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Complaint Review: The Martin Group - Evansville Indiana

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  • Reported By: Lisa — Newburgh Indiana United States
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  • The Martin Group 4004 E Morgan Avenue, Suite 200 Evansville, Indiana United States

The Martin Group Andy Martin John Pataki Alex Martin Steve Martin Slumloard SVN The Martin Group Allows Tenant to Harass Neighborhood Evansville Indiana

*Author of original report: Kenneth Wayne Branson Was Served Order of Protection on 12/6/23

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My family and I have been harassed and stalked by our neighbor Kenny Branson, a tenant of The Martin Group (Evansville, Indiana), since June 2022. You name it, he has done it: everything from calling me racial slurs to throwing dog poop + attempting to throw a watermelon (caught on security camera) at my vehicle to telling my 11-year-old daughter via his security camera as she was walking down the road with a friend that he was going to bash her head in (this incident was caught my security camera):


Last summer, he brandished a knife at my 6-year-old and 11-year-old and completely turned the story around when the police were called. Every time, my daughter walked down the street to visit her friend, he'd stomp his feet and bark at her. Harassing via his security camera is one of his favorite ways to harass. He even stood outside my daughter's bedroom window with a cellphone jammer (we couldn't call 911 for several minutes) as he glided his fingers on the window screen. He denied it and tried to blame it on a cat when footage showed it was a person. When I looked out, I saw him and not a cat.


I posted a lot about my experience on my blog and you'll find various videos on YouTube (just search his name; not all videos are available for documentation purposes). has even said this to me and has called me multiple derogatory remarks + racial slurs, including the "n" word since he knows I am multi-racial. He even has been banned from Sharon Elementary School and other Warrick County School Properties for attempting to attack my father-in-law as he was taking my 6-year-old to school. Other than that, this man practically gets away with everything, or at least thinks he can.



I tried filing a protection order (twice) to no avail. Last fall, he called CPS on me twice, including Thanksgiving, and made wild claims that I was outside making TikTok dance videos with my daughter in a the cold. I rarely use TikTok, and definitely wouldn't be in a bikini outside in the cold! Meanwhile, he's playing music loud enough to think there is an outdoor concert with obscene lyrics enough to make Megan Thee Stallion blush. Every time my mom or mother-in-law visits, he plays Daywalker by Machine Gun Kelly and/or Smack a B*tch by Rico Nasty on cue. Despite the music he plays, it is just for harassment purposes and he is truly a racist. Even his daughter's mom Kristi Dava Carson said her daughter has been emulating his racist behavior lately. She had to leave a local pool because her daughter was making racist remarks about The Little Mermaid.


 I have witnessed Kenny Branson engaging in the abuse of animals, including a cat and wildlife (ducks) (better view) and (with sound; at the beginning of this video, his neighbors were admiring the geese and he came outside and started harassing the animals after the neighbors got into the red van). Towards the end of the second video, he’s screaming at ducks to get out of his yard, starts barking, and chasing after them (with what appeared to be a small heavy object, such as a brick), which can visibly be seen in the first video. The duck incident happened recently. On May 28th, he told a maintenance man (that was working at the apartments next to him) that he was going to sic his bulldog on the ducks if he (the maintenance man) and the landlord didn’t get rid of them. I’m not sure what maintenance would have anything to do with any ducks, but this confrontation lasted over 20 minutes and was caught on camera. However, this is typical behavior for narcissists who thrive on creating drama. It got so heated that the elderly man threatened to call the police on Kenny.


Here’s a video of abusing a cat (kicking at it) a couple of weeks ago: – I have seen this cat around on several occasions and this cat is one of the friendliest cats. Here are a list of things he has done that hasn't been mentioned (not in order):


- He often turns on a spotlight throughout the night, directed at my kids' bedrooms. I'm not sure if his intent is to cause additional trauma for my kids or to blind my security cameras, but either way, it doesn't work.


- he attempted to throw a watermelon at my car one night, which was caught on my security camera: (we found it on the road next day where it had splattered)


- he threw dog poop at my car in December. I'm not sure if he's allowed to have a pet, but he has a bulldog, which he told maintenance that he was going to use to sic on the ducks.   - He invited a group of young boys to his yard to play with his daughter while playing a disturbing song about a registered sex offender and having sex at school: (it sounds like a kid is “singing” it). These boys seemingly no longer have anything to do with him.


- spreading false information about me via an Alexa device (he has done this several times):   - Kenny harassing my husband via his security camera (I have a few videos of this)   - standing at the end of his driveway just to call me derogatory names (i.e.


- he has been from all school properties in Warrick County for trying to attack my father-in-law at the school parking lot as my father-in-law was taking my 6-year-old to school. Witnesses say that after my father-in-law left, Kenny got into a verbal altercation with the principal.   - he likes to scream my name in the middle of the night: (starts around the 55 mark in the video) + (around the 20 mark)


- When I was dogsitting for my oldest brother who had knee surgery back in May, Kenny called a former property manager + animal control over the dog.  He said that the dog was unleashed (was always on a leash), gigantic (only a 5-month-old puppy at the time), barking a lot (hardly barks), and was attacking everyone in the neighborhood (wasn't doing anything except for being walked with a leash on). The only person outside was him: Kenny Branson.



- he called my husband's work recently (and a few other times, according to HR)  in hopes of getting him fired, but my husband's work is well aware of Kenny's behavior and the trouble he has put our family through. 


In March, he found my number somehow and started sending me obscene texts via VoIP (fake numbers). Whenever he is confronted about his behavior, he acts like the victim and calls the police. In June, he left notes in my mailbox, calling me racial slurs, and telling me what he was going to do to me. Prior to that, he pulled his basketball shorts down and exposed himself to my daughter. In one of the notes, he said that my daughter wishes that she could see his private area. Deputy Adam Michael Curry took the notes, but nothing was done. Thankfully, I took pictures of the notes since I have an inkling that Adam Michael Curry threw them away. Tiresome as it is, I have been heavily documenting Kenny for over a year.


Every day is music harassment for Kenny. I have a lot of videos of this for documentation! One of his favorite go-to songs is about breaking into “colored” people’s houses. Here are videos where he appears to be under the influence: and


He also installed an amateurish-looking fence (please keep in mind that he's a renter) this summer, which he slowly and regretfully had to take down. I’m not sure what he is trying to keep out, but no one ever steps foot in his yard. Typical paranoid behavior! Kenny got so upset that he created a big, homemade sign, putting my husband’s name on there and telling HIM to stop harassing people.




Kenny is also upset that he gets recorded for foolish antics (for court documentation) he wanted to place the blame on my husband…when it’s Kenny who is constantly harassing me and my family. True narcissistic move! As of June 27th, he built more fencing and it is blocking the entryway that he shares with his next door neighbor. The next day, his next-door neighbor got upset and started filming him while Kenny was blaring music for harassment purposes. Kenny turns his back every time people start filming him. While my family and I are his primary target, it seems like Kenny is starting to harass everyone in the neighborhood. It isn’t just us! Someone who knows him personally recently reached and told me that Kenny has always been this way – even as a child.




7/18/23: I just learned that Kenny’s next door neighbor (the one that lives on the other side of his duplex, whose entryway he is blocking with his fence) passed away at home from cancer (he was receiving at-home hospice care). This vile, disgusting piece of crud has been seemingly celebrating by blaring out his music extra loud, which is disrespectful to his deceased neighbor’s wife and children. Yesterday, Kenny was playing a song about sucking d*ck after the family came home from the funeral.


On July 22nd, I saw via my security camera that our neighbor Kenny Branson was leaf-blowing grass clippings in the road in the direction where my husband and I park. Since my husband wasn’t at home at the time, I called and told him not to park there since Kenny has thrown nails in our driveway in the past.  When my husband came home, he swept the grass back into the neighbor’s side of the road and noticed there were cigarette butts, suspiciously rolled-up paper that are possibly marijuana joints, and nails. Kenny got upset and took a leaf blower and blower the clippings in my husband’s face. The police were called and Alexandria Pearson gave us a case number since she considered that as harassment. 


Kenny left before the sheriff arrived and wouldn’t return home until much later. Later in the late evening, my husband took our daughter to her friend’s house to spend the night. Her friend lives a few houses down. The friend’s mom hasn’t come yet and as they were waiting for the mom and the friend to come home, we couldn’t help but notice that Kenny was behaving suspiciously.


When my husband came back home after the friend’s mom finally arrived, I noticed on the camera that Kenny was on the road and lurking behind our vehicle. My husband went outside and told him to go back inside his home and stopped lurking behind our vehicle.


Branson proceeded to shine a spotlight in my husband’s eyes and blow more clippings into his face. Furthermore, Mr. Branson brandished a pellet gun and fired it at my husband. I must note that my husband was standing near our car and was never on Kenny’s property. Although the pellets were later found to be made of gel and did not cause injury, we believe this constitutes an assault. Regardless if a person is hurt or not, assault is assault. Once again, this was all caught on our security cameras.


I immediately called the police. When the officers arrived, they didn’t take the situation seriously and the main one (Deputy Adam Michael Curry) insinuated that my husband was being a baby about it. He said my husband should have reacted differently as he got shot with the pellets. Therefore, Kenny didn’t get charged. We would find out later that they were gel pellets and Kenny admitted to the officers, including Deputy Kyle Barton,  aiming and using it at my husband. The officers even had Kenny demonstrate. Kenny and some of the officers were laughing together about the incident.


As mentioned before, Kenny made a sign about my husband and placed it in his front yard. This past summer, he added another one that says: (my name) Get Help Your Crazy (I guess he doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re), and he placed it next to it. As of July 24th, he placed a watermelon next to the signs, which of course, is a very outdated and racist trope. Here is a video of it as well.  We noticed around he has been actively digging alongside the front of the duplex (it wasn't long before that, he dug enough to expose the foundation): - his behavior started getting more and more erratic, and unpredictable. 


The water company has been on his property off and on since the latter part of August. Not only my camera has caught footage of him messing with the excavator, but I have also footage of him digging up the dirt (in August) I’m the area of where they worked on and throwing it on the side the road. He is very upset about this and seems to be taking his frustrations on us - even though we have been ignoring him. He has also been seen (with security camera) leaf blowing dirt in the direction of your other tenant’s side (Unit B). He likes to play with dirt so much that he has the bottom half of the building on his side caked with dirt. He even dug up so much dirt in front of the duplex that it’s exposing the foundation. This dirt obsession of his started earlier this summer. None of these things would have anything to do with our property manager, but we’re keeping documentation for our legal representation in case he tries to shift the blame on us. 


September 11th, 2023: Kenny and his daughter Kenzie got near the road as soon as they saw my husband coming home and Kenny started throwing smoke bombs. One landed near an excavator that was in Kenny’s yard (the water company had been working in his yard that day) and the other landed in our parking lot between our car and a neighbor’s vehicle. Kenny threw the last smoke bomb with the intention of being malicious: to injure and/or cause property damage. My husband called the police and we showed the video of Kenny throwing the smoke bombs. The officer promptly went to Kenny’s yard and Kenny got aggressive with the officer, telling him not to come into his yard and etcetera. He was handcuffed and almost went to jail, but they decided to charge Kenny for harassment instead. Meanwhile, Kenny threw the biggest fit, crying and saying that he had an 11-year-old daughter. He also said he didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t think of his daughter when he wanted to bully my family. Kenny spent half of the night with a flashlight trying to clear up evidence even though everything was caught on video and the damage had been done: The next morning, my husband took a video of the smoke bomb in our driveway (it had also left a stain) before heading to work. At 2:49 PM, I have a video of Kenny walking up to the premises to retrieve remnants of the smoke bomb.


On September 14th, Kenny tried to ignite a solar fire by placing several aluminum soda cans on poles by his mailbox, which was facing in the direction of the apartment. His goal was to create a parabolic mirror: He started placing the poles by his mailbox a few hours after he threw the smoke bombs. I have videos where he was walking back and forth placing something on the poles, which I thought were solar lights at first: - his science experiment didn't work as he wanted to: He got frustrated and started using them as practice for his pellet gun.


As of October 5th, he was charged with criminal recklessness for the smoke bomb incident.


As of today, he continues to behave erratically, and I have caught him trying to leaf blow dirt behind my new vehicle: He also continues to blast vulgar music as loud as he pleases while making it look like an eyesore. Lately, it's a lot of anti-police songs:



Neighbors are pretty fed up with his behavior, especially after building an unauthorized fence that blocked his next-door neighbor’s entryway and playing loud, vulgar music - and the woman’s husband was receiving at-home hospice care before he passed. The watermelon incident didn’t help either, considering there are a few African-American and mixed families in this neighborhood, including myself. One neighbor got so upset that he reached out to me and said that he didn't want his son anywhere near this man (the neighbor with whom I'm having issues was having this man's son help harass my family - he would often lure him into his yard and even played a very inappropriate song about a child sex offender - caught on camera). He was forced to take everything down eventually, but he still goes out of his way to harass. With him, nothing ever surprises me about him considering all of the things he has done.


SVN| The Martin Group (Alex Martin, Andy Martin, and Steve Martin) are very well aware of their tenant's behavior. If they took the time, they'll see that their tenant has been evicted before by searching Kenny Branson under My Case Court Records in Indiana. They have seen plenty of documentation and even had a meeting about it with our property management yet they continue to let this creep live on the premises. This goes to show that they don't care how their tenant acts as long as they get paid. Meanwhile, he has made the property a complete eyesore. I hate to know what it looks like on the inside! It is worth noting that anytime someone comes to his house, he refuses them to let to come inside.


This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 12/04/2023 10:24 AM and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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#1 Author of original report

Kenneth Wayne Branson Was Served Order of Protection on 12/6/23

AUTHOR: Lisa - (United States)

POSTED: Monday, December 04, 2023

I'm updating to state that The Martin Group's tenant (Kenny Branson) was served a order of protection on 12/6/23. He's now listed on the protection registry and is not allowed to contact me or my family whatsoever. 

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