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Complaint Review: Greenbrier International Inc - Dollar Tree - Chesapeake Virginia

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  • Reported By: AD — Birmingham Michigan United States of America
  • Greenbrier International Inc - Dollar Tree 500 Volvo Parkway Chesapeake, Virginia United States of America

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I went to a Dollar Tree the other day and found heel insoles there packaged by Greenbrier Intl Inc that had a pattern of the popular Om (?) symbol on it. It is very insulting for anyone from the Hindu and/or Buddhist religion to let alone wear, even see this symbol on anything to do with feet.

I feel this has insulted my feelings and I am sure I can say this on behalf of most Hindus. Om is a sign of God for us and I do not approve of it under my feet. Its a huge disrespect.

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#20 General Comment

I agree with the complaint

AUTHOR: Kelly - (United States)

POSTED: Thursday, December 14, 2017

 I'm American or "white" whatever you wish to label me as, but I totally can see where this person was hurt by this. As she/he mentioned, it is a total form of disrespect to Hindu/Buddhist to display any form of said symbol near, around, or on, and especially so if tossed to dispose. Never should these symbols ever touch the ground AND there's a proper way to dispose of them (if necessary). I feel bad for them. And I am sorry in behalf of their ignorance.

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#19 Consumer Comment

Click on the image to look at the symbol. It’s NOT about the “Paisley”


POSTED: Thursday, October 05, 2017

To quote one of my favorite viral toddlers, “Listen Linda listen!” But really, please listen :) The issue is NOT the paisley print. If looking at the image without clicking on it, it just looks like a paisley print. Groovy since decades ago. No big deal. I thought the same thing at first. Now click on the image to enlarge it. Do you see the ॐ symbol in a circle and inside the paisley design? That’s what is referred to as the Om (ॐ) symbol. Commonly chanted by yogis everywhere, but it’s actually the most sacred religious symbol in Hinduism. The OP is pointing out the misappropriation of ॐ (Om), not the paisley, and understandably is upset by the design. It may be unintentional, but religious symbols are rather sacred, no? What’s your religious symbol? Would you be offended by another culture putting it on designs that didn’t show due respect to it, like walking on it on a pair of shoe inserts? I would venture yes, so perhaps you can understand why the OP, a Hindu, is upset by how her sacred ॐ symbol is being tarnished. I understand, and I’m agnostic. It’s not that difficult to extend compassion, understanding, and mutual respect for one another.

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#18 Consumer Comment

Find the balance

AUTHOR: jbrn55 - (USA)

POSTED: Friday, November 11, 2016

Some of the criticisms against the complainant here seem a bit harsh.  Alternatively, so are some of the defenders being harsh.


The world is a big place with thoughts and ideas crossing the globe continually.  Sometimes, perhaps, an error is made and maybe no one meant to hurt another.


We all crave respect.  We are all the same in this, I believe.  Let's be respectful of each other and also try to see an argument from both sides of the looking glass.


To the complainant , I am sorry you were insulted.  I know it does not feel good. But, I wuld also like to ask, in the interest of learning about ourselves....would you have felt such indignation if a  U.S. flag were embedded in the print. Try to be honest with your answer.  Would it have bothered you that much....and would you perhaps have considered putting your feet on the insoles then?


Te door swings both ways...and we should all learn to walk in and out of it.


Furthermore, there is a better than likely chance that the items weren't even made in this country but rather imported from elsewhere.


Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.


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#17 Consumer Comment

Are you serious? It's Paisley ...

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (USA)

POSTED: Monday, March 21, 2016

 Just to clarify something - this site is to report rip offs and unjust things w items you have bought. I registered just to post this comment! I am not Hindi but I do have friends that are - and I showed them this and they laughed! It's a paisley print not religious symbols! This print has been used on everything under the sun and was very popular in the 70's even prince made a song purple paisley! Honestly I believe everyone has their right to religion but I have never saw a religion that uses a paisley print as any kind of religious symbol! You don't like the paisley print don't buy it! But as far as the company that made the item they did nothing wrong! If you feel paisley (google it ) is a religious symbol then maybe you should get your eyes checked and remember you elected to live in the United States - it's a free country! People can use any print they want on items they sell and it's up to the consumer whether to buy or not. But to comment about a paisley inner sole is insulting to put under your foot is border line crazy!

I just love how people come to this country then complain when they came from a third world country and probably didn't even have indoor plumbing and their life here in the us is a million times better - then they sing praises of their country they were born in. If that country was so great why leave? My great grandparents came here looking for work not welfare - for a better life for their family & loved this country and appreciated what opportunities they got here. And they learned English immediately - I'm sick of pressing 1 when I call places for English when I'm in America and the official language is English - in order to come here it should be required you can speak English so you can get a job and support yourself - but no cater to non Americans & use our tax dollars to support them - not to mention how many come illegally then complain on wages ! Entering illegally makes you a criminal - who is taking jobs from people that came here legally - To complain about a print on a dollar store $1 item that you are not being forced to buy ( are lucky to be able to buy whatever you want in this country where as many countries they don't even have shoes (some not all obviously) but seriously ! I hope trump gets elected and builds the Great Wall of China on our borders. I swear there must be signs up in these countries - get to the us & live the good life & get everything free!

I'm a real estate agent & sick of illegals wasting my time - I show them apartments then when it comes time to fill out paperwork - let me guess you came here on vacation & never left? Yup! To boot they have vouchers for free rent free utilities free internet free food free cell phone free health care - half of which I can't afford working 90 hours a week! Then I go to show a condo & man is urinating on front lawn - I say sir please don't do that - his reply oh it's ok I live here! My reply oh do you rent a condo- him no I own one! See what I mean? In his country it may be ok to pee on your front lawn Infront of women and children but that is blatantly refusing to learn the American way and not live like an animal. I've been in homes w brand new kitchens that the cabinet doors are pulled off and replaced by chicken wire w live chickens in them and gross bath tubs because they are used to cook w charcoal in the bath tub! Omg! Thanks Obama

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#16 Consumer Comment

Why is this even posted as a "Ripoff" Report?

AUTHOR: Betsy R. - (USA)

POSTED: Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A few points, not related to any religious debate (which really doesn't belong here): -- ( 1.) How is this considered a "ripoff"? Were you scammed out of your money? Was the product itself defective? If you purchased it, did you attempt to return it? If so, did they give you a refund? If not, then this should be clarified. If you had attempted to return it and they refused to refund your money, then that would definitely be a ripoff. -- ( 2.) You're assuming that the vendor/supplier of this product is educated on every single belief of every single religion, every denomination of every religion, and/or variations in practices of a given religion. That's a LOT to expect from the average person. It would be a different thing if, for example, you had submitted a complaint to the Corporate office and got a rude/offensive response. But I don't see anything in your post to indicate you contacted any of the "higher ups" in the company. -- ( 3.) I'd argue that this was a mild case of an unintentional oversight, with no offense intended. I doubt the artist who originally designed the fabric had any intention to offend anyone. I doubt the company who purchased the fabric to use on their product had any intention to offend (or even noticed the small "Om" symbol on the predominantly paisley fabric). And I highly doubt the distibutors/sellers of the product even noticed/recognized the symbol in the first place. --- ( 4.) In contrast, there are PLENTY of instances where religious and/or cultural symbols are *intentionally* displayed on products (and in the media) in ways that others find inappropriate. For example, an upside-down Christian cross, the inverted 5-point star, the swastika, confederate flag, etc. -- But that's the "cost" of living in a country where we have the right to freedom of speech and expression. Of course there are exceptions, such as blatant hate speech, physical threats, or anything that threatens public safety (e.g., falsely yelling "fire!" in a crowded theater). But the reality is that when we the people have freedom of speech and expression, we also have the "freedom" to be occasionally offended. In this particular case here, the "good news" is that I seriously doubt any offense was intentional... (and not worthy of a "ripoff" complaint).

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#15 General Comment

That's Paisley

AUTHOR: Aaaaaaa - (USA)

POSTED: Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm pretty sure that's paisley, a pattern commonly found everywhere. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't know what Om is, let alone put it on insoles a disrespect to Hindu. I'm sorry you feel so affended by this.

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#14 Consumer Comment

nacho cheese dip

AUTHOR: debra r - ()

POSTED: Thursday, January 08, 2015

 i bought the dip at dollar tree expires 07/2016 code DM4210C on can opened it put leftover in fridge 2 days later went to use it and it had mold all over it called the company there voicemail box was full emailed and emails undeliverable will not buy there products any more lucky we didn't get food poisoning

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#13 General Comment

Om under your feet

AUTHOR: Joyce - ()

POSTED: Monday, December 29, 2014

No one asked you to buy the products from Dollar General. If you don't believe in God, that is your loss. Don't buy and don't complain.

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#12 General Comment

Ignorance is NOT Bliss


POSTED: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I stumbled across this report and the amount of ignorance found in many of the comments cannot and should not be ignored.  I'm going to try to make this as brief and as painless as possible.

#1) Hindu is a religion, not a country.  Even if this wasn't common knowledge, a quick look at the report filer's location -which clearly lists a US address- should make it pretty obvious the reporter does not believe America/Dollar Tree is out to "offend" the author's country. In case this is also news to you: Americans can practice any religion they want to practice, even religions that are not Christian (OH THE HORROR!). Better yet, Americans do not have to practice any religion whatsoever.  

#2) The symbol the author is upset about is not the paisley.  It's the symbol OUTSIDE of the paisley.  I don't expect everyone on planet Earth to know every single religious symbol, however, I would encourage anyone who feels the need to comment on religious symbols to at least do a quick Google/Bing/Yahoo/Public Library search for the symbol in question.  If you do that you will be spared sounding like a complete moron, plus actually knowing what you are talking about adds credibility to whatever lame point you are trying to get across.

#3) Nowhere in the author's report did they mention actually purchasing the offensive item. In fact, they specifically say that they merely "saw" the item and it's pretty clear that the attached photos the item is still safe in its packaging.  The author is not trying to get anyone in trouble or give any business a bad reputation.  They are merely pointing out the fact that the decoration on the product is more than just a bunch of squiggly lines; it represents spiritual beliefs.  The fact that it is being used as a decorative element on an item that is used on the feet is insulting and disrespectful.  Just because YOU don't think it is insulting or disrespectful does not automatically mean that it isn't insulting or disrespectful.  

The lack of tolerance for anything other than the status quo is sickening and disheartening, and that speaks volumes about the kind of person YOU are.  Just because you are not familiar with a belief does not mean that the elements of that belief are fair game to be used in any manner necessary.  Before you start in on the "what I said has nothing to do with tolerance or intolerance" rebuttals, I just want to ask you this:  what if instead of the Om symbol, the item had swastikas or contained images of the World Trade Center towers on fire or burning crosses?  If you would not be ok with any of those images on an item, then you are a hypocrite and your comments are invalid and unnecessary.  Offensive is offensive, regardless if it's widely recognized as offensive or not.   


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#11 General Comment


AUTHOR: Hambone - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 01, 2014

d**n people!  Get a life!  Can't you see the HUGE effect this has on our quality of life?  NOT!!!

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#10 Consumer Comment

know what we stand for!

AUTHOR: bravo27 - ()

POSTED: Saturday, May 10, 2014

i dont agree with a word you say , but i will fight to the death for your right to say it! people have lost respect for eachother calling someone an idiot because they are calling a company out is wrong. if they were offened by it and felt ripped off they have every right to be heard and they deserve an explanation as to why this was done and if no offence was intended then the company should just come out and say that. if the invidual bought the item they should at least send him a new pair without the symbols that offended them. they clearly wanted the product and cant use it because its offensive so give them an option to get a pair they can use for a dollar as well since thats the price of the product in question.

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#9 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Paisley Complaint

AUTHOR: MG9947 - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I have to say this because, it's important so listen up. Dollar Tree does not use signs/symbols they know to be offensive. "Paisley" as it's called in the United States is a unique design that's used on Pocketbooks and Clothing among other items including blankets. It's considered beautiful and often reminds people of Peacock feathers. The fact that you would come on here, file a ripoff report and cause a stir towards Dollar Tree, says a lot about your character. Do you really think that the design is a way for America to attack your country? Do you not have anything better to do with your time? Now, you know that Dollar Tree sells it, you can avoid shopping there. 

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#8 Consumer Comment

Where can I get several pair...I want to wear them to a Buddhist temple?

AUTHOR: Ken - ()

POSTED: Saturday, February 01, 2014

In my personal belief system, stop signs are a religious symbol and they should all be treated with awe and reverence, but people ignore them all the time.  What can be done about that? 

We're a pretty strange populace when we look for anything we can to b**** about.  Get over yourself and grow up.

Organized religion is a MAJOR source of trouble in the world.  Each one believes they are the ONLY true bunch of zealots and fight constantly.  Even the muslims can't stand each others sect and kill each other daily.

Since you know who packaged them, send them some hate mail demonstrating your intolerance.

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#7 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Stacey - ()

POSTED: Friday, January 31, 2014

 When did paisley become offensive???? Grow up and get over it.  You bought them and that was your choice.

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#6 General Comment

Get Over It.


POSTED: Thursday, January 30, 2014

How can you claim religious offense on a product as such? I mean, the average consumer doesn't know what the symbol is, and probably doesn't care. I know I personally don't know all the symbols to all the religious sects in this world. If you were offended, you should have just left without purchasing anything. To me the symbol looks like some sort of paisley print. I feel they're far more important things to get upset over, and a print is not one of them. Oh yeah, I'm Catholic and protestant religions use the Virgin Mary in their nativity displays. I think I shoulld get upset and file a complaint against every protestant religion that uses the Virgin Mary. It's offensive to leave her outdoors in the elements. Shessh, grow up and get over it.

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#5 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Erika - ()

POSTED: Monday, March 18, 2013

Yeahhhh....grow up and get a life. Who cares? Did you actually buy the product JUST to complain about it on here??? LOL! You just supported the company that made these by doing so, if that is the case.

What a joke of a "rip-off" report!

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#4 Consumer Suggestion


AUTHOR: SaraFirefly - (United States of America)

POSTED: Saturday, January 12, 2013

A) They were a dollar.

B) If it is SO terribly important to you, then why did you not check the packaging before buying them?

C) Grow up.

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#3 Consumer Comment

Voice is right on the money about the Buddhist thing

AUTHOR: Steve - (USA)

POSTED: Monday, April 02, 2012

While there are many symbols in Buddhism, they are not revered in and of themselves; they simply point to truths, as if they were, well, symbols.  They generally treat the symbols with respect, as it symbolizes their respect for the referent. But they* would not have a problem with wearing these insoles, since it is obvious it is just being used as a design. Buddhists rock.

On a related note, I was cooling my heels in India for a few months a while back, and there was a company (forget the name; Tata? Tansa?) that had a Hindu symbol as its logo, which was a swastika. It was actually in the opposite direction I guess, but I can't tell the difference. Really freaked me out seeing it on their trucks all the time. 

*Disclaimer - there are a bazillion types of Buddhism, so some of them might get offended at the insoles. Screw 'em.

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#2 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: voiceofreason - (United States of America)

POSTED: Monday, April 02, 2012

And many Non Hindus find the Hindu caste system to be abominable. If I were from a lower caste I'd make a point of wearing these things.

And I'll bet Lord Buddha would roll his eyes at such symbol sensitivity. I don't get from his teachings that he wanted followers to fixate on such distractions.

By the way, for a believer such as yourself of a religion that I'm sure has many varied symbols, where do you draw the limit as to what corporations around the rest of the world can use for embellishing products that might be in contact with disagreeable body parts?

Are they never to use cows, elephants (ie Ganesh), the 2 finger peace sign etc?

Did you make a good faith effort to educate Greenbrier before posting here? Do you really think their designers and vendors know what all your religion's symbols mean?

Did you just complain to some lowly cashier as though that would be adequate for notifying the company itself?

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#1 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Robert - (U.S.A.)

POSTED: Sunday, April 01, 2012
Om is a sign of God for us and I do not approve of it under my feet.
- Then don't buy them.
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