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Complaint Review: Northwest Community Church Women's 'cell Groups' - Orlando Florida

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  • Northwest Community Church Women's 'cell Groups'
    Pine Hills Rd
    Orlando, Florida

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ok please beware of the northwest community church women's cell groups. These are supposedly women who are trying to help other women in distress and with problems and they are abusive to regulars who come to their group, and kick them out with no real warning and lies, and try to force them into converting to christianity.....and they call themselves 'friends'.and a group that is suppsoed to help women and be there for them.....but they are the total opposite-- they are abusive, freaks, bullies and fundies...and will try to mass force people to convert and if people do not convert they will start treating them badly for no reason...

These are really really "bad" people, and are not chrisitan like by any means. i came across laura romot's cell group through craigslist and have been a regular attendee for many many months now. From the VERY beginning all these scumbags did was try to 'convert me'...that's christianity. Laura's nasty husband 'rick' even rudely cornered me with his men's group to try to FORCE me into accepting jesus christ as my savior...I encounterd this kind of immature garbage in kindergarten and grade school-- but these ridiculosu stupid people are like a cult, and I told my friends that from the beginning. In fact rick romot literally sat there saying "just repeat after me--just repeat it." thsi isn't jsut bullying of someone to try to force them to convert? it is so wrong.....lately for the group I had been coming in pretty late-- they know that it is VERY hard for me to get there on time and you would think that a group there to help people out would understand. Laura's behavior got weird with me....once I explained to her that I would most likely 'never' believe in jseus christ....and she stated "well then im here to TEACH THE TRUTH" to people as if...well your not accepting the 'truth' or my beliefs now makes me not want to accept your 'lateness'. They keep saying to me "if you dont want the truth-- then why are you even coming here." I explained to them...I got the info from craigslist....that it's a women's group-- i had no clue i was here to convert to being a christian.....these people regularly did not treat me well and tried to force convert me many times and acted as if "why are you coming here then." I went there because it was a women's group that was there to help women and people, and I came for my own personal reasons.....and why do they care if you come in late...when it is a very small informal group? This group is like a cult and I would tell people to beware. I was bothered many times into converting--despite explaining to these idiots that I did not want to convert. And they keep saying "your life will change once you accept the truth and you're coming here for a reason." Well I was not ready for my life to change or accept jesus or be christian...

Her husband, rick romot, this twit, sat there almost forcefully tryign to convert me amongst a group of 'christian men' in their house--they are getting together to try to force a 'female' into accepting christianity "AGAINST her will." Rick kept saying to me "just repeat after me...just do it" and wouldn't stop....their entire goal seemed to be to try to convert non-christians into christians...these people aer like a cult...even their 'church frineds' tried doing the same thing to you constantly. What kind of narrow-minded losers are these x-tian fanatic cultic fundies? I am part of a religion but I would never get together to try to convert someone coming to a group like that. Lately, the group organizer laura romot sat there explaining to me that I need to come on time, even though I explanied to her that I have health issues and work and can't always make it on time, and it is very hard because I have to drive 30 mins to get to that location. She knows this and knows my situation... She never once stated "either come on time or don't come." Lately I went to the group and was late...her husband, rick romot literally bullied me out of their house and out of the group, would not even give me a chance to talk to anyone....and kicked me out of the house....this is how they treat human beings and people who have been attending their 'meetings' for months and months now? They claim that youare 'disrupting their men's group"--walking in for 5 seconds to go to a back room is 'disrupting someone' huh? on top of that...why is your men's group in an open section where people come and go....and then you won't allow people to come in late? These are not people out to help others-- they are cultic fanatics...out to convert people against their will and if you don't convert or follow their narrow minded garbage-- they will do all sorts of things...just to treat you badly...and then kick you out.

these "rules" are a little too extreme for some tiny insignifiacnt 'group' that some idiots on a powertrip put together...and they are also rules that no one was informed I walked in, the jerk rick romot said to me...."hey so and so"...then he began putting me down and literally bullying me as if I was a criminal or stranger coming into their house...and told me that "oh you're LATE" so...i was "instructed by my wife" to not let you go in...and....she said she TOLD YOU that you are either to be on time or not allowed to come in at all....of course I was never told this-- otehrwise why on earth would I be coming in late? I explained to him..well can I just go since I drove all this way? of cousre not...these cultic cell groups....part of this church will treat you so badly...for absolutely no reason just because you come in late? not only that he treated me so badly as his christian jerk male group was sittnig there witnessing him picking on and bullying a woman like that-- what kind of maniacal 'christians' are these anyway? this is how you treat another human being and a "friend"-- it was so bad and know these people for months and they will literally kick you out of their house/group for being late, with no warning and lies....and humiliate you in front of everyone....rick romot seemed to get off on doing was a joke or put em down and treat me in this was pretty bad....and I can't imagine doing that to anyone....much less someone i've known and someone who has been coming to group meetings for months. I explained to this loser..."what you're doing isn't right" and he could care was a powertrip for some cultic fanatic to treat someone in thsi way....and he said I could call his talk about it...why would I call your wife after I'm kicked out of your house in such a derogatory and mean way for coming in late? Even if they had to enforce their pathetic rules, they could have informed you of them earlier, or, they could have been nicer about it-- but they weren't nice...they treated you like dirt and basically cornered you into leaving-- as rick romot literally stepped towards me... basically trying to get me to get out of the house-- what kind of monsters are tehse lunatics? these are not good or decent people-- they are such JERKS and rude mean people...and abusive as well....and if you do not convert to their beliefs or follow their belief system....despite it just being a regular spiritual group....they will start throwing in these sick strange rules....pertaining to "you" so they can further treat you like dirt...and pick on you and abuse/bully you. I'm just warning women out there....who hear about groups like these.....and this one in particular-- these people are totally screwed up too and had tons of weird issues and problems....laura romot used to be "Late" a it seems...that now if someone is late, she thinks people are doing it intentionally or not 'respecting her time"...which is not the case at all and probably projecting all her past issues onto people who can't be on time for legitimate reasons....these are people with all tehse problems into drugs, and so much other trash and then they found "God" and they are 'changed now' and they think everyone is like them and needs to convert-- they are completely sick rude people and I'm just here to warn others about their so-called 'women's and men's group and how they treat innocent women just coming to the group. People are nto allowed to come and leave...they have to be there by a certain time without warning and if not, they will be kicked out...and treated badly....and bullied by a 'male' overall...they can't be 'late' and they have to accept jesus and turn christian....this is one of the most disgusting and decrepid cultic church groups ive ever heard of.... just be careful of these jerks and freaks....

orlando, Florida

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#1 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Shame on them.

AUTHOR: anonymousn - ()

 I am a former member of Northwest Community Church. I have witnessed incidents that mirror those you have described. It makes me sad to hear that they are still practicing the same kind of cultish bullying. The worst part about it is that you may never be able to look at other Christians in a positive light, and therefor, never look at God either. They are doing more harm than good. Reading some of their responses here is just proof that they were never coming from a good place in their heart to begin with. Shame on them. I am sorry that this happened to you. Thank you for speaking out.

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#2 General Comment

What Did You Think You Would Find?

AUTHOR: Snuffy - ()

Anonymous, I'm not a member of Northwest Church. I don't know the persons of whom you speak. Heck, I don't even go to any church anymore and it's unlikely I ever will. But let's get real: what exactly did you think you would find when you went to a cell group that is a functional part of a CHRISTIAN church? What makes a Christian church "Christian," since you seem to believe the cell hosts aren't Christ-like at all?

I would be willing to bet my last nickel that a cell group belonging to a Christian church will be talking about Jesus. I'm sure if Buddhists had cell groups, they'd be talking about Buddhism; if Hindus had cell groups, they'd be talking about Vishnu and their other deities. I'm sure if a non-Buddhist or non-Hindu were to attend the respective cell groups, some overture would be made toward the "non" to lead them into the fold. Why in the world did you think you wouldn't be asked about your faith in Jesus if you went to a Christian cell?

How about if I go to an atheist group cell and then proceed to tell them, week after week, that they're wrong about this "no god" thing, refuse to not believe the way they don't believe, but insist on attending every week and come in late consistently, all because I like the stories? When the cell hosts grow weary of my antics, should I blast them on because they "didn't act humanist to me?"

So you went there for help, as you claim they are there to "help women in distress" (I don't see that claim made anywhere on the church's website, not even finding any mention on Craigslist but I may be looking in the wrong place).  Whatever the distress would be, did you think a Christian cell would not bring Jesus into the equation? You said you enjoy the lessons...did you actually hear of any lesson that did not involve Jesus or God or Bible verses about either?

Why is it so important that you continue to attend this cell? You want to attend a cell, belonging to a Christian church, be completely accepted by those who believe in Jesus, are Christians, most likely take "The Great Commission" seriously, but you take offense when they try to get you to "accept Jesus?" How exactly do you take part in the discussions/lessons? Do you listen and politely discuss or do you basically scoff at their beliefs during discussion? And perhaps punctuality is not important to you, but it is important to most of the rest of the world. When you come in late consistently, you disrupt things for those who arrive on time.

Kudos to RipOffReport for their defense of First Amendment rights. But, and this is just my observation, your statements cross the line into libel/defamation of character. I suppose it would not be Christ-like if this couple decided to follow-up legally though, right?

My advice: Your beliefs would be more in line with the Unitarian Universalist church. Belief in a particular dogma is not important there; they welcome all souls.

My opinion: you have an extra large chip on your shoulder; I'd say it's a metal chip that flew off of the big axe you're grinding.
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#3 UPDATE Employee

Re: Angry Woman

AUTHOR: SonofGodKingDavid - (United States of America)

Sounds like you have some issues of your own. Rick and Laura are successful, kind, and caring people who devote their time, and their lives to God and are under accountability to do so.  They have a house, a family, and are successful in their business and financial lives. They take time out of their week from an already exhausting schedule of responsibilities to pour into people who want to change and heal issues in their lives.

It looks like you've written an awful lot (mostly venting your frustration at an offense you've taken to boundaries that they have set up). Healthy boundaries, nonetheless you should get healing yourself...because anyone can post angry ignorant dribble over the internet. They fact of the matter is, I look at their lives and I see your's clear to me who needs healing. 
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#4 Consumer Comment

Great response Bobby

AUTHOR: Stacey - (U.S.A.)

You hit the nail on the head
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#5 Consumer Comment

Advice for Anonymous

AUTHOR: Bobby D - (U.S.A.)

Or maybe today you prefer to be called Melissa...or Alice,Alicia,Rach or one of the aliases you use here to agree with your "very beautiful asian female" self.

My advice is this: get some help.

I'm by no means an expert in pretty much anything, but I'll throw some ideas out there.

Education is an important part of any endeavor - though I don't need to tell you that, what with you having a Master's degree and all.
I've found that the Wikipedia website can be a useful place to begin research.
As reference, here are some of their pages you could check to get you started:

(((ROR redacted)))

I suppose you've already taken steps toward treating your chronic fatigue and olfactory issues.

And I'll suggest that a healthy diet is a good idea for everybody.
Maybe cut your fast food intake down to fewer than fifteen meals a week.
You'll feel better, and save money.

Good luck, and bless your heart!

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#6 Author of original report

more abuse from a single individual or others...

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (U.S.A.)

I'm not exactly sure what is going on with the abusive bullying women of this church. Not all of them are this way and not saying they are all bullies.. by nature...but their 'defense' of their church church members, and the lack of caring abuot the abuse of an innocent individual who did nothing wrong to them but has been picked on ridiculously shows they are some really screwed up people, and kind of keeps proving my point about the posts I have ahd to write. Unfortunately I can't defend myself during the times in which the members begin 'bullynig' me so I have to report here to try to get some justice....after being 'banned' from the last 'cell group' I attended...for no reason again...I tried going to another cell group that I had been to before for several weeks...the group begins at 7 and I arrived at 7:15...they weren't even having group but a fun night....and watching a movie...upon walking in-- I asked some questions whether they were having group or not...and was almost immediately 'interrogated' and in a very rude way by one of the girls in there...she began by claiming that I had been to 'another cell group" and since she knew I went there...I assumed she knew about what had happened...this is mostly written towards that particular girl who felt she could insult me or sort of corner me with things...where I was still being nice and almost defenseless because if I really had to defend myself against her statements I would have gotten upset....and was trying to avoid a fight or having to leave...instead of thinking...ok this person was wrongly removed from two groups for no erason....or kicked out of one-- for no reason again....this girl said to me statements like "how many more are you going to go to" ie or get kicked out of-- they have treated me as if I did something wrong...when I just go in there keep to myself or try to chat and have to endure ridiculous abuse from these jerks and in my opinion awful this kindergarten where you get together to pick on the 'lone sheep' or anyone...this girl kept asking me "why do yuo keep coming here"?? if you dont believe in "GOD"....she then began making more slanderous statements about my own beliefs when I explainde to her-- that I believed in God and I was coming because it was a women's gruop that teaches spirituality and I like the lessons..what's so wrong is they have people coming to their group really liking and wanting to come to learn and getting something positive otu of it-- and not only are they not allowing that persno to come...they are abusing the person so badly and now trying to get them kicked out of every group they try to go to-- not only depriving them of the experience or lessons but trying to make them look bad or as if they have ill motives or are suspicious in some form..and now making every experience they try to come to just hell or interrogating etc...and it is just flat out abusive and mean behavior and bullying.....she had no right treating me in that way along with many other things she said tome...she kept questioning/interrogating in a bullying type way while I had to keep defending's strange to me how these 'b*tches" in my opinion are doing this to someone who is peaceful/nice/mild mannered and comes for the lessons but now is being questioned/harassed for their own beliefs...what they are doing is so wrong and they have no right doing this to anyone....and thinkin they can treat someone in this way and just get away with it... they almost seem to be trying to bring out 'anger' or project what they want to see in th person by constantly picking on the person and asking them why they're coming...wht they beileve in-- the girl said "well all we teach is JESUS CHRIST so if you're so against jesus...why are you coming"...more garbage and bs....basically trying to make you feel like crap and putting you in a corner...I explanied to her Im not against jesus...and believe in jesus...she then tried to make up more lies about what I believe or assumptions...which I had to keep defending and that's not what I believe in-- more reasons to try to get me to not come or leave or put me down...She said something about how I can't comment on what is 'christian like behavior' and I explained to her that kicking a friend out of your house for being 'late' isn't Godly behavior and it's mean and I would never do that to someone...she got defensive and began defending that and asying "you dont KNOW if it's christian like"....or something to that extent...basically...just being childish immature rude mean for no reason towards someone who already has been mistreated consistently for no reason....and even said 'well the last group you went to you had problems with"...when the last group I went to-- i went to once then was told by the girl the next day not to come back...the other women didn't say anything...or address me personally in any form....and most of the time are pretty cold/rude to you anyway....and won't talk to fact when I go to those gruops I go not being treated very well and ignored most of the time....and wanting to go to a lesson and get something positive out of it...and leave...these women that claim to be a 'women's group'...are not allowing peopel to even do that and on top of abusing them terribly continue abusing that one specific person....and just will not stop and instead of stopping the wrong treatment are saying to the person "why do you keep coming back...if u keep getting kicked out" me this is horrible....these women imo are just terrible people....religion or not their behavior is awy out of line and out of control I think....and very immoral....they are picking on and consistently bullying an innocent women ...who is trying to come to group meetings...the same girl who did this literally once said "think of this as a safe haven for all of you and you're all welcome here"...yet the moment the other really nasty women of the groups have talked to the first girl who had kicked me there are tons of have to believe in Jesus to come to the aren't welcome have to be on have to this and're questioned for going, you're bullied or mistreated or're asked 20 questions and judged about your beliefs or slandered to yourself about what you believe in....the girl eevn said to me something to the extent of "peopel dont have to let you in their homes or can tell you to not come back"....of course-- people can go kick someone in the shins and run off....for no reason...does it make it right...of course's totally wrong....the women who continue to want to treat people like me badly for no reason when we've done nothing wrong question our motives and beleifs...and make such a big deal out of just coming to a simple group...hanging out for an hour and leaving-- are really terrible awful matter how 'christian' they pretend to tehy are not christian by any means ...the girl also stated sometng to the extent of "the old testament has harsh punishments" as some form of bizarre ridiculously stupid insane reasoning or defense for kicking someone out of a house as punishment for being late....are these people really that low and stupid?
this is nto a battle I even care to fight....its not even imoprtant but these pathetic women's treatment of otehr women....and what they do to people or how they treat people in their what is important and I'm just saying they have no right or place ever treating any human being the way they've treated me...and they way they continue to....they have no morals or character and are basically the most fake lying hypocrites you could ever find...on top of that the first girl spoken about-- continues lying to others about the first situation....and asying things that aren't true trying to defend herself....i don't understnad how so much blatant evil and hypocrisy can go on amongst people who claim to be so into God...also do not care but do not want to be the brunt of the bullies abuse and their hatred or whatever they have inside of them is understandable that if someone says bad thigns about your church or might be upset or defensive...but to go to this extent in mistreating another if it's a personal thing against teh church when it's not-- it's something against various members who've committed wrongs or mistreatment against another person....and continue doign the same thing to that person.. is just so wrong...and it shows the lack of morals these people possess and immaturity and really screwed up writing this because that girl who sat there interrogating me and trying to make me feel bad....had no right or place doing that....and she and the rest of these immoral stupid women who have done this to me...need to get some morals and character because have none....this doesnt go for all the people of the church...or groups or even the's just addressed to teh several who have been so mean and rude to women just coming trying to get some bible lessons and spiritual lessons and trying to come to a group with women....what kind of support groups are these that regularly ban and harass and mistreat women for no reason and continue treating them badly accusing them of things they haven't done or think or believe in...and seem to be supportive of each other's sick actions and behavior....the girl also stated "wel you never wrote something to retract those statements"....retract my statements?? every other cell group I go to im being banned or treated badly at now..or something is going on...and you want me to retract statements...of negative treatment when I'm just writing more reports on them...?
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#7 Consumer Comment

more problems with northwest groups etc....

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (U.S.A.)

well just more problems with the groups associated with this church...
really they do have good groups out there...that are supposed to be
educational and help women out...and have many of them...the problem is that
they are seemingly abusive or discriminatory to some women who they
choose to be to, and are not open or friendly as they make themselves otu ot be.
It does seem to be a guise for attemping to convert people to their religious
beliefs, but it also seems that they use that to try to control others or even
discriminate against others if they want....I have been to several of their groups..
overall there is nothing wrong with them-- they teach good messages
to people and claim they are open to everyone but in reality they are not...
another group I attempted to go to, the people were nice, but the group leader
then spoke to the previous group leader who many of these issues began with...
based on what the girl told her-- ie what was written on this particular website,
the girl chose to tell me that I was not allowed back at her group and did not
allow me to go to any events associated with her cell group. Even worse, she
told me that if I was intersted in going to anything it would be to "church" on
sundays if I wanted to 'socialize' with the people....and that she didn't know
my 'intentions or motives' or something to that extent. I'm just a female
trying to go to a group because it is educational and a good place to go to
to meet nice people who believe in God and get some good lessons, understanding... it is so wrong of these women to treat other women in this way
and to do so on a continuous is surprising that they act as if they
are Godly and "Christ like" Quote people.... when they don't seem to follow
the teachings of anything 'good' and discrimniate against women for absoultely
no founded reason....and even try to tell them to go to "church" when they
really don't have any interest in going to church. She also said something to
the extent of "these groups are based on a christ consciousness" or based on
the belief in Jesus....and that social events are 'not a good environment for me"...
now why would social events not be a good environment for someone....
when I first went to her group I told her off the bat that I didnt believe in Jesus
and that I was just there to listen to the lessons and get the positives I can
get from the groups....and from what they teach ...she didn't object to it
until she spoke to the other girl and claims she "didn't agree with what was
written about the church."... regardless of how these people feel they just
do not have the right or place to mistreat other women or treat them in
such a stupid and derogatory nasty way while falsely claiming they hold
'women's groups' which are open to everyone-- everyone unless you are
late, or unless you don't believe in Jesus Christ, or unless they decide they
just do not want you there and want to try to make you feel like you've
done something wrong or have malicious motives....yes believe me, women
who are going to groups for the purpose of learning about God have ill
or shady motives...especialyl those who some of these imo really pathetic women
have constantly mistreated for absolutely no reason... what kind of
'women's groups' are these....those taht abuse and ban and kick out
innocent women for absolutely no reason and continue with this
negative sick behavior? and worse from personal experience almost being
forced or bullied into converting....not everyone from these groups or church
is like this and there are many nice people....but for those who are
committing these what I feel are just complete 'wrongs' against others...
shame on them in so many ways....
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#8 Consumer Comment

Should have left the first day.

AUTHOR: Clifford - (U.S.A.)

If you get an offer for help from a church group you are almost certainly going to get preached to. They're goal will always be to convert you to whatever crazy belief they have. It is the classic 'bait and switch' tactic.

Stay away from the fundies, they are the scariest people on the face of the earth.
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#9 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Stacey - (U.S.A.)

melissa aka alice aka whatever her name is - the real nut job
Read all here rants about all the "psychos" and "losers"
Guess once you look in the mirror then you will see the real "psycho" and "loser"
get a life
Stacey (whooopss posted my REAL NAME)
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#10 Consumer Comment

Thats too

AUTHOR: Mlmguru - (U.S.A.)

much drama for me to read. It is my educated and great opinion and observation that all these church going people are hypocrates.
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#11 Consumer Comment

Thats too

AUTHOR: Mlmguru - (U.S.A.)

much drama for me to read. It is my educated and great opinion and observation that all these church going people are hypocrates.
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#12 Consumer Comment

Thats too

AUTHOR: Mlmguru - (U.S.A.)

much drama for me to read. It is my educated and great opinion and observation that all these church going people are hypocrates.
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#13 Consumer Comment

Thats too

AUTHOR: Mlmguru - (U.S.A.)

much drama for me to read. It is my educated and great opinion and observation that all these church going people are hypocrates.
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#14 Author of original report

more info on these nutjobs...

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (U.S.A.)

More info on these nutjobs.
They are also part of the boredom crashers meetup group at I emphasize This situation because what they did to me was so ridiculous and just flat out abuse And bullyingand demeaning a woman who attends their group... Who they have treated so I sat there speaking to laura romot' the cell group Leader, as normal, I went to talk to her in a friendly way about thingsshe was very Blatantly rude to meseveral weeks agoshe began questioning my beliefs and asking me why I didn't accept jesuswhen I was in a friendly way trying to talk to her the way I usually doshe then claimed she didn't have time to debate religion' when it wasn't me debating religion, it was her. She then said she was there to preach the truth' as if I was in some way inhibiting her from doing so by inwardly not accepting her beliefs She is lke some minor form of a cultic preacher almostand was very rude and just flat out stupid and so ignorant. She then acted as if why did I come to their meetings
Their meetings were a women's group' not a group for christians..she began getting pretty rude and kept emphasizing to not come late.and telling me to not come lateAnd be on time.these idiots and losers pretend they are some huge group there to like preach to the world and no one can disrupt' their bullsh8t or come in is a group of about 6-8 peoplegenerally.the next week, she had some form of a field trip' and I tried calling her sveral times to ask herwhere it was going to be so I could determine if I could come or notshe purposely did not answer my phone calls and knowinglyso this stupid sick b itch could then attempt to teach me a lesson on being late' it seemed.i tried calling and ended up going to the meeting.and it was only the men's meeting and she still did not ansswer my calls so I asked the men if I could sit in on their meeting. They allowed me to, but then their meeting turned into a session to try to convert me to being a christianand almost forcefully or at leastcoercively.and in a predatory's convert her now' or try to pressure her.i am not stupid and am not going to be forced to convert like a mindless animalbut that's how these ignorant jerks were treating meeven asking me to just repeat the words' despite me claiming I didn't want toI was nice and humble about it and didn't get upset.though I was wondering what kind of freaks these losers were that they were trying to get someone to repeat words' when they didn't even believe in those things.i spoke to this a**hole rick romot.and then was explained that I need to form relationships' then I went to speak to his wife, this arrogant powertripped bi tch
And if you know these people they seem nice enough and mildbut that is all a faadethey are not nice people at all and are totally messed up and jerks on another level and have a lot of deep issues to be treating people in this way.i spoke to his wife and reassured her I would try to be on time. She once again explained how she used to be late' and wasn't respecting people's time.that's understandablebut has also explained she simply neevr cared in the past and used to make fun of people and be a b that she has changed' and runs a group of her ownshe feels the need to be on a powertrip with whoever she can be to try to teach them a lesson on being on time'
When they simply just can't.due to extenuating circumstances.their rules' became more and more stringent.whereas months agothe were nice enough but suddenly.. They were acting lke they were these important people who can create such inane dictatorial rules for a simple women and men's group'.that really didn't even consist of many people at all.i find people like this so completely sick sad and patheticthat they use any status of power' they have over innocent others for no reasonjust because they can' and can get away with it.and get away with treating people so badly.or enforcing pathetic rules' where rules shouldn't even exist.and even not informing people of them and then kicking them out...
Her lying husband rick, also once again told me that.they weren't there to debate religion' when they were the psychopaths literally debating religion, talking about religion and trying to convert people against their willhe asked me why I came to their groupsThey never sat around preaching to other people why they come or don't comeor interrogating or hounding them
I had no idea that they groups were about mass converting people.when they were advertised as women's groups' and taught spiritual messages.they experssedu can't get much out of itif you come thinking.isn't that my problem if I don't get much out of itwhy do you care if I come late and miss out that's my loss and problems not yours.the last time I went to the groupI went late, and then chattedwith a couple of peopleand then ended up leaving.i was never told be there on time next time or don't come. I didn't go the next week and then the next week went and ended up going late and was kicked out very rudely and arrogantly by rick romot.Without any warning and all lies.and this psychopath just seemed to be thrilled about treating me that way and seemed to get off on let's bully her this is fun.
These idiots and sick stupid crazed people call themselvse christians' who are there to help others? Even worse.i tried going to their women's encounter.' Good griefI prepared for weeks for this.lots of annoying listening to nonsenseI went and due to my serious health condition (for which I was even going to the encounter for!) could not stay the night and asked them if I could go back the next day.of course notit wasn't just that they had rules they enforced.' They expressed to me well most people who leave just don't come back.' I expressed to them that I had no intention of leaving permanently' and could nto stay the night and there was no way i could stay because i could not sleep on the low cots because of my health...and would love to go back the next daybecause I prepared for this for weeks and was looking forward to it. Of course notthey cannot bend their rules for anyoneeven people needing help.if you do not abide by their rules' then you're not allowed to gowhich is so riduclous to meand not even thatit seemed to be that they acted like you just weren't interested and just wanted to leaveI asked themwell if ic ome back the next daywill I be allowed in? they said no'.what is the reason for their rules? Not sure.they didn't have a truly legitimate one.they had some but they can't accommodate people with serious conditions who are really in need of fact some of them said "well most people who leave don't come back"...well what is the problem for them if you leave and 'do' come back-- they won't let you in apparently...and you waste an entire month of tiresome preparation and spend money on it too-- and they could care less...because all they care about is their sad powertrip and 'rules'...these are just some really pathetic and screwed up people with serious issues it seems.and they will not help you out or do anything for you unless you accept or believe in jesusI even called a girl afterwards
Another cell group leader'.and her response to the situation was well, I guess you're probably disrupting the men's group'that is so strange to mecoming in for 5 secondsto go to a back room is disrupting a group of 3-4 loser idiot jerk guys'
Not even classrooms have rules this bad.and are on such powertripsand full of such scumbags low lifes creeps and is very shocking to encounter some meaningless trivial women's group' who is now hitlerishonce the porch doors close that's itno going in and out then ? no one is allowed to use the bathroom because they will be disrupting the men's group'.or leave the housethey must stay for an hour during the entire pitiful group'.otherwisewill they be kicked out too? Even worse the leader' of these groups admits to prior tons of sexual liaisons and al sorts of garbage and nonsenseand how they found God and are now not into all thatand they are preaching all their nonsense to people who are holy and not into all that nonsense anywayand actually do have God in their life and will keep saying you need a relationship with God. They are trying to teach to people who haven't even done half the garbage they once did and are acting like they are these enormous leaders who can then hold irrational rules on people once those people decide to not follow their belief system This place is a nightmare.and they are not there to help anyone but themselvesand if you do not follow the cultic jackasses' that hold these thingsthen you will be bullied and kicked out.shame on these ridiculous low lifes.their sick immature behavior
And tehir manical intentions to force people into accepting their sick beliefs.i hope someone from that screwed up church reads this and does something about the literal 'witches' who run these cell groups-- they are not Godly or christian people by any means-- they aer totally messed up people with a huge lack of morals...narrow-minded, ignorant, coersive, confused, lost sick people...who have no respect for others if they choose not to, and will go to great lengths to unjustly discriminate against people or bully or pick on them simply because...they choose not to accept the beliefs they are preaching in their sad cultic cell groups....they also claim "there are many people out there who are lost"...well hopefully they will turn to themselves and understand they aer those very people...
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