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Neale Donald Walsch Humanity's Team have used the concept of God and helping the world to scam people for money and entertain their selves at the expense of others , Internet

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I am writing this Ripoff Report on Neale Donald Walsch and Humanity's Team for three main reasons:

1.Neale and company proved to use their words as manipulative lies when they claim to stand for truth, using the old bait and switch they offered power and did nothing more than take money and power from people. They showed a complete lack of accountability in the large cumbersome movements they made as a group and my life was one negatively affected by the girth of their coercions for their entertainment and ridiculously behaved curiosity.

2.They managed to use my faith to scam me out of over $2,000. It may not seem like much, but I have never had much to work with, for me that was time and energy I could not afford and that specific time and energy lead to a situation that affects me to this day. I had a chance to get my family back at that exact time, but instead I was trapped away from home giving money to this group.

3.I feel this group completely crossed the line when they invited themselves into my personal life some time after my first encounter with them when they staged a seminar a few miles down the road from where I lived and actually came through the drive through of the job where I was working. You see, I went to meet them in the first place because I too felt that I had a message to share and if anyone in the world would encourage me it would be them. But that is not what they did at all, instead they ridiculed me and my question is, if I was so wrong in the message I presented than why did they follow me almost two years later to come and see me at a place where I would be forced to see them, my job. I have reasoning to support this claim and I'll try to convey that here.

In great part I do not want to do this, I don't want to write negative things especially about a group that at their worst still supports finding and supporting the more rational truths in the world. Perhaps it is also that I expect them to live up to that ideal and I do not feel they did so with the situation that they were presented with, not just their response to me but their neglect of the role they purported to play in the world. Instead of being the catalyst for change they took on the usual role of internal delusion that lead inevitably to a fashionable loss of direction. That's what happens to most groups anyway. What I do know is that they pumped things up, made it sound like they were really going to do something, took a bunch of our money, got their kicks, and have now comfortably resigned to picking at individuals to target for all of their good advice giving on how the people are doing something, anything wrong and how they need to change. They say that the problem always lies within the person so they can talk endlessly with 'good advice' on how they need to change their selves and then their life will change. In some cases, where a person is in a position to be in control of most of their experiences and is still caught in an emotional rut, then maybe yes. However, conditions in capitalism produce situations where a person is not in control of the majority of their experiences. In this type of environment it is first a matter of outside influences and conditions which must be addressed and changed before you can go nitpicking on people full time.

About five years ago now I was invited to attend an event with Neale Donald Walsch and Humanity's Team. I had no way of knowing what this event was actually going to be about but I assumed they were taking the situation seriously because of the way Neale spoke in the invitation. He was specifically offering 'power to change our world'. This as it turns out was the bait. Not only did they take our money, in an unheard of way, which is our only power in capitalism, but they didn't even leave us with a way to share and encourage our ideas. There may have been another message forum or two, and I probably left a post. But I have left posts on many different message boards of theirs over the years, each one of which gets shut down and abandoned for their next new project.

The reason I was interested in an event that offered 'power to change our world' was because of various concepts that I was trying to share and I thought that they had taken note of the concepts I was presenting. I'm sure in the 'switch' they said that I sought power. But that is not the case. They offered power. Which to me is a measurement of the seriousness of their intentions. I do not require any lasting power, only for people to hear me for a period of time and then make their own decisions. Yet this was not a group project. There was no platform for us to speak, only listen.

I went to the event they invited me to because I was hoping to further discuss concepts I presented on the website www.AllllA.com. Although it went into many topics the main purpose of the site was to present and discuss concepts pertaining to different survival practices, ones that seem to make a lot more sense than capitalism. In fact I know that this world will not know peace until practices such as these are used. Basically, a cooperation based system instead of a competition based system, an allowance system instead of a debt system.

However at the event there was no space for us common folk to speak in any impactful way. After the event they funneled those of us who were passionate about changing the world into their ongoing cash cow that they called The Group of 1000. 1000 people that were going to be empowered and supported in efforts to change the world. At least that was the pitch. In order to be a part of this illustrious group we were made to pay 10% of our total income to participate! What did we get in return? A group phone call once a month from Walsch where we were made to listen to his goings on about keeping it up, keep it coming, and how Walsch was enjoying himself travelling and taking cruises.

I remember at that time I was staying with my brother in New York as I had been stranded there after travelling to New York for the event which is where it was held. It was then for the first time that I realized that I was poor because I could not leave. Before that I had a family life and so I felt that I was rich. Then when my family intentionally changed their idea about me because they decided I was not making enough money I became so obsessed with finishing the AlllA project that I still did not realize that I was myself, poor. I just kept typing away living in different apartments, and even a shed that a friend let me use at one point. I had decided that I could not live without my family and I felt that I would eventually commit suicide because all of their thoughts and feelings about me had suddenly become no more than a payoff that no job would compensate for in time. Feeling that this would be my recourse I felt that I must first complete the AllllA website and share it before I could go.

This ended up going on for years, in and out of places, periods of homelessness, while keeping various jobs trying to work myself out of it. This was a heavy dose of the conditions I noted and was working to address. All the while I was only continuing with the thought that when I finish the AllllA project I may die. With the way I felt emotionally, and while dealing with the ineptitude of compensation for time spent working in capitalism, this project became like trying to write a book on paper on the deck of a boat in a hurricane.

Within this blur I managed to post the first drafts of the site onto the web sometime in 2004. In 2006 I received an invitation from Neale to attend an 'important' event in New York. I had been participating on their forums for years and tried to share the concepts I felt needed to be heard and discussed so when I received the invitation I had hoped that that was why, so that these ideas could either be supported or put to rest and I would not work on it anymore. What did come of my accepting that invitation was a great disappointment and I wish very much that I had not received that e-mail.

It was a matter of surprising behavior. What could have been accomplished with the moment and instead what was done. Neale Donald Walsch and Humanity's Team lured people who had a passion for changing things in this world into a scenario where they ended up scheming free money out of people who were simply trying to help the world and in return we received nothing. And in my case I received more than nothing, I had the dishonor of having my personal life invaded by this group. 

So first I coughed up the $600 for their meeting in New York. Which it turned out was not a spiritual meeting of the minds, but rather a very controlled event of being exposed to a pre-planned format that went over their pre-established doctrines in a random and goalless fashion. I even watched them kick out an entire group of people who were there representing A Course In Miracles, I suppose because they had their own message, and Neale and Humanity's Team apparently have no space for the opinions of others as it seems these groups and people are competing to help people and the world.

After the event they milked us further by insisting that we send them 10% of our total monthly income! With this I thought that this must be a serious group of individuals and that we must be a part of something that is going to give us the power to change our world as they had hyped it up as. After many months of paying my 10% a month, and after many of our once a month conference calls, it slowly began to dawn on me that I had been deceived. It took so long to catch on I suppose because I truly wanted to believe in this group and never could have imagined that they would stoop so low as to use our passion to scam us for money. This 10% of our income coming from who knows how many people for who knows how long must have been like winning the lottery for Neale and Humanity's Team. That was free money that they received with no responsibility on their part to deliver anything of value in return. We simply paid on faith. And we received nothing in return. No power, no way to share, no encouragement, no discussion. It's as though they truly believed that we just wanted to give them money for the ramblings on that they had already introduced. That is not what I was supporting. I was supporting the progression of what should have been a very important movement. Instead they worked us up for a period of time, took a ton of free money, and then later on they changed their tune and recessed back into the wood work of advice giving to individuals instead of addressing the very real unaddressed issues of this world.

While I was stranded in NY paying my 10% and working to get back to my home town I was paid a visit by one of the members of Humanity's Team. It was a girl from the UK that I had met at the event. She was in the states and she said she wanted to meet up with me. I thought since no one else was approaching me personally that this could be the liaison representing the group in talking to me so I accepted her invitation. She was no liaison and in fact she represented nothing but her own intentions. I spent another $600 on her thinking that that relationship would be the way that I communicate with the group. She called me a few times after our meeting and in one of our calls she told me that Neale was coming over to her house. She said it in such a way where I was made to assume that this was in a way a debriefing of her encounter with me. I don't believe that was her initial intention or that she was sent to do that, however that is what it became. Like a bunch of teenage girls this group began whispering their little gossip in secret corners. I suppose that's okay as long as it leads to the group owning up to the reasons behind their actions. But they never did. That little girl was the only one who had the courage to speak to me directly and the rest of my interactions with the group involved them sneaking around but never being able to say a word to me directly.

After being stranded in NY for nearly two years I finally made my way back home. By that time I had learned my lesson with this group and I had stopped paying my monthly tithe to them. I had handed out business cards with my website on them at the event as this was the most I could do, the rest of the event had us sitting in seats watching presenters speak of their ideas on God. Since the girl from the group that I interacted with one day changed face on our phone calls I determined that my ideas were not something that interested them and I had decided at some point later to end my involvement in the AllllA project.

Instead of any sort of 'change' or 'power' my experiences became nothing but the same and I had even less power over my experiences than before. I had to start over completely and with no money saved. So I got back to the new usual routine, in and out of apartments, living in my car, working job after job, completely alone for what became years. I got back from NY I think at the very end of 2007 if I recall properly but I could be wrong my mind is a bit shattered. I spent 6 months living in my car from Jan 08 June 08. That was just one of many times I had to do that before and since. That was one of the longest straight bouts though and doing that in winter while thinking of the family I lost is worse than death in my opinion. I've spent so long now spending entire days parked in a park or moving from parking lot to parking lot feeling like I'm being chased out of everywhere. The whole time I will be working full time jobs, usually two full time jobs and I think to myself if I can do this just a little longer surely things will improve. But all that would happen was that I would make another mistake with either a car or an apartment that would somehow blow up in my face leaving me again broke as I spent all my money on the car or the place and back on the street I would go. This happened again and again and became a viscous cycle. All the while I'm sweating in my vehicle about to pull my hair out while bugs attack me as I'm stuck in some automated message system on the phone while trying to figure out how all these charges appeared on my debit card which caused another overdraft fee and 'how could this happen? How can this be?' I feel that I am of at least average intelligence, I am reasonable and I work hard and I'm willing to work hard. I am usually polite with people, I do not steal and I try to always carry very high morals. Yet the life I have had here has gone beyond all reason, this system has no morals. No sense of actual morality for those caught within it. No ethics.

Somehow, for a time, I thought I had a normal life. And that is what I thought life was or should be. From that state of being I continued the AllllA project as it had actually begun when I was very young and later the love I thought I had laid a framework and provided the fuel for me to try to address those conditions which I could see other people in. I could see that trap clearly but had no idea the black hole reality of it. Where I can see it happening to me, I understand it, but I can do nothing about it. No amount of effort or desire can be equalled by the jokes that you provide as income sources. Not that I don't do it. I've done it all now. But still seem to be in situations where they demand more than I have. Even when they took everything else I would be sitting in my car in the middle of the day with nothing while receiving calls from creditors.

What I find really sad is that I have had bad credit since the day the girl I loved left suddenly. I have had to carry this debt and bad credit since the day I was suddenly tossed on the street after she took my side of the rent money. I did not even know the laws prevented her from kicking me out of my own house, I was so heartbroken by her choices that I just let her have her way. I had perfect credit until my mom told her to leave me because they didn't like my job and I used my credit cards to get an apartment and fix my car. But before my mail started coming to my new apartment I moved out into my friends shed. Maybe because I was going insane in the little studio apartment, maybe I don't know why. And no longer care. It is ten years later now and my credit is still so bad that I do not approve for anything. You should see how hard it is for me to even get a residence. The concept of this blind thing to measure people is wrong. It does not see or detect my work today. Now if I have any extra money I will hang on to it for dear life instead of paying some ancient debt. Now that I see what happens to me when I don't have it. I have been in situations where I have had no car walking the streets, sleeping behind buildings. I've been in situations where I wake up in the middle of the night with someone trying to get in my car with me in it, I have been hunted from parking lot to parking lot by cops. I would say that I would have been much better off if I had spent the past ten years in prison.

Even staying with other people as a guest is wrong. We should never have to stay in another persons home unless we actually desire to be there. I've paid half the bills and stayed with well meaning friends, relatives, or people I don't know and would find myself screaming in my head, 'Get Me Out Of Here!' And yet for some reason could not go. I would have to sit right there and be subjected to it or be out on the street. Then I save up enough money to make a break for it and end up renting another apartment or house which I shortly leave for some abstract circumstance or another. But it always seems to end the same way. Cars and Shelter routinely trap me into a wheel of a great waste of time that keeps coming back to being Powerless.

All of this sort of garbage that I am experiencing I had addressed in the AlllA project long before I had experienced it. This sort of experience does not need to be. And how disappointing it is that I went to discuss this with 'Humanity's Team' and then continued to experience these things. But not just me. You too. And there is a solution for all of us.

I think that Neale and his team must have felt there was something behind the concepts I was presenting because otherwise by this time they would have just let it be. However sometime after I had returned from NY they came to pay me an unwelcome visit. And this is the line that was crossed that is the cause for this entire post. I would have accepted them rejecting my ideas, I accepted them rejecting me, but if I was so wrong than I do not accept the way they invaded my personal life. These people invited me to an event of theirs. I did not invite them into my life to look at me like some zoo animal while I was working at my job. I received another of their many e-mails and it gave the locations and dates of one of their tours. I noticed that it was about 5 locations over a couple of weeks and the final location on the tour was a couple miles away from where I lived. On the night of their event in my town I had to work as a line cook in a fast food restaurant. I had a head phone on so I could hear the people coming through the drive through and I worked by the window so I could see them drive up. Being as this was in the U.S. It is actually quite rare to have guests come through with British accents. It almost never happens. Yet that night there must have been at least over 10 cars of people with British accents. Why is that significant? Because the girl who came to see me after the event was from the U.K. and after Neale went there to speak to her we received many conference calls from Neale in the U.K. with all of his new U.K friends. As if this wasn't obvious enough for me there was actually a car full of people painted up like clowns. Why is this significant? It was nowhere near Halloween or even October. Instead I believe that this was intentionally done as some kindergarten symbol of support for things I said on the AllllA website where I said that I think that bands such as the Insane Clown Posse are representing something I called the Backwards Rapture where the popular good guys are the bad guys and those most see as the bad guys are the good guys. This group was never able to speak to me directly, but like a bunch of school girls they formed a timid group to come and watch me from the shadows. The way I see it, you should make a list of all you voyeuristic queers who were involved and send it to me because each one of you owes me $600. That is what I was charged to see Neale and that is what I am charging for being made a zoo animal by your group at my job.

Literally the next day I began receiving regular e-mails from Neale in his series of e-mails called 'God Wants You To Know'. In which every single day, now going on every single day for years, Neale gives us a message about something God wants us to know about ourselves. Usually it is Neales advice to all of us about some shortcoming we must have and how we should be doing something else than what we are doing. We are doing the wrong things and we need to do more. Anything to give generic advice on how we are to make improvements on ourselves and how if there is any deficiency in our experience it is because we are doing something that we need to make up for. I disagree. I believe that for most middle class people the forced format for life is one of constantly impeding forces that take our lives out of our hands and force so many things upon us that it becomes a completely unnatural experience where we have no control of what we experience. The change needs to come from those systems that are real and forcing conditions into our lives. But it's not easy taking on practices of the wealthy and powerful that are being used all over the entire world on a daily basis for hundreds of years. It's much easier to focus on the impoverished and powerless individuals and to tell them to change their thinking and things will magically start to appear and if they don't than they must not believe and that they need to change themselves more. I disagree, I believe changes must be addressed in the flaws of shared survival systems first before you can address the individuals.

And you see That Is The Secret! Have you seen the movie The Secret? The Secret is that the rich are sweet-talking the poor to continue to accept these conditions. The Secret is that the rich are pulling the wool over the eyes of the poor. The Secret is that those with money can generate more money endlessly with that money and those without money cannot get started. The Secret is that those without money can work theirselves to the bone and never get a taste of the good life while those with money pig out. The Secret is that those with money are going to tell those without all sorts of hopeful messages about how they can change theirselves and things in their life will change. This isn't always the case in capitalism. You'd better just get a good job and hope it keeps you because change of life in capitalism comes from changes in your living conditions and the only way to affect that is with money. The Secret is that the rich are actually trying to keep the division in classes in tact so that they can continue to get a free ride and to have the experience of having more than others. The Secret is that the poor should walk onto the lawns of the rich and take what is theirs as what is theirs has been taken.

I'm just being poetic. I don't believe in violence although I don't believe in the violence that is strangulation of life by large sets of systemic practices that brutalize people just as much as any physical violence. Being told that for some reason, any reason, that a person who has committed no crime should be living on the street is a form of violence.

So that was my experience with Humanity's Team. I was surprised to find where they do place attention and what slips right by them. I was surprised by what they didn't do and what they did do. I was surprised to find another capitalist scam instead of anything of substance. 

What I have learned over the years is that it seems that everyone is running the same scam! It doesn't matter how they paint it up, everyone is running the exact same capitalist scam. After my faith in the direction of my faith dried up after many years I decided that I was tired of being powerless and so I began trying to learn how to invest. This lead to many more years of being pulled into one scam after another. This world of business is nothing other than a world of gamblers. All of these gurus selling their schemes on how to make a living in one field or another from real estate to the stock market to online business. I've tried them all. I've wasted thousands of dollars and years of my life chasing one pipe dream after another while nothing in this world and no amount of money can bring back the simple life I already had.

I just wanted my family back, that is the only reason I put forth so much effort. Over the years my ex and I have tried and tried to get back together, but neither of us has had enough money to fix our mistakes. Eventually I got a job that I was told would lead to a high paying career and I spent two years learning and teaching a subject I hardly knew myself. I was told that our students and I would be wealthy in no time at all. As time went on and neither I nor the students were making money we were assured that we were just 'morons' and that we'll get it eventually. After two years it became clear that none of the students were making money and neither was I. I was fortunate enough to be working for the company so I was being paid while under the impression that people were doing far better than they were. The more unfortunate of the group paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn things that even the teacher did not know how to do properly. None of us could know our teacher didn't really know anything though until years later when we caught up to where he was in terminology and application. From there we were able to realize that he had no sound reasoning behind his claims. After those two years I thought I would have a career but I was left again with nearly nothing and no savings and back to the routine of poor circumstances I went. More time living in a vehicle.

This post is less about Mr. Walsch and Humanity's Team and more about my astonishment with the inhumane ways of humanity. It's like something that can't be reasoned with, and all the people around want bad things to happen to you unless you can pay them off. I am so surprised by human behavior. There is a pattern repeating that I can no longer ignore. It's as though people have this wicked, cynical behavior that they bestow on others as a matter of default if they feel they can get away with it. You may not have done anything wrong to them or even know them but they're going to do it to you anyway. They lure you in with one face, the sweet and kind face, the one that gives you compliments and and tries to make itself look kind, loving and giving and works you up so that you are thinking as highly as possible of them when they unleash their other face as they m********e their ego while watching all of the pain that they create for you. What evil. And I see it all the time. If they can't get away with it than they are ever so polite and kind until they feel confident enough that they may unleash their petty attack without being caught. Whether you will experience this from someone or not can be determined simply by your usefulness. If you are presently useful than they hold it back, but as soon as they feel your usefulness is gone out comes the other face.

Have you ever seen the show Busted and Disgusted? I am disgusted. I am disgusted by so much of what this human race has forced down my throat. Why would people act like that? I think because so many are trapped in a loveless machine that makes them do unnatural things and does not respect the conditions they struggle with. We have stood in your lines, had childhood stripped by your schools, lowered our heads to the obedience of a species that is absolutely obsessed with creating little control roles. I have wasted all of my time sitting in the seat of your drama of control. And in return I meet circumstances that could only be created in a thoughtless foolish system that has no respect for us or the conditions it creates yet we are supposed to respect it? I have lost all respect. I no longer want to work for you or with you. Living as I have for the past ten years has all but erased the good work of love that was once in my heart. I am a different being now. I am not the same thing that wrote the AllllA project. They have tag teamed his heart to death.

I used to measure my time by love and I used to feel love in my heart every day. Now I measure the amount of time between attacks. I am astonished at how many times and how often I am being physically attacked by you brutes. I really never want to leave the house again. I have no reason to. You have nothing of value to me, I want no part of you or the things you do. It's ironic as within the AllllA project I stated the law. The one universal law. The only true law which exists. One should never 'Take' from another. One should not take of anothers life, anothers body without permission, anothers property, or anothers right to choose. I seem to be the only one who attempted to live by these standards. I won't waste the effort maintaining such a line among you anymore. Your behavior is something that needs to be defended against daily. You've taught me what you really are. And it took a long time and so many bad experiences for these thoughts to overwhelm and erase what I formerly thought of people. By now I see that there is no sense in not talking about these things or in keeping quiet. In fact like a rockstar we should shout out our experiences, however keeping in mind that we are talking about things not to hurt people but to help keep others from being hurt. To make others aware of conditions or dangers that are out there so that they are not unprepared.

I ended up spending so much time trying to complete the AllllA project, over the course of years watching each thing in my life being stripped from me. My emotions broke down further and further and the length of time I spent alone kept increasing. But I kept working. No choice there. I worked harder and more with every passing year yet still found myself either on the street or barely off of it. I began working 20 hour days, 12-15 hours at one job and the rest of the day at another. I did this for two months while sleeping for 3 hours a night in my car, if I could sleep. My heart was racing so fast all the time I could not sleep. I put all the money I had saved from my teaching job into a vehicle that I slept in. After two months of doing this I was fired from the one job for not completing a deadline that I missed because I had food poisoning from a fast food restaurant. I was not paid for my two months of full time work even though I had made the company thousands of dollars because it was commission upon completion of entire advertising menus where I had filled 8 of 12 on one, 10 of 12 on another 10 or so on two others and another 7 or more on menus that were not for my area. Then after I was fired I got another second job delivering pizzas until my car broke down after only two and a half months of me having it and I still owed another $3,000 on it. They were generous enough to take the car and relinquish me of further payments and I was out over $2,500 for a car I no longer had.

So then I was working one full time job while now walking the street, I would walk for hours and could not find places to sleep. I would stay awake for days and my job was to drive people around nearly passing out while I drove. It's something else. I had my stuff in storage. One night I really needed to sleep so I slept in the storage unit that night as I had nowhere to go. They caught me and told me to get my stuff out. I had $600 saved and found a van for that much and bought it. I loaded up my stuff into the van. I went over to a friends house and took all of my stuff out of the van and put it on the front lawn so I could clean the van out. I went in the house for less than 10 minutes and when I came back outside all of my stuff was gone. They took everything, all of my clothes even my socks and underwear. They took my laptop, everything I had carried with me for years, everything I used to survive, every single thing. The worst thing of all was my family photos. They stole the pictures of the happiest times of my life. All of my family photos. Things that can't be replaced.

As trash was collected that night I got the idea to go to the county landfill to see if I could find anything. And I did. Do you have any idea what it is like to pull pictures of the family you have already lost out of a pile of garbage in the city landfill? I recovered less than 30 tattered and ruined pictures out of hundreds that I had. I found some of my ruined clothes which I left, some of my electronics which were broke, it's like they threw most of all my stuff away. I can't even understand it. It's like they have no conscience. I've never done anything like this to people.

I also found two of more than 10 notebooks that I had, they were wet and destroyed. This was where the majority of my work was. I enjoyed writing with pad and paper and did so a great deal. I had at least 4 times the amount of material written down than I had typed up on the AllllA website. This was the more interesting stuff as well concerning the sciences of God, reality, and the soul. I had well over 10 notebooks of varying sizes full from about 10 years of work while under many different states of mind. Things that I could not possibly recreate. All of those years of work gone in an instant. And it is because of this that I will no longer write and because of the complete lack of encouragement from anyone except for Theymos who took it upon himself to assist me, as I am not asking anyone to assist me but if they think the concepts presented should be assisted than they are free to do so in their way. It's the same thing as speaking your beliefs or what makes most sense to you. Standing up for what you believe makes the most sense. That is what I have stood for. To understand what is true or most logical and to have the right to follow the course of action which makes the most sense.

But instead, because of these events as far as I can see this will be my last transmission to the human being. I will not write anything else. My mind feels shattered and exhausted. Even though Neale will say wait and wait for that better day and to see the brighter side, the time that I have spent in these conditions has absolutely destroyed my thought process. And my health. The faith I carried for so long under such terrible conditions that allowed those writings to be is now gone. My writings not being a part of the world are another testament to capitalism and its low down people.

I'm so tired of all of your ways. Your scams, your lies; the control of authorities that enforce a system of scams and lies. Instead of solutions you come up with scams. Instead of working together your neighborhoods have become war zones for cash. As a species you are getting even better at doing the wrong things than you are at recognizing the situation and solving problems. Have you seen the way SWAT teams now send tanks and small armies into neighborhoods? You've gotten really good at being bad. I'm not saying our neighborhoods should be overrun with muckspreaders. But that there are remedies for your medicated people that include sunshine, grass, and interacting with others in a communal setting that provides sound support on which each may embrace the day with choice. Whereas you can only offer rooms that cost more than they can afford, isolation, and stress and you pretend to wonder why people have nothing else to do other than drugs.

Anyway I'm not explaining anything here, only alluding to something and I'm not taking any more time to try to sway you from your aspirations to go down in the way you choose. You are in control. And that's what's important despite what happens.

If I had been spoken to by anyone I would eventually have tried to give a measurement to you of my confidence in what it is I was speaking about. That measurement would have come in the form of my boast. My boast still stands and it is this: If I cannot put an end to nearly all homelessness, starvation, and war across the world within four years you can kill me. This can be done with or without the use of capitalism. And I would not make a single change that is not voted on as I can change nothing. It is in your hands. I can only speak and it is the people that must decide. The one condition would be the requirement of an official place to share and vote upon concepts in a way where those concepts can be seen and heard by all.

But anyway, I'm not going into details I did that on the AllllA website, it's taken down for now but I'm past the point where I'm taking the idea of 'change' in this world among you people seriously. I was not taken seriously and really I no longer take anything you silly fools present seriously either. The difference is you force your foolishness on me daily in your system that pulls me out of my house every day to defend what little I have from you through the only ways you provide to do so which are completely inadequate.

Even if I did want to participate now there would be a problem; how could I ever present these ideas to you again in a way where I can take you seriously now after my experiences with people? I really can't and I see no way in which you can present yourself to me in a manner in which I can seriously present anything to you. In other words I can no longer take you seriously. So that's about it as far as I can see. Stale mate, and it is in part to the great let down and cover up by the people I have encountered here and their surprising behavior.

I feel that it is irresponsible to fully believe that I am perceiving the situation in a way where I can see real solutions to things which have not yet been solved for and to not leave a way to engage this. The problem however is that I would no longer believe in any engagement of this from any of you. In what way could you possibly present yourself now that can embrace what I am trying to tell you while at the same time having me not believe that you are representing another scam or group of fashionable do-nothing voyeurs? Even if you don't believe me, what if something came to this world that could do so? It would probably experience something much like this. It can hoot and holler but will not be heard. You have no structure to embrace such a thing.

Neale and others always speak about how we are to be using this life to prepare for the next as nothing of value can be presented to us here. What a cop out. Life here can be greatly improved, to the point where you would see that this place can be heavenly. And I don't mean the collection of materials but the quality of relationships. But for me, life here has taken the value of my soul. All of my relationships have been destroyed by capitalism. This life took everything from me and I would have nothing but bad memories of all the people I cared so much about even after this life. How then do I still cherish these people even after life now that our relationships have been destroyed in this life?

Life here has been an absolute dishonor and disgrace and even though I don't want to be alone I would rather be than to be forced by people through the completely unnatural routines of artificial systems that create very real circumstances.

Since this is likely my last communication with the human being I would like to quickly note these last few things:

-Driving is INSANE!

-Children should not go to school, I am not saying education is not important, but that school is a sadistic thing to do to children. For so many reasons but one is that you are essentially giving your children away to be raised by other children. You might as well send them to Never Never Land.

-You can probably accomplish a version of everything I am trying to tell you simply by creating and giving away free rooms in large apartment complexes that anyone has the right to claim use of without being forced to pay. Teach them to farm the local land and let them pay a version of tax in the form of excess crop that they produce as a community. Make it one of your rights.

-Most of everything I would like to address has already been included in the AllllA project, like a game of chess, these moves would solve for nearly all negative conditions that are being spun off in present systems and they would spin off conditions in which former problems do not have the platform on which to exist.

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#5 General Comment

Information on Neale Donald walschs scan.

AUTHOR: Laura - (United Kingdom)

POSTED: Saturday, July 30, 2016

 Hi it's Laura. How do you know it was a scam? Do you have any information on it because I have been trying to find out. I suspect it's a scam and that Neale didn't really talk to God. They do abuse people and don't really wish to help the world as you did. I want to help myself and others and finally get the truth about these clowns. Literally. The way they treated you was terrible and if you can help me and let me know that it is a made up scam and that he didn't talk to God I would be very very grateful as I want to get away from the lies he left in my head. How do you know he used God as a concept and what do you know that proves he is doing that anything you could tell me please I would be very grateful and grateful if we can talk. Thanks so much Laura x

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#4 Author of original report

or not

AUTHOR: Reaillusion - ()

POSTED: Saturday, March 08, 2014

Actually no, I am not sorry. I have nothing to be sorry for. Except maybe for getting involved. But I was involving myself in issues we are all involved in whether we want to be or not. Namely our survival. And I know that I could have done what I went to their events to do and that was to help in that task.

But I look back on that time now and suppose my feeling a need to apologize was coming from losing everything. Which made me feel like I must have been doing something wrong. But in reality my only crime was not making enough money and so they went about taking everything. Which is the real crime. But to them that process is just part of their beloved careless thoughtless brute of a taking system.

Now I have come to find that many of the ideas I wanted to share that I know will help people are not only not new, as I already was aware, but that they have been fully realized ages ago. I could now not be any more dissapointed in the human race as they are already aware of solutions that could occur that would elevate all of humanity and yet they do not support or assist in the creation of those solutions so that they can continue to benefit off of capitalism.

The state of this world reminds me of the experience that I had at that event. My time here is reflectant of the people that emerged from the system that they practiced. They represented the human race appropriately as they now are. As a race of weasels. Instead of being upfront and straight with you they skitter around in the shadows. Instead of enjoying and creating in the light together they horde and scheme. They remind me of those in control in this time of momumental irresponsibility. I came offering ideas on solutions, hoping for a quieter and more constructive event in which to share those ideas which were the result of years of work, but the most they could muster was to look at me. Probably so all of their rich friends could target me and determine whether or not they want to kill me. Isn't that always what they do with something potentially different or new such as what I was representing. But these things aren't even new. The game controllers are likely well aware of these exceptionally viable alternative solutions as versions of them have been well known for decades.

But instead of being a people who choose those solutions you are a people of increasing control and paranoia. Instead of working with those among you who have ideas that would benefit all, those people are ignored while the pigs have their way. And to keep their way even while they put a strangle hold on all of the life on the planet they develop things like the NSA and an overbearing police force so they can what...? Instead of coming up with solutions or encouraging and supporting ideas for solutions from others; they instead try to make themselves better at listening in on and fearing the masses as they attempt to keep themselves seperate. Because the only thing this is all about is THE RICH TRYING TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THE POOR.

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#3 General Comment


AUTHOR: laura - (United States of America)

POSTED: Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I totally feel for you i had a similar experience where I felt neale was a bad influence on my life

please do get in touch with me my name is laura

id like to talk as we are on the same wave length.

email me to talk and share this burden please :(

on (((ROR redacted)))

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#2 Consumer Comment

This author of this article is an idiot

AUTHOR: Katie M - (USA)

POSTED: Thursday, September 15, 2011
The man who wrote this article about how he got ripped off by Neale Donald Walshe is a prime example of idiots who give their money away. How stupid can you be? You lost your family, and you were living out of your car, but yet you still gave them money? They may be fradulent, and I believe they are money vampires, but YOU ARE THE ONE TO BLAME for your stupid actions. YOu kept giving them money. IN Neales book it says, do not give to false people claiming the word of God. Neale is doing the exact same thing he/God wrote about. His books changed my life, but after reading about his "seminars" in his home where you get to share a bedroom with a complete stranger, and your meals are provided, for the small price of $2,995! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Neale has fallen from Gods grace, and become what he preached no one should become. If he REALLY REALL wanted to spread the word of Gods love, ect. Why the heck would he charge sooooo much money for people to stay in HIS house? You should open your home to your fellow man seeking guidance and Gods love, not rip them off. Which sadly is what Neale has become. He needs to go back to basics and practice what he preached. If he REALLY wanted to make a difference, he could buy some land, build some cabins, and have a retreat for a lot less money. He is the epitomy of what God warned him and others not to be. I emailed Neale about this, but I doubt Neale himself will actually read it. The author who wrote about Neale and the Humanity team ripping him off, is in fact an idiot. Neale has betrayed his fellow humans, and not used his knowledge for good, but for lots and lots of money. And there is nothing wrong with building a company and wanting money and power. But if you want to help your fellow man find God, you sure don't charge them $2,995 for a shared bedroom, and to talk to Neale twice a day. The author of this report also sent an apology after his rip off report. I think he was scared of getting sued, or is dumb enough to give them more money.
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#1 Author of original report

My Apologies

AUTHOR: Reaillusion - (United States of America)

POSTED: Wednesday, November 17, 2010
I just submitted this Ripoff Report and I feel terrible. I just want to apologize to Neale and Humanity's Team. They are not all bad nor do they have bad intentions.
I am just very stressed due to my ongoing living conditions. I watch it happening to other people all the time as well. If we had a firm ground on which to stand the majority of our strife would end.

I just want to apologize to people in general, I know they don't all mean bad, but when we are trapped sometimes people can do bad things to us. I want to apologize to my family, I know that I could have done more, I made interests of the world come before what I already had in front of me.

I want to apologize to your governments and systems I know you are trying and dealing with the continuation of conditions and systems that were already in play when you came to be the ones having to handle it and I know you are trying.
All of my beliefs of change in the world can probably come down to my belief that people should be entitled a bottom level room that is always available to them, from which they can stand and begin participating in society.
I am just going to continue to deal with the hand I am trying to deal with and continue to work and try to relax.
That is what I should have done before posting this report. I do not mean anyone ill will and I am sorry. I feel so much worse now having wrote it. But things always seem so out of control for me I become over stressed and feel I am about to again be in such powerless conditions I don't know what is happening next in such a place.
I will just try to get a good job I don't want to take anything on I am tired and heartbroken. My ideas come down to the bottom rung in housing from which people can choose.

I'm sorry for many of my choices of words. And I do not want to carry the boast I said either, it just makes me feel more stressed. I am not taking part in any movement or any other sort of thing. I am just trying to make you see how quickly things can change when a few key changes in practice are made, I believe it so fully that I would bet my life on it because I know that other lives are being crushed right now in many countries around the world that these concepts should address. All I know is I still see it going on in the news and things haven't gotten much better for a lot of people.

I've believed in a great relief understood and given from those in control of systems as no one has to lose anything they have, as not taking of others is the primary basis of a sound system. And those in control can direct more to be given as they become more of the role they should primarily fulfill and that is taking care of the people and guiding them in taking care of themselves. Well again I apologize to everyone, especially Neale Donald Walsch and Humanity's Team. I know you do good for the world.
Be well

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