Report: #1351065

Complaint Review: California State University; Board of Trustees

  • Submitted: Sat, January 21, 2017
  • Updated: Thu, July 06, 2017
  • Reported By: Toweringeggman — Stockton California USA
  • California State University; Board of Trustees
    401 Golden Shore
    Long Beach, California

California State University; Board of Trustees CSU Board of Trustees Violation of the Donohoe Act aka Division 16.5 of the California Education Code Long Beach California

*Author of original report: American Bar Assoc. 2011. Framroze Virjee, "Interaction between Criminal and Civil Law". Virjee’s advises others how to stay out of jail.

*Author of original report: CSU Vice Chancellor, John Swarbrick, noticed Cal State San Bernardino of their lawful requirements. Chancellor Tim White, concealed that in a DOJ investigation in early 2016.

*Author of original report: Hook or by Crook: General Council, Framrose Virjee, violates multiple subsections of the Calif State Bar Rule 8.4. Will Subordinates Idle Stand By?

*Author of original report: Tim White, Tomas Morales, Framrose Virjee, are statutorily required to protect the CSU name and the production of fake degrees and certificates.

*Author of original report: Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve,--- Stayed in Africa. Framrose Virjee’s selection as General Council over Africa imperils us all.

*Author of original report: CSU Council, William C. Hsu: Coward, Moral Wimp, Actual Malice; the New Normal; or has William been compartmentalized?

*Author of original report: Key Strategic Player, General Council, Virjee Framrose, dismantles student complaint mechanisms; concealed Criminal Activity & Boasts of Underserved Students Entering CSU' Dangerous Quagmire

*Author of original report: Board of Trustees & Chancellor White, vet CSUSB Pres.Tomas Morales and conceal an exhausting trail of illegal activity as CSU is selling degrees and college credits to Foreign Nationals

*Author of original report: CSU Board of Trustees, Chancellor Tim White & CSUSB PresTomas Morales, flay state investigation on financial fraud allegations because they also act as Federal Overseer.

*Author of original report: Stanford Provost John W. Etchemendy conceals 20 U.S. Code § 1091

*Author of original report: Meet the Board of Trustees

*Author of original report: Stanford Provost John W. Etchemendy conceals USC 20 1091 Allegations

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight of the California State University. The Board adopts rules, regulations, and policies governing the California State University. The Board has authority over curricular development, use of property, development of facilities, and fiscal and human resources management.

The Donahoe Act - which grew out of the recommendations of A Master Plan for Higher Education in California, 1960-1975 - became Division 16.5 of the California Education Code. Along with Division 18, it defines the composition, appointments, terms, powers, and functions of the Board of Trustees.


Section 89030 of the Code provides that "the Trustees shall adopt rules and regulations not inconsistent with the laws of this State for: a) the government of the trustees, b) the government of their appointees and employees, c) the government of the California State University." Section 66607 stipulates that "The California State University shall be entirely independent of all political and sectarian influence and kept free therefrom in the appointment of its trustees and in the administration of its affairs."


CSU students & faculty: don’t bother attempting to report to the Board of Trustees (BOT) they are too busy overseeing the vast CSU system to hear and respond to CSU students. For over three years calls, emails, and formal notices have been ignored by the BOT. All board members are also unavailable to locate in their public or private positions directly. It’s an insulated group, which is untethered from it's legislative leash. 


Executive Order No. 1063: Intent to File a Complaint over State (Federal) Law Violations. 1

August 2, 2016

Jake \

10 / King Salamon

Al Khobar, Eastern Province Saudi Arabia

Monday, 02 August, 2016


Board of Trustees

Office of the Chancellor

401 Golden Shore

Long Beach, California 90802­4210

RE: Executive Order 1063: ALLEGATIONS: Minimum of Three International Diploma Mills, Obstruction of Justice, Witness Tampering. Failure to Report Fiscal Improprieties, Collusion, Fraudulent International Student Visas, State Records Tampering, WASC Senior Collusion & Fraud, Fraudulent CSUSB Re Accreditation, Violations of Executive Orders and Formal Grievance Procedures, Misusing Campus Police Resources & Personnel, Concealing Fraud Allegations since Dec. 2013, Misuse of State Resources, “Selling” CSU to Foreign Nationals.

EO 1063:

This executive order fulfills the requirements of the Higher Education Act Title IV, 34 Code of Federal Regulations sections 600.9(a)(1)(i)(A) and 668.43(b), by establishing a complaint procedure for CSU students and student applicants alleging that the CSU has violated one or more state laws, where there is no other applicable CSU complaint procedure.

This is an Executive Order No. 1063, complaint alleging that the California State University, Cal State San Bernardino and Western Association of Senior College Accreditation (WASC) violated state laws from 2013 to 2016. That CSU officials through numerous state law violations have operated and concealed at least three international diploma mills. This student, Robert Green and at least one state employee have made multiple reports of the academic fraud to state officials, state law enforcement, WASC Senior, the Council for Higher Education (CHEA), CSUSB Faculty Senate, and CSU Board of Trustees.

Executive Order No. 1063: Intent to File a Complaint over State (Federal) Law Violations. 2

August 2, 2016

1)July 6, 2016, via a widespread CSUSB campus listser, a retired state employee made detailed admissions of a Chinese diploma mill.

2)A fraud criminal complaint was issued (July 23, 2016) to the CSUSB campus Chief Jamsen and other law enforcement. A Chancellor’s office public official, Linda Hanson, flipped that criminal complaint into a whistleblower complaint that CSU then rejected. This fits an established pattern from January 2013, of CSU officials acting poorly and violating executive orders, reporting requirements and subverting their roles as public officials, while the diploma mills unabashedly operate.

3)Just discovered that CSU & CSUSB officials as public officials created a diversion of willful obstruction, state records tampering and manufactured facts from Dec. 2013, to the current date. The purpose of the diversion was to conceal the fraud allegations and attack the complainant. This ongoing diversionary and subversion scheme has actively operated from 2013, to the current date. At some point, the chancellor’s office became complicit. These public officials actions waive EO 1063, 30­day reporting requirements under federal law, as all acts to date are a continuation of prior acts to conceal the international diploma mill frauds allegation. See Feb. 2015, summary narrative to the Calif. Department of Justice (attached).

1.The complainant’s name, student I.D. number, mailing address and telephone number.

Jacob T. Wallace, SID 004483751, 10​ / King Salamon Al Khobar, Eastern Province Saudi Arabia 966­054­582­0567

2.The term and year of the complainant's last active academic status or the term and year the​ complainant sought admission to the university.

Spring 2012

Executive Order No. 1063: Intent to File a Complaint over State (Federal) Law Violations. 3

August 2, 2016

3.A detailed description of the specific actions that constituted the alleged violation of one or more state laws, including​ the specific law or laws alleged to have been violated and,​ if known, the name(s) and title(s) of the responsible CSU employee(s).

July 5, 2016, former state CSUSB employee sent out an email on the campus listserv and made admissions of a diploma mill, academic and financial fraud with unidentified Chinese agents and the CSUSB office of the president. See EO 1140 aka 1104.

Chinese students submitted fraudulent transcripts solicited by CSUSB, which is a pattern of WASC accreditation violations and state law violations.

Chinese students are taking 33 units per quarter or semester, which is ludicrous.

Chinese agents & public officials operate CSUSB outside of the control, laws and standards of the CSU, WASC accreditation, state and federal laws for personal financial gain, prestige, and international travel.

“Sold” units and degrees for cash, Chinese agents & CSUSB officials collected the illegal receipts of cash, internationally wired the monies, expended the money and profited from the fraud.

CSUSB state officials knowingly issued international US education visas to co­conspirators after illicitly creating a fraudulent admissions and diploma mill scheme outside and inside of the US.

South Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese nationals entered or will enter the US territories on false and misleading visa applications to participate in the academic fraud after paying cash to Chinese agents and state public officials operating the diploma mills. Korean students on campus now, Chinese students arriving in the Fall.

The chancellor’s office overseeing the state police on the San Bernardino campus mishandled a criminal complaint duly filed on July 23, 2016. That criminal complaint was flipped into a whistleblower complaint by the office of the chancellor, who then rejected their own complaint manipulation mechanism.

Executive Order No. 1063: Intent to File a Complaint over State (Federal) Law Violations. 4

August 2, 2016

Projected violations of State and Federal Statute

* 18 U.S.C. §§ 1346 §§1341, 1343, Honest Services Fraud

*18 U.S.C. §§ 1343 Wire Fraud

*42 CFR 455.2 Internet & Device Fraud

*18 of Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 57a)

* RICO criminal statute (18 U​ .S.C.A.§ 1963) in a scheme to illegally generate income for themselves and others through a pattern of extortion, favoritism, improper influence, personal self­enrichment, self­dealing, concealment and conflict of interest

*Criminal Enterprise Act (21 U.S.C. §848)

*Cal Gov Code § 82048

(a) "Public official" means every member, officer, employee or consultant of a state or local government agency.

*Cal. Gov Code §§ 87100, 87103 Conflict of interest

*Cal. Gov. Code §1090 Self dealing (contractual conflict of interest)

*Cal. Gov. Code §8314; Use of public resources for private or political purposes

*Cal. Pen Code §424 Misappropriation of public funds

*The Public Record Act: Cal. Gov. Code §§6250­70; Cal Gov. Code §§34090­34090.8 Failure to retain public Records and/or failure to allow public access to public records

*Common law and constitutional notions of due process

Failure to treat all members of the public in a fair and unbiased manner *18 U.S. Code § 641 ­ Public money, property or records

Executive Order No. 1063: Intent to File a Complaint over State (Federal) Law Violations. 5

August 2, 2016

4. The date(s) the alleged improper activities occurred or the condition developed.

The MA TESOL program since its inception in 2009, was solely designed and marketed for South Korean students by Lynn Diaz Ricco. 2009 to this date, state officials operate this diploma mill through a backdoor admissions fraud which includes an in house English assessment system used in the candidates home unmonitored, as opposed to internationally recognized assessments like IELTS.

State officials willfully accepted foreign MA candidates who had a baccalaureate from Korean taken in the Korean language. Korean candidates were then expected to perform highly rigorous master's level academic English work, when state officials knew they were incapable of said work because those officials had established a backdoor admissions process that was fraudulent and violates their WASC accreditation. In the left hand, state officials were advising students about plagiarism and academic dishonesty, and with the right hand, the same officials were subverting those standards through their fraud scheme. Turnitin, plagiarism software was disabled. These CSUSB public officials then created a watered down curriculum and set the stage for academic dishonesty and plagiarism. The Vietnamese MBA program operates the same. (see Feb. 22, 2014; Academic Formal Grievances attached. Note that there is also a non academic formal grievance, both were never processed and investigated even though the CSU chancellor’s office noticed San Bernardino officials (March 2014) of their obligations to act.

MA TESOL professor’s ignored several emails that outlined student academic misconduct that would be actionable under the college's plagiarism and academic honesty policies. An informal complaint was mishandled by Sandra Vasquez and Tainta Karmanova (Jan. 2015). Korean students should have been subjected to investigation, suspension and a suspension hearing. Instead, these public officials attacked US citizens and created a diversionary scheme to protect the illegal admissions scheme and the retention of the cash paying Koreans at the expense of the American students, who academically covered for the Koreans. The American’s education was swindled through the majority of Korean students that did not have an academic command of English. In a wrenching twist, the masters program instructed us that ESL students need at least five years of secondary academic English study to meet an ‘academic proficiency status’. CSUSB has awarded master's level education degrees to countless Koreans and other international students who are not at the masters level. Thereby, ruining the authenticity and stated standards of the degrees held by US citizens.


Executive Order No. 1063: Intent to File a Complaint over State (Federal) Law Violations. 6

August 2, 2016

5.A list of witnesses, if any, including their contact information and the facts known by each.

a)Student witnesses cited in the Feb. 22, 2014, uninvestigated two formal grievances.

b)State employee identified in the July 5, 2016, email listserv

c)All US born students in the program from 2009 to current.

d)State employees that were harassed and forced to participate in the fraud. DHR, Cesar Portillo and Douglas Freer.

6.Copies of any documentary evidence that supports the complaint. Descriptions of documents that support the complaint and, if known, where the documents are maintained and by whom if the actual documents are not in the possession of the complainant.

a)DOJ investigation and the 800 pages reviewed.

b)DOJ Feb 2015, narrative.

c)All emails and executive orders, grievances and communication from Dec. 2013 to current to CSUSB and CSU.

d)All emails, complaints with WASC and the WASC file.

e)All WASC agenda and board meetings from 2013 to current.

f)CSUSB campus criminal reporting and investigations from 2013 to current.

g)Four CSU presidents sit as WASC commissioners and act as the employer of WASC personnel that ‘independently’ regulate and accredit CSU. Vet these public officials conduct as WASC commissioners.

h)All letters generated by the office of the chancellor.

i)All letters generated from the office of the president CSUSB.

j)Access the foreign agents in China, Korea and Vietnam.

k)EO 1140 (1104) Fiscal Improprieties

l)CSU Sept 17, 2015 (complaint letter)

m)Feb. 22, 2014, formal academic grievance

n)WASC FOIA request.

o)Chancellor’s feedback, review and praise of the CSUSB president in late 2015, after the Korean fraud was concealed.

7.Signed under penalty of perjury, Tuesday, the Second Day of August, Two Thousand and Sixteen; the Day of our Lord.


Jake Wallace

Executive Order No. 1063: Intent to File a Complaint over State (Federal) Law Violations. 7

August 2, 2016

Conspirators and Co Conspirators:

CSUSB Campus

Tomas Morales

Bryan Haynes

Sandra Vasquez

Andrew Bodman

Jim Brown (ret) Milton Clark Tainta Karmanova Jack Pauduntin Ron Chen

Alysson Satterlund Lynn Diaz Ricco

Unidentified South Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese students from 2009, onwards.

California State University: Office of the Chancellor

Timothy White

Linda Hanson

Mark Crase

Cynthia Conway

Virjee Framroze

Lori Lamb

California State University Concurrently Actings as WASC Senior College and University Accreditation, Commissioners

Jeffrey Armstrong, President, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Janna Bersi, Professor, California State University, Dominguez Hills William Covino, President of California State University, Los Angeles Mildred García,​ president​ of California State University, Fullerton Dianne F. Harrison, president of California State University, Northridge

Executive Order No. 1063: Intent to File a Complaint over State (Federal) Law Violations. 8

August 2, 2016

California State University is accredited by the Senior College Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. This federally­recognized body provides assurance to students, parents and all stakeholders that CSU meets clear quality standards for educational and financial performance

Pursuant to the United States Department of Education's Program Integrity Rule, each institution of higher education is required to provide all prospective and current students with the contact information for the state agency or agencies that handle complaints against postsecondary education institutions offering distance learning within that state.

CSUSB failed to meet this requirement. Additional allegation.


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Updates & Rebuttals


#1 Author of original report

American Bar Assoc. 2011. Framroze Virjee, "Interaction between Criminal and Civil Law". Virjee’s advises others how to stay out of jail.

AUTHOR: - ()

Image result for framroze virjee africa




Virjee said, “After all, the goal for employers is to operate the business while minimizing potential civil liability and staying out of jail!

Here we have the CSU General Council advising the ABA about an employer's ethical goals, but Framroze Virjee’s actions are in clear conflict at CSU. In fact, Virjee has exasperated civil liabilities as a state employee and officer of the court. Virjee’s arrogance and agreement with Chancellor Tim White, may bid Virjee some time.


b. Obstruction of Justice (18 U.S.C. § 1505). (1) Similar to Section 1503, Section 1505 applies to anyone who corruptly influences, obstructs, or impedes (or endeavors to do so with respect to) “the due and proper administration of the law under which any pending proceeding is being had before any department or agency of the United States” or any inquiry or investigation by either House of Congress or any joint committee. 18 U.S.C. § 1505. (2) “Proceeding” under Section 1505 has been held to apply to formal legislative hearings as well as investigations within an agency’s or committee’s purview. See United States v. Fruchtman, 421 F.2d 1019, 1021 (6th Cir. 1970) (finding a price-discrimination investigation by the Federal Trade Commission to be a “proceeding” under Section 1505).


General Council, Framroze Virjee, from March 2014 to the current date, withheld information that academic and fraud allegations had been filed against CSU, on Feb 21, 2014. Virjee, later, concealed a civil DOJ investigation (March 2016). Virjee’s fraud is connected to the Higher Education Act & WASC Senior (Alameda, CA) a federally authorized accreditation non profit, operated through the office of the chancellor.  WASC Senior coincidentally concealed the same formal complaints as did the Chancellor.


Respond to this report!

 Associate Vice Chancellor, John Swarbrick, Human Resources (ret, 2017) was a also a member of the Chancellor, Tim White’s executive committee. We see John Swarbrick as an ethical man, when so many at the chancellor’s office have acted so poorly. Think Tim White, GC Framroze Virjee, & VC Mark Crase.

John Swarbrick noticed CSUSB (Milton Clark) that CSU has a functional formal grievance procedure (Mar. 22, 2014) and later, that retaliation is unlawful (April 2014). CSUSB Pres. Tomas Morales then embarked on a trail of subverting the grievances and dishing out retaliation like it was an open buffet.


In 2017, John Swarbrick is retired and Tim White’s & Pres. Tomas Morales’ fraud scheme is bubbling to the surface.  


Thank you, John Swarbrick!


The arrogant lawless lawyer, Framroze Virjee, a Tim White hire as CSU’s underbelly is exposed


Respond to this report!

#3 Author of original report

Hook or by Crook: General Council, Framrose Virjee, violates multiple subsections of the Calif State Bar Rule 8.4. Will Subordinates Idle Stand By?

AUTHOR: - ()


May 12, 2016 - "The California State University Office of General Counsel is committed to act with integrity, knowledge of the law, and reason, in support of the dynamic educational environment of the CSU".

There's a palatable air of smugness with Framrose Virjee. As we reported, from March 22, 2014, through 2017, the General Council's office has been notified of an ongoing fraud at Cal State San Bernardino.
Framrose Virjee, plucked from retirement and seeking a key strategic position is ground center on covering up an array of misconduct since 2014,  that any regular Framrose would have been held accountable for. Virjee, in fact, could easily reform the system by simple manning up. But Virjee's arrogance places the GC above the law.
What about the 20 attorney's below Virjee, they to, are required by statue to report the fraud of an officer of the court. Virjee's career ending event could be left in the hands of subordinates, that are lawfully required to do the right thing. As for Buggy Eye, Adam Lanza's papa. the state is constipated with overpaid employees that cannot uphold their lawful duties.



Image result for framroze virjeeimage of G. Andrew JonesvImage result for adam lanza

Framrose Virjee, Vice Chan & GC                       Andrew Jones, Vice Chan & DGC


from: Prof. Jake<>
to: "Virjee, Framroze" <>



7 June 2017

CSU General Council,
This is to inform CSU attorney's that their boss, GC Framrose Virjee, has placed education law on its head, 
knocked the wind out of student complaint mechanisms, concealed allegations of fraudulently received federal financial aid; and a series of illegal acrobatics perpetrated at Cal State San Bernardino campus and the Office of the Chancellor.
As we reported on Mr. Hsu' area of expertise, no attorney can act responsible until the fraud complaints that were never investigated are. We know that the Chancellor's office acted irresponsible to include Virjee's statutory requirements as a state employee and attorney. Not one of you can assist without jeopardizing your career, it's the same oppressive top-down work environment at San Bernardino. It would only take one attorney to pull the correct lever to ensure an investigation. Virjee could go after me for, say, libel, that would flush the facts out. 
Jake Wallace


Framrose Virjee's knowledge and intricacies of the law are so impressive that Virjee's scores 100%. Virjee knows he's untouchable w/o taking Chancellor Tim White, down with him. State officials committing criminal acts are a menace to us all and almost impossible to hold accountable.


Rule 8.4 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct contains the following statements on attorney misconduct:

It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

(a) Violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to doso, or do so through the acts of another;

(b) Commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects;

(c) Engage in conduct involving dishonesty, Fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

(d) Engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice;

(e) State or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official;











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#4 Author of original report

Tim White, Tomas Morales, Framrose Virjee, are statutorily required to protect the CSU name and the production of fake degrees and certificates.

AUTHOR: - ()

These overpaid state employee's are surely not criminal masterminds, but what they are may be far worse. Meet the Fraudsters @ CSU. Ironically, not one of them are US born.

Image result for csu tim white

CSU Chancellor, Tim White. 

Image result for csu tomas morales

CSU San Beranrdino, President Tomas Morales

Image result for csu framroze virjee

General Council. Framrsoe Virjee

University Diplomas

The California State University does (not) sell, or license for sale, any diplomas, certificates, transcripts or recommendations from any of its campuses.

We now know that while this may have been true, from 2009, Cal State San Bernardino, has marketed and ‘sold’ an MA TESOL degree to South Korean students in a cash for credit/degree swap. The fraud admits students through “Tell Me More” a nonsense at home ‘English academic assessment’ (accreditation violation) and bypasses IELTS or CAE (Cambridge Advanced English)  internationally recognized assessments. The fraud also included watered-down academics, plagiarism, fraud and academic dishonesty. Some foreign students were below the high school level in their English skills. And MA TESOL is worth gold in Korea. As important, CSU officials committed illegal acrobatic stunts to conceal our state officials willfully ‘selling’ CSU for cash, standards be damned.

In recent years, some commercial vendors have emerged offering to sell what appear to be CSU and other well-known institutional diplomas. These "diploma mills" are operating without authority and have no affiliation to CSU.

Actually, in recent years, at least one top CSU official, President Tomas Morales, has operated multiple diploma and credits for cash schemes to financially support CSU’s operations. These CSU sponsored mills are operating with the full authority and affiliation of the CSU Board of Trustees & their federal overseer, WASC Senior, a non profit, covertly operated through the chancellor’s office.

Diploma mills are a concern to CSU because they cheapen college degrees by making them available without college-level work. They cast doubt on genuine degrees. They confuse employers, licensing agencies, and the public. Wherever CSU learns of its name being used inappropriately by any diploma mill, it takes immediate steps to stop this practice.

We have outlined a series of subversive criminal acts that were either smoke screens or frauds to conceal CSU’s diploma mill and federal financial aid fraud. CSU officials, themselves, have cheapened the MA TESOL & MBA’s to mere caricatures of an actual authentic degree.  Not only are employers duped through these fake degrees, but the US Dept of Education hasn’t acted to stop these frauds.

The purchase or sale of a CSU degree is illegal

Under California Education Code section 32381, anyone who prepares, manufactures, or prints for compensation a degree or diploma without written authorization from the issuing school is guilty of a misdemeanor.

In addition, under California Education Code section 32382, anyone who buys or uses a diploma or degree that has been fraudulently or illegally issued, illegally obtained, counterfeited, materially altered, or found, is also guilty of a misdemeanor, and can be fined or jailed.

This is the kicker, Calif State University, involved unwitting citizens into their fraud scheme thereby exposing them to criminal charges. Calif Ed. Code is meaningless, when we have CSU officials , Chancellor Tim White & GC Framrose Virjee, committing criminal  acts, with no federal oversight.


Fraudulent diplomas may be offered in different ways

There is another form of a diploma mill of concern to CSU. Unaccredited schools that purport to offer college degrees based on minimal coursework or inappropriate life experience. These diploma mills sometimes use names that are similar to established universities. CSU does not offer its diplomas through any of these schools.

How about fraudulently accredited schools (CSUSB) that offer degrees with a backdoor admissions scheme, undermine student complaint mechanisms and hold hoax suspension/expulsion hearings.

Respond to this report!

#5 Author of original report

Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve,--- Stayed in Africa. Framrose Virjee’s selection as General Council over Africa imperils us all.

AUTHOR: - ()


Framrose Virjee, President, Yambi Rwanda

While Julie Virjee shuttles back & forth to Rwanda improving the lives of Rwandans, her husband, CSU General Council, Framrose Virjee, is busy knocking the wind out of student complaint mechanisms, concealing the fraudulent disbursement and receipt of federal financial aid, gutting CSU students rights, concealing hoax suspension/expulsion hearings processes, and generally toppling CSU executive orders, grievance procedures, common law and decency.

 In fact, Framrose Virjee, has assured that thousands of CSU students, UC California and Stanford students (amongst others to include faculty & staff) are powerless under the weight of an imperialist higher public education machine in California.

Lest us not forget, that Framrose Virjee’s unfortunate appearance from retirement was all done for the good of Californians’  and international students, as Virjee & wife, cojoin their non profit interests with the CSU frauds. Too bad Virjee didn’t opt for Africa, but perhaps this saves the Africans.

It’s quite an achievement and worth ending retirement to fulfill. Consider this, Framrose Virjee’s genocide of our constitution and rights to be free from harassment, retaliation, bullying, blocked from campus police resources, staged charges and hearings and students’ indebted, ripped-off and burdened with public officials' criminal acts.

Maybe Virjee’s just a complex man with opposing internal forces at work, who knows; a conflicted man. More likely,  an opportunist who took the job knowing the dirt involved to spike his pension and bank account a $288, 188 a year salary.

Respond to this report!

#6 Author of original report

CSU Council, William C. Hsu: Coward, Moral Wimp, Actual Malice; the New Normal; or has William been compartmentalized?

AUTHOR: - ()


General Council, William Hsu, is charged with overseeing and protecting the CSU name from rip-offs, scams and frauds. With CSU  selling it’s name for profit illegally, what should William Hsu do or what has Hsu done already? Hsu main job, is too keep his job, and as we have proven on the Cal State San Bernardino campus, the Moralless Administration operates under threats, intimidation, bribes and influence peddling; why would it be any different at the chancellor’s office?

We always want to error on the side of caution, because we’d like to have faith and trust in our public officials.With this in mind, perhaps William C. Hsu, unlike Framrose Virjee, does not have a “key strategic” position. Is Hsu window dressing. Sure, with General Council, Framrose Virjee', criminal acts as a public official, William Hsu, would be hog tied.

Nevertheless, Hsu, should be aware of the fraudulent acts of his superiors and at at Cal State San Bernardino.  As reported, it appears from the outside that Chancellor Tim White’s administration is heavily compartmentalized. That our, but under Chancellor White’s, control; expansive legal team is being used to subvert CSU policy and state/fed law.

CSU General Counsel, William C. Hsu & Framrose Virjee, know that attorneys can make the best criminals especially when they wield special powers as state public officials. Here we have an experienced attorney, William C. Hsu, who’s statutorily mandated to act lawfully, protect the California State University name, protect the taxpayers from liability.

William C. Hsu works on the council’s risk authority at the same time that William C. Hsu, either explicitly or implicitly entangles the Cal State University system into a vast academic and financial fraud scheme that is ‘selling’ the CSU name to foreign nationals for a cash exchange for credits and degrees.

What council William C. Hsu, did or didn’t know or do? With a background in Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, at what point do, William C. Hsu’ criminal acts enter into RICO?

– Govt. Co d e §§ 818.2 and 821 • §818.2 – “A public entity is not liable for an injury caused by adopting or failing to adopt an enactment or by failing to enforce any law.” • §821 – “A public employee is not liable for an injury caused by his adoption of or failure to adopt an enactment or by his failure to enforce an enactment.” • These statutes do not apply where there is a mandatory duty to perform an act.

William C. Hsu is a member of the Office of General Counsel’s litigation team, and serves as a resource attorney for sovereign immunity and protecting the California State University name. He also serves as Counsel to the California State University Risk Authority or CSURMA, a joint power authority providing insurance coverage and risk management to CSU and Auxiliary Organizations

Prior to joining the Office of General Counsel, Mr. Hsu was in private practice. His practice consisted primarily of complex civil litigation in areas such as antitrust, unfair competition, contract and intellectual property. He actively litigated and managed lawsuits implicating, among other things, federal and state antitrust and unfair competition statutes, the Federal Communications Act, the Copyright Act, the Cable Communications Act, the Lanham Act, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

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How California State hired a GC out of retirement

Why Fram Virjee came out of retirement to answer a call to action

March 15, 2016


Let’s examine what Framrose Virjee said, and next, let’s look at Virjee’s actions.

“I loved the CSU mission, and I still believed in what my wife, Julie, and I wanted to do in Rwanda,” he recalls. “Ultimately, I realized both roles involved serving the underserved, and there was a way to do both.” He accepted the job.

Virjee discusses the increased number of first generation college students CSU is serving. But Virjee created or perpetuated  a vindictive, lawless, unethical, process that’s unaccountable to no one. Thus, the CSU system will damage underserved people. Virjee’s the gatekeeper with the Board of Trustees in the dual role of Secretary. This is an established pattern in the CSU system; we have CSU presidents acting as federal overseers and the Chancellor’s GC gatekeeping the BOT. Virjee blocked a group of master’s students for years (since March 2014)who wrote about an array of academic frauds, a false suspension and dismantling student complaint mechanisms.

He stepped into the role after important conversations with new chancellor Tim White and other leaders. “I didn’t want simply to work as a lawyer. I wanted a chance to be part of the strategic decisions behind California’s most influential educational institution. And I saw that opportunity when Tim shared their vision,” he says.

We won’t get too much into Chancellor Tim White, (at this junction) beyond saying that White is an old befuddled man, who’s lost his shine a long time ago. White’s vision? How about fuzzy bifocals. White’s as morally bankrupt as Virjee and that’s why White wanted Virjee.

Virjee sought out the role of a key strategic player. How’s the academic fraud concealment strategy working for you, Framrose Virjee? We can see that Virjee is ground zero in the diploma mills fraud cover up and a litany of criminal acts to conceal it.

” In his first two years, Virjee has looked for opportunities to join CSU’s efforts to revamp admissions and improve both online education and financial aid.

Virjee has been particularly successful in revamping admissions as the MA TESOL program has a back door admission policy that bypasses IELTS and CSU uses a student friendly system in the private comfort of their home in a far away country.  In the Chinese pay for credits fraud, Framrose Virjee, has CSU unaffiliated unidentified Chinese agents making crucial enrollment decisions, but hey, since the transcripts are fake and the money's rolling in, who cares. The online frauds in the MA TESOL and MBA programs are very clear to any attending American students. Plagiarism, cheating, others doing your work, that is all a-okay with Framrose Virjee, at the helm.

After two years on the job, Virjee is seeing the fruits of the team’s collective labors. “This work gives me purpose and compassion, and seeing the results shows me that this is more than a legal job with no social impact,” he says. With the help of his peers, he’s making a difference for students in California.

Virjee’s social impact may be felt by students well after he’s gone and in Africa. Virjee’s potential legacy, failing any legal intervention. will reduce CSU to a highly compartmentalized top-down socialist style of governing. CSU is a public institution only by name and funding, Finally, it’s obvious that Framrose Virjee’s stellar qualifications are his complete absence of any moral code/

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As we reported here and on the WASC & CSUSB Rip Off Reports, Cal State San Bernardino, WASC, Chancellor's Office & Board of Trustees are all the same agency. There exist no checks and balances and federal laws that oversee accredidiation and federal financial aid are not being upheld. WASC is operated through the Chancellor's office who holds full control over the four current CSU presidents that concurrently sit as WASC commissioners. The collusion between these state public and non profit agencies is stunning.

Where is the US Department of Education in this bambozzling of the Public Trust? 

Once we understand the level of corruption and unprofessional misconduct that these reports outline with documents, the public can start to see that the California State University system is fully corrupted. This is crucial because the Chancellor's evaluation of CSU San Bernardino President Tomas Morales is a fraud, conceals Tomas Morlales' true style of leadership and cojoins the Chancellor's office & WASC in the fraud and cover-up.

Funny thing is, Chancellor White & Pres. Tomas Morales, know they have defrauded the public trust and operate outside of state/federal laws. Thus, it's important that we know as well. While it's laborous to go through each key point in Chancellor White's contrieved evaluation of Tomas Morales, after White upended the CSU executive orders, grievance procedure, chain of custody on state documents, lied to the Calif Dept of Justice, concealed the DOJ investigation and wrote a watered down version; Tim White laid to rest any illusions of CSU' ethics and accountability to its stakeholder and assured that students have no fundamental rights.

White then allowed Morales to continue as president.

Chancellor White & the Board of Trustees collusion and concealment of Pres. Tomas Morales' Criminal Conduct.

* the formal grievances (Feb. 2014) are never processed or investigated to this date; April 5, 2017

* CSUSB HR investigator (under a flayed EO 1097 investigation on Morales, Haynes, Clark, Bodman, Karmanova & Sandra Vasquez) said they would have to investigate the formal grievances (April 2014) and then stated they did investigate the grievances (August 2014) but CSUSB never provided any documentation to prove that after Milton Clark & Andrew Bodman, failed to follow the established procedues and timelines.

*Brian Haynes, under a directive from Pres. Tomas Morales, issued an August 7, 2014, suspension notice after colluding with the DHR EO 1097 investigator, while under investigation for thwarting the grievance investigations and retaliation.  Just for clarity, the Morales Administration appointed a subordinte interim HR to investigate themselves and then shook down the investigator with threats and misused false information to suspend this student while under investigation themselves. Chancellor White apparently supports these public officials use of time and resources.

* Calif Dept of Justice then conducts a private civil investigation after the antics of the Morales Administration was reported to the Chancellor's office. 9-months and 800 documents later, the Chancellor's office issues a 6-page report that conceals the actions of the Morales Administration.

* Two months after the below Morales evaluation was emailed (June 2014) a second Chinese academic & financial fraud is exposed through a longtime CSUSB employee. That Chinese fraud identical to the Korean MA TESOL fraud that the Chancellor's office, Trustees & the Morales administration concealed. The Chinese fraud has Rong Chen and Pres. Morales' fingerprints all over it




---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Chancellor Timothy P. White <>
Date: Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 3:01 PM
Subject: Chancellor White Memo - President Morales Review 2016
To: <>, <>

April 18, 2016






TO:                  Faculty, Staff, Students and Community

                        California State University, San Bernardino


FROM:             Timothy P. White



SUBJECT:        President Tomás Morales - Completion of Normally Scheduled Review



The California State University Board of Trustees and I formally evaluate campus presidents on a three-year cycle, in addition to annual conferences that I host with each president. I write today to inform you that the presidential review process is complete and the Board of Trustees and I are fully confident in the promising future of California State University, San Bernardino under President Morales’s leadership. 


We know the horizon for public higher education embodies both opportunities and challenges, and we believe that with the CSUSB community working together on substantive matters you will continue your ascent as a beacon of hope and opportunity through education and research in inland Southern California.


The purpose of such presidential evaluations and conferences is to keep the board and me properly informed of campus successes and challenges, develop concurrence on strategic goals going forward, and for the board and me to demonstrate our commitment and support to the success of the campus and campus leadership.


As you may know, in fall term 2015 we began the normally scheduled three-year evaluation process for President Morales.  It was his first comprehensive review since being appointed as president, and I invited input from all members of the CSUSB community. I am grateful to have received feedback from a variety of stakeholders from the campus and community. I thank each of you who took the time to provide substantive and candid input into this review.


I personally read every letter received and thoroughly considered the varied points of view. From that effort, I developed a comprehensive summary of the input for the board to review, while not providing attribution to any individual author. I also wrote my own evaluation, informed not only by the campus and community input, but by my visits to campus and interactions in the normal course of business with leadership, faculty, students and staff at CSUSB.


These two documents, plus summary information on students, academics, employees, and finances were comprehensively discussed in a closed session in March 2016 with the CSU Board of Trustees, President Morales and me. The feedback and discussion led all of us to a better understanding of the campus, the relationship of CSUSB to the larger community, and to the opportunities and challenges moving forward.


While I acknowledge there is often an interest by others in the details of such discussions, you may be aware that by law (Government Code Sec. 6254(c) and 6255) the results of performance evaluations for any faculty or staff member within the CSU, including our presidents, are confidential. Thus, I cannot share specific results with you nor would it be appropriate to do so.


In order to remain interested in and attentive to the future of CSUSB, I will continue to hold an annual conference with President Morales as I do with all twenty-three presidents.  His next formal review with the Board of Trustees and myself will be initiated under current policy in 2019.


Again, I thank you for the wealth of information you shared in this process. It was evident in all of the feedback received that there is strong commitment to the success of CSUSB. Please know that both the CSU Board of Trustees and I share in that commitment, as does President Tomás Morales.

Colleagues mailing list




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The Board of Trustees (see link) has always maintained a closed door insulated position through 2014-2017, In fact, the trustee student rep through each new appointment has also ignored the calls for help. The Board of Trustees' oversight of the vast CSU system is best seen through the Trustees' secretary that apparently does not pass on audit letters to the BOT. The Board would be aware that they control WASC & CHEA, which act as controlled overseers. 
In a stunning rip of ethical breaches and screw ups, Board of Trustees,CSU & CSUSB stumbled over each other and mirrored the other's acts to conceal the three known diploma mills targeting China, Vietnam and Korea coupled with the federal student aid fraud.
Through this attached six-page watered down investigation report that covered 800 cited documents, we can see CSU BOT & the chancellor's office officials the DOJ's investigative findings and churned out their own findings which is ridiculously scant on facts and avoids holding anyone but the Black Man, responsible.
Page 3  (1) foot note:  CSU claims that I never had direct contact with President Tomas Morales. This is such a blatant mistrust but crucial to Morales who's the last to be held responsible. Morales allowed subordinates to perjure themselves after Morales ordered subordinates to commit unlawful acts. I had dozens of direct communicative encounters with Morales, yet Morale hides in the shadows.  
Page 5-The Black Man, VP of Student Affairs, Brian Haynes, is the only one of the gang whose acts were substantiated at the same time the chancellor's findings conceal the more sinister acts by Morales &  Haynes. No poetic justice that the Black Man bites the bullet and that Haynes' appointed position and any consequences are on the shoulders of Haynes' puppeteer, Tomas Morales, who mandated that Haynes act recklessly. Not only did Haynes interfere with a retaliatory investigation targeting Haynes, MoralesVasquez and Dean Karmanova, but Haynes and later the chancellor's office conceal the facts that the formal grievances were never investigated. 
Alysson Satterlund, Assoc V.P. Undergraduate Dean of Students, in spectacular form at the suspension hearing (August 2014) Satterlund threatened to end the hearing if the formal grievance procedures or any point about the academic fraud allegations was mentioned. The issues surrounding the suspension were to exist in an external bubble with no nexus.  Satterlund, then assured that actual witnesses would be disallowed and promoted the lies and hollowed tales of Dean Tainta Karmanoza & Ethics Officer, Sandra Vasquez.
as long as she's in a position over students no student is safe on campus.
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#10 Author of original report

Stanford Provost John W. Etchemendy conceals 20 U.S. Code § 1091

AUTHOR: - ()


Here we have the Stanford Provost John W. Etchemendy in his polarized position as a Western Association of Senior Colleges (WASC Senior), board commissioner.  WASC oversees the accredidiation and compliance of student complaint mechanisms at Stanford, California State University & University of California (examples).

We have the Stanford Provost' complete failure to assure the public that:

Note: CHEA oversees WASC Senior

CHEA and the rest of the accreditation establishment, however, are missing a crucial point: The expectation that accreditors protect students and taxpayer funds is nothing new. In fact, a review of major higher education legislation from World War II through the last reauthorization of the Higher Education Act in 2008 shows that consumer protection has always been the main purpose of federal legislation regarding accreditation. That was the case in 1952, when Congress first leveraged the independent accreditation system as a way to prevent bad actors from receiving federal funds. It still was the goal in 1992, when Congress rewrote many of the rules around accreditation. And it remains true today. If accreditors are still incapable of performing this role, policymakers should explore alternative ways of determining which institutions can and cannot access federal aid.

Not only is Stanford Provost Etchemendy incapbale of performing the role as protector of the public interest, but it appears that Stanford University has circled their wagons to insulate Etchemendy from his careless and wanton actions to harm college students and protect CSU, in this case. How many other cases has Etchemendy played a role in subverting the law and ripping-off the public?


Stanford's bio:

John W. Etchemendy is Stanford's twelfth Provost. As the chief academic and chief budgetary officer of the University, the Provost is responsible for administering the academic program, including both instruction and research, and for the coordination of the administrative and support functions of the University with its academic purposes.

Here we duly reported to WASC Senior a diploma mill and fraudulent receipt of federal financial aid, which is a felony. Etchemendy with his supposed adademic and financial background would have had to knowingly defrauded CSU San Bernardino students.  In July 2016, a second diploma mill (China) was revealed via a longtime state employee. This makes WASC Senior's 2015 reaccredidation of CSU San Bernardino a fraud

John Etchemendy, Provost at Stanford University, joined the WASC Senior Commission in 2012. He has been a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy at Stanford since 1983. He is also a faculty member of the Symbolic Systems Program and a senior researcher at the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI). Earlier in his tenure at Stanford, Etchemendy served as senior associate dean in the School of Humanities and Sciences and as the director of the Center for the Study of Language and Information. He is a member of the American Philosophical Association, on the governing council of the Association for Symbolic Logic, an editor of the Journal of Symbolic Logic, and on the editorial boards of Synthese and Philosophia Mathematica. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Nevada, Reno and received his doctorate at Stanford.



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#11 Author of original report

Meet the Board of Trustees

AUTHOR: - ()

Meet the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight of the California State University. The board adopts rules, regulations and policies governing the university.

Ex Officio Trustees

Appointed Trustees

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#12 Author of original report

Stanford Provost John W. Etchemendy conceals USC 20 1091 Allegations

AUTHOR: - ()


Stanford Provost John W. Etchemendy, has a dual conflicting role as a Western Senior College & University Commission, (WASC Senior, Alameda, CA), board commissioner. Commissioner Etchemendy is required under WASC Senior's by laws and incorporation to act as an accreditation and policing agency over Stanford, California State University & University of California (examples). Etchemendy has the lofty responsibility of overseeing Stanford's (&CSU/UC) accreditation and academic excellence.  Etchemendy would earn an F---for the fraud he conducted. 
Commissioner/Provost Ethemendy and four Cal State University presidents concealed a Korean diploma mill and receipt of federal student aid, which would be unlawful. We know this because we attended the graduate program. Another diploma mills was revealed by a state employee in July 2016.  As provost, Ethemendy is Stanford's chief academic and budgetary officer. But as a commissioner overseeing the vast CSU system, Etchemendy is incapable of maintaining their academic standards and allowed the release of fraudulently received federal financial aid.
Let's assume that the Stanford provost is an intelligent ethical man that is invested in assuring that WASC Senior fulfills its federal mandate. WASC Senior operates  under the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) and is overseen by the US Dept. of Education. Major higher education law from WW ll to the 2008 Higher Education Act, clearly shows that consumer protection has always been the central theme for accreditation. But Commissioner Ethemendy failed to protect consumers through orchestrating a bogus diploma mill investigation and re accrediting Cal State San Bernrdino (2015). The fraud is also revealed through a second international diploma mill being operated and admitted to in July 2016. 


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