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Complaint Review: Michael Devlin

  • Submitted: Wed, January 18, 2017
  • Updated: Wed, January 18, 2017
  • Reported By: nickog123 — Alaska United Kingdom
  • Michael Devlin


Michael Devlin aka #100kHustle aka Profits Engine aka ProfitsEngine aka Amazoners Academy aka Mass Conversions Offers a money back guarantee then bullies you when you request the money back for him running your business to the ground. This happened to many people not just us. He closes you away from talking to anyone else and paints a picture that any success you've had is because of him when they are completely unrelated. He is only interested in your money and once he has that he will belittle you Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland

*Consumer Comment: Michael Devlin IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED

*Consumer Comment: MICHAEL DEVLIN: A little light reading for you brother


*Consumer Comment: I was also conned by Michael Devlin

*Consumer Comment: Real proof please


*General Comment: Sales Screenshot

*Consumer Comment: Michael Devlin Pocketed Over £30k

*Author of original report: Facebook discussion over Michael Devlin

*Author of original report: I'm confused?

*Author of original report: Michael Devlin responds to "His people"

*Author of original report: "strutting around LinkedIn giving interviews" hahaha



*General Comment: Still to get refund! Will continue to fight even afte intimidating and pseudo aggressive communication from this man!

*Author of original report: Lying... Wow you've all become desperate.

*Consumer Comment: 130K per month with Michael Devlin - Refused Amazon Services offered by Adam Kenny Singh ,Author of This Thread


*Author of original report: Didn't go bust, please check your facts.

*Consumer Comment: Scammed by Guru Michael Devlin of Core 150 and MassConversions aka MassConartist. Thank you credit card company.

*Consumer Comment: 10K Sales Per Day's Thank To Michael Devlin - Also 25K VERY HAPPY Brand Partner

*Consumer Comment: $1.4M in sales inside six months - Thanks to Michael Devlin and YES also a 25K brand partner a of August 2017.

*General Comment: BRAND PARTNER COMING SOON!!!! Watch this space!!

*Author of original report: Why would you pay £25K and steal a product?

*Consumer Comment: 25K BRAND PARTNER

*Consumer Comment: £2M in Sales In Six months with Michael Devlin July 2017 - NOT FOR BEGINNERS

*Author of original report: What were you bribed with this time? Last time he wanted reviews we were bribed then we never got the gift.

*Author of original report: I have no interest in coaching or recommending/referring any Guru.

*Consumer Comment: 25k Brand Partner

*Consumer Comment: Michael Devlin is the REAL DEAL....I'm proof

*Consumer Comment: 25K Brand Partner - 10K in 22 Days June 2017 With Michael Devlin - I'll take that Scam all day long:)

*General Comment: Best 25k Ever Spent

*Consumer Comment: Don't Play With The Big Boys


*Author of original report: Michael Devlin ripped a lot of people, why else would you hear about people approaching their credit card companies for their money back?


*Author of original report: ATTACHMENTS

*Author of original report: Mass Conversions, 100k Hustle, Michael Devlin client feeling ripped off and scammed.. Michael Devlin is now refusing to give client £25k back after providing no results...

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: DNA Armour Ltd - Consumer Warning: Compulsory Strike Off Letter and Directors Details As per public record From Companies House.

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: Response by Michael Devlin

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Michael Devlin, Entrepreneur Digital Strategist

Mass Conversions
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Michael Devlin is all talk, shows you what you want to see, ropes in you into a false sense of security until you hand your money over, you then get nothing. When you request a refund you are then bullied out of everything and manipulated. He is a horrible man, no business ethics and a disgrace to the world of business and more importantly, Amazon. Michael Devlin is a con artist but scams/cons you in a way where you don't see it coming. We all make mistakes, we are still recovering from our mistakes.We urge you to read through everything thoroughly, even get a friend to also read through and ask as many questions as possible. ask any questions. As a final word, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT use Michael Devlin or any of his services!
What happened?

Let us start with our conclusion so you can get an idea into what you will be reading...

Using Michael Devlin was an experience - definitely not a good one. We were ripped off by Michael Devlin, scammed and conned. Yes we are still down money, yes we referred people his way, yes loads of other people are unhappy and have subsequently requested refunds. Would we use him? Recommend him again? NO!
Many people have expressed their concerns and disgust at his service. They have been missold a realistic dream and have been left with nothing. The hardest part about it is, we as SME aren't cash flow rich, we are trying to better our futures and some of us are investing life savings into Michael Devlin believing in what we read and hear on the internet. The biggest problem is that no one can read anything negative because it gets removed. People are bullied out of it and left alone. We don't feel it is acceptable. 
We've been in various businesses for many years, but never have we been spoken to in this way. We have kept it as transparent as possible so you can read and see everything for yourself, in black and white. As a big warning, we do not recommend using Mass Conversions,, Profits Engine, Profits Engine Elite, or Michael Devlin. We have removed anything which discusses business name, product or I.P. but please let us know if you have any questions.

Back to the beginning...

Earlier this year (2016) we started an Amazon private labelling e-commerce business. Within 5 weeks we took it to £10,000 monthly turn over.

We had initially worked with Michael Devlin and due to what I had seen on social media, felt like we could trust him. We contacted him and told him that we were turning over (not profit) £10,000 a month, we were averaging £300-£400 a day, have had days of £920 and would like to exceed £1,000 per a day. We informed him of our niche and product and he said: 
"You'd smash that i'd need two two hour days max I'm happy to do it for £2k as your numbers will scale that's a money back guarantee" (as shown in the screenshot attached).

From a business perspective, this was a no brainer. We had just got to a sustainable level in business where we had sufficient stock and were due for a £6,000-£8,000 monthly profit. I have attached a screenshot of our sales before we started using Michael Devlin's 1 on 1 services.

We sat on a Skype conference call with Michael for 2 hours that Sunday (which works out at £500 per hour). We assumed for this cost he would make the amendments relevant for us considering the fee. Instead he gave us homework and that was that. To be honest, we were confused, felt a bit ripped off at what had happened but were confident that based on his track record (from what we saw online) there would be no problems... Wow, were we wrong!

The next day, we struggled to even break £100. Day 2 exactly the same... We were naturally concerned. When speaking to Michael Devlin he told us "Compressions guys, compression. Give it time. Amazon take a while to notice changes and then your sales would spike".

After a few weeks we started breaking into the £100 barrier again, we were still very concerned. Michael had tried to make us feel at ease by giving us technical jargon, little did he know we had over 15 years combined marketing experience. Still, although feeling like Michael Devlin had possibly ripped us off we would give him the benefit of the doubt.

After a few weeks our sales got near to normal, but before where we would spend £100 in advertising spend and get £600 return, now we were spending £100 and getting £105 return. We started to run at negative and at a loss. Yes, we were churning out volume of product but were making no money and within a few weeks our Amazon account was in debt. We now honestly felt like Michael Devlin had scammed and conned us.

Just shy of 2 months in, we were in debt with Amazon by £1,200. We were selling at a loss, there was no change to see sales increasing. We had been very open with Michael Devlin at this point. We informed him of our situation and told him that we were now struggling to use his services, that in our opinion he had damaged our business and under his money-back guarantee, we would like a refund. We did not expect what was coming next...

Here was the exact transcript (spelling and grammar mistakes noted and messages separated for ease of reading):

Adam and Darren
Michael07: Michael Devlin

19/07/2016 00:33:36: Adam: Hi Michael, just been talking with Darren this evening and unfortunately because of how the business has gone over the last month, it's not viable to continue our Amazon business at the moment in time. We have been analysing numbers and how low we are with stock and poor sales plus increased advertising and we can't afford to restock. We assumed that 4 weeks ago when working with you sales would be near double by now or at least increased. we have found some low ACOS keywords but we didn't think it would be this bad, nor would advertising spend be so high with a lack of profit. We started the business with £500 and took to a £10k a month business but now are left with nothing. I reverted the backend of the listing and changed the title a bit to how it was previously and have seen a spike in sales to how they were before with minimal ad spend to an increase in sales but it's too far gone with our bank balance now to contiue [sic] this business until the future. We have sat and tried to evaluate what moves we can make or the best way forward but with our personal financial situations, regrettably are left with no choice.

19/07/2016 01:30:28: ‎Messages you send to this group are now secured with end-to-end encryption.

19/07/2016 01:30:18: Michael07: Hi Adam - I have two customers I [sic] this Niche and it is a tough nut with so many low cost items. Reverting your listing will not increase sales as it's the low cost items that are killing your conversions as the sessions are there. I'm happy to help you identify a new niche but as before highly recommend you use this niche as a lead magnet as it the cost per acquisition I paid search for just a ***BLOCKED OUT NICHE*** is way too competitive. I'll call you tomorrow when I touch down. Sorry to hear you guys haven't the funds to buy the data or stock to increase this brand.

19/07/2016 07:26:54: Adam: I just can't see why people click on the listing after they see the price of the product. Our competitors charge more for the damr [sic] product and in one colour do hundreds of thousands a year. I've already seen a spike in sales since reverting keywords and listings back to how it was, not sure if this was a coincidence. We can'y [sic] afford to run a new niche either. We never thought it would dry us out and we wouldn't make any profit for the month

19/07/2016 09:12:07: Michael07: Adam - I've been doing amazon since before Amazon was cool and Amazoners is what got you turning your original volume. Backend terms and a title are organic based and will have little to do with cost per click or bid rate effect. What's happened here is that you've spent your profit buying data on what works. To win in your niche you need organic indexing on multiple terms, for that you need velocity created by third party traffic sources. We haven't got out of amazon yet and you've discovered your break even point. Amazon and the treaty should not be blamed for a situation where by just four weeks of break even has killed your brand. The fact you now have data and the understanding of compression, but no money to by stock is a cash flow issue of doing business in commerce and paid search should never be ventured into if you do not have the break even budget required to ascertain the buying terms. The danger is and will always be in a niche such as yours is low ticket products. My friend is in your niche and organically indexed for all his terms and it cost him over $70K in ad spend data + giveaways to reach this point. Like I said you've only been running sponsored for a month and for this to exhaust your business means your cash flow to sustain the velocity required to rank and compress was never there. I have no visual over your cash flow, all I need is price and profit but I did stress to you my concern over the low tickets and the effect the A9 algorithm change may have, and will continue to have on your niche as you WILL need external traffic paid sources to index but you have no stock or capital after just four weeks.

20/07/2016 16:45:57: ‪Darren‬: Hi Michael,
Darren here.
We started with £500 and made £10k in our first month.
We have withdrawn money when needed and built a good relationship with our suppers [sic].
We have been doing sponsored ads for over 4 months now and came to you with the aim of getting to the next level and repeating our top day of £900 - daily.
We understood that we could see see [sic] sales drop temporarily, but then see a huge improvement in 4-6 weeks.
Our expectation was that your 1 on 1 advice would improve our sales.
Instead our sales have been nothing less than depressing.
I am now urgently trying to sell my car to raise funds. I've had the car for over 6 years and need it to transport training equipment to and from my martial arts classes, so it shows how desperate things have become.
Adam has since tinkered with the listings and we have seen a spike in sales.
I don't see how the price of the product can be an issue when we were selling more before. Our advertising spend has decreased and sales have increased.
Also our competitors are not having issues shifting the same products at a higher price.
I understand that there was a budget requirement at our end, which you have no vision over, but we never thought that 5 weeks after using your 1 on 1 service our sales would still be so low and our money report in the negative.
Our product was making a decent amount of money. £10k in the first month, thanks to Adam's technical knowledge learned through your training.
You took us under your wing to boost that. But it has had the opposite effect.
The moment Adam changes the listings, we see a spike in sales.
In my opinion, the advice you gave us actually negatively impacted our business.
As you offered a money-back guarantee I would like to ask you to refund us please.
At least then we can buy more stock ASAP before our business goes under.

20/07/2016 17:20:24: Michael07: I'd like a call with both you immediately please

20/07/2016 17:24:16: ‪Darren: Can't talk immediately as I'm getting ready to go to my class

20/07/2016 17:27:14: Michael07: I disagree that my advice negatively impacted your listing, cash flow and lack of ability to continue buying the relevant data. Darren, I deal with hundreds of students across dozens of vertical [sic] and my advice doesn't lose sales. My advice didn't lose you sakes [sic] either what it did was break you even whilst deplete [sic] your inventory by your own admission. This is a cash flow issue and let me be clear, and very straight to the point with you. DO NOT manufacture results which are tried tested and proven to be the result of you not having funds. I'd have happily supported you, and your sales spiked and remained consistent which I have communication from Adam - your profit suppressed yes, but four weeks is not a realistic time frame to fully optimise. DO NOT blame the lack funds in your business to a result of my techniques because I will very quickly prove you both wrong by breaking down your numbers. Adam - I do not like this game, you didn't even fully pay my invoice. I gave you free subscription to help you and your business. Honesty is key here so gentleman I advise you to get on the phone with me.

20/07/2016 17:28:20: Michael07: Both of you please

20/07/2016 17:34:13: Michael07: So me refunding you on a fee partially paid and not yet complete whilst furnishing you with a skill set that's driven six figures to students in my growth program, whom I will call upon if necessary, will save your business? In a niche I've advised you to exit or create a secondary product to survive? 
Is this what you are telling me Darren? 
Accountability here guys for f**k sake so let's grow a set and speak on the phone. 
I help businesses everyday but you come at me with bullshit manufactured stories to shield reality of cash flow whilst wasting my time and drawing my reputation into question will be met with facts that will prove you to be very very wrong.

20/07/2016 17:41:11: Michael07: I want a call and a screen share let's see the spike and changes. From start to finish. I have no issue with refunding but like I said above, four weeks is ludicrous and lads do not bullshit me. Be honest. I'm here to help you but I'm not an idiot, now gentleman please. Do the honorary thing and call me. I think your forgetting who taught you the very strategies that started your Amazon business and done so with zero payment. Remember Adam? you've [sic] referred multiple accounts to me also one of whom is actually a very close friend of mine. Your text hasn't went [sic] down well with me Darren not [sic] is it truthful or in context/correlation to communication given to me by Adam.

20/07/2016 17:42:05: ‪Darren: I've already told you, I have a class to attend. I'm not letting down a group of students for a phone call.
When we are all free we can talk. But not immediately.

20/07/2016 17:44:58: ‪Darren: 2016-07-20-PHOTO-00000017.jpg <‎attached> [screenshot of bank balance]

20/07/2016 17:48:24: Adam: I can't pick up at the mo [sic], will respond when I can.

20/07/2016 18:15:03: Michael07: To be clear you have had only ONE one [sic] hour session with me and your claim Darren doesn't stand up or make any sense and points to one issue only - cash flow. Which means had you told me your funding pool you'd have never been taken on board. You say you were making 10K per month. Your ads have been running for only four weeks at possible negative and break even. Mathematically this doesn't stack up because if your profit is as high as you claim, alongside your margin you boys would be able to allocate around 4 to 5 K in losses before compression. An expected investment from any business to ascertain the terms to begin increasing sales through sponsored. I've spent over 1M [sic] in ad revenue all running at a loss out the gate. This is how sponsored works. Your niche doesn't help nor do your $2 knock offs all of which you indicated where not an issue. I can only go on what you tell me. But I do know this, your claims of profit and spend do not add up.

20/07/2016 18:26:28: Michael07: Darren - please do not send me bank statements with " do you see how f**ked we are" as though your immediate financial demise is a result of a four week ad spend that's simultaneously generated sales albeit with zero profit. Have you completely forgotten who your [sic] talking to? and [sic] that analytical data and PPC has been my profession since 2006? 
It is not just an insult, but entirely ludicrous to insinuate that it's my fault you have a lack of funds to grow or even continue your business as a result of a few listing changes - although I care, your tone and approach is angering me. 
So you do what you need to do the. [sic] phone me whenever your [sic] ready, I'll be waiting on your call. 
Also, if you like we can make this discussion public whereby I will happily walk through your amazon account, blur your ASIN and ID and dissect your Amazon sales and account spend over the past four weeks which will result in showing that you had a lack of funds to embark upon paid search in the first place let alone pay my fee which remains partially outstanding.

20/07/2016 18:40:16: Michael07: Here's my google account

20/07/2016 18:40:23: Michael07: 2016-07-20-PHOTO-00000022.jpg <‎attached>

20/07/2016 18:40:53: Michael07: Now tell me I don't understand paid search

20/07/2016 18:42:03: Michael07: One of my google accounts

20/07/2016 18:43:57: Michael07: The type of amazon paid search results when you have budget and time to ride out the compression

20/07/2016 18:44:20: Michael07: 2016-07-20-PHOTO-00000026.jpg <‎attached>

20/07/2016 18:45:16: Michael07: In the right niche

20/07/2016 18:52:54: Michael07: Is that adequate enough to demonstrate how (unf**ked you'd be) if you had A been transparent on your available budget rather tell me you where [sic] making 10K [sic] profit per month and B told me you couldn't afford to lose inventory with no profit.

20/07/2016 23:11:50: Michael07: Adam, Darren, 
Due to the nature of your communication I'm hereby advising you to put all future communication to me in writing, via email at my corporate email address 
Your claim of me being the result of you falling into financial difficulty are not claims I take lightly. 
I will want (at a time convenient to me) access to your seller central account showing sessions, sales and ACOS. This will be recorded. 
Once I've proven your business to be unviable, and that it was in fact your misinformation of profit alongside cash flow that lead to your current predicament and not ONE, one hour session with me, I will decide on the position on a refund, if any. 
If you approached this transparently this conversation may have been different, but you didn't so here we are. 
Darren, Your claim that Adam "tweaking the listing" increased sales is not relevant to that of the expenses incurred on your sponsored search, as minor changes to your listing front end have little to no baring on the ad budget or cost per click per keyword in your ad manager, as the cost per click is fixed per Niche and competitive occupancy to which yours is vast as I explained. 
Notwithstanding the above, I will prove this via your data. 
Adam, I still want to speak with you regarding the misinformation of selling volume with no profit which was not explained to me at the initiation stages to be a life or death situation for your business, otherwise, I would never have allowed your brand into a paid search environment in my name. 
If you tell me you have enough fuel to cruise at 30,000 feet (which you intimated) that's exactly where I'll set the coordinates. As it stood, you should never have taken off, but as the business owner, this was your responsibility entirely. 
 Accountability and ownership is the true making of entrepreneurs so let's take ownership and I'll prove accountability. 

20/07/2016 23:22:55: ‎You left [Michael left Whatsapp group]

So to continue...

Just to confirm:

Adam initially paid Michael for his Amazon training previously which was £600 (now gone up to £2,000). 
Adam at the time thought things were going well and believed the stories and lies which Michael Devlin had told and subsequently referred two other people to him, to obtain him £5,000 worth of new business from one person and £4,800 from the other. This included Elite subscription to his Profits Engine Elite platform (which never worked properly and was over valued). It was a scam and people were told to buy the system. Some of his claims are attached in the screenshots... These claims, despite being made in January (2016) have not come to fruition even to this date.

Michael told Adam that because he referred several people to the business that he would be eligible for an Elite subscription free for a year. Although none of the Elite functions were accessible! This can be seen via the screenshots.

Moving forward:

Michael had tried to call Darren several times but due to this now becoming a legal matter, Darren refrained from answering. It was more professional keeping it via email so everything was recorded. At the very same time, despite making it very clear to Michael Devlin at the beginning which niche we were entering, I suddenly received the message as can be seen via the screenshot stating:

"Adam call me - when I agreed to take you on it was based on you being in the ***BLOCKED OUT NICHE*** , then you wanted to start with ***BLOCKED OUT NICHE*** [PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS NICHE WAS THE ONLY NICHE DISCUSSED AND SHOWN TO MICHAEL]. I told/warned you this niche is a dead end and often used as a lead magnet, not to mention one of my friends has it wrapped up organically so I know what you need by way of spend. However you proclaimed profits of 10K [sic] giving me the impression you where [sic] financially stable otherwise you would never have been taken on as my client. On a side note your partner is seriously pissing me off sending me bank statements claiming I've killed your business when you'd have needed a minimal of £5K per month spend to run successfully in paid search during compression over a minimal of 12 weeks. I want to speak with you, I've supported you, taught you, helped you to launch and grow your business whilst wavering subscription fees and taking partial payments etc and this is the kind of messages I'm receiving because you guys have run out of funds? Trust me dude this does not sit well with me. Call me"

Just to re-clarify, not once did we discuss £10,000 profits, we were not advised that we needed £5,000 a month for paid ad spend. We were not advised that our business would fall apart. None of this was made aware.

Anyhow, we decided to email Michael Devlin the results of what we had earned. Putting all advertising spend, costs and profits aside, prior to using Michael we earned in excess of £10,000 turnover and after, just over £7,500 within the month. Introducing costs and profits, prior to using Michael Devlin's 1 on 1 service, our profits were approximately £6,000 and after Michael our profits were -£1,200. As we mentioned before, we had obtained a level of sustainability and now we felt completely conned and scammed by Michael Devlin.

We believed that these numbers would be enough for Michael Devlin of Profits Engine and to accept responsibility for what he had done but no... We were now in an email battle with him. Here is how it went:


Without prejudice.

As requested by you, here is our (Adam and Darren's) correspondence to you regarding our request for refund, under your 'money-back guarantee'.
You offered us this money back guarantee (see screenshot below). This is obviously a major selling point. People see that the process is virtually risk-free and have nothing to lose. That is why we invested £1,600 with the understanding that in 4-6 weeks our sales would have exponentially improved.
When agreeing to work with us you saw our product, you knew what we were turning over, you knew what our competitors were doing and you knew our advertising ROI. If this was a problem and you thought what you did about it being an overpopulated niche etc then why didn't you say from the offset instead of taking our money and leading us to believe we could increase sales?
Since we have complained about lack of sales you have told us that it is an over-populated niche, low cost items are killing us and that we are just buying data. Since reverting the listing our ACOS has gone up again, organic sales have increased and we have had a better ROI from advertising.

You knew our product was on the ***BLOCKED OUT NICHE*** and failed to mention any of the above to us prior to making payment. So, naturally we believe you have misled us.
As an example, we would previously pay £100 and and [sic] would get a significant ROI, such as £600. But since working with you we would pay £100 and earn £105 worth of business.
Our unit sessions when we had our listing were as high as 31%... since changing they've reduced to an average of 7% meaning less ROI from PPC.
You told us post-consultancy when our ACOS went from 50% to 150% (post your amendments) that it was due to it being an over populated niche.

We stipulated that we were doing £10,000 a month (first month's sales), this was not stipulated as profit, as you keep stating, it was turnover as our screen shot on the Amazon group proved.
We paid for 2 x 2-3 hour consultancy sessions, for which we have had one 2.5 hour consultancy, which was recorded both audio and visually.
We were told that within 4-5 weeks we should notice a difference. We have noticed a difference - completely the opposed of what was promised.
Regardless of any stats we noticed advertising spend increase, sales decrease and ROI get lower.
What would normally be £10,000 with a healthy profit we received near no profit through the month.
Our bank accounts aren't your issue but you informed us that sales will decrease but then spike up, this did not happen. We started the business with £500 and turned it into a £10,000 a month business. We had regular cash flow coming in to invest in stock and grow our range which is what we had been spending a lot of our profit on to obtain sustainability. Since working with you we have had no sustainability and from it we are now -£1200 in advertising spend.
Yes, we may have found some sales with lower ACOS but the sales are so infrequent. Yes, you showed us your print screen of your very low ACOS's, this is a lifetime snapshot... We don't doubt that is possible but those results over the time frame of 3 years aren't profitable. How frequent are those ACOS's?
We now have no money to look at any other niches, nor restock. Since reverting parts of the listing back to the old listing sales have increased and advertising spend has decreased.
We don't doubt that money needs to be spent on advertising but if we had to spend a significant amount to see further results then why wasn't this stipulated at the beginning? Cash flow has always been healthy until we made the amendments you suggested.

You did not advise us to exit the niche at the beginning, only now we have complained at how bad it is performing you have advised this.
Also we disclosed our money situation to you, yet you stipulated that it was not a problem and that we would get through it.
We also disclosed the remaining £400 payment issue to you, explaining that we thought we had the funds, but advertising spend had knocked us into the minus. That I [Darren] was trying to sell my car to raise funds. To which you replied along the lines of 'don't worry about it, we will sort this all out'.
We were never advised that our accounts would turn into losses for weeks, even when optimising the listings we have had no results.
We haven't said that you aren't an expert in your field, nor that you don't know what you are doing just that in this instance we have made changes and the changes have negatively affected our listing.
You failed to inform us correctly and we believe you have mis sold [sic] this service.
This is now a formal request for a refund of our £1,600 under your money back guarantee.
If you are not prepared to refund us our money within 7 working days, we will have no option but to escalate the matter to the small claims court.



Between this email and the next, Michael Devlin called Darren, who was speaking on the hands-free in his car. Darren explained that Adam was not present and that as business partners, all discussions on the matter should be between the three of us.

Michael Devlin proceeded to tell Darren all about how he gave Adam free training and that Adam owed him X-amount of pounds, that it's because of Michael that we actually have a business. Darren refused to comment on this subject, due to it being a matter which was before he and Adam went into business together. He explained to Michael that he should take that up with Adam and not me.

Michael then proceeded to overwhelm Darren with technical jargon, which lasted for around 3-4 minutes, during which time Darren did not say anything.

When Darren got to his destination, a conference call was agreed, pleasantries exchanged and the call was ended.

The next email...


Hi Adam, Darren,
Darren pleasure to converse with you earlier. 
As requested let's arrange a conference call between all three parties and let's open the data and get on the same page. 
If I haven't increased your sales I'll happily refund Adam as agreed. but I can see through the screen shots provided a unit and conversion % increase. 
This is not an issue, if you are telling me your business is dying as a result of cash flow then that's a different story and I'll happily refund you Adam, but Darren, I'd like to substantiate I've received no monies from you yet all unsubstantiated claims seem to be dialogued by you. 
Adam, I know you have multiple products on amazon and have admittedly grown your business with success as a result of everything I've taught you, and I believe my strategies taught on the call are further enhancing your businesses. 
I've also given you access to my platform which Darren didn't want to acknowledge, as you asked me to help you in January and I did. 
This has been access at elite level at £199 for the past 7/8 months. 
You've referred two accounts to me as a thank you for the help, so I might be willing to write the license fee off also and still refund you Adam if you get on a conference call and show me the data via screen share. 
Let me reinforce that profit is your own business, not mine. I drive sales. 
It's the ad spend that's killed you and had I known your level of funds were as bad going in, I'd have rejected your request to work with me one on one. 
To further reiterate Darren, I've received no payment(s) from you (at any time) and my contact and dealings have been with Adam as per the funds received and the £500 discount I allotted to him. As per correspondence with Adam your funds remain outstanding to complete my fee. 
To conclude, should both of you choose not to address the data via active screen share so that I can clearly identify the ASIN and its data, and should you lads wish to continue with the approach that it was I who killed your business, and not a direct result of a lack of cash flow to operate (again noted through correspondence) then we are going to collide and a counter claim for unpaid license fees relating to my platform which has been accessed with admitted great success by Adam will be raised and offset against the balance paid by Adam. 
Any balance remaining after outstanding license fee offset will be returned directly to Adam. 
I trust counter claims will be unnecessary and that the appropriate acknowledgements and ending can be achieved. 
PS Darren, the advice to revert your listing which you claim has increased your sales was a direct instruction from myself to Adam via text message. 
Let's arrange that call gentleman and have a great weekend.

PLEASE NOTE: Michael Devlin had failed to remember that he had agreed to give us the Profits Engine for free from the referrals and this was not a new thing as it appears from what he has said.

Adam and Darren:

"Hello Michael
Regarding sales, putting all advertising spend to the side i've [sic] attached a copy of a screenshot of our business before we started using you with the screenshot today. On it's own this is clear that sales have not increased, but decreased as stipulated.
This is also backed up by a 4 month comparison on sales with percentage orders from the business reports. Keeping it simple, this shows a clear reduction in sales and I don't think anything else is required.
The business funds may of [sic] come from Adam or any account but as business partners any monies distributed from either party is a reflection of both of us.
On the final note, if you advised Adam to revert the listing back to how it was originally then what were we paying for?"


Michael then proceeded to backtrack and state that we did not use his service properly, and that there was a reason we hadn't eared any money. Although he sold us 4 x 1 hour sessions @ £500 per hour and we had used the majority of this time up he retracted saying he did not state this (we have it in black and white as provided).

This was our email...

Darren and Adam:

Hi Michael,

No, as in the screenshot attached, we paid for two x two hour sessions maximum with a money back guarantee if i'm [sic] correct? So if we work that timing out that makes 3 hours 51 minutes worth of consultancy.

No, there was no optimisation of the backend keywords, you sent us away to go and do it ourselves then when they didn't work you told us to revert the listing? I'm not sure if that counts as optimising our keywords?

You walked Adam through the front end listings via Facebook. Sales picked up once Adam reverted the backend to how he had it previously, amended the title to have an exact match phrase in the title which you opted out of and told us it didn't read well. We have also placed an advertising campaign on an additional item which has helped with sales but it is not from what you've advised. Regardless, you said "You'd smash that I'd need two two [sic] hour days max I'm happy to do for £2K as your numbers will scale that's a money back guarantee" - I'm not sure if bringing results back to where they were before is classified as "Smashing"?

Adam paid £650 for your Amazoners course previously which was stated that you wanted to get all of your members to 6 figures within 6 months, this hasn't happened

So in short, you are stipulating that we haven't had a full day with you, nor allowing you to continue strategising [sic] as a result of "you running out of money (by our own admission)" if we stand corrected, out of the 4 hours, we have had 3hours 51 minutes, i'm [sic] not quite sure what else can be done with the remaining 9 minutes?

As a result of using you, our adverting spend went up, sales went down and until we reverted the listing and made amendments Adam suggested that is the only time sales spiked. You told us to compress the listing etc but this did nothing. You then contradicted yourself and told us it was our niche? Our budget? Our lack of advertising spend. Quite frankly, we are slightly confused to what the issue was. You then (as shown in the screen shot) told us that it was a dead end niche (this is not the case) but if it is, how can we "smash sales" and get to our goal which we set out at the beginning with you and you told us (as per screenshot) that you could do if it was a dead niche?

Your advice ended Michael, and Adam stopped taking your advice on 16th July [2016] when he made amendments to the title and reverted keywords, that was enough to tarnish your authority. Regardless, screenshots attached, we are still lower than we were before using you and have spent a lot more on advertising with less results.

Regarding the open balance, under verbal agreement and as per screenshot provided, you informed Adam that for the two business referrals of £2k [FULL AMOUNT WAS UNKNOWN AT THIS POINT] - ***REFERRAL NAMES*** that you would provide profits engine as a gesture of good will [sic]. Being a subscription based service where you offer an annual subscription and monthly subscription if this was not the case and you were unhappy to do so then this could have been turned off at any point. Adam did not sign up for a 12 month contract, it was presented as "pay for a year up front and get it for price X" or "pay for the service monthly and get it for price Y"

Regarding profits engine - Adam was provided access to the Beta version which had many faults. The "product finder" doesn't work properly for our niche in the UK, the landing pages aren't worth £2,000. We created our own landed pages from Fiverr for $5 and programmed the power URL's in and had a better response. . Part of the upgrade you stipulated:
On December 6th you would do a one on one Skype call with all those who upgraded to check their listing through, this was also your birthday and was merely brushed under the table and did not happen.
The ongoing monthly training was brushed under the table and had a disappointing weekly call when it was on
The landing pages training would be provided? Still waiting?
There would be new training provided monthly?
Tweet academy - nothing new was learnt but over valued
Facebook academy - still pending?
End of end cycle from manufacturer to Amazon?
Shipment agent?
Credit facilities provided because of the power of Amazoners
Linkedin training?
Mark Houng has vanished?
The reward point system doesn't work and has now been removed
Review system?

Now, currently on profits engine it consists of an Amazon calculator which doesn't work properly which you call Amazon Spy. Jungle Scout provides a more reliable insight, a calculator which has never been used, nor would one pay a substantial amount for that. A domain which Adam purchased and re-pointed. Allan was probably one of the hardest people to get hold of and never responded unless it was money related. Stock and fulfilment which Amazon tells us anyway. Mass Conversions provides access to Amazoners course which Adam has already paid up front for. Adam has already paid you for a month of Profits Engine but believe [sic] it has been oversold and under delivered, missold and the product is not fit for purpose. None of our sales sales [sic] are related to your Profits Engine or Mass Conversion, only Amazoners training which has been paid for. 
Amazoners was good training with the weekly monthly calls but the rest has a lot to [sic] desired. Now we are requesting the money back for Profits Engine as it is not as described or fit for purpose.
Attached are screenshots from 12th May - 12th June [2016], We made amendments as of late that evening so the next screen shot is from 13th June - 13th July [2016] (a month) and since reverting everything and making Adam's own amendments i've [sic] attached a sceenshot [sic] so you can see. Regardless, with 9 minutes left of consultancy i'm [sic] sure what else could be completed as per screen shot provided? Also, you charge more for a 4 day session as other Amazoners have informed us how much they were being offered by you and for what so i'm [sic] not sure how now [sic] tell us that it was 4 days worth of consultancy we were offered as opposed to 2x2 hours sessions.

Kind Regards,

Michael Devlin:

Hi Darren, Adam, 
I have never seen a situation or communication so manipulated or falsified. The credit for my platform was one months credit and at no time has either you or Adam expressed concern about our platform until now. One of the main reasons why Profits Engine doesn't pull back data on ***BLOCKED OUT NICHE*** and the ***BLOCKED OUT NICHE*** is because it's a Niche I'd advise any student to avoid - Something I voiced to Adam verbally when he told me he was entering it. 
I have communication from Adam acknowledging the Platform and that he would pay once his business partner provided funds. 
Here's how REAL entrepreneurs work Darren. They are truthful, honest and accountable. 
My coaching isn't 2 x 2 hours it is 4 days of which I could only provide 2 x 2 hours on the run up to my holiday (as expressed verbally to Adam) so please do not insult my intelligence. I haven't even produced an invoice yet as I wasn't fully paid whereby all my coaching invoices clearly state 4 days therein. 
I will refund you no problem not because anything you claim in writing (AS IT'S IS COMPLETELY FALSE) and can easily be proven, I'll refund you because the £1600 is obviously critical to your business highlighted through the lengths your going to in order to manipulate information. 
The time required for me to unravel your communication is way more valuable than £1600. Therefor [sic] your refund will be actioned on the 28th August 2016.

I wish you boys all the best in everything that you do.
Please be advised that your account and your removal from my network will be immediate.

Michael Devlin confirmed that he would issue us with a full refund on the amount requested which we thought was fine. Before doing so, he said the following:


At no time from this communication forward was it communicated to me (in any way) that my software wasn't fit for purpose prior to the request of a refund for the one on one fee, that also wasn't fully paid, nor was the full time of four days allowed subject to you running out of money by your own admission. 
Had my services been so defective up until this point, and my methods not up to much, as you claimed, why request one on one tuition? 
I find your previous communication to be insulting and I will have no hesitation in taking you to court. 
Notwithstanding the above, this is also to highlight that my offer of a refund was in no way based on your fabrication of events but also to let you know that REGARDLESS OF COST I will stand firm defending the facts and will happily spend what it takes to prove BOTH OF YOU wrong. 
Sign my NDA and we close the book, refuse, and I initiate legal proceedings.


Why did we use his one on one service? Despite Profits Engine being so bad, we had heard about there being good stories and seeing stats posted online and we still believed in him. We gave Profits Engine the benefit of the doubt. Little did we know that there was plenty more people who were very unhappy with Michael Devlin's poor service, but no one communicated this, if they did they were booted off of the group and removed from all social media. When you see someone flying round the world, showing great statistics online you assume they are all real. Sometimes you can trust people too much.

Moving forward... We signed the NDA, there was nothing from his IP which was actually useful or beneficial that we didn't know anyhow. He stated that on 28th August [2016] he would give us the money back... This is 6 weeks from the given date, a bit long, but it seemed okay.
After signing the NDA we emailed it to him with two follow up emails asking if it was suitable... We received no response.

Here's what happened next...

Darren and Adam:

Please confirm when they payment had been completed as it is the 28th August as discussed.





Please physically sign the document, the document being filled out isn't in effect until signed and presented. 
Please print and post to *** Glasgow G69 *** mark it for my attention.

Darren and Adam:
And when we asked you earlier this week

If the document was suitable you didn't reply?

It will be with you Wednesday and we expect the transfer to be made on Wednesday.


That's because I have an international physical product business to run, 14 brands, three conferences to prepare for, 1597 digital members alongside 32 Seven figure students to mentor, so forgive me me [sic] for not responding in a time frame that suits YOU. 
I've instructed you clearly on what to do, so either comply or I revert to proceedings in my previous correspondence for the money you owe my company. 
I've waisted [sic] enough time on both of you and had enough of your fabricated bullshit emails. 
Now please return the document, signed, as instructed weeks ago, then you'll get paid. 
I'll accept a scan with written notice via email that hard copy is in the post. 
Fail to sign and I'll initiate proceeds against you and immediately instruct Amazon of the liquidation and wind up petition of ***BLOCKED COMPANY NAME*** via my solicitors for being unable to pay their debts on time due to insufficient funds, through your own admission, whilst still trading, and thus breaking the companies Act. 
This is also a fiduciary breech [sic] of both directors which will extend the debt owed to me to both you and Adam personally. 
DO NOT think for one minute you are dealing with an idiot. 
I've let you off the hook, I advise strongly, that you take it.

Despite the debt issue not being true, we did not respond in an argumentative manner but found this level of communication unacceptable.

Darren and Adam:

*Requested document attached to email*

The document is also in the post.
Please confirmed when monies are transferred.


Michael Devlin advised us to make the amendment to the document which we did. We asked when the money would be transferred.

On 31/8/16 Michael Devlin replied to our email:
This will be done Tuesday of next week when I am back in the office

The emails then continue...

Darren and Adam:
Please confirm payment will be made tomorrow and all documents are relevant.

No hard copy received as of yet

Darren and Adam:

The document was sent to you to back up what was emailed to you. Payment was agreed by you on receiving the document via email whilst it was in the post. We shall resend the payment via post but you have a relevant copy via email.

Michael Devlin had already stated that as long as the email was sent through as we had done and sent it in the post as we had done that full payment would be made the following Tuesday.


You are now scheduled for my September payment run. 
 Please ensure the hard copy is returned to me. 
My payment run is 28th of each month as outlined - You missed the 28th of August, obviously, because you failed to comply.
Your [sic] are now on the 28th of September run and you've been signed off. 
I'll be out the country. 
This matter is now closed

Darren and Adam:

Last week you advised us to scan the document to you which we did.
Your words were:
"I'll accept a scan with written notice via email that hard copy is in the post."
I had advised to you that the documents are in the post. We requested the money and you said...
"This will be done Tuesday of next week when I am back in the office "
I have requested to know when the monies will be transferred as we require the money for the business, you have the document as requested and the document was in the post. You are now saying you will not pay us for a further 4 weeks.
If you do not pay us by tomorrow then we will start court proceedings tomorrow.
You have until 23:59 on Tuesday 6th September 2016 to make full payment as discussed last week in your emails. You are now giving us the run around, we have done everything required on our end otherwise we will see you in court.
This matter is now closed.


I told you the gratuitous refund would be put in my system on Tuesday and that's what will be done. 
Your refund would have been paid on or around the 28th of August had you DONE WHAT I ASKED, but you didn't.

Your idea of the runaround [sic] is obviously indicative of someone who has structure, timeline, something you are completely ignorant to the fact. 
Fore [sic] the avoidance of doubt any legal correspondence received will result in my gratuitous offer of your refund being withdrawn and met with a winding up petition against ***BLOCKED COMPANY NAME*** (a company deemed to be trading insolvent) for the outstanding funds owed to me by your business with an attachment of assets in relation to the stock currently being sold through, and held by Amazon. "

Darren and Adam:
"You are deluded.
We were tolerant with you and did what you wanted. Just incase there is any confusion about what you have or haven't said please find the transcript below:" [we attached transcript of our communications up until that point]

You've got my communication - You've had my instructions.
I've been as courteous and explanatory as I can. 
Your gratuitous payment will be in my system tomorrow. 
This will be my final response on this matter.."

Darren and Adam:

But i thought we were on your payment system for August? We emailed you previously, several times, no response, no payment until later that day when apparently we wernt [sic] in your system.
You then said monies will be transferred on Tuesday. We do not trust your emails as your dates change

Payment tomorrow or see you in court.


Do you know how payment systems work with companies who have payment runs?

Miss one date you move to the next monthly date. 
You expect me to go out my way and take time out my day, to gift you a refund, whilst first doing you a favour by not liquidating you and yet
you continue to be nothing but an ignorant p***k.. 
 Go f**k yourself...

This sort of language is unnecessary in daily life and very much frowned upon in a professional capacity. Especially with talk of small claims court action on both sides.

Despite the abuse, we did not lower ourselves to his level.

Darren and Adam:

You had ample time to notify us and respond to emails that the documentation wasnt [sic]suitable, especially as your PA, Clare didn't manually sign the document.
So if you responded and worked like an honourable, respectful businessman we wouldnt [sic] have this problem but you didnt [sic].

You then stipulated a date being Tuesday [sic] that monies will be transferred as in black and white. This was not completed.

For the future Michael, don't make empty promises, email them, post them online and then wonder why people ask questions when what you've said doesn't occur. Don't then change the wording to manipulate what you've already said and to suit you


As the issuer of the NDA I do not need to sign the document until returned, or until I want it enforced. However, as the recipient you are obligated to sign it and return it upon receipt (as requested) which still hasn't happened.

The words honourable, respectful and businessman are not words you should be using as my dealings with you tell me you are neither. 
As for the 'manipulation of content', well, I think you've already proven you are the master of this process also.
I had already communicated all processes to you, but again, you've ignored them repeatedly and continued with your arrogance [sic] matter of fact communication, all the whilst [sic] being completely outside the facts. 
Your refund will be done in the timelines conducive to that of my business practise [sic] and reschedule of your payment will be Tuesday i.e [sic] today. 
Emailing demands showered by arrogance and ignorance the day before someone is set to do you a favour isn't very wise. 
Your payment scheduled for the 28th of August [2016] was cancelled as you FAILED to adhere to the terms of the refund clearly outlined in my communication. 
Me responding to you informing you what you provided was correct, which it wasn't, when what requested was clearly outlined. 
Ignorance isn't an excuse with legal documents that are indicative to a timeline, something you might want to keep in mind. 
Should you wish to communicate with me again please do so in writing via legal representation, otherwise, my goodwill refund of £1600 will be sent to the banking details provided by you on the 28th of September from ***** Ltd.

To conclude...

Michael Devlin is all talk, shows you what you want to see, ropes in you into a false sense of security until you hand your money over, you then get nothing. When you request a refund you are then bullied out of everything and manipulated. He is a horrible man, no business ethics and a disgrace to the world of business and more importantly, Amazon. Michael Devlin is a con artist but scams/cons you in a way where you don't see it coming. We all make mistakes, we are still recovering from our mistakes.We urge you to read through everything thoroughly, even get a friend to also read through and ask as many questions as possible. ask any questions. As a final word, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT use Michael Devlin or any of his services!

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 01/18/2017 05:27 PM and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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#1 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Kelly - (United States)

This is a follow up on a comment posted previously which you can find here

We have clearly demonstrated how Mr Devlin lies, cheats and misleads people in paying him for services and tools he either does not provide or provides very poorly. 

We have also shown clear examples of direct fraud such as the use of an Aston Martin as a hook to get people to pay $3k to join his course and Devlins failure to actually provide this vehicle in the manner he represented. In fact he still boasts about it sitting in front of his house.

Michael has also failed to provide us with VAT invoices despite being asked on several occasions. He stated he would provide them to a lawyer acting on our behalf. Then advised that he wasn’t obliged to provide invoices as we were not registered in the UK. We then pointed out that we were actually registered in the UK. He then provided us with simple word documents with no VAT number and also in a business name which we have never even heard of. We paid M & A Technologies (Profits Engine), therefore we should receive VAT receipts in this company name. One can only assume from this that Michael is either failing in his TAX obligations or he is deliberately being awkward. 

For a man who has repeatedly insisted that he is innocent of all the claims levelled against him and is in fact a victim of unmotivated, stupid and unethical people who simply want to pull him down I find this particularly ironic.

Up to this point I have been content to let my partner bear the brunt of Devlin’s insults and threats but recently he contacted us to offer a refund.  

We accepted this offer which at the time had no conditions attached to it. Devlin then discovered our original post here even though he has been active since the beginning he demanded that we take it down or his offer would be withdrawn and damages sought

  • "Fix it or I am retracting my Offer and adding damages to your counter suit." - Email title

Devlin then attempts to blackmail us into removing the post, hardly the actions of an innocent man

  • "It is with this finding that I am hereby retracting my offer to gratuitously and partially refund you unless this thread is removed within seven days (or less) alongside a public apology and update of the facts is made from your business partner Kelly. Otherwise, I will be reverting back to my counter suit position and separately adding a damages claim to the suit in reference to the content and ask that you involve a solicitor immediately, something that to date you've failed to instruct."
  • "I want it removed. Everything that was written was defamatory and without factual foundation and perhaps your partner Kelly should have considered this alongside her contractual and professional obligations/restrictions before writing a barrage of repeated nonsense both directly via email and now online that's about to cost both her and the company heavily if it's not rectified and removed”

This then began a series of emails in which my partner and myself and our business were threatened several times despite us remaining polite and professional even though the original offer had been withdrawn 

  • "This will be my last email to you as a method of arbitration and although it is clear you are under the misguided direction that if you make a nuisance of yourself enough I'll buckle and refund you...but trust me, I fully intend to make a contractual example of you both by ripping you apart legally on all fronts, regardless of cost."

He then sent us a further invoice for “proprietary” works?? …..£8,963.24

We find it ironic that with all threats and intimidation tactics that he frequently throws at us he has never actually followed through with any of them. We have never received a defamation or harassment claim from his lawyers despite him stating several times we was going to file claims. We made Michael aware that we were acting on our own behalf and would not be using a lawyer. In fact we copied his lawyers into our correspondence as we wanted to be fully transparent. Could it be that Michael is actually fully aware of his wrong doings? 

Again hardly the professional stance that a so called professional marketer would normally take.

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#2 Consumer Comment

MICHAEL DEVLIN: A little light reading for you brother

AUTHOR: John - (Paraguay)

This is a direct message to Michael Devlin. You are a true bully who has cultivated an atmosphere of fear and intimidation through lies, censorship and aggression. People in your FB groups are afraid to speak their minds for fear of ejection from the programme. You have taken thousands of dollars from decent, ordinary, hardworking people for you own own shallow pursuits (about which you brag constantly). I want people to know exactly what they are getting themselves in for if they associate with you professionaly.

I may not know marketing as well as you but I am more clever, more articulate and a more decent human being. I will be chronicling, with proof, EVERY single lie you have told. This will be a post that you will not be able to delete Michael. The walls are closing in Brother.

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#3 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Maric - (United States)

I'm involved in Elite masterminds and Amazon training of all kinds and I'm also considered an Elite Amazon Seller doing high Six Figures Per Month. I know all the BIG sellers this guy deals with and if you've not got EXTREMELY deep pockets you will fail on Amazon as this guy will snap your purse strings. What I've taken from this thread is anything positive is to be seen as fake and anything negative is to be taken as gospel. I'm wondering which category I'll be in but I'm simply here to tell whoever cares how it is when selling on Amazon. What I can tell anyone who reads this is if you ever use a coach who specialises in traffic you'll need a budget on a par with your inventory budget. I also know through being part of this guys community that multiple members have failed largely due to their own budget failures as most Amazon sellers have a lack of understanding when it comes to click to purchase, CPA, and scalability budgets and margin in their own products. Small Amazon sellers also have a blame culture with them choosing to blame everyone else rather than the product they chose, or the lack of budget they had. You either have the pocket or you don't and this thread appears to be more a self confession of failure from sellers who either had a lack of commitment or understanding of the topic being taught or a lack of cash at bank. If you where smart enough in the first place you'd have spotted ahead of time that the numbers and profit in your business never stacked in the first place and you shouldn't have needed a coach or guru to point that out.

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#4 Consumer Comment

I was also conned by Michael Devlin

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (USA)

  I signed up for Michael Devlins Mass conversions course last year. He was a so-called Amazon guru, and self-proclaimed expert, but as things transpired, it became clear that none of this was true. After everything I've witnessed, there's not a shadow of doubt in my mind that Michael Devlin is a professional con artist. I never received anything of any value. There was so much talk, so many FB posts about what was to come, how much money everyone would make but nothing was ever delivered. Profits engine was a scam. It was useless even when it worked, and nothing else even materialised. I couldn't believe it when he started asking for 'belts and braces' money, charging people extra at the first opportunity when he promised he wouldn't.

Then there was the ludicrously transparent scam with the Aston Martin. He spent weeks roping people in by proclaiming that out of everyone who paid thousands to attend his event, that 'one lucky winner ' would receive the keys to his Aston Martin. He then reneged on this and claimed that one of the members in the group was sick, and that he had decided to raffle it off to raise funds for them. There was no explanation of who this member was or what their illness was, and to top it all off, he never even raffled the car! He still displays it on his FB page in broad daylight, with no regard to his fraudulent actions.

Originally, on the webinar he had made to sell everyone his course, he had claimed that he would be taking 10 brands from scratch so that course members could see how it was done. He never even began doing this, it was just swept under the rug, along with all of his other claims. The previously promised weekly calls just stopped because they didn't suit 'Amazon Terms of Services.' I was flabbergasted when he then asked for thousands in renewal fees after literally providing nothing. Until now I've tried to put it out of my mind and not let it affect me because I still had a business to run, but thank God someone else had the time and courage to start this report, thank you guys. I can't believe he's been taking 20k/40k off some people, that makes me feel sick.

I don't know if he's deluded or just a bad person, but you can't just take thousands off people and not expect consequences. Either way, Michael Devlin committed fraud. I can vouch for pretty much every negative claim made about him in this report, and the defences of him are ridiculously suspicious. No doubt there'll be a 'SATISFIED CUSTOMER KILLING IT' who responds to this, but for anyone reading this, ask yourself: Do you honestly think all of these angry ripped off people have conspired together to tell lies? If you look at any other reputable Amazon teacher online, there's not a sniff of any of these claims that can be found anywhere.

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#5 Consumer Comment

Real proof please

AUTHOR: Amazon - (United Kingdom)

Anyone claiming to have a positive experience with Michael want to actually back this up with some real proof?

Michael supposedly has helped hundreds of successful students and 60 successful brands yet there is not any evidence for this. If you are doing X sales per month, let's see some proof other than a screenshot.

Company status - Liquidation
Accounts overdue

One of his brands Hustle coffee launched under M & A TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED
1) Sold perhaps 3 units?
2) Hustle Coffee already exists
Just have to feel sorry for the two resellers, possibly duped into buying from Michael Devlin.

Oh dear both dissolved, no money either so you have to wonder.

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#6 Consumer Comment




Buying a gym membership doesn't make you FIT. Doing the workout makes you fit. I have been working like a maniac since 2015 with Michael on my Amazon business and in Sept 2017 we hit $1M a month. 


Reading this isn't slating Mike, it's an admission of WE'RE NOT WORTHY from a minority of individuals on the internet who chase shiny object after shiny object and that fail at almost everything they do in life, either in business or in finances but want to blame everyone but themselves. 
I'm also a brand partner of Mike's with a no F*CKING around contract. I can tell you that if you fail to buy stock you will be kicked out the contract. Thankfully, I have never failed to buy stock. 
If you DO THE WORK then you will succeed beyond measure with Michael. If you fail he will have a no nonsense approach to telling you that YOU ARE OUT. 
I'd rather a coach that done it right, told me right, held me accountable and made me take ownership of my own sh*t. 
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#7 General Comment

Sales Screenshot

AUTHOR: Michael Devlin Scam - (United Kingdom)

Anyone can post a screenshot with some numbers.

Neither of Michael Devlin's companies are even VAT registered so the screenshot are not from his own seller account yet he claims to have 60 brands etc.

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#8 Consumer Comment

Michael Devlin Pocketed Over £30k

AUTHOR: Kelly - (Australia)


Promised USP product as part of the brand partner agreement
Received a generic run of the mill product available anywhere, also similar products given to other brand partners. (Conflict of interest whereby Michael is breaching his own contract)

Promised brand that would sell for 7 figures and split 50/50
Got (or not) brand that would be pooled and sold off as a lot with other members and possibly we could get 50k

Promised on and off Amazon Marketing
Got webinars which basically turned out to be sales Platforms.

Promised Opportunity to own the AM Vantage Car
Initially available to Elite Sellers
Then Brand Partners
Then raffled for a sick student
Then nothing

Promised 100k in 12 months
Got little to no training, goals moved, empty promises.

All up we are down 
MC - 2950
100k - 2999
BP - 30,655k
Brandgate - 937
Lifetime Membership - 1450


Trademark - $1000
T-shirt Designs $500
Samples $100

We initially approached Michael about a refund months ago as I was undergoing Medical treatment. Michael said no because he was too far into the process. We left it at that.

It was only after a period of a few months passed when we realized we were not getting what we paid for.

We approached Michael and asked for a refund again and his response initially was he would refund provided we document that we were fabricating claims of breach etc as we lacked funds. He also stated that if other brand partners refunded he would withdraw his offer of a refund. When we refused to do this he then said he would run our PPC campaign for us if we didn’t refund and again we politely declined his offer which is when he became abusive and threatening even though he thinks he is the “good guy”. He is now putting the blame on us claiming that we have fabricated problems with him as we lack funds and also stating that we are threatening him as we said, “we would tarnish his reputation”. Which is a blatant lie.

There are many others like us that have lost a lot of money because of Michael Devlins false claims and promises, that have witnessed his bullish behaviour and have also been a vitim of it.

Mass Conversions / Elite now Brand Warfare

We were introduced to Michael Devlin by some friends in December 2016. Whilst we were chatting with our friends via Skype they messaged Michael to say we might be interested in joining the group and he immediately joined the call on Skype. This was at 2am his time, so we were immediately impressed by his 'proactive' approach.....

We explained to him that we had 2 PL brands and had been selling on Amazon for nearly 3 years and were looking to expand the business more offline as we felt our brand was overly reliant on Amazon. He told us that was exactly what mass conversions/Elite sellers was about, EXPLODING the business on and off Amazon.

He also stated that if we signed up we would have the opportunity to win an Aston Martin as he was going to have over the keys to a student at his live event in February.

It then moved to June then at a closed-door event in September then he asked us if we would mind raffling it because a member of the group was sick and he wanted to raise funds for them. The car as far I know is still in his possession. 

Our first introduction to his teaching was the lead lock/propel webinars, which we felt were a little haphazard teaching wise but we thought it could be a powerful method so were excited about being in the group. 
I guess our first reservations came not long after joining when we discovered he was holding a hand holding webinar regarding the propel stuff but to actually be able to be included in the webinar we would have to pay an additional $500. Strange but we dismissed it. We didn't sign up for the webinar.


Next, we signed up for brand gate beginning of Dec $937. However, developers were not ready. When he said the developers were finally ready I messaged them twice and got no reply and therefore went to Michael and told him I needed to get the brand gate set up but they were not replying to my messages, he said we had missed our slot and he would try and get me one later this year. See attached screenshot of messages . He is now claiming that we never claimed our spot. 

Michaels response in an email

“The set hours where booked and paid for in full. The development team ear-mapped their time without you ever reclaiming. If you'd like to reclaim I am sure they will happily do the work that they expected to be claimed over nine months ago.”

No, we don’t want to claim this as we ended up building our own as we could wait no longer.

Brand Partnership

We saw a post on his private page in Dec about a brand partnership and what he was offering (see attached screenshot) sounded promising and we messaged him to say we were interested. He said we could join him for one market for 25k or we could go 2 markets for 50k. He then called us and told us that he would want to sell the brand in 2 – 3 years for 7 figures and split the proceeds 50/50.

We signed up for 1 market with a view to adding the other at a later date. He sent us a message asking for a wire transfer. We wired him 25k USD, we get a message back after the funds have reached his account stating the 25k was GBP not USD so ended up wiring an additional 5-6k.

After him handing over the information on the “innovative product” which turns out to be a generic product that we would just white label we were a little disappointed because we thought we were getting a product with “a very strong usp”. We did however proceed because we thought Michael knew what he was doing.

We signed the contract. After signing we discover that in fact at least 2 other brand partners had been given very similar products to ours in which case Michael is breaching his own contract

1b. section 49. No Member will engage in any business, venture or transaction, whether directly or indirectly, that might be competitive with the business of the Venture or that would be in direct conflict of interest to the Venture. Any potential conflicts of interest will be deemed an Involuntary Withdrawal by the offending Member and may be treated accordingly by the remaining Members.

He also later advised that PPC was the only marketing method he would be using despite initially stating that “I will handle all Amazon (on and off channel marketing)"

He also contradicts himself in his post and also in the discussion we had on the phone when he later states “IP for your niche has been developed in house by us but will only be made available to select partners who show demonstrable strengths in personal funding, brand, sales, inventory acquisition and of course show honesty and integrity during the course of trade” 

Next came 100k hustle, signed up on the promise of 100k or your money back... We all know how that worked out. We paid for t-shirt designers etc all in that was another 3.5k

1. Little to no training - The first training was on brand and tees, but then a lot of sessions covered information which is no longer valid – the system linking to Amazon and Merch Nerds. There has been a single session on Facebook advertising which has not completed and no further training. Of late, the training has been joined with Mass Conversion and this appears to be mainly sales webinars.

2. Goal posts moved and constant changes in direction. The original concept was motivational tees we started off with Merch by Amazon and fulfilled by Merch Nerds, both on your system which would integrate the two companies. Since then there have been a number of different approaches, companies and products introduced, but never followed through.

3. Members have found their own ways through the set up. Now being promised yet another new approach (10K swipe file) which I believe has already been delayed.

4. Incorrect information about the price of software introduced in the sessions and the free periods of use. Software not functioning or available

Michaels request to a refund was “You are outside my VSP 120 day refund terms - However please contact your card issuing bank and raise a dispute and I will accept it”

We are outside the terms as we waited for months for him to get everything working. Why pass the buck to the bank and get them to refund? He knows full well you cannot open a dispute after 90 days.

Lifetime membership to Mass Conversions (now Brand Warfare) asked for a refund. His response “This was wire send me bank details no problem”

Later changed his mind and said

“The funds that I agreed to be gratuitously refunded to you in respect of your lifetime membership have since been offset against a counter suit that awaits you for damages that my company has incurred as a result of you failing to bring a product to market whilst under signed contract”


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#9 Author of original report

Facebook discussion over Michael Devlin

AUTHOR: - ()

A Facebook discussion from unhappy people with Michael Devlin Amazon from 100kHustle, profitsengine, massconversions

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#10 Author of original report

I'm confused?

AUTHOR: - ()

 Chris, michael has released these stat's as his own? I thought these were your numbers, not his.

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#11 Author of original report

Michael Devlin responds to "His people"

AUTHOR: - ()

So I become informed that Michael Devlin has spoken to his people... 

Please note - the comments in bold are mine... the rest is his!


"As we slowly take the Amazon space in a headlock and position ourselves as one of thee strongest players in the space a LOT of people are not liking this. - Not liking what? Targeting vunerable people then sending them threats when something doesn't go their way? (I can provide screenshots of everything)
In fact guys it's getting rather serious..
In recent months I have been subjected to a serious bout of cyber bullying experiencing a hatred (I think you'll find from my previous Rebuttal providing screenshots etc this is the other way, please check the definition of Cyber Bullying) I've never experienced before from individuals whom I have never met before in my life (Because people feel scared, bullied or threatened if they say anything) some of whom are being coached by an ex student (Please stop suggesting I am a coach Michael Devlin, this is becoming stupid, it really is) who was refunded and removed from my network for abusive behaviour over one year ago. (No, I wasn't removed from your network for abusive behaviour, I was removed from your network because my business partner and I both questioned the lack of results, integrity and the way which you bullied and threatened us when we wern't happy with what you did. You then refused to give a refund but did because you knew we had you from a legal standing otherwise we would of been scammed. Many people have given up trying to get refunds).

This bullying never really effected me until July this year where it spilled over into my young family.
Most of you will know who this individual and both Police Scotland and my corporate litigation team are now involved and pursuing both harassment and injunction proceedings. Harrasement? I'm not messaging you directly after you "personally" issued me an injunction which can be seen in other posts... I think we need to establish the definition of harrasement here).
It is with this I need to ask my community/family members for your support. (family members? Last time you spoke about family you took people's money, told them you won't have to spend any more as we are a family and then sold to us again!)
You see almost every group in the Amazon space I have tried to defend myself in when this cyber bullying raised it's head has barred and blocked me keeping the hate brigade in the group even when the moderators have been warned with legal takedown notices. You need to check the law and terminology you are using.
That's like punishing the kid in the playground who stood up for themselves, and rewarding the bully. (Please, let's look at previous comments... who's bullying who? Who's told who to F**K off?, even by your own admission you said it. We have only remained professinoal.
They have effectively made it impossible for me to defend myself (No, we just would like honest, respectful and genuine responses, not lie's about me or Darren about who we are, what we do or what we've said... we have hard proof about what you've said) as I'd often reply with results, numbers and profit...alongside a few home truths. Truths?
It's been found that the individuals also sell self defence courses yet they are using (cyber bullying) (Again Michael, please educate yourself on cyber bullying) and my pull in a space to ascertain attention) yeah, that's kinda like owning a rehab monday to Friday and dealing drugs on the weekend. It's like promising to increase results or a money back guarantee... once you've run a business down to the ground don't take responsibility... when they ask for money back use threats and refuse to provide a refund... surely it's similar story? I can carry on but i'll leave that for now...
As I stand on my own in my own group with my own people I can only say that I remain broad shouldered and defiant that I will not allow those, who in my opinion, have some serious issues in life (article 10, freedom of speech, i'll allow you your own opinion but no, we don't have serious issues but that's your opinion, it's okay), run me out of an industry I am passionate about innovating , protecting, and ultimately changing through being dynamic and unique. (innovating... you mean offering to deliver something spectacular, taking money for it then when questioned about getting money back going quiet?
Some of the major groups I have been barred from (own software)
Remember I founded Profits Engine (Please, let's not get started on profits engine... wooo, now that didn't have any functionality, a poor landing page which was valued at $2k somehow (yet on Fiverr I got one for $5 of better quality, it was another junglescout but a hell of a lot worse version) and I am about to change the game in Merch with my software later this month (I have screenshots of where you were due to do this with profits engine, person X will join us, this will happen, this will happen... nothing ever happened except you hid profits engine away and tried to grow another brand, when that didn't succeed hid that away and pushe another product)- See why it's in their interest to block me and allow the cyber bullying to continue without challenge? (I have personally contacted Jungle Scout, AMZScout amoungst others to contragulate them on their great work and products, We love seeing people succeed. If you understood the extent in which Darren and I have changed people's lives from self defence and other thing's you'd understand, people now don't feel scared to leave their houses).
Other groups I have been removed from for standing up for myself are run by individuals who own Amazon prep centres in and around the UK - oops didn't I just launch our centre in Glasgow - See where this is going? (No one really cares about your prep centre Michael, to be fair, I didn't even know you had one and couldn't really care less now I know you do).
This is the DARK SIDE the SCARY SIDE of the amazon space because it is full of talentless people who made some money and when the real talent shows up and threatens to dominate they are attempting to run them out.(No, this is not the case, you can call us talentless if you like but you are not real talent Michael, you've lost a lot of people a lot of money... You've driven businesses into the ground... yes I have lists and yes I have evidence!)
I will end with this - I never came here to have friends (Rule 1. You don't bully or threat people in business) I came here to innovate and help change the lives of real people with real hopes and dreams. (Yes we had real hopes, dreams, you killed that amazon business but also so did the people who gave you over £40,000 and you gave them nothing... Hey, at least you can by a McClaren with it) So, do me a favour, when you see the hater in full flight just know where they are coming from because they are trying to hurt you way more than they will ever hurt me as everything I do, is for YOU. (No Michael, you don't do this for us, you do it for yourself, if you did it for us now you've made your money you would set people up businesses for free and get them onto 6 figures... when we signed up to profits engine elite you promised 6 figures in 6 months... when questioned you denied it all)
In conclusion, ask yourself this, what type of group owner allows this sh*t to happen in a space that is allegedly created for business collaboration, fun, and success? (People who are protecting the innocent)
I'll leave that with you guys."

I can't say that I feel sorry for him and I would really like to comment on the post but that will just get me banned but it does make interesting reading 

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#12 Author of original report

"strutting around LinkedIn giving interviews" hahaha

AUTHOR: - ()

Thank you Michael for your response.


Firstly, there was on strutting around Linkedin providing interviews, I gave feedback to the lady who took my professional pictures for me.


Secondly, the business in question is a completly different business to the one discussed.


Thirdly, no, I don't sell self defence courses, my business partner does, he has been a close protection specialist for many years and has helped a lot of people including military, police and the disbled.

Definition of Cyber Bullying - "the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature."  - Please note, I have never threatened anyone nor intimidated anyone but on that note I think you will like what I have to write.

I know many Amazon students who are happy with who they use, have a very good relationship with their mentor and I'm happy for them. I don't need to promote myself but let's go back to the topic of cyber bullying...

Now let's look at how Michael Devlin has treated me...

When people commented on a post on FB which was posted to discuss the disgust of Michael Devlin's service...

"I am now back from LA and I ask that you please provide me your full company address as I am hereby putting you on legal notice defamation for your comments made on a thread initiated by someone who is currently subject of injunction proceedings in the court of England and separately reported to Police Scotland under the threatening digital communications act.

My lawyer has the screen shots and they will be issued to you directly, therefore please provide me your address.

Failure to provide your address will be noted in any and proceedings instructed against you by me, alongside a claim for commercial damages where applicable."

Before i proceed... threatening digital communications act does not exist... however, Harmful digital communications Act 2015 does exist... this stipulates:

Harmful digital communication and cyber bullying includes:

-sending or publishing threatening or offensive material
-spreading damaging rumours
-sending or publishing sensitive personal information such as embarrassing photos and videos.

Just so everyone knows... I am not spreading rumours, i have provided facts for every one of my situation and my experience of using Michael Devlin. This is my experience!

Just so everyone knows... - Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights provides the right to freedom of expression and information, subject to certain restrictions that are "in accordance with law" and "necessary in a democratic society". This right includes the freedom to hold opinions, and to receive and impart information and ideas.

Also - The defence of honest comment (or fair comment as it used to be known) reflects the protection that English law affords to an honest person who expresses an opinion, however “prejudiced, exaggerated or obstinate” that view may

Let's look at bullying here and some of the other threats we received: (Please note, I have never been had anyone swear at me at work but things change here)

After we wern't issued our refund and were made to wait for several months with no response:

Threat/Bullying 1.

"You expect me to go out my way and take time out my day, to gift you a refund, whilst first doing you a favour by not liquidating you and yet
you continue to be nothing but an ignorant p***k.. 
Go f**k yourself."

Threat/Bullying 2.

"'I've waisted [sic] enough time on both of you and had enough of your fabricated bulls*it emails. "

Threat/Bullying 3.

Because we didn't sign an NDA straight away - 
"Now please return the document, signed, as instructed weeks ago, then you'll get paid. 
I'll accept a scan with written notice via email that hard copy is in the post. 
Fail to sign and I'll initiate proceeds against you and immediately instruct Amazon of the liquidation and wind up petition of ***BLOCKED COMPANY NAME*** via my solicitors..... ......DO NOT think for one minute you are dealing with an idiot. 
I've let you off the hook, I advise strongly, that you take it."

Threat/Bullying 4.

"also to let you know that REGARDLESS OF COST I will stand firm defending the facts and will happily spend what it takes to prove BOTH OF YOU wrong. 
Sign my NDA and we close the book, refuse, and I initiate legal proceedings"

Threat/Bullying 5.

"I've instructed you clearly on what to do, so either comply or I revert to proceedings in my previous correspondence"

Also his words about us - "The words honourable, respectful and businessman are not words you should be using as my dealings with you tell me you are neither."

Threat/Bullying 6.

"Please be advised that my legal representatives have been instructed to commence immediate proceedings against you personally along with a report being filed with Facebook for immediate suspension of your account subject to violating terms of service. "

Threat/Bullying 7.

"Therefor, instead, I have today given instructions to have you formally served with an interdict/injunction as of 13.05PM UK time. "

Threat/Bullying 8.

"I am hereby formally advising you that I will be suing and pursuing you for damages through court (regardless of cost). "

Threat/Bullying 9. 

"The best piece of advice I could give you today is find the best defence lawyer you can because your going to need it. "

Threat/Bullying 10.

"ask that you put all your contact through an acting legal representative otherwise I will be forced to contact Police Scotland and file a complaint for harassment. "

Threat/Bullying 11.

"You hereby informed of proceeding for damages in relation to defamation of £25,000 together with outstanding invoices gratuitously credited no becoming due."

Threat/Bullying 12.

"A damages claim will also be instructed for violation of the DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act together with breech of confidentiality. "

Threat/Bullying 13.

"Cease and Desist procedures have already been initiated to Facebook Group Moderators with similar communication drafted to Facebook HQ informing them that transmission of the highlighted link within any public group will be seen as a violation of the DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act with request for immediate suspension of your account and immediate closure of the offending groups"

Now... let's also look at what isn't true... Please note - I have no interested in persuing a legal case for lies made about me or my business partner, this is just for public knowledge...

Allegations/comments that Michael Devlin made which weren't true...

Allegation/comment/lie 1. -

PLEASE NOTE - We paid $1 a product and sold them for £15.99...

Michael - "When it was noted that the retail price of this customers product would never permit this brand or product to be profitable in paid search 'long term' without substantial investment I was asked if I'd like to invest whereby I respectfully declined and was later repeatedly threatened over the phone to **make it happen** or 'we will trash you'. "

Allegation/comment/lie 2 -

Please note - My business partner is a close protection specialist and self-defence instructor working with public and government agencies... We have no interested in lifestyle training (except self-defence protection) and I am not looking to be an Amazon coach or affiliate marketer...

"It should also be noted that these individuals are now in the AMAZON space (looking to coach) offering (lifestyle training) and I guess, sadly for them, when you actually discover someone who's REALLY good at what you want to do, and later discover (it's really f*cking hard) then I guess the last resort is to make sh*t up about an authority on a forum like this:). "

Allegation/comment/lie 3 -

This is true, is safe guarding required.. nope, we just forgot to complete our company accounts however it was not portrayed this way.

"In the interest of helping safeguard customers who may be considering buying from DNA Armour Ltd and or from the directors you can read scheduled strike off here"

Allegation/comment/lie 4 -

I'm not in the place for afflilate marketing, i'm in the market to protect others.

"This is how NOT TO do Affiliate Marketing:)

NO normal customer REFUNDED behaves like this dude...."

Just to finish, people don't be afriad to have an opinion or ask for a refund... I know people who are down in excess of £40,000 here and have called me in tears.

Please note the comments have spelling mistakes in them, these are all copied and pasted from Michael Devlin's communications to me.

Also, in public interested - Michael has two dissolved companies, one in liquidation and one with no companies accounts.…/N0sUg_2uB…/appointments



But as you mentioned... I am cyber bulling Michael Devlin... 

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#13 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Miss Perfect - (USA)

 Following your share in the Amazon FBA Group I thought I'd do my own research and unsurprisingly I discovered how just a few months (prior to you running out of money) Adam Kenny Singh the owner of this thread was strutting around LinkedIn giving interviews about how his product became an Amazon top ten seller. What's disgusting to me about this is when people like you Adam don't own your own s**t or take responsibility for your own failures. I also read you don't sell Amazon courses (probably cause you failed after running out of cash) but do sell self defence courses for bullies? I find it kind of ironic that you express bully all over this thread yet you yourself resort to cyber bullying an authority like michael who is widely respected by using cyber bullying as your method of attention. You give Amazon students a bad name and you should find a different method of promoting yourself because your making yourself look like a right tit..

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I am going to keep this short and sweet - If you wanna see just how big this guy is check him out on Facebook and ask his cinnections NOT A FACELESS AND NAMELESS FORUM

I have been a student of this guy for two years and he has shaken up an industry full of bullshit and those who represent other courses or who Michael has grown to the point of them running out of money have no one to blame other than themselves for not knowing their numbers. 
NOTE they attack him personally and focus little on his strategies? Well, for us who want to focus on strategies and results which is the reason why you hire a coach I'd just like to share my $1M IN SALES IN 2 MONTHS
Thanks Michael 
Haters will hate, winners will RATE! 



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#15 General Comment

Still to get refund! Will continue to fight even afte intimidating and pseudo aggressive communication from this man!

AUTHOR: Suzanne - (United Kingdom)

 Reading through the comments from 'satisfied' customers of Michael Devil almost makes me want to laugh- pseudo aggressive comments all taught and sold by the happy clappy 'if you can't play with the big boys' self termed gurus. The pseudo aggressive language used to intimidate and force some to keep quiet!! I would never recommend Michael Devlin, he is aggressive evasive and outright lies all the while leading you a merry dance while supposedly coaching . I have never been 'taken in' by anything in my life have always sniffed BS from a mile off but I was this time and it still makes me feel sick. Contacted M D requesting further info re the various groups PE MC etc...this was

right at the beginning. Message quickly culminated in a phone call from MD where I gave background on our private label FBA business and our figures whereby he recommended private coaching at cost 2.5k with the guarantee of 'dominating' our niche and doubling our sales which were at that point 10k per month. I had taken the business to that point singlehandedly, knew what I was doing, had a great brand etc. Where he failed us is that basically we managed to squeeze X 3 approx 20 min phone calls of discussing kind of nothing of any substance. The Skype calls were constantly cancelled with constant excuses -stuck in traffic, broken wrist, severe sickness bug, family issues, or

just radio silence....over and over, I lost trust and stopped having faith that this would lead anywhere fruitful. I have privately requested a refund as never mind the promised results happening, the coaching calls didn't happen. This man is a fake. My emails are ignored, so while I'm a complete professional who would never demean or lower myself to bad mouth someone's business in this case I'm writing here so others know there are more of us. He has used excuse after excuse to wriggle out of why I should have a refund but has used bullying tactics and been wholly unprofessional all the while crying how people are jealous and bitter. This man should know if you make a contract to

deliver then you should deliver not denounce everyone who speaks out. Totally deluded to time all the comments are fake and fabricated. Michael is the one whe needs to grow a set, be a man, be a gentleman and reach out professionally rather than with pseudo aggression. I am still trying to get my refund of 2.5k. After seeing a Facebook post he made calling out 'various groups ' for lying about him I commented asking how about if the coach just didn't turn up to coach? Comment was deleted and a fbook messenger retort back from him, basically talking nonsense trying to make out I was bitter. The truth always outs and given time the truth will out about this man. The epitome

of all the shysters that ever were. I have spoken the truth and will not rest until I get my hard earned money back!

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#16 Author of original report

Lying... Wow you've all become desperate.

AUTHOR: - ()

 wow, you need to lie saying i do afflilate marketing, promote other services, wow. 1. In any job i've done i've never bad mouthed a competitor to win business 2. I don't do any affliliate marketing, nor sell any services related to Amazon. Its become desperate that people have to make these allegations, it is actually comical. Please screen shot and showing me recommending any affliate marketing services/software or anything else. I really would welcome this and for transparency i think everyone else would like to see this, myself would love to see this. This is desperation from all levels. His courses are credit card? Please learn how to speak write correctly with hard factual evidence before you try to slander me personal. I have proven everything with pictures and references so plesse do the same for me. Thank you

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#17 Consumer Comment

130K per month with Michael Devlin - Refused Amazon Services offered by Adam Kenny Singh ,Author of This Thread

AUTHOR: Gary Smith - (USA)

Meant to write my response to this thread on Friday following Adams post in Amazon FBA competitive Edge owned by Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout. Let's get a few FACTS going. Adam first. I don't know Adam Kenny Singh or (Adam KS) as his Facebook page says. But I know myself and several who've been pitched amazon services and software from him which I assume he's either involved with or making an affiliate cut from. I was curious to read the background here but in all honesty having read it I hope michael sues the a*s off this guy, but on the other hand I also hope michael leave's this live because it's so blatant what's happening here. Bash Michaels service - Bash his software - promote another service promote another siftware. The end. . It's old school affiliate marketing. Very bad affiliate marketing. Throughout the posts I've read in this thread, I've read Adam who appears Butt hurt beyond measure for losing his company and a few alleged responses from customers all referring back to Adam 'promoting how he has helped'. Hmmmm Manufactured comments from alleged disgruntled customers claiming to be ripped off but all claim they got refunded and referring back to 'Adam says'..hmmmm All anyone has to do to be refunded after buying a course or anything online is contact their credit card issuing bank which makes this thread even more manufactured. Adam also promotes Greg and Jungke scout in a reply within this thread as the author of this post something that solidified to me once and for all what's really going on here after Adam promoting this thread in the exact group. Well played Adam but a little obvious. Personally, I've worked with Michael his courses are credit card and his coaching is one on one and payable via wire. Adam, you said you were one on one and I'm guessing you paid by wire and you were refunded? Not exactly a rip off. What's also suspect here is many claim spending 10s of thousands but if you had a bad experience on a service averaging a couple of grand why would you keep repeatedly buying? Anyway, I'm now up to 130K with Michael, well he needs no introduction. Adam, go get a new hobby mate and change your affiliate marketing approach as this tactic your using is circa 1998.

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#18 General Comment


AUTHOR: Jordon B - (UK)



I first saw Michael Devlin on linkedin when browsing and it caught my attention. Everything seemed too good to be true but I thought sometimes good things in life happen. 

I was then watching Dragons Den, saw a company on there which Michael Devlin had claimed he had coached and got there... my first thoughts were "If Michael Devlin was so good at what he does why would they be seeking investment to try and enhance there business?"... I located the owners of the company online, tried to message them to ask them questions about Michael Devlin and got no response. I tried to google negative things about Michael but couldn't find anything. 

I understand that Michael was using a guy called Kent LittleJohn to help him promote his business, gain traction and urgency online. Kent seems to have a track record of getting results but what I have discovered is he does hit bit, you can sell whatever you want and that's all down to you.

I read on Michael's profile what he had achieved with zero ads pend and fell into the first trap. 

Michael had positioned his proposal of "With minimal investment, i will guarantee to get you to the first page of Amazon within 6 months or your money back" - This sounded amazing.

I paid to join up without hesitation, I had a spare few thousands in the bank which I was looking to do something with.

When I initlally asked Michael about how much spend would be required he underplayed everything but that wasn't a problem, I had the budget there. 

The course started, weekly conference calls were delayed regularly, people would post in the group asking questions and as Adam has correctly stated, Michael would brush past many of the answers, delete comments or avoid answering them. You'd see some people asking the same question 3 times with no answers.  

Throughout time you would see Michael post up about all the success his clients had achieve, one who reached a best seller spot for health and nutrition, others who had received great success through different methods of PR whether it be published in magazines or instagram posts liked by thousands. I found out that all of this was a big pile of sh1t. Yes they reached this success but Michael HAD NOT HELPED THEM ACHIEVE THIS!!!.  I know these three sellers very well, i questioned them over time about their achievements and they all said that Michael had played no help in it but he was taking all of the credit for it. This then made me wonder, what about all the other posts I'd seen on his linkedin page?!?!

Back to the topic, i found a niche, ran it past Michael, showed him the numbers and he didn't seem interested but he told me I was guaranteed success here. it all went live, Michael posted on the group about how great everyone is doing, he loves seeing the success etc, it seemed like a great community.  We were all being pitched this great new development Profits engine... THIS WAS THE BIGGEST PILE OF S*** I'VE EVER COME ACROSS!!!. 

I was pitched Profits engine, signed up for the year subscription as i saved money and was told with this we would never have to look further, we would all be rich in 6 months. 

SUDDENLY...I BECAME WORRIED AGAIN, i saw a very negative post on the private group and within seconds it was gone, the member was removed. It was going over how bad the software was and Michael was avoiding his calls stating 'GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!".

To cut this short... as Adam said, there were loads of empty promises behind Michael Devlin. Every week there was a new development in the making, we would not need to spend any more money as we were already Amazoner Academy and Profit Engine Elite members. Please note, these were all lies, none of them actually happened!!!

A few months in, I had launched my product, i used information i learnt from Amazoners Academy and other free material but to get to the next step Michael kept pushing his 1on1 which was valued at £500 per hour.  Something didn't seem right here.

I then called Michael and said that you promised we would not need to spend any more money with you to achieve results, what's happening... the call turned very sour very quickly. I started to see a side of Michael which i'd never seen, he became malicious and belitting me. He started trying to throw technical keywords at me thinking I wouldn't understand which actually all started to make no sense. He had previously claimed he was a qualified SEO expert... this is a non-obtainable qualification... you can complete a free Google test but the way he went on was like he had written SEO. 

I hung up on Michael as I didn't want to be spoken to like an idiot. He kept trying to call me back and left me voicemails beliteling me. It was confusing and worrying as this had all occured so quick!

A few months and massconversions was the new waste of money being promoted by Michael.  I'd decided I'd had enough of listening to all of Michaels Sh1t and paying for a crap piece of software which had not done anything for me and nothing on it worked. He valued his funnel landing pages at £2000... THEY WERE S***!!!.  I wanted to get to the next level but I wanted to work with someone who was honest and that I trusted.

I contacted Michael professionally and stated I wanted a refund on his profits engine systems were not fit for purpose, they did not work, yes his initial course helped but the rest of it was a waste of time, his weekly conference calls had died down and I was learning and growing my business through free methods online. AGAIN I WAS BULLIED AND BELITTLEDMICHAEL TOLD ME TO "F*** OFF AND THAT IS WAS MY FAULT THAT IT DID NOT WORK". 

I couldn't see how it was my fault as I had budget there and i was going off all of his promises. He denied everything he had said about guaranteeing success and that I don't take my business seriously if i'm not prepared to pay him £500 per hour for his consulting. I emailed Michael saying I wanted a refund several time with no success. I had given up on getting the refund until I was contacted by other members of his group. It turns out that there were plenty of people who were unhappy, felt ripped off, conned, scammed, whatever you would like to call it. 

One by one, through different methods we all started obtaining our money back. None of these methods was as simple as asking for it back and him being honest and integral like he states. There were many credit card companies & legal letters providing refunds as the service was not fit for purpose. When I sent my letter to Michael I was greeted to 10 missed call He was belittling me on the phone, his language was vulgar. 

A lot of the people who have been issued there refunds are too scared about writing up as they are worried about their online business. 

I am lucky I did not pay for his 1on1 service and I'm still in shock about how one professional could treat everyone in such a way. He is a shambles of a business man, yes he may be "successful" but this has come from ripping off and conning a lot of people in the process. For every person who got a refund i can guarantee that there are at least 3-4 who haven't.

I am amazed about the people here who are commenting but haven't paid to work with him, there must be some form of discount being initialized... this is not natural at all... how can one comment on someone they haven't worked with? 




I have seen a lot of these sales reports... my question is how much free stock have you given away and I can show you my report of my business not achieving £20,000 per month... this is definitely not from anything that Michael Devlin has taught.







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#19 Author of original report

Didn't go bust, please check your facts.

AUTHOR: - ()

 Before you comment please check your facts. We did not go bust, we just failed to submit company accounts ontime and didn't receive a notification for it. Also, you wern't part of the movement from the beginning as i knew everyone who was so please don't lie to defend him. Thank you

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#20 Consumer Comment

Scammed by Guru Michael Devlin of Core 150 and MassConversions aka MassConartist. Thank you credit card company.

AUTHOR: Paul - (United Kingdom)

We spent over £10,000 with Michael Devlin, we achieved nothing only thing except wet hanky with tears. The only thing he gave us was a headache and tears with how he spoke to us. Thanks to our credit card company we have got some of the money back. He is a true con artist! 

We know of at least 20 other people who have had similar situations. Those who did not pay via credit card are going through the relevant legal channels but there are still many who have cut their losses of several thousand.


All of these people who are all singing and all dancing and haven't worked with him are delusional. One day like many of us you will all see the real Michael Devlin for what he is. 

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#21 Consumer Comment

10K Sales Per Day's Thank To Michael Devlin - Also 25K VERY HAPPY Brand Partner

AUTHOR: Francesca - (USA)

I owe everything to Michael Devlin. I am now approaching 10K sales days thanks to him and my business has been completely transformed and ready to be sold next year. . Working with Michael isn't easy, far from it, that's because he pushes you to succeed with complex training that costs real money to execute and some don't like it and I've also joined his brand partner program where michael is set to do all the marketing. Not being able to afford your stock then blaming your coach and failing to do the work yourself after being shown is f*cking outrageous and I'm only replying because I seen your post you shared about this thread in a group on social media. Every positive reply you say is fake, every written recommendation you say is fake, when all are from real customers accounts on social media. If you don't want the truth don't seek out sh*t about a guy who's changing lives daily for countless people, including me. As students we hold ourselves accountable for our own successes and failures and I feel personally insulted by what you've written. No ones perfect but your accusations are just rediculous. Your complaint is about his training yet you've been refunded and still went on to try and discredit everything the guy has done then post repeatedly that no one is to believe the good stuff. Seems like a motive for gain yoursids. What planet are you on Adam? are you in any way aware of how petty and jealous you appear? I'm in all of Michael's programs and will be more than happy to provide a verbal recommendation to anyone all day long. Maybe, one day, when you grow up Adam, you might one day be like Michael Devlin.

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#22 Consumer Comment

$1.4M in sales inside six months - Thanks to Michael Devlin and YES also a 25K brand partner a of August 2017.

AUTHOR: Andrew - (USA)

 First, the main reason why customers are here commenting in Michaels defence as the author, Adam, wants to go around amazon groups making a fool of himself by posting this thread only not realising how respected Michael Devlin is by almost all of his students. Yes there are a few vocal unhappy's but that's because they either can't wrap their heads around Michael's methodology or they don't have deep enough pockets to play in his yard. Either way that's not Michael's fault and if you think it should be then you too shouldn't be in online marketing. Michael Devlin is one of the smartest marketers I've ever worked with and he will exhaust your capital in stock because that's what marketers do, the ramp you up to sell a LOT of product. Adam is also evidently struggling to do what michael can, and that is get blistering results on amazon - As a student of Michael's I am in one of the most competitive niches on and we are now having to hold around 600K in stock to service our 1.4M in sales six months on course for 4M in 2018 and if you are not used to dealing with an animal of that size then YES you will go bust like Adam's company - Michael will create that Animal as demonstrated many times. Thankfully I was equipped financially (not without struggle) or (third party investors) and I have been with Michael since the start and I'm also part of his 800 strong group and now investing with him in the brand partnership program. There is a major issue with others not knowing their sh*t and blaming coaches online but if you a re prepared to work with the best you better be prepared to spend like them. I have watched many B*ch about s*t like this in the past I only came here to say these are my results and if you want a written referral I am happy to provide one. Don't go into Amazon groups and post your link if you don't want to hear the positive also Adam. Yes, I too will become a 25K brand partner in August. PEACE OUT! Michael C

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#23 General Comment

BRAND PARTNER COMING SOON!!!! Watch this space!!

AUTHOR: Natalie - (United Kingdom)


I first met Michael just over a year ago and after reading the original complaint and responses I felt compelled to contribute to this “report”. After a few years in the Amazon seller market place selling other people’s products I came across Michael and his services by chance (thank God I did).  I was looking for someone to help guide me through the process of building my own portfolio of products, all I can say is Michael is without a doubt that person and I wanted to share my experience of this so called “con artist”! I am not currently a Brand Partner (reason why below) however I wanted to express the fact as soon as I able to join the program I will not hesitate.

Michael’s techniques and teachings are some of the most advanced and innovative I have ever seen and I have been in the IM world for almost 15 years.  Michael’s ability to be able to adapt his teachings and courses is unparalleled.  He could easily keep rehashing the same old rubbish as the other “Guru’s” do however when something stops working he will do everything in his power to find a solution to either go around it or smash through it, this is something I have personally witnessed at least 3-4 times this year alone.  In the world of Amazon if you do not adapt, you die and this is something that is made clear to all his partners/students from the get go!

On a personal note a few months ago I made a comment on a Facebook page that Michael spotted and thought was out of character for me so he rang me and asked what was wrong?  The day before I had found out that I had made a catastrophic error that would eventually cost me somewhere in the region of six figures (the only reason I am not in the Brand Partnership at the moment).  Michael spent the next hour on the phone talking things though, giving his thoughts on what could be done and offering some words of comfort.  My whole point on this is that this is something a scammer or con artist would NOT do.  Nothing could be done to save my mistake however Michael took the time to not only check I was OK but to see if he could genuinely help (what a MONSTER eh?).

To the original author of this post you have been refunded therefore you cannot claim any rip off or scam has taken place, at best you can say you’re not happy with the service you received (which is in your opinion) however this does not constitute trying to damage someone’s reputation or business by bad mouthing them all over the net.  

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#24 Author of original report

Why would you pay £25K and steal a product?

AUTHOR: - ()

 steve, firstly, the person i know didn't even have Michsel choose a product. Secondly, Michael would tell you this, he lines up negative stories before they are released so when you hear the actual story you don't believe it. Why do you think it took him months to respond to me? After all the bullying, legal threats even telling other students to talk to me about what his actions would be. Thirdly, if someone has £25k spare, given to Michael to be a brand partner, out of the thousands of products they could choose extra, why would they risk loosing £25k for what... £10k of stock? Lets see proof here that someone stole the product. The fact everyone believes this is ridiculous. You've given £25k to someone to then steal an idea of a product when the whole point of the partnership was to find a product, grow a brand etc so one actual product idea for £25K DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! This shows how he's jumping on his defence band wagon in fear. Everyone is talking about a story they have no proof or hard facts about just what Michael Devlin has said. Last time he told me not to work with the owner of Jungle Scout as he stole a product idea off his one on one customer. People, this is the same guy who offered his Aston Martin out for free to his students, gained hype, traction and sympathy. A post along the lines of "i'll give this as a competition, share and post if you want"... Last minute guilt tripped people by saying "no, actually i won't do this, i'm going to sell it and gift the money to charity of one of the students... Does anyone have a problem with that? Write below if this is okay"... Guess what, we have an even better kind, genuine saint here... Such a nice man yet for such a big heart he's got credit card companies calling him daily, legal threats coming in and he picks up the phone bullying everyone. want to be a real hero, do what Jungle Scout did, start a product, ne open and legit about it, raise £1m and donate it all to charity instead of bad mouthing them on why to use him over them. People, if you honestly think i'm making this up over one little thing then have that much time for justice over money I got back via legal threats then you deserve to lose your money. P.s. If i spent £25k on a business then i too would get significant results personally.

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#25 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Steve - (USA)

That 25K has proved to be my best investment ever. Now, let’s put this ridiculous claim to bed shall we!

All this noise about Michael Devlin being a con artist and being ripped off by him is just ridiculous. Anyone who knows him will tell you that he is one of the most trustworthy and generous people you are likely to meet, especially in the online business space. Unfortunately, some people don’t like to accept responsibility when things are not going their way and they are all too quick to vent their issue online.

Michael has recently had to be vocal about someone who had paid him 25K and then they stole his product. THEY STOLE HIS PRODUCT, not the other way around. He was fully transparent about this to his whole network. He didn’t have to be but he was. Now that doesn’t sound like a con artist or like someone who is out to rip people off to me. That’s honesty, openness and full disclosure right there. Not the actions of someone trying to hide something.

As for being all talk, all i have ever known Michael do is let his numbers do the talking. Not just sales but profits also.  After all, you can’t argue with proof unlike a lot of the so called guru marketers out there who rarely show you proof and who never tell you what it really takes to make it in this business.

Frankly, that was one of the main things which attracted me to his coaching style. I’d previously been sold training which only gave snapshots of what was really needed to get my business started. One phone call with Michael and he told me straight what was needed and where i was going wrong. No BS. It seems to me that you don’t like hearing the truth but it was like a breath of fresh air for me. 

This all sounds like you ran out of cash and just wasn’t ready scale like you thought you were. It’s all well and good wanting to play with the big boys but they INVEST in paid search and data. Nothing is for free and you have to be patient.

Since i’ve known Michael Devlin i have met many of his students who just like me have had their lives and businesses literally transformed by his coaching and as a brand partner that has just 10X my whole business as a minimum.

The results Michael is producing with brand partners are results which are literally unheard of in this industry. Truly life changing stuff which is why i find this thread such a difficult read when i know the truth. In fact, it offends me personally.

My whole future and outlook as an Amazon seller has completely changed since linking up with Michael. He’s changed the game in commerce and made success possible to all who want it.

As a final word, i STRONGLY RECOMMEND you DO use Michael Devlin and his services. That is if you want to learn from one of the best in the business (fact), someone who has true integrity and a true passion to help people world wide escape the struggle and take their business to unimaginable heights.

If you are ever lucky enough to get that opportunity you should grab it with both hands and hold on tight. The Brand Partnership has without doubt been the best 25K i have ever spent as it’s changing my family's life for the better day by day.

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#26 Consumer Comment

£2M in Sales In Six months with Michael Devlin July 2017 - NOT FOR BEGINNERS

AUTHOR: Chris K - (United Kingdom)

Already a massive seller doing 80K a month on Amazon scaled to over 10K per day thanks to Michael Devlin and his Massconversions startegies. 


Also booked one on one and and it is intense and you do NEED BIG money but if you have any qualms about working with Michael and you REALLY want to scale your sales you'll be pushed to be in any better place. 


Contact Chris K inside the massconversions and brand warfare closed  group and recieve everything you need to know about the genius behind MDs training. 


Now time to get back to imprtant sh*t like selling on Amazon. 

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#27 Author of original report

What were you bribed with this time? Last time he wanted reviews we were bribed then we never got the gift.

AUTHOR: - ()

 I love seeing all of this. He was asking for video referrals last time and people to stroke his ego on weekly conference calls. What has he offered you for this feedback... Nothing is free with Michael Devlin... Go back to school? I see how taking £500 investment to £10k per month turn over with £6k profit without using Michael Devlin's advertising advice is school boy tactics yet when using Michael we loose significant money... Makes sense. I did this in 5 weeks at pound Stirling not dollars.. So 35 days without using Michael... Anthony, no this person did not steal his idea. They are already doing £100k a month not using FBA and thought they would sign up, they didn't even get to the product stage and Michael claimed all the budget was used up. I'm sure there are one or two successful people, take enough shots at a goal and eventually a ball will go on. Paul - There is a huge network of unhappy people... I agree, going to your credit card company to get a refund as the person who sold you the product won't issue you one. Good luck, i hope you do well, all the people who entered his brand programme have left and have taken legal action. The reviews are all legit, the fact that there is over 3 secret online groups with people wanting refunds... That doesn't ring alarm bells? The only reason i was issued a refund was because i had significant legal standing to sue him.Michael had messed up too much and gone back on his words so many times then bullied and tried to manipulate us. There honestly no motive behind the posts except justice. If it was just me whp was unhappy then i'd take it on the chin, we all have a bad experience here and there. When it is everyone i spoke to in the programme... I had people on the phone in tears to me but you have no reason to believe me but I don't consult and don't want to consult. For the record i met these other Amazon Guru's since leaving Michael Devlins programme. Good luck Lesley, i honestly hope it works for you and you don't read back thinking he was right. I was there from the beginning with many many others and saw it all go down the drain. Anyone want to know what happened to Mark Houng? Anthony - can you prove that the success was all Michael Devlin? He took credit for my products and several others for other people reaching national publications.. Pen and paper it looked great and legit and he just of got us there but why would you know otherwise... It's a regular thing of him taking credit trust me here. I can name 3 other people who are all unhappy and he did it too. Do people really thing i have enough time to complain about one person if it wasn't so major?

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#28 Author of original report

I have no interest in coaching or recommending/referring any Guru.

AUTHOR: - ()

 wow, desperation as fake, child like comments come out. I have no interest in coaching, nor recommending a coach. I have successful Amazon businesses plus other businesses which take up my time and would not coach. The fact that a "fake" comment has to be produced is actually hilarious. Please screenshot what you may deem as evidence of me recommending my services or other Guru's. I believe in honest services, if i were to try and guru's off then there are plenty of groups which I could go and do this in but is this ethical? Nope. As i mentioned, i have no interest in this. I love seeing people succeed surround my self by positive people. Since i've posted the comments i've been flooded with messages of unhappy clients, i will continue to update this thread with all messages i've received until justice is served. I'll give you guys some ideas of how a successful con artist works at scamming people such as Michael Devlin... (excuse exact dates) March 2015... Amazoners academy is launched to stsrt to sell a guarantee to get you to 6 figures in 6 monhs...£600 limited time offer...Michael Devlin did this with no advertising spend.. (wow, maybe we can do this too, seems great!)...Course goes live in October... Many questions asked on weekly conference calls (this will be answered next week... Every week this happens). Suddenly if you want that information you will need to join up to our new service.. Profits engine elite... Valued at £2000 per year or £200 per month (numbers slightly out). This will give you answers to all the questions you have and do all these great things.. We will not upsell you, as Amazoners academy members you will get an exclusive price..." Wow, seems great." Goes live in December, this will make you all succeed we are told, it does all these great things. It woll be a game changer.. Also now you've signed up i will have a private. One on one call with you all, i really want to focus on seeing you all succeed... "Wow, he seems amazing." Profits engine released, everything on there is locked except a rip off version of jungle scout... Didnn't work properly... Any questions it would be brushed off. months in, still no full access but amazing promises of what the service will do... Over rated syatem and valued by Michael Devlin saying his landing pages are wotth £2000 (PLEASE NOTE, i paid £20 on fiverr and had a better looking and functioning pages) Loads of members asking what will happen and when... "it's coming soon"... 6 months in, agitated customers, people not happy.. Suddenly, no Proofits Engine systems working. All negative comments deleted within seconds of being published and person who posted being deleted from group.Focus directed away from profits engine, never hearing about this system again and this all new singing, all dancing system introduced.. "Mass Conversions... Sons and brothers"... A real family, intimate approach but as exsisting profits engine customers we will get an exclusive deal of only a few thousand but we won't need to invest any more money after this, this is the one, i will definitely guarantee to get you £100k, or brand partner with the great Michael Devlin, he's being very selective about who he's working with but you must pay £25K BUT HE WILL DO ALL THE WORK"... As per conference call the sales all come in, people talking about investing all their savings and it being a great move... People ask about Profit Engine and its brushed under the table... People arr asking about where alll their money has gone and what they are getting... No answers to any of this... (scam alert!).. Months into Mass Conversions people aren't getting results... People are complaining again, people asking about profits engine guarantees and whats happening and Michael Devlin denies all comments were ever said. This Mass Conversions blows up but no one is seeing results... Next minute all attention is moved away once x amount of sales are generated and this new 100k Hustle is introduced... Another money back guarantee service.. If you don't get to 100k within x time frame we'll give you your money back... tbe focus is diverted away from all of us paying customers and guess what... you won't have to invest in anything else. This is it. All other customer neglected... As i said... Patterns of Michael Devlin being a con artist and scamming people... Build a hype, sell it, don't give people what you suggested, shove it under the carpet and bypass all questions while you gain traction about a new product you are selling... Blow that up with hype, sell it, forget about exsisting product and laugh comments off... Repeat! Anyhow you tell me...

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#29 Consumer Comment

25k Brand Partner

AUTHOR: Anthony - (United Kingdom)

In the interests of full disclosure, please know that I have also 25k invested as a brand partner and can honestly say that I have had no complaints to date. 

I know from my own experience, and from what I’ve seen from the successes of others, that Michael Devlin is the real deal. But I guess if you can't afford to play with the big boys then it’s probably best to stay out. 

The world of eCommerce changes very rapidly, none more so than Amazon, and so it means that what used to work won’t work now. Michael appears very alive to this fact and his ability to pivot quikcly means others have to be prepared to change strategy and mindset in order to keep up with him. Unfortunately not everyone is cut out to do that and would therefore probably should at others way to make a living.

I think the other case in reference relates to a guy who signed up for Michael’s 25K partnership, who then reportedly locked him out of Amazon and stole his idea. The case is ongoing I believe so the truth will be established before long.

For anyone thinking of working with Michael I would strongly suggest contacting him first and finding out exactly what you would be signing up to. He doesn’t hide behind BS and assumes you’ll understand your responsibilities too if you partner with him. Simply put, if you don’t do the work, if you don’t take the strategies onboard and implement them, and then don’t make the money, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

For the small number of pro-report comments I've read, I really can't relate to names like 'Student 1', 'Student 2', etc...they just appears to be made up in a weak attempt to support the case.

For the person who created this report I would strongly recommend removing it if you have already been refunded. You really cannot call it a ripoff or a scam if you got your money paid back. It just comes across as being petty and unneccesary. Seriously, move on and get a life!

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#30 Consumer Comment

Michael Devlin is the REAL DEAL....I'm proof

AUTHOR: lesley - (United Kingdom)


I have been participating in several of Michael Devlin's programmes for about a year now.  I am an experienced seller on Amazon UK, EU and US.  I have seen substantial increase in my business since working with Michael and can honestly say he's the real deal.  As well as an increase in my Amazon business I have built a shopify site for one of my brands and a POD site for another brand.  I am seeing profit in both these sites already thanks to Michael (and this is something I knew nothing about before taking his courses).

I am now one of his Brand Partners in the Brand Partnership Programme  The work and communication in this programme is first class and my product will be released early August of this Year.  I have no doubt that this product will do well with the help of Michael and his team, he stands by his students and he is a 100% genuine guy who really wants his students to do well.  I've been with Michael Devlin as a student for almost a year now so I know what I'm talking about.

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#31 Consumer Comment

25K Brand Partner - 10K in 22 Days June 2017 With Michael Devlin - I'll take that Scam all day long:)

AUTHOR: Michael Mac - (United Kingdom)

Spent 25K in Michael Devlin's brand partnership program and just launched reaching 10K in sales inside 22 days scheduled to hit 100K per month by December. 

Also a member of the Brand Partnership group where all members can be openly and publicly contacted and YES they are all really f*g happy. 
Michael's student program is very complexed and different to all other Amazon courses so I do understand that not a lot of people will get it and it does take a lot of investment to build and scale on Amazon but that's not Michael's responsibility. 
We sign brand partnership contracts and it is what it is but all Michael's programs carry contracts. They have to when operating at that level. 
My advice is don't trust any Amaozn program that DOESNT HAVE A CONTRACT and don't enter any program or buy coaching if you can't afford to buy the stock or pay for the sponsored advertising over time. 
Posted my results contact me here if necessary
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#32 General Comment

Best 25k Ever Spent

AUTHOR: Paul - (United Kingdom)

Is this report a joke Adam?

Keep reading the context and i keep saying in my head "Doesn't make sense"

Screams SCAM on your behalf Adam.

Do you have an alterative motive? 

All i can say is this:


Working with michael is the best thing i ever did. He's honest, open, friendly and a down right good human being.

He makes millionaires yearly hence why i'm on board and my product is flying.

Yes I'm under contract

Yes I have signed an agreement

Yes I understand that it is me who is responsible for my investements.

This report screams of sour grapes or some other motivate.. Don't trust it in my opinion.

I'll get back to you in 24 months and tell you how i flipped my brand.




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#33 Consumer Comment

Don't Play With The Big Boys

AUTHOR: Don't Play With The Big Boys - (US)

If you can't afford to play with the big boys stay in school. 

Providing refunds isn't a scam being kicked out of school for not having enough cash is also on you



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#34 UPDATE Employee ..inside information


AUTHOR: I AM NOT YOUR GURU - (United Kingdom)

HOW do you STEAL business from the biggest names in an industry?


Write a rip off report then go around all the FACEBOOK groups..and me help don't deal with this guy...use me.....


This is how NOT TO do Affiliate Marketing:) 


NO nomral customer REFUNDED behaves like this dude....


Shame on you Adam...:( 

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#35 Author of original report

Michael Devlin ripped a lot of people, why else would you hear about people approaching their credit card companies for their money back?

AUTHOR: - ()

I clearly stated that on the initial course i learnt the basics of how to sell on Amazon. Although your "how to find the best product" was poor, i used free resources to obtain all of this. There are other "guru's" who provide this information for free which is much more in depth. 

Every week on the course someone would ask when we were going to learn about topic "X" and it would always be a "That's a great question, that will be covered in weeks to come. Please find attached screenshots of many of Michael Devlins false promises. 


We were also promised that we would be able to rank organically on page 1, no where was it told that a £10,000 per month minimum advertising spend would be required. 


It is about being ripped off, people have obtained their refunds through their credit card companies or threatening to take you to court and you knew you had a serious lack of evidence for it to stand up. 

Earlier today I posted on a few Amazon groups my experience... turns out that there are other secret groups online of people who have been ripped off by Michael Devlin and and feel that mass conversions, profits engines and 100k Hustle is a waste of money and time. Please see my screenshot below to the message i received. 

Also a further message saying "There are many victims" was sent to me... Is that envy?


There is no envy in this thread, we afflilate ourselves with a lot of successful people including people who are selling over £500,000 per month, we are happy for them.. never a bad feeling and why? This is because they haven't ripped anyone off or made fake and empty promises, leaving people stranded then bullying them if they want their money back. I have received calls from people who were in tears after some of the things Michael said about them. 

Please people, wonder why there is no other negative reviews about him... even the best companies out there get negative reviews but us to be the only ones please think about the consequence.


I'm confused here... I was spending £50 a day and earning £400 with our best day in excess of £900.... yet when we started using Michael Devlin this dropped... Surely using a "Guru" would mean that we would earn the same amount of money throughout the period, may drop a bit but then we smash our goals? Considering we received no PPC keyword training we did alright without Michael Devlin and soon as we used him our business crumbled. 


It is the responsibility of a coach to say "if you want to succeed this is the recommended budget you will need. When the client has been fully transparent about what he/she is or isn't earning you would know if you could help grow this client.

Michael Devlin as per the previous comment

"This is where most FAIL subject to know how or WRONG PRODUCT and NOT ENOUGH MONEY!"  - 

erm... well if we were earning £10,000 a month before we paid to use you and then suddenly were loosing £6k a month surely this isn't down to a wrong product? 

Michael Devlin as per the previous comment

"If someone is intimidated by HONESTY and you don't like a coach telling you NEED TO SPEND MONEY to make MONEY online then you shouldn't be ONLINE - It's as simple as that." - 

Michael Devlin you are far from honest and as a seller we all know that you need to invest to get a ROI but you only tell people they don't have enough budget when you have failed them. I have a list of people  I can call upon to who will support the comments of Michael Devlin's lies and failure as a coach. 



I'm almost intrigued to how many refunds he's had to issue because of his lack of ingerity. Why would people need to go to their credit card companies? I've never had to use my credit card company ever to get a refund and i spend a lot of money!


Michael Devlin as per the previous comment

"It should also be noted that these individuals are now in the AMAZON space (looking to coach) offering (lifestyle training) and I guess, sadly for them, when you actually discover someone who's REALLY good at what you want to do, and later discover (it's really f*cking hard) then I guess the last resort is to make sh*t up about an authority on a forum like this:)"

This is incorrect, there is no lifestyle training, one of the partners is a professional fight instructor and coach, he offers fighting and instructor courses. The other is into Amazon, part of master minds but no, not looking to coach, he is surrounded by a good mastermind of honest, amazon sellers and guru's. He has provided free help to those from Michael Devlins course who have struggled but not looking to coach, it is not in his interested. It is hard to be honest by the looks of it! 

This forum is about being honest, not as a tactic to slander the competition, there is no competition, we are not in the same industry or world. 


We have no reason to lie, we are affiliated to a lot of Amazon Guru's, we are both business owners, we love seeing people succeed but hate seeing people subject to vulnerability. 

Please find attached some more screenshots of false hopes and empty promises... 


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#36 REBUTTAL Individual responds


AUTHOR: Michael Devlin - (United Kingdom)

I Guess this means I have arrived in the BIG leagues joining some of the BIGGEST names in Digital Marketing on good old Rip Off Report. 
What's also similar to the reports written about some of the other Biggest Names in marketing  is that they too have also been written by students FAILING to understand what they where taught or also pissed at not having enough money or failing at becoming (online gurus).
This ins't a post about being RIPPED OFF - As these individuals are REFUNDED 
This is a thread about ENVY
Oh dear!!!
Either way any genuine client who had a 'genuine dispute' would surely use the appropriate channels (legally if necessary) (or simply contact their credit card company for a refund) and my clients are more than welcome to do all of that as well as inbox me directly on Facebook, or via any of my many public groups, or via linkedIn, details of which I have provided and  I will be happy to address them or issue a refund wherever valid - Instead this post is all about claiming RIP OFF whilst separately and repeatedly confirming refunds all of which is completely contradictory.

This will be my last response to this thread as it is cluttered by complete fabrication to defame subject to the individuals now offering (lifestyle coaching) whilst having multiple failed products and a company about to be struck off under the Companies ACT! 

This is what is wrong with the internet coaching world - This also another reason as to why we NO LONGER charge for courses as it is entirely the responsibility of the STUDENT to ensure his or her RESULTS and ensure that they have the money to invest in their OWN business something that a minority of individuals want to blame others for. 
it IS NOT the responsibility of a coach to validate/or provide funds or to prove if his or her method works, as sales and profit should do the talking.  It is ENTIRELY up to the student to take what they have been shown to have made the coach profit and critique that advice/method into their own brand and audience. 
This is where most FAIL subject to know how or WRONG PRODUCT and NOT ENOUGH MONEY
If someone is intimidated by HONESTY and you don't like a coach telling you NEED TO SPEND MONEY to make MONEY online then you shouldn't be ONLINE - It's as simple as that. 
It should also be noted that these individuals are now in the AMAZON space (looking to coach) offering (lifestyle training) and I guess, sadly for them, when you actually discover someone who's REALLY good at what you want to do, and later discover (it's really f*cking hard) then I guess the last resort is to make sh*t up about an authority on a forum like this:). 
Maybe if those indivudals focus their efforts on actually learning and making profit instead of looking for a magic bullet and making sh*t up about the REAL people who are crushing it in a space they so desperately want to be in, then they'd be much further along in life. 
Everything I do is subject to contract and only someone with no money, no assets and no professional morals (as demonstrated in this post) would ignore their legal contractual obligations and or ignore going through the appropriate legal channels if they where wronged which is why this post is just another example of individuals (looking to become gurus) hating on those producing REAL RESULTS


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#37 Author of original report


AUTHOR: - ()

Here are Michael Devlin client attachments  attached from the previous post.

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Hello all,


We never denied that we initially learnt how to sell on Amazon via the initial course.


The strike off is irrelevant to this situation. 


Yes, we had poor reviews, this all occurred when we lost over £15,000 RRP worth of stock and had no more money to purchase anymore. We have had hundreds of purchases and had  alot of very positive reviews but as we all know, people don't write positive reviews online, only negative ones. Michael discussed introducing a new review platform which never happened and left members of Amazoners Academy/Mass Conversions/Profit engine unhappy. 


No, Michael Devlin doesn't buckle to threats as he stipulates but he will bully you when you are unhappy and complain. If you post a negative comment on the Facebook group it will be removed, you will be removed and deleted and he will contact you. Most times he will call you up on the phone, catch you off guard and try to manipulate you. This occurred to my business partner Darren who had no digital marketing experience. Darren picked up the phone on several occasions by mistake and words were placed into his mouth. Darren kept saying "i don't know, talk to Adam" so he didn't open himself up to anything which may harm him or the business.


Michael stipulates "If you'd like to read over 65+ professional written recommendations from students and industry leaders I invite you to follow me on linkedIn here

There is a HUGE problem here... Linkedin, Facebook you can control your reviews.. you can delete or don't accept anything negative.  

When we put this review on here we had several missed calls each and then we were welcomed with this email:


" You hereby informed of proceeding for damages in relation to defamation of £25,000 together with outstanding invoices gratuitously credited no becoming due.  

A damages claim will also be instructed for violation of the DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act together with breech of confidentiality.  
In the interim and in defence to any and all public disclosures the Niche in which you operate together with your LTD Company name will be used in direct response to fabricated disclosures as soon as I have time to respond. 
My legal representatives at Harper Macleod will be instructed to prepare proceedings for damages against DNA Arnour Ltd with company number 10019297, Kenny Singh Adam William, Selly Darren Colin collectively and individually. 
You can either choose to remove the information or be pursued and have your product and company name disclosed in the interest of transparency. 
Cease and Desist procedures have already been initiated to Facebook Group Moderators with similar communication drafted to Facebook HQ informing them that transmission of the highlighted link within any public group will be seen as a violation of the DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act with request for immediate suspension of your account and immediate closure of the offending groups"

We sought legal advice based on what was suggested.... luckily we have a good friend who is a lawyer but for the untrained eye, most people would be deemed as THREATENING and BULLYING and people would remove the comments out of ease to prevent anything else happening. This is a regular occurrence with any dealings with Michael Devlin, there is always a consequence to anything if you are unhappy. 


I have attached a few screenshots of conversations we have had with fellow members whom also feel like they have been ripped off and scammed by Profits Engine, Mass Conversions & Amazoners Academy.  There is a range here... they are all from months ago when we had the initial problems... you can see comments such as...


4th March - student 1

"I am in dispute with him over £25k I (stupidly in hindsight) paid to him. Got absolutely nothing to show for it and he is refusing to give me any of it back!"

27th October - Student 2

"Yeah I've been thinking about contacting Michael or my money bk as nothing worked unless i paid hundreds of pounds each day on sponsored adverts!! That wasn't mentioned in the academy..."



26th July - Student 3

"We're going to sit down tonight and ull everyhting together and decide how to play it e.g. do we ask him for a refund again or just contact the credit card company and request one from them and let them deal with him"

28th October - Student 4

"Great to hear I'm not alone! I gained NOTHING from MD Amazon course/tweet Academy or profits engine and have not heard from Michael since I started selling. I had to spend hundreds on sponsored adverts to get any sales from Amazon otherwise I'm nowhere to be seen! So much for 'growth hacks' 'power urls' 'dominating amazon' 'keywords' i may of well just set up an Amazon account alone and used his fee for the advertising! My sales came a lot from word of mouth and social..."


Student 5

"Full PE refund credited today!"

If you are wondering where all of these reviews came from, there is a private Facebook group of unhappy Michael Devlin, Profits engine and Mass Conversions customers. 

There are plenty more but conversations mainly took place over the phone. the feedback from all of his customers was

"we thought we were alone..." 

Michael Devlin speaks about how he has made all of these sales... I don't doubt that he or someone else he knows has but has he ripped off and scammed a lot of people along the way... if this isn't enough due diligence for you and you want to use his business then that is at your risk.


Michael speaks at the end here saying

"PS I took this company on in good faith as I was assured that they were making substantial profits but separately take responsibility for not financially checking the budget on hand by this company and have since made the appropriate measures to ensure I don't get caught out again."

We're slightly confused here.... Michael offered people the chance to "partner" with him of an investment of £25k... this includes products, his time etc... I'm pretty sure that £25k is enough budget but as you can see above or now below...

"4th March - student 1

"I am in dispute with him over £25k I (stupidly in hindsight) paid to him. Got absolutely nothing to show for it and he is refusing to give me any of it back!"

Who's being caught out here... Michael or his "client"? 

Let's be straight here also... We were very transparent about our costs and profits, we also never had a problem before gaining sales with our set advertising budget in place... so much so we would spend minimal amounts (£50) and earn £3-400 a day... The only thing Michael Devlin did was increased our advertising spend dramatically which put us into Amazon debt.

Student 4 also had something similar... we were all aware that there was an advertising fee but we weren't informed that it was going to be £10,000 a month which is what he told us on the phone just to see results. His words were "I have a friend who dominates your niche, he spends £10,000 a month on finding keywords, if you can't afford this then you will be diluted"... we were never told this at the beginning, we were very open about what we were spending and what we wanted, we have no reason to lie about it, especially to a "mentor" who was supposed to guide us through.

To conclude, we have stood up to Michael and are unhappy about his service, a lot of people back down, give in, or get their refund if they sign an NDA never to talk about certain things again. If you do your research on the internet you won't find anything else about Michael but I'll leave that for you to work out why.... any questions from anyone then please feel free to ask and I can provide supporting evidence for everything mentioned.

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#39 REBUTTAL Owner of company

DNA Armour Ltd - Consumer Warning: Compulsory Strike Off Letter and Directors Details As per public record From Companies House.

AUTHOR: Michael Devlin - (United Kingdom)

DNA Armour Ltd 

16 May 2017 First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off



2 officers / 0 resignations

KENNY-SINGH, Adam William (Also Director of) Secret Present Ltd) & 


Correspondence address
20-22, Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

Date of birth
December 1988
Appointed on
22 February 2016

Country of residence
United Kingdom



SELLEY, Darren Colin also Director of 


EVO KRAV LTD (10085139)

Correspondence address
20-22, Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

Date of birth
September 1978
Appointed on
22 February 2016

United Kingdom
Country of residence
United Kingdom

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#40 REBUTTAL Individual responds

Response by Michael Devlin

AUTHOR: Michael Devlin - (United Kingdom)

Hi Everyone, 

I can confirm that I am the individual to whom this complaint refers to. 
I can also confirm that there are critical facts conveniently left off this complaint by the directors of the company that I'd now like to bring to the readers attention. 
First, lets begin with some facts about the students who claimed they were 'Ripped off' where fully refunded and removed and banned from my network.  
The Company I was hired to work with was called DNA Armour Ltd 
The directors details for the purpose of transparency relating to the the details provided in the report can be viewed here via companies house public records
This company is also scheduled for a **compulsory strike off* under the companies ACT whereby all assets of the company retrospective to **strike off* will belong to the crown. 
In the interest of helping safeguard customers who may be considering buying from DNA Armour Ltd and or from the directors you can read scheduled strike off here
This caution should also be further underlined through all the poor reviews of DNA armour products still being offered for sale over on despite *strike off*
It's also important to note that the student(s) in this complaint got to their original turnover through discovery methods learned entirely from my coaching program. 
When it was noted that the retail price of this customers product would never permit this brand or product to be profitable in paid search 'long term' without substantial investment I was asked if I'd like to invest whereby I respectfully declined and was later repeatedly threatened over the phone to **make it happen** or 'we will trash you'. 
I told them both verbally and via email to **f*** off** not my finest customer service moment but if they wanted a coach who would tell them what they wanted to here they picked the wrong person. 
I don't buckle to threats and unfortunately this amazon space is cluttered with people who think a single coaching fee is the answer to all their prayers when it most definitely is not.
As you can see from the above critical information relating to the business conduct from both directors  conveniently left off the original report this was not a business or a set of directors I wish(ed) to be associated to, or do business with, on any capacity. 
Should anyone like to see my sales results of £2M on Amazon inside six months as of July 2017 and or £1.4M on Amazon US inside five months as of May 2017  I invite you to follow me on Facebook here
If you'd like to read over 65+ professional written recommendations from students and industry leaders I invite you to follow me on linkedIn here
If you would like to read up on the company or the many poor reviews of this brand I invite you to click the links in the report and search DNA Armour on Amazon. 
Thank you. 
PS I took this company on in good faith as I was assured that they were making substantial profits but separately take responsibility for not financially checking the budget on hand by this company and have since made the appropriate measures to ensure I don't get caught out again. 
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