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I have only discovered your service. I didn't know there was such a good facility to expose people as the rip off report, thank you for for this service.
I noticed I wasn't the only person who got ripped off by Adam Ginsberg and have to laugh about a response that offers a double money back guarantee.
There is no doubt he is a great salesman, very entertaining. When it comes to the special offer one is presented with, people have to ask has his coaching system improved and does his warehouse contain better value products at better prices. He has to be asked on the stage when he does his presentation does one have 3 days or 30 days to evaluate his coaching coarse, just to be one knows xactly where one stands if signing up for it

This is my experience 

Make sure you read every line of his legal agreement!

Where I showed the coaches the videos didn't work in the back-office
.....squidoo.com/resize/squidoo_images/250/draft_lens8746761module76403601photo_1262109144videos_dont_work.jpg">On the 29th March 2009, I went to a seminar given by Adam Ginsberg, a man who presents himself as one of the biggest sellers on eBay in the world. He's a first class salesman and persuaded me to become involved in his coaching coarse.

I paid over a deposit of $200 and approx $5000 in all over the following 3 months.

What I learned.....
Apart from investing in his coaching coarse the extra costs add up, monthly fees for an eBay webstore and PPC advertising for starters.
The coaching is not what I believed it was going to be.
I was VERY disappointed with the quality of goods that was on offer from the wholesaler Doba and the prices being asked
(e.g. being a golfer, at the time, they din't carry items of quality or decent golfing Brands except for one set of Nike irons)

Listed below are the actual logs of conversations with his coaches, you decide whether I got $5000 of coaching!

I signed up to be coached or hand held as the saying goes.
Not directed to read stuff and look at videos (that do not work --see the picture of the logs informing them above)
Indeed, I was told to go and contact builder support about the videos

3:07pm - Tigh - Have you tried contacting builder support?
3:07pm - Mr. Fry - who are builder support?
3:08pm - Mr. Fry - surely I'm not the only one with this problem?
3:09pm - Mr. Fry - I've good broadband here, never a problem with other videos
3:10pm - Tigh - There are people who have problems with the videos but it isn't very often. Builder support is contacted at ext 2011

I called the number given but couldn't get through to them. This was the last straw as far as I was concerned.

When I told one of the coaches my aim was to sell directly to Americans from Doba who are based in America (as Adam said this is how you make money from the stage in Dublin), the first point the coach raised was that for me to sell, I had to have seller feedback. He then went off to check something and a few hours later informed me he had gone off and established that until I had 20 seller feedbacks or 100 buyer feedbacks, if I put a Doba item up for auction and was successful getting a buyer, I had to buy the product first then they would ship it and 30 days after the buyer had bought it, I would get my money then. This obstacle would be overcome when I had 20 seller feedbacks or 100 buyer feedbacks. So, faced with no choice in the matter I have had to spend my time trying to get 20 seller feedbacks. I have put up items about 40 times (more cost!) and so far got 13 sellers.
This time delay annoyed me and furthermore, I felt I could not continue with the coaching and get properly moving until I had achieved this.

I asked the organisers of the event that brought him to this country to help me with this task and buy a cheap item I put up and give me a buyer reference. I have email records of this of my communication with the organisers and my extreme disappointment at having to go and get these ratings and the time being wasted so that I didn't have to buy product first

I tried to get one of the coaches to identify one product just one in the full Doba range that is selling well on eBay, having looked at the elite sellers list within Doba the best selling products only had a handful sell on eBay in the month when one looks at the eBay completed items list for that particular item. Doba when questioned about this told me that the best sellers are from their catalogue ---so it includes a physical catalogue as well?
Here is a conversation from Friday 22nd May, I was pointed to look at an example site www.themanden.com :

1:05pm - Mr. Fry - ok, I've randomly clicked on Corvette C6 Padded Bar Stool - Black
1:06pm - Mr. Fry - in eBay from 82 to 149
1:08pm - Mr. Fry - on Doba for purchase at 62, shipping estimate 14, listing with eBay fee? Paypal charges? So to start making a profit this needs to sell at?
1:19pm - Tigh - okay, so you will be paying a total of $76. That might be a little tight. Lets check a couple more
---That's as far as we got that night!

Another time:

2:31pm - Mr. Fry - hi Tigh, you still there?
2:36pm - Mr. Fry - I've randomly selected another from themanden.com site:
1000 Lucky Bee EDGE SPOT NEXGEN Chips selling for 185.50. On Doba its 148 plus 34 shipping plus eBay listing plus Paypal fees
2:39pm - Mr. Fry - another: NHL Anaheim Ducks Dart Cabinet includes Darts and Board 112.75, on Doba 88 plus shipping 25, handling 4 plus eBay listing and Paypal fees???????

----This had to stop because the live chat facility kept stopping every time I finished typing and he couldn't call me for 40 minutes. When I resumed there was no answers to what I was asking

Anther time:
Hi Tigh, we were working together on identifying one product in the Doba range to put up on eBay. I keyed in screen in the search engine and then clicked on the
Price is 62 plus 18 shipping plus listing fee and Paypal fee (and eBay cut as well?)
I then went to eBay and see two on there one for 90 at auction and the other for 105 buy it now.
I then went to completed listings for this product and see nothing for the past 15 days so I reckon this doesn't fit the bill?

Joshua came through, said he'd look at it, 15 minutes later no response despite me asking Joshua are you there?

The videos don't work in his back-office and the coaches are slow as you can see the time lines above. One week slips into another.


Frid 12th June

4:11pm - System - Welcome to Live Chat, powered by Thrive. Please stand by while we connect you to your advisor...
4:11pm - Blake - Hello Peter I just tried phoning you
4:11pm - Mr. Fry - hi Blake, I've been searching ever since, no joy!
4:12pm - Mr. Fry - mmm phone is beside me here
4:12pm - Blake - phone connection issues, nevertheless I sent you an email of items that are selling on eBay from Doba
4:13pm - Mr. Fry - ok I'll have a look and be back soon, I`ll see how well they are doing in completed items
4:16pm - Blake - on was a cd player that retailed for 100, wholesaled for 20 and most sold for around 50
4:37pm - Mr. Fry - ok, so if i put up the golf clubs i will not have to buy them now?
4:38pm - Mr. Fry - Nike Pro Combo Graphite Forged Iron Set
4:38pm - Mr. Fry - what shipping costs would you suggest?
4:43pm - Mr. Fry - Sony DFJ210 Discman ---no such product on Doba
4:44pm - Mr. Fry - Invicta Automatic Two-Tone Diver Watch -- can't find this also
4:47pm - Mr. Fry - 25 Piece Tool Kit with Light Hiking Set ---no sales in past 15 days!!!
4:50pm - Mr. Fry - 300 free shipping, the clubs would be heavy, so they may have sold---but at a loss or next to loss
4:51pm - Mr. Fry - you there Blake?
4:54pm - Mr. Fry - Blake?
Monday 15th June

12:45pm - System - Welcome to Live Chat, powered by Thrive. Please stand by while we connect you to your advisor...
12:46pm - Mr. Fry - hi anybody there?
12:49pm - Mr. Fry - if you are there from 8 to 8, where are you now? Where did you disappear to last Friday at 4.50pm?
12:49pm - Mr. Fry - this is where we left off having given me a list of things that I should look at promoting:
12:49pm - Mr. Fry - 4:37pm - Mr. Fry - ok, so if I put up the golf clubs I will not have to buy them now? 4:38pm - Mr. Fry - Nike Pro Combo Graphite Forged Iron Set 4:38pm - Mr. Fry - what shipping costs would you suggest? 4:43pm - Mr. Fry - Sony DFJ210 Discman ---no such product on Doba 4:44pm - Mr. Fry - Invicta Automatic Two-Tone Diver Watch -- Can't find this also 4:47pm - Mr. Fry - 25 Piece Tool Kit with Light Hiking Set ---no sales in past 15 days!!! 4:50pm - Mr. Fry - 300 free shipping, the clubs would be heavy, so they may have sold---but at a loss or next to loss 4:51pm - Mr. Fry - you there Blake? 4:54pm - Mr. Fry - Blake
12:49pm - Mr. Fry - anybody there?
12:53pm - Tyler - yeah, how can i help you peter
12:54pm - Mr. Fry - where do I start after all this time....
12:55pm - Mr. Fry - Blake spent about two hours Friday with me trying to identify one product just one product from Doba that sells on eBay.... look at the above he sent me and let me know please
12:55pm - Mr. Fry - where did he get to from 4.50pmFrid? Why was there a shut down?
12:57pm - Tyler - not too sure, sorry about that...i have a client who sold an outdoor patio set from Doba last week and made some money on it...give me a few minutes to take a look at that product
12:57pm - Mr. Fry - then I get this a short while ago, and its b******t, because my phone is always with me
Dear Peter, Sorry we were unable to get a hold of you. Please email us some times that would work best for us to reach each other over the phone. You can also jump on LIVE CHAT in your elibrary to get a hold of us if you don't want to email, and someone will respond. But remember we are only here in the office Monday through Friday 8:00 - 8:00 Mountain Standard Time zone. So if you have any questions outside those hours please send us an email.
12:58pm - Mr. Fry - how much do you charge for your services each week?
1:01pm - Tyler - we don't have a weekly charge just the initial fee...let me check that listing
1:02pm - Mr. Fry - then whats this invoice about?
1:03pm - Mr. Fry - Purchases Price 6/13/2009 Coaching Monthly (Qty 1 x $39.95) $39.95 n/a Total Purchases $39.95
1:05pm - Mr. Fry - or is it $447 a week you charge? For what? .... I'm not getting answers to any of my questions
1:07pm - Mr. Fry - hello?
1:08pm - Tyler - please be patient...I'm trying to look at Doba but will stop now in order to answer your questions
1:09pm - Mr. Fry - no keep looking on Doba for one product please Tyler
1:09pm - Tyler - ok, I`ll answer your questions later
1:33pm - Tyler - peter, I'm looking in Doba right now but as for the charges please send us the details such as the date, amounts, etc...if you could scan the bill and send that or forward us emails with those charges we'd be able to answer what they are
1:44pm - Tyler - Peter, I can't find anything right now...I know that Doba can be profitable but it's very hard. Obviously the products are few and far between. eBay prices are too low right now, you`d need to sell those things on a website so you could sell closer to retail price...didn't Drew offer you the free hosting for a few months a little while back?
1:45pm - Mr. Fry - what????? in this great warehouse you can't find one product for me to sell? That's what I bought into!!! Whats going on?
1:46pm - Tyler - I didn't look through every product in this great warehouse...like I said they're there but very hard to find
1:46pm - Mr. Fry - not good enough Tyler, find me a product!!!
1:48pm - Mr. Fry - just one, are you saying I was asked to pay 4447 and it wasn't including great products from a great warehouse that would offer low prices and I'd make a LOT of money because of it ---you are now saying DOBA is a bad wholesaler as it doesn't have a wide range of products that sell regularly
1:48pm - Tyler - Sorry Peter, I've got appointments in just a bit here and don't have any more time to search through their lists. If you choose to continue looking to sell on eBay you'll have to look through their lists...if you'd like to consider an off ebay website for your sales let me know.
1:49pm - Mr. Fry - hang on a minute are you coaching are not?
1:49pm - Tyler - yeah, I am, I'm suggesting that you use Doba to sell on a website as the margins on ebay are hard to find
1:51pm - Mr. Fry - but I signed up for eBay didn't I? I was told it was the thing to get involved in. Now you are saying forget Bay and sell Doba stuff from a website?
1:54pm - Mr. Fry - hello Tyler?
1:55pm - Mr. Fry - is that what you are saying, forget eBay and sell items from DOBA on a website?
1:55pm - Mr. Fry - is that the way forward due to the margins on eBay?
1:56pm - Tyler - I'm saying that you're profit margin would be more easily attained through a website...it can be done on ebay (like I said my client sold a patio set last week from Doba that he made money on) but it may be harder to find products with good profit margins to sell on Doba
1:56pm - Mr. Fry - how many of that same product sold in the past 15 days Tyler?
1:57pm - Mr. Fry - from what you are saying I`ll do better on a website and forget eBay
1:57pm - Tyler - not sure I didn't check...we coached him on how to look for products and he did the work on researching them
1:58pm - Mr. Fry - I looked at patio sets last week, check it again now please. The same set he sold, how many sold on eBay in the past 15 days?
1:59pm - Tyler - you're potential profit margins would definitely be bigger, whether you do better and make sales depends on how well you market it...something we can help you with. I don't know the patio set he sold he just told me about it.
2:00pm - Mr. Fry - aw come on look at the patio sets Doba are promoting, then look at eBay completed items..... then tell me how many patio sets sold on eBay's completed listings in the past 15 days. It'll only take you a few minutes
2:01pm - Tyler - I'm getting on an appointment right now. I don't have time. If I'm slow on answering in here that's why
2:02pm - Mr. Fry - hey, I'm supposedly a client answer my questions please...all of them!!
2:02pm - Mr. Fry - where is the rest of your team? .
2:07pm - Mr. Fry - hello Tyler?
2:10pm - Tyler - Peter, I'm on a call right now. If you could get back on the chat one of the other coaches will be able to talk with you.
2:12pm - Mr. Fry - but I have to go through things with them from the start, I've given you a lot there and am awaiting answers. How come I can't get through when I call? Give the others that call and focus on my issues please
2.13pm - Mr. Fry - Blake didn't want to deal with the issues on Friday and went missing, I want resolution on this coaching and Doba. As I understand it you ware encouraging me to sell Doba products on a website and forget about eBay because there is no margins there
2:27pm - Mr. Fry - am I correct in saying that?
2:30pm - Mr. Fry - hello Blake is that correct?
2:31pm - Mr. Fry - sorry Tyler I called you Blake :-)
2:34pm - Tyler - not saying there are no margins in ebay there just harder to find. It's up to you in the end, but doing a site is my suggestion
2:35pm - Mr. Fry - it would take a lot of money and time to make $2000/$3000 a month on eBay and Doba don't have the products to put on eBay to make that each month?
2:40pm - Tyler - I can't say they don't because other people have done it...it's doable but harder to find those margins
2:44pm - Mr. Fry - maybe in the past a long time ago but not now. You, Blake and me couldn't identify one Doba product over many hours that sells regularly on eBay.
2:46pm - Mr. Fry - I reckon those that do it buy a large quantity of a product from Doba at a preferential rate and can then sell at cheaper than an ordinary person because they have this deal done and consequently can get margins
2:46pm - Mr. Fry - but it takes money and a lot of it to make money
2:58pm - Mr. Fry - wouldn't you agree Tyler?
3:11pm - Tyler - No, they're doing it exactly as you would, they've just put in the time to figure out what is profitable and what's not
3:12pm - Mr. Fry - ok then lets go again, fine me one, just one product please!!!
3:13pm - Tyler - Peter, I'm headed out of the office right now, if you'd like to get back on the chat one of the other coaches can assist you.
3:14pm - Mr. Fry - just put someone on please Tyler
3:15pm - Tyler - you have to request a chat before someone else can get on...that's how the system works
3:15pm - Mr. Fry - so I have to start again?...no progress in two and a ha lf hours
3:17pm - Tyler - I explained to you earlier that I'd shared your wants with the others. They're are ready to help you but I'm on my way out. Hope you decide to get on again with one of the others. Bye

I sent an email on 29th April requesting my money back

Mr Ginsberg called me and said I couldn't get my money back because I only had three days to evaluate what was being presented (this was the first time I was aware of this although he insisted when I signed the form I had agreed to that)
This coaching coarse is a disaster as you can see above, a lot of the videos don't work and the coaches can't deliver on what was promoted

A few months later Mr Ginsbeg came back to Dublin and I went to meet him but he had me barred from attending a seminar he was doing. He refused to speak to me . I met one of his colleagues, Adam Steinberg and told him of my experience and showed him these logs. He was surprised at the way I had been treated and said he'd talk to Adam and get back to me. Thats the last I have heard from either of them

VISA said it was a quality of service issue and washed their hands of it.
I couldn't afford to take on Adam legally, its a waste of time so I'm doing it this way.
I am letting others decide about the quality of service based on the logs above.
If I can save one person the distress I have been through and am going through, this  would have been worth it
I have reported this so that others out there are aware of my experience.
$5000 is a lot of money and I have to pay it back $100 a month for over 60 months.
On my small income this is a huge hardship.
The way I see it, I paid for this very wealth individual's trip over and his hotel with the $5000 he got from me.
I intend to let anyone organising an event he speaks at and anyone attending an event he is to make his pitch at know about my plight

Footnote: I was told by one of the organisers of the event that Adam Ginsberg will not be brought back by them again, I was not the only one to complain to them

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#1 Consumer Comment

Adam Ginsberg's Boiler Room

AUTHOR: anonymous 1 - (United States of America)

POSTED: Saturday, April 10, 2010
This was my exact experience to the letter years before your experience. Adam Ginsberg clears the internet of people telling of their bad experiences through threat of lawsuit so that whenever he holds seminars nobody can bring up negative feedback. Now that I see they pull the exact same tricks it reminds me of the movie Boiler Room, it's very much the same concept as far as giving a line which really isn't true such as "Adam Ginsberg's exclusive warehouse" which is Doba so they lie and somebody needs to sneak hidden cameras into the seminars to prove this.

The example of the warehouse pricing compared to ebay actual sales price is a lie. Fact is there is no profit or no real profits to be made using Doba and nobody needs to sign up for a $2000 or $5000 seminar when all you have to do is go directly to Doba then sell on ebay but it's useless because whoever is selling the same items on ebay for your Doba buy price must be getting their merchandise much lower than Doba list prices from some other vendor.

The Adam Ginsberg's coaches remind me exactly like the sellers in the movie Boiler Room, and they are really good at what they do but interestingly a person can't refer to Adam Ginsberg as a scam artist nor his program a sham or fraud without experiencing lash-back by Adam Ginsberg's lawyers so one has to be careful not to use true words to explain his business practices but the more politically correct words and facts only.

Anybody who hears that this circus is in town really needs to copy these reports then go to every local investigative reporter in town. They are very good at getting hidden cameras into places, maybe could pay the entry fees then while recording every conversation could be the first to bust this story wide open. It's not exactly like Boiler Room but very similar and not really a ponzi scheme but very similar. Fact is in relation to Adam Ginsberg's ebay program. It does not work, you get nothing of value for what you have paid and coaches provide no service that is of value but only string you on long enough to make it so you go over your money back period It's a very smooth and well calculated operation.
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#2 Consumer Comment

Adam Ginsberg is not one to mess with, an email to me

AUTHOR: Kevin - (United States of America)

POSTED: Friday, January 29, 2010

An email to me:

Hi, Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Unfortunately in this world conveying those opinions without doing so in a legal matter can set you up for legal problems.

You are obviously a smart person, you made some very good points in your last email about how corporations and things are done. I realize the frustration you are having. But there are the right way, and the not-so-right way of handling a situation. Thats why there are court systems in this world. I realize handling things are not cheap, but unfortunately that is how things are.

You most likely view me as the enemy, but Im not. If anything Im being upfront and honest to you. You are about to get sued. There is no nice way I can put this.

Mr. Ginsberg has a lawyer, who will have no problem taking you to court. Im not a judge and can not tell you what the outcome will be.

But its apparent that court is never a fun place, nor cheap place.  This is NOT a DMCA complaint. I like to call this a fair chance to do whats necessary to handle things properly.

Mr. Ginsberg runs a business and you are defaming his name and his business.  Your personal problem should not affect his business. You need to do what is right legally, because you are setting yourself up for legal problems.

My job strictly is to give you a fair chance to take down your website. Mr Ginsberg does not want to sue you, but he will have no problem doing so. My job is to help mediate this situation before it becomes a legal problem. I would personally suggest taking down the website to avoid a lawsuit, but its your decision. Please let me know how you would like to proceed,


Frank Rose
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#3 Consumer Comment

Adam Ginsberg threatens lawsuit for defimation of character

AUTHOR: Kevin - (United States of America)

POSTED: Thursday, January 28, 2010
Very quickly Adam Ginsberg staff debates most posts online, calls people liars and in my case I rapidly got an email from Adams lawyer. This is how he keeps the internet so squeaky clean of complaints, it is exactly how I thought it was since I took the course in 2006, I knew I could not be the only one and here is the email.

My name is Frank Rose from DMCA.com and Behalf of my client Adam Ginsberg, Im writing a letter to discuss the information contained on the website: I am not allowed to post a website here

Calling Adam Ginsberg a scammer and his business a scam is considered defamation of character. Labeling cons he hired is also a defamation of character as well.

Mr. Ginsberg has had 1000s of happy and successful clients over the years. He is a successful business owner and has continued operating his business for the fact that he is not a scammer.

There are other points you stated in your website such as one of the reps or supervisors I forget his position. Thats a very strong statement not knowing who you were dealing with yet making false claims about his business.

You claim they made you sign papers dated the 12th on the 9th? I would like to see proof of that, because why would you go about signing a legal document when the date was wrong.

That alone doesnt say much about your character since you knew you had a certain amount of time to get a refund. Why would you then sign the papers?

Youve made some serious accusations on this website, and Mr. Ginsberg is in the process of filing legal charges against you for financial damages you have caused his business.

We hope you will do the right thing and remove this immediately.


Frank Rose


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