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Complaint Review: Taco Bell

  • Submitted: Fri, May 16, 2014
  • Updated: Mon, July 07, 2014
  • Reported By: Consumer Fraud —
  • Taco Bell


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Taco Bell falsely advertises that its tacos have far more beef than they actually do. Just look at the photos obtained from Taco Bell's own website, then compare them to the tacos that Taco Bell actually serves you. My friends and I have done this comparison multiple times, and the result is always the same: you get one tablespoon of "beef" versus the 12 or so tablespoonfuls depicted in the photos. I said "beef" because almost half of it of it is actually filler, so you do not even receive a single tablespoon of beef in the $1.19 taco. Taco Bell has even publicly admitted that their "beef" has a significant amount of fillers. Taco Bell perpetrates the same advertising fraud for all of their meat and chicken products. My friends and I are part of a national boycott of Taco Bell because they rip off consumers via fraudulent advertising practices - and Taco Bell's food tastes terrible relative to what competing restaurants serve. 

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 05/16/2014 12:13 PM and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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Updates & Rebuttals


#1 General Comment


AUTHOR: Tyg - ()

 Sorry but I have found this post to be an EXCELLENT read!!! Talk about back peddeling!!! To the original poster. Each of those rebuttals that told you that Taco Bell is 88% beef is actually WRONG!!! But they are wrong because its old information. Its ACTUALLY 90% pure beef with 10% "extras". I cant in good faith call them fillers. One is Carmel color, more commonly seen in colas. Its what gives cola its color. The other is a "flavor enhancer". Which is the polite way of saying "Beef Bullion". I myself looked for a "National Boycott" and found NOTHING on the web, perhaps YOU should start one if you feel so strongly about their tacos. What I cant understand is WHY you care at ALL?!? A taco is roughly under a buck. What are YOU expecting for a dollar?? I can tell you as someone who has eaten off of EVERY value menu at practically EVERY fast food place on the west coast, Taco Bell actually gives you some of the best food for under a buck. My friends in college used to call Taco Bell tacos "The Best Munchie Food" for its price. I mean if you had ANY idea of how economics work, you would see how a "value" menu is used SOLEY for the purpose of bringing in customers. Its NOT meant to be a feast. But something that is a buck or under to feed you, isn't going to be the biggest item on the planet. To expect Taco Bell to serve a taco that's as PACKED as the ones you see in pictures, well its retarded to be frank. Its a PICTURE to give you an idea of WHAT the product looks like. It is NOT a meter to be used for the AMOUNT you will receive. Im guessing that YOU and YOUR FREINDS are part of a "newer" generation. Those of us that have been around for a bit have already gone through this. Back in the 80's and 90's this was a sore point for SOME consumers. Even Consumer Reports said it is unrealistic to ASSUME that what you see is what you are going to get. Its called ADVERTISING and they spend a ton of cash to make ONE TACO look that good. Its meant to stimulate your appetite.

If you wish you can look up "Food Photography" online and read all the nice little tricks they use to make food look better then it really is. Heres a fun fact for YOU. Did you ever see those pictures of a bowl of cereal?? Guess what they use as "milk"? Good ole solid white PAINT!!!!! There is NO WAY that milk by itself will EVER be that "white and creamy". So YOU are fooled everyday with ads. Its just something you have to accept. If you do not like eating at Taco Bell then its safe for me to assume that you just wont eat there. THAT is the correct and responsible thing to do. What YOU have done by making this post is put yourself in danger of being sued. You have to be careful WHAT you post online now. The web is under the very same laws that EVERY printed publication MUST follow. Which means that YOU CANNOT put your opinions on the web AS FACT without putting yourself at risk for a lawsuit. Good luck in the future. I would suggest to you that if you feel THAT STRONGLY about Taco Bell that you avoid it in the future.

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#2 General Comment


AUTHOR: Tyg - ()

 Its been known for years that fast foos puts SOME fillers in their food, but it is NOT a meat subsitute. Just recently there was a spot on CNN where ALL of the fast food resturants gave out EXACT amount of what fillers they use. In NONE of the reported findings was there ANY meat subsitutes. Point in fact Taco Bell uses 88% beef with coco powder and carmel coloring and beef stock as the additional 12%. So roughly 4% of each of those ingredients.

YOU are confusing a PICTURE with the actual product. They use lots of tricks to make food LOOK appealing. One should NEVER look at a picture and ASSUME that what you see in the picture is an acurate portrail of what you are going to recieve. And to top it all off, lets look at the price. You are talking about "Dollar food". Food you can purchase because you only have a dollar to your name.

All of these factors mean that if you have ASSUMED that what you see is what you get, then this is all on you. Taco Bell has been open and honest about WHAT is intheir food so your claim of " I said "beef" because almost half of it of it is actually filler" is rediculous. Taco Bell has NEVER admitted to what you have claimed and PLEASE cite your source. Oh cant because Taco Bell NEVER said any of that. If your going to blast them, blast them for something they have done. Dont blast them because you and your stoner freinds think you should get MORE out of that buck you have left. All YOU have done is show the ENTIRE web that YOU are dumb as a...well as dumb as yuour own post.

If you dont like it, go somewhere else and spend that dollar. Thats the GREAT thing about being American. You can make up s**t online and present it as truth, and you have the option to go somewhere else. Its a win/win for ALL parties involved. Taco Bell doesnt have to deal with a petulant little child who thinks kangaroo meat is a filler, and you get to eat somewhere else.

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#3 Consumer Comment

All of them

AUTHOR: MochaG - ()

If you do not know yet, all restaurants (including any fast food) that advertise on TV are the same way -- look very nice and juicy on the advertised picture, but looks different on the real one! I am waiting for more rip off report from you for other fast food and/or restaurants... I just don't expect much from buying food at a fast food restaurant.

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#4 General Comment


AUTHOR: Tyg - ()

 Given that you have made this statement..........

Taco Bell has even publicly admitted that their "beef" has a significant amount of fillers. Taco Bell perpetrates the same advertising fraud for all of their meat and chicken products.

Would you kindly cite your source? I mean its one thing to flat out LIE online. Its almost so common anymore that NOTHING written online has ANY credibility. But since YOU feel its perfectly alright to SLANDER and DEFAME Taco Bell online, you should cite where you either found or heard that information. Because if you CANT then you will have opened up yourself to a nice fat lawsuit.

See despite what You MAY think, YOU are NOT anonymous online. EVERYTHING you do is logged somewhere somehow. This means that since YOU felt it was ok to basically run your mouth online YOU should be held accountable for doing so. Here a little information for you that is FACT and NOT some made up tripe like your post. The web is a media outlet, this means that when you use the web and more specifically when you POST on the web, you are under the very same laws that EVERY printed publication MUST follow. This means that because the web is a media outlet, you CANNOT present YOUR opinions as FACT without consiquences being involved. That is what YOU have done with your post. Youre not going to be able to cite your source of misinformation so it will be YOUR OPINION and YOU have presented it as fact.

Im going to forward YOUR post onto Taco Bell, actually Im going to send it to Taco Bells LEGAL DEPT. Its about time that people like yourself who misuse the web in this way pay for your lies online. Since you are OBVIOUSLY not smart enough to hide your tracks online, it will be VERY easy for them to find out EXACTLY who you are. Maybe THIS will teach you a lesson youre sorely in need of. If youre lucky they dont sue you for much. But it IS a giant corporation and they can afford BETTER lawyers then the average American citizen. You MAY have the right to say whatever you wish, but as with ANY right there is a darkside to it. Just because you CAN say whatever you wish, YOU are held accountable for WHAT you say.

Maybe that "National Boycott" or your "freinds" will be able to help pay for your legal fees. As a national boycott would LOVE to support you in a legal proceeding where YOU have run your mouth online. SURE they would. No...wait....thats not correct....BECAUSE THERE IS NO NATIONAL BOYCOTT!!!

I swear, THIS is the effect of our public education system at work. Misinformed, uneducated, unintellegent self-entitled mouth breathers.

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#5 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Robert - ()

 Robert seems to think that my friends and I have nothing better to do than make videos just for his amusement.

- Oh I am sorry...I thought you had nothing but free time.  After all you seem to spend hours and hours going back to Taco Bell and measuring out the amount of meat you get in a Taco.  After all by your own admission you and your friends have done this multiple times.  As a hint...when one of you is measuring out the meat the other could be video taping it.

But beyond that.  Your report suffers from the same symtoms of just a bunch of hot air and stupidity that others do.  I do thank you though as the only thing funnier than your original post was your updates.  I can't wait to see what you have next.

When people are confronted with FACTS they do one of a few things.  They either ignore them, they accuse the person of working for the company, or they try and change their report to try and "fit" the new story.   You actually did a bit of all 3.

So first, no I do not work for Taco Bell, could care less if you ever step foot in one(but I would suggest you probably don't), and personnally hope you file a suit and expose them for who you think they are.

Next on the Facts that you just choose to ignore.   You mentioned that you were part of a National Boycott because of this deceptive advertising.  I mentioned that I could not find a single boycott that you were talking about.  Now in seeing that fact you could have posted link after link about this boycot, did you?  So again...are you going to ignore it again or actually post a link to this boycott.

When you posted about how they "admitted" that their meat had a significant amount of filler, you were presented with the facts that it is 88% beef and no fillers.   You outright ignore that claim saying that everyone else must be wrong and you the brain of the century is the ONLY one that is right.  Well think about this Einstein...if they were lying about this do you think the people that sued them over their claims before would have stopped?  What information do you have that shows they are all lying?  Can you post the scientific lab results showing us your proof?

We then get to the changing your were presented with several facts about your "numbers".  So what did you changed what you originally wrote.

That is why I said my estimate was an "extrapolation" in my original report.

- Remember those words?  You should...YOU wrote them.  No where in your original post did you say that it was an "extrapolation"...go ahead look for it.  You won't find it.  Then it wasn't all of the sudden 1 Tablesoon it was now less than two, and your "extrapolation" now has the website photo having 16 tablespoons. 

I am really interested in the method of extrapolation you used.  Because I tried and for some unknown reason I am getting totally different results so I must not be as "smart" as you are.  When I put a picture of their taco up on my 70" HDTV and extrapolated the results they should have about 160 tablespoons of meat in their taco.  Of course when I put it on my iPhone, I figured it must have been only about 1/2 Tablespoon. 

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#6 Consumer Comment

Your reading comprehension is as suspect as your "Taco Bell" facts..

AUTHOR: Ken - ()

You accuse me (and others) of working for Taco Bell.  In my first rebuttal, here's a portion of what I wrote:

"How did you determine the "12 or so" tablespoons of beef in the photos?  If you have proof, please advise the FTC and your states attorney general"

IF I work(ed) for them as you allege, I'd be fired by now for advising you to report them to authorities for false advertising.

You sound like a 10 year old know it all on a mission without a cause...get over yourself. Find a cause worth the effort if you can comprehend that.

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#7 Author of original report

Original Author

AUTHOR: Original Author - ()

Taco Bell originally did not specify the exact percentage of their "beef" that was filler when the problem was first brought to the attention of the public years ago. I do not believe their current claim of 88%. What proof do YOU - or they - have? Even if the percentage is accurate, Taco Bell tacos are still a RIPOFF. Also, I did err by contending that a mere tablespoon of "beef" is in each Taco Bell taco. I should have said less than two tablespoons (my friends and I actually meassured it.) In my haste to expose Taco Bell's SCAM, I made that mistake. However, that blunder is nearly offset by my other error: extrapolating that only 12 tablespoons of beef appear in Taco Bell's photographed taco on their website, versus the 16 that my extrapolation actually revealed. I suspect that you are a Taco Bell employee, hence your relentless and angry defense of their FALSE ADVERTISING program. It is consumers who should be outraged, not their staff. 

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#8 Author of original report

Original Author

AUTHOR: Original Author - ()

Rebuttals from attention-seeking trolls like Ken and Stacey do not count. Note that both spammers have posted silly comments on many Ripoff Reports. Any fool can compare Taco Bell's website photos to the tacos actually served by them. Even said subnormals will notice that they only receive a tiny fraction of the advertised "beef". Also, my friends and I no longer patronize Taco Bell. I was unaware that we had to answer to sanctimonious, know-nothing trolls like Ken and Stacey. 

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#9 Author of original report

Robert is a Wacko

AUTHOR: Original Author - ()

Robert seems to think that my friends and I have nothing better to do than make videos just for his amusement. Any dimwit can tell that the amount of so-called "beef" received in Taco Bell's tacos is but a tiny fraction of that which appears in the sample tacos depicted at their firm's website. That is why I said my estimate was an "extrapolation" in my original report. Duh?

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#10 Consumer Comment

I have an idea

AUTHOR: Stacey - ()

 Don't like the way they makes their tacos then make you own at home!! Cheaper and you have control over the portions!!! Problem solved!

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#11 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Robert - ()

 Isn't the point of a "boycott" to avoid going to the place you are boycotting?  If that is the case then why do you and your friend continue to perform these tests, time and time again?

On the subject of your "National Boycott", I took a look around and couldn't find anything about some national campaign to boycott them because of their beef.  Oh and on the subject of their beef, exactly where are you getting your "facts".  The only thing Taco Bell has said is that it contains 88% of it is 100% pure beef, the other 12% is other ingredients but no fillers or extenders.

I would also love to see a video of you ordering a Taco, and "deconstructing" the taco measuring out 1 Tablespoon of Beef.  Then I would love to know your method to determine that there were 12 Tablespons of beef in the taco's on their web site.

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#12 Consumer Comment

I think you have your "facts" significantly wrong...

AUTHOR: Ken - ()

Here's a link to Taco Bell's site spelling out the contents of their tacos.

It states 88% of the taco is 100% real beef and explains the reasons for the other ingredients.

"you get one tablespoon of "beef" versus the 12 or so tablespoonfuls depicted in the photos".

How did you determine the "12 or so" tablespoons of beef in the photos?  If you have proof, please advise the FTC and your states attorney general.

You go ahead and boycott them for your spurious reasons and I'm going to head out and get a couple of tacos for supper.




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