybody's choice to believe me or to believe the Carnival representatives , if they will react at one point.

I have nothing to loose. Unfortunately there are so many things to be said , and I would like to have a particular logical manner of presentation. My apologies for my English or my grammatical mistakes that might occur.
Also very important thing: I am not a racist or a xenophobe as it could be understood from below , I have enjoyed my work with different nationalities and I respect them and their culture.

So here we go :
Crew : the application process from the home country doesn't say lots of stuff what will be exactly onboard the ship. When crew members are arriving on the ship they are having different contracts , way different facilities , and also the way they are handled it is exactly like a herd of sheep ?

Come there most of crew dizzy since they are sleeping maybe 3 hours after their 2 days flight
The crew members are not trained at all , the management is putting them to sign some papers and that's it. U have ur paperwork done , the management covered themselves. Whatever will happen next will be crewmembers responsibility.

Most of the crewmembers are coming now from Indonesia, Philippines ,India , and very few from Europe. The reason is that carnival doesn't need smart a*s type people , they need slaves. Am not suggesting that Asians are slaves , but their attitude is more humble and reasonable , and they will not react instantly most of the time...

And the culture of Indonesians, Filipinos is different and they can keep their frustration deep inside in their souls. They will share between them , and will solve it out between their communities..Whoever worked with different nationalities , can understand me .

The Fun Time , a system that allows to monitor the actual hours worked , it is also a scam , it became also a more illegal stuff as it was without The hours worked by Crew members are more than 80 -90 hrs /week!!
And you know why ? Because nobody can touch the Cruise Lines cause they are going in International waters and their flag is not USA!!!!

I will repeat : the Cruise Lines can do whatever they want , and they can handle crew and guests documents as they wish cause there is no control of Cruise Liners , and nothing can be proved . Criminal acts are hidden , rapists, sexual offenders,and so on And I am telling you this cause I was a prt of management that was advised many times to shut his mouth.

So , we are in the embarkation. Most of the times your plane is arriving somewhere in the evening , till u arrive in the Hotel it is maybe 11-12 night . And 5 am you go to the ship . When u arrive in the middle of Embarkation , you get ur cabin key , run to Vessel Orientation program and u run to work. Now it sounds normal , but trust me , it is not at all. All new sign ons are looking like zombies. And that's how they need to go to work in Guest Area Service .

The Orientation training is done by shipboard crew training centre staff and the Safety Officer .
The safety Officer is most of the times ( like deck officers ) , Italian . Who will start by checking out new ladies ( fresh fish ) and making inappropriate comments, showing his power,and manhood , in front of everybody. And more then half of crew is almost sleeping and praying that they will go soon to sleep ..

Onboard the Carnival ships the Italians are having their own mafia. I have arrived now to the highest , and most outrageous thing in carnival Cruise Lines.
The Italian Officers have different type of contract ,made in Monte Carlo with different facilities and different approach. Paid with big amount of Euros not USD like the regular crew .

In a sentence they can do whatever they want , or say whatever they want because eventually the Staff captain , captain or shore side Mr Gigliotti , will solve it out.
Italian Mafia.
What they are doing ? First of all Italians need ladies , as many as possible and as often as possible . So , there is no Guests Disco that Italians are not there and not picking up the guests and bringing the guests to their rooms. If any other regular crew is doing that , he is terminated as per Ship's manual . But not the Italians . Why ? . Cause even the Captains are having double life . Example my last ship : Captain Gallotto was having his mistress for many years ( Casino Host , staff member), when his wife was arriving onboard with his son , the mistress was going home on the same day!!!!!!!
And he is not the only one , many many officers are doing the same. And nobody is saying anything cause they will terminate u eventually Everybody s scared to loose his job.
As per Coast Guard regulation , every Crew and Guest cabin should have life jacket Would like to know when the Manager Staff Administration is updating the Manning List How come the mistresses and girlfriends/ boyfriends are not assigned to those cabins?? There are no life jackets except for the occupants.
And we arrived to Coast Guard and safety issues.
I will tell u something that will shock u : more than 80% of the crew doesn't know anything about safety !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course when Coast Guard is coming , CCL is distributing the flyers with most common Coast Guard questions But if , God helps, something is happening , nobody , but nobody is doing what is suppose to. Few years , 2006 , onboard Legend , I was night shift manager and a fire occurred in the crew galley ( of course good trained crew ?!) . The safety officer arrived drunk like a pork , from the guests disco . and tried to extinguish with water , using a hose from Fire station but the hose was not more than 2 meters long ??!!! Embarrassing situation ..He was promoted to Staff Captain , 1 year ago ?

Other things : onboard Glory , in 2007 , a Asst Chief security disappeared Crew members opinion , he was thrown overboard, carnival and officials stated that he jumped. Yyyyeaaah right.
With all the respect for dead people..Mr Jamit Singh was not an angel , he was not very liked among crew and everybody knew that .

U know why?? Cause the other mafia is the Indian and Filipino , in the security department. But more obedient of course to the Italian ones, cause they are in charge with them , in this case the staff captain.

The security can do whatever they want , they will talk between each other in Tagalo or Hindi , even in front of you.. and eventually it is Crew members fault . All the times! Safety and security first ..yeeeeaaahhh , right..
So , Mr Jamit Singh was killed , on deck 4 forward Crew Open decks . Once again with all the respect , he was a violent, mean person , tolerated many many years by the shoreside and shipboard high management.

Same ship Glory , one lady, from South Africa , Reshma ,cabin stewardess , came onboard and she was not having her job.. I was at that time in management , and I saw that she was right. But I couldn't say anything , anyway nobody would listen , and second due to my highest respect for Mr Ephraim Housekeeping manager and Brian D'Souza Hotel Directors. However eventually carnival was the one winning It was reported in media , Florida Today , I guess.

Nobody after that , including the media , did not check what exactly happened there.In 2006 I have resigned cause my fiance s medical assistance was not done in a proper way. She was forced to work although she was really sick.. U know why??

Cause the Housekeeping manager Mr Cirilo Pereira was the one who was giving the medical offs , and not the doctor. It took some unfortunate deaths amond crew , to change some stuff in Medical department. However it is almost the same and Coast Guard and Public Health should check that They don't cause they are hand in hand with CCL and Mr Arison , then owner of CCL.
There are many more examples..

And Mr Cirilo was not the only one . However they are very well maintained in their position by Mrs Amanda Martinez and Mr Steven Miranda , Fleet Housekeeping managers.

The housekeeping managers are not managers at all , they just perhaps have experience but no management skills . But this is what carnival needs , robots .. And humble , kissing buttocks type of managers .

There are so many things , I don't have enough patience to write down
Every ship has his own Mafia.
I have been terminated due to alcohol test . They took me test with Breathalizer but not blood level ??!! and I was off duty !!! They terminated me cause they had enough with my' big mouth'

With the pools and whirlpools and all other safety and public health pls don't let me start with that My God..
The asst housekeeping mgr on night is the one in charge with the pools . I was that asst mgr many times.U know.. the one who is in charge with cleaning of the ships , is doing also the maneouvering of pools system ..ha ha ha ha
Do you think that u have time to clean the pools and whirlpools , or to sanitize as per standards??
No way. I almost never did that ( 90 % of the times not) , just dump, sweep with broom ,and fill .. why??
Cause the Italians in charge with the pools are not doing their jobs. The pools machineries are not working , and u don't have time to fill up. And then in the morning big drama with everybody , they give u papers to sign etc..etc..

So better let the bacterias eating guest's skin but have the pools full with water. And by the way , we have lots of cases of medical situations occurred because of dirty and un-sanitized pools and Jacuzzis.

Whenever I said something , I was advised to calm down and do what it takes. Same with cleaning of cabins, the rags what the cleaners are using for cleaning of toilet they are using it for the cleaning of anything else. And everybody is using Towels and not rags , by the way take 10 minutes , and go down to Laundry to see how they are washing the towels and napkins.
What sanitation
Mr Mario Hrsak , fleet sanitation officer , is just sending his sanitation officers on the ships that will be visited by the Public Health and they are washing out everything.Cosmtic surgeon, and the cockroaches and bacterias are eating everything..

Been working as Staff stwd VSP for few months , in charge with sanitation and Pest Control, so I know ..They even give me a diploma for that .

When Public Health is coming , there is a code al the times , most used was , mr Cyrus Marfatia contact bridge or a phone # contact bridge different signals from ship to ship..
And then is starting the madness , Crew members are having just some fruits to eat, cause everybody hiding the cutleries, foods , dishes , everything, closing all the restrooms .

All the cutleries and dishes are taken down to the Chefs and Cooks private cabins. And the food also is hidden in cabins .

Mr Cyrus is the Carnivals ndian mafia head , in Food and beverage .
Mr Gigliotti is the Italian one .
Mr Natko Nincevic is the Croatian mafia head. He is the one who is having a big power in CCL. Also he is the one who is having all shops and bars , restaurants ,travel agencies in Dubrovnik Croatia , where carnival ships are going. His travel air ticketing agency, is in charge of buying tickets for crew members onboard the ships
Big huge mafia there All crew members knows that.
The high paid positions are occupied by Croatians , and arranged by Mr Nincevic's firms.

Mr Gerry Cahill , when he took over the carnival from Mr Dickinson he did not change where he suppose to.
He changed the accounting and financial system , since he is specialized on that ( previous experience on the field ) , but did not change the persons in charge with the main problems . THE MAFIA.
The Hotel Directors are relying to Mr Ian Smith .
Mr Ian Smith is a professional and fair person , however very much influenced by shipboard managers , so one hand is washing the other hand.
I had like 4 Hotel Directors Conferences , 2 Captain Conferences , and 2 times invited to the carnival Headquarter to speak up.
The result eventually was this after few years : my termination . And threatenings all these years.
Normal managers predicted this , however my backbone did not allowed me to get into this dirty system anymore.. And keep continued till they fired me. Actually the captain did that.

I had the gut to ask him about the alcohol that he is consuming , good Italian wines and beers. Now , the alcohol. This is one very very tricky one. Italians are allowed to do that , they can drink and drive . They are going straight from the Disco to drive the ship, on the Bridge. Nobody's saying anything. Even the captain , I had an incident ,and the way he reacted showed a person which was most probably under influence.And he was out in Puerto Vallarta toa restaurant with his mistress
Italians are having beer and wines in the Captains Officers dining rooms .

If there is 0% tolerance for captain , how come he is having alcohol for dining???????? I even made some photos with his personal bar , inside the captains Room.He is not the only one, Staff captain onboard Fascination , Mr De Angelis was drunk every night and everybody was saying how cool he is.. ohooooo , how many Snr Officers are doing that????!!!!! Mucho

How about the passengers safety???The guests don't know , many things. The boat drill at the beginning of the cruise is nothing.. it is just routine . In case of real emergency they will see Nobody's trained properly.
I asked few times , how come even on Drills the Italians are talking in Italian language?? Not to mention when there is any manoevering.. if u are not talking Italian , u can not understand anything cause on the walkie talkies thay are talking their own language. First , they don't talk English , most of them ,so they can not communicate except between each other . They don't need , they have their own community.

Nobody dares to ask why. Except very few including me.
The Hotel Operation Manual, made for training and guide purpose , was just recently updated , but many things are not mentioned and certain positions are not mentuione .
We are talking about Crew members money. Example: The Stewards cleaning the staff and officers cabins , dont have a particular payment information. It is unwritten that if the cabin is served then the occupants should pay 1 USD/ day/ occupant.
But also it is not mentioned that , Asst Statateroom stwds staff they need to pay for their air tickets and getting a salary of 75 USD!!! The same as regular Assistant stateroom stwds guest areas , except that they are having percentage from guests gratuities , mentioned black and white.

And if something is disappearing from the cabin which are cleaned nobody will find anything or prove anything.
And robbery ooohhhoohhooo
Last night of the cruise the luggages are placed outside the staterooms . The Housekeeping staff is taking them down with certain elevators blocked for this purpose . When the Hk staff is entering the elevator with the baggage cart , they have enough time to unzip some bags and search for cellphiones, electronics, clothes etc..etc
TRUST me it is happening! And in Marshalling Area( the place where are the luggage cages for offloading) , some experienced stewards are stealing . The cameras are just for decoration That's why nothing can't be shown when somebody's disappearing , or other incidents.
The only cameras working and checked are the ones at the Reception , casino and Bars U know why???? Money.
But nothing for safety or avoiding criminal acts.
bout luggages , u should just see how the luggages are handled , worse then in airports , over there are cameras that area actually working .. In carnival , at least 20 % of luggages are broken damaged , but just 2-3 % of guests are complaining. They will give them some coupons , some expired fruits,cheap champagne,or a cheap wine .. and that's it.

Also the new incentives with credit onboard are a scam. They will just make the guests to pay more and spend more onboard. With cheap ,fake,inferior quality products. Even the skittles and gum teddy bears,M&M's are fake ones, the ones from Formalities.
Cheap= Carnival.

Captains and Staff captains , have the power. Italians can talk to the other managers or to crew however they want. They will be the ones that will have the whole power.

And their professionalism : let me tell u this, even when there is a simple electrical issue , they can not repair. Often , everybody s suffering cause the repairings are made by contractors when the ship's arriving in the homeport. If u will ask them they will say it is smthg to do with warranty and special stuff and reality they have no clue. Last time the contractors were publicly laughing that it was just about pushing a button and for 5 days the phones were not working.

The ships are made in Italy cause there is the place where the black dirty money of carnival is washed . Between them , Italians And the owner is happy cause everything's going smooth.

The Fantasy ships were build due to drug transportation between Miami and Mexico , and everybody knows that But officially can not be prooved. Why?

Cause some US gvnmt official institutions are hand in hand with CCL. This is the result I ;ve arrivide since nothing is haoppening to CCL , never-ever
Mr Arison will build some wing of an official building and will make some charity work and everything will be forgotten.

On the ship is the biggest issue, and neither Mr Christofferson or Mr Cahill will not find out the truth cause when they are arriving with the CCL Audits , everything is just sugar and pink, and lovely
Even the stinky menu is changed to a better food, fresh stuff After they are leaving the ships , everything's going back to normal bad food,expired sodas and beers given to Crew events and so on
When they are onboard , everybody is so so so helpful , and when u are raising a question as I did , the captain, staff captain , Hotel directors , are watching u with threatening attitude How dare we??

Doctors onboard most of the time are more concerned about Formal Nights Disco and parties. Drinking as hell , most of them , and having good life onboard , giving Alka Seltzer and aspirin for everything.As said before , I was with my fiance onboard Legend and exactly when we were waiting in front of the Infirmary, there was a cook who eventually died cause they give him aspirin and the guy was having some heart problems. So he died. U think that somebody said anything and somebody find out about the real reason????

U know which one was the reaction? They made a raffle and send the money to his family and that's it.. Nobody was punished. The Doctor is still onboard making lots of $ and butchering some other crew and guest .And this is just one example. Many many otherThe Ship's Bridge is also a place where things are not in order, anybody can go inside If a guest comes with me .. I can let him in very easily.. So what anti terrorism prevention???? Let's be serious..The Bridge Officers except drinking their coffee and San Pellegrino and talking about girls and the fresh meat ,new ladies onboard , checking the internet they are not exactly working ?

Ok , there are few good ones.. But very rare. Most of the times there is a 2-nd or 3 rd Officer with a cadet , on a shift , however very often both of them useless ones. Like a cadet without license???!!! There was one on board Carnival Pride , Cosmo- cadet without license.. useless one.

And many times coming from outside from some restaurants or disco , under alcohol influence. If somebody's asking , no worries, they will cover themselves and each other ..
The Guests when they are booking the cabins , very often they don't get that particular cabin it is already given , but this is the agreed travel agencies that carnival works with. And the guests are arriving onboard , they let them know ,that they will not have the category they paid for, giving them coupons , cheap wines, and inviting them to meet the Captain and guests are happy. Cause they don't know, that it is on purpose.Or actually it is chaos

The captains Party is made just to show off, everything is fake and the beverages given are not real ones or they are expired .. the guests don't know that cause it is not given in bottles ..but in glasses .
Even the ketchup is not a real one carnival is buying stuff in big drums and then night time some Waiters pourring them in bottles , without washing them in prior or anything so when u are onboard and u are noticing that some food or ketchup tastes strange now u have the answer.

The food consumed by the guests it is far away from being safe and fresh. The cooks will bake them in that way , that will not be noticed, everything's depending on Chef's skills of combining the alterate spoiled , unfresh food Or ingredients.

There are so many Public Health procedures , however at least if 20-30 % would be applied , everybody would be happy But crew members don't have time to do all this , and managers are too busy to gossip , and drinking their coffees.. so the middle and junior managers are reporting that everything is ok. And everybody's happy .. even the Doctors which will need to cure the guests when arrived home ?

If any accident occurs , do you think that there is followed a procedure??/ U know how it works? They make an announcement depending on the situation and whoever is close going there ,and everybody's beeped and phoned to go to that place Most of crew with special duties don't even know what and how to do.. So , u can imagine the chaos.

The Captain, Hotel Directors , and Staff Captains are having shorter contract , 4 max 5 months, so after 3-4 weeks onboard they are inviting their families .. and there u have a family reunion onboard where all waiters or stewards are playing with the little princesses ( daughters of the snr officers) or some small prince who will get the special attention. And this is happening on all ships. They don't need no badges or tags , and they can go wherever and do whatever they want.

Who will have the guts to say anything and if so , who will listen?

I ve been for one week on Work Break , and the status I have signed off was B2 which couldn't allow me to get back on the sip on C1 status unless will leave the USA ( except Mexico and Canada) U know what Carnival did ?
They send me and my fiancee to a Miami based ship , worked for 5 days on a carnival ship that goes to Bahamas , and we got back on Pride ( Long Beach ) All this time they were blaming us for their amateurism . And again a psychological war.

Immigration Officers didn't do anything , they just advised them not to do anymore.. But big question:
Do u think we were the only ones?? So how the US laws are followed by CCL ? And how US customs is punishing the illegal stuff? If u would be a single person u will need to pay for ur act , but it is not happening when it is about CCL

When I resigned , they put me on the system as Leave of Absence , although I was resigning but if I would go in Resign I would go straight to the airport and no time to go to the Head Office where I have been invited.And I am not the only one.

So carnival lied to the authorities. After 4 months , I went back in CCL , another mistake of my life , now that I think about better.

When Public Health is coming onboard , they are checking documents , logs and where they are checking real issues , they will say it is a a pending issue and in process of maintenance

And after that, the Captain and Hotel director will make the necessary protocol banquet and there we go
Ships are going and going with all the deficiences . And guests are coming onboard and facing same issues over and over

sfantu gheorghe

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