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Complaint Review: Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C & ORTHOFast

  • Submitted: Thu, April 13, 2017
  • Updated: Sat, April 15, 2017
  • Reported By: OrthoRxNewswire USA — White Plains New York USA
  • Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C & ORTHOFast
    305 Black Rock Turnpike
    Fairfield, Connecticut

Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C & ORTHOFast - Steve Fiore, CEO, Megan Poleto, Dir. PT., Dave Mancuso,P.T, ATC. Josh Hutton, P.T., Sandra Coppola, Operations Manager, James J. FitzGibbon's. Deceptive. Failure To Carry Out Patient Health Plan. Breech of Professional Ethics. Patient Neglect. Retaliation. Failure to Monitor Patients Healthcare Fairfield Connecticut

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       Connecticut Based Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C., And Subsidiary ORTHOFast Sham Exposed


ORN-USA Publishing, White Plains, NY.

Extra, Extra.... Read All About It!

White Plains, NY - April 10, 2017/OthoRxNewswire USA, (ORNUSA)/-- Mounting patient complaints lodged against Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C.'s (OSG) multi (6) Southwestern Connecticut office locations and its subsidiary, ORTHOFast are leaving some "disgusted" and to question if OSG and ORTHOFast, is deviating from the standard of medical care and/or violating HIPAA laws, which could leave OSG and ORTHOFast seeking its own therapy of pain management.  

Patients are said to be sick and tired of the underhandedness of Steve Fiore, CEO, Megan Poleto, Dir. PT., Dave Mancuso,P.T, ATC. Josh Hutton, P.T., Sandra Coppola, Operations Manager, James J. FitzGibbon's. Evil doers operating under the guise of healthcare providers and management? You be the judge after reading the release.  

Sources have it that these OSG employees apparently feel entitled to be derelict when it comes to the very patients whom trust them with their healthcare, why? because they have a White Shoe law firm protecting them from thier indesgressions. It's a sad day in health care if healthcare providers are abusing the rights of their patients, and this seems to be the case with some healthcare professionals and Management at OSG and ORTHOFast. 

Patients, lawyers and referring doctors are urged to consider the content of this press release and strongly urged to draw your own conclusion, but not engage with Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C. under any circumstances, unless you want to face the probability of disasterous results, like those whom are in April 2017's issue of this OrthoRxNewswire USA release, Caveat emptor, (buyer beware). 

Patients are feel betrayed and are incensed that OSG's licensed Physical Therapists (LPT) defy their very medical doctors prescription to treat ailments. You see, OSG Physical Therapists get thier marching orders from their medical doctors, whom evaluate the patients and give the green light to engage the patient in a regimen of physical therapy or not. But some OSG PT's are taking upon their own accord to boot the patient out the door, without any physical therapy, whatsoever; "Oh, yea, the shenanigans at OSG has to be exposed and needs to stop now." In some cases, OSG Doctors are writing bonified prescriptions to thier respective patients for physical therapy and the OSG physical therapists are defying the doctors orders to treat the patients on thier own accord and in some cases showing the patients the door, before the patient has reached wellness without any physical therapy whatsoever. OrthoRxNewswire USA points the finger at longtime OSG Physical Therapist, Dave Mancuso, P.T. ATC., for violating atleast one patients rights and possbily countless others. "Let's clean this sewer run by C.E.O., Steve Fiore up."

ORNUSA's research found that patients feel that thier experience at OSG and ORTHOFast is one of being screwed and wonder how OSG and their licensed health care providers fly under the radar to avoid facing penalties from the State of Connecticut's Department of Health. "These OSG employees should be stripped of thier licenses and in some case thrown in jail and never alowed to work in the healthcare industry again." Mike M. of Westport, CT.

In 2016, OSG started a campaign of retaliation, patient neglect and ultimatly failure to carry out the patient care plan, toward a patient and likely many others, who challenged the OSG mill operation, when the former OSG patient complained his HIPAA rights were being violated by OSG's Josh Hutton, P.T., after Mr. Hutton made unwanted statements that included allegations that the patient was "malingering his injuries," refused patient certain OSG attendance, benefits, refused patient his physical therapy benefits and then abrubtly discharged the patient, after the patient challenged Mr. Hutton's conduct; "OSG offers patients the 15-Minute Rule. I had cause to utilize the 15-minute attendance policy rule. For using the 15-minute rule on a few occassions, I became the subject of harassment, retaliation and an abrupt discharge from PT." He went on; "Josh Hutton, made statements that I was malingering my injuries and I quote; "I don't want to get arrested and go to jail for treating you, so I am discharging you." After I complained about these incidences, I was then retaliated by Josh Hutton's colleague, Dave Mancuso, P.T., ATC." The former OSG patient added; "I remain in pain today because OSG failed to treat me properly."

Some blame, Steve Fiore, OSG's C.E.O., by creating a"mill" and a "money hungry" culture at OSG; "Horrible place. Dr's come in and out in matter or minuets. I had also had my insurence changed  due to my company. The dr. would not take it and wouldnt even do a courtesy check up as many other carring Drs would. They do not care about you. They are money hungry  and will sell try to sell you things that you do not need," says former OSG patient, Chris N., of Stratford, CT."  This patient added; patient added; "Steve Fiore, purported to be a lazy, unresponsive CEO, apparently takes no responsibility for the actions of his unethical employees conduct. It appears that he condones rather than condems the behavior, they have quite a racket going on at OSG. They treat patients worse than excrement, in my experience and I am pleased that it is being exposed."

In a riveting turn of events, a former OSG Fairfield Patient, Jim S. of Fairfield, tells ORNUSA; "Dave Mancuso, LPT, ATC, had specific directives from James J. FitzGibbon's, M.D., to treat me for injuries that I sustained in an automobile accident, and Mancuso failed to carry out the patient care plan, leaving me with no physical therapy, and Mancuso will go straight to hell for this." Mr. Mancuso retaliated against me because of my previous complaint of HIPAA violations by his co-worker, Josh Hutton, and he probably got the nod from C.E.O., Steve Fiore. This incensed patient added that he was forced to drive 20-miles to OSG's Shelton office, rather than being accommodated and treated a few miles from his home, at the Fairfield OSG office, despite the fact that OSG knew the patient had range of mobility deficits and was under medications, despite OSG's own medical doctors directions to treat the patient with physical therapy to Dave Mancuso, P.T., A.T. C. "Is this a crime? I don't know, but if not , it should be." Added the former OSG Patient.

Standard of care..... to describe the term, the standard of care is based on the customary practices of the average physician, or healthcare provider i.e., what the average physician or healthcare provicer would customarily or typically do in similar circumstances.

The testimonials that patients are reporting to ORNUSA are anything but in line with the "Standard of Care." Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C. appears to be doing quite the contrary adn going against the grain of the Standard of Care, including, breach of professiopnal ethics, patient neglect, HIPAA violations, failure to carry out patient care plans, and failure to monitor patients conditions, to name just a few of the possible horrific violations.

Yasmin B. of Milford, CT., lamented about OSG less than stellar patient care; "... But....caveat emptor (buyer beware) for the most part this organization is the PITS!  OSG is they are a mid sized company that functions like the New York City Department of Motor vehicles...everyone is pretty much herded through the process without regard for the individual.  I have no doubt that they actually care, but their execution is piss poor in my opinion." She added; "Rant over....find a smaller, less "busy" office, that actually cares about you and your well being.  I know I am looking. They seriously need to determine if they want to be a fancy office that caters to athletes and the like or if they want to be doctors and GASP help someone....perhaps do no harm?"

ORNUSA learned that Brittnay H. of New Britain, CT was humiliated and shamed by an OSG Physical therapist during one visit, just take a look at this; "My physical therapist body-shamed me from minute one for not "being built like a runner" and then proceeded to passively aggressively question me about my lifestyle habits, body type and job. For the record, I am a thick legged pear shaped woman but I am a good runner and very physically active and have been my entire life. I would not consider myself obese or even above average."

On a breath taking level, patient, Jim S. from Fairfield, who had treated for two injuries at OSG, complained to the State of Connecticut's Department of Health on December 2016 and considers this the high water mark of the evil that I was subjected to at OSG; "Withput provocation, I appeared for my physical therapy appointment in Spetember 2016, per Dr. James J. FitzGibbon's directives/prescription, only to be confronted by Dave Mancuso, P.T. A.T.C., and incredibly told to leave OSG." He added; "Dave Mancuso, P.T. A.T.C., took it upon himself, despite the fact that I appeared with OSG's, James J. FitzGibbon's prescription to treat for a shoulder injury, informing me that I am no longer a welcome patient at OSG." OSG's Dave Mancuso, P.T., A.T.C. then made the outrageous allegation to the patient that he was faking his injuries; "Mr. Mancuso, asserted that I was malingering my injuries and then told me to leave the property." The Fairfield, CT patient added; "I immediately reported the incident to Sandra Copolla, the Operations Manager who seeminly did little or nothing to take corrective action,and perhaps condoned the behavior, except to speak to Mancuso, whom she confirmed to me, made those statements." He continued; "I reported the incident to OSG, CEO, Steve Fiore and he did nothing, except deny the allegations, and attempt to place the blame on this "No Fault Insurance" patient. I wrote and complained to James J. FitzGibbon's, M.D. and he could care less if his medical directive were not carried out either.

When it comes to patient neglect, OSG's subsidiary ORTHOfast patients use words like, "beyond frustrated" and "Very Unprofessional" to describe ORTHOFast; "I am done with Orthofast PT. After waiting weeks to get into the program they claimed to have no record of my appointments not once but twice!!! I was beyond frustrated. The receptionist even implied I was making it up! Very unprofessional service. I would not recommend it," says Candace S. Copeland of Brooklyn, NY.

Jim S. of Fairfield, continued; "I was examined and had a bonified prescription by OSG's own Medical Doctor, James J. FitzGibbon's to treat for physical therapy at the Fairfield, CT office, yet FitzGibbons directives to treat me fell on deaf ears and I was refused treatment in Fairfield." He continued; "Megan Poleto, OSG's Director of Physical Therapy, aware of the situation was complicit in the scheme and retaliation sham, when she failed to carry out the patients care plan and stood beside Dave Mancuso and Josh Hutton." The former OSG patient adding; I sense that OSG's Megan Poleto, is a liar and takes her marching orders from Steve Fiore. The two are complicit with Hutton and Mancuso." OSG has approximately sixteen physical therapist, which the complainant was denied healthcare from each of the sixteen.  "I explained that I have no interest in treating with Dave Mancuso or Josh Hutton, and requested the prospect that one of the other fourteen OSG, physical therapists, treat me instead." The complainant could not believe the unacademic and obviously retaliative respose from OSG's Director of Physical Therapy, Megan Poleto; " Ms. Poletto replied; None of them like you or want to treat you. The complainant replied chanlenged the validity of Poleto's response and received no quantification or qualification. I think that they have about seven bad apples operating at OSG, perhaps more. "My first interaction, on my 2015 injury with Dr. Britis, was outstanding and so was the P.T. but fastforward to 2016 and the treatment and service was horific." said Jim S. Fairfield.

Orthopaedic Speciality Group, P.C and its subsudiary ORTHOFast, get an F- grade on the most academic of patient service requirements, said Steph P. of Fairfield, CT.; "I am so disgusted with OSG. This was my second attempt to use them and there will not be a third! The girl at the front desk didn't know how to input my information and instead of asking for help from someone else she was first rude then basically turned me away. The only reason was because she is incompetent in her job.  I would rather wait at the ER for hours then step foot in this place ever again. Steph P. adding; It's terrible to think this is supposed to be a place for healing but the people who work there don't care about patients or their well being at all. The entire practice has gotten too big for itself and lost their human aspect. They have turned into a factory with no concerned about helping people."

OrthoRxNewwire USA encourages patients whom believe that Healthcare providers and Management at Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C. Fairfield, CT, Stratford, Milford, Shelton, CT., and its subsuidiary ORTHOFast have villated thier rights, to file a formal complaint with State of Connecticut Department of Public Health. Practioner Investigations Unit 410 Capital Avenue, MS#12HSR P.O. Box 340308 Hartford, CT 06134-0308.


We are OrthoRxNewswire USA and we are on your side!

ORN-USA All RIghts Reserved 04/10/2017  


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