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Complaint Review: Oakfield Baptist Church - Rockford Michigan

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  • Reported By: Lisa — Rockford Michigan United States
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  • Oakfield Baptist Church 11128 14 Mile Rd. NE Rockford, Michigan United States

Oakfield Baptist Church Oakfield Baptist Academy Discriminatory Acts towards me. Rockford Michigan

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I wrote the following review on Yelp about 7 months ago today, so around May or June of 2020. For most of this time, I didn't hear anything then yesterday, I started getting messaged from multiple people relating to my review! The Pastor of the Church where I went to school, wrote and asked me to remove the review and a fellow classmate who I at one time called friend, also asked me to remove it! I guess I am coming on here as a final place where I can feel safe sharing my experience without fear that they will complain enough that my review is removed and my experience doesn't matter again!

For all my life, I have felt nothing I say matters and nothing that happens to me means anything to anyone! I am hurt by people and it's like vi deserve it and I am bullied and abused all over because no one cares! This was a church association and the Baptist school I went to and it involves people I knew there! That's why I feel it is deserving to be here! The saddest thing is that a man of God didn't even care about me or what happened and all he cared about was the image of their church! Well, I think God cares for me and I hope someone else reads this and cares too! This was my review exactly as I wrote it and Yelp didn't care!

They took it down within seconds of the complaint! I hope my words are safe here and that this truly is a place where people can't threaten their way out of accountability! Thanks Rip Off Report for giving us a safe place to be heard and share our experiences with the world so we can learn from each other, grow and be better!!

This was a review I wrote for Yelp! Unfortunately, because of my long windedness, I could only submit part of it to my 1 star review of this company! So, I will add the rest here and include it in my actual review for those interested in the full review! Honestly, like I said, even this is not close to the full truth because so much has happened over the years! Most of which is so unbelievable to most people, but it's true! It happened and only those who have experienced something can understand it sometimes but I hope you at least read this with an open mind and spirit!! I am tired of his lies and manipulation, just because of who he is! It's not right and I had to speak out since that is what I live for these days!!! And as it says in scripture, be sure your truths will find you out! It's not defamation of character if it's True!!! Remember that & live your Truth always!!!   

This is a group on Facebook that I feel are biased and discriminatory! I already tried reaching out to Facebook about the harassment and bullying their moderator has been doing for years and they won't do a thing about it. While they acknowledge that it is wrong to be harassed and bullied, they literally took two seconds to tell me it doesn't violate their basic guidelines, so just know that Facebook condones bullying whether cyber or physical and they condone harassment and will just act like they feel sorry for you. It's pathetic and irresponsible for them to brush off such a thing because what if someone is suicidal. They would be the ones to be held responsible, along with the bully.  

To give a full history of our dealings with each other and this will be long because it has been years of back and forth. He has escalated, and I say he, because it's mainly one person I have the problem with in this group and he just happens to be the moderator who controls the group page! He was a classmate who graduated with me in 2002 from a high school called Oakfield Baptist Academy. Back then, we were friends, platonic of course. I wanted more but he didn't want to ruin the friendship or so he said. I took him at face value, figuring he meant what he said. I realize now, nothing he said was true and I don't even think he knows what his truth was but he is very obsessive and controlling of me. Back then, we emailed each other all the time. And I was very personable with him in email. Thinking back, I don't really know all I wrote him but I know we got real close real fast.

I confided in him a lot but I did try to be close to everybody. But I felt special being able to write him everyday and knowing he wanted me to write him because I did say we could stop at one time and he said he enjoyed writing, so I continued. I didn't know his reasoning was to get emotional connection to each other and in time. I do believe we got way too close emotionally, but that's all. There was no physicality to it. It was just a super close friendship but possibly closer than some intimate lovers even are. Looking back, I see how dangerous it actually was to be so close to someone so possessive but I didn't know he was like that at the time. I was a naive highschool kid who gave people the benefit of the doubt and cared very deeply for people. I didn't have a reason to doubt it yet.

I wasn't boyfriend/girlfriend with anyone at this time and put no threat on our relationship. Even after highschool and during college years when I did have a boyfriend here or there, he didn't change his disposition of me. He was still respectful and caring towards me. So, again, I just saw him as a friend and nothing more. I really never saw him as anything but a basic, platonic friend like everybody else! I would have loved more but I respected that he didn't see me that way!    In fact, it wasn't until I began getting close enough to my final boyfriend and now husband, Isaac Hunt, that he started changing his personality. He became very cold and his demeanor was cruel. He would write me the meanest emails saying we were never even friends and he wouldn't care if I fell off a cliff. In fact, I actually still have those emails where he was extremely cruel and unloving. It broke me, it broke my spirit because I had confided in him about my abuse and things, that to me, were personal. I showed vulnerability and gave him the power over my mind and soul only for him to step on my open wounds. I couldn't understand his change in Personality. I couldn't understand how one minute, he seemed intrigued and excited for me to have a boyfriend and be getting engaged and the very next, he was telling me how I made him feel disgusted and how he wished I would have left the school and just how much he loathed me! I was super trusting of people at that time and what they said I took to heart so it was definitely a life changing experience for me. I had already known abuse and how it feels to be bullied but this went further than that because he acted like he cared for so long and then all of a sudden, he didn't care!!

I wanted you to understand the context before sharing my experience with the group that HE runs so you understand why I feel this is his bullying tactic and why I feel it is wrong!!    At one point, I did start becoming obsessive. Back then, I was thrown off by his behavior so much so, that I needed to have confirmation of why this was happening. If anything, I think that created my obsessive thinking and my habitual need to figure out what was going on!! For years, I would write him. Sometimes I went a while in between and then the need would kick in again! Before this incident, I never felt such a compulsion to write him like that! I became overly needy and I think he understood this and it fed his narcissistic mentality even further! I didn't understand this was why he wouldn't tell me what I did to make him hate me! I would email and say "Tell me what I did!" straight up I asked him. He said he didn't have to tell me and made me feel like I was the person wronging him.

I didn't know this at the time, but behind my back and behind the scenes, he was spreading lies about me and later told people I was the liar! I never once said anything that is not true of him! If anything, sometimes I downplayed his intent because of my feelings for him! At that time, I still was trying to believe that I must have done something wrong for the sudden shift he had! I must have hurt him in some way to deserve this treatment! I felt for him, not myself. Over the years, we both went back and forth and I won't deny, I played a part in keeping it going! I wanted answers and I wanted him to just care again! I wanted to be accepted again! I think this had to do with my fear of abandonment and need that he should put me back in his good graces!   

I will skip ahead to our recent dealings because if I told you every detail of our relationship, this review would be far too long even for my long winded writing. I will spare you the gruesome details of who did what to whom and tell you, at one point, we both did stuff and it went back and forth for years! At one point, after my husband and I were married, he finally stopped threatening me and actually took me to court and the Judge determined the PPO (Personal Protection Order) would stay in action. My husband and I had tried to fight it in order to show, we didn't feel we were in the wrong and he was only using it to get more control over us! It all escalated and reached a peak when he started really watching my YouTube videos and began flagging videos because I started being more open with my sexuality and he didn't accept that!

I put disclaimers on all my videos and I have seen far worse public display, but because it was me, he couldn't stand others see me being open with my body which he still felt was his! At one point, he started talking as himself. Normally, he used fake names and would talk to me through them, but at one point, it was quite obvious it was him! He was that obvious and started using his actual name! Just to be sure it was him 100%, I made one last comment on my YouTube channel, after receiving the order not to have any communication with him or talk about him! Sure enough, my hunch was correct! In only an hour or so, my husband had just gotten home from searching for an attorney because I was that upset about this and there was a cop at our door, asking why we thought he was there! I said probably because of the PPO!

He told us there was to be no communication at all even online! I said I knew that I and I told him that this person had been writing me all along and that he was on my stuff too! And I showed him my YouTube comments! At that time, my channels hadn't been terminated! Later, he always saw to it that they got deleted, terminating countless vidoes, destroying countless hours of work and making me lose numerous subscribers of which I rarely got far beyond 300! I look at some women who have thousands if not millions and I am lucky with the hundred I have because for a while when I got anywhere or he would see any kind of nice comments, it got reported even a lipstick swatching video was reported! I was devastated the first time, then grew to be used to his mean tactics! And yes, it was HIM because this escalation happened after the judge validated to him that he was in the right and my husband and I were the stalkers! He moved right next to us, in our same city and when we mentioned this to the police that if they were so scared of us, why move closer, the cop just said he could be anywhere he wanted! It was then, we realized that we were never going to be listened to!

I don't trust the cops around here! They do so little and they don't care what happens to us! We have had our car messed with and vandalized, mail has been taken. We were supposed to get our stimulus check on a Friday and it was sitting in the office of our place on Saturday. One neighbor female right next to us told us she just had to give it to the landlord so it wouldn't be taken or stolen and she told us this on Saturday. Why wait overnight then? Why not tell us that on the Friday when she did it and then we could have gotten it in time to get into this new place we were so excited to start renting! We have our suspicions that she took it and saved it aside because of our Stalker!! We call Chris, the moderator of this group, our Stalker just so you understand that!! Because that's what he is, a cyber stalker and I think physical too, using anyone he needs to for his own purposes! That place was rented by the next day when we tried to go check it out and we lost out! By that upcoming month, the female neighbor was gone too! We almost wonder if she got the place and how would she know apart from him telling her to take our check and get the place before us! We did get our check but I almost wonder, if I hadn't shared that on my social media page and be so excited about it would he even have known and maybe we would have a safer place to live!

He has hacked numerous accounts, emails, YouTube channels and written as me! He has talked so much crap behind my back to and that is why I felt compelled to share my side! He has impersonated my husband and I on YouTube, stole videos and poorly edited them to make us look and sound stupid! It took us getting BBB involved for YouTube to do the right thing and terminate his channels. One thing that happened I still am at a loss to this day! Somehow, he got my video terminated! I was the creator of this video! My husband and I did a Naughty Maid role-play video and it was my first ever Public sexual video I ever did online! It was very exciting to know I was making these and that video was viewed more than any other normal video I have! And Yes, I was excited and exhilarated and it was the first video he ever got deleted!! It felt like he got it deleted in 2 seconds flat! Then, what he did was dubbed in cheesy video effects and add it to this new Channel he had created for my husband and I! My has never had a YouTube channel so it was quite obvious someone else did it and he was the one we were dealing with at the time, unfortunately!! It stayed there so long! I tried to report it, flagged it and YouTube told me there was nothing bad enough for them to terminate it! I was floored!

This was my video and I even told them that! They had terminated it on my side, yet he was allowed to keep it far longer then the original creator! This is when I realized that somehow YouTube had a biasm towards us somehow and nothing I said would change it! I even appealed to no avail! So, I went to BBB and only then, was both channels finally terminated!! I was so upset and I hadn't saved it because I could only save so much on my cellphone! So, my very first naughty role-play video, I will never have or see again yet the sick thing is he downloads and saves all my videos to his computer and he has saved every single email we have written since Highschool and has them packed in a box at his parents house! So you tell me who the real Stalker is???

In fact, the only positive out of all of this mess is I developed a webpage through Facebook called Stalker's Anonymous, which seeks to help those victims of stalking and give resources and a safe place to vent and share experiences together! I wanted to give my grief a voice in the beginning and somehow, it grew and now, it's like a community where we can all get together and speak out about what is happening to us and not feel so alone! So, I took what he did and turned it into a beautiful place to mentor and help others! But that's me, I see good and bad in anyone and in any situation! It just takes looking at it from a new light!    But, I still think it's wrong and I wanted to share this because on the group he created before all this mess first started, he has a verse from Romans 12:9-12 (New Living Translation) as a header on his group page! It talks about don't just pretend to love but love genuinely with real affection and have patience, praying in times of trouble yet when it comes down to it, it is all a complete put on!

He doesn't really believe that way! He has talked so much junk about me over the years to people who wouldn't even give me the chance to explain my side! He would kick me out, let me on and kick me out whenever he felt like it, just to feed his sick, controlling over inflated egotistical mentality! He has ruined so many good relationships of mine, which on hindsight might not have even been truly real but to me, they were and I did care for everyone at that school! Maybe I was the only one who cared but I did!! Either way, I had to share my story which is far from over by the way! I can't really share everything here as this is already far too long! More stuff happened but in the end of the day, just know this:   This group is a fraud, run by someone with a controlling and manipulative spirit and who is childish in his dealings with anyone he feels more superior than! It is not of God, but the image of good when underneath, he is a wolf in sheep's skin! Yes, there are some good people in that group that probably DO mean what they say and DO care about God, but NOT their moderator!

The moderator is not a man of God and inside his spirit, he is anything but pure! He puts on, judges and makes anyone who doesn't submit to his every whim look bad to those in the group! Don't trust him! Don't get close to him and whatever you do, Don't believe his lies!!   The Group, I gave a one star rating to, because I couldn't give less and to those who have always been my friend and cared for me, this review isn't for you! This review is for a lying, deceptive fake you look up to as a moderator and I needed to share what is true and right!! He deserves to be shown out for what he is and I know some of you must know! It is wrong! It is evil and it is everything opposite to what God would stand for and he knows it, I know it but most importantly of all, God knows it!!   Let your sins find you out, Chris and we both know this isn't even the worse of the truth!!! Live your truth, not just in words but in deed and do it with everything you are!!! And stop having you and your flying monkeys spy on my life and social media accounts!! It's immoral and truly despicable and you are ALL modern day Pharisees as far as I am concerned!!

Remember that and no, you will NEVER be with me or have any chance with me EVER!! And Isaac T. Hunt is a Real Man that you will NEVER be and we both know why, don't we!?! My truth and my whole truth, so help me God!


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