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  • Phenix city Muncipal Court/Phenix city police department
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Phenix city Muncipal Court/Phenix city police department The phenix city muncipal court refused to allow me to file harassment charges when our neighbors referred my son as mentally retarded because he receives social security and we found out they was managers at the bank we had accounts with and that is how they found out because he had to put his source of income when he opened a account they made fun of him ridculed him but i was charged with harassment and put in jail for 24 hours while this blond witch walked and their friends after they tormented my son phenix city Alabama

*Author of original report: And of course the phenix city police believe this witch that my son was mentally retarded which really made me angry the cops harassed him on court day to this one woman cop my son told me harassed

*Author of original report: I waited 20 years for my own house after divorcing my these police and these two jealous wives are not taken my home that i worked for away the police might harass other people out of town but not me

*Author of original report: I will be suing wells fargo for them being influenced by my false accusers i was banking their first and they had no right to kick me out 

*Author of original report: Wells fargo is allowing these criminal employees commit crimes agaisnt me they are low down to i can sue wells fargo now well they shouldn't of thrown me under the bus and unfairly closed my account

*Author of original report: I just want to make everything perfectlly clear it was my two neighbors screaming and cursing and calling me the b word in front of their child but they lied to the police saying i was screaming

*Author of original report: I would had lost my job if i was still working but that is what this two wives wanted bad to happen to me because i was single and had a home of my own single people get treated the worse in America

*General Comment: Sorry chuckie!!

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My son was ridiculed harassed and tormented by our neigbors. Because they retaliated for me making complaints to animal control for their dogs always barking at me in my own yard,  and using my hard as a bathroom and me and my son always had to step in their dogs crap. The animal control refused to do anything so i kept making complaints.  My other complaints was when they would have their "DRINKING" parties they refused to tell their friends not to park on my property ruining  my grass.


This is what let to a screaming confrontation on 05/11/2012 where this blond witch started screaing at me and telling to take my mentally retarded son in my home. The witch and her husband was "CURSING"  calling the the "B" word to the top of their lungs. And the reason for why i was charged with harassment was because she falsely accused me to the police tha i was cursing in front of her child. She was cursing and swearing at me along with her scumhole husband. But the police took her side because her son was only 3 or 4 years old.


I was put threw a nightmare and my unemployment ran out i was on the verge of losing my house but that is what these jealous wives of these husbands wanted wanted, because i was signal and i had my own home. And they wanted to make me homeless. The phenix city police trying to make me unemployable by charging me with harassment. I could only get a public defender  but that didn't help because they thought i was guilty to.


I went to court 4 months later on 09/12/2012 the neighbors perjeried them selfs well that was find the corrupt phenix city police was on their side so they could lie be criminals all they wanted. The judge found me guilty of harassing her even, though i testtified all the problems i had out of this woman and how she referred to my son as mentally retarded. The judge still ruled agaisnt me.


But the judge did not order me to jail he gave me a 90 day suspended sentence of hard labor.  The scumhole phenix city police took it upon themselves to arrest me in front of my son and put handcuffs on me by this women cop who also harassed my son. She always kept bugging him that he couldn't walk anywhere but allowed these neighbors to do as they please and sit in the court room and "LAUGH" at me and my son. My son told e they was saying i was so frustrated well who do they think they are that i'm not supporse to have any emotions.

Then the phenix city police officers kept harassing my son with the assitance police chief giving him dirty looks and putting judgement on him. The phenix city police refused to let me pay the fine but they had to please these neighbors, and they was sitting outside watching the police take ma and my son downstairs to be arrested. It still has me very angry how these neighbors got their way in screwing me over.

My mother and my son was trying to bail me out but the people at the russell country jail was making fools out of them. It turned out they had untol 4:30 p.m. to pay the find to get me out of jail but the jail employees,  was lying to them and telling them to come back around 7:00 pm but the muncipal court was closed. The next day they was pulling that crap again to keep me in jail for 48 hours.  But after my mother called the city manager the jail was rushing to get me out.

I appealed the judges decision and a trial was set in the circuit court for 04/03/2013. I hired a lawyer on 01/01/2013 because i knew if i didn't i could go to jail for a while over a lie. He managed to get the charges dropped a few days before trial. But get this the district attorney office told me i could not sue for being put threw this ordeal.

Its amazing that homosexuails and blacks can be sued for name calling and false accusations. But i'm not allowed to,  but i still have all this anger and rage in me that the police knew I didn't do nothing wrong and the municipal court did not have probable cause to file a warrant on me so it was false charges agaisnt me. And my lawyer said that my record would be clear.

But knowing how the phenix city muncipal court treats people i have a hard time believing that this false charge is still on my record. I am now retired from my job and not looking for employment but what if this happen while i was still working. It still has me angry how the police treated and would try to ruin my life.

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The cops harassed me son on court day to. He told me this one woman cop told him to stand in one place and he couldn't even stand by me. He said she was being a nuisance always bothering him. She kept looking back at him for 30 minutes while i was in court. I did not appreciate this woman cop treating my son like this. He was the victim along with me.

She had no right to boss him around what so ever. But they believe what this lying B said this is why the cops was harassing my son. BUT WE WILL NOT MOVE!.

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I had to rent homes or live with my parents for 20 years after divorcing my husband. I never would had dreamed that i would be put in this situation because of two women was jealous because I owned my own home and had the money to pay for it. Well i got a education and i worked for 20 years and saved up money to have what i have today.

So these two women along with their husbands thought they would falsely accuse me to make me lose my home. And the corrupt police was on their side trying to make me homeless. I had only lived in my new house for 7 years when all this happen to me. The judge was a SEXIST also. He didn't like that i owned my home. He was one of those men who thinks women shouldn't have a home or anything of their own. You have to be dependant on a man. I will not take any of these sorry men for me to survice and the judge was sorry to taking up for these sorry jealous women.

One of these jealous women started screaming at my son calling him mentally retarded. But this one cop told me it doesn't violate the law, i told him really them calling me the B word for the whole neighborhood to hear they was screaming at me at the top of their lungs using profanity they had complete hate towards me and my son.


It was these two women who wanted to ruin me and put me in jail so bad.  All the police was sexist toward me laughing all with these neighbors who falsely accused me. The cops was having a good old time getting a innocent person in trouble.

All ken davis complains about not having enough resources. Wonder what he does with all the money. Hes not suppose to be worried about the case load. But he spends all the counties money trying to prosecute innocent people like me.


Ken davis complained in 2007 about people who been convicted of drugs should be let out because they haven't killed people. Well ken davis you sure was going to prosecute me and have the cause go to circult court and take me away from my son. You sure was going to waste the tax payer money trying to prosecute a innocent person.


Me and my son voted agaisnt you. And we know why people wants you to remain district attorney. So people can falsely accuse people. AND WE ALSO VOTED AGAINST APRIL LOGAN. BECAUSE ON COURT DAY SHE WAS STARRING AT ME BECAUSE SHE KNEW WHAT THE JUDGE WAS GOING TO DO TO ME FIND ME GUILTY.

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#3 Author of original report

I will be suing wells fargo for them being influenced by my false accusers i was banking their first and they had no right to kick me out 

AUTHOR: - ()

Banks who treat people like this leave them out in the cold shoudld be punished. Wells fargo thinks they can treat me like "GARBAGE"  well not this person.  The first thing in the morning i will be contacting a civil rights lawyer. If the DA says i'm not suppose to bother them which i haven't then they have no right to bother me by messing with my MONEY AND PERSONAL BANKING INFORMATION.

I have no way to get my money because it takes 30 days for them to update it to a new debit card not a wells fargo one. I can sue them because i am medically retired and they are harassing a disabled person and INTENTIONAL  AGGRAVATING MY HEALTH CONDITION. I AM BEING TREATED LIKE CRAP BY MY LOCAL WELLS FARGO BRANCH BECAUSE THIS BLOND WITCH IS SPREADING RUMORS ABOUT ME AND WHO INFLUENCED MY BANKING ACCOUNT, INTENTIONAL CAUSING ME EMITIONAL DISTRESS. YOU CAN SUE FOR SOMEONE INTENTIONAL CAUSING YOU EMITIONAL DISTRESS.

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This B has crossed the line this time.  There was nothing wrong with my bank account, i had to get a new one because my first one had been hacked into supposedly so they closed it. I saw her in the bank while i was trying to open me a new one she had not been coming there. I opend up a new account and it hasn't even been a month and now its closed.  I noticed all the employees was staring at me all of a sudden.

Then today 07/17/2015 i found out my checking account was closed. What if i had been trying to purchase something i would had been embarassed because they kept me in the dark about my checking account being closed. I'm tired of this witch stepping on my civil rights.

It was in the agreement for me not to bother them and them  not to bother me. But this witch crossed the line with messing in my personal bank account because she infulenced them at my local wells fargo bank and defamated my character. I can sue them now.





Wells fargo is allowing these criminal employees commit crimes agaisnt me they are low down to i can sue wells fargo now well they shouldn't of thrown me under the bus and unfairly closed my account.

Here is the corrupt wells fargo where the wells fargo manager or managers  did this dirty deed to me. There was no reason for them to close my account but they was infulenced by this witch to close it.Well they are going to wish they didn't make me suffer once i file a civil and defamation suit on them.




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The kid said why is that woman crazy it was his mother and father who was doing all the screaming and cursing in front of their 3 year old son. They was caling my son mentaly retarded and calling me the B word.  But the blond witch went to the municpal court and file a harassment charge on me saying i was doing it. I put 100% blame on the police for them not protecting my son but thinking he was the bad guy along with me.

I was the one who got charged with harassment and found guilty and wrongfully put in jail. The judge only fined me but the phenix city has a history of putting people in jail who can't pay their find. THIS PIG OF A COP TOLD ME I GO TO JAIL LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND WOULDN'T LET ME PAY THE FINE AND MY SORRY PUBLIC DEFENDER ABANDONED ME TO MAKE SURE THE POLICE DIDN'T ABUSE THEIR POWER BY STAYING WITH ME.

In past cases the high court of alabama had to step in and help the victims and clear their criminal record because of the abuses committed by the phenix city police and muncipal court. I had to get a lawyer to get the charges dropped even though they could had done or not had charged me in the first place and put me and my son threw this nightmare.


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Anyone would hate and despise someone trying to mess with your life like how these scumhole lying pig neighbors of mine. But this was a woman thing these two wives hated my guts because i had my own home and i drove a 2007 mercedes. Which i only got from a cash  settlement i received from an insurance company for a accident i had. I shouldn't have to explain how i got things to my neighbors.

But the phenix city police didn't want me to have anything either. That is why they sided with my bully neighbors and charged me for harassment because this woman, said i was cursing in front of her 3 year old son. The truth is her and her husband was screaming and swearing at me calling me the "B" word. But the phenix police said it was for them to call disabled people retarded which is a "HATE SLUR.

If blacks and homosexuals can sue for their "HURT FEELINGS" then so should people who get called retarted out of "HATE". But their is no "JUSTICE" in phenix city/russell county.

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#7 General Comment

Sorry chuckie!!


 YOU have rehashed all of this previously on this site. So keep it to yourself. Its OBVIOUS that YOU did something WRONG!!!!! The police are corrupt, the judge is corrupt, the DA is corrupt. One of them I could see but ALL of them is beyond the realm of possibility!! SO just STOP trying to play the victim!!! YOU WERE IN THE WRONG!!!!! Had YOU any idea HOW the legal system worked YOU would see that the judge CAN NOT take ANY information about PREVIOUS BAD ACTS!!! The judge can ONLY rule ON THAT PARTICULAR situation. So ANY information that YOU gave has ZERO bearing on the situation. YOU were trying to enter into evidence information that did you no good. It doesnt matter what they have done BEFORE the incident the judge has to rule on. The judge can ONLY deal with the situation AS it is presented. So BOOHOO!!!! YOU didnt get to circumvent the legal system and get your way. The judge EVEN TOLD YOU that information had zero bearing on THAT situation. YOU however have attempted to use the web in order to get PETTY JUSTICE. YOU tried to get THEM fired. YOU filed a FRIVILOUS suit. The judge gave YOU a pass with a SUSPENDED sentence. Which means that at ANY time YOU cause trouble again, another judge can reimpose that sentence since it WAS suspended. so YOU go right ahead and keep it up. Nothing YOU do is going to change YOUR situation for the better. ALl YOU do is creat ANOTHER situation for yourself. And in THIS INSTANCE YOU ARE COMPLETLY IN THE WRONG!!!!!!! Even the law will NOT side with YOU on this one. EACH instance of YOU posting is actionable in accordance with the laws dealing with defamation. YOU are already poor, do YOU want to lose your home all because YOU cant admit fault?? Must be nice to live in that FANTASY WORLD of yours!! The REALITY is that YOU were in the wrong and YOU got "punished" for it. Nothing more. Im NOT seeing a campaign of abuse from the police, just your RANTING that there is one. If the police were as corrupt as YOU claim, then your child Charles would have been arrested MULTIPLE times for BS!!!

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