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*Consumer Comment: This is just sad

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Alexandriah Stahr is pure evil she use UFO Advance and Aliens and Exterrestial technology to abuse and brainwash and alter ego and kill people and pets  I was sent to her in 2011 and never knew that she was a cult until now in 2023 I was brainwash and abuse and insulted and yelled by her from 2011 until now 2023 I never heard noises before until I talked to her she put me on phone session and what Nikki Aarons report is the truth...she abuse you and all those people that you know even pets and the rest of people on Earth to send you to hospital to be on medication .Alexandriah Stahr instigate all problems on Earth...She recently used ufo technology to tell me before she daughter of ashtar command and now she claimed to be the lord wife in all religions and God to the people --the ufo are brainwashing people on cellphone and alien ufo and et shoot me daily i still hear noises ..Alexandriah Stahr channelling aka telepathy talked to aliens and exterrestial not from Earth...her mission is to kill of humanity and all life on EArth by the age of 100...she  saw me and my husband john as a retirement for herself we never donate our property to her but if she put anywhere that would be a fraud i already text and warn all the people i know...she tried to kill everyone off all at once but she couldnt so she have been targeted all the deceived clients like myself and my husband never been her client she want to steal our homes she never have power attorney over us...form 4500 with secretary state of california and franchise taxboard and irs must not have our address in menifee,colton,corona, and pasadena and fl from 2011-2023 Dec...  She doesnt  have a business address in california/fl and or live in california and fl from 2011-2023 Dec ...She does all her evil work abusing people from her house 44567 w sedona trl  maricopa,az  85139 using the internet and the alien et advance technology..As long she alive she is very dangerous to all the people and animals on EArth...Also she is illegally making videos of me and john alter egos people and  instigate fight and arguments between me and my husband and people i is against privacy act law to illegally video people and record people and try to edit part of it to cassette ..the ufo shoot me and push my head to talk daily she and her ufo put fear in people even pets and sent me to hospital for two days and she wanted me to stay in hospital but lucky for me i remembered a friend say not to take pills its very bad and there is book call prescription kills...Alexandriah Stahr send ufo to shoot people to trick you to think you have health problems so you can get misdiagnois and get prescription to be a walking zombie so that they can abuse and take advantage of you...she say she got a silent killer like chestpain...alien and et knock you to sleep people dont know get panick rush you to hospital then DR dont know ufo abuse people even pets then recommended incorrect procedure...John went to ER for pelvis..recently Jack his friend and his friend Lamar went to ER they do stent on him my oldest sister was misdiagnosis with bone cancer and Bill her father in law diagnosis with cancer and all those who on medication is because Alexandriah Stahr send ufo to get them on recently also a friend mom fell down broke her pelvis...She is targeted people i know personally cuz she want to steal our properties...Evil Alexandriah Stahr judge all life with REDEMPTION  and she is not perfect herself she yelled and put me down once she think she got the upperhand ...she tried to tell me to poison my husband JOhn and to report him that he molest my niece Bianca age 17 in 2019 but I didnt do any of that because he didnt do it he is innocent just like me and all of you born pure and innocent...she told me that it was best that I move to ARIZONA she have been trying to get me and John to divorce she still using ufo to try to kill us I already texted people i KNow and I reported FBI  and Corona Police Dept   All governments in USA and every countries need to know that she is pure evil her bloodline is alien reptillians that is why she want to kill everyone and the deceived clients like me anything legal documents that she put my name and John name would be fraud even if she signed our name it is fraud to USA laws ..Also any person that have been force to resign from governement positions or important positions EVil Cult Alexandriah STahr have ufo alien shoot people and stress you out and instigate people to be suspicious of each other...Alexandriah STahr got ufo technology that every movies is a reality she told me that i was Madoosa because i was scared of snake...she email want to know my fear and when i told her i was scare of snake then  she say i was Madoosa...shapeshifting werewolf and people  are sexslave to alien and many more i will tell fbi and governement official and also plan to go in person to report to police  credit burea ...Corona virus came from Alexandriah Stahr to kill people and she want to blame china it is in her newsletter she send to my email i have some printed copies...warn people on social media like fb she is on it to do mass abuse of people also she been driving to mexico to depopulation people there.. she have been frauding innocent people and use people address in cali but she doesnt have business in cali or home address and fl from 2011-2023...Cult alexandriah stahr lived in Chandler AZ then to Maricopa AZ she bought house in maricopa az stolen and abusing me and all deceived clients even pets and non clients...I want Nikki Aarons to email me at   

Also a black lady moved with alexandriah stahr in her maricopa az house in 2019 to help her with computer she told me on phone she a peasant and laugh about it she later say she got up and left without saying anything she move from EAST COAST...I am concerned if something happen to her and if she got lock up and taking medication thats what she tried to do to me also I was sent to hospital for two days- because she brainwash JOhn to take me there I told him I didnt want to go but two days later i remembered phone number called him pick me up from hospital and never took any pills but she brainwash my sister Serey to text me to over and over to take medication.. before you wake up from her brainwashing she force you to say something cuz i heard my niece Shinobe and John say something before . she try to get me to move there i was afraid she might kill me cuz she want to know personal information if i have my own checking account and credit cards under my own name and if i shop online only...she also order me to open credit and say that I work for my husband JOhn and I never did that to try to make me n john look bad she want to frame me she is the abuser with ufo advance alien and et technology in brainwash...she told me that my energy not high like her that why she abuse me and people she told me i wasnt human and i remembered crying i never been anything else ...she also recommended i keep teng last name that if i was to change to keshishian then i have to get his karmic debt...but that what most people do ...I have never work for her but she autosuggestion me to write a resignation she didnt like how i word it so she have me write the professional way...but i have never work or collect any money for her cult she stole and abuse me say the more you give the more you receive ...she shoot people in ear like movie in 6 senses people dont have six sense that is to cause suspicious between people..I have proof from 2011 til june 2020 she stole money from credit card cuz i use Mora and Serey and John credit card even my own credit card and bought money orders and use bluebird acct and zelle...she instructed me to go deposit the money she charge me for spiritual healing aka spiritual abuse to write date of deposit and email and to delete so John would not see it in 2017 ...she knew I didnt want my name or address with legal stuff she say not to worry she a woman who is ceo president treasurer and secretary she does everything herself..i told her im just a housewife in email..there more to tell ..ive notice my phone i text people no reply back but yesterday dec 9 went to party people show me they reply my text it show i text them and they reply but i dont see it on my iphone alexandriah stahr recommended..also  i found 2019 about she put my name on secretary state of california but she didnt esignature it now i know she knew it was illegal what she did to me i downloaded on my computer but she autosuggestion john to delete it cuz he been shot also but she doesnt let him hear any sound...but computer whiz can find out in case something happen to me and john...she want to kill me and him and people i know to steal from us ...alexandriah stahr tried to force people to be transhuman aka human robot ...also john mom ihmad went to hospital get cousin linda and sister mimi say they hear noises also only linda went on medication ive been texting everyone to get off medication...they need to see if Alexandriah Stahr took corona virus and pull her medical records history also she may legally change her name cuz that what she been doing to get away she use to be August Stahr and they can go find the other names . She called herself commander reverend august stahr and commander pastor alexandriah stahr who do not touch people unless she feel like it like in chiropractor she told me she used to work at bar serving drinks and massage therapist she aborted her her babies my men and married many times and divorce them all because the men and women and people are not equal to her yet she play with d***o and put in her vagina make by people she hate . She used ufo say she god then why is she living at 44567 w sedona trl maricopa az 85139. why does she eat meat? Why does she drive a used hyunda van and bought brown sectional sofa possibly people have sex on. I found out in 2019 she illegal put my name with Secretary state of california  and she did not sign her name on knowing it she illegal break the law of united state government i downloaded  document i have it on my computer need to find it . Back then under her brainwashing she told me over the phone to write that i resign but everyone know I never work for her and I didnt understand why then but when you are under a cult u dont understand it  Also Robert Cohen in cali reported  her cult it  got revoked and suspended many times probably by someone else also but she always change name  reported her she say he is recycle just like the rest of people on EArth ...recycle mean to be kill ..She illegally forge their name to get away with the law and I am planning to do the same thing .  Her cult have many names Sananda Records C2008422, Confederation of Light and Richness of Life and Ashtar Command Christ Ministries and C2002065 is currently she efile with esignature Temple of Living Light for you to find her you must go to  type temple of living light and find agent of process Kayleigh Miles in Laguna Beach Ca it cannot be pull up c2002065. she may have other cult names I remembered searching for it in 2019...She told me she have Ashley Berzon to notarized something at wylie bank husband John Keshishian and I mariya keshishian aka mariya teng never give power attorney over and nobody have copy of marriage certificate because it paid to be private...but she altered ego me to have me read my marriage certificate and I now know that she illegally using ufo spy camera on me and john and people on EArth...She spread rumor that China have spy camera..President Putin under her ufo alien and et advance brainwash that why Russia and Ukraine have war so any other countries that are fighting know that evil Alexandriah Stahr use ufo to instigate and whisper and test them to kill as a form of depopulation on Earth...she test me to  poison John my husband...also she went in to make email wrote a rebutal on Nikki aarons and my comments she better not use my husband JOhn keshishian email address . Do not use cellphone alien and et advance technology brainwash you all and have people call each other to brainwash you that is what she did to me on phone and she need your address to abuse u day and night. she can look that up anywhere in usa and in any countries.  If you on medication Alexandriah Stahr did it to you if you take corona virus vaccination she did it to you and you have pets on medication she did to them as well and if you have anyone pass away because she having ufo to abuse and kill people she plan to do it by age 100. Ufo shoot pain in all you to send u to hospital cuz alexandriah stahr doesnt have any pain...recently she have new website about child blessing and other gathering it all disguise and lies to the people and people must be warn to stop sending her money . She recommended Doreen virtue book tarot reading, angelic healing and numbers and sequence all evil to people...spiritual awakening 11:11 , lifepath calculation, sign of ascensions and meditation and prayers  the ufo alexandriah stahr will abuse you and tell you not human like me even if you not her clients thats why some of you hear noises you are not crazy its abuse by her ufo alien and et advance technology.  Also the movie xmen alexandriah stahr make picture of herself wearing helmet like the man in wheelchair and make prayer for people to buy to pray to her .  Im mariya teng then got married change to mariya keshishian she told me that if i take my husband last name i have to take karma for it meaning to be abuse that is one of her lies people in usa and many countries take their husband last name.  she have many websites it all lies including alien and implants removal it all lies she abuse u with aliens and et technology...she have alien abuse you and send u to her and she say heal to make money then she tried to kill u that is all she ever did..she send me and deceived clients newsletter she wrote when she channelling aka talk to alien and ufo and et...from 2011 to 2020 to my yahoo email...she say president donald trump past life was hitler and he a draconian vampire she draw the picture and send to everyone with fangs and she have my friend kim say president putin is hitler that is another rumor lies...she also say if you do yoga you will see demons...she say hilary clinton was judge and redeem by her but there is no heaven people...hell is when she and her ufo abuse our body to get you on medication and send you to hospital to misdiagnois by dr who are innocent... if you see someone pass out let them regain their conscious she did to me she have ufo knock me out and i pass out go youtube look at video people pass out...there is nothing wrong with you it is attempt to get you to dr and get misdiagnosis...ignore all you pain until goverment get her .if anything happen to me and john as in death even to our properties alexandriah stahr is very revengeful she angry im still alive to tell you the truth...the so call god are aliens and et they hate human and use us as scapegoat ..Alexandriah stahr say she didnt get to choose her parents...she have alien and et dna thats why she got ufo technology..she illegally used spy camera on me and john and went to change my password at ripoff and delete email she send to my email on yahoo and got virus on computer it stop working . if you have babies dont feed them meat there to show compassion your babies never tell parents mom and dad i want to eat the parents dont know because ufo alien and et so call god aka religions alexandriah stahr eat meat and want to see everyone suffer except for if you hear that god is talking to you it alexandriah stahr at 44567 w sedona trl maricopa az 85139 she say she the master of all masters on her websites..

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 12/30/2023 03:38 AM and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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#1 Consumer Comment

This is just sad

AUTHOR: Rick - (United States)

POSTED: Saturday, December 30, 2023

I sincerely hope you will find a way to get the treatment you need. Maybe you could try your local Human Services or 211.

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