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Complaint Review: 24 Hour Fitness

  • Submitted: Tue, July 19, 2005
  • Updated: Tue, July 19, 2005
  • Reported By: West Hills California
  • 24 Hour Fitness
    6429 Fallbrook Avenue
    West Hills, California

24 Hour Fitness Violates Patriot Act, Location where terror suspect hangs out (Fallbrook Mall) is now on L.A. County's terrorist watch list under the federal Buffer Zone Protection Program West Hills California

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In the wake of September 11th Congress passed legislation enabling law enforcement to more effectively intercept and destroy the mechanisms that allow terrorist networks to perpetrate crimes that are harmful to America. This legislation, commonly known as the Patriot Act, was approved by an overwhelming majority of 357-66 in the House of Representatives and 98-1 in the Senate and updated existing laws to apply specifically to the arsenal of threats posed by a global enemy that uses the murder of civilians as a justifiable strategy in an unconventional war. Under prior terrorism statutes the full scope of supportive activities relative to this type of warfare were not specifically prohibited by federal law, which made harboring terrorists, providing financial encouragement, or engaging in conspiracies involving the planning and execution of their political objectives extremely difficult to substantiate in court. Yet under these current legal modifications federal investigators have now been provided with the necessary ammunition to more successfully prosecute these criminals or those entities who enable them. One such entity is 24 Hour Fitness, a treasonous organization that has blatantly violated U.S. policy by collaborating with a suspected terrorist since the attacks on 9/11.

To date, the United States has designated 40 terrorist networks operating at an international level. However, since 9/11 the cooperation amongst law enforcement currently authorized by the Patriot Act has allowed the FBI, the CIA, as well as other intelligence agencies that were formerly compartmentalized to now coordinate their efforts to offset these networks, a fact which had led to the destruction of over 150 terrorist threats both domestically and outside the territorial United States. Due to the solidarity facilitated by this act, by January of 2005 two-thirds of Al Qaeda's ranking operatives had either been killed or captured; multiple terrorist cells have been destroyed within the metropolitan districts along both coasts, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Buffalo and New York City, as well as near the Mexican and Canadian borders; 379 individuals have been criminally charged with terrorism; and over 500 individuals linked to the 9/11 investigation have been deported for their involvement in the most horrific civilian massacre ever to occur on American soil. Yet in spite of these victories there is still a great deal of work to be done to ensure the welfare of our nation.

In this new war we face, the threat of attack is an unremitting problem with a difficult solution, which is why the Patriot Act, a legislative juggernaut encompassed within 342 pages, goes to extensive lengths to delineate the multivariable complexities of the terrorist infrastructure, thereby making any relationships defined therein severely punishable under federal law. Thus in effect, this Act not only pertains to terrorists in general, but also to any individuals, charitable or religious organizations or corporations that have had any connection, whether active or passive, to these terrorist networks or the atrocities they commit. Which is why this document has been prepared as a warning to the American public and to those in law enforcement who have been unaware of 24 Hour Fitness's alliance with this newfound enemy.

For the past five years the 24 Hour Fitness at 6429 Fallbrook Avenue in Canoga Park, California, has provided material support to a terror suspect who has violated multiple state and federal laws within said facility, including aggravated assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault, racially motivated assault with intent to commit mayhem, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment while driving a motor vehicle, destruction of property, domestic terrorism, bribery and witness intimidation. Although the perpetrator, who can best be described as an Iranian militant, should have been reported for any one of the above felonies, 24 Hour Fitness has, to this day, continued to defend this criminal each time he executes one of his attacks; nor do any of his victims take action due to fear for their own personal safety and for the safety of their families. After all, this individual has made it frighteningly clear that he will act on his hostilities upon the slightest provocation. And since there is no way of determining the degree to which that violence might escalate, no one is willing to put his anger mismanagement on trial. Which has led to an unfortunate set of circumstances that are not only wrong, but serve to undermine the efficacy of the American justice system.

As such, in light of current legislation the victims of said crimes should be informed that they now have a federally instituted recourse, one which puts this criminal's enabler on trial. Considering the nature of his attacks, as well as his obvious hatred toward Americans, one would think that a $1.5 billion corporation like 24 Hour Fitness would be prudent enough to notify law enforcement in the aftermath of any of these transgressions. After all, the Patriot Act was established to defuse explosive situations exactly like those described, particularly when a foreign militant poses an intentional threat to public safety in the form of brutally attacking American civilians. So clearly, displays of such violence coupled with their nationalistic undertones should have been grounds for federal intervention, or at least a call to the local police, yet to this date this has never happened, as this terrorist continues to perpetrate his crimes at will and with relative impunity.

In fact, one 24 Hour Fitness employee by the name of Skyler Dewberry, who was nearly struck by a barbell while attempting to mediate one of these outbursts, following said attempt carefully told the assailant that he had to calm down, that he couldn't throw steel weights at people, and that was the extent of the reprimand; one hardly befitting considering the gravity of the offense. Because in all truth, had that barbell made contact someone may have been killed; and a gym is certainly not the place for a homicide.
Accordingly, that same night, when I asked why the police were not notified concerning a sequence of attacks which had occurred within 15 minutes of each other; one involving myself, a second involving another member, and the last of which involved that potentially lethal incident with Mr. Dewberry, the latter explained to me that the justification for this person's behavior was that he was an Iranian cage fighter, and therefore his violence was categorically expected. Refuting this as a meager excuse, when I demanded that this criminal be permanently ostracized for violating state laws regarding felony assault, Mr. Dewberry circumvented the issue by explaining to me that it would simply not happen again. A second employee, Mr. Arnold Snyder, concurred with this statement, thus suggesting that corrective action would take place as soon as this person vacated the premises, as they warily admitted that tipping him off may have only prompted further violence, which at the time seemed probable enough considering the assailant's temperament. Moreover, when I asked if the assailant were even a paying member, the team pleaded ignorance, yet that if he were his membership would be revoked, as grounds for doing so were firmly established by the preponderance of his attacks. And so I left for the evening, figuring that they would honor their word.

Interestingly enough, this criminal's attendance merely increased over the following months, as well as the insidious behavior that coincided with said attendance, which included further assaults, more sexual harassment, lewd behavior, racism, the wanton destruction of a rather expensive mirror, and consequently more cover-ups. So despite what I'd been misled to believe, obviously there was a failure to resolve amongst the corporate bureaucracy, starting with a general manager whose seemingly terminal incompetence gradually revealed an underlying duplicity.

Case in point: when I questioned said manager, Michael Leonard, about this criminal, he claimed that he had in fact previously attempted to rectify the matter, yet that even the LAPD was reluctant to intervene. Which was an absolute lie, because all Mr. Leonard would have had to have done would have been to have mentioned the word terrorist and that would have immediately put the suspect on a federal watch list. After all, based on his crimes that description, however pejorative, is an applicable assessment, as Congress has prescribed that any displays of bigotry, violence, or discrimination perpetrated against any American are federally prohibited under Section 1002 of the Patriot Act. Thus by specifically targeting Americans for assault, battery, or any other manner of hate crime, the suspect should have been reported to the FBI, which exercises Lead Agency responsibility in investigating all matters involving Terrorism; for the modality of his crimes could certainly warrant that designation, particularly when under Title 28, Section 0.85 of the Code of Federal Regulations terrorism is defined as the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives. And as evidenced by this criminal's behavioral pathology characterized by a raging egocentrism yielding to predatory impulses, his corresponding objectives clearly meet the above stated criteria. Yet despite those qualifications, no report was ever filed.

To complicate matters, following these outbursts Michael Leonard, along with all those vertebrally-deprived sock puppets working beneath him, have feverishly discouraged any investigations regarding this individual, always insisting that the safest solution was to just leave him alone. Moreover, after Mr. Leonard refused my request to file a police report the next time an attack took place, this willingness to engage in such a committed obstruction of justice thus indicated to me that there was a darker truth here; one for which 24 Hour Fitness had a loathing to reveal. Which might explain why Mr. Leonard was recently transferred to their facility in Simi Valley, to avoid further questioning from pesky consumers like myself. All of which only validates my point: that a powerful corporation like 24 Hour Fitness, one that obviously has the resources to put this sociopath in his place, would not allow him to victimize their clients unless they had something to gain by providing him with a prey source.

This gain, most obviously, would be financial. Which would expose, once again, yet another violation of the Patriot Act if in fact 24 Hour Fitness is allowing a criminal affiliated with a terrorist network to use their organization as the front for a money laundering operation, as there are multiple references within said document relating to the mechanisms through which terrorists support their habit, and money laundering is most certainly one of them. In this case, it would not be unreasonable to think of a gym as a suitable vehicle through which to legitimize questionable finances; and to corroborate even further, since their village idiot Michael Leonard himself stupidly admitted to me that an arrangement had been struck between a certain corporation and its resident terrorist it would be difficult to believe that money is not being transferred somewhere along the way. And since we all know that 24 Hour Fitness is a vainglorious entity that prides itself in its illustrious image, unless substantial profits were involved it wouldn't be so indulgent toward corrosive alliances that might otherwise tarnish it.

Thus clearly it makes no sense that 24 Hour Fitness would be willing to erode its own reputation on behalf of some lowlife who is worth nothing to them, or to risk lawsuits for premises liability because of crimes committed by this anonymous third party, as 24 Hour Fitness continually refuses to divulge this man's legal name due to privacy issues. Which, ironically, is considerable protection for a man who should be prosecuted for multiple felonies. All of which indicates that perhaps 24 Hour Fitness doesn't quite realize the severity of this problem. Or perhaps they just think that issues of national security don't apply to them even when the United States is fighting the War on Terror and the Iranian government, to which this person is loyal, is defying UN Security Council Resolution 1540 with regard to nuclear proliferation. Yet apparently none of that matters so long as 24 Hour Fitness is content, as national security seems hardly a concern to them so long as the profits keep rolling in. Because after all, greed is good, safety is irrelevant, and collusion is fashionable even if it draws fire from the State Department.

After speaking with my attorney, 24 Hour Fitness's risk assessment manager, a duplicitous little gremlin who goes by the initials Rich Johansen, stated that following my victimization by this criminal the latter would be permanently banned from their facilities. Yet oddly enough, two weeks later Mr. Johansen rescinded that statement, asserting that if we wanted this villain ostracized we would have to request a demand for arbitration, pay over $1000 for 24 Hour Fitnesss defense, and then have said arbitrator issue an injunction; which would indicate to anyone with even a remote sense of ethics that if 24 Hour Fitness was willing to stoop that low to protect a known criminal who could very well be a threat to our national security, that alone would make anyone question their motivations for doing so. Thus their unerring willingness to provide an environmental source of psychophysiological arousal for this sociopath clearly makes no sense when the consequences of said defiance could render them vulnerable to a federal investigation.

By allowing these abuses, the government now has the authority to determine the true nature of this twisted consortium, one which extends all the way up to their corporate headquarters in northern California. Recent evidence confirms that even Mark Mastrov, 24 Hour Fitness's morally retarded CEO has routinely looked the other way in criminal investigations involving his own employees, most notably a sexual assault case won by Cynthia Malek in 2004 because the perpetrators, being big wheel executives like him, were deemed too profitable for his company to warrant termination and, therefore, were not reprimanded once during the two year period over which those abuses transpired. And this was even after one executive had actually pinned her in a closet, and surely with less than benevolent intentions. Nevertheless, when Ms. Malek ultimately reported these incidents she was fired for not being a team player. Yet quite obviously the legal system saw the error in this decision, specifically in the order of $3.5 million.

It should also be noted that the would-be closet molester, Will Rhodes, is still the working pride of the Daly City 24 Hour Fitness and is currently looking forward to a hefty promotion, more clients he can dupe, and another hapless female coworker on which to inflict his alleged lusts. And as for the incidents themselves, 24 Hour Fitness spokeswoman Allyson Savage staunchly contends that none of this could have happened because sexual harassment is against company policy. So it was all an illusion. And since spokespeople never lie, then gosh golly she must be telling the truth! Which explains why they lost the case. Thus based on Miss Savage's compulsive inability to bolt her mouth shut to suppress her fib reflex, alas, we have yet another stunning example of a 24 Hour Fitness executive flunky who has brilliantly proven herself to be nothing more than a corporate yak-doll equipped with a pullstring that activates a set prerecorded, politically correct denials. Just like Mastrov wants. The problem is if he's trying to build a better liar he gets an F in design function, because so far Dolly Dimwit working damage control is incapable of achieving the level of deception practiced by a lobotomized lab rat. So note to the toymaker: the most expensive lessons are those we learn in the aftermath of chronic stupidity. Especially when you could have done something about it. Eons ago.

That being said, 24 Hour Fitness has been involved in multiple scandals over the years, yet the support of terrorism for financial gain would be the most incriminating to date. And due to its failure to explain its reasons for harboring a criminal extremist, particularly one who is linked to a nation that sponsors international terrorism, Islamic fascism, nuclear intimidation, the taking of hostages and the execution of American civilians, the FBI has been provided with sufficient grounds to conduct an investigation.

Before 9/11, certain modes of electronic surveillance approved by the courts to investigate organized crime under RICO laws were prohibited in terrorism investigations because many terrorist-related crimes were not specifically defined in any legislative texts. Yet since legitimate enterprises such as banks and corporations have been secretly used to provide the financial backing on which terrorists subsist, Congress has rewritten these laws so that federal investigators are able to use whatever means necessary, such as around-the-clock video surveillance and roving wiretaps, to monitor terror suspects, collect evidence, and subsequently prosecute them. More specifically, if a corporation like 24 Hour Fitness is knowingly covering up for a suspected terrorist they are consequently liable under these renewed laws regarding collaborating with anyone fitting said description, specifically under Title VIII, Section 803 of the Patriot Act for harboring a terror suspect, and Title 113b, Sections 2332b(2), 2339, 2339A, and 2339c of the Federal Criminal Code, which relate to conspiracy, qualifications as an accessory after the fact, harboring, providing material support for, and helping finance terrorism, respectively.

In particular, under Section 809 of the Patriot Act the statute of limitations for certain terrorism offenses has been extended to 8 years following the commission of the offense. And specifically with regard to prosecution an indictment may be found or an information instituted at any time without limitation for any offense listed in section 2332b(g)(5)(B), if the commission of such offense resulted in, or created a foreseeable risk of death or serious bodily injury to another person. Thus according to federal law this definition would obviously include striking a person such as myself or throwing steel weights at club employees like Skyler Dewberry, two acts which may have conceivably resulted in seriously bodily injury; or at worst, an accidental homicide. After all, if a child at a little league game is capable of beating a rival to death with a baseball bat, or the way certain sports figures have thrown chairs into crowds or attacked jeering spectators, it seems we are living in an increasingly desensitized society where psychopathic behavior is becoming disturbingly prevalent. And noting the ease with which the subject's pathology can be invoked, this correlated with his absence of moral reasoning, it could be only a matter of time before he commits murder. Either by chance, or perhaps even intentionally.

To emphasize that point, it should be noted that the assailant punched me directly over the heart, with extreme force, and while I was holding two 35 pound weights, which he subsequently ripped out of my hands and threw across the room, nearly crushing a bystander's knee in the process. And considering that he looked at my chest prior to the execution of said violence, clearly with a premeditated knowledge that he was targeting a vital area, and then he struck me despite the fact that I was comparatively incapacitated, his intentions were far more ominous than were readily apparent to those who witnessed the attack. The reason being that it is common knowledge amongst medical professionals that a non-penetrating, low velocity impact to the precordium of the heart can trigger sudden death from ventricular fibrillation. This condition is termed Commotio Cordis, and in the 128 cases that have been reported in the United States the majority have been fatal, unexpected, and have occurred in competitive sporting events such as baseball, hockey, boxing and martial arts. Consequently, since this sociopath is supposedly a cage fighter I find it difficult to believe that he did not know what he was doing, particularly if he has knowledge of pressure points. Yet still, 24 Hour Fitness does nothing to stop him.

In fact, judging by the way they grovel in his footsteps he is treated more like the envy of all Kings rather than the criminally disposed troglodyte that he is; and this is not just by 24 Hour Fitness's humble peons, yet even by their overpaid, virtually unapproachable, nauseatingly pompous corporate aristocracy that should know better than to subject American civilians to the terrorist activities occurring within their organization. Common sense dictates that a threat of this magnitude should have been reported to the FBI, as said agency has tip lines specifically for the above stated reasons; tip lines which a certain corporation has failed to use thus far. So if they think they're fooling anyone by washing their hands of these incidents, or lying on this villain's behalf, feigning ignorance of his crimes, cowering under their liability waiver and so forth, that is a predictably sophomoric albeit dangerously misguided error on their part because federal investigators now have 8 years to gather enough evidence to indict them on conspiracy. Once again, that is 8 years to make an indictment. And considering the number of people who have been affected by these acts of terrorism, this matter is not about to dissipate until 24 Hour Fitness's involvement is exposed, charges are filed and punishments are enforced.

Which brings us back to the issue of money laundering. According to Congress money laundering, estimated by the International Monetary Fund to amount to between 2 and 5 percent of global gross domestic product, which is at least $600,000,000,000 annually, provides the financial fuel that permits transnational criminal enterprises to conduct and expand their operations to the detriment of the safety and security of American citizens; money laundering, and the defects in financial transparency on which money launderers rely, are critical to the financing of global terrorism and the provision of funds for terrorist attacks; money launderers subvert legitimate financial mechanisms and banking relationships by using them as protective covering for the movement of criminal proceeds and the financing of crime and terrorism, and, by so doing, can threaten the safety of United States citizens and undermine the integrity of United States financial institutions and of the global financial and trading systems upon which prosperity and growth depend. The relevance here is that if 24 Hour Fitness is allowing a terror suspect to buy into their corporation as a means of legitimizing money that is obtained through criminal profiteering, this would further implicate them in a transnational conspiracy because by engaging in monetary transactions with a possible financial envoy to the Iranian militancy, his mere presence within any U.S. territory would be a violation of federal law under the inadmissibility clause outlined in Section 1006 of the Patriot Act. And considering 24 Hour Fitness's refusal to condemn this man who is a terrorist by definition, that alone might warrant an investigation for violating that sanction.

This investigation would start with a review of their financial records. The Department of Justice realizes how easy it has become for terrorists to hide under legitimate business enterprises, which is why it established the FBI's Terrorist Financing Operations Sections to explore such matters. And since most major corporations are not particularly fond of surrendering their financial records to the federal government, perhaps this would explain why on February 12 of this year 24 Hour Fitness's primary investor, McCown De Leeuw & Co. decided to bail out of this veritable cesspool by tossing it onto the selling block. Because surely when they signed on back in 1994 they were expecting to do business with a reputable entity, yet over the years they've watched their creation freakishly morph into an undulating blob of corporate gluttony, putting far more emphasis on its lust for profits rather than on the actual well being of the clients it feasts on. Thus the solution, which the aforementioned investor has wisely chosen, was to let this monstrosity succumb to its own vices, for betrayal as such has a tendency to attract flies.

Moreover, their decision to snag some cheap press by prostituting themselves to a political Sodomite like Michael Moore is yet another demonstration of 24 Hour Fitness's whorish improprieties. In the pseudo-documentary Fahrenheit 911, there is a memorable scene where a dyspeptic curmudgeon by the name of Barry Reingold verbally denigrates the Bush administration, and since 24 Hour Fitness has vulgarly flaunted its logo in the background of said diatribe this could easily be construed as a flagrant adherence to Reingold's lunacy. And more significantly, to the manipulative perversions of a delusional filmmaker, otherwise they would have had their logo censored for fear that such an endorsement may have insulted that more discerning percentage of the American public whom they thought they could seduce by appearing in a movie. Yet in predictable fashion, 24 Hour Fitness assumed that risk because those incontinent little parasites just couldn't control themselves.

Subtle. Very subtle.

It should also be noted that Michael Moore solicited Mr. Reingold 3 years after an incident in which the latter was visited by the FBI due to some seditious statements he'd made in the locker room of the 24 Hour Fitness on Folsom Street in San Francisco a month after the September 11th attacks. Following that encounter, Reingold's story had been printed in newspapers across the country, Canada, and as far away as the United Kingdom, and not to mention the spot it received on the CBS news. So after all of that publicity, in 2004 Michael Moore managed to convince Barry Reingold to effectively reenact this incident at that same 24 Hour Fitness, and obviously with that gym's unmitigated approval since every one of these Mastrovian sweatshops has a strict policy forbidding cameras without administrative consent. So unless he'd been living in a vacuum that gym's senior manager, Chris Robinson, as well as the corporate publicity whores jerking his puppet strings clearly understood what Moore was up to yet nonetheless allowed him to indiscriminately demonize our Commander in Chief, in middle of a war, when our soldiers were at risk, on 24 Hour Fitness property and in a film that many have since described as unforgivably anti-American. Which, put bluntly, is downright stupid in this political atmosphere, and thus yields another possible reason why their leading investor, McCown De Leeuw & Co., has now decided to severe its ties with a corporate pariah that doesn't have the common sense to distance itself from seditious ideologies that undermine the efforts of the federal government and our military. If only they had an anti-aircraft cannon to straddle, Hanoi Jane would be so proud of them.

So this, coupled with the likelihood of 24 Hour Fitness's use as a money laundering front for a terrorist operation could justify McCown's reasons for purging itself of this adulterated marriage. After all, who wouldnt, considering the amount of discord 24 Hour Fitness has spawned over the years, both legally and politically speaking. Such being the case, now this third-rate autocracy will be forced to explain itself to the FBI to determine if in fact money from Middle Eastern sources has found its way into 24 Hour Fitness's corporate piggybank, or into any of the personal accounts of their vulturous beneficiaries like Michael Leonard, Rich Johansen, or even their proverbial Antichrist Mark Mastrov himself. Because somebody must be getting paid off, and that is called bribery; an offense which, at the least, violates RICO laws for criminal racketeering. And the payments must be substantial, otherwise they wouldn't be so obsessively tolerant of a suspected terrorist who brutalizes their clients, throws weights at people, attacks their employees, and then they're willing to cover up for him despite the suspicions this generates.

The point is subversive activities involving suspected terrorists are matters that must be investigated by law enforcement. Because although these allegations may at first seem extraordinary, the fact remains that 24 Hour Fitness is an idiot organization. How else would a former office manager at their corporate headquarters have been able to embezzle nearly $300,000 before their accounting sloths finally realized that something was amiss. The article was printed in the San Ramon Valley Times on March 21, 2001 and explains how this 30 year old trickster, Yasmin Zarsange, used company finances to purchase everything from Palm Pilots, digital cameras and computer equipment which she then resold for considerable profit, a scam for which she was subsequently indicted and sentenced to 10 months in county jail. So if that amount of money can be so easily diverted from 24 Hour Fitnesss corporate cash flow without anyone being the wiser, it would be reasonable to assume that similar amounts, or dare say far more, could just magically appear in certain bank accounts as compensation for providing the legitimizing apparatus essential to money launderers.

When dealing with exceptionally large numbers, like, for example, the over $1 billion 24 Hour Fitness purloins in annual revenue, a few hundred thousand embezzled by a frisky little employee or siphoned in through terrorist money launderers would hardly be noticed on the books, as six-digit discrepancies are comparatively negligible when dealing with ten-digit gross profits, and so long as the government isnt looking the odds would suggest that they would never be called on it. What they're forgetting, however, is that just as the scrutiny of a paper trail is what led to Zarsange's conviction, so too will a similar methodology lead to 24 Hour Fitness's kleptocratic downfall if in fact they are proven to have committed any of the above charges. And a federal audit would certainly reveal the truth, particularly when the FBI's forensic accountants start tearing through their records to locate these discrepancies. So once again, if they think they're fooling anyone they're in for one devastating surprise. And they can thank their pet terrorist.

The facts are this: federal crimes have been committed by this individual in a public facility within the statutory jurisdiction of the United States; the resident manager, Michael Leonard, has done nothing to stop this criminal yet continues to allow him unimpeded access to said facility despite the threat he poses toward public safety; Michael Leonard is in violation of Title 10, Section 387 of the California Penal Code for failing to warn his affected employees or clients of the presence of a serious concealed danger and the imminent risk of great bodily harm or death they may incur as a result of said presence; under Section 387, paragraph (a) of stated code Michael Leonard may be subject to 3 years in state prison and a $25,000 fine; 24 Hour Fitness is aware of this person's crimes yet continually refuses to notify local or federal law enforcement, thus implying financial interests involving profits from money laundering, bribery, extortion and wire fraud; 24 Hour Fitness is subject to investigative action by the Federal Trade Commission for violations of consumer protection laws, with failure to comply with said Commission under Project Scofflaw resulting in increased penalties for recidivism and obstruction of justice; 24 Hour Fitness is in violation of the RICO Act for engaging in a pattern of racketeering offenses in conjunction with this individual; based on his conduct this individual has no respect for federal, state, or municipal laws, committing crimes which, at a minimum, could effectuate his deportation under the Immigration and Nationality Act; this individual is a terrorist as defined by federal law and may be detained as such, forfeiting all protections under Article 4 of the Third Geneva Convention, including the right to challenge said detention by petitioning for a writ of habeas corpus; by harboring, aiding and abetting, conducting monetary transactions, and conspiring with this terrorist 24 Hour Fitness is in violation of the Patriot Act and therefore the parties involved, coconspirators, and the corporation en masse may be charged with Treason and may be prosecuted 8 years following the commission of any of the aforementioned crimes.

Evidence confirms that over the years 24 Hour Fitness has been guilty of various transgressions, yet their support of terrorism may have the most damaging effects on society as we know it. We live in an age where our civil liberties are under the constant threat of an enemy that refuses to openly engage our protective countermeasures; an enemy that prefers to covertly insinuate itself into our educational systems, charitable organizations, financial institutions and multinational corporations where they effectively shield their true objectives under reputable enterprises that might otherwise never be implicated in one of these dark alliances. Yet frequently enough those alliances are exposed, and the government, as it should, employs corrective resistance under the authority of the Patriot Act. There is clear evidence linking 24 Hour Fitness to one such conspiracy, and as the United States government has sworn to protect its citizens from those who threaten the sovereignty of our nation the urgency with which law enforcement should investigate this matter cannot be overstated. Therefore, although the Patriot Act provides a statute of limitations of 8 years to prosecute any act of terrorism, this investigation must begin immediately, as the need for a resolution becomes increasingly vital to our national security when the proponents of murder are capitalizing on our trust, hiding in plain sight, waiting for the right moment to execute their next deadly attack. As we learned from September 11th terrorism is a horrifying reality, and American lives should not be jeopardized while 24 Hour Fitness is profiting from the mechanisms that drive it.

"You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out. I know I had no hand in making this war, and I know I will make more sacrifices to-day than any of you to secure peace."

General William T. Sherman

West Hills, California

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