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Complaint Review: Empower Capital, Glongoo, JVREA, Dr. Seymour P. Kern ,Wendy King, Sam King - Nationwide

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  • Empower Capital, Glongoo, JVREA, Dr. Seymour P. Kern ,Wendy King, Sam King 7040 Avenida Encinas Bldg #104 Carlsbad, CA 92011 Nationwide U.S.A.

Empower Capital, Glongoo, JVREA, Dr. Seymour P. Kern ,Wendy King, Sam King BEWARE OF FRAUDULANT PONZI SCHEME OF EMPOWER CAPITAL, GLONGOO, JVREA, DR. SEYMOUR P. KERN, ALIAS "SAM KING " Carlsbad California

*General Comment: Dr Kern is a courteous and respected man

*Consumer Comment: sam king is a ripoff artist

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Dear Dr. Kern, Look below :

"Empower Capital, Inc." wrote:
Dear Larry:

What about your History to run a business even if it were given to you for FREE.
You are not an angel either.

*********My running my business in the past has nothing to do with our original agreement for you to give me $1,000,000 line of credit for my hard-earned $25,000 ! If you want to speak of past business practices, what about your Radial Keratonomy business and you losing your licence due to fraud ! I might not be an angel but I am nowhere near your caliber in terms of business practices ! I wouldn't talk if I were you ! My business mistakes were honest mistakes. I cannot say the same about you ! ****************************

We are in similar boats:

************* NO ! We are not in similar boats ! You've taken my hard-earned money as well as numerous other innocent victim's money and used it for your own expenses ! There's no comparison,
Period ! ***********************************************

There only two options we have regardless of how much you want to blame me for it all.

**************** Well, who's to blame ?! The person commiting the fraudulant claims and promises and taking people's hard earned money or the innocent, trusting victims foolish enough to fall for the scams ? If you're honest for once, I think you know the answer to this question which is self evident ! **************************************************************

1. For me and you to Stay Alive to fix it with mutual help regardless of the past or for me and you to

************* Frankly, I'm bewildered by your thinking.
I've already helped you by depositing into your Bank of America Empower Capital checking account my $25,000. You have yet to help me and deliver on your promises of a funding of $1,000,000
line of credit ! ******************************************

2 Simply die which is the easy way out by just taking an overdose of something.

*************Well, Dr. Kern, you are the one who has caused all these problems with your fraudulant schemes and broken promises ! You are the only one who can fix it ! No one in their right mind will ever retract the TRUTHFUL statesments about you
and your fraud without you first coming clean and
making good on your promises ! You've already helped yourself to our hard earned money now either pay us all back our money or deliver on your promises ! EITHER FUND OR RE-FUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, No more cheap word discussions needed at this point any more.

**************Good ! So you need to follow your own words and come clean ! ******************************

You will no doubt continue to talk about your same hardships on your side and me on my side.

**************I think you're forgetting who are the victims here and who is the perpertrator of these hideous, fraudulant schemes that have hurt the victims tremendously ! We, your innocent victims
of your fraud, are not on the same boat as you !
Let's get that perfectly clear here, once and for all !
You have taken our money and used it for your own
expenses and not given us anything but heartbreak in return ! **********************************************

We then let the heavens and Karma decide the rest from this point on.

**************Oh, that will surely happen! There's no doubt about it, Dr. Kern ! You will not ever get away with this if you continue with the course you are going and not be remorseful for the harm you have caused us all- your innocent, trusting victims of your Ponzi Schemes ! You need to come clean and pay us all back our money - NOW !!!******************

No further discussion needed between the two of us.

There is no hope it seems.

Therefore, no further replies from me, only positive action if there is any from either of us.

***************It is you who has to do the positive action and give us our hard-earned money back ! I really, desperately need that $25,000 back right now ! Please give it back, Dr. Kern !!!**************

So continue to throw stones at me in public to effectively shoot bullets into your own two feet till you can't walk any more while I am trying take more positive measures for me to rectify things.

Make sense?

****************No ! You don't make sense at all. You
are claiming to be victim along with us, when, in fact, you are the perpertrator of these hideous, fraudulant lies and schemes all meant to defraud the public ! If you are not going to be remorseful and will not make good on your numerous promises
and will not refund our hard earned money back than you will certainly pay for your crimes both in the material sense and in the spiritual sense. I don't even think you believe in God, do you ? How else can you sleep at night ?!?!?!



**********sincerely ? Give me a break ! You haven't once shown it ! Just when, for the umpteeth time, I'm about to believe you, you shoot it down with more BS !


Please respond as soon as possible and let me know if you're going to return my $25,000 back or

Thank you !

At 04:30 PM 12/19/2007, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Kern,

No. I'm not saying that. With all the worst miseries and extreme hardships you've caused me, I am still alive. You need to pray to Almighty God for forgiveness and let all the people you've cheated know how terribly sorry you are, sincerely. Then, will begin a great change in your heart. With the same brain that you've used to conjure up ideas to cheat people, you can use along with a heavy heart , to find ways to pay back all the money that you've "stolen" from us. Crime doesn't pay. Sooner or later the long arm of the law will get you and the Almighty Lord will punish the miscreants through karma ! I am being compassionate to you, so kindly do the same for me. I have three small daughters ages 8, 6 and 3 years old and a wife, who has suffered tremendously through this ordeal ! That hard earned $25,000 that you took from us was alot of money that we couldn't afford to lose ! I've had to sell my most cherished property in the Holy Land of Vrndaban India, to get it. It took me years to pay for that land that I was going to retire to with my family in my old age and now it is
gone ! I've felt so much guilt that I wasn't smart enough not to get cheated by you
and let my wife and small daughters down. We've lost our home through foreclosure and our
other possesions and have to beg help from family members and the governments for
emergency aid assistance. My wife cried and cried and I've felt so sorry for her to have to endure such traumatic experiences. I've trusted you, Dr. Kern, and really believed that you
were honest and your Empower Capital would be the miracle that you've claimed it would be and help me turn my shattered life around. Instead, you've lied to me and many others and
spent our money for your own expenses. That is not right ! That is a great sin ! Like I've said, you need to come clean and pay back all the money that you received from me and others
and ask Almighty God and the people that you've cheated for forgiveness. Only then can
you heal the wound that you've caused and turn your life around and repay all the money that you've taken from your innocent victims. Your wife Wendy King is a good lady. I'm sure she had no part in this and more than likely gave you a piece of her mind to come clean. If this was the case, then, please thank her for us for helping change your heart. Right now, my wife and three small daughters are living in a small apartment and paying nearly $500 in storage fees for all our household goods. We are now in danger of being evicted from our
apartment because we don't have enough money to pay our rent. I was layed off my last job
and lost my car. Now, we don't have transportation and my poor wife has to take the bus
to get to work. I can go on with my destitute life, but what is the use ? It will not change anything until we get our money back or you get us what you've promised, and that is to
give us the $1,000,000 line of credit to re-start my Govinda's Bliss Bars company . Please
help us, Dr. Kern, and do the right thing both for your conscious and spiritual healing and
give back all the money that you've received from innocent victims like me.

Thank you very much ! I'll await your kind reply !

"Empower Capital, Inc." wrote:

HI Larry

I have no other choice other than to kill myself?


At 08:21 AM 12/19/2007, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Kern,

The only way I will detract my statements is when you first fulfill your long , long overdue

obligations to me ! I want you to give me the $1,000,000 business line of credit that I have been waiting and suffering miserably for a very long traumatic time ! You have turned my life upside down along with so many other people, including my brother Lawrence ! You need to come clean and first do the right thing ! You've made promises and need to make good on them ! You cannot take people's hard earned money and think everything is okay. There is a looming bad karma on your head ! Like I've always said to you for the umpteenth time,

"EITHER FUND OR RE-FUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Please respond and no more bull !

Thank you !


"Empower Capital, Inc." wrote:
Dear Larry

This is not Bull. I am not leading you down some blind path. This is the reality. We can make it good. I can't do it alone.

Here is how:

First, we surrender to you.

The property market as you know killed me and others and are about to go into foreclosure unfortunately. We are trying every way we can to rescue them. You can help too.

The only hope that all of us have is to bring in an outside source with capital to rescue all of it.
There are many sources like that we can tap into.

We have one such source called GLONGOO which is working 24/7 to raise lots of capital in the process of going public.

Unfortunately, everything came to a halt when some very large corporate investors saw your derogatory comments about all entities that you aware of which killed the deal for all of us.

I don't think that going BK for anyone is the answer. Do you? That would be the easy way out.

We are not running away from any obligations to you and we don't want to shoot bullets into our own feet, especially if we are owners as well.

The best thing you can do immediately is to withdraw and/or positively alter your comments hopefully with some very favorable words from you about something. I know that may be difficult at first.

However, there must be something very nice that you can say about something or about the concept of GLONGOO tm Wouldn't it be nice to see it do what you want done?

You can always put back the negative comments again later, if you then think I am a liar.

Also there is no need to including my wife anywhere in this matter who would never hurt a fly. I don't think you would want me to start a counteroffensive and a war where everyone loses.
How would your wife react?

You know that! So let's be fair. Let total honesty prevail on both sides. No need to say things that we know are not completely true so that we might get our way forcibly.

You would not want to have your wife or any other family members be affected in the same way. You are also leaving yourself wide open for a libel lawsuit. So please fix it all. No one wants to make attorneys rich when one suffering more.

Investors, once they see your positive comments will come in by the numbers to help GLONGOO help us both and with a hefty profit for all.

I told the potential investors that I would talk to you about making things better between you and the rest of us.

The net is very powerful as you can see for both the positive and for the negative as you have demonstrated by bringing us all to our knees.

You also have that POWER to fix it big time as a GLONGOO AMBASSADOR of hope and goodwill.

Larry and Lawrence and family, we have a great opportunity to develop the next Google, Facebook and more with GLONGOO so that instead of just GOOGLE IT to find something on the the net you will be able to go the extra mile by using the term GLONGOO-IT. This literally means as we have defined it to be: To put things together as in GLONGOO (TM) The Coming Together of THOSE RE: I HAVE and I SEEK MATCHES...Personally and/or Business-wise re: Anyone, Anything, Anywhere.

Larry here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make it big as though you were around at the beginning ie day one re GOOGLE, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK and other Ecommerce companies that have gone public for $billions of Dollars.

There is nothing in real estate that can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GLONGOO which may perhaps be renamed as GLONGOOGLE.COM one day will probably be the greatest accomplishment of our entire life.

You can help make it happen for you and all of us a lot faster.

I am not asking you to lie about anything. I am asking you to rethink it all and see if you can reword things in a more positive sense or remove things that really are not helping any of us including you.

Larry if I had the money I would have given it to you a long time ago. Unfortunately things did not happen as planned re the economy. Therefore, we are not in the money business anymore.

We are in the people helping business via GLONGOO and of anything supportive of it that can really turn things around. Larry, how would it feel to have $1,000,000 in your bank account all yours, and not as a loan with interest payments and debt?

I am happy to also be able to offer you to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Company which should be able to pay you a hefty fee since you are very good at spreading the good word too.

You are the best when it comes to marketing. You and I can actually can make a great team. You have the youth and the energy. I also like you have the knowledge, wisdom and human resources to assist.

I realize that you feel we have lied to you but I would not be spending the time to write to you if
I were looking to skip our responsibilities to you.

I always had and will have your best interests at heart.

Larry and Family, I as well as you am suffering greatly from the downturn of the economy but I am doing something about it.

It would make it a lot easier and faster to do it all with you at my side in a positive frame of mind. I know that may sound difficult at the moment for you in light of both our negative experiences to-date. So if its broken, lets fix it big time.

There is always hope. The last thing I would want to do as a retired eye surgeon is to eliminate the vision of hope and a beautiful dream come true. You and I can and will make that dream a visual reality. I really feel strongly about that. We did so at the beginning. We can continue where we left off.

GLONGOO is that hope which by the way is not in anyway related to Empower Capital, JVREA, etc. as your comments on the net incorrectly imply.

Also, GLONGOO is not a money lender. It is the matchmaker of the future second to none.

It is strictly a matchmaker in the broadest sense of the word matchmaker and membership is FREE.

So please don't link it to anything negative especially on the net as it will bit us both later real hard as you can see already. Those negative words can come back to haunt us all.
It takes years to build a great reputation. It takes seconds to destroy it. Why do that?

Are you on the GLONGOO mailing list for the newsletters, etc? You can view them on in the newsletter section.

I will be posting matters like this on the net complimenting people like yourself that also contributed to the cause. Hopefully that will help on my end to also ultimately help you too.

Please take the time to write at least something very Constructive on your end. I can help you fine tune it. You and I can work miracles here and we can then tell the story at press conferences around the world as GLONGOO AMBASSADORS all travel expenses and the like covered.

Now if possible and with your potential help on our board of directors and as one of founders you will be very happy that you worked with us in your new capacity in the long run.

Remember, we are without any question acknowledging that the money owed to you is in the amount of $25,000 and much more. We just need to LEGALLY engineer it together to get it back to you and to anyone else affected by this strange new economy.

GLONGOO tm, I believe is the only way!!!!

We need your help to make it happen as I cannot do this all on my own.

Let's put all that negative energy that is being wasted and direct it all towards the positive.

At this point you and I have nothing more to lose other than a few calories and everything to gain.

All of our success lies in your hand. It's your choice to come on board and help or not.

I like the real nice part of you inside of you and the lovely people in your family.

I am serious about everything that I have said above.

I am in London working with investors and designers 24/7
re and related domains.

Well what do you think?

Life is short especially at my ripe old age.

Let's Do It......Let's GLONGOO.IT. Let's make it The Coming Together in a big way.

Let's make our dreams really come true. There is no other way that I know possible without
the infinite power of GLONGOO!

I would be happy to meet with you live by phone if you like. My number is 760-494-0386

I am in London, headed for Sydney Australia and then to China, Korea, etc.

GLONGOO is a global operation and is in the process of GLONGOOING IT tm all around the world.

Would you like to be an Ambassador to the countries that you have affiliations with?

Which ones?

When (not if) we get the investors we need it can pay your travel and accommodations.

You need to be of a positive mind and spirit to be part of this project as when we first met years ago.

We really look forward to it.

Please Larry:

Let's Do It......Let's GLONGOO.IT.

Kindest Regards

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At 05:16 PM 12/16/2007, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Kern (Cy),
Thank you for responding. Are you, again, going to lead us on a wild goose chase, only to let us down, again, for the umpteenth time ??? Please, if you cannot follow through on your many, many promises, send me my money back !!! I've been in a destitute situation for a very long ,long time ! I need my money back now, PLEASE !!!
Either FUND OR RE-FUND !!! PLEASE !!! I want to set up a personal meeting with you so
we can discuss further. Let me know what date and time you can meet with me .

Thank you !

"" wrote:
HI Larry and Lawrence
What is your latest situation re properties in the USA. We have taken a big hit with the credit crisis there too.
I need your help. Are you willing to listen at it could mean very big money for you and us including the $25K which is in your credit as well.
Let's talk over the phone if you can later today?
We have a potential multibillion dollar business in the works and it can start paying you now.
Are you getting my email newsletters once a week? Also, please read the newsletters at the prelim site at or the
My number in England is 760-494-0376 (USA Loca Connection)
What is yours?

At 04:51 AM 12/16/2007, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Kern,
I haven't heard from you in awhile. When are you going to give me my money back ($25,000)??? Please respond truthfully.
Thank you !
Larry Gatpandan

Dec 11, 2007
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Dr. Seymour P. Kern,

Empower Capital, Inc.

"Mutual Empowerment Association" sponsored by Empower Capital, Inc.

where the "E" stands for Excellence in Expertise.

About Dr. Kern:

Real Estate Investor,

Ophthalmic Surgical Consultant,

Inventor of Laser Eye Surgery Devices.

Also see:

7040 Avenida Encinas - #104

Carlsbad, CA 92011


Tel. (001) 760-494-0386 for the USA and International

Fax Line (001) 760-454-2489 for the USA and International




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Copyright 2007 by "Mutual Empowerment Association" and by Empower Capital, Inc.

All rights reserved.

La Jolla, California

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#2 General Comment

Dr Kern is a courteous and respected man

AUTHOR: Paul Swift - (United States of America)

POSTED: Monday, May 23, 2011

This is not my experience of Seymour Kern. I have always found Dr Kern to be someone who was very interested in helping other people. I have seen him at charity functions where he gave money. He is always courteous and a respectable member of several different communities in the USA, UK and Australia. These stories do not accord with the person I know,
Best regards,
Paul Swift

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#1 Consumer Comment

sam king is a ripoff artist

AUTHOR: J - (U.S.A.)

POSTED: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i knew people who gave him $100k and he's still giving the run does he have all this moneytotravel the way he does? ??? By taking peoples money.....He's an old man that is living in his last days of life and he'll take anyone out to enjoy the last days.....he's using all this money for vacation.....he uses his psychological mind games that he learned in college to actually try to make u believe that what he's doing is right.....Face it,,,all monies are lost and the only thing left that will make anyone feel better is a good clean a*s one will put this guy in jail, and no one will help u get ur money back....that's the way this country is set up....if u do bad business,,,shame on the person who gave the money....that's just the way it is.....but if u go and woop someones a*s for stealing ur money-no matter if it was $100k-you're going to jail and the the little f****t with all the money gets away!!!! God bless america....

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