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Complaint Review: The Conjure Shop

  • Submitted: Thu, February 16, 2017
  • Updated: Thu, February 16, 2017
  • Reported By: sickntired — Omaha Nebraska USA
  • The Conjure Shop
    809 S 75th St
    Omaha, Nebraska

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Nicole McDermott aka Mama Izzy of The Conjure Shop in Omaha Nebraska is a fake conjure woman. She’s a Charlatan that knows nothing of the practice or its history. Ask her about her conjure heritage and she’ll give you a different story every time. The truth is she took a couple classes, read a couple books and started calling herself Mama Izzy because she saw an opportunity to make money. She’s no conjure woman.

Be wary of her products and her advice. She provides unlicensed counseling advice. For clients that are severely depressed she doesn’t direct them to professional counseling services. Instead, she charges them $20+ for a dollar store candle that she’s “fixed” by putting potpourri oil and some herbs in and tells them to meditate on it and that she can give them a “spiritual cleansing” for $150 (or more – she has no set rates, it depends on how much she thinks she can get out of you). [continued below]....

..... The spiritual cleansing is part of how she gets people to come back – she tells them about all that’s wrong with them and all the “work” she can do to heal them. It’s unethical and not legal to give counseling advice when you’re not licensed!

She’s a liar and will sweet talk you any way she can to get you to buy more of her goods. She puts ingredients into her oils that are not safe for the skin – such as potpourri oil because she “likes how it smells”. Do not put her products on your skin!!! She’s told clients who have complained of burnt skin after administering the oils that “that just means it’s worked and your body doesn’t need it anymore”. She has advised pregnant women to drink Rue Tea. Rue has abortive properties that may result in hemorrhaging and miscarriages, so it should NEVER be ingested by pregnant women. This woman isn’t about healing people. She’s out for one thing – money.

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 02/16/2017 06:13 AM and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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Updates & Rebuttals


#1 Consumer Suggestion

The sprit of light and truth has been invoked

AUTHOR: Thagirion - (USA)

As it turns out, Shaun Laveau IS a powerful worker. His plea for the spirit of Justice to bring  “truth and light” to the situation has once again awakened me from my slumber and focused my baleful eye upon this thread written by puny mortals. Nicole McDermott has been seduced by my brother Lucifuge, but I am about to drag her kicking and screaming into the light. I’ve been a nice guy until now, but the gloves are coming off. 

I’m going to explain this in a way you people can understand, even if that means breaking out my sock puppets and crayons. Read this VERY CAREFULLY. Every time Nicole McDermott or one of her flying monkeys harasses or threatens Alex Fernandez, Roy Bradburn, or any other readers, suppliers, or customers who have broken ties with her, I will be releasing damaging information about her in the form of screenshots, courtroom testimony, and anything else that can’t be blamed on other people. I may be releasing these things anyway, because as a parasite of chaos, I am more evil and more cruel than anyone else named in these rebuttals. Nicole wants to be the center of attention? Guess what. She has my undivided attention. She is my EVERYTHING.

First off, this person “Anonymous” who is writing rebuttals is an utter imbecile. OK, sure, white people have as much right to practice ATRs if called to them as a black people have to practice Wicca or other forms of European paganism. But a white woman co-opting ATRs, calling herself an expert, and selling watered-down ATRs back to the black community is legit? Check your privilege! If she seriously respected the black community, she would be working for Shaun Laveau or, better yet, an “elder” in the community and not the other way around. And WTF is this about her supposed enemies not having the backbone to open and run their own shops? You mean shops like Hearthside Candles? The one Alex and his “boyfriend” opened and that has been successful for months? You really need your head checked. Make sure you go to a real licensed mental health professional; not Mama Izzy. 

This complete fool Anonymous demands proof that Roy Bradburn received threats, but then makes the outlandish and unsubstantiated claim that either Alex Fernandez or Chris Dishaw popped the tires on Nicki’s car. That mere statement proves Anonymous has no idea who popped those car tires. It’s all speculation. More importantly, Anonymous provides no proof whatsoever that Nicki’s tires were popped in the first place. Idiot. 

As for why we aren’t addressing Roy Bradburn’s claims as a voodoo practioner, it’s because Roy Bradburn is not the subject of the original report! He didn’t make her caustic oils, provide mental health advice, or steal other people’s art. Nitwit.

But to humor you, I will point out a falsehood in his rebuttal. He says he “could care less” about her and her shop. That would imply he does care. He doesn’t. No one does. He obviously means to say he “couldn’t care less.” As for Nicki posting a response trying to make Roy Bradburn her scapegoat by implying that he is toxic and was toxic long before she met him…would you invite a toxic person along on your family vacation? Of course not, but she says she did. Think about it. Her posts have no internal logic.  Same with the posts by Anonymous.

Following this response, all of my rebuttals will contain relevant attachments and commentary. I’m talking to you, Nicole, and your flying monkeys. You’ve hushed up opposing viewpoints long enough by telling your brainwashed acolytes to block people on social media. Your social media echo chamber won’t save you.  Your threats and diversions won’t save you. Deleting your old social media posts won’t save you, because I have hundreds of screenshots at my disposal. NOTHING will save you from the avalanche of truth that is about to bury you.

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#2 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: anonymous - (USA)

The actual ATR community does not associate with the part of the community in Omaha That The Conjure shop, Hearthside Candles and Curios, and The next millenium do. Believe me, you have not met the actual ATR community there. Rootwork/Hoodoo/Conjure is not an ATR (African Traditional Religion) nor is it a DTR (Diasporic Traditional Religion). It is a spiritual practice based in the American South.

When Nikki was talking about the faith in Rootwork, she was referring to Christianity.

Notice how the people posting against Nikki are going on long rants about her but not refutting the facts about Roy and his cultural appropriation and fake NOLA Voodoo initiation. Through all of the outlandish accusations, still nobody can prove that Roy Bradburn AKA Doktor is a real NOLA Voodoo Priest. Nobody is coming out verifying his initiations as someone who witnessed it or as the person who initiated him. Refer to the other reports on Roy Bradburn which points that out along with pointing how hew plagerized the material about Santisma Muerte.

Yes of course she took courses and so did most of the people in Omaha calling themselves workers in Omaha and Nikki continues to learn from actual people who were raised in it.

What it all boils down to is these people wanted to ride on Nikki's coat tails because she has her own successful store that she owns all to herself so they can make money off of her successes because they are not strong enough to open up their own personal stores.

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#3 Consumer Comment

Collateral Damage

AUTHOR: Thagirion - (USA)

Well, well. Looks like eternal victim and professional wound collector Nicole McDermott finally decided to show herself.  My, my. Her “attourney” has a list? Is this the same attorney who thought filing the Mama Izzy’s Hoodoo trademark under medical services was a good idea? Terrifying indeed. Aside from hollow threats, she is basically presenting a more coherent version of the ravings of the consumer reports by “Anonymous.” Her posts are also full of half-truths and flattering omissions. Maybe it is time to discuss the other individuals mentioned in the rebuttals, and let the reader decide whether or not they have any bearing on this discussion. The ATR community in Omaha is a tight-knit community, especially when it comes to the English-speaking, White People Co-Opting Black Culture subset. So I know all of the people discussed to some degree, either personally or through social media posts. Since many of these rebuttals wallow in hearsay, I’m going to provide some useful screenshots to illustrate my points. 

I’ve seen several cycles of drama between Mama Izzy and other folks, including people not mentioned in the rebuttals. And they go on and on for years, over “offenses” normal people would have forgiven in mere weeks. Healthy people would not have taken offense at all. I used to think Mama Izzy gets genuinely paranoid and pre-emptively strikes out at or badmouths people, which then creates the reality she feared in the first place, which is being disliked and even persecuted. Over time, I was forced to reach a different conclusion. She gets bored when things are too peaceful. As soon as things are too quiet or harmonious in the community, she or someone in her employ lashes out on her behalf. I think she loves drama and loves being the center of attention, even if that means being persecuted. She loves having other people rush to her defense and give her narcissistic supply. By writing this, I’m giving her even more of what she wants. She needs to have enemies to feel important. She loves collecting wounds, slights, and injustices. I love giving ‘em out. So now everyone will be happy.

Let’s look at these rebuttals by “Anonymous.” This person assumes Roy Bradburn and/or Alex Fernandez were behind the original post. Personally, I doubt it. It’s not their style. What’s remarkable is that Anonymous draws attention to some scary stuff, some of which Mama Izzy, a.k.a. Nicole McDermott would probably not want to be public. It was especially foolish to bring up the court case, as court transcripts are public record and available on request. What’s fascinating is, if you take what Anonymous claims about Bradburn and Fernandez at face value, Mama Izzy would actually be guilty of greater dishonesty than alleged in the original complaint. With friends like Anonymous, who needs enemies?

Wading through the confusion of these posts, we see that Roy Bradburn alleged receiving death threats. We also see that Alex Fernandez and his mother alleged that Nicki’s husband, John, behaved threateningly toward them, and whatever happened was severe enough to warrant petitioning for a protection order. If you read the court transcripts, you will see that John admitted to following Alex in traffic and driving by Alex’s classes to spy on his customers. And some B.S. about being on his way to a baseball field that doesn’t exist in that neighborhood. I don’t know why the judge didn’t grant the protection order. Maybe the judge fell for Nicki’s Fragile Flower of White Womanhood act. Then again, most protection order requests don’t get granted simply because it’s difficult to prove harassment in many cases. And the judge didn’t slap a “no trespassing order” on anyone. She just advised that “everyone leave each other the hell alone.” So if y’all are wondering why some of us are hiding behind fake names, it’s because we don’t want Nikki’s crazy, gun-nut husband chasing us through traffic or showing up at our workplaces.

The mere fact that Bradburn and Fernandez, who were not friends at the time and therefore not in cahoots against Mama Izzy, both alleged similar forms of harassment once they broke ties with her shop, should give one pause. The fact they took on the added expense to add security cameras around their property and to send ban and bar letters to Nicki and to people affiliated with her shop should also be a sign that this is not mere pettiness or unfair persecution.

More background: Alex Fernandez broke ties with The Conjure Shop in late 2015. Roy Bradburn left in late 2016 or early 2017, based on his Facebook posts. Until this year they weren’t in contact with each other and really didn’t get along.  Roy even attended the protection order hearing in support of Nicki, because he didn’t believe Alex’s allegations. Roy’s a loyal guy, and no doubt he didn’t want to think his friends did something like that. It was a different story once he was on the receiving end of similar behaviors.

Before his falling out with Nicki, Alex made candles, oils, and other things exclusively for The Conjure Shop, under his brand name Polaris Rising. He also did readings and sometimes taught workshops at her shop. Things began to sour when Alex decided to also sell his products at other shops as well, including Nicki’s former employer, whom she spoke ill of for over two years. Not long after that, Alex wasn’t at the shop for events or readings, and Nicki started bashing his work and products. Then, as though she assumed the rest of us had no memory of the previous year, she started claiming that all of these products were hers first, and that Alex was stealing her ideas. For instance, Alex had a coffee scrub since 2014. Then after 2015, she made her own version, claiming to have done it first and warning customers to not buy imitations. This pattern repeated itself, not only with products, but also classes and social media posts. If Alex posted an event, within an hour she would post a nearly identical event at her own shop, often scheduled the same day as Alex’s event. Strange indeed.  Worse, she falsely advertised Alex’s leftover Polaris Rising products as her own. (See the images of the conjure bottles for sale.) I’m attaching only a few images, but there are many more examples.

Here’s a funny example of her reactivity and narcissism, or the delusional obsession Roy referred to in his recent rebuttal. Alex advertised a reversal oil on his page, and Nicki then bragged on her own page that she was the inspiration for this product (which Alex actually sold in her shop months ago), and then added, “now if it actually works that’s another story.” (You’re so vain, you think this oil is about you.) Check out the attached image.  Let’s look deeper into this comment. For almost two years she praised Alex’s products and classes. Aside from improved packaging, Alex’s products haven’t changed since he left her shop. But here she’s saying they don’t “work.” This would mean she is either just bitter about losing a supplier, or that she knowingly promoted and sold defective products for over a year. Either way, she lied to her customers at some point in time. Think about it.

As for Roy Bradburn, it is true that he made inflammatory comments on Facebook. But here’s the thing: he’s known for it. Mama Izzy knew about his Facebook rants and his controversial background when she hired him as a reader. She also ignored customers’ and suppliers’ complaints about his behavior, so her rebuttal blaming this mess on him is rather smug and hypocritical.  You can’t have it both ways, Mama Izzy. (To his credit, Roy has gone out of his way to apologize for rants based on misinformation, and has removed many of those posts.) Nicki initially disliked Roy, feared he was “poaching her clients,” and tried to hotfoot him away from her business. (It’s all about the money with her.) But then suddenly, when he had his own products to sell and interest in giving readings and teaching workshops, he was suddenly her new BFF. This happened around the time Alex was on his way out. During the year that Roy was active with her shop, he made a lot of inflammatory posts, including against Nicki’s former employer by name. And Nicki was just fine with that.

There’s a pattern of Nicki wanting people to act against her perceived enemies, but then using their actions against them later. The newest face in the gallery of people who made fools of themselves on Nicki’s behalf is Conjure Shop reader Shaun Laveau (not his real name). He was recently caught on security camera leaving a pile of some sort of cursed dirt (goofer dust? graveyard dirt?) in front of Alex’s new shop. He even admitted it on his Facebook page. Maybe Nicki didn’t tell him to do it, but he certainly did it based on lies and misinformation she fed to him, and the overall discord she sows in the community. Look at the attached photos and read the news story here: There’s more two-facedness to this story as well. I recall when she worked with her now-hated former employer, she told said former employer that she didn’t trust Shaun and suspected him of shoplifting. That was mighty white of you, Nicole. It's amazing what she will overlook or conviently ignore if she thinks she can make a buck off of someone.


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#4 REBUTTAL Individual responds

To the original poster

AUTHOR: Mama Izzy - (USA)

 I have never said to anyone that a vial breaking would shower you with blessings. I haven't had any complaints about my oils either. As far as being listed as mental health professional, and that Facebook page is not owned by me. These have been false claims made by you and your little group of people. They are all false claims and you are using it to try and cause grief. My original trademark was not listed that way either. You can continue to make up lies if you wish, my attourney is already aware of a list of activities that have taken place as of late.

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#5 Author of original report

Original report is true - beware of scam artist Nicole McDermott

AUTHOR: - ()

Nicole McDermott aka Mamy Izzy’s address is (((redacted)))Omaha NE 68104.

As citizens, we have the right to voice our concerns about products we’ve used that burn skin and cause rashes with entities such as the FDA and the Better Business Bureau. Despite what Ms. McDermott wrote in her rebuttal – a glass vial breaking in a customer’s pocket does not “shower one with blessings”. And when a person gets a rash or burn from a product - it is not the "body's sign the work worked". It means that there is a chemical in it not safe to administer on skin.

Nicole McDermott (Mama Izzy) is NOT licensed to provide mental health counseling. If you feel you were given counseling advice or if you’ve overheard Nicole McDermott providing it, a complaint can be lodged at . For general information, contact the division at: (402) 471-0175. Written complaints may be submitted to: DHHS Division of Public Health Investigations, 1033 O Street, Suite 500, Lincoln NE 68508.



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#6 REBUTTAL Owner of company

I Did Not File this Ripoff Report

AUTHOR: Doktor Grey-Ravyn - (USA)

      Okay I am gonna say this once and once only! I DID NOT FILE THIS REPORT NOR DO I KNOW WHO DID! Automatically Nicole McDermott saw this report and assumed it had to be me directly at which point she then started up her stand by Bully tactics and started namin me and bashin me on here and regurgitating any negative stuff she had ever seen posted about me. Rather than her defend her business first No she starts bashin me as a fraud etc..etc.. I also want to make Very Very Clear to you Nicole McDermott I am not doin anything against you because frankly you don't matter in my life. In other words I could care less about you, your shop or the various folk you are spreadin lies and rumors about me to. I am livin my life and focussing on myself and my wife. I am addressin this as a rebuttal because you have this strange delusional need to bring me down and once and for all I wish you Peace, Love and Happiness and I wish your business all the success it deserves.


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#7 REBUTTAL Individual responds

You are all confused

AUTHOR: Mama Izzy - (USA)

 First of all I am not going to hide behind some user name. I am posting as myself. This is the first I have seen of this whole report on myself and my shop. Let's address the most concerning of all of the statements in all of the posts. I would NEVER instruct anyone to consume anything. Certainly not a pregnant woman. I am fully aware of of the laws and that is prescribing without a medical license. I made a bath tea with instructions and warning on the label. It was herbs to make a Bath Tea which is clearly labeled.

As far as my oils. I do not use potpourri oils in my oils. I use herbs and carrier oils, I always have. My trademark was filed with an attorney and why it was catagorized under and medical or vet care is beyond me. That I will check into. I have directed many people to get care by a professional as I do not claim to be a medical provider of any sort and when I do cleansings for people I apply holy oil for protection at the end. That is actually a recipe given to me by my teacher. As for your information my great uncle was named Izzy and I was quite close with him.

I have never claimed to grow up with any workers, I always give credit to the ones who have taught me and by saying I have no training other than a few classes and books you are saying a lot about them. I don't care what the other shops do in this town and these reports are bogus. I have helped enough people and continue to do so that the claims written by the folks at this other shop are just an effort to cause more trouble. At one point in time you have all hated each other and now your are friends. Great! You all need somewhere to go. As far as Roy Bradbury, his issue with people goes further back than I have known him. I didn't write the article, I didn't blast him on Facebook, no I helped him move and let him go on vacation with my family.

He has a history of doing this and some of the people posting actually quit going to my shop because he was there for a period of time. I help people that come into my shop and I yes we council people. Readers, healers and workers so throwing a bunch of legal terms behind what I do is ridiculous. Is anyone cursing me? Not sure, guess what I don't care. It doesn't matter because they obviously have enough time to post behind fake user names, send certified letters to people who don't care and continuously think of ways to try and be a distraction. If any of you want to have a conversation feel free, you all have my number. Oh wait that's not how you work. You'd rather get on your computer and run your mouth. My phone will ring anytime you want to quit being cowards.

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#8 Consumer Comment

Deceptive behavior

AUTHOR: Anonymous - (USA)

 I find it questionable that the trademark owned by Nicki Mcdermott aka Mama Izzy lists her as providing in person holistic health care and is categorized as Medical Service, Veterinary, Agricultural, or Beauty yet she holds no medical or healthcare license in the state of Nebraska and is not a trained or licensed herbalist. This seems off putting and deceptive which supports the original report. From experiencing and witnessing her spiritual cleansings they also tend to include actually physically touching the individual to allegedly pull the bad energy off the person using her hands that she has dressed in an oil and the oil is also then rubbed onto the individual's skin in the process. This is all in order to promote well-being. In many if not all jurisdictions in Nebraska you must be a trained and licensed Massage Therapist to do any sort of healing that includes physical contact on a client. I can't speak to whether her district requires this or not, but I do know she's not a Licensed Massage Therapist. The rebuttals here seem to be trying to change the focus to unrelated people and events that are not even connected to the original report, which is a typical distraction and deflection move used by scam artists, criminals, and narcissistic individuals. This alone should make people very wary of who they are dealing with. A simple internet search shows The Conjure Shop and Mama Izzy listings connected to healthcare and mental health which would support the claims made in the original report. Images of these results are attached with this, as well as the text of her trademark information.

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#9 General Comment

Lost in the consumer responses!

AUTHOR: fett lata gris jägare - (USA)

 To the 4th consumer response. Firstly, your entire first paragraph has no connection to the initial report about a store owner and her products and practices. It seems to be placed here to spread libelous distractions to hide the root of the report. Secondly, your own personal opinion on the shop and the owner is appropriate, but becomes unbelievable when it is preceded by defamation of unrelated negative opinions of other people/shops. Not to mention, your belief in broken glass and fluid on your person, as a sign of blessing. That sounds like a poorly crafted product with major liability issues, which furthers the credibility of the initial report. I would look closely at what the initial report actually attempts to show. Then, compare it to all the early rebuttals, to which the burden of proof lies, and see the hypocrisy of this shop owner's defense. Makes you think, what slander Nicki McDermott is spreading to try and keep her skeletons deeply in her closet.

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#10 Consumer Comment

Original complaint is accurate

AUTHOR: Thagirion - (USA)

First of all, most of the responses to this complaint are neither here nor there. The comments about other shop owners and merchants have no bearing on whether or not Mama Izzy, a.k.a. Nick McDermott is engaged in unethical business practices. That said, the fact that so many readers and merchants have fallen out with her should be a red flag to anyone reading the rebuttals. Mama Izzy is the only common denominator in her failed business relationships.

I am writing to confirm that the original author's complaint is accurate, point-by-point. Mama Izzy likes to tell stories about her "Uncle Izzy," which gives the impression that she was raised in the Conjure/Hoodoo tradition. She was not. There is no "Uncle Izzy." Nicki McDermott received her training through Catherine Yronwode's certification/apprenticeship courses less than ten years ago (paid for by Nicki's former employer). I cannot verify if she even completed the apprenticeship. People who have known her for years claim that she has not. The problem is not that she trained under Yronwode, who has a lot of good information. The problem is that Nicki is not honest about her background. Nicki never even acknowledged receiving training under Cat Yronwode. The deliberate deception involving the "Uncle Izzy" story is the real problem here.

As for using potpourri oil, I know that she uses it at least part of the time in both her fixed oils and candles. She prepared some fixed candles for me a couple years ago, and dowsed them with potpourri oil before adding herbs and glitter. I later noticed that some of her "conjure oils" smelled identical to the fixed candles! And yes, some of the oils cause skin irritation. Other bad business practices include (by her own admittance), not doing spiritual work for people who paid (but taking their money anyway), purchasing items from big retailers’ $1 bins and reselling the items as-is at 10 times or above the original retail value. It was impossible not to notice this, because I would shop at Target or Michael's sale bins and then see the exact same items at The Conjure Shop within a week or two, price tag obscenely inflated.

The third complaint in the original report involves giving medical and counseling advice without a license. The filing for Nicki's business is revealing. It can be read at this link: .

Consider the following excerpts from the link above: 

"Goods and Services

Providing in-person holistic health care services

International Class

Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services. - Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services."


Nicki McDermott holds no licenses to practice medicine nor veterinary services. Sometimes she does cross the line of offering spiritual advice when a client needs medical or mental health services. If someone is displaying symptoms of paranoia and having hallucinations, they need a doctor/psychiatrist, not candles and an evil eye charm. (This really happened.) Of the list of services provided, beauty and hygiene are the most accurate, merely because she sells some bath products and perfumes like Florida Water.


Lastly, regarding the claim that Mama Izzy is just out to grab money from clients, there is truth to that too. She seems to view everything as a “zero sum game,” and can’t abide the existence of other metaphysical shops and services in Omaha. In her mind, she can’t be successful if other businesses are successful. During many of my visits to her shop, she complained loudly that all of the other metaphysical shop owners in town, including her former employer, were putting curses on her. Her persecution fantasies became not only implausible, but also boring. She repeatedly harangued me to come into her shop and attend classes, even when I’ve said I don’t need the classes or can’t afford them. She has text messaged me telling me not to shop at certain stores or speak to certain people, and has offered ultimatums to other clients along the lines “You have to choose between me and X shop/reader.” My experiences with her have lead me to believe that she does not care about helping or healing people. She wants to make money, but more than that, be the “only game in town.”

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#11 Consumer Comment

No Death Threats Proven Two

AUTHOR: anonymous - (USA)

Attached is the last picture proving that Roy Bradburn did not prove death threats were sent to him and his wife.

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#12 Consumer Comment

More Pictures

AUTHOR: anonymous - (USA)

All of the pictures did not load. Here they are.

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#13 Consumer Comment

No Death Threats Proven and Inflammatory Responses

AUTHOR: anonymous - (USA)

   I have attached pictures of Roy Bradburn's claim of be threatened with no proof given. If you are going to claim someone sent you death threats online, then you should take pictures to prove it if it is true. I have also attached a picture of Alex Fernandez and his boyfriend Chris Dishaw.

   I have known the owner of The Conjure shop for years; even since before she opened up her own store. I even remember when I first met her. She was very nice and pleasent. She has made me several custom items for essentially twice the cost of materials which was always less than $80 which is cheap for custom work compared to a lot of people out there who charge a bunch, make outlandish claims, and can't deliver what they say they can work up. One of the coolest experiences I have had with her stuff is when her bottles of oil I'd carry in my pocket would break somehow and then I'd be showered with blessings.

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#14 Consumer Comment

The Report Is False

AUTHOR: anonymous - (USA)

   First off lets look at this report and how it is written. It follows the typical path of someone trying to make someone else look bad due to them being jealous or upset about something trivial. It's inflammatory with quick statements that are vague with no basis to anything. If you read them, you can hear that they are empty and ungrounded.

    It brings up where she she learned from in their statement but does not provide examples of what she allegedly tells people where she learned from.

   Then it brings up her allegedly giving counseling advice that should only be given by someone licensed to do so with no examples of what she allegedly has said. She is a root worker and gives spiritual counseling advice on how to work roots to fix a problme spiritually. If you go to her curio section on her website, at the bottom of it she does state that they are sold as curios only and that she makes no magickal claims about them; only what they are used for spiritually.

   It mentions she puts potpourri oil in her oils. If you actually smell one of her oils, you can tell she uses a jojoba carrier oil with essential oils.

   Then it brings up her charging for spiritual cleansings. Well, would you work for free? Maybe maybe not. If you actuaaly talk to the shop owner and did business with her, you'd realized her prices are reasonable. You'd also know that she does do stuff fro free for people that need help but, don't have much money or she help them for free purely out of the goodness of her heart. You just got to get to know her.

   Then it brings up her allegedly telling someone to drink rue tea which has abortive properties. If you actually knew her, you'd know she is a mother and would do anything to protect children. She also knows it is not legal to tell people what herbs to take and for what unless she is licensed to do so. However , it is not illegal to tell people what herbs are used for what when it comes to herbal healing as long as one has the proof to back it up which she does have the proof. She would then know not to tell people to drink rue tea. If she had any questions, she'd know to check her references first before saying what a particular herb is used for.

   This report came about after Roy Bradburn AKA Doktor Grey-Ravyn who's picture I've attached broke ties with the owner of the shop. The owner of the shop started making Hotei Buddha candles. Roy was also making those types of candles. He said that was his thing and that he did not want The Conjure Shop owner to do so as well. There is no trademark on those candles and anyone can make them.

   Please also check out the rip off reports about Roy Bradburn AKA Doktor Grey-Ravyn. Also, google "The Curious Case of Doktor Grey-Ravyn" and you'll find a blog written by Steven Bragg in which Doktor Grey-Ravyn's teraching material about Santisma Muerte is Referenced. It is then pointed out that he plagerized it. He claims he learned it from hit abuelita which is Spanish for little Grandma. He is not  hispanic at all. It also mentioned in the blog that if you look at the original sources noted that you'll find that the original sources are from years back. Also, throughout the blog you'll see how his information on Santisma Muerte is not correct.

   He also claims to be a NOLA Voodoo Priest amongst other things. His story changes every time about how he learned or was initiated. If he is who he says he is, then why is it that nobody in the NOLA Voodoo community is stepping up and dfending him and verifying his credentials? It's because they don't know who he is and becasue he is not a NOLA Voodoo Priest at all.

   He posted a picture of a pot with a deer skull in it amongst other things. Next to it you'll see a statue of a Pomba Gira. You'll also notice that there are Santisma Muerte candles on either side of it and a bible in front of the pot. First of all Doktor Greay-Ravyn is not initiated into Quimbanda at any level nor is he apart of the only English speaking house in America. The pot is supposed to be an assentamento (vessel for the Quimbanda spirits) and assentamentos do not look like that. It's very clean and it looks like an Nganga in Palo. Palo and Quimbanda do not mix and they are two different paths. The person who put out information on how to build "Ngangas in Quimbanda" is a fraud and not initiated into Quimbanda. That guys name is Carlos Montenegro and is in jail for the murder of one of his Godchildren. Also, Santisma Muerte is not worked with in Quimbanda and does not like sharing her space with any other spirit. The bible being there is a given; it does not mix with Quimbanda.

   Roy Bradburn has posted several inflammatory responses about the owner of The Conjure Shop. He then posted on facebook about someone else allegedly sending death threats to him and his wife. Roy has no proof that he was even sent any death threats. He was trying to divert attention away from him.

   Then there is Alex Fernandez. Alex Fernandez was told by the other metaphysical store there in Omaha that they wanted to be the only ones who sell his candles. The owner of The Conjure Shop also wanted to sell his candles. He then said he could sell them under a different name which the owner of The Conjure Shop did not want to do. they parted ways. Alex Fernandez brought his mom with him to talk things out with the owner. Things apparently got  heated. alex Fernandez and his mom filed a restrining order against The owner's husband which had nothing to do with the situation. The owners took Alex and his mom to court to dispute the restraining order. the judge laughed Alex Fernandez and his mom out of court and slapped them with a no trespassing order. Then Alex Fernandez and or his boyfriend popped The owners tires or had someone esle do it.


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