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Report: #219065

Complaint Review: - New Mexico

  • Submitted: Sat, November 04, 2006
  • Updated: Tue, April 24, 2012
  • Reported By: centerville Ohio
    , New Mexico

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mombo sam has an impressive website but that's all she is a scam please don't allow her to prey on your desperate situation as she did me

centerville, Ohio

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#1 Consumer Comment

My Experience was Positive with Spellmaker

AUTHOR: niblet - (United States of America)

 I have been using various products from Spellmaker for almost  ten years.My only goal is to provide a different point of view from a satisfied customer. First of all if you don't know about/believe in spirituality/ rituals or if you feel that doing Voodoun/magick goes against your core beliefs- don't buy them and don't complain about their lack of efficacy-it's that simple- go to church, temple or wherever else you feel is best for you. It's not going to work without your positive energy and will power- that is what magick is fueled by- your spiritual energy and belief. Secondly, do some research look at other sites/products if you're skeptical of this one- compare and contrast before you buy anything. Thirdly, the veil between this world and other realms is not clear- otherwise we feeble humans would just be allowed to travel freely between, visit those who have passed on and generally run amock, but fortunately we require intermediaries, guides and proper methods to communicate with the other realms and plead our mostly selfish little cases, so be aware when doing spellwork our goals  are not always understood, requested at the optimal time in our lives or we are requesting something that will potentially harm others and upset the natural order of the universe- spirit guides can see that which is hidden from us and will prevent us from bringing chaos and misfortune to others (within reason), unless that is your intent- ofcourse and karma is a B*. 

I've used a few items from the Love spells group, a few from the wealth/abundance group and even one from the darkside- the revenge group, although that's an area I tend to stay clear of typically. I would say that, in general the people working there have provided wellmade products (the spellkits advertised all filled with lots of detailed instructions (not just thrown together carelessly and obviously took months to prepare and edit), the various oils and, bath salts and incenses items are all well made and good quality and the products are exactly as shown in the website photos of the tangable products. I want to address the complainers who believe that the tangible products are not as indicated on the website Every item I've receive (approximately 10 kits, some extra oils, and a 2 charms) in total over the years have arrived within 3-5 days of ordering, nothing was ever broken, missing or different than ordered.

As far as the problems with Dual castings and not getting wish fulfillment- that is a matter of perception- I wouldn't pay for someone else to do spiritual work on my behalf because they are not personally invested- it makes no sense to me to pay for a lady in another state to be a stronger advocate for my desires and yeah- you never really  know how busy she is or how many requests she is doing all at once, so her focus and energy will be depleted eventually- also I don't use psychics in general- be your own psychic. Also on the point of results/ wishfulfilment- Every single time I have done spellwork I have seen movement progress- in my case it's always 3 months after each spell where there had been stagnation and blockage on the issues (in some cases for years). The movement or development is not always as expected- not always  receiving exactly what I wished for (for example, didn't make the guy I thought I wanted love me but the energy I started to put out brought 4 other potential suitors literally to my door step about 3 months later) but always receiving what I need to move on to better things, a new job appears (not a new job that pays a million dollars) or to see justice dispensed. I use the kits to work through my own issues, gain insight, become clearer on my own goals/desires and to initiate postitive energy to steer mylife in directions that will be better- but we can't always know exactly how that will shake out, nor can we force someone else to behave exactly as we insist- freewill cuts both ways- "that's the way of the world".

So I don't think that this company is a true scam- anymore than Jenny Craig or Weightwatchers is a scam, because not everyone who users their services reaches their target weight. In the respect that they don't send you broken or defective merchandise, claim that you will receive your desired goal within a set time period guaranteed- because they can't account for any individuals spiritual energy/behavior and whether the desired the individual with for are in their own best interests-  for example often times with a relationship problem couples counseling/talking with a psychologist before or in addition to doing spiritual work is a good idea so that people can think clearly about their expectations and goals because some of the customers have unrealistic expectations about products & services provided.
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#2 Consumer Comment

Scam? Personal Opinion?

AUTHOR: TricksToo - (United States of America)

Why do you think she is a scam? Thousands have been extremely satisfied with the service and products she and her company provides. I recommend backing your opinion on facts. The company exist to help people in desperate situations not scam them. And no, I have absolutely no affiliation with Mambo Sam or her company. I've used their products and have been very satisfied.
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#3 Consumer Comment

AUTHOR: southernchic - (United States of America)

To the person from B.C that wrote the long report on here. Im one of those people on the spell maker's forum and im not a manipulated robot. I ordered a kit from them that I will use. If I get results I wont even bother posting it. I think alot of people know that , when youre doing a spell , you cant tell anyone of the work. Its true. Maybe after those people who got results DID move on. You cant call the site a total scam as I stated before under my old id on here " johnson" , the duo castings are definatley a scam , the supplies isnt. Its an online store , a scam is someone that steals your money and offer no products. The great thing about that site is that it does offer technical support. I agree however that site tries to sell more products to people. Im not dumb enough to do a spell on a person that I havent talked to for years , or take anyone back thats abusive cause no matter if you do a spell to bring that person back , they will come bcak the same way. Ive done other kits before , with mixed results. So , anyways , all I have to say is that , use your judgment , maybe one spell kit isnt strong enough , maybe those other products can also help strenghten your spell , the waiting period for results is 9 days to 3 months. If nothing happens , get over it.
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#4 Consumer Comment

AUTHOR: johnson - (USA)

Well yeah i was reading the forums , and people on there are desperate. Do spells work? YES! but you cant expect some random person online that you cant psysically see to cast a spell for you. How do you know if theyre not just pocketing your money and relaxing at a BBQ? Jesus , people need to do their research. My parents are from the caribbean and i have seen REAL practioners perform voodoo and these North American ppl cant even touch them. I always knew that Mambo sam is a fake mambo wanna be. What a joke. I know its not easy to be initiated into that religion. You have to do alot of sessions and even blood ritualts , it comes down to drinking a vile of cow's or chickens blood , and after that consuming a whole thing of rum , so can samantha corfield do that? NOPE , if she saw that in real she would vomit and faint. I cant see anyone in north america who is willing to go through the initiation ritulas like that without feeling sick. That site is there to sell products only , it is an online store , youre the fool that pays for a make believe practioner to cast spells for you. Its always nice to believe crap online , you people need to get a life. Spells are real , you just have to know how to do them right and if you really do want someone to cast it for you , you have to find one out there NOT in the states or canada , theyre all fakes.
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#5 Consumer Comment

Some Observations I made On Spellmaker's Yahoo Group

AUTHOR: Dani - (Canada)

I've been watching that forum for a long, long time, and at first I read everything on their website and the testimonials and how they
had an "87" percent success rate with their magic services. I thought that sounded high but what did I know. But as I kept reading the stories that people posted on that forum and everybody just seemed miserable it began to look like it was a self-perpetuating monster; it seemed like whenever someone tried something and it didn't work then the solution that was given was to do more magic spells, burn more candles, buy more products.

There are people on that forum who have been doing spell after spell after spell on the same love interest for YEARS (literally) but have not succeeded. And there are other people who talk about their 'loved ones' and when you read their stories they are obviously being abused, used, treated like absolute crap (one girl who posts on there was even physically struck by her "HD"='heart's desire' and yet is still working magic to bring him back). There's another grown woman on there who is clearly not in the right frame of mental or emotional health to be trying to work magic but she keeps doing it anyway and when her "HD" wants to have sex with her she lets him and then she calls that 'progress'. I guess she's either too stupid or too desperate to realize that she's just a 'booty call'.

Then there are all the people who are trying to break up marriages where children are involved. Real nice! And the freaky thing is that everyone on there just keeps encouraging everyone else on there to keep doing stuff, burning more candles, working more spells, and running to their "caseworkers" for help whenever something goes wrong. I swear it's like a cult, it really is. and you NEVER see "dissenting" posts make it to the forum because that doesn't look good for them. But does anyone succeed? If you read what's been posted there over the past nine months, hardly anyone has 'succeeded.' I think maybe one
person? And when you ask about that they tell you it's because the people who have "succeeded" have moved on with their lives. And for the longest time I was willing to buy that... Until I was contacted off-list by someone who said they had been emailing long-time members of the forum to get their feedback on their experiences with, what the service was like, et..

And I told him I didn't have any personal experiences but I had been reading all the stories and it just seemed awful, and the hystteria and desperation of the people who post on that forum seems completely contradictory to how magic is supposed to work. And you also have all these wannabe armchair mambos/houngans on that forum who are people who maybe bought some stuff off the spellmaker website and now they jump in when someone starts "losing it" and
they start giving advice about magic and what to do, like they're suddenly experts on voodoo (no I'm not talking about the caseworkers
either-these are forum members I'm talking about).

And the answer is always to buy more and do more. on and on, over and over. LIke I said, some of those people have been at it for literally years...sometimes the person they're working on has already moved on, gotten married, settled down, but they still keep doing it, spending their money, trying to do magic. And the kicker is that the spellmaker people LET them keep spending money, even though it is pretty obvious after two, three years that that person ain't coming back. Sometimes its obvious after only a few months, I think. But the point is that the 'caseworkers' and the long-term forum people,
some of whom I think are "plants," not only allow these poor people to keep spending their money, but the actually encourage it like it's going to make a difference. Anyway the person who had emailed me offlist said that the majority of the responses he'd gotten were not only similar but even worse because some of them were from people who had spent a lot of money and time to no avail. but he did say one thing, their claimed 87 percent success rate obviously doesn't apply to their love spells because almost all the people who responded, he said if you came up with a ratio it was ACTUALLY like 10 percent got what they wantded, 20 percent got mixed results or
something different than what they wanted and the rest got no results at all. What is that, like 70 percent failure rate? But these poor people on that forum are so heartsick and mindf*cked that they just keep spending money and spending money...never mind the things that people have apparently reported about Mary the "psychic," that's just downright sad, and so many people seemed to figure it out only AFTER spending oodles of cash and months and months wasted. But you can't tell any of those poor people that
because they don't want to hear that stuff anyway, they'll find out on their own...

I think Mambo Sam is A FAKE MAMBO WANNA-BE, But between the so-called caseworkers and the hordes of folks on that forum who just keep perpetuating the blind hysteria it is really really scary. And depressing and sad. And it seems like it's turned into a big hungry monster that just keeps feeding itself with its own children.

So how on earth, then, does one find a GENUINE, HONEST voodoo practitioner who will do honest spells that work???

I mean, seriously, how do you do it? Short of getting on a plane to New Orleans, Haiti, Jamaica and Africa (and even then how much better are your odds of finding a good

Daniele ******, Vancouver, BC


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#6 Consumer Comment

More detail please

AUTHOR: Tina - (U.S.A.)

Well what happned or did not happen?
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