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Complaint Review: Debra Mitchell of TechnoCats Cattery - Escondido California

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  • Debra Mitchell of TechnoCats Cattery 942 Stanley Avenue Escondido, California United States of America

Debra Mitchell of TechnoCats Cattery, Melanie Lowry of Lollimops Cattery, Catinallity Cattery, Sugar Kisses Cattery, Chocolate Persians Cattery, Chocolate Delights Cattery, Precious Persians Cattery, Sandpipers Cattery, WestCoast Meow TechnoCats Cattery animal control removed 60 cats for abuse & neglect best friends with Melanie Lowry , "Annie" of Chocolate Persians Cattery Escondido, California

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Synopsis written by Lt. Mary Gagliardo Escondido, Ca Animal Control

The case involved a breeder who severely neglected her cats.
We were first called to a residence that Mitchell was supposed to be looking after while the owners were out of the country.
It was an extremely hot day, and there were approximately 20 sick cats and kittens in cages in the garage living in filthy conditions.

The drinking water for the animals was foul and murky; the litter boxes were overflowing with diarrhea and fecal matter; some had no room in their cage and had to sit right next to the litter box.
The cats were panting so we took them on exigent circumstances.
Mitchell retained counsel and they waived their right to an administrative hearing agreeing to comply with certain conditions and restrictions to get the cats back.
Mitchell relinquished some of the cats to us that day; however we learned she had another residence where she kept over 30 cats.
[ Melanie Lowry of Lollimops Cattery was at this residence and saw the conditions of the house and the dieing, sick, neglected & abused cats & did not do one thing to help any of those cats or kittens.
Melanie Lowry just walked away as if it never happened
It was located right across the street from Melanie Lowry own residence at 942 Stanley Avenue, Escondido, Ca
Melanie Lowry was guilty during the fact & after the fact of feline abuse, death, abuse, neglect of her best friend Debra Mitchell cattery of Techno cattery.] [Red text written by CACB.INFO]

A condition of her original agreement was that she needed to allow Animal Control inside her other residence to inspect the 30 cats.
She would not, so a Search Warrant was obtained and we went in.

Her house had no flooring; it was plywood sub-flooring.
We soon found out that was because all of the cats and kittens in there had severe ringworm.
Sick cats and kittens were crawling across the floor, diarrhea all over them; cats and kittens close to death with a severe upper respiratory condition; emaciated kittens, kittens with nursing mothers being maintained in small cages similar to the first residence, filthy water with feces and litter in it, so much so that the water was gray and murky; overflowing litter boxes with fecal matter and diarrhea; underweight, pitiful kittens being bred so that their heads were so large, their faces so flat that their nostrils were almost non-existent.

She was breeding for a feature that made it even harder for these sick cats to get air to their tiny bodies.
The worst thing we learned about Mitchell as we went along was her ambivalence regarding the animals and their care.
She fought us throughout the case challenging our findings on the care she was giving (or not giving) to her animals.
She did not hesitate to sign off all of the kittens for euthanasia; she did not care about their welfare at all.
Her interest in the animals was strictly revenue, and if she was not going to get them back to sell, she would just as soon nobody get them.
We had rescue groups lined up to take them and nurse them back to health, but she would not release them and sadly, many died because they were too sick and needed intensive, intensive round the clock care.
Many of the cats and kittens that had ringworm took three months to completely get rid of.
It was one of the worst cases of neglect I had seen involving cats.

Thankfully the judge in the criminal case thought so too (we still have to find him and thank him immensely). As John said, she is currently serving 90 days in jail, which is an appropriate sentence.
She is now banned from breeding and showing through the CFA (Cat Fancier's Association) with this conviction, and is not even allowed around a show environment for 7 years.
The info.about the CFA came from the regional rep who was following the case. The birds stayed with Debra Mitchell


Melanie Lowry of Lollimops Cattery AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery best friend released from custody!
Booking # 3713404
Charges 597 PC [B]
Synopsis of Debra Mitchell [Read above]
Debra Mitchell released from jail!
What Malanie Lowry of Lollimops Cattery AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery who owns the Lollimop cattery did not tell you, the "public" is she is very best friends with Debra Mitchell who owned the cattery named "TechnoCats" in Escondido, Ca., a CFA registered cattery.
That was a very sad & horrible story.

It goes something like this
Melanie Lowry is best friends with a person named Debra Mitchell.
Melanie Lowry of Lollimop & Reidy Creek Catterys has been friends with Debra Mitchell for many years now.
They use to hang out and go into the town of Escondido, Ca in Debra Mitchell's expensive car.
Debra Mitchell is well to do, that was told to me by Melanie Lowry herself.

Melanaie Lowry also told me, "that her best friend Debra Mitchell is mentally ill, because of how she was treating her cats."
Melanie told me how when they went into town one night, it reminded her when they were younger.
When the girls use to hang out on the street corners and the boys were there. Playing loud music from Debra's car and remembering those olden days when they were both younger.

Melanie Lowry's best friend Debra Mitchell is presently serving a 30 day jail sentence of being convicted of animal cruelty, and abuse and neglect against her own Technocats cattery.
Debra Mitchell had persians, himalayans and I think exotics short hairs.
Melanie Lowry told me when we spoke on the phone many, many times, "how mentally ill her best friend is". Melanie Lowry always called her mentally ill.

Melanie Lowry told me directly, "that she is also guilty of staying QUIET [turned a blind eye] about the abuse, neglect and cruelty that she knew was going on for a very long time about Debra Mitchell cats and did not do one thing to stop and help those cats".
I asked Melanie Lowry, "why did you not do anything to help those cats?". She told me, "she did not want to get involved because she was afraid that her best friend Debra Mitchell would call the Animal Control on her".
And how could Melanie Lowry live if her cats were taken away.
After all Melanie Lowry does make a living off those poor creatures.

Melanie Lowry did tell me, "she did take in a few of Debra Mitchell cats because Debra Mitchell actually forced them on her".
Then I said to Melanie Lowry, "how can you take care of her neglected cats and also take care of your cats correctly?"
She said, "she could not".
So then Melanie Lowry told me, "she was gonna give back the kittys Debra Mitchell forced on her because she was not up to this, and she was getting worn out, for caring for her very own kittys".

I asked Melanie Lowry why dont you just call up the animal control and tell them about the situation without giving any names? She said, "she could not do this."
WHY? Because if Melanie told the authorities about her mentally ill friend, her mentally ill friend Debbie would call the animal control on Melanie. That was what Melanie told me.

Because Melanie has over 30 + cats in a small shack.
You see Melanie Lowry runs a kitten mill, she always has to have kittens all the time inorder to pay for the rent & monthly living conditions!
It was in the newspapers I think the Press Enterprise.
They should have arrested Melanie Lowry also because she "KNEW" all along about all the kittys dieing and being neglected and did not do one thing to help those poor kittys at all.
Melanie Lowry knew about the abuse before, during and after her best friend Debra Mitchell was even arrested and serving a jail sentence for the feline abuse of her kittys.
Melanie Lowry was a first hand witness to all of the neglect, abuse and sickness & death, of all of Debra Mitchell's cats

Melanie Lowry of Lollimops himalyans are best friends with Debra Mitchell of Techno cats
Those kittys were in this neglected condition for a very long time all hushed up by Melanie Lowry of Lollimops himalayans so Melanie Lowry could protect her feline kitten mill empire.

All those kittys that had to be put to sleep all because Melanie Lowry of Lollimops Cattery in Escondido, California kept her mouth shut for fear the authorities [animal control] would be on your case with all her felines.

But you know what, her friend did eventually did call the animal control agency on her.
Because Melanie emailed me telling me, "someone called the animal control on her", and told me, "the animal control did not do anything to me, and I passed their inspection!," And Melanie Lowry said it like she was really proud of passing their inspection.

That was her mentally ill friend Debbie Mitchell who did that.

Debbie Mitchell the mentally ill cat breeder was going down the tubes so she wanted to drag Melanie Lowry with her also.
All this information was told me directly from & by Melanie Lowry of Lollimop Cattery in Escondido, Ca.
That is how I came upon this horrible story to begin with. The information listed here is not verbatim, but very close to it.

"Crimes Against Pedigreed Cats" by CFA registered cat breeder Debra Mitchell of Techonocats
These are the kind of persians Debra breed. With very extrem flat faces. It is a crying shame she was allowed to negelect & abuse her poor cats like this. Ms Mitchell told police she thought her home was sanitary for her cats. Please read the 5 pages along with the synopsis report from animal control.

Its a very sad day in the world when our beautiful persian cats & kittens are harmed and neglected by the very owners who are suppose to care for them. Its a sad day in this world!

Arrest Documents
Crimes Against Animals her own 60 + cats
Code Section & Description:
CA PC 597[b] Crimes Against Animals Date/s:
July 24, 2002/Sept. 4, 2002 Case #:
1139 Honeysuckle Way/2081 Audubon Glen City:
Escondido Suspect:
Debra Mitchell
Page 1.

The Department of Animal Control received a complaint of possible animal abuse and/or neglect. I responded to the call. On July 24, 2002. I arrived at 1139 Honeysuckle Way, Escondido, CA 92026, no one was home. While there I saw several cats in distress within a locked unventilated garage. Escondido Police Officers, another Animal Control Officer and I entered the residence. I found twenty-six cats within the residences. The condition of the cats found inside the residence, were varying degrees of illness & extreme sanitation issues. Due to exigent medical circumstances two cats were seized and transported to a veterinarian. A Pre-Impoundment Notice was posted for the remaining cats. DEBRA MITCHELL contacted the department & claimed ownership of the cats. A hearing was conducted on the matter of the impoundment & pendidng impoundment. DEBRA MITCHELL relinquished ownership of eight cats. DERBA MITCHELL had given away the remainder of the cats, including the one she claimed from the department. An inspection of her home residence was required by the Department to conclude the hearing matter. After several failed attempts to inspect DEBRA MITCHELL's residence, a search warrant was obtained for both residence. On September 4, 2002, a search was conducted at DEBRA MITCHELL's residence. Thirty-six cats were found inside the residence. The cats were all ill to one degree or another. The sanitation conditions within the residence were atrocious. All thirty-six cats were siezed under authority of California Penal Code 597.1 Permitting animals to go without care.

Reporting Party's complaint resulting in activity A02-159853


On July 24, 2002, a call was generated to investigate the welfare of several cats housed & maintained at 1139 Honeysuckle Way, Escondido, Ca 92026, the residence of DEBRA MITCHELL. Jody Harris reported the complaint to the Department of Animal Control. Jody Harris purchased a juvenile male red Persian from DEBRA MITCHELL. Within the first week of ownership Jody Harris repeatedly had to take the cat to the veterinarian & subsequently had to euthanize the cat due to medical issues. Jody Harris told the Department of Animal Control that DEBRA MITCHELL had stated she breeds & sells Persian cats.

On July 24, 2002, at approximately 1115 hours, I arrived at the residence of 1139 Honeysuckle Way, Escondido, Ca 92026
No one was home at the residence. I met with Shirley Eitland, permanent resident of 1142 Honeysuckle Way. Shirley Eitland stated the residence is not lived in & is owned by a couple, Wolfgang & Monica Shirnai, who reside in Germany. DEBRA MITCHELL is the property manager for the homeowners. DEBRA MITCHELL houses several cats within the residence. DEBRA MITCHELL comes to care for the cats once to twice a week. Shirley Eitland told me there was a prior complaint with the Department of Animal Control regarding the cats [see heading BACKGROUND]. Shirley Eitland provided a business card for the cat owner, DEBRA MITCHELL; Debra Mitchell CPA Segue Management Solutions, 11 Cramben Dr. Monterey, CA. 93940, [619]234-0494.

I saw the second story windows were open. There were at least two cats in cage like enclosures within the room. I heard a distressed meowing coming from the garage. From a legal vantage point I saw at least five cats inside the garage, enclosed in cages. Only one cat appeared to be moving. No windowns or door were open to the garage and I could not locate any source of ventilation for the cats. I could not see any water in the bowls provided in the cat cages. The outside temperature in the shade was 97.5 degrees. I notified Animal Control Lieutenant Gagliardo of the exigent circumstances present due to the lack of ventilation & water and the extreme heat. I conducted Escondido Police for assistance & coverage for entry into the residence.

I met with Escondido Police Officer D Vandervorst & Animal Control Officer J Taylor. We entered the back yard. The entryway door to the garage was locked. The windows to the kitchen type area of the house were open. A strong acidic smell of urine was emanating from the open windows. I saw two Persian type cats roaming loose in the kitchen area. I meet with Escondido Police Sergeant D. Lafton. after advising him of the exigent circumstances, we entered the residence through the open window.

I proceeded through the kitchen type area to the attached garage. Upon entering the garage, I could not even take a breath due to the overwhelming odor of urine, feces & extreme heat. I could not see due to the streaming tears from my eyes. The garage felt like I had entered a walk-in oven permeated with ammonia. Officer Vandervorst & I ran to open all the doors to the garage for ventilation. I found eighteen cats housed in cages inside the garage. While Officer Taylor & I checked on the welfare of the cats, Escondido Police Officers Vandervorst & Lafton secured the rest of the residence.

The Persian type cats housed in the garage had little to no water. The water which they had was containimated with feces & hair. The cages were caked with feces. None of the cats had clean litter boxes. Most of those present were overlowing with feces & urine drenched cat litter. Several cats appeared to have minor to moderate medical issues, such as mucus filled noses, evidence of bloody nasal discharge/mucus, diarrhea, & respiratory issues. Every cat had varying degree of matted coats & hair loss. One cat, a small black Persian, was so ill its eyes & nose were sealed shut with mucus & drainage. The cat was open mouth breathing & walking into the cage sides. Officer Taylor took photo of the cats. Officer Vandervorst told me there were other cats inside the house.

Reporting Officer: K Hudson I.D. # 1896

Page 2.

I checked on the cats housed inside of the residence. The master bedroom housed a mating pair of Persians. The room had feces piles all over the floor. The bathtub in the adjoining bathroom was caked with piles of feces. The two cats appeared to be in moderate health condition, with some grooming issues. A second upstairs bedroom housed four cats. Three were in cages with the same sanitation issues as those in the garage. One cat, an adult cream colored Persian, was very ill as well. It was open mouth breathing and had a severe discharge from its eyes. The water provided to these four cats was contaminated by feces & hair. The two cats free-roaming the downstairs had clean water & food. The adjacent dining area floor had multiple piles of feces in varying states of desiccation. Officer Taylor took photos of the cats inside the house.

I determined the small black Persian from the garage & the cream colored Persian from upstairs required immediate verterinarian care. I impounded the two cats under California Penal Code 597.1[b] "Permitting Animals to go Without Care". Officer Taylor transported the two cats directly to the veterinarian [see attached Veterinary Examination Report for A.] I posted an ACD 121 post-impoundment notice for the two cats, providing the owner 10 days to request a hearing regarding the impoundment. I also posted an ACD 121 pre-impoundment notice for the remainig twenty-four cats in the residence. The notice was for the owner to provide proof of proper care & attention including proper sanitation, food, water, veterinary care & grooming, or request a hearing within two business days with condition that the animals listed on the impoundment notice must be producted by the owner at the time of the hearing. I provided clean water to the remaining cats. I propped open the interior door to the garage to give some ventilation to the cats housed there.

During my investigation at the residence I met with Escondido Code Enforcement Officer S. Jacobson. Officer Jacobson stated he had an open complaint on the residence & cat owner, DEBRA MITCHELL. Officer Jacobson posted a notice of complaint to reduce the number of cats. Officer Vandervorst & I secured the residence.

On July 24, 2002, DEBRA MITCHELL contacted the Department of Animal Control & stated she was giving the cats away. DEBRA MITCHELL was advised to request a hearing and to follow the direction of the notice. An attorney representing DEBRA MITCHELL contacted the department & requested a hearing; the right to a hearing within forty-eight [48] hours was waved.

On Auguest 6, 2002, a joint hearing on both impoundment notices was conducted. DEBRA MITCHELL brought seven [7] cats to the hearing. DEBRA MITCHELL stated she had given away six or seven of the kittens to people outside of a grocery store & the other cats had been given back to the original breeder who lives in Texas. DEBRA MITCHELL relinquished the seven cats she brought in as well as the small black Persian that had been previously impounded. DEBRA MITCHELL claimed the cream colored Persian, under conditions that the cat was to be taken to the original breeder from Texas. DEBRA MITCHELL was to provide the new owner's [the breeder in Texas] information. DEBRA MITCHELL was only able to provide the name & phone number of the individual. A consequence of the hering was that the residences under DEBRA MITCHELL's control would be inspected for the remainign cats if needed. DEBRA MITCHELL requested we first contact Officer Jacobson from Code Enforcment as he had already inspected the residence.

On August 8, 2002, I contacted Code Enforcement Officer Jacobson. He stated he had inspected the house on Honeysuckle Way & & DEBRA MITCHELL had told him she moved all of the cats to her own residence. There were no cats in the residence on Honeysuckle Way. Officer Jacobson was concerned the remaining cats were still in her possession as she had refused to give him her home address. I gave Officer Jacobson DEBRA MITCHELL's home address. I told him, I was not sure if the cats had actually been removed from either of the two residences. Officer Jacobson stated he would continue to investigage the location of the cats in conjunction with his investigation of zoning violations.

ON August 12, 2002, Officer Jacobson contacted me and said he had been out to DEBRA MITCHELL's residence on Audubon Glen, Escondido, CA. 92027. He was unable to met with DEBRA MITCHELL or inspect the residence, but he had smelled an unusually strong odor of urine coming from the doorway to the house. I told Officer Jacobson I would try and make contact with DEBRA MITCHELL to inspect her residence.

On August 15, 2002, I went to the house on Honeysuckle Way, Escondido, Ca 92026. I did not see any cats in the garage area. I was unable to determine if any cats were inside the house. All of the windowns visible from the front of the house were closed. I heard the washing machine running in the utility room. No one appeared to be in the residence. I went to DEBRA MITCHELL's residence on Audubon Glen, Escondido, CA 92027. DEBRA MITCHELL did not appear to be home. There was a very strong odor of urine that increased in intensity as you approached the front door. I heard noises from inside the residence, which sounded as if several people and or animals were moving around inside. Again no one responded to my knocking. I posted a courtesy notice for DEBRA MITCHELL to contact me regarding an inspection. DEBRA MITCHELL never responded to my notice.

On August 20, 2002, Officer Jacobson contacted me and stated he had spoken to DEBRA MITCHELL. She had told him she was being vicitimized and only owned two cts. She refused to allow an inspection of her home because she is a single female and she had a friend who had been murdered. DEBRA MITCHELL refused an inspection with a female officer as well. I told Officer Jacobson I would relay all of the information to Lt. Gagliardo. I later spoke with Lt. Gagliardo who had been in contact with DEBRA MITCHELL's attorney. She was told an inspection of both residences had been arranged with Officer Jacobson and she could contact him for the results.

Only August 29, 2002, I spoke with Officer Jacobson. He stated the only contact he has had with DEBRA MITCHELL's attorney was a voice mail and a fax which he recieved. They stated he must cease and desist all contact with DEBRA MITCHELL & her neighbors or a harassment suit would be issued. Officer Jacobson further stated he had spoken to Grace Sloan a direct neighbor of DRBRA MITCHELL. Grace Sloan had told him DEBRA MITCHELL has multiple cats at her residence. There is an odor & noise complaint issued with the [continued on page 3]

Reporting Officer: K. Hudson I.D. # 1896

Page 3.
homeowners association which Grace Sloan is the vice-president. Grace Sloan told Officer Jacobson, DEBRA MITCHELL removes the cats from her residence when an inspection is scheduled and then will return the cats once it is over. Grace Sloan said DEBRA MITCHELL has multiple cats at her property at this time. I told Officer Jacobson I would consult with Lt. Gagliardo about a possible search warrant to inspect both residences for the cats & their welfare.

On August 30, 2002, I obtained a search warrant for both 1139 Honeysuckle Way, Escondido, Ca 92026, & MITCHELL's home residence of 2081 Audubon Glen, Escondido, CA. 92027. Arrangements were made to serve the search warrants on September 4, 2002.

On September 4, 2002, Animal Control Lietenants M. Gagliardo & E. Cikanek, Officers T. Lutes, K Mc Cracken & H. Homes, Senior Aniaml Care Attendant J. Schutt, Animal Medical Operations Manager D. Johnson RVT [Registerd Veterinary Technician] & I met with Escondido Police Officers K Armentano & M. Garcia & Escondido Code Enforcement Officer S. Moore, at the Escondido Police Station. We reviewed the search warrants and devised a tactical plan on serving the warrants. Lieutenant Gagliardo & Officer Lutes were to serve the search warrant at 1139 Honeysuckle Way, while everyone else proceeded to 2081 Audubon Glen.

On September 4, 2002, at approximately 0950 hours, Lieutenant Cikanek, Officers McCracken & Homes, Escondido Police Officers Armentano & Garcia, Escondido Code Enforcement Officer Moore & I arrived at 2081 Audubon Glen, Escondido, Ca 92027. I could again smell a strong odor of urine in the covered entryway to the door. The smell was stronger the closer I went to the front door. At approximately 0954 hours, I announced our arrival & intent to search the premises with a warrant. At approximately 0956 hours, DEBRA MITCHELL answered the interior door to the residence. The smell of urine intensified as DEBRA MITCHELL opened the front door. DEBRA MITCHELL refused & delayed entry into the residence by keeping the black metal security screen door closed & locked. Officer Armentano advised DEBRA MITCHELL that we were peace officer demanding entry with a search warrant. Officer Armentano advised DEBRA MITCHELL we could force entry if we had to, but would prefer to avoid possibley causing property damage by doing so. We continued this conversation for approximately five minutes, it appeared that DEBRA MITCHELL would not comply. DEBRA MITCHELL continued to refuse entry even after Officer Armentano advised her she might be arrested for delaying and obstructing a peace officer. Officer Armentano directed Officer Garcia to gain entry by other means into the residence. Officer McCraken & Lieutenant Cikanek accompanied Officer Garcia Officer Armentano and I continued to talk with DEBRA MITCHELL in an attempt to gain entry with her compliance to no avail. After apporximately eight minutes, I could hear Officers attempting to gain entry. DEBRA MITCHELL then left the doorway area to the inside of the residence, to parts unknown. Officer Armentano advised Officer Garcia that DEBRA MITCHELL had retreated to the interior of the residence. Officer McCraken then approached the front door after gaining entrance to the residence. Officer McCracken unlocked the security door. We then made entry into the residence. The smell of the interior of the house was permeated with a heavy odor or urine and feces. There was no carpeting on the floor area for the majority of the house. The floor was spotted with clumps of hair & feces.

Officers Armentano & Garcia detained DEBRA MITCHELL & issued a Notice to Appear for California Penal Code 148Resisting/Obstructing a Peace Officer [see Escondido Police Report 02-15317] Once Officers Armentano & Garcia had DEBRA MITCHELL detained & the residence secure I spoke with DEBRA MITCHELL. I told DEBRA MITCHELL we had a search warrant for her residence and I gsave her a copy of the search warrant [search warrant #324-02]

There were eleven cats, one adult [animal ID A839358] and ten kittens [animal ID #'s A839370, 839370, 839371, 839372, 839373, 839374, 839375, 839376, 839377, & 839378], loose in the living room area. The cats all appeared to be ill and in poor condition. Animal Control Medical Operations Manager [AMOM] Dave Johnson, Registered Veterinary Technician [RVT] began to evaluate the conditions of the cats in the living room to determine if those conditions warranted the immediate seizure of the animals under guidelines of California Penal Code 591.7 Permitting Animals go go Without Care. AMOM D Johnson then inspected each room as the search team found cats in order to examine them.

Officer J Homes took Polaroid photos of the residences & drew a diagram. Lieutenant Cikanek continued videotaping the interior of the residence. Senior Aniamal Care Attendant [SACA] J. Schutt, Officer McCraken & I performed a brief walk-through inspection of the residence in order to locate cats and to overview the conditions of the animals. The front bedroom area housed three adults cats [A839367, 839368, & 839393 & seven kittens [A839360, 839361, 839362, 839363, 839365, 839366, & 839387]. Some of the kittens were only several days old and were on the bed alone. Two of the kittens were lying on the floor of the closet. The adult cats in the room, although having access to the kittens, were not caring [feeding, regulating body temperature, etc.] for the kittens. All of the kittens appeared to be in poor condition, with varying degrees of hair loss, bloated looking bellies, listlessness. The floor had feces and hair strewn about. The cat boxes were overflowing with feces, some of which was diarrhea, and urine. There was what appeared to be blood stains on the sheets of the bed.

In the front bathroom there was one adult cat [A839357] lying in a filthy urine drenched cat box in the base cabinets. The cat's fur around its mouth was wet and discolored. The cat was continuously breathing through its mouth, with its tongue protruding

In the garage area, there were three tent-like enclosures, typically used for temporary housing for a cat while away from its cattery. In one of these cages was an adult cat [A839384] with six newboarn kittens [A839385-90] all in moderate condition. Another cage housed an adult cat [A839381] and two kittens [A839382 & 839383] all in moderate condition. However both of these cages were in close proximity to another cage which house two kittens [A839391 & 839392] both of which appeared very ill. The kittens both had a mucus-like discharge, labored breathing, and moderate hair=loss. The water provided to the kittens appeared to be brown & syrupy. All of the cages [continued on page 4]

Reporting Officer K Hudson ID # 1896

Page 4.
were dirty with feces/urine filled cat boxes & non- portable water.

Two more adults cats [A839379 & 839380] were loose within the interior of the residence & were confined in the downstairs rooms where they were found. There were several cat boxes throughout the house. Only one cat box, in the downstairs bedroom, that was clean. There were no cats housed in this room. The floor of the bedroom had dried puddles of diarrhea on it.

Lieutenant Gagliardo & Officer Lutes returned from the Honeysuckle Way residence. They had conducted the search warrant at that residence. There were no cats in the residence. They found and photographed, but did not seize, cat boxes, bowls & dishes, cages, and miscellaneous items for cat usage. They also found over-the-counter type medications for cats and multiple books and magazines on cats and cat breeding.

Officer McCracken and I searched through the downstairs office. I seized all paperwork, including several binders that pertained to DEBRA MITCHELL's cat business, TECHNOCATS. I also seized blank, signed health certificates for the import and export of animals. I also found but did not seize paperwork showing DEBRA MITCHELL's access to several bank accounts, fifty to one hundred un-expired credit cars, valid pilot license & passport. DEBRA MITCHELL had previously acknowledged an ongoing relationship, in the form of power of attorney, with the married couple that resides outside of the United States.

AMOM D. Johnson finished evaluating all of the thirty-six cats in the residence & advised the cats should be seized for medical treatment as authorized by by the search warrant & California Penal Code 597.1. SACA Schutt, Officers McCracken & Lutes and I loaded the cats into cardboard cat carriers. SACA Schutt took inventory of the cats and the location there were housed as the cats were crated. DEBRA MITCHELL volunteered information to Lieutenant Gagliardo & AMOM Johnson regarding the medication she had been given to some of the cats. DEBRA MITCHELL stated one adult female and her litter in the front bedroom belonged to someone else. She then refused to give any owners information to us, and said she had the cats too long to remember.

AMOM Johnson & Officer McCracken searched the kitchen area which included a large quanity of medications both presecription & over-the-counter type. On the advise of AMOM Johnson, I seized several medications from the residence [see attached inventory].

After the cats were loaded & ready for transportation, SACA Schutt & Lieutenant Cikanek drove the cats to the North County Animal Shelter. I secured the rest of the seixed evidence, both paperwork & medication inside my vehicle. I prepared a Receipt & Inventory form listing all items seized under the search warrant. I also prepared a Post Impoundment Notice, ACD 121, for the thirty-six cats under California Penal Code 597.1 Permitting Animals to go Without Care; sanitation, veterinary treatment required, failure to provide proper care and attention and failure to isolate sick animals. I then gave DEBRA MITCHELL a copy of both of those forms. I explained the Post Impoundment Notice to DEBRA MITCHELL. DEBRA MITCHELL then voluntarily gave the following statements.


DEBRA MITCHELL stated she did not understand the Post Impoundment Notice because "this house is sanitary. The cats do have proper care. They are under vet care. And the sick cats were isolated until all of your let them loose in the house."

I told DEBRA MITCHELL we had actually confined some of the loose animals instead of letting them out, loose in the house. I advised she or her attorney could contact our department within the allotted time frame in order to request a hearing on the legality of the impoundment. I then left the residence.

I then returned to the North Shore Animal Shelter. I stored the seized paperwork & medication in secure area. I then assisted Dr. K Jones DVM [Veterinarian] & N. Lindbert & Officer McCracken in photographing & initial cruelty examinations [see attached medical reports & photo].

On Septmeber 18, 2002, DEBRA MITCHELL, represented by D. Chipman "Chip" Venie Esq. Requested a hearing via fax & first class postage. A hearing was schedulted for September 18, 2002.

On Septmeber 18, 2002, at approximately 1000 hours, "Chip" Venie advised DEBRA MITCHELL was willing to relinquish ownership of thirty-four cats and claim two, which he said were the ones most like pets to her, with the condition we would in turn allow her veterinarian to claim the thirty-four cats and place with owners she had arranged. Lt. Gagliardo told him we would not place the thirty-four cats with someone who may indirectly return the cats to DEBRA MITCHELL's custody, but we could make arrangements for her to claim the two cats if she agreed to have them spayed or neutered. "Chip" Venie conferred with his client who refused that option. It was decided and placed on record for the hearing, that DEBRA MITCHELL wanted to contest the impoundment of the ten adult cats and would relinquish ownership of the twenty-six kittens. "Chip" Venie agreed to pay the relinquishment fees and sign over ownership for DEBRA MITCHELL. Lt Gagliardo & I determined the total fees to date on the kittens. "Chip" Venie was unwilling to pay the fees, which totaled over three thousand dollars. He once again went on record for the hearing, stating the fees would be paid in full on or before Friday Septmeber 20, 2002, or those fees would continue to accrue as if no relinquishments forms had been signed and the hearing would continue on all thirty-six cats.

On Septmeber 20, 2002, "Chip" Venie arrived at the North County Animal Shelter. He did not pay any of the agreed upon fees. He had two people who had stated were the actual owners of the cats sized at DEBRA MITCHELL's residence and that DEBRA MITCHELL did not in fact own any cats. Lt. Gagliardo advised "Chip" Venie we would not release the cats to these unidentified [continue on page 5]Reporting Officer K Hudson I.D. # 1896

Page 5.
people and would need to continue with the hearing. A hearing date was set for October 2, 2002.

On October 2, 2002, a hering washeld in the matter of the impounded cats of DEBRA MITCHELL. The hearing was continued to October 8, 2002.

On October 8, 2002, all testimony in the hearing was concluded. Hearing decision is still pending at the time of the is report.

Therefore I am submitting this case for the following violations committed by DEBRA MITCHELL; Sixty-two counts of California Penal Code 597[b] Crimes Against Animals, for the infliction of needles suffering of the cats in DEBRA MITCHELL care/custody. plus the depravation of necessary sustance of the eighteen cats confined within the garage at 1139 Honeysuckle Way. Sixty-two counts of California Penal Code 597.1 Permitting Animal to go Without Care, for the lack of proper care & attention and subsequent lack of proper veterinary care and treatment of the cats in DEBRA MITCHELL's custody. Sixty-two counts of San Diego County Code 62.673 Inhumane Treatment, for the cruel and inhumane treatment of the cats in DEBRA MITCHELL custody. Sixty-two counts of San Diego County Code 62.683 Injuries & Communicable Diseases, for the maintaining of cats infected with ringworm and allowing the transference of the contagious condition between cats. One count of San Diego Couty Code 62.668[d], for maintaining an animal premises which is a source of offensive ordors, human and animal disease. And one count of San Diego County Code 62.668[e], for the maintaining of a residence and animal premises which is a public nuisance and hazard.


On August 24, 2002, the Department of Animal Control received a complaint of possible abandonment and neglect on six cats and a "slew" of birds.

On August 26, 2002, Officier J. Taylor, after making several attempts of conducting the reporting party for more information, obtained the owners address for the complaint. The reporting party refused to give Officer Taylor her information.

On August 27, 2002, Officer D. Hansen went to 1139 Honeysuckle Way, Escondido, Ca 92026. No one was home. Officer Hansen saw three to four cats in a downstairs room. A couple of the cats appeared to be sick. The cats had automatic feeders for food and water. Officer Hansen did not see any birds. There was no carpeting in the areas Officer Hansen could see. Officer Hansen posted a Notice of Complaint for contact by the owner within twenty-four hours. Officer Hansen spoke to a neighbor who told him a lady comes by the house one or two times a week.

On August 29, 2002, Officer Y. Stephan arrived at the Honeysuckle address. The notice posted by Officer Hansen was still on the door. Officer Stepphan saw two cats that were ill, possibly with an upper respiratory infection. The cats still had food and water. Officer Stephan spoke with a neightbor who told her the cats belong to the property manager and the owner of the residence lives in Germany. The neighbor said the cat owner breeds cats and houses them at the house. The neighbor gave Officer Stephan the phone number for the cat owner. Officer Stephan tried to call several times but the line was busy.

On August 30, 2002, Monica Shipai called the department. She gave her phone number and asked for an officer to call her.

On August 30, 2002, Officer Lutes called the number provided by Monic Shipai. Officer Lutes spoke with a women who identified herself as DEBRA MITCHELL. DEBRA MITCHELL told Officer Lutes, she and two roommates live at the house while remodeling is being done. DEBRA MITCHELL said they did not receive the notice since they enter the residence through the garage. DEBRA MITCHELL said the cats do not have an upper respiratory infection, just ocular discharge due to the breed [Persians/Himalayans]. DEBRA MITCHELL said the neighbor probably complaint due to the prior conversation she had with the neighbor regarding the neighbors child being upset because he can hear the cats. DEBRA MITCHELL said the cats are being cared for daily. Officer Lutes signed the call off as No Further Action

Melanie Lowry of Lollimops Cattery, AKA Catinallity & Sugar Kisses & WestCoastMews & Precious Persians & Himalayans
Melanie Lowry is Debra Mitchell of Techonocats cattery best friend. They use to socialize quiet often. One of Debra Michell's catteries was almost directly across the street from Ms Lowrys shack. After Ms Mitchell was arrested CFA told Ms Lowry to care for negelcted cats owned by Ms Mitchell.

Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery & Sugar-Kisses
Annie Westlake was another CFA persian breeder with the cattery named Catinality.Com As soon as the news it the airways Melanie Lowry was best friends with Debra Mitchell, Melanie Lowry changed her name an cattery name to Annie Westlake of Catinality.Com. The mean reason for this is to sell her kittens.

Melanie Lowry of Lollimops AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity & Catinality Catteries
Melanie Lowry of Lollimops AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery makes a living selling kittens from her shack as she calls it in Escondido, Ca. Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake has a very bad reputation for selling kittens and cats that die of FIP. That is the Catinallity & Catinality signature illness FIP.

To read more about Melanie Lowry of Lollimops AKA Chocolate Persians and her other 7 AKA catteries go to

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