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Complaint Review: Grants Wooden Boat Works - Hartwell Georgia

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  • Reported By: John Wilson — St. Louis Missouri
  • Grants Wooden Boat Works
    277 Cleveland Ave
    Hartwell, Georgia
    United States of America

Grants Wooden Boat Works WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT JIMMY GRANT Hartwell, Georgia

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: The Real Story

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Jane Grant whose sons Charles and James Grant by her first
marriage would not talk to her sons for approximately 2 years. She used to say All
they wanted was my money. Jane wanted to leave in her will that she wanted
nothing to go to her 2 sons but to her grandchildren.  James and Charles Grant sued Jerome D Hoffman,
Janes 2nd marriage. And the court papers can be found in Probate Court Fulton County GA.

In Fulton County Court, in the Fall of 2012, Jane said to me in front of four witnesses who are the following: Michael Lambros Esq., Gary Spencer Esq,  Betram Boley Jr, Esq. and Police Officer of the Court. They told me you were dead, I love you, come home like it used to be.

Jane invested with me for over 20 years. And loved my vision
and what I was trying to accomplish. Her sons were violently opposed to this.
As of today, as one knows and one will learn by reading various stories in the
Rip Off Report that a foundation for Jane in her name is being created with
assets coming from our business to the good people of Atlanta. And none of
these assets are going to her 2 sons.

They hired in one form or another, Eric Leavell to do the following which is part of this report.

A dear friend of Janes, by the name of Erin Aridonato whose
known her for some ten years said that these boys will burn in hell for what
they did to their mother. Putting her through litigation, bringing her into
court, hiring an attorney to represent them and the attorneys fees were paid by her estate.

The grand boys hired Ann Herrera to be the Conservator.
Ann Attorney Herrera whose specialty is Probate law. of the law firm Russell & Herrera, PC
,Atlanta GA the Conservator of my wife appointed by the Fulton County Probate Court Jane Grant did the following.

A $350,000 bill made up of 3 law firms was charged
against my wifes estate which Ann Herrera is the Conservator for up to this
date is a tremendous rip off and now I am going to say why. She Ann Herrera the
Conservator did not raise one question over the bills and agreed to the payment
of them.  Her job is to protect the assets not squandering them. And did not question one billing item. In other
words, its a big club.

3 Law firms Michael Lambros Esq.  Catherine Packwood, Esq of the Lambros firm
Emory Schwall Esq. Stephen Carley Esq. handled the probate activities. For some
unknown reason they created an irrevocable trust. I asked Steven Carley in
writing a dozen times what are the benefits, of an irrevocable trust. He never
answered once. Im to understand that Emory Schwall is the attorney that proposed
an irrevocable trust and thats his specialty.

An irrevocable trust can be gotten off the web from West
Law for 5 minutes of time. There was no reason for this bill to be rendered and
I stood up in court Jerome D Hoffman and told the judge that this is a rip off
and I would not have consented to signing the settlement agreement. After I
signed the settlement agreement which Emory Schwall helped prepared. In court,
I realize five minute later that there were paragraphs in there that should
have been taken out and he told me they were out. These three attorneys collectively, over the months fees
are being milked off the estate of Jane Grant.

It is estimated by other lawyers that this work should not have cost more than $15 to $20,000.
In fact, they did not even draw the trust agreement; they had an outside firm draw it and paid them $12,500.
Im the only one who has paid for my legal fees since May of 2012 in fighting this action.

Janes son Charles and James Grant of Hartwell, GA did not raise one question about the bills. If they would have, I believe that they would have been ostracized by this group. They hired Eric Leavell in one form or another to do the following:

Eric, were to understand, has been in-and-out of mental hospitals for the last ten years. 
People that know him say that he is psychotic and potentially very dangerous.  There are
two police investigations in Atlanta now taking place about Mr. Leavell.

I have been told that Eric Leavell has been in and out of mental institutions for a number of years..
I believe he is a sadist psychopath who put this on the Web.
He worked for our company in Atlanta for three months, and
he was paid in full, treated very well, spent a third of his time out of the
office doing therapy, and nothing was deducted for his time out.At the
beginning of the second month, we raised his pay from $30,000 to $50,000 a
year.  He was later discharged for cause of indecent behavior.  Whatever his
preference is, that is his business, it is not to be carried out in my office.

Our in-house attorney, Phil Craig, told everyone in the
office to be fearful of him because he thought he could be very dangerous.  Eric has said to many people, I am the
meanest son of a b***h alive.  He has stated many times that when he goes out, he will go out with a big bang,
whatever that means.

Eric has done this to other people as well, I have been
told, including an executive of Walmart. There are two police investigations
taking place in Atlanta over Eric Leavell at this time.  Shortly there will be a very extensive report
published on the Web of his activities done by a private detective agency.

What this is all about, is that my wife, Jane Grant, for twenty-five years invested in my companies over the years.  She has not talked to her sons, Charles and James Grant, for over two years, because she said, They are only after my money.
An agreement was made in Probate Court, Fulton County, Georgia,
that her sons would get none of the money from the investment in my company. Jane
and I have an agreement that we would give our share to a Foundation to the
good people of Atlanta, which could amount to Tens of Millions of Dollars or more.

Charles and James Grant, Janes sons, by her first marriage,
hired Eric Leavell in one form or another, to discredit me.  Shortly, there will be on the Web, a two
thousand page document explaining in great detail with court papers this whole unfortunate incident.

One of Eric Leavells cohorts is Paul Rinko,attorney-at-law.  I would like to quote
one of his e-mails to me, plus, three mails from Eric Leavell to me that will explain his psychotic behavior.
One can see that Eric has severe problems.  Eric has done this to others, and they will
testify in Court when litigation begins.
Janes sons, Charles and Jimmy, put Eric Leavell up to this.  We have a complete history of Eric Leavell,
from his fraudulent bankruptcy, and much more.

Creditors are prepared to testify about Mr. Leavell.  We have some thirty e-mails from Mr. Leavell,
which I would like to print the text of three which will tell you his mental state.

Paul J. Rinko, a licensed attorney in the State of New
York, registration number 2365211, formerly with the Kiley Law Firm, Utica, New
York, has written me over seventy e-mails in the past three years, and is a
collaborator of Eric Leavell.  I would like to quote from one of Paul Rinkos e-mails, and the others can be brought
up on this Website which is now being organized. some two thousand pages.

Note:    We have not displayed email addresses due to the rules of the website. But the following
testimonials provide examples of events that have taken place. They all have been verified.

Testimonial 1
Convict:  Get on your knees B**tard, I am your Master, you are my Slave.  You will obey me.  I will not let you become successful. I will hunt you down for the rest of your life.  You will obey me.  This is what you get for suing me. 

If Mr. Rinko feels that this is not true, why doesnt he sue me?
He knows that there are about seventy similar e-mails.  Mr. Rinko is an attorney now living in
Richmond, Virginia, working for his brothers firm, which is Colonial
Scientific, Inc., 2121 Hamilton Street, #1, Richmond, Virginia.  He is vice president of the corporation.  A copy of this e-mail was sent to his brother, his former law firm, and others.

I have sent all seventy of his e-mails to fifty State Bar
Associations, and asked if it is the proper behavior of an attorney who may wish to obtain a license in your state.

The response from the Bar Associations were astounding
that an attorney licensed in NY could send approximately 70 emails over a 3
year period that are sexually an d sadistically and masochistically phrased.

We are now going to present a number of e-mails from Eric
Leavell, which I believe will explain his mental state and our rebuttal.

Testimonial 2 Convict Hoffman You have no money except for about 700 a month in Social
Security.  You signed Janes name to checks which is a felony for each check. You
exploited even more money from her by having her sign blank checks.  You are looking
to serve about 50 years in jail.

I am the reason you lost today.  I am the reason that the authorities
have the checks where you signed Janes name.
I am the reason you have no more access to Janes money.  I am the reason FOX news was at the hearing today.
I am the reason East West Bank knows about your dealings and wont do business with
you.  I am the reason your efforts to Chinese immigrants have failed to raise money.
I will be the reason you go to jail.  I win.  You lose.  Jane is free of you forever.  Erik .

This man is insane and having hallucinations.  Let me
see one check on which I have signed Janes name, and he should take it to the authorities.

Testimonial 3
Jerold: After careful thought and serious
consideration, I am tendering my two week notice and resignation; my last day
with the company will be February 10, 2012.
I had every intention of making a career with GFH/Todays Market and still believe you will redefine the retail
food industry, however I can no longer be part of this company and your vision.
Unfortunately, the events of today compounded by the conversation tonight at 10:15pm lead me to one

conclusion; our boundaries became, at some point, so muddled that it
will only continue to erode our working relationship and I want to leave before that happens.

I will continue to fully perform my role for you during the next two weeks and assist
with the transition in any and all ways possible.  If you wish for me to leave at an earlier date, then I will respect that request.

Please know that I am grateful for the opportunity you gave me; I
learned a tremendous amount from you in a short time.  I was also thrilled with the 45% raise you
gave me in my first 30 days.

However, neither of those can overcome the increasingly derogatory and demeaning conversations that are becoming regular
interactions within the office. I am not sure if you ever listen to the words you say to me, but I find it offensive.

For example, you will ask me to hold off on sending an email and then go into a tirade an hour later about the email not
being sent or tell me to send one specific piece of information to a person and
then go into a tirade that other information should have been sent even though
you were specific that only one piece of information be sent and it is never
your practice to send supplemental information to individuals.

There was also the time you were reading a copy of a sent email that I typed from your dictation and stormed
into my office telling me that by inadvertently adding the
word then to a sentence that I am re-writing your entire email and that my
job should be replaced by someone more talented in New York.

There have also been incidents when you tell me that if I use a particular job board again that
I will be fired and then spend 10 minutes belittling me when I ask you if you want to use that job board after you were
clear to never use it again.

In no way do I claim to be perfect you helped
show me many ways that I could do a task in a better way I simply dont have
the fortitude to keep enduring this treatment.

There is no waiting job for me.  I tender this resignation will enter
the unemployed masses; I will remain unemployed for however long it takes to find another job. 

In fact, there is a good chance that I will make less in my next job, but some things are not about
money and, this is one of those times.

I will let you tell whomever in whatever timeline you wish about my departure.  I will not discuss this with work
colleagues.  I copied Phil on this email so he may prepare whatever exist paperwork you wish for me to review and sign prior to my last day.

Obviously, I will respect the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement and have nothing disparaging to say
about the company or anyone associated with it so will have no issue signing
additional paperwork to that effect. It was a hard decision to say goodbye to this opportunity, but in my heart I knew it would be harder for me to stay.
Best of luck with Todays Market.

It was on January 27, that I found Eric Leavell having oral sex in the office and told him this could not
continue.  What is his preference is his business, but not in the company office.

Testimonial 4 Convict Hoffman-

It is my understanding that the Marshall served you with a summons at Janes house (not your home since you
never contribute any money to the home as you are a loser and financial
failure) to appear on May 21, 2012, in Fulton County Courtfor the Criminal Warrant Hearing with regard to the matter I reported and your statement to me that you were going to get me Stacie confirms that the summons is at the house.

Also I wanted to share with you that I contacted the Chinese Embassy, reported your outstanding warrant
number, sent over a copy of the police report itemizing your theft as well as the US Court of Appeals verdict holding you personally liable for more than $500,000 in claims so that you could not get a visa to talk with Chinese investors.

Since you only have 600 a month to live on
from Social Security what a joke I didnt think it was fair for you to
waste a visa application fee for no reason.

You are a model to the world in how to avoid failure by doing the exact opposite of whatever choice you
make.  Maybe that is your one purpose and contribution to life. Anyone can put anything on the web.  In your case its all true.
Warmest Regards, Erik

PS I also sent over the excerpt from your deposition in the appeal in which you state the business has
no money and no credit line therefore violating the two key provisions forhaving a business visa to solicit investors. Ha!

Eric Leavell is insane.  Let him show one document to verify any of these allegations.
I repeat, Eric Leavell is insane, let him show one document to verify any of these e-mails to me, including the AppealsCourt Record, etc.

James and Charlie Grant, Janes children by her first marriage, who will receive no money
from my and Janes companies, put Eric Leavell up to this.

I also believe that Michael Lambros and Patricia Packwood, attorneys for the Grant
boys, helped to facilitate this enormous fabrication that Eric Leavell put on the Web. 
I have been physically threatened twice by Michael Lambros, Esq., on two different
occasions.  On the first occasion, Steve Carly, Esq., Janes attorney, was present and had to step in between Mr.
Lambros and I, when he was ready to strike me.
This incident took place in the Honorable Judge Pinkie Toomers Court Room in Probate Court,
Fulton County, Georgia. at the Hearing for Settlement Agreement about two years ago. 

The second incident was when I was in Court on the 19th of October, 2012 and
there were four witnesses, Gary Spencer, Esq., Bertram Boley, Jr., Esq., Jane
Grant, and the Court Officer who I do not know by name. 

The Court Officer had to physically step-in between Mr. Lambros and me because he was
ready to attack me and raised his hand to strike my face.  This is the attorney for James and Charles Grant.
At that time, my wife was in the Court Room, and she said to me, They told me  you were dead.  I love you, come home like it used to be.The warrant that Eric refers to is that he swore out a warrant for my arrest that I
threatened his life and had a witness to verify this by the name of Thomas Mattas, who worked in our office. 

At the Court Hearing Thomas Mattas, did not show up, the judge read some of the above and
dismissed the case, and the warrant was for a misdemeanor, not a felony.  Gary Spencer, of Atlanta, Georgia, was my
attorney of record at the Hearing.

A two-thousandpage report that will shortly be on the Web will treat with this rebuttal.  I urge anyone interested to see the complete report that will give you a comprehensive view of what has taken place.
Fox News, owned by News Corp. did two stories on me.  One was done
three years ago, when I had a physical fight with the anchor man, Randy Travis,
which is on tape, facilitated by Paul Rinko. Mr. Travis tried to break-in to our office forcing the door open and I
kicked him in the groin.

He had no right to come on to our property and force the door open. Court records, Cobb County Superior
Court, Georgia, will verify the incident and I sued Fox News for invasion of privacy.  For some strange reason, whenthe trial date was to take place our attorney did not show up, and the case was dismissed. 

And the other story, a few months ago, which Eric Leavell helped facilitate, which is described in his
e-mail to me quoted in this document.  At that time, I had another physical encounter with Randy Travis, the reporter on
Fox News, who swore out a warrant for my arrest.

Mr. Travis is some thirtyyears younger than me.  I might point out that this was a misdemeanor under Georgia law and not a criminal act.  He reported on the news that I was a fugitive.

Randy Travis stalked me with a cameraman for over two hundred yards when I was going to a garage to pick up
my care, he stated in Court that I broke his camera.
The reason I am stating these two incidents of Fox News is that they are famous for this type of reporting in
this country and abroad.  The scandal of London is now the scandal in the USA.

Rupert Murdoch, President of News Corporation, which owns Fox News, I believe is a decent and fair man, and
he is set about cleaning up the scandal reporting that has taken place in his organization. 

As you may know, one hundred reporters have been arrested in London over accepting bribes, bribing Scotland
Yard, tapping the Queens phones, and closing one of the oldest newspapers in London, The Sunday Times.
The scandal is now coming to the States.  He has promised to clean this up, and the reporting of his other companies in America.

An Index of every document will be listed on the Website and its origin of which will allow interested
parties to digitally search for any information about this case.  In reading these documents, it will give you
a more comprehensive background of this unfortunate episode.
This is a public document.

In answering these allegations by Eric Leavell, let it be known that a foundation in the name of
Jane Grant is now being established.

Our company is building stores throughout the nation. For every
store we build, a Half-Million Dollars of hers and my share will go to her
foundation in her name, and will be given to the good citizens of greater Atlanta.
Now please explore the website.
This document will be furnished to the media.

It is a shame and tragic that in todays world anybody can put anything on the web.
All complaints were written by the same people in this memorandum.
They are Eric Leavell and Paul Rinko.

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#1 REBUTTAL Individual responds

The Real Story

AUTHOR: grant - ()

POSTED: Sunday, November 10, 2013

John Wilson is really Jerome Hoffman. He stole over half a million dollars from my mother who has Alzhiemers and now he's trying to get revenge by bad mouthing us on this web site. Please click on the news story links to see the real story. 

(((links redacted)))

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