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Complaint Review: The Grove At Trinity Pointe - Cordova Tennessee

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  • Reported By: Jessica — Cordova TN United States
  • The Grove At Trinity Pointe 555 WOOD ARBOR PARKWAY Cordova, Tennessee United States

The Grove At Trinity Pointe Grove At Trinity Point, Grove At Trinity Pointe Future Renters Beware Cordova Tennessee

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Our experience at The Grove at Trinity Pointe was extremely horrible. Future Renters beware!!!!!! We are from out of state and heavily relied on the Groves reviews and online presence. We chose The Grove at Trinity Pointe because of their ads, posted on Craigslist with amenities such as "gated complex, two sparkling swimming pools, 24 hour gym facility, and laundry facilities." The Grove was the type of home we were looking for in our future humble abode, or so we thought.

The Grove at Trinity Pointes falsely advertises and intentionally places deceptive ads. The “security gates” which are heavily advertised through their website and rental ads are non functioning and are inoperable. The gates were operable ONCE since we moved in, but were broken and have not been fixed since. There are NO sparkling swimming pools, but rather pools filled with muck.

The leasing office will tell you that they are being maintenanced and should up and running soon. Don’t believe them as they have been telling tenants this since about almost 2 years ago. Something we found out from a neighbor that has been living there for several years. Good luck on getting access to the 24 hour gym facility as we have never in the 8 months since living there have had access to them. The only person I know that has had access to the gym is the homeless man that was living there, which was posted in the community online forum.

This is our experience, we were "approved" within a few days from contacting them. Upon first arriving to the leasing office we were turned away.  We were told the unit we had been approved for wasn’t ready. The leasing office promised to have the unit ready for us in a few days so we were okay with waiting but weren’t pleased with their deceptive communication. We were initially told that the unit was ready for move in. None the less we made arrangements to stay at a hotel for a few days until the apartment was ready.

That coming Friday we moved in. The office lady(Wendy) who did the walk through with us assured us the unit was ready for move, in fact she stated that the “carpets maybe wet because the carpets had just gotten done.” As she was showing us the apartment we noticed a strange smell. It smelled like a pile of wet clothes that had been left out too long and had not been dried. It was a lingering smell. We figured it might be the air-conditioning unit….. We thought maybe it had been sometime since it was last turned on.

The leasing agent “Wendy” showed us our unit, while doing the walk through, we noticed there were drawers missing from the kitchen and certain parts of the apartment that needed to be fixed. Including the caulking in the bathroom which had not been done. As it looked like the previous tenants had just moved out. The lack of cleanliness for what was a supposed ready unit, worried us. Wendy told us not to worry and apologized. She relayed they would get all of these things fixed right away. During the walk through we also came across the previous tenants headboard in the apartment?! Regardless we gave them a chance to prove themselves to follow up on the repairs.

Our first night settling in we attempted to deep clean the apartment before unpacking. We went out and bought brand new cleaning supplies and a brand new vacuum. While vacuuming we discovered that the units carpets were not cleaned at all. The brand new vacuum that we just purchased ended up filling up with filth(see pictures.) I continued vacuuming the unit, I came across a section of the carpet which was soaked. Now water had gotten sucked into our new vacuum. It was really concerning as it was out first night. We placed towels over the wet part of the carpet to soak up the wetness. However it felt as if there might be a leak that had caused the water puddle in the carpet. Because no matter how many times we patted down the carpet with our towels and rung the towel, the water kept coming back from somewhere!?

We made sure to take pictures of the situation so that we could notify the leasing office.  We were determined to get the smell out that weekend and get settled in. We even rented a rug doctor and the carpets showed evidence that they were never cleaned before we were given the keys. Bucket after bucket of filthy water filled the rug doctor. That same night before ending our night we attempted to take showers. Unfortunately the shower was ONLY running extremely hot water. We contacted their maintenance line and nothing came of it that night. We were literally playing hot potato with our bodies as there was no other way of getting around taking a shower.

The following morning we checked the carpets to make sure they had dried. The wet spot we came across was the only part that did not dry out. We went out to do some shopping for the apartment that day. Before leaving we turned off the A/C in the apartment since we were going to be gone for a majority of the day. When we got back to the apartment that afternoon we opened the door and the smell of wet clothes was stronger than before. We found out why the air-conditioning was left running while we were being shown the unit for the first time. It was to hide the smell coming from the unit itself.

My girlfriend and I were discussing the issues regarding the unit and what we would be bringing up to management the next day. The night was ending while we were hanging out in the living room a roach entered through the front door. Through an opening where there should have been a weatherproofing strip. I immediately killed the cockroach and tried to find anything to block off any other critters from the opening where the roach had came from. At this point we were disgusted and irritated.

We went straight to the leasing office the next morning. We complained about the additional issues we came across. We spoke to Keona and Crystal from the office. They apologized after doing a walk through because they soon realized that the unit was never ready for move in even though we were told otherwise by Wendy. Who was told by Crystal that the unit was ready. We had to point out the peeling walls, the puddle, the missing drawers, the lack of caulking in the shower, we even showed them the brand new vacuum and the Rug Doctor receipt.

We highly recommend to pay close attention to their weatherproof strips if you do a walk through of a unit. Not only are you going to have to worry about the bugs getting in, you’re going to end up paying more in utilities costs at The Grove. As the units don’t retain heat or cold, this is a common issue, you will find this complaint repeatedly stated on their community forum. A majority of their tenants have the same complaint. Our new home retains heat and the cold air from the air conditioning, without needing to run if for hours at a time. Unlike at The Grove At Trinity Pointes you have to run your AC or heater for several hours to even get a few degrees cooler or hotter.

Even after all the mistakes management made, we were still willing to work with them as they seemed sincere in their apology. We asked if there might be any other units available. They have 500 units!!! They offered us their “only unit” available with the same layout. However it came with a now 14 month lease and an increased rental rate. We took the upgraded unit, we were told that was all they had left available. We were forced into the situation.  We both had to start work immediately as we had postponed returning back to work because all the hiccups. We couldn’t sacrifice any more time. We needed to get unpacked and didn’t want to have another hard inquiry on our credit trying to apply elsewhere.

We do have to give them some credit for telling us before move in that repairs would need to be done. However we didn’t think it would be 7+ months later and we would be given the same excuse that they would get to them. We were aware the  2nd apartment had a few issues:

  • A drawer in the kitchen was not installed
  • One of the cabinets hinges was poorly installed and felt as if the door might come off
  • The caulking in the shower was not done
  • The bathroom sink was not draining correctly
  • The weather strip to the door was coming off and had rusted nails on them
  • The doors for one of the bedroom were not installed
  • The unit was also missing a dishwasher and a stove
  • The trim in some parts of the unit were missing/damaged

They assured us that they wanted to make up for their first mistakes and the repairs would be done by the end of the week. The next day they did get us a stove and installed the dishwasher. That made us feel a lot better for the time being because they kept PART of their word.  

When we signed our lease they gave us a laundry card for the facility. The first time we walked into the facility it was filthy. The maintenance staff didn’t even mop the floors or pick up the trash laying around in the facility. One day my girlfriend was doing laundry. When I came home she was very upset because all of our clothes smelled horrible after she had washed and dried them. Our laundry smelt like BO! During this time they shut down one of the 2 laundry facilities they have for 500 units. The one left open consisted of 4 washers and 4 dryers.

Flash forward to a few weeks down the line, the laundry card the leasing office had given us started to give us an error message. The leasing office apologized and we asked for a new card. We were told that they were out of cards and that someone was “supposed to order more, but didn’t know when they would be available.” We went for almost 3 weeks everyday to check if the cards had came in, each time we went in the office the staff couldn’t confirm when they would get new cards. The week they finally got the new cards they told us that it was a $10 fee for the card, after giving us the runaround for weeks.

Then came our mailbox issue. They gave us a mail key that didn’t even work!!!! We went to the leasing office to get what we thought would be a new set of keys. Instead a leasing agent tried to “fix” the non working key. Crystal went and grabbed tools from her car to “fix the problem.” She used her tools to break into the mailbox and in the process mistakenly broke another tenants mail box. Thinking it was ours, she created an issue for another tenant. It was very unprofessional and we were appalled. Crystal brushed it off as if she didn’t do anything….. I’m pretty sure breaking into people's mailboxes is a federal offense.

Back to the caulking of the shower. It still needed to be done, it got “fixed” after calling the office several times. The caulking was done but was done very poorly. It looked like someone had smeared the caulk everywhere with their hands, it showed that an ammature had done the job. After maintenance finished, he washed his hands in our sink with leftover caulk on his hands. It of course clogged our bathroom sink! We complained and someone was sent out to unclog the sink. They simply used a plunger and it didn't actually take care of the problem.

We ended up fixing the sink ourselves, by the grace of a plumber. Every time we reported the issues that they promised to repair, they would tell us they would come out. They would never tell us when to expect them, my girlfriend works from home so we relayed the times they could have access to our unit. We noticed they never took note of the times we would tell them worked for us, they would simply just say of course.

Maintenance always came at random times, which is worrisome. How do they keep track of all the 500 units and all these issues? Whenever we called to report an issue we specifically relayed the best times to enter our unit. We kept calling and eventually came to the realization that things weren’t going to get fixed. We started to face the facts. As time went on other issues came up: Our shower had virtually little to no water pressure. We called it in but no one came to fix the issue. Luckily we had a second shower but then the water pressure there also didn’t end up working correctly after some time and turned into another issue.

One day the hot water from the shower was not as hot as it was when we first moved in. We submitted another maintenance request and finally someone came to check it out. Antonio said everything was fine and everything worked properly. Antonio the maintenance guy turned the water heater dial all the way to the hottest setting, that was his way of resolving the issue. The water still did not heat up, it got lukewarm at best. My girlfriend and I were forced to try and find a solution. We ended discovering a solution, one day while we were attempting to shower during winter. We figured in order to make the cold shower more bearable we would heat the entire apartment before going in so that we weren’t as cold getting in/out. We had discovered that by turning on the heater, the water that came out of the shower got hotter. It worked! We were concerned but ecstatic!!!

Eventually, the showers water pressure had gone down so low that it caused another issue with the shower! When we turned the dial to the off position the water would still run. We called it in and nothing came of it. For months our shower sounded like we have a waterfall in our apartment. With the continuous water running it created another problem. Yup! You guessed it, mold and mildew. It looked like it may have even turned into black mold as we were waking up every morning feeling sick! We would scrub it out with tile cleaners, mold cleaners, soap and water and it would return with a vengeance! A major health concern.

To top if all of there were several robberies in our corner area and a homicide that took place within the short 8 months of living at The Grove. We made a firm decision to break our lease in March 2019. The address for 8100 Pine Arbor Lane consists of 4 corner units. We were the unit on the 2nd floor facing the parking lot. The first robbery that we witnessed our neighbor was targeted, they lived directly downstairs from us. They broke their lease shortly after the events unfolded.

Flash forward to a few months later the unit directly across from them got robbed. BOTH times my girlfriend had been at home working remotely. One night while coming back from the grocery store we noticed several police vehicles in our apartment complex. Which was concerning again. We came to find out via the local news, that a 16 year old boy was murdered! It was very shocking and made us even more concerned about our safety.

The last straw happened when the neighbor that lives directly across from us got robbed. My girlfriend had texted me that there were weird loud noises coming from outside our door. And that she had gotten a picture of a car and a man that she had never seen before through the bedroom window. When I got home I looked around the other neighbors front doors to see if anyone had been broken into. As I walked upstairs I noticed my neighbor's door was open!!!

Our door also had marks and scuffs that indicated someone tried to pry the door open. My girlfriend was home alone at the time, thank god the person chose to go the other direction. I went straight to the leasing office to inform them. The Memphis Police department came out to investigate. They talked to the neighbor across from us and then talked to us as well. We gave them our information and answered any questions they needed from us. Officer Skinner from MPD divulged that the area has turned into a hotspot for criminal activity. He relayed that the gates are known to be non-functioning and the cameras they have installed at the property are very low quality.

After that last break-in, we didn’t even want to leave the apartment risking our possessions getting stolen. We ended up getting closer to all our immediate neighbors. We all exchanged numbers so we could keep an eye out for each other. During this time they also moved another tenant into the unit directly downstairs which was vacated due to a robbery. A young woman was moved in. She shared with us that one day she was unable to unjam her door. She was told by management that the previous tenant must’ve tampered with the door, management was aware that there was a break-in in that unit! We were shocked and so was she when we relayed that they intentionally may have misled her.

After everything piling up we were forced to break our lease. Since being at The Grove they have gone through 3 new property managers. When talking to the Property Manager (Brent) we explained the whole situation from the beginning to the end of our stay at the apartment complex. Brent couldn’t say anything to us other than he was sorry and that he understood. He agreed to waive the “two-month fee.” We went back to reread our contract and nowhere in the contract was there a two-month fee mentioned, the only fee that was mentioned for early termination was a $1500 fee.

We asked Brent to send us a confirmation that we would be able to break our lease with the fee waived. He did, in fact, send us a letter but then requested a 1500 fee. We were confused as he had agreed to waive our fee. When confronted about it he said that he could not make those decisions but he could put us in contact with the person that could waive the fee. That person has yet to reach out to us, instead, it was a bait and switch situation. We have been harassed by their staff and mislead by several of their employees. We have letters from Crystal contradicting Brents agreement, as well as proof that they tried to add notices to our door.

They also mislead one of our leasing agents and relayed we had never given noticed and were unwilling to share our rental history with her. We have never been late on a payment, in fact, we have even paid our rent days in advance. Something Brent even admitted that we were more than satisfactory tenants. Brent had to call the leasing agent and fix Keona’s mistake. We have vacated since the end of last month.

In addition, we found out while we were packing the dishwasher was inoperable. Lucky for us we only used it to store extra dishes. We ended up discovering that the dishwasher doesn’t even drain the water all the way. This could’ve created additional mold in our living quarters.

Renters beware all the leasing agents here are extremely unprofessional.  We have been lied to on several occasions and have been given the run around since day 1. We would have rather them be honest with us, than giving us false hope. The staff at The Grove At Trinity Points lacks empathy, are deceptive, and act childish. Instead of taking ownership of their mistakes they point fingers at each other. Everything they advertised through Craigslist is false. Please if you ever decide to move into an apartment complex within the Memphis area DO NOT stay here at the Grove At Trinity Pointe unless you are a drug dealer or a thug. We will continue to warn everyone we know to stay away from these slumlords. The Grove At Trinity Point is LITERALLY the WORST place that we have ever lived at! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research when searching for places to live!


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