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Complaint Review: Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions

  • Submitted: Mon, August 14, 2017
  • Updated: Mon, August 14, 2017
  • Reported By: Laughman — United States of America
  • Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions


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This company advertises that they do merchant account advance loans. Their customer service and training is about the worst I've ever seen in my life which is odd considering how much they brag they're great at it.


Plus, they are serial liars.


I've never seen a company before that refuses to give out their address or phone number. That should be a huge red flag to anyone that wants to deal with them......either as an agent or client. Even their contracts/applications don't have their address on them (wonder how those hold up in court).


I was told I was picked as one of their new agents and they'd have a nightly training call for a week. On every call, someone had a screaming kid in the background, or a party going on, so you can't hear half of what is being said. First sign of trouble the company is low-class and doesn't invest in technology to stop that kind of nonsense as professional companies do.


The second sign of trouble was someone got on the call the first night and said, “I went thru training last week and was promised I'd have a manager contact me so I could get started and nobody has contacted me.” He was nice about it. The owner of the company, Bret Martin (who was doing the training), ripped the guy a new a-hole with, “Don't you ever get on this call to complain and make me look bad!! Just wait and someone will call you!! You're going to make everyone on here think I'm a liar!!” and on and on. Way way over the top. Should have known right there this company was a joke and moved on. But, the money sounded great so I stayed with it.


The third sign of trouble was people never got the paperwork and emails they were promised. They said they emailed a “Welcome Package” but over 75% of the people never got it. Bret kept whining, “Check your junk or spam” and we all did and nothing was there. Night after night after night. He kept saying, “This is the only group this has happened with.” I seriously doubt that considering the agent from the week before said no one contacted him like he was promised and Bret went ballistic on him.


(What's so ironic about that is he has a 10 minute video on his website portraying himself as this folksy “I love everyone” guy but has an extremely short temper and goes OFF on people for HIS screw-ups. On the calls, he also said, “I truly want to be part of your lives and get to know you as people and will personally call you all to help you”....when he was ripping people's heads off for asking a question. Dude has a serious split-personality problem. Of course, I never got a personal call from him to help with training like he promised....instead, I got my head ripped off for asking questions and told to never contact him again after I asked for help)


At the end of the week, Bret said he wanted us all to go thru a second week of training when he normally only does a week. So, Monday we get on and Bret goes crazy that we're on the call yelling, “I emailed you guys this weekend saying you all graduated. What are you doing on this call?!!” Of course, we never got the all the other times (wasn't in junk or spam as we all checked there) This guy has massive anger issues. Along with zero organization skills. Plus, he's a flat-out liar.


His “training” was very vague with little detail and any time someone asked a question, he ripped their head off. I had numerous questions during training but didn't want to ask and be yelled at. Plus, he said we'd all get a manager who'd help us with anything we needed so I figured I'd save my questions for the manager.


So, I finally graduate and am assigned a manager and told him a I had a few questions about what we were taught. This guy was an even bigger a-hole than Bret was and blasted me with, “I don't have time to answer any questions and train people. Get back on Bret's calls for that!!” Then what is he a “manager” for? I emailed Bret, since there is no phone number for the home office, and told him I had a few questions and got an a-hole reply back saying, “Don't ever contact that manager again. I'm giving you a new manager and this is the last one. And don't ever email me again. Ever.”


Huh? These guys seriously need a shrink.


So, I get a new manager and tried asking him questions. He told me to forget all of the training and to go after markets that hadn't been talked about in the training at all. If I had known this was the job, I wouldn't have done it all because it was the same stuff every other merchant advance company is doing and I was looking for something different (like the trucker program that was mentioned in “training”) But, I invested time in it already and decided to try to get some accounts.


My new “manager” refused to return calls to any of his people and kept his mailbox full on purpose so you couldn't leave a message. He expected you to call him 20 different times to reach him when you had a question.


I forgot to mention, on their website, it says these are “loans” but in their training material and classes, they say they are NOT considered loans.


I went after pot companies because that seemed different. I got 11 companies that were interested......until they heard the interest rate. In training, we were told over and over and over, “These companies don't care about the interest rate. They want the money...badly.” One of numerous lies we were told.


(I also went after hotels, dentists, funeral homes and restaurants because I was told they also loved the program and didn't care about the interest rate and got zero interest from well over 100 companies I contacted because the interest rate was way too high)


One of the companies I contacted said they had put in an application for a loan with the company 6 weeks ago and never heard back. I asked my “manager” about it and he reluctantly looked into it for me and later said, “They got turned down. I don't know why. Drop it.” First, it's extremely unprofessional to not tell someone they were turned down for a loan instead of just acting like they never existed after that. Just awful customer service that makes the company look bad. Second, they should be given a reason why. In training, Bret actually said, “We never tell anyone why they were turned down for a loan.” They should at least tell them they were denied. Awful customer service.


I did get two companies to fill out an application. The first one came back with an interest rate of 138%......which is pretty odd considering I was told 50 times during training, “Our loans are between 8% and 39%.” This was 138% Talk about false advertising!! On top of that, they tell clients they get 2 times of gross deposits and he wanted that $60,000 he was eligible for but they only offered him $20,000.


So, only a third of what they told him he could get and over triple what they said the highest interest rate was. I looked like a complete idiot to this client.


The second company was eligible for $30,000 based on the criteria we're told in training but after they filled out the application and sent in their statements, they were only offered $10,000. When I asked why, I was told, “They've only been in business 11 months.” Well, the training says 6 months to qualify. They need to stop lying about what they offer to people. Nothing but bait-and-switch.

The interest rate for the second loan was 50%.......again, higher than what they're telling potential clients when pitching them. At least it wasn't 138% like the first company.


This company refuses to tell people what the actual interest rate is until they send in a copy of their drivers license and voided check. That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of in my life. Both potential clients said, “Why do I have to jump thru the hoop of sending you my license and voided check before hearing what the interest rate is?” These people had already filled out the application and sent in their bank statements. Having the license and voided check would have zero effect on the interest rate so it's just dumb to not tell people what it is.


And both were MAD the interest rate came back MUCH higher than what they were told after jumping thru those hoops.


If you don't mind working with, either as a rep or customer, a company that refuses to give out their phone number and address, has people running the company who have the worst anger management issues in the country, is extremely unprofessional with their communication with emails and customer service AND flat-out lies to you about what they offer over and over and over, they go ahead and waste your time with them.

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#1 UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Many Points You Made Are Valid

AUTHOR: MsRed88 - (United States)

 I am currently an ISO for Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions. I have been an ISO since September 2017, today is February 7, 2018. I have to agree with the original post on many things. Bret was always pretty angry and vulgar on the conference calls, you get a small glimpse of his temper just by reading his rebuttal here (what CEO would ever respond that way, nothing about that snarkiness and demeaning message is professional, not to mention the grammatical errors lol). Like he seriously said you may need medication and said you had a troubled past. Like wtf kind of condescending sh*t is that for a CEO to say? Lol smh. He and his staff are embarrassingly unorganized, bordering on incompetent when it comes to handling business. I never listened to an entire call because of how big of a clusterf*ck it was lol the calls gave me headaches, from people asking the same things over and over again, to all of the background noise, to the insane responses Bret would give to certain people lol. Even though he is only in his 50s, I still believe his age plays a part in his temper and him not being technologically savvy.

I don't understand why his entourage isn't more helpful with making sure people receive emails and getting help. We always had people that weren't getting emails. Now with all of that being said, while I do agree with you on those points, I am still an ISO for a reason lol. I make really good money doing this. Period. My endgame was the earning potential. My very second week after the training I made $5200 and it has just gone up ever since then. I was not about to let the nonsense of those conference calls and Bret's temper discourage me. I will say that I am sorry you were treated unkind by Bret and your managers, my manager is AMAZING, although he did send out ONE email since I've been with him to everyone of his ISOs that wasn't really professional lol but he is still cool.

I really wish that as a company they would really try to help people and that they would've reached out to you in a professional way, even if you still ended up going your separate ways he could have TRIED to make things right with you. I'm a people person and am all about customer service, which I think is one of the reasons I do well in this company. On average I make about $7,000 a week, one week I made $37,000 (I go by a weekly basis because that's how I reconcile my bank account). Now I will also say, my fiancé helps A LOT and I also "hired" my dad and brother lol so I have help in my corner. So I can't agree on not being able to make money with this company. The sky is really the limit. I just am disappointed on how things turned out for you that you had to make this report. Good luck with everything.

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#2 UPDATE EX-employee responds

You wanna hear FIRST hand his anger issues?

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (United States)

I filed a rebuttal offering screenshots, I DID UPLOAD THEM..however for some reason Ripoffreport did NOT post them. In any case I assure you YES I do have them. But let me share TODAYS conference call with you.. LISTEN CLOSELY.. right from the get go, he starts. he lies and says once he starts recording if you have a private line you will be filtered out... LIES! But then BE PATIENT...1-2 minutes into the call... HE LOSES HIS EVERLOVING MIND! Because someone just happened to be BREATHING to closely to the phone... Now if this is not anger issues...idk what is! And as he goes on, you will even hear him make derogatory remarks about "humping the phone"

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#3 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Bret is a Liar and I will show proof!

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (United States)

What this man says may not completely true TODAY, as yes they do disclose the address and phone number on their website. As for before, I don't know. Here are the real issues. Ready? Now first off I want to make it perfectly clear that I do have proof of all I say and will include it. The name of this business was changed from West Coast Business Funding. Now as that company they are traceable on Manta to show that they have a very small portion of money made in comparison to WHAT BRET CLAIMS on his calls.

He claims BILLIONAIRE .... NOT TRUE! So far from it. On the website they claim to be members of the Portland Business Alliance. Almost like a BBB "stamp".... BUT...this is NOT true either.  They are NOT a member of the BBB which does, in fact, make someone average wonder...why not? Now here is my biggest issue as a former ISO. Bret DOES IN FACT have a page on his website that clearly claims their company does NOT deal directly with clients. He has also said this in every single conference call (which yes he does send recorded links to those calls to ISO's in case they want to review them and see if they missed anything) So yes, there is proof of this statement on his site and in his own words... But as a person in the legal field, I could not help but to do some serious digging to see.. IS THIS GUY LEGIT.... NO.... He is not.

I located HIS business listed in Illinois with HIS exact website, and if you call the number listed on it a Woman Named Julie will answer and claim SHE is the President of the company. You can ask her about how to get a small business loan, and she will BLATANTLY say you can simply apply with her....DIRECTLY! And.. I have a direct recording of this as well....This is no mistake , no accident, as you will see in my screenshots... Brets site is also listed on this page. Not some random business that may have the same name at all. HIS business. So you would say why is that a problem if you are NOT familiar with this company. Let me explain... If they are in fact, which the evidence definitely suggests, operating under different entities/people that do directly work for the company directly, WHAT DO THEY REALLY NEED ISO's FOR? I will explain what for... LEADS!

If ANY random person can just look up the business like I did and get a direct loan personally without an ISO the entire system breaks down. NO ONE would sign up for a ISO position.. well here are the facts guys...thats is exactly what they do.... ! All screenshots are now going to be provided.... UNLIKE the original Author of this review... I can legitimately PRODUCE the EVIDENCE and have NO FEAR of any LAWSUIT... Bring it.... this guy actually got on here and said, he was going to sue the author... smh... Also... If you want to see another "potential evidence" of what Bret REALLY makes from His Roofing Business in Portland I will provide a screenshot of that as well. Take note of the the phone number on his website, and on his business listing. SAME AREA CODE... little too coincidental. Sorry, just is... and a little too coincidental that his name has only 1 T in breT...not 2... but you can make your own assumptions with that one. Do yourselves ALL a favor... keep moving..... why take the chance?     

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#4 Author of original report

Guess you didn't look hard enough

AUTHOR: Tim - (United States)

because I know of at least one other bad review on another site and it got a bunch of likes.

Also, last week I answered an ad for a different company that does these loans.  I told the guy, "I tried this with another company and they were a bunch of liars, idiots and wackos."

He started laughing and said, "Let me guess.  Mom and Pop."

He had worked with them before and spent 10 minutes telling me how huge a liar Bret is.  I told him Bret actually brags he wants people with no experience and he said, "That's so he can screw them."

Lots and lots of companies doing these type of loans.  How anyone works with Mom and Pop (and Bret) is beyond me.

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#5 General Comment


AUTHOR: katia - (United States)




Good work Bret Martin!

I spent the last 2 hours looking for a "bad review" on Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions and all I found was  this nameless guy's report, so 1 BAD REVIEW. 

That is pretty self explanatory.

Get a life !

(I sent my info to work with Mom and Pop btw.) :)

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#6 Consumer Comment

Check out his picture taking skills

AUTHOR: DickHertz - (United States)

You advertise ISO's can earn seven figures.

KIndly provide five references of reps who earned mid six figures, complete with bank statments to corroborate

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#7 Author of original report

More insults.....thanks for proving my point

AUTHOR: Tim - (United States)

First of all, I beg to differ that just because they don't ask for money to be an ISO that they can't be a "rip-off" because my time is worth something.  Maybe yours' isn't.  And I wasted a ton of hours on this based on their blatant lies.

Second, I never got a recording of the calls like you mentioned.  Must be a new thing.  If he did send them out back then, I never got them.  You say people didn't get the emails because it was their fault, not Bret's.  That's pure nonsense.  Lots and lots of people were not getting the emails and we only had one email address.  It's odd how after so many people complained they didn't get the emails and Bret "re-sent" them we magically got them.  How is that possible if he had the "wrong" email address?

I'm wondering if Bret himself wrote this glowing rebuttal (or one of his family members or employees) because saying he's "polite to the point of sainthood" is easily one of the most absurd things I've ever read in my entire life.  The guy is a flaming nut with major anger probelms.  As I first said, he went OFF on a guy who simply asked when he'd have a manager contact him like he was promised in the previous week's training.  Also, I'd get on the calls early and listen to the other ISO's make fun of his anger issues.

As far as "vague answers to vague questions", I'm not talking about dumb questions like, "What will my closing percentage be?"  I'm talking about how specific marketing programs going after trucking companies.  Bret always said, "Ask your manager for the details" yet when I did, the "manager" went BALLISTIC and said, "Don't ask me that stuff.  That's Bret's job" and then Bret goes off on me when I said the guy refused to answer them.

Also, stop with your "safe space" and "jealous" and "narcissitic crybaby" nonsense because that only proves my point that people get nothing but insults from you guys if they have any questions or criticism.

Finally, your "mic drop" moment is a joke because the address was never there before.  He only added that after I put this report out.  Person after person after person after person asked what their address was.  It was NOT on the website before.  Period.  Heck, one lady asked what the address was because it didn't show up on the contract they sent her to give to a client and she couldn't find it anywhere.

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#8 General Comment

Bret Martin / MPBF..Fair. Honest .Above board

AUTHOR: Don - (United States)

 I am a perspective ISO for this company, as was evidently the gentleman who filed the complaint. First there should be no reason this person would call Bret or this company a ripoff, No one has asked for or will ask for a single dime (excluding maybe covering the cost of postage for a miscellaneous item of training material) from me and I am sure that holds true for everyone else. As to the charge of lying, each person receives in their email after each training call, a copy of the recording for those calls. People who plan to deceive and take advantage of others, would not give them the evidence that would be admissible in court by providing them with a recorded copy of the conversation. The second point about hearing a screaming kid in the background each day. Bret id meticulous about asking people to mute their phone as a courtesy to others on the call, if a person does not mute, or has no capability to mute, Bret electronically mutes them, and informs them that they can unmute by pressing *6. He is polite, and patient to the point of sainthood.

As far as investment in technology, Bret has chosen wisely and uses a company that gives subscribers the option to have up to 1000 people on one conference call, and they offer video calling as well, so the complaint about technology, REGARDLESS of cost, is moot. Smart business owners will utilize the best available tech, for the best available just makes sense to do it that way. As to Bret's organizational skills, I have personally participated in calls, and while it can seem overwhelming, Bret handles and controls the calls in a masterful way, while at the same time monitoring in real time, the emails and establishing that in most cases the email that was said to have never been sent, in fact was, and at what time.

For example, the call I participated in this morning, was by far the most daunting from the perspective of people asking the same question and having to be educated on how to find the e mail. In one persons case, they insisted they never received an email, and only had one email address. Bret then informed the person that in fact they had 2 email addresses on file for him, one containing the numbers 828, and one containing the numbers 829. The emails were sent to the 829, which was the address provided by the ISO. It was then that the person understood that in fact he was the one who made the mistake that was due to a typographical error, and that MPBF had no guilt in the error. This original complaint was filed Aug 14th 2017, Today (time of this rebuttal) Oct 7th 2017. I find it hard to believe that in less than 2 months time, a person can go from nincompoop to genius, so I present that the complainant is in fact the one that is being untruthful. It is usually the case with individuals that have a higher opinion of themselves than they ought, that they in fact project their issues on others.

At this point, I am inclined to write the individual off as a liar, but let us further examine the statements made in the complaint The person accused Bret of needing Anger management. I find it odd how sensitive people can get these days. I am getting involved with MPBF as an opportunity to make a ton of cash legally, ethically, and morally, in an industry that is very competitive and cutthroat. Bret is skilled at what he does, and he communicates in a no nonsense manner. If he ever does appear to have a tone or evidence of frustration about someone asking a question that has been answered previously, he at least does it without intimidating and ridiculing. If he is in the wrong, he is man enough to apologize.

My personal opinion on this...A person that is incapable of dealing with getting direction and possibly a dressing down for something and handling it with their "big person panties" not getting tied in a knot, needs to find another career, this is not the business for them. Go to somewhere that offers a safe space, and stay there... As far as vague answers, I hear questions from people that are not able to be answered in specifics. How do you answer, what will my closing ratio be? other than with the answer "It depends on how much you understand about your customer, and this industry" if that is vague, at least it is honest, but to tell you the truth, Bret answers the dumbest of questions with patience and fairness. Bret is a person who has done VERY well for himself, When is the last time a billionaire opffered to give you the keys to his success, without charge? Lesser wealthy individuals such as Tony Robbins, and Robert Kyosaki, while well meaning in their teachings, charge heavily for their advice and "secrets" they tell you to make money, you must spend money...Bret tells you this...I'll GIVE you what you need to know to make yourself wealthy. How does anyone find fault with that? Well, maybe only if one is a narcissistic crybaby that overreacts and defames the character of others because they are jealous. Bret is a kind, fair and honest man, who goes out of his way, for his customers, and his ISO"s I am looking forward to being a part of his organization, but even if I were to wash out, and find that I did not have what it takes (which won't be the case) My life will have been made better by learning the principals that Bret has shared about how he conducts his business. My last point, and kind of the "Mic Drop" moment... Address and phone number,at the bottom of each page when scrolled down. copied and pasted for your enjoyment... 1001 SW 5th Avenue Suite 1100 Portland, Oregon 97204 503-777-5977....GO TO WEBSITE FOR A JOB!

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#9 General Comment

I back both Bret Martin and Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions !

AUTHOR: Pamela - (USA)

I came upon this Ripoff Report while reading about Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions. And truthfully I did not want to read anything negative about them ! The man or the business I believe in --- both Bret Martin and Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions. But I felt it only fair ----- to read what was being said about both of them ---- the man and the business ! So I read the Ripoff Report. Then I began reading the Rebuttal Reports. After reading Rebuttal #4 ( Bret Martin's side of the story. ) ---- I decided I had read enough ! And began writing --- this --- my side of dealing with Bret Martin and Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions. In a video, talking about Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions and how their business loans work --- Bret Martin gives this example : A natural disaster. The roof comes off. They are out-of-business for 2 weeks. No payment made. Payment begins --- business starts up again. For me that was a very big incentive --- fairness --- I cannot think how he could be any fairer and definitely not money hungry ! One big issue in this Ripoff Report ---- the man keeps talking about interest rate. In a video I watched, Bret Martin uses the term --- Factor Rate. He stresses ! This is not an interest rate ! Gives example : deploy $100,000 out to a business owner receive $130,000 back ( never grows --- no interest is accrued ) I chose wanting to partner with both Bret Martin and Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions for many reasons. But I want to list here --- only one --- big / major reason ---fairness. --- to the businesses who receive loans ! I have business sense ! And for a loan company to say = you owe me money but there was a natural disaster ! It closed your business for 2 weeks = meaning you cannot make any money ! I will not stress you out thinking you might lose your business ! I can wait for my money ! Start paying me again --- when your business opens again ! That is the heart of a man, Bret Martin and the business, Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions --- I choose to support ! 62 year old woman Tucson, AZ Who am I ? Employee was a choice --- but since I have not signed any paperwork yet I did not choose it. But this Ripoff Report has not changed my mind ! I am still going to work to match businesses wanting loans with Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions ! Trusting it has my back the same way it has a businesses' back ! I do not want you to fail ! I hope this Ripoff Report will not change other peoples minds either --- especially business owners ! Both about trusting Bret Martin and Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions.

My wondering for the man who wrote this Ripoff Report along with both Bret Martin and Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Sir --- Bret finally wrote something = mainly you didn't give it a chance And your side ---- I hear you worked really really hard ! My question is did you narrow down your own leads to who qualifies before turning in the business loan application ? Few requirements but they are important ones ! I do not know if Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions will offer you another chance --- but if they will ? I would be willing to work with you to help you have the success --- I think Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions is giving me the opportunity to have ! My success can only bring them more success was what I shared and they are allowing me to try ! I will be emailing a copy of this to both Bret Martin and Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions They will know who I am. Ending my Rebuttal --- how I began in the Rebuttal Heading --- I back both Bret Martin and Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions !

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#10 Author of original report

It is now

AUTHOR: - ()

It wasn't on there before.  They changed their contact page.

On one of the calls, one of the other people asked for the address because she also couldn't find it anywhere.

They still don't have their phone number listed.  Kinda odd when both clients and sales people need help.

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#11 Consumer Suggestion

Just saying....

AUTHOR: Christina - (USA)

I am considering working with this company; however as of now I am not employed nor have I trained with this company. I just wanted to say that their address is in fact on their website. Not sure why the gentleman writing the report continues to say that it isn't.

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#12 Author of original report

It was your manager who said it, not me

AUTHOR: - ()

The potential client asked, "Is that the INTEREST rate?" and YOUR manager said yes.  Not me.  So you can whine all you want about me "not learning the business" when it was YOUR manager who told the guy the INTEREST rate was 138%.

And if you sue me, I'll get them both under oath to confirm it.

You're also a liar claiming your address was "always" there because it wasn't.  Period. I was on that contact page 20 different times.  And you can bet if you sue me, I'll go after every person who has worked for you the past 6 months or so and have them testify about that under oath too.  Still no phone number on your website.....which is very odd.  Why do hide from people like that?

As far as your constant whining about me doing this for "5 days", that is also a lie.  Big surprise.  Heck, your "training" was 5 days alone.  I then spent about a month getting lead after lead after lead after lead after lead after lead.  And as soon as they heard what your interest rate was, they said no thanks.......which, as I said, you lied about in your "training" because you said, repeatedly, they "didn't care" about the interest rate.....they just wanted the money.

My manager said the same thing countless times too.  "They don't care about the interest rate.  They just want the money."  Over and over and over and over and over.  And yet, the FIRST question out of EVERYONE's mouth I talked to was, "What is your interest rate?"

Think he'll lie under oath for you on that too?  Or all the people who listened to his nightly calls too?

Only two people out of the MANY leads I got asked for a contract because they thought the interest rate was ridiculous......and those came in higher than what they were told.....for far less money than what they were told.

It's pretty funny how you threaten me with, "I'll release your emails telling us how great we are."  Ummmmmmm, those were before I actually started working with you and realized what a serial liar and wacko you are.  Not only are you a liar, but also a moron.

I also have the emails of you demanding I "NEVER CONTACT YOU AGAIN" after I asked a couple questions about the "training" you had.  In a lawsuit, I'll also get the first 'manager" under oath who went berserk after I asked him a couple questions about your "training" and that's why you gave me a new manager and it was the "last one I'd get."

It's odd, and sad, how you keep whining about me "filing other reports."  So, you think when people get screwed over they should just keep quiet about it?  That's pretty pathetic.  And, as I said before, very telling about your "character."

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#13 REBUTTAL Owner of company

It's not an interest rate, it's a factor rate. and it was a 1.38 factor rate, but you didn't stay long enough to understand as your foot was out the door the day you started.

AUTHOR: The CEO of Mom & Pop - (USA)

The address has always been on the website. Always. I would not say that if it wasn't, I'm 56 years old and not a slouch.

Stop, go slow, educate yourself.

Use all of your senses, to include your "sight" and you will see the address on the "site."

...and then and only then, complain if your don't see it.


That's a tough word young man.

You're bordering "defamation of character" and I'm about to seek legal counsel. This is "not" a game, and I'm not going to take your "rhetoric" lightly.

I usally pay zero attention to people like you. Zero. I know it's a personal problem you have and you have had this issue for some time as you have been doing these types of "ripoff reports" on numerous occasions in years past. Numerous.

Do you have money to "defend" yourself?

Bacause you're fooling with fire.

Get your facts straight and then and only then complain, in the event it's justified. 

It's not our fault that you choose "not" to see our company address.

...and it's not our fault that you "wallked away" faster then most womens labor of a child.

This is a "career" oriented company and a "career" orineted industry and "careers" are "not" built in 5 days.

This is for "serious" people.

...and serious you are "not."

In the event you keep it up, I am going to upload each of the e-mails you sent "me" and "your manager" about how much you "loved" our company, our "system" and our staff.

...and there are 6 e-mails over a 4 day period to be exact where you are "quit happy."

...this will "completely" discredit you, if you think that is what I am after.

"You're 15 minutes" are up.

Use the word "scam" again, unwarranted and I will be forced to send hand this matter off to my attorneys.

...and you will be forced in to "spending" money defending yourself for "defamation of charactor suit," your call.

...the fact that you have "complained" repeatedly about numerous other companies tells people that your are an "angry" person at the "core" and quick to judge as judgemental people often are and that you "brought" this "anger" with you from your past life prior to meeting us.

Seek "Yoga" and meditation, and in the event that doesn't suffice, seek "medication."'s not my companies fault that you are "wired" the way you are "wired."


Bret Martin


Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom & Pop Business Funding

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#14 Author of original report

Your manager said it was 138%

AUTHOR: - ()

1)  When the contract came back, the client asked, "This looks like it works out to 138%, is that true?"  I was on a 3-way call with my manager and he said, "Yes."  So it's odd you claim it was only 38% when your own guy said it was 138%.  The client would have jumped on it if it was only 38%.  It's also odd you don't actually list what the interest rate comes out to on the contract.

2)  You were doing every single conference call I was on so I'm not sure how/why you claim you weren't. 

3)  Your address is not on your website or contracts.  On one of the calls, one of the other salespeople asked what it was because she couldn't find it anywhere.

4)  So what if I've reported other companies?  I believe in reporting scams so other people don't get ripped off.  Your trying to make that sound like a bad thing says a lot about you.....and proves my point.

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#15 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions side of the story.

AUTHOR: The CEO of Mom & Pop - (USA)

We are a large company and no company is perfect, not by any means. 138%? It was actually 38%, and the clientt was very high risk for numerous reasons and this money is unsecured.

As far as a baby crying in the background on our conferance call, I wasn't there, so I can not say, but it stands to reason that our National Sales Manager would of asked the individual to mute themselves if there was a baby in the background.

The gentleman is right, we communicate by e-mail with our sales staff, and we tend to give notice as to what is coming up in the event there is a meeting that is unannounced and or scheduled- I'd like to think that this is why we have over 99% participation with these meetings, again, they are scheduled and we don't just "spring" them on our staff.

Our address is posted, not only on Yelp, but registered legally with google and it matches the states business regirstry, and we have nultiple locations, so I have no idea what this gentleman is talking about. We had to post the address of the business to get on board with Google when the company was formed.

Everone has a right to their opinion and I'm not going to make no excuses for Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom & Pop Business Funding as I would only be arguing with someone who is/was obviously trying to do what he could to 'bash" us on the way out after having only been with us 5 days.

If you get a chance and have read this far, look this gentleman up, he has multiple other "ripoff reports" and "complaints" about numerous companies to include restaunts, etc., etc., etc., that he has filed.

He must have a ton of time on his hands is all I can say.

Thanks for allowing me my opinion and side of the story, "ripoff report."


Bret Martin


Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom & Pop Business Funding

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