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Ripoff Report | Dan Eugene Call Review - Macungie, Pennsylvania
Report: #1466430

Complaint Review: Dan Eugene Callahan - Macungie Pennsylvania

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  • Reported By: Anonymous — Kioto Japan
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  • Dan Eugene Callahan 431 Simsbury Lane Macungie, Pennsylvania United States

Dan Eugene Callahan - Violated and then Entirely Broke Sublease, Did Not Keep His Word or ANY of His Agreements, Stiffed Sublessor $388+ in Utility Bills and Rent, Lied, Scumbagged Sublessor and Other Tenant on Electric Bill by Doing Laundry From Friday to Sunday KNOWING He Was Going to Break His Sublease and Ditch Everyone with His Bills, Originally from Macungie Pennsylvania

*Author of original report: Discovery on 11-14-18

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The following email which was written by and sent by the Sublessor to Daniel Callahan after he vacated property explains it all.  Note that the Sublessor is not posting this information.

To: Dan Callahan

Date:  10/26/18

As per the text messages I sent you last week, this email is to inform you that I am refusing to return your deposit based on the following reasons: 


You did not give me your forwarding address as required.

You did not pay your rent due on 10/11/18.

Along with the unpaid rent you refused to pay your utility bills, stiffing me for an approximate total amount of $388, plus remaining bills. 

You violated several of your sublease terms.

You reneged on every single agreement you made, both orally and in writing.

You entirely broke your sublease by leaving earlier than agreed. 


I am therefore not required to pay you one single penny.


I  will also be filing suit against you in court for the following:


  1. All unpaid utilities and household expenses you refused to pay at the old rental house.  Rather than pay your rent and bills, you instead chose to use very obvious and juvenile manipulation and delay tactics such as lying by claiming your check was lost in the mail and then using that as an excuse to not pay what you owed when you already knew and agreed that your deposit was forfeited for reneging on your initial agreement, surreptitiously moving things out of the house without supervision which was also a violation of your sublease terms, and then deliberately being ambiguous regarding exactly when you were planning on moving out because you were already premeditatively planning on blowing off your sublease and sticking me with your bills. Well I just can’t wait to get into the courtroom and tell the judge all this, because in my opinion you’re a real piece of sh*t Dan.


  1. All late fees for each and every bill that you did not pay on time, including $10 per day for each utility bill and household expense which was not paid within the allotted timeframe, and $25 per day for the unpaid rent that you did not pay on 10/11/18 and each day thereafter, up until you broke your sublease and vacated the premises.  (And yes once again I will state that you did break your sublease, but we’ll get to that shortly.)  These fees were clearly laid out in your sublease terms, and given all the s**t you pulled and the lies and breaking every one of your agreements, I’m assessing all late fees against you.


  1. All unpaid rent, utilities, and household expenses at the new house, until a new tenant is found.  You signed an agreement, your stated reasoning for backing out was not valid and in fact already a stipulation on Page 1 of your sublease, so you had no valid reason to break that agreement and are therefore directly responsible for your share of the rent here at the hew house, along with 1/3 utilities. 


  1. You broke the ceiling light fixture in your room, you told me about it that day you moved in, you said you would replace it, but like the untrustworthy liar you are, you did nothing. The topic came up once again when I specifically mentioned this to you recently, I told you to go to Home Depot to see if you could get a new one, but you didn’t do a d**n thing about it and instead chose to sit around on your lazy a*s playing video games in your spare time rather than take care of something that you were directly responsible for, while also using up electricity that you later also refused to pay for.  Breaking the light fixture and not replacing it was a violation of Sections 8 and 21 of the Additional Sublease Terms.  The cost at procuring a replacement, including time, transportation costs, fuel, etc., will  be included in the lawsuit against you.


  1. Carpet and room cleaning fee of $200.  You were told numerous times that you had to clean my carpet in that room you rented downstairs, it’s in your sublease and you agreed to do it, but once again we see yet another perfect example of your inability to keep your word since you refused to satisfy that obligation as well.  In fact, I should take a moment to point out that you did not keep to one single agreement you made, the carpeting and room cleaning being included, and now in accordance with Section 14 of the Additional  Sublease Terms, $200.00 will be added to the amount of the suit I am filing against you.


  1. Attorney Fees.  Should I choose to do so, I may just hire an attorney to go after you.  If I do, in accordance with your sublease you agreed to pay attorney fees and therefore those fees will be added onto the amount of the lawsuit. 


Sublease Violations:


  1. You were recently told before you broke your sublease on Sunday October 14th that all move-outs had to be supervised.  You were made aware of this rule just the week beforehand and knew I had to be present to ensure you or other subtenants weren’t taking things from the house that did  not belong to you, and yet that Sunday morning you deliberately got up early at 7am and began sneaking things out of the house like a thief while you thought I was sleeping.  I then intercepted you in the hallway and caught you red-handed.  Removing items from the household with the intention to surreptitiously abandon your rental with little or no notice, and also in obvious effort  to avoid paying your rent and bills, not only demonstrates your seriously deficient moral character but is also a violation of Section 1 of the Additional Sublease Terms, as well as Section 10.  And considering your underhanded actions, if I find anything is missing I will have you arrested for theft, guaranteed. 


  1. On the evening of Saturday October 13th, you violated Section 12 of the Additional Sublease Terms by letting your sister into my house, unsupervised and without permission, and claimed it was because she needed to use the bathroom.  I don’t care what she needed.  You were fully aware that permission was required before allowing anyone into MY household, you knew exactly why I had this rule in place and that it applied to everyone, regardless of whether or not they were members of your or any other subtenant's family, but you violated that rule anyway because you have no consideration for anyone but yourself.  This was yet another example of you and your delusional belief that you’re entitled because you stupidly think the rules don’t apply to you.  I also never even met your sister before, and therefore you let a complete stranger into my house, also doing so late in the evening when my door was open and thereby violated my privacy since the bathroom is right next to my room.  You had every obligation to call or text and ask permission first, but instead you had the audacity to take it upon yourself to make a decision you in fact had no right to make.  You also didn’t even have forethought or respect enough to inform me that you did this, until after I sent you another text complaining that you left the bathroom light on again, which you then stated was your sister.  Only then did you mention it, and I sure as hell did not appreciate you letting her in here late at night when my bedroom door was open, being able to look into my room and violate my personal privacy.


  1. Breaking your initial agreement:  As you already know, the entire reason I rented you a room at the old house in the first place is because you agreed to take a room at the new house, when I found one. I therefore added that agreement and associated terms to your sublease, which you read, agreed to, and signed. You also specifically stated that you needed to stay in East Penn Township, so I spent weeks limiting my search to that area only, and then I found a good rental right nearby, and what do you do?  Renege on your agreement and back out, stating your reasoning as, “you didn't want to be on the primary lease." Well I don’t care one d**n bit what you did or did not want, because I specifically  told you right from the very beginning that if I could not find a reasonable homeowner who would allow me to sublet the other rooms, then your being on the primary lease was the only other option and would then become a reality. Proof of that is right on Page 1 of your sublease, which specifically states that you agreed to those terms.  Personally I think this was just a bullshit excuse you came up with because you’re an incessant liar who uses people and are incapable of keeping your word, but in any case, your excuse was entirely ridiculous and without justification, as well as moot and without cause, because on Page 1 of your sublease agreement I specifically stated, "... when sublessor vacates premises for new rental subtenant agrees to take a room at the new rental and may continue to sublet if permitted by the owner, but if not then subtenant agrees to be on the primary lease along with the sublessor and existing subtenant Robert Sener."   So regardless of your excuse not wanting to be on the primary lease, that was in fact a stated requirement if I couldn’t sublet at the new house, which you agreed to by signing that document.  That therefore gave you no legitimate reason to renege on that agreement, that makes it legally actionable, especially doing so for the very reason you previously agreed to which was already stated within the terms.  This gives me the right and justification to file against you for every lost dollar at the new house as well, and don’t even think of coming up with some new excuse, after the fact, or try and make any false accusations about me or my good character or I’ll sue you for defamation as well.  You made agreements and promises you either didn’t --or had no intention-- of keeping, you lied and broke your word every single time, you broke the rules and your sublease, and that’s all entirely on you, not me.  Your parents obviously didn’t teach you the meaning of truth and honoring your word.  This now brings us to the next violation, and yet another agreement you reneged on, but first let’s go into the problems you caused, which you of course don’t give a s**t about…


  1.   Resultant Problems:  By not keeping your word and breaking the initial agreement, Robert and I each had to compensate for your bullshit by paying 50% of the rent and the two month’s security deposit at the new house, instead of 33.33%.  This directly resulted in an additional amount of approximately $2000 coming out of our pockets along with the rest of the rent and security deposit, for a grand total of approximately $6048.00.  You also thereby created another negative situation because by not taking a room as promised, Robert and I now have to pay 50% of all the utilities and future rent rather than 33.33%, until a new replacement tenant is found.  And until someone is found, I am holding you directly responsible for your share of rent and utilities at the new house which you would have been paying had you not broken your agreement, and backing out from an agreement sure as hell does not exonerate or negate you from the monetary responsibilities you agreed take on when you gave your word and signed that contract.  I also told you that by violating the terms of your sublease you would lose your deposit, and you said, and I quote, “Yeah I already expected you to take my deposit.  That’s fine.”  But then as of that Sunday while breaking your sublease by moving out earlier than you agreed, and having the audacity to demand a refund of that money when you were already fully aware it was not going to be returned because you broke BOTH of your agreements and violated the rules, once again we see that you think you can just give your word, make false promises, sign agreements or contracts and then just back out and walk off into the sunset without consequences.  You think you can do whatever you want, and I’m going to show you otherwise because after all the s**t you pulled, the lies, the deceits, and dishonesty as well as the monetary losses you caused, further compensation will be the consequences of your actions.  Losing your deposit was just one of those consequences, so suck it up and get ready for more.  This then brings us to the next agreement you reneged on…..


  1.   Breaking Your Compensatory Agreement:  This agreement was made as a direct result of your breaking your initial agreement to take a room at the new house, and therefore was a requirement, not an option, yet you treated it as if it were the latter and not the former and broke this one as well.  This demonstrates yet another perfect example of your self-centeredness and having no consideration for anyone but yourself.  As you are aware, this agreement was that you would stay at the old house until I secured the new rental, up to the date that Robert and I were able to move out, so that you would at least be continuing to pay your share of the rent as well as your regular share of utility and household expenses, thereby not adding insult to injury costing us even MORE money by potentially leaving earlier than the date we moved out.  You therefore agreed to stay and I even set those terms in your sublease as well so that it would not expire until we vacated the premises.  In the end I found the new house, the move-out date was then set to Saturday on 10/20/18, and once again you broke your friggin’ word and ALSO screwed us over not paying ANY of your d**n bills.  Oh gee like everyone has to pay for Dan Callahan’s life expenses so that he can play video games.  Like hell.  Since you forcibly vacated the premises early instead of staying until the 20th when Robert and I moved, and also refused to pay your rent and other bills, deciding instead to try and feed me some bullshit story about your paycheck being lost in the mail so you could rip us off in some ridiculously unjustifiable claim to your already-forfeited deposit, by not satisfying your obligations to remain here until the 20th you in fact BROKE your sublease by leaving early, which also forfeited your deposit, as per the following: 


    1. Section 10 of the Additional Sublease Terms, which states that your deposit will be forfeited if you forcibly terminate without my permission.


    1. PA law states that I can refuse to return your deposit if you don’t pay your rent or violate any other terms of your sublease, and you are guilty of both.  That also includes breaking your sublease entirely, but in any case you did not pay your rent on 10/11/18, and you violated a multitude of sublease terms.


    1. You violated the law by even breaking your sublease, which also makes you liable.  You were required to ask my permission first, which you did not do.  You were so busy worrying about moving out and getting away with screwing everyone over not paying your rent and bills that you screwed yourself over, big time, because now I’m going to hit you with a lawsuit for every single dollar you owe, at both houses.  How do you like that one, smart a*s?  So smug you were on Sunday calling me an a*****e when YOU WERE THE ONE not satisfying your obligations by cleaning the carpet and paying your d**n bills, breaking your word and agreements left and right, lying, sneaking things out of the house and for all I know maybe even stealing property that didn’t belong to you, and everything else you did.  And I generously gave you EASY secondary opportunities to satisfy your agreements, but instead you chose to be a hard-headed, self-centered a*shole.  For instance, you could have stayed until the 20th as agreed and paid your rent and other bills but no, instead you had to be a scumbag, apparently because of your delusional belief that you’re entitled like you’re King Dan of America and not liable for your actions.  And then on Sunday you also could have simply been a stand-up guy by cleaning the carpet and floor as per the terms of your sublease and paid the money you owed and that would’ve been the end of it, but you couldn’t do that either, even if it resulted in no lawsuits, because you’re a sanctimonious stuck up fool who thinks he’s above the rules and everyone else should pay his f**king way in life.  I even generously offered to rescind all the late fees if you paid up, but you STILL couldn’t stand up and do what was right, instead deciding to lie to me by claiming you were going to get the money to pay me and pick up the machine to clean the carpet, but instead showing up with a U-Haul truck and your parents with your shitty entitlement attitude and the NERVE to even THINK to demand your deposit back, after screwing me and Bob over so many times and breaking every single agreement you made.  You even insulted my intelligence trying to placate me by asking where to get the carpet machine when you already knew exactly where to get it because I had already told you the day before, and it was just another of your juvenile lies and delay tactics because you had no intention of even getting it or paying me any of the money you owed.  And speaking of your lies….


The moment you claimed your paycheck was lost in the mail I knew it was just another bullsh*t story because gee, how convenient that Dan’s paycheck suddenly gets lost a week before he’s secretly planning on breaking his word and his sublease by moving out earlier than agreed.  Your lies and dishonesty are exactly why I started demanding to know your intentions about moving out because I had every reason to believe that you were going to screw me and Robert over by not paying your bills, especially given the fact that throughout all of this you broke your word and agreements so many times that I could no longer trust a single word that spewed forth from your lying snake-tongued mouth like sewage. I had to watch you like a hawk, even late at night when you got up and began creeping around the house.

All of this, everything I’ve stated here in this message detailing all you did and did not do, it all goes to show that you’re a real piece of sh*t Dan.  Someone who can never be trusted because you are incapable of keeping your word.  Breaking your agreements and springing your move-out on me last second like that and without any notice whatsoever was a premeditated act to rip me off, and that purpose was also exactly the reason you were ambiguous when I confronted you demanding an answer about you potentially backing out on your agreement by moving out early and refused to give me a straight answer.  “Uh I don’t know.”  Yeah right.  What a liar you are.  You were just stringing me along waiting for your secret little move-out date to come along, with every intention of breaking your sublease and sticking me with your bills, which I had to pay, and that’s one of the reasons I am going to make it my mission in life to get you into a courtroom.  The second reason is because you actually had the NERVE to do all that laundry of yours from that Friday up to Sunday when you moved out, knowing that you weren’t going to pay your bills and break your sublease, costing me and Robert that much more on the electric bill like you were entitled to free laundry service before you violated your sublease and agreements one last time.  For that backstabbing low-life s**t alone, I’m going to make it a point to warn people not to rent to you, because only a dirty low-life piece of street trash punk with no morals would do something like that, after all the rest you did, and do it to someone who not gave you a decent low cost place to live, but also even bought you dinner on several occasions. 

So how dare you even think of getting your deposit back.  As far as I’m concerned you’re nothing but a freeloader and a get-over.  A parasite who lies, cheats, and steals, forcing others to pay his way through life by making false agreements and screwing people over, and then moves onto the next victim, all the while having the sheer twisted audacity to actually convince himself --or worst still even believe-- that he’s justified in doing all the rotten and dishonest things he does.  Besides making you lower than the slime at the bottom of a New Jersey scum swamp, that also makes you a narcissist. 

So how many other people have you done this to, eh Dan? 

In closing, despite what your narcissism tells you, you are not entitled to anything you haven’t earned.  If you want something you WORK and PAY FOR IT, just like everybody else, and you don’t go around USING people like lowlife trash.  That includes YOUR BILLS that YOU incurred, such as the electricity you used to clean and dry your laundry and play your stupid Playstation games, charge your d**n cell phone, take warm showers, and have lights at night instead of sitting in the dark.  Your rent was a mere $425 plus an equal share of the utilities and household expenses, that was d**n cheap, yet you disrespected me, lied to me, broke your word every single time, f**ked me over, and left me with a mess to clean up in your goddamn room along with a dirty oriental carpet that costs more than you make in two months.  So when it comes to your deposit Dan, I feel perfectly justified in saying go f**k yourself, and I don’t give a rat’s a*s who you show this email to because the difference between me and you is that I’m right, everything I’ve stated here is the absolute truth, and you’re the one going around breaking his word, lying and ripping people off.

I’ll be seeing you in court.  And no matter what you do, do not believe that this matter has ended.  When I have all the bills and receipts for evidence, I will be filing suit.  You can absolutely bet on that.

Oh and P.S. – You and your dad, who had the nerve to try and come at me twice in my own basement when he was in fact trespassing by even being in my house without permission, he didn’t scare me one d**n bit.  Same thing for you and your fake threat bullshit putting your hand in the front of your coat acting like you’re about to pull a gun.  Yeah right.  You really are pathetic and living in your own little fantasy world.  Even if you did have a gun, which you didn’t, the moment you pulled it I would’ve knocked you on your a*s, for even bringing it into my house let alone having the audacity to threaten me with it under my own roof.  Grow up before someone else actually does.


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#1 Author of original report

Discovery on 11-14-18

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (Japan)

POSTED: Thursday, November 15, 2018

There were two brand new cans of Rosenberg's whipped cream that had been purchased just before moving.  They were in the refrigerator at the previous house and then moved to the new place.  It was just discovered yesterday that Dan secretly broke part of the seal on one of the cans so he could remove the top and suck out the gas, then put it back in the fridge and turn the can around so that the broken seal wouldn't be noticed.

  If you don't know what that's about, it's called "Doing Whippets," a term from back in the 80's. You suck up that gas and it'll give you a big head rush and make you stupid for a few minutes.  What kind of person does something like that, knowing it's not even his food? 

What a complete loser, not to mention thief.  As had been stated in that email, this trash actually thinks he's entitled and can do whatevere he wants.  Don't worry, he'll be finding out otherwise and learn that some people will not be screwed with.  If you don't do things like this and expose this kind of scum they'll do the same thing to someone else, so it's everyone's responsibility to report these things.

The hope here is that this report will be found by others researching this guy before approving him for a rental, and they learn about what he did and throw his application in the trash, which is where he'll be living if he keeps screwing people over. 

If anyone out there is reading this, whatever you do, it is highly recommended that you do not rent to this guy. 

Same can turned around...


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