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Complaint Review: Dwane Eugene Kirkland - London Arkansas

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  • Reported By: Nicole — Pompano Beach FL United States
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  • Dwane Eugene Kirkland PO Box 32 London, Arkansas United States

Dwane Eugene Kirkland When a So-Called Defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights Advocate Betrays It, his Partner, His Partner's Daughter, and Other American Citizens, Whose Rights He Swore to Protect London Arkansas

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Urgent Notice and Criminal Complaint 

Under any other circumstance I might find it very difficult to inform you that I have parted ways from anything associated with Dwane Eugene Kirkland. Due to a despicable act he committed against me and my family by plotting behind my back to swindle a family member out of $500./month who is a homeless, mentally and emotionally disabled person for his financial greed..who so happened to be my daughter.  

What would possess him to do such a thing one might wonder...but it seems that he was furious with me for informing him that I would no longer be able (due to some health issues and lack of funds and resources for bulk mailings and time to research cases for his clients until I finished working on a number of my own personal cases involving me and my daughter and grandchildren).

As it happens I had gotten several years behind on attacking my own cases in Federal court primarily because it turns out that Dwane would acquire clients over the years for a fee (unbeknown to me) which he ultimately passed on to me to speed weeks and hours for no compensation for any supplies for mailings etc while he would no longer be available for assisting them once I completed the legal documents. So his clients would be left hanging in the lurch ultimately.

After following this routine a number of years my health began to finally cause me to slow my pace to a snail-crawl...so I requested that Dwane not expect me to take on any more of his cases and he would have to follow through on them from now on ...at least until I worked up a few of my cases (which he never found the time to assist me with). But he ignored my plea for consideration of my health and continued to acquire new clients to burden me with while he continued to collect their fees and do nothing more for them.  

My putting a halt to him using me crippled his ability to continue his racketeering of clients (which I warned him also would eventually catch-up to him). 

To get even with me he saw an opportunity to go behind my back and collude with my daughter giving her false hope that he could assist her with collecting on a multi-million dollar settlement she and I have pending as soon as I can finalize all the steps. She was homeless and living in a park in Florida and existing on a very meager monthly SSI-disability stipend (this news was a shock to me because I left her with nearly nine-grand and a place to stay before I moved to another state to be married.) But the shock of her sending me a voice message yesterday about how Dwane was assuring her he had mapped out a plan to settle her case if she agreed to pay him $500/month; paled by comparison. 

How would you like it if someone you knew and trusted retaliated against you by going behind your back and  Swindling, scamming, and conning, and financially exploit $500 a month out of your mentally disabled (emotionally handicapped) child while simultaneously skillfully manipulating your mentally disabled, emotionally handicapped daughter to get sufficient enough  information on law and on your case from you  in order to commit grand theft by stealing YOURS and your disabled child's $100,000,000 right from under your nose from your own personal case, where you and your mentally disabled daughter are the Plaintiff and the victim, while you have full lien on that case and while you are your mentally disabled daughter's power of attorney and guardian? 

This monster did such notorious felonious crimes against my daughter and me all in order to retaliate against me just because he could no longer use me to enslave me to make money off me and because I cut off communication from him. 

Now how would you like it if you confronted this deranged, money-hungry monster, after you find out about his vindictive crimes against you and your daughter, and you get repeat arrogant feedback from him about his intentional crimes against you and your daughter, arrogantly answering you back, daring you to do anything about it,  as if he is deceived into believing he is invincible, above the law, untouchable, and he can do and steal from you, your loved ones, and to anybody he wants, whatever he wants? 

It's kind of like someone that you knew and trusted, going behind your back and molesting your mentally disabled, emotionally handicapped child.  Then arrogantly boasting to you about his crime, daring you to do anything about it.  How would you like that?   How would you feel about that?  Someone you were always kind to, generous to, always defended, you always had his back, you always looked out for him, going behind your back and committing such a  foul detestable slimy act to your child, a child who is homeless and living in the streets in the park and only receives barely more than $700 a month disability check and this vicious monster exploit and demand $500 a month from your mentally disabled, emotionally handicapped child.   Is that not slimy and detestable and does that not make him the scum of the earth or what?    

I was the voice for Dwane, during radio talk shows and during important telephone conferences between the Bill of Rights team and various constitutional law endeavored organizations.   I was Dwane's anchor on the federal civil rights end of the Bill of Rights Team.  I was taking on for him many clients he imposed upon me who had federal civil issues to be done on their cases because certain federal matters of law and documents Dwane was not knowledgeable or competent to handle; and that is where he started leaning more on me till my health would no longer allow me to continue to do his work for him (And as fast as he was bringing in new clients to collect from and then abandon before I could recover from exhaustion each time) for these long hours and my due diligence of elaborate cases (to lawfully, according to federal and state constitutions and common law, to ensure that every client received every cent allowed, based upon the constitutional violations and deprivations they suffered, pursuant to the mission statement that we do not charge up front high fees, regardless of their ability to pay, but that we request a donation to do their cases and that we request a percentage when clients received their damages awards or settlements for operational expense to help the Bill of Rights Offices), as though I was a robot. 

I just could not continue to extend my help to him and be enslaved by him in that manner anymore, plus he never gave me any compensation for my work whatsoever.  He kept thousands of dollars he made off me (spanning approximately two of the four years we partnered) all for himself unmercifully (Thank God I did not receive any compensation, not knowing funds paid to Kirkland were ill-gotten gains/compensation).  So when I expressed to him my concern for the decline in my health and that I must withdraw, he gave absolutely no regard for my health.  That is when Dwane and I had to stop communicating because my withdrawal from his using and enslaving me just was not fitting his agenda.  It put a wrinkle or threw a wrench in his means of making money off me and charging people for cases and things that he was not going to do for his clients anyway.

Therefore, when I approached Dwane and made him realize that I was overworked and I could not continue in this manner, until I got my own things together and my health, his response to me was:  "I can't save the world by myself," because he cannot do anything that requires any federal documents.  However, I see now that what he really meant was he cannot continue to steal from the world, specifically his clients, because there is no way he can work their cases on any type of federal level on his own without me. 

Dwane Kirkland is gone mad because he could not use me anymore to make money off me while he rips people off their money at the same time.  So he resorted to retaliating against me by using and manipulating my mentally disabled, emotionally handicapped daughter to get information out of me in order to swipe a $100 Million from me and her from my case right from under my nose. He was going to steal all that money from me and my daughter while monthly scamming and exploiting $500 a month from my mentally disabled daughter behind my back.  If that is not detestable, slimy, low down, and dirty, I don't know what is.  Does that not make Dwane Eugene Kirkland equal to sewage or what? 

Dwane Kirkland committed said crimes and torts to Daughter Doe and Mother Doe when Daughter Doe telephone called Kirkland in order to try to get in touch with Mother Doe.  Dwane Kirkland committed said crimes and torts in the presence of one witness, who was on the phone, listening and talking also to Daughter Doe and Kirkland simultaneously and in the presence of one witness who was in the background, listening.  



My Questions and Dwane's Answers  

Below are my questions propounded to Dwane Kirkland on October 7th and 8th, 2021 on the matter at hand and his answers: 

1.  Do you believe you are invincible?  If so, tell me why and what makes you invincible?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

2.  By what lawful/constitutional authority do you exact, extort, and exploit $500 a month from an incompetent, mentally ill, disabled homeless young girl behind her mother-power of attorney-guardian's back while scheming to swipe/steal/exploit from the said disabled girl and her mother-power of attorney-guardian $100 Million wherein I am equally the victim and Plaintiff in the case as my daughter?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

3.  If you believed in your black/dark heart that what you did and intended to do was lawful, honest, and upright, and that you were lawfully entitled to do such and that you were entitled to such money , why did you hide/conceal it from me from the disabled, incompetent girl's mother-power of attorney-guardian?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

4.  Since the law Luke 6:31 and Matthew 7:12 commands you to do to others what you would have them to do to you, would you have someone to do the exact same exaction, extortion, exploitation deeds to you or your children or your clients in order to steal from you what is lawfully, rightfully yours?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

5.  Were your acts toward my daughter and me constitutional?  If so, why?  Do such acts comply with your oath of office/your oath to Constitution (state and federal)?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

6.  Do you believe obeying the real, true law applies to everyone except you?  Do you believe your acts toward my daughter and me falls within the obedience of the real, true law?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

7. Since you became quite belligerent when I last asked what will you do to help me with my back-log of cases, your response was: "Keep f-cking with me and I'll never speak to you again...back off," not willing to and not competent to assist ME on this same case with my daughter and grandsons. How suddenly were you willing to and competent to assist my mentally disabled daughter with that same case behind my back? Was it because you wanted to bleed her up front with this same money-hungry addiction you've begun bleeding others? Must be you were that desperate that you could not wait for me to compensate you, knowing that you knew enough about me that I would have generously compensated you as soon as I won like I have always done. Which one was it?

Defendant Kirkland's reply was:

"You choose you seem to know the facts from the daughter who you do not have a good standing, it’s time to be wise my sister, and think about your actions.  you are now back in a good relationship with your daughter, that’s my good intent and my plan. 

"I did try to unite us all as a team. the true motive is clearly visible and perfect in harmony. believe what your daughter say and take the wedge she is driven between me and you.  you will find in one day that the truth of the matter is I told your daughter whatever I do to assist would be with you because it will not work unless you and ai are working in harmony under the spiritual connection. 

that’s the facts.  so, stop pull up big emotional pants boot’s shoes quit trying to make issues and defame me with our other offices, they will not believe you I have taught well sister to base things on facts only, as I have shared and with you.  I will always assist you and your family and husband and all because it’s my calling and no other regardless of the attacks by anyone.

"Your brother Kirkland/

"by the way I do not read the negative stuff, I only base it by the other offices of what they said in our talks. they seem to think you need to play your role and position and work hard to stay united as one in our work and process.  for the bill of rights offices/ "

My reply, in turn, was:

I must give you your props that you are quite a skilled master of evasion.  You are not answering questions.

[PLEASE NOTE:  And since Dwane admits to lying to my disabled daughter, "I told your daughter whatever I do to assist would be with you" (THAT is an obvious, evident lie) "because it will not work unless you and ai are working in harmony under the spiritual connection."  because there is no way I would ever agree for Kirkland to con, swindle, and defraud my daughter out of $500 a month in ANY harmonious condition.  Dwane is not even cognizant that he contradicts and entraps his own self, insulting my intelligence, in a thick web of lies and deception by the following remarks:

"I told your daughter whatever I do to assist would be with you because it will not work unless you and ai are working in harmony under the spiritual connection."]

8.  Would you have retained that same arrogant, unrepented stand point, and defense  you have just given me on this issue AFTER you had begun to receive the $500 a month from my mentally disabled daughter behind my back or do you now retain such stand point and defense ONLY because I caught you and stopped you in time BEFORE you began sifting her disability money from her behind my back?  Which one?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

9.  What would have been your stand point and defense after you had begun receiving the $500 a month from my daughter behind my back?  Would it have been the same as the one you just gave me?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

10.  On the phone, I heard you say Jane Doe could only pay you $50 for you to take her case, just before you imposed her entire case on me.  You repeated that statement more than once to me.  Do you still hold to the statement that she gave you only $50 to take her case?

Defendant Kirkland's reply on October 8, 2021, was:

" i plead the 5th.  its irrelevant.  my money issues between my clients is none of your business. you are admisatrative  help.  ok as i am to. i don't ask you any info on funds you collect. ok.  make it simple don't worry about it stay focused on your issues of your cases. and if  you cant help the offices its ok.  we have a very big network across the nation, and in every state from the continaitnal congress to other supporting institutions of there own task.  I'm done with the arguing and negative issues you create.  no more, either continua to e part of the team or just bail , up to you i don't have time for this crap. ok.  thanks."

My reply, in turn, was:  You also present evidence that you are a master of illusion.

11.  Why did you go behind my back and attempt to deceive Jane Doe, in order to milk and defraud more money out of her, by falsely telling her that my daughter is begging you to take her case ?  If those were purportedly the facts, why did you not tell me the same?  Why did you conceal such from me?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

12.  Why did you discuss my daughter and hers and my private case matters with Jennifer Smyth?  How did Jennifer Smyth even know I had a daughter since I never mentioned my daughter to her whatsoever nor did I ever mention my daughter's and my case to her and since my daughter does not know Jennifer Smyth and never met her?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.

12.  Why do you urge me to consider my actions?  Did you consider ALL your hideous, detestable actions first toward me then toward my mentally disabled daughter and then toward others?

My reply was:  "You're on a role."

13.  Are you my master that I must obey you?  If so, please present proof that you have claim to title to my biological property that I must obey you.

Kirkland's reply was:

"are you ok ?  get some rest and pray for all/  ok..  take a chill pill you need it.  don't let things bother you think of love and peace.  for all white and black and green and yellow and any color.  ok."

[PLEASE NOTE:  It is astonishing how Dwane Kirkland can speak so childishly and can make so light of every wicked, abominable thing he has done.]

14.  How did you determine that my daughter's and my case was Jennifer Smyth's and anyone else's business when you told her about it?

Kirkland acquiesced to the question and allegation and admitted to his guilt with silence.


Here is the text that Dwane sent to my disabled daughter on or about September 17, 2021:


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