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Complaint Review: Justin Wilmot - Ormond Beach Florida

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  • Justin Wilmot 34 Seabridge Drive Ormond Beach, Florida United States

Justin Wilmot scammed me for a total of $5197 selling his real estate investing programs. He refuses to refund my money. He and his customer support team are ignoring my e-mails and voicemail messages. Ormond Beach Florida

*Author of original report: Justin Wilmot Is Still A Fraud!

*Author of original report: Here's the update so far.

*Author of original report: Here's the update.

*Author of original report: Here's their response.

*Author of original report: They responded.

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If you have bought any of Justin Wilmot's real estate investing programs but didn't receive a refund after asking for one, please submit your complaint here.

My experience with Justin Wilmot was the absolute worst ever. I've been fighting him for the past 2 years trying to get a refund. He scammed me for a total of $5197.

I paid $4997 for his "10-Hour Wholesaler 2.0" program ( on June 4, 2021 (screenshots #5 and #32). After I ordered, I was given my login details. The content was only just videos of Justin Wilmot explaining how the program works. Not what I had expected considering the money that I had paid for. Unlike "10-Hour Wholesaler 1.0" (, which is a do-it-yourself course for $97, "10-Hour Wholesaler 2.0" is an "automated co-wholesaling program" that includes 150 seller leads with at least 3 warm leads out of them, a virtual assistant to call these leads if they're interested in selling their houses, and 3 accredited wholesalers depending on the target city that you choose in his list that you have to contact and split the deals with.

I chose Dallas and only had 1 lead that was interested in selling their house. So I didn't get the 3 warm leads as advertised. When I called the accredited wholesalers (screenshots #8 and #10), none of them were interested in buying the house from that lead. I immediately e-mailed their customer support team ( for a refund. But they didn't respond. I tried sending a refund request to their other e-mail addresses (,, and but they still didn't respond. I also tried calling their customer service numbers (800-225-8911 and 904-595-6471) every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (screenshot #10) but nobody picked up the phone. Instead, it went to voice message and I left them a countless number of messages demanding a refund but they never called me back. When the 30-day money-back guarantee had passed, I was out of luck since they kept ignoring my messages. I was starting to believe that this was all a scam.

They had a virtual partner named Nathan Davies to be my so-called "coach" to guide me through the program. We scheduled a few phone calls through his Calendly link. I told him about my situation. Somehow, he couldn't help me get a refund. Instead, he recommended me to switch my target city to Kansas City and work with an accredited wholesaler named Chris White. After doing that in November 2021, he then told me that he was leaving Justin Wilmot's company in December 2021.

Since Nathan Davies left the company, he had me work with Noemi David. Noemi David said that she'll have Chris White to contact me. Chris White called me on the phone in February 2022 and he told me his buying criteria. I had Noemi David send me an invoice and paid $200 for 200 leads from Justin Wilmot on March 14, 2022 (screenshot #5). It had no money-back guarantee. Not to mention that it didn't include a virtual assistant like it used to. So I had to hire one at an additional cost. Only 2 of the leads were interested in selling their houses. I called Chris White but he never picked up the phone. I left him over 20 voicemail messages but he still never called me. I told Noemi David about this but she couldn't help me. Eventually, she left the company. Their accredited wholesalers are nothing but unprofessional. They don't pick up the phone or answer e-mails and for the ones that do, they never buy any properties.

I got so fed up that I wrote a complaint letter to Justin Wilmot's business address (Atlantic Real Estate Connection LLC, 511 North Oceanshore Boulevard, Flagler Beach, FL 32136) demanding a refund of my $4997. But it was bounced back to me as an invalid address. So I wrote a few complaint letters to his other business address (Freedom Moguls LLC, 712 South Oceanshore Boulevard, Flagler Beach, FL 32136) every couple of months for about a year. He never answered. I then wrote a complaint letter to his home address (34 Seabridge Drive, Ormond Beach, FL 32176) with my invoice receipt attached (screenshot #32) and forwarded them to the attorney generals in my home state of New York (Letitia James) and in his home state of Florida (Ashley Moody).

This time, he responded to my complaint to both attorney generals (screenshots #1 to #12). He attached proof of my activities and e-mail communication (screenshots #5 to #11) to Abigail Fisher in New York and to Tori L. Harrell in Florida. In his rebuttal, he asked me for proof that I sent a refund request (screenshot #3). I responded by saying that I deleted the copies of the e-mails because I always have a habit of deleting every copy of the e-mails that I send (screenshots #13 and #14). He tried to prove that I didn't send him a refund request (screenshot #6). There's no doubt in my mind that he deleted all the e-mails that I sent to him just to get rid of the evidence. He didn't respond to my second complaint (screenshots #15 and #18). However, I received a second response from him (screenshots #16 and #17), which is the same response that he sent to Tori L. Harrell in Florida (screenshots #5 to #11). Just attachments of my activities and e-mail communication. What is this supposed to mean? I have already provided my explanation to him. So even if I didn't delete the copies of the e-mails that I sent and was able to send him proof, he's still gonna ignore me because has no intention to refund my money whatsoever.

He claims that he has no complaints (screenshot #3). But these are the complaints about him (links below). The author on BiggerPockets is similar to my situation. She said that she paid for one of Justin Wilmot's programs. When she asked their customer support team for a refund within the 30-day money-back guarantee, they refused. So that means that they didn't honor their refund policy. The author on the first Ripoff Report link said that he tried e-mailing and calling their customer support team and even tried reaching out to Justin Wilmot on Facebook but they didn't respond. But his complaint was soon resolved. However, the author on the second Ripoff Report link said that someone named Jennifer took an extra $49 out of his bank account. This was never resolved. Justin Wilmot has a wife named Jennifer. So it's possible that his wife stole this customer's money and that they could be a husband and wife team operating this scam. I told Justin Wilmot to explain all of this. Again, he ignored me.

Justin Wilmot goes on denying that he changed the price of this program (screenshot #3). During the same time that Nathan Davies left the company in December 2021, he reduced the price of the program to $1997 ( I couldn't believe it because I felt that he ripped me off $3000 from what I had originally paid. So there was no set value of the program. He could charge whatever price he likes whenever he wants. By the way, if you click on the link, it will redirect to another page and say that the offer has expired. So click on the back button and you will see that the price of the program is $1997. What a ripoff!

Even though the $4997 (screenshots #7 and #26 to #28) and the $1997 (screenshots #29 to #31) programs are the same, the only difference is the amount of seller leads. The $4997 program that I had paid for includes 150 leads (screenshot #27). But the $1997 program includes 250 leads (screenshot #30). So I paid about 3 times as much for lesser leads. Again, what a ripoff!

Justin Wilmot does have a lot of knowledge about the subject that he teaches. I'll give him that. But his programs aren't for everybody. So he can't assume that this program was for me since he already robbed me of my hard-earned money. Not only do I feel like an idiot because of my habit of deleting the copies of the e-mails of the refund request that I sent to him, but also buying his program thinking that I would make a living doing what he teaches. I really didn't mean to delete the copies of these e-mails. But it wouldn't matter anyway because he's not gonna respond to my e-mails since he doesn't want to refund my money at all.

And who is he to say that I have to show him proof that I sent him a refund request? That's not the main issue. The biggest problem is him and his customer support team not answering my e-mails and phone calls and refusing to refund my money. He even deleted the e-mails that I sent to him. If I ask for a refund, then he should give it to me.

As of now, "10-Hour Wholesaler 2.0" is outdated. Nothing has been updated since August 2021, which was 2 months after I paid for it. In April 2023, he started selling a new program called "10-Hour Deals" ( Unlike "10-Hour Wholesaler 2.0" where you have to focus on finding sellers and buying seller leads, "10-Hour Deals" is the opposite where you have to focus on finding buyers. It leads to this website (

He has a few Facebook groups where he uploads videos every Tuesday talking about how his programs work. He told people in his Facebook groups to send him e-mails to this e-mail address ( So that's what I did. I asked him to upgrade me to "10-Hour Deals" not only because "10-Hour Wholesaler 2.0" is outdated, but because I haven't had one deal done as he had shown in his rebuttal (screenshot #11). Guess what? He ignored me. He had the nerve to post that screenshot of the e-mail that I sent to him. But what he didn't mention was that he didn't respond to it. So I don't understand why he posted it in his rebuttal. What was he trying to prove? It makes absolutely no sense at all. And he has the audacity of accusing me of extortion (screenshot #3). What a joke! First, I never threatened him. And second, I asked him nicely to upgrade me to "10-Hour Deals" given that he refused to refund my money. But he didn't respond. How is that extortion? And he even has the audacity of accusing me of making false statements of him changing the price of this program (screenshot #3) when I have already sent him proof. He continued to ignore me.

He states in his rebuttal that his customer support staff is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (screenshot #2). If they're available on those days, then why are they not answering my e-mails? Why aren't they picking up the phone? And why aren't they processing my refund request? And he failed to mention the time zone of their availability, which is supposed to be Eastern Standard Time (screenshot #10). So that's a lie.

He also mentions that he has an attorney on this case (screenshot #3). But he didn't mention the attorney's name. So that must be another lie.

And he says that my allegations are misleading and damaging to his reputation (screenshots #3 and #4). Oh, please! What would I have to gain from this? He never mentioned the complaints that he has and didn't resolve. Again! Another lie!

He also says that he'll do his best to resolve this issue (screenshot #4). But he never did! More and more lies from Justin Wilmot!

He will send you whatever product(s) you ordered. But he and his customer support team won't answer any questions that you have if you need help or issue a refund if you ask for it.

By the way, he has a coaching program that he charges $20000 for ( Talk about greed. He's just like all the other real estate investing gurus.

I tried e-mailing ( him again (screenshots #19 and #20) by telling him that I received a letter in the mail from Abigail Fisher (screenshot #18) and an e-mail from Tori L. Harrell (screenshot #15) that he didn't respond to my second complaint. This time, I didn't delete the copies of these recent e-mails that I sent to him. This is to prove that he's really ignoring my messages. So I told him that if he doesn't refund my $4997, then I'll have to post complaints against him. I also told him that I didn't mean to delete the copies of the refund request e-mails that I sent to him and to his customer support team and to let this slide for once. And I told him about the complaints filed against him. He never responded. So now, I have no choice but to file this complaint. It seems like he really doesn't care about his reputation since he doesn't refund any of his customers. He thinks that this is all a joke. This goes to show that he's completely dishonest. He's a really shady person. He's trying to not refund my money. For him refusing to cooperate means that he's a scammer. And for him to say that he'll honor his word and send me "10-Hour Deals" for free (screenshot #3) is all a bunch of B.S. If he's not gonna refund my money, then why would he try to be generous and send it to me for free? And no, I don't want "10-Hour Deals"! I want my $4997 back!

Just recently, I received a message on Facebook from Elizabeth Papa (screenshot #21) who claims that she works for Justin Wilmot's customer support team (screenshot #22). She tried to sales pitch me into buying the "10-Hour Deals" program (screenshot #23). I told her that Justin Wilmot had tried to offer it to me for free after I wrote a complaint letter to him (screenshot #3) and he has been ignoring my messages when I sent numerous e-mails to him and customer support about me declining his offer and to refund my $4997 (screenshot #24). She asked me for my e-mail address that I used to contact their customer support team (screenshot #25). So I gave it to her (screenshot #25). I was really hoping that she would help me get a refund. But guess what? She ignored me since Facebook indicated that she had read my message (screenshot #25). I asked her why she's not answering my messages (screenshot #25). But again. She still continued to ignore me (screenshot #25). I don't know where in the world Justin Wilmot could find such people and train them to be so unprofessional and cruel to work at customer service and treat their customers, including me, like nobodies. Their customer support team is probably nonexistent since they never answer my e-mails or call me. So this Elizabeth Papa person that contacted me could be a fake Facebook profile. Who knows? It could be Justin Wilmot posing as her. He can't play me for a fool because if this is really her, then she's a cold-hearted, good-for-nothing lowlife who has too much time on her hands wasting everybody's time. Steer clear of her!

I will mark this complaint as resolved if I get a refund of my $4997. And I will continue to post updates until I get a refund. I've really had it with Justin Wilmot playing games with me. Since the attorney generals in New York and Florida can't help me my money back, I'm going to have to report him to the consumer complaints department at all of the local news television stations in New York and Florida. And if they can't help me, then I'm going to create multiple websites and expose the fraudster that Justin Wilmot really is. This way, everybody will know not to buy his products. He could've at least done the right thing and refunded my $4997. This is not gonna be over until he gives me my money back.

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 10/01/2023 02:35 PM and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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#5 Author of original report

Justin Wilmot Is Still A Fraud!

AUTHOR: Stanley - (United States)

POSTED: Saturday, July 20, 2024

Justin Wilmot's customer support team told me to write a positive review for him last time so that they would give me a partial refund since Ripoff Report won't remove my post. But they still didn't honor their word and continue to ignore my e-mails.   And Ed Magedson said that he would help me on my case. But guess what? He never did and went on ignoring my e-mails. So why bother saying that you would help me when you won't?   Here's the most recent complaint about him.

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#4 Author of original report

Here's the update so far.

AUTHOR: - (United States)

POSTED: Sunday, December 03, 2023

Elizabeth Papa from customer support told me to update this report by adding my latest reply to them so that they could process a partial refund to me. Here is the screenshot of my e-mail message to them.   Justin Wilmot is a legit person. It was the lack of communication that made me think that he ripped me off. So please forgive me for posting this complaint in the first place.

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#3 Author of original report

Here's the update.

AUTHOR: Stanley - (United States)

POSTED: Sunday, December 03, 2023

So Beth sent me an e-mail on November 29. She apologized for not getting back to me and she and customer support are still working to resolve this issue.

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#2 Author of original report

Here's their response.

AUTHOR: Stanley - (United States)

POSTED: Monday, November 06, 2023

Nix from customer support sent me an e-mail on October 13, 2023 that they contacted Kelly Cary and that they'll have her draft a contract to issue me a partial refund of $2000 to get this complaint deleted (screenshot #1). Even Elizabeth Papa (also known as Beth Papa) sent me an e-mail on November 9, 2023 that she already drafted this contract (screenshot #2). But it's impossible to delete this complaint because of Ripoff Report's policy.   So I'll have to live with the fact that I'm out $5197. If they had responded to my e-mails, then I would never have filed this complaint.   I thought that Elizabeth Papa was a phony person at first because she wouldn't answer my messages on Facebook. I really thought that she wasn't taking my complaint seriously. But it turns out that she's a real person. I'm sorry to bash her.   Just recently, Justin Wilmot took $1000 off his 10-Hour Deals program for a limited time ( Even though the offer has expired, you can reload the link and press "stop" on your browser and see that the price is $997.

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#1 Author of original report

They responded.

AUTHOR: Stanley Ip - (United States)

POSTED: Monday, October 02, 2023

Because I filed this complaint, Erick from customer support sent me an e-mail. I do agree with some of the things that he said. He and Justin Wilmot will get their attorney named Kelly Carey to assist me. Some of the things that I said about Justin Wilmot were an exaggeration. I was really upset that they didn't respond to any of my messages. I have attached the pictures of this e-mail message. I will continue to post updates and mark this complaint as resolved once we reach a conclusion.

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