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Complaint Review: Racquel Moore

  • Submitted: Sat, March 21, 2015
  • Updated: Thu, May 14, 2015
  • Reported By: Tbrighton — Los Angeles California USA
  • Racquel Moore

    , California

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This is a personal account, if you need to have your own experience that is up to you but this is in no way to tell you what to do with this particular person.

Racquel Moore aka Rosemary Eramo is a teacher who was trained at Berkeley Psychic Institute and is in her 50's currently. She resides in Los Angeles and performs readings on persons to try and see what is going on with them in their life that is stopping them from being healthy and happy. She also has a class where she teaches techniques called "Sprititual Mechanics" where she received training from Berekely Psyhic Institute/Church of Divine Man which was owned by Lewis Bostwick who was a former Scientologist for 20 years as an auditor. Here is a link to some info about them:


First, Racquel never advised us that this work was based on Scientology and in fact we were not allowed to talk about other modailities in class. 

Racquel is trained in energy work as we are all energy at a certain level. She can manipulate energies and see what is in your space that is tying you down, she can do this and is quite talented in the field. But, this becomes very dangerous as I would rather have a fake then a person who can really take you down if they wanted to by implanting thoughts, mindcontrol, and programming into your consciousness. I started to get reading from Racquel because I was ill and having a hard time for the last few years. The readings seemed to help and when she offered a class to learn tools to help myself I was more than interested. She made us sign a contract, which will be attached as she claims she owns this work and you cannot teach it to anyone else.

At first the classes were fun and me and my friends were seeing a positive impact and then the class started to feel weird, like we didn't have a voice in class and even when we wanted to share something we would suppress our emotions. She was favoring one side of the class because she hangs out and parties with them which they are all 20 years younger than her but these people became her social outlet. We started doing favors for her, special things like her personal business and performing readings for her for free while she would collect all of the money. We were told we would get good karma for this and part of our learning process. She would tell us that the people in our lives were not doing this work and that a lot of people would fall off and they did because you becomes so judgemental that this is the only way and that everyone else is full of bad energy and unless they join class your relationship will truly not be successful. When I looked into cult practices, everything was done to us exactly. It's a way to break you from the people that love you and make you reliant on the group for support. Most of the people in class this was their only friends and if they would go see their families for the holidays they would only come back to say that they wouldn't do that again because those people just want me to heal them or such my energy, so now you have a poor family connection - their goes that support. Racquel's assistant I think is pretty innocent she is so programmed at this point 5 years in that she has no idea of who she is and how much has been done to her and Racquel is actively trying to get her to break up with her boyfriend because he left classes.

I started to get really good at the practice though and my clairvoyance had turned on so one day I decided to read myself and just see if Racqul had put anything on me and I had a viceral experience. I threw up, I was sick and I started to see all the mindcontrol, programming and things to stop me from progressing in my creative project, personal life and to do things for her. I worked on myself for 4 hours and decided to see if anything was left the next day, same thing...I worked on myself everyday just to remove the things she put in me with only 9 months of class with her. Once i started to remove everything I could really see who she was, she was unethical, energy stealing, and very broken teacher. She had all 15 of her students leave all at once after going to a conference and I think they must have realized it too all at once. She does this to make money, she earnes about $400 a month from each student if they get a reading every month and if you don't get readings you are told you will not progress.

When I decided to leave some other students got suspicious and they did the same thing, they were horrified and had been feeling that something was not right. When we left we were told that we would get our karma back that is was on hold because we were working with her. We all struggled getting back on our feet, we helped each other but she was so angry that she still continues to put things on us and we have all just wanted to walk away quietly. We found another ex-student of hers which is a therapist as a profesion and we asked them why they left class as well and she said, "Racquel is broken." I agree, and I do not want broken people to teach me, to be in my space and be able to put whatever they want into my consciousness.  First of all, if I knew this was based on Scientology I would have run for the hills. I know it is hard to leave that practice from what I was told. This information was buried and is why I am putting this out as a personal experience. We had only sought healing and some information and we lost money, time, energy and more. She is a scornful Scorpio and has attacks the students who have left repeatedly. Asking them to sign a 2 year contract that they will never teach the tools/meditation techniques (which she does not own) saying that we breached the contract and more.

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#1 Consumer Comment

Tbrighton needs a pacifier.


I feel I had to write and wright this wrong. I agree with Tboggs and Spiritual Warrior that Tbrighton's report seems to be from personal angst and an axe to grind. But to their respect, they do say it was a personal experience, or personal account/opinion.

As one who has worked within the spiritual and healing realm for over a decade, I can tell you that those who truly have this gift refined, like Racquel, are hard to come by in a world full of bogus tricksters and liars. I have referred and continue to refer to her people who she can help.  From his/her own words, it seems Tbrighton doesn’t like to be the student and listen to instruction, and seems to have a lack mentality (which is driving his/her life into complaining instead of thriving - a little ‘free’ therapy for you Tbrighton ..take it or leave it.) Instead of just leaving the class and taking up yoga or some other spiritual outings, he/she thinks it best to attack someone's character.

If anything, Tbrighton's report only helps Racquel Moore's authenticity and true nature come forth. There have been many who are helped and who 'truly understand' the value that she gives others. As far as cost; Tbrighton has no idea what others charge for personalpsychic instruction which can range into the thousands to tens of thousands. Also, Tbrighton....listen, you have a great do know that no one can take your rational thinking mind from you OR DO ANYTHING TO YOU unless you AGREE to it - right?; if you don't like something, you may leave. For now, we still have a free country - so exercise that right while you still have it. You don't need to character assasinate your teacher,for the only karma you receive now is that which you have made yourself. Without going into spending the rest of my day or week into writing about the fallacies of Tbrighton's 'personal' claims I will end here.

Sadly, this website allows any whiner/complainer to come on and post grievance. In my humble opinion, they should be giving out pacifiers along with each venting post... comeon people, move on and live your life. It's WAY too short to bi*ch and moan.


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#2 UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Racquel Moore is a spiritual leader, mentor, friend and truly one of the kindest people I have ever met.

AUTHOR: TBoggs - (USA)

Racquel Moore is a spiritual leader, mentor, friend and truly one of the kindest people I have ever met.  Written by her assistant, a current student of her classes.

Racquel has been trained in many modalities of healing including psychology, acupuncture & herbalism, psycho-structural balancing and is an ordained minister from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. In no way was the Berkeley Psychic Institute led by Lewis Bostwick connected to the Church of Scientology. Who cooked up this idea anyway? It is completely ludicrous.

Racquel was a student at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) when the founder Lewis Bostwick (1918-1995) was still alive and teaching unlike Tbrighton, who never attended the Berkeley Psychic Institute, didn’t know Lewis Bostwick personally and I would bet doesn’t personally know a thing about the Church of Scientology at all either. Lewis Bostwick was raised by a Rosicrucian and did know the founder of the Church of Scientology, but was not a Scientologist and was not part of the Church of Scientology. While creating the tool set taught at BPI, Lewis sought out healers and spiritual leaders from every modality and Church he could find around the world to interview on their healing techniques. If talking to the leader of a Church makes you a member, then I guess I am a member of at least ten different churches myself, although I don’t claim to be connected to any of them. Lewis put together tools from dozens of different modalities to create a tool set to help people heal and fully form their spiritual body while not attaining any karma. I don’t think the creator of the Church of Scientology had that intention at all, at least not from what I have read on the subject and experienced while living in Los Angeles. I certainly don’t feel good when I go near a Church of Scientology or get approached from someone within the Church. In fact, that group tend to creep me out! Anyone who is so obviously geared towards their own personal gain, without regard for others doesn’t truly understand the meaning of or the ramification of karma – one of the main teachings at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and of Lewis Bostwick. *On a side note, when Lewis died the teachings of the Berkeley Psychic Institute may have changed under different leadership. I don’t speak to whether or not the current leadership is connected to the Church of Scientology.*

In dispute of the claims made by Tbrighton I offer the following:

Racquel would not advise that her teachings were based on Scientology, because they are not.

Racquel does not allow talking about other modalities in class because students have started her class to learn her tools and have paid good money to do so. Therefore she doesn’t allow students to disrupt the class with other teacher’s information. She believes that if students have come to her class then the other teachings didn’t work for them or they wouldn’t be learning from her in the first place. In addition, she doesn’t want her teachings confused with that of another teacher.

Racquel can change energy.  She does so in her energy healings and is a very powerful healer, of that I can attest to personally as I have benefitted greatly from her healing teachings and reading/healings.

At no time does Racquel preform mind control. This type of practice will get you karma and for anyone that has known Racquel for any length of time will attest, that this is something she stays as far away from as humanly possible. Racquel teaches about karma and how it effects the spiritual body.

As for the programming statement made by Tbrighton, I offer up that teaching anything to a conscious person more than once, is a form of programming. Just as a commercial on TV is a form of programming. In fact TV itself has “programs” on it. We learn, or in some cases unlearn things by programming. I suppose it all depends upon what kind of programming you choose to have in your consciousness. One thing I can personally say on this is, Racquel’s teachings have helped me release old bad programming out of my space (co-dependent relationships) and replace it with good programming (self-worth) that makes a huge positive difference in my life. This is done by repeating the tools so you can choose to incorporate them into your consciousness or choose not to. Just as you can choose to buy that soda advertised on TV or not to. She doesn’t do unconscious programming like hypnotists or subliminal commercials. That would counteract one of her core values of free will and give her karma. I would think that if she did do this, people wouldn’t leave her class, especially not annoyed as Tbrighton obviously is as they would be unconsciously programmed not to. In addition she would probably have a huge class unless she really sucked at it. Either way the logic here doesn’t make any sense.

In reference to the class contract that Racquel has new students sign when they start class. This is a standard business contract, and I know this because I was the one who wrote it! Any teacher teaching anything has a legal right to protect their content and information and set out the rules of the class.

I don’t believe that who Racquel spends her time with outside of class has any bearing on her teachings in one way or the other. That is her personal time to do with as she pleases. So if she chooses to spend it with people 20 years her senior or 20 years her junior, she has the right to do so. If there is any perceived favoritism in class, it is because some of the classes are combined classes with students that have less experience with the tools and are at a different growth level.  She is therefore a bit more lenient on their adherence to the class rules. Racquel is very good at treating students as an individual and not forcing growth upon a person that is not ready for it. She is absolutely amazing at reading people’s energy and knowing what they need at any particular time.

If any students have ever done Racquel personal favors with her personal affairs, it is because they OFFERED to do so. Racquel doesn’t ask for, or ever require, students to do personal favors for her.

One of the final classes that Racquel teaches is called “reading” class where she teaches students how to safely read another person’s energy. This training is absolutely mandatory for those who are sensitive in nature or who tend to be automatic healers.  It teaches a person how to protect themselves while accurately reading the energy in front of them. She sometimes submits herself as a reading subject on some of these reading/healings so that newer students can get a feel for reading such a large spiritual type person. A lot of the other people we read are not as interesting or don’t have as many pictures to readily see as they are covered in auric “goo”. Reading her also allows her students to “match” her high vibrational energy and helps them clear a ton of stuff! I absolutely love reading Racquel as I always get such a huge healing out of it. She doesn’t benefit as much, as she is much more advanced in this than we will ever be, but I am continuously grateful for her patience and teachings in this manner. Readings are set up for both the reader and the readee to get great benefit out of them due to what’s called “matching pictures”. This is hard to describe to a lay person who doesn’t have an understanding of clairvoyance and the seeing of energy pictures. Racquel is still teaching when she is having her students read her and therefore she does charge for it. This is some of the best training I have ever received and the best money I have ever spent!

Racquel will tell students that their lives will change after doing the classes, because you just can’t release this amount of negative energy karma and “goo” (my word, not hers) out of your space and not change. When you clear the negative energies out of your space, your whole world has the potential to change for the better. And if people in your life are the one’s adding to the “goo” or dumping negative energy on you, then of course you will choose to change your relationship with them or choose to not be around them. Once people wake up (via the tools) to the energy abuse they suffer from their so called friends and from well-meaning, but negative family members, they tend to choose to change their relationships. But just as often they realize that they were the problem in the relationship and fix the issues with their friends and family. In no way has Racquel ever told anyone to end a friendship or disconnect from a family member, if they do so it is of their own free will and accord. She is a huge proponent of free will and believes anyone who forces their will on another person gets negative energy karma for it and karmic rebound. Most often the students end up referring Racquel’s classes to their loved ones in the hope that they too can learn the tools for clearing negative energy.

As for Racquel’s work being a “cult”. This is such a laughable subject, I almost can’t seriously write about it. However, as it was claimed by Tbrigton, I will do my best to explain to those reading this testimonial the essential difference between Racquel’s Spiritual Mechanic’s class and a common cult. First if you look up the dictionary definition of the word “cult” you find that it has a few possible meanings:

  1. a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

  2. a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

  3. In Christian context: a religious group that denies one or more of the fundamentals of biblical truth.

  4. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

So let’s look at the first definition, a system of religious veneration or great respect and devotion towards a particular figure or object. To my thinking if someone were to fall into this category they would probably require that their students bow to them, or offer their “respects” to them in some meaningful way and probably call them by a special name that denoted respect of some sort. Racquel does none of these things. She tells student to not bow down to her as she believes that bowing gives up your seniority in the body. Seniority is the very thing she is teaching you how to get back for yourself! She doesn’t call herself God, Buddha, Priest, or any other fancy high or righteous term.  Technically she is a minister, but she doesn’t even tell her students that - as she doesn’t want you to worship her or any other false God, figure or object. She believes in God and his teachings and is not interested in being a false prophet or false teacher in any way as again she is aware of the karmic rebound for such acts. There is no worshiping of any objects or symbols in class either. In fact, her teachings are as far away from any form of worship as you can imagine.

So let’s look at the second definition, a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. Ok so we are a fairly small group, so that fits. Having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange – well I suppose to any group that is not aware of energy, chakras (energy centers in the body), auras (energy field around the physical body) and clairvoyance (ability to see energy as pictures), we could seem strange. But ultimately all of those things are energy principles that have a sound basis in quantum mechanics. Speaking of quantum mechanics, anyone who isn’t aware of the terminology of that field of study might find those who believe in it “strange” as well. Now for the sinister part – I just can’t fathom how a single person could ever describe Racquel as sinister. She has a smile that will brighten a room and energy that is so beautiful that I sometimes find myself in envy of how clean her aura and chakras are compared to mine. This just gives me something worthy to strive for in the world of Spiritual Mechanics. She doesn’t wear weird religious clothing, doesn’t do her hair weird, doesn’t wear black nail polish, doesn’t have piercings all of her body, doesn’t have any tattoos, doesn’t wear weird jewelry, and doesn’t have spikes screwed into her head or anything else that might be considered “sinister”. Look up her picture! She is just a wonderfully normal looking 50 year old woman with a mostly Italian heritage. In addition, nothing she teaches in class could even remotely be considered sinister either. In fact, one of the most common things people release out of their energy body in class is stuff that looks “black” on the color spectrum and we all know that the color black is related to sinister things, and she helps you release it down the grounding chord to the center of the earth - not bring more of it back into your body! Seems a little anti-sinister if you ask me.

Onto the next definition of a cult, a religious group that denies one or more of the fundamentals of biblical truth. Honestly I am not sure that any religious group doesn’t deny at least one fundamental biblical truth. They just all decide which group’s pieces are “biblical truth” and which ones aren’t and tend to disagree with the each other on the matter. With my personal opinion on the matter aside, the teachings of Racquel Moore do include the mention of God (or the Supreme Being to be specific as the term God can be used to refer to just about anything), but are not religious in nature and do not speak to Jesus as the savior and therefore according to this definition could be considered a cult as Jesus as the savior is a generally accepted biblical truth. However, Racquel herself does a lot of research on biblical issues and sometimes relates the work she does back to things she has researched about the Christian bible. She is not in league with the dark side, Lucifer, the Devil, Satan, Witches, Warlocks, Gurus, Aliens, Reptiles or any other faction that may be out there with bad intentions on the planet. Nor does she promote any religions of the world. Her teachings really are on a quantum mechanics level that teaches people what the spiritual body (or the soul body) is, how it works and how to clean it out. It really is that simple. No bowing, praying, chanting, channeling or talking in tongues necessary. If this is the true definition of a cult, then I am proud to say I am part of the “Spiritual Mechanics” cult as it has allowed me to become a better person and made me more aware of my fundamental place in the cosmos.

Lastly, the last possible definition of a cult - a religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader. We are not extremists in any way and we don’t have any weird beliefs about a Cat God that should rule the world or some such nonsense. Yes I have a sense of humor. And let me just say that we don’t live together. Racquel has her own very nice clean apartment and so do the rest us. We all live in very conventional apartments with normal furniture, TV and other furnishings just like most of America. We are spread out in numerous cities in the Los Angeles area and do not live our lives under the guidance of Racquel Moore. Although I think Racquel is charismatic she is anti-authoritarian. If you get the chance to meet her, you will understand my meaning. I am probably way more authoritarian than she is, which probably comes from my 4 years of military service. I am working on that…

Just to be clear, I am Racquel’s assistant. I don’t get paid for helping her, nor would I ever expect her to pay me. She never asked me to be her assistant – I offered to do so. I help her for a number of reasons:

  1. I believe that humanity in general can greatly benefit from the tools she teaches. The proof of this lies with the multitude of students who have offered up their testimony for her on her page – go read them. Link:

  2. I believe that Racquel’s intentions are pure. She honestly wouldn’t even charge people for the classes if she didn’t have rent to pay and she really doesn’t charge enough for the energy and issues she clears out of people. I have told her many times that she should charge more but she refuses to do so as she wants the tools to remain affordable. She has paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn some of the tools that she references in her teachings. She has even been known to give people free classes or allow them to work off the class amounts with small errands if she believes she can help them. This is not the sign of a person out for profit. I have seen these acts with my own eyes –they are not hearsay.

  3. She helped me. She helped me when nothing else seems to be able to do so. I had been to numerous churches, a therapist, help groups etc. When I met her I was going through a divorce and was in a state of depression so deep that I was crying every day and felt defeated in life. I could hardly function and she brought me into class and patiently taught me the tools and gave me my life back. She didn’t give up on me even though I was a difficult student. For that I can never repay her enough. I am now a happy healthy Director of Operations for a staffing firm in Brentwood making good money and enjoying life.

  4. She helps others – all the time. Sometimes I don’t know how she does it. She is the most giving person I have ever known. Not to mention her patience - she has the patience of a Saint. To be clear I am not calling her a Saint, she wouldn’t like that! She is too humble to be anything of the sort. I have seen all manner of people attack her physically and energetically – yes including you Tbrighton – and she has never retaliated. Not towards you and not towards anyone that I have ever witnessed.

  5. She isn’t controlled by anyone. From what I can tell having known her for seven years, she isn’t corruptible - by money, by power, by sex, by prestige or any other earthly pursuit. I can’t even begin to name the multitude of valuable items, money and status she has been offered in this lifetime.  She has turned them all down because she doesn’t want to be under the thumb of anyone who has bad intentions on the planet and all of these items have all been offered with strings attached. I am not sure that any other woman I know would have turned down the chance to be Queen of a country.

  6. It feels good. It feels good to help someone who has good intentions here on Earth. To make it a better, cleaner, safer, more beautiful place to live.

So to those that may say she has brainwashed or programmed me into being her assistant or any other such nonsense, I ask you – why wouldn’t someone want to freely offer their time to support such a person as Racquel Moore? Her actions speak louder than any programmed word I could ever hear and that is why I support her – because she is deserving of it and I have seen that with my own two eyes.

As to Racquel trying to break up my boyfriend and I. I won’t deny that Racquel has mentioned on numerous occasions that the relationship I was in with my boyfriend wasn’t good for me. But the reason she knew this was because I had told her so! Sad to say but I whined to her about my relationship on a consistent basis. She knew I was stuck in my indecision as to continue dating him or break things off. I had been waffling back and forth on this issue for years! My now ex-boyfriend can attest to this waffling. I refused to speak about the future with him because I was unsure if that is where I really wanted to go. Ultimately I decided I didn’t want to keep him on the hook as it was being cruel to him knowing he wanted to be married and have a family and I just wasn’t going in that direction. So I ended our relationship. Was that Racquel’s doing? No. If there was even a smidgeon of truth to that I wouldn’t have dated him for almost three years. Either that or Raquel really sucks at trying break people up! Without the tools I probably would have married him and ultimately made us both miserable. The tools really allow you to get to your own core truth if you are willing to listen. I just happen to be super stubborn and bull headed where listening to my own inner voice comes in. My now ex-boyfriend was in classes for a while as well. He decided to end the agreement with Racquel to attend classes and “Racquel trying to break us up” was not why he left. From what I understand from him, he “completed classes” with Racquel because he felt he had learned all that he was going to learn under her tutelage. In fact, he continued to do healing sessions with her afterwards, so if he had ill will in that regard he had a weird way of showing it. I do believe that Tbrighton was reading into this situation what she wanted to as she wasn’t privy to our relationship, my complaining to Racquel or my ex’s reasons for leaving class.

It is quite interesting how Tbrighton actually validates Racquel’s teachings by admitting that her clairvoyance turned on when it wasn’t on before the classes. I suppose people who are angry with you that still claim your tools work really are validating you and your teachings. So thank you Tbrighton for being honest about how the tools Racquel taught you opened up your latent ability to perceive energy.

What Tbrighton fails to mention is what had happened to her prior to this experience of feeling sick on the day that she mentions. I won’t air dirty laundry on here, but suffice to say you as the reader of this account are not getting the whole story. I haven’t, in seven years of working with Racquel in and out of class seen someone become physically ill or make the claims that Tbrighton mentioned. Actually it has been quite the opposite. Dozens of people have mentioned feeling better, brighter, lighter and happier after classes and reading/healing sessions.  One thing I will say is at times while doing this work, people (i.e. Tbrighton) can be deceived by energies that they think are one thing and are actually something else. I know I am being vague but this is the internet and it’s hard to explain such a subject in a two dimensional format. If only I knew how to create animation. Ah a skill I will probably never acquire.

It is true that at one point 10 or so students left class at the same time. However, not all of the students left and I know this because I was one of the 4-5 students who stayed and continued to work with Racquel after they left. One thing you have to know about Racquel is she doesn’t put up with shenanigans in class. One of her students at that time brought a large python snake to class in a backpack and brought it out to show to everyone at the end of class. This was just not ok. People can be in a fragile type state during and after classes and dealing with a HUGE snake can scare the “you know what” out of people. The offending student was put on break – rightly so, in my opinion. The issue was that almost half of the students who left, were somehow related or otherwise friends with said “snake lover”. So they decided to end classes at the same time. Around the same time Racquel brought her class to a lecture being given by an old teacher of hers from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He was offering advanced teachings on subjects that her students were fascinated with, but were really not ready for.  When she told them this, they decided to pursue the same teachings (albeit more advanced than they had been taught up to that point) but from her old teacher, rather than from her. A teacher who obviously, in my own opinion was more interested in their money than their well-being. If Lewis Bostwick, the found of the Berkeley Psychic Institute had still been alive, he probably would have slapped this teacher upside the head. Racquel does teach the same advanced classes but she ensures that the students are ready to do so before she takes them to that level, as doing so can have dire consequences for those who are not ready.  So there you have it - the dirty details of why a class of around 14 people whittled down to about 4-5. All this shows me is that Racquel sticks to her morals when faced with the most ridiculous situations. She could have kept the “snake lover” and his friends in class and did not. And she could have taught the advanced tools to a class that was barely half way through the first level of training, but she did not. Because she has a higher moral code than those around her.

Racquel teaches four classes a month and she charges a paltry sum of $200.00/month for them.  You cannot find healing work that actually works for this small amount of cash. Heck in Los Angeles you would be lucky to find a Yoga joint that will give you a $200.00 membership fee for a whole month.  Even though I believe Yoga has profound benefits for the body, it in no way measures up to the astounding benefits of the Spiritual Mechanics tool set.

Students are charged $200.00 ($360.00 for non-students or non-locals who need more phone time) for reading/healings that are amazing 1.5 hour to 2 hour healing sessions that clean out your chakras, aura, spiritual body and deal with specific issues. You would be hard pressed to get a massage person, acupuncturist, chakra bowl healer or any other healer for that matter that would give you this kind of healing for such a small amount of money. Plus it would take them hours longer to actually give you anything remotely close to the healing she can give you, if they can at all.

At no time have I ever heard Racquel say you will not progress in class if you don’t choose to get a reading/healing session done outside of class every month. What she does say, which is absolutely true, is that you will progress much slower if you don’t get readings. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it. How good is someone going to be at cleaning out their own space in class when they are brand new at healing themselves verses getting a healing by a master healer that has been doing it for over 25 years? Of course you are going to progress faster if you are getting a healing by Racquel. Seriously this is a no brainer – she is an expert! Sometimes in certain cases when a person is dealing with such a major issue a reading/healing is suggested when they are “stuck” in the energy they are trying to clear in class. All I can say about this is, thank goodness Racquel can help us get past these problems when they occur.  And thankfully she doesn’t take time out of class to devote a lot of personal time to a student having a major issue when everyone there has paid for the tools. Students wouldn’t get them if she had to deal with deep personal problems in class. It speaks well of her that she makes sure people get what they pay for in class and sets up reading/healing sessions with people to help with personal energy issues.

It is common place for more than one person to leave class at a time, if it does happen. People come into class as groups to work karma together. When that karma is done or when one of the group decides to leave, the rest of the group that came in together will usually leave as well. When the group containing the female, fictitiously named here as Tbrigthon left class, her two friends did as well. However, the rest of the group that didn’t come in with her did not leave – four remained and Racquel has since started a new class with many more students.

It is difficult to explain to a lay person what karma is and how it can be put on “hold”. Suffice to say karma is real - it is negative energy pictures stored in and around the spiritual body that attracts “like” energy to it. I know that for some of you this sounds like woo-woo, please bear with me. Some of you may have heard of the natural “Law of attraction”. Well I am sorry to tell you but that law works both ways. If you have positive energy in your body then you attract positive energy, and when you have negative energy in the body it attracts negative energy. It’s like we are all giant spiritual body magnets walking around and we don’t even know it. When students start classes with Racquel she asks God/The Supreme Being to put a “hold” on the attractive properties of the karma (karma is always negative) to allow the person to learn the tools and release the offending karma on their own. So if a student ends the class early the agreement that Racquel has made on your behalf to suspend the karma attraction, is nullified. So you “get the karma back” if you haven’t cleared it before ending classes. You cannot end up worse off unless you have kept gaining karma by doing bad deeds, which you shouldn’t be doing in the first place! So if you want to get down on Racquel for lifting the hold on karma that you earned in the first place, then so be it. She is not allowed to help you once you quit working on your karma in class. And those that enter class are aware at some level that they have karma to release or they wouldn’t have bothered to join in the first place.

Racquel is not angry at Tbrighton or any other student for leaving class. She is sad, sad that she couldn’t help that student fully form their spiritual body, release their karma and learn how to fully create their desired life on this planet. However, she can never override free will (nor would she want to) and those who choose to leave class, are free to do so. In addition, how can Racquel teach about how horrible black magic is, how horrible karma is and know the consequences and still do what Tbrighton accuses her of doing? That’s right, she can’t, because she isn’t doing anything to them.  She has a whole new class of students to worry about. She is not spending her time worrying about 3 old students that didn’t understand her work and didn’t understand the true gift they were given. She is focusing forward on finding new ways to get her work out to more people in the hopes that she can help more people who are able to have the healings. Help people get out from under their karmic debt and create a new lease on life.

Tbrighton, you mentioned you wanted to walk away quietly but I would like to point out that your post here is in direct contradiction to that claim. So claim on, but your actions in this speak way louder than your words to the contrary.

As for Racquel’s ex-student therapist, she still gets healings from the “Broken Racquel” to this day and uses her tools and I believe Tbrighton, that you are misquoting her as I am a personal friend of the therapist for which you refer. Otherwise why would she still seek Racquel out for healings? That makes little sense to me if she has such a bad opinion of her. The real reason she stopped taking classes was because her travel schedule got to hectic to continue and she still drops by class when she has time to brush up on her tools.

Tbrighton once again says that Scientology is hard to leave and I have heard the same thing. So why may I ask, was it so easy for you Tbrighton, to leave class with Racquel? One voice mail and you were done. You have not received any harassment in any form from Racquel – I would know because I would probably be the one tasked with writing any emails. There has been no bad mouthing of you or your friends anywhere. No one is actively attacking you as we don’t have the time or energy to invest in negative pursuits. You are the only person who has left class and complained of such issues. So I contend, Tbrighton that these are your issues and yours alone.

As for the contract you signed in class, it is a standard business contract. If there are errors in it, they are mine. I wrote it for Racquel to protect her from students like YOU. In the contract, it specifies that you will not teach the tools to anyone without having gone through the teacher training program as you have no idea what you are doing and could be a danger to yourself and others. This is for your own protection and is written into contract form to enforce how dangerous it can be to teach the tools without the proper training.  Your aura can be hit with all of the negative energy from the person you are teaching, which you don’t know how to handle without the proper training. Racquel doesn’t wish that problem on anyone. She deals with this as a teacher on an ongoing basis so she knows what happens. She just knows how to handle the energy thrown at her better because she has been through the teacher training program and has years of practice. I can attest to how much energy is thrown at a teacher when teaching the tools, as I have stepped in for Racquel in class a few times. Even after seven years of training, dealing with that much energy (12 students worth) is a heck of a lot to handle. So do yourself a favor, use the tools on yourself but don’t try to teach them to anyone else unless you are ready to take on other people’s demons and clear out their negative energies while dealing with your own issues.

Lastly I personally believe if you sign a contract to do business with someone and then breach it, YOU are the one in the wrong, not the person that happens to mention how you breached it – which again is an email I wrote (as I handle Racquel’s online business with her verbal approval) so I know what was sent to you. This is a normal business practice in case you were not aware of this. Going forward I would highly suggest you not sign a contract you don’t intend upon adhering to as it get you bad energy karma and I can tell from your note, you don’t need any more of that!

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#3 Consumer Comment

Rebuttal of Racquel Moore and her Spiritual Mechanics Mediation Class, Healer/Clairvoyant and Teachings

AUTHOR: Spiritual Warrior - (USA)

First of all, the report that was written by TBrighton is a completely false and ludricous. Everything that was written was written out of spite, manipulativeness, emotional unevolvment and total ignorance. I am currently a student of Racquel Moore and have been for the last 1 year and 8 months, longer than the said complainant. In fact, I was the person that brought TBrighton to class and when she saw how happy I was in my life, she wanted to feel better as well, and that's when I mentioned Racquels Meditation Class and how it has transformed my life in the most amazing ways. And becasue of my personal experience , she then joined and brought along her friends. There is absolutley NO mind control that has happened that has anything to do with Racquel Moore.

In fact it's the direct opposite. All she does as a teacher is teach us the mediation tools, (which are amazig by the way, I have spend over 15 years looking for these kind of tools in so many organizations like Agape, Realization Church etc and have found nothing in comparaision- these tools are really legit and top notch!) and help us run through exercises that help us let go of toxic energies that we as people pick up from everyone we come in contact with, then use the tools to call back in our energies so we can feel less depleted and more energized. THAT IS IT. I'ts basic tools but in an advacnced spiritual meditiation/ quantam mechanics way that is seriously, the best i have every experienced.

Alos, THIS IS NOT SCIENTOLOGY AT ALL. T Brighton's statement on this is a COMPLETELY FALSE STATEMENT. I know what scientology is and thier principles, and in fact it's completley opposite. if anything , the ironly is that Scientology is more mind controal and Racqule's Teaching is absolutley not! It is with at total disgust that TBrighton had the audaicity and nerve to say this about a teacher like Racquel ,who has nothing but helped the said Complainat in a generous and loving way. Also Racque's Readings that she does are legit, professional, and extremely helpful. Not only have they changed my life for the better since I get them monthly, but the many people that come to her on a daily basis asking her for help that are stuck in toxic relationshipes with emotinally and physically abusive people. She one by one, helps them all out with her amazing talents and tools (that she teaches us every week in class)  and they all leave with a sense of peace and all feel lighter, but also happier that they are not going crazy because the dark side is very powerful and very much alive and very manipulative ,as can be seen with TBrighton's manipulative false report.

Also Racquel Moore's teachings and meditation class is NO WAY A CULT. This is the most stupid and ludicrous thing I have every heard in my entire life. I know what a cult is. I almost got trapped in one by a exboyfriend that I was dating. And believe me it was the most manipulateve and toxic experience I had to go through, but luckily I pulled myself out of that and have learned a valuable lesson. And I KNOW FOR A FACT that Racquel Moore is not and not ever has been a cult teacher or member. So once again a false, slanderous, and complety falste statment said by TBrighton. 

In closing, I will like to say that it is really sad when someone like Racqule Mooore, and I, all have ever tried to do is help people and offer them guidance, love and friendship, and then they turn thier back on you and say hurtful things to an amazing treacher like Racquel Moore who has sacrificed so much time, energy, and tears for her students for so long. Not only has TBrighton written such a slanderous and falsely innacurate account of Racqule's Teachings and Medititaion Class but is trying to affect her livlihood and all her hard work she has put into her practice of helping the struggling people of this time. By no means is Racquel 'broken', in fact she is one of the most ethically and morrally strongest and eveolved people I have ever met.

She has never forced anyone to do anything or sign any contract ( btw the contract tht TBrighton signed was that to release her from class or any obligations there of, not bind her to anything- again a false accusation). ....Therefore I hope that whatever nonsense that TBrighton wrote will not affect in the future the people that seek spriitual cleansing and meditaion help from Racquel Moore and her teachings. I honeslty have never felt more happy , alive and full of positive enerygy than now. Not only am I attracing better people and relationships in my life but better career opportunities. Yes it's work doing her teachings, but isn't that how it is with anything that is worth doing in your life? Thanks for reading my personal account of Racquel Moore and her teachings. She is a rare golden light in a world full of so much chaos. Nevery give up on who you are and what you really want to be, no matter how negativity is out there in the world. Negativity like TBrighton. 

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