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Complaint Review: Fly Movers & Storage - Charlotte North Carolina

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  • Reported By: Tatomya — Puyallup Washington United States
  • Fly Movers & Storage 717 Atando Ave STE C Charlotte, North Carolina United States

Fly Movers & Storage Gaslighting, Double charged, did not pack or move everything, damaged property, lack of accountability Charlotte North Carolina

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August 5th, 2020:  I was in contact with Tim Zygmont in the sales department at Fly Movers.  At that time, I was advised that based on the items in my home, my estimated total volume is 1110 CFT (31.44 CBM) and the estimated weight was 7770 pounds (3515.84 kgs).  The estimated total moves charges for the move would be $6,782.10.  I thought that was reasonable but I advised Tim that I would still need time to think this over. 

August 24th, 2020: I emailed a Tim and advised him to give me a call at his earliest convenience so we can move forward with our move. At that time, we made some changes (added and removed some items off of the move list) in addition, added some items that I noticed that were not included on the rough estimated that Tim originally provided me.  Once that was done, my move was now quoted to cost $6438.60.  Tim did advise me that he was also going to add a small discount, I assumed that was some sort of sales or incentive promotion for booking the move with him.  I paid a deposit of $1,609.65 to secure the move.  The 3 dates that I requested my items to be packed and moved were 9/29, 9/27, or 9/30 (with 9/30 being the last possible day). As the move day approached, I received a call from a customer service specialist by the name of Molly who advised me that they have so many moves scheduled currently for my preferred dates, that the only possible date they would be able to come would be 9/30/2020.  I accepted the date but advised her that leaves very little room for errors as I have to be out of the home by 9/30/2020. My movers were to arrive between 11a-1p on 9/30/2020.

September 30th, 2020: At 9:18 am, I received a text message from the driver of the truck that they were on their way and would arrive around 3 pm that day.

At 11:36 AM I received a voice message from Molly.  The exact transcript of that message is “Hey Tatomya, this is Molly from Fly Movers and storage, I just wanted to call you and let you know that we are experiencing a DOT stop at a weigh station in route to you, um… so unfortunately that’s why the delay is happening.  Um… while they’re at the weight station, they have to be…..there’s a clock that is running inside the truck, therefore it’s going to run over time & their not able to do your move today and they will have to move it to tomorrow morning umm.. so that is the 1st, the morning of the 1st. Please call me back when you get this.  My number is 910-249-6043, thanks, Tatomya.”

Within minutes after receiving Molly’s voicemail, I returned her call.  I advised Molly that moving my move date at such last minute is unacceptable and I have to be out of this home by today.  She then advised me that it appears that the truck may have been at weight capacity and that may be why they were stopped.  She also stated that it’s possible that they think something is wrong or something is on the truck that should not be on the truck (this was all speculation by Molly as it sounded like she did not know exactly why they were stopped at DOT). The movers have been asked to unload the truck completely and once the truck is inspected, they will then have to load the truck back with the items.  I advised Molly that I understand how DOT works but with all due respect, this is not my problem and my family and I are the ones who are suffering due to the companies lack of planning and poor execution. 

I advised her we have flights we cannot change.  We have family members who flew into town to help us drive our cars across country and this will delay them as well, they have jobs and families they need to get back home to.  In addition, my partner needs to report to his new job by Monday, 8/5/2020 and now in order to accomplish this, they will need to drive nonstop across country which is also not safe, we had planned for them to stop at a hotel for one night to get one good night’s rest during the road trip and now, that may not happen.   She again advised me that there is not anything she can do. I then requested a supervisor.  She texted me the number of a supervisor by the name of Oscar.

I contacted Oscar right away, I was very upset.  I will leave out the exact details of the conversation but what it boiled down to, Oscar says they would not be able to send another truck out that day and our only option was to reschedule the move to October 1st.  I expressed to Oscar I have family who flew into town to specifically help my spouse with driving our vehicles across country.  Delaying the move by one days means we will now have to spend money for an extra hotel night (for 3 rooms), I advised him we are supposed to be out by midnight that night and delaying the move by one day will cause us to have to pay a prorated amount for that additional day, I advised Oscar that delaying my move by one day would cause me to have to change the date of my airline tickets for my children and I.  Oscar advised me to send him the cost of all of those things and they would cover that cost.  Within an hour, I text Oscar what it would cost us to delay our move by one day.

Oscar advised me because of the 20% discount that was provided to me by the sales team at the time of my booking, he was not able to reimburse us for all of that cost because “we will not make a profit off of your move and I would rather cancel the move altogether.”   He did however state that he would reimburse us for the extra hotel night and the prorated cost to stay in our home an extra night.  At this point, I was ready to cancel but we were too deep in the move for a cancellation to make sense. At the time of typing this statement/review (10/12/2020), I have not received that reimbursement.

October 1, 2020: Fly Movers showed up at aprox. 10 am.  I provided 2 of the guys a tour of the home and we went through each room.  They did not state at that time that there would be an additional charge for my move.  During the move, one of the guys packing up my kitchen (I believe his name was Brandon) broke a serving platter and my mom (who does not live in the home) disassembled the treadmill because they said they did not know how to do it, even though we left the manual sitting next to it purposely so they could have disassembled per instructions in the manual.  In addition, my Mother in Law packed up and the coat closet in the hall way herself because she heard one of the moves state “okay we are done with this side of the house” and when she checked, there were still items that needed to be packed.  

At some point during the move, we were told that all of our items would not fit on the 26-foot truck.  I advised the worker that is impossible, this is not our first time moving across country, the only difference is, this time we sold or donated many large heavy pieces and majority of the rooms were partially empty. I advised him based on my experience, there is no way that all items should not fit on this size truck. He suggested that we rent a U-Haul for additional item.  Honestly, I had never heard of a moving company being as unprepared as Fly Movers was on this day.  At this point, we were too deep in the move to back out now, so I got on the phone and reserved a U-Haul, it was about 630 and our local U-Haul closed at 7.  The driver advised me that they were leaving and we would be responsible for packing the U-Haul and driving it ourselves.  It should be noted that I am 5 months pregnant and 2 of the other adults there were elderly women (my mother, and mother in law). I said to him, well we are paying you all to move our items, at the very least you and your crew can stay to load this U-Haul.  He agreed.  My spouse and his brother left to pick up the U-Haul.

I immediately called Oscar and advised him how disappointed I am with the company and move.  I advised him that we have had to reserve the U-Haul and I have never had to do that during a move where I hired a company to provide stress free service.  Oscar advised me to send him the invoice for the U-Haul reservation and he will put the U-Haul in the company’s name as they have a partnership with U-Haul and we would not have to drive the U-Haul because one of the movers will drive it. 

My spouse must have taking too long to return with the truck as the driver actually suggested to me that they leave for the night and return the following day.  I advised him that is not an option and him and his crew should stay until the job has been completed.  Once U-Haul forwarded me the contract, I did forward that to Oscar and he confirmed that he received it.   If was during this time that the lead mover advised me of what was owed and it was OVER $10,500 that he said, we would need to pay (that is not including the deposit we already paid) and that is MORE than double what we were quoted

Once the movers were in both trucks and were ready to leave, my family and I did a walkthrough of the house to make sure everyone was on the truck.  In my mother in laws room, there was TV that was left behind.  My brother in law had to carry it outside to the movers as they were driving off.  In addition, there was an entire room (bathroom) that was not packed with many items that was left behind that we ended up having to toss.  There stains on my carpet in the Master bedroom that were left by the movers as well as scratches left on the wall.

I texted Oscar this information and sent him pictures.  He responded advising me that there is not anything that he can do about it at that moment but the movers should arrive at the storage unit in North Carolina the following day and he would contact me then.  I did not hear back from Oscar that following day.

October 5th, 2020: I contacted Oscar many times over a several day period, I finally got ahold of him on 10/5/2020.  In reference to the items left behind, Oscar asked me if they were liquids.  I advised him that some were liquids but many of the items were decorative photos and other items.  He went on to advised me that they do not pack or ship liquids as it’s a hazard.  I advised him that I find that hard to believe as every single liquid in every room, including the kitchen, was packed.  He said the movers made a mistake by packing those liquids.  Instead of just taking accountability for them forgetting a room, he literally made up a “no liquid rule”.  When I asked for compensation for the damages caused, broken dish, extra hotel night, and more, he proceeded to gaslight me and insult me by using verbiage like “we cannot refund you just because you don’t want to pay your bill”.  It was at that point that the conversation got heated and I requested to speak with his boss.   He refused to direct me to his boss and instead directed me to Molly who is a customer service agent and who is the person that advised me to speak with Oscar for a resolution.

I contacted Molly and advised her of the conversation Oscar and I had, I also advised her that I am not happy about unexpectedly being double charged.  Molly then proceeds to insinuate that I lied about the items that I have in my home so it’s not their fault my items could not fit in the truck. I advised her that if she listened to the recording with Tim, you can hear that I am walking through every room as I am advising him of the items we need moved and furthermore, prior to the move we got rid of an entire bedroom set, 3 book shelves, a king sized mattress and a dining room table so if there is no way we owe what they are saying we owe.  Not to mention, the entire move was a disaster.  She then stated that she would contact her supervisor and she what she would do but in order for our items get loaded on to the truck from the storage unit, we would have to pay half of what is owed which is was $5,812.83.  I reluctantly paid that amount via DocuSign.  The next time I heard from Molly was on October 8th.

October 8th, 2020: I received a message from Molly stating that my delivery is scheduled to arrive on October 15th or 16th and the amount that was due at delivery was $5500.  There was no discount or accountability from this company for the additional money we had to spend due to their lack of organization, for our damaged property, or just to apologized for the stress this move has put on my family.  I contact Molly several times since she has left this message and at the time of typing up this statement (10/12/2020) I have not heard from Molly.

October 10, 2020:  My spouse received an email from a supervisor at U-Haul that the U-Haul truck still has not been returned.  That email was followed by an invoice from U-Haul in the amount of $859.28.


I am writing this because I do not understand how this company is legally able to do this to its customers.  Something has got to be done.  They have unfair and misleading business practices.  I am currently in the process and working with U-Haul in conjunction with the Knox county Sheriff depart to take criminal or civil action for the U-Haul truck that has not return and no one knows exactly where it is.  This company holds their customer’s belongings hostage because they know that most people will pay for their items to be returned.  There are many stories online, that I’ve since been aware of, that are almost an exact mirror of mine of families being double charged and lied to by this company.

This is what I want from Fly movers:

1.) I want them to review their business model and change the ways in which they conduct business. They should either send someone out to the customer’s home prior to the move to take an accurate inventory of items or use the resources we have such as Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to take inventory of items so they are able to provide an accurate quote. If they are unable or unwilling to do that, they should provide some guarantees to the customer that if they are needing to charge extra, the extra charge will not be more than 20% of their original quote.  Most people save for small unexpected expenses but to charge a customer double their quote after you've already done the job, does not give the customer a fair chance to decline the fee because you already have possession of the customer’s personal belongings.  It’s very misleading.


2.) Anyone that has interactions with the customer should be required to  engage in customer service training.


3.) In addition to customer service training, anyone that holds a leadership position should be required to take accountability trainings as well as continuing education course in effective leadership.


4.) I would like a written apology from the company for the amount of stress this move has caused my family as well as how they have treated me during this process.  I would also like to hear them take accountability (which I have yet to hear) instead of gas lighting.


5.) I would like reimbursement for the additional cost we have had to pay due to the delay in our move, the items the movers left behind that we have had to throw away, the damages left to walls and carpet, the broke platter, the U-Haul truck that to this day still has not been return nor transferred to their name, as well as compensation for the labor that my family and I had to put in for packing some of our own things which is what we paid them to do.  I would like for them to honor their quote to me

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